What’s your dream job?

When I was younger I really enjoyed researching different subjects I was often hyper-fixated on places/topics written by authors I read. Eg: quantum physics, amber glass, chaos theory.

You would think I would become a research expert, right?


I became obsessed with zoology and pathology. Another quirk due to my hyper fixation.

I scratched that in my senior year and decided to attend Bible College. Two colleges I applied for but never made it thanks to my lazy approach to education. B+ but never really attended the classes.

I really wanted to become a pastor. To inspire others.

Others laugh because of my personality and temperament.

“You would make a better occult leader than pastor”

Please! I don’t have the charisma, or messiah complex to brainwash followers!

My dream was to inspire, help and serve. While interpreting God’s word So many can be saved.

Oh no that does sound like a cult leader!


I’m loving the sunshine!

It’s so beautiful outside!

The snow has finally melted on my balcony I opened the doors and breathed in the fresh air!

The cats haven’t been outside in so long they were reluctant to enjoy the sun! They are now outside.

Feeling inspired by the wonderful sunshine I wanted to rid myself of the stagnant energy flowing through out my apartment.

I lit some candles in my Himalayan salt candle holders, turned on the salt lamps and lit some incense.

I played some reiki music.

with my mercurial moods raging out of control, I want some moments of blissful peace!


I woke up from a horrible dream.

I had my bed under a huge spider web. I hadn’t realized it until I was asked to watch the restaurant.

Even in my dream I found this a weird request. I begrudgingly said yes. I wasn’t going to do it. I went back into my room, laid upon the bed. Saw the web.

I nearly had a heart attack. I’m looking for the spider. Oh the spider? Was a huge wolf spider. Sleeping in the corner of its web. Above my head.

I moved. Something shook the web. The spider fell on my face! Landing on my mouth.

It didn’t move.

I was so freaked out, I’m trying to get it off me. I could not move. I was panicking, clawing at my mouth at the spider. Then it moved. One leg off my lip.

I woke up, tangled in my sheets. The reason I couldn’t move. I tried to touch my mouth to make sure there wasn’t a spider, but my fingers fell asleep. My arm was underneath me while I slept.

Ugh I can still feel the sensation of the spider on my face. I’m freaked out.

I’m so sleepy to care.


It happened again

was having a pleasant dream this time.

Psychedelic colours, nice music and singing.

Wholesome love until I realized that the Coven of Love was a cult of Crazy bent with Armageddon!

“Nice try but your magic doesn’t work on us” they told me

I awoke to that strange sound from yesterday morning. This time it was followed a few moments later by another sound. Like two of my crystals clicking together.


This weirdness started happening when I removed my Super 7 crystal pendant (rare mineral with seven crystals in one. The crystals are Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Goethite, Lepidocrocite, Rutile, Smoky Quartz, and Quartz (which all the minerals are usually naturally encased in).

and began wearing my amethyst and citrine pendant.

I was also sleeping with clear quartz and selenite. I was hoping to heal,clear and amp up my vibes. I just felt so dull lately.

I was trying to make sense of it, and not feed my paranoia.

Perhaps it was my neighbors’ alarm. It could be. However, these sounds came at a different times.

3:30 am yesterday. 5:10 am this morning. I listened for movement from my upstairs neighbor. No. Perhaps it was my alarm. I crawled out of bed to investigate. No other alarm save the one for work.

Too much overthinking over nothing.


“Who did that?”

I’m so creeped out right now.

I have chills. The hair on the back of my neck is on end!

I had been dreaming about receiving a bouquet of roses. Nothing too special. Two other girls also received roses, bigger and fancier.

We were about to perform a song. When I noticed something odd about the blonde. The other girl wouldn’t believe me. Until the blonde’s hair literally rose as if someone had put their hands in the strands. Suddenly she was hauled up into the air.

Everyone is screaming at the poor girl being thrown around like a raggedy doll. Then she became still, her body limp.

I am mumbling a prayer.

The blonde’s eyes opened.

They were black.

They locked onto me.

I’m praying louder. She screamed and flew at me.

I raised my hand “begone demon,”

She halted and laughed “You have no power over me”

“It’s God will” my voice boomed.

An explosion of light poured over us. The girl collapsed.

I awoke slowly because I felt off.

In the distance I heard a woman say “who did that?”

Then something in my room chimed. Like crystals clinking together or maybe wind chimes. I don’t think I have wind chimes.

The pillow behind my back shifted as someone had been sitting there.

Oh my word! My heart was beating so hard!

Had Daisy gotten in? I tentatively felt behind me. No one was there!

I don’t know if I can go back to sleep!😩😢


We should be who we are without judgment. Love who we love without fear.

It just sickens me to hear the hate,animosity and ignorance that spews out of people’s mouths when they claim to be christians. When I call them on their hypocrisy, they dare to tell me they have a right to say their ignorant words because it’s in the bible. “You will be left here, when the Rapture comes. Thank God I will be in heaven!”

Not when you be hating!


Co-worker: what was your dream, Becky?

Me: to be a pastor.

Coworker laughs: no seriously! What was your dream!

Me: to be a pastor. I was going to apply for Bible college and take theology classes.

Coworker laughs harder: wait you are serious?! But you are so mean!

Me: I know. It’s how you motivate and inspire people to turn to God. Passion, people! It’s called passion!

Coworker: I would never go to your church.

Me: that’s what people say about cult leaders.

While I was waiting to go home; exhausted and not feeling well, I began praying. But it wasn’t to asked to be healed. It was to be thankful just to be able to get through the day and offer my gratitude for My Lord as He looked after so many people.

Something compelled me to look up. In that moment a feather floated across the windshield and landed on the glass. It was just a baby feather. And it lingered.

I smiled.

What a wonderful sign shown that our prayers are being heard 🥰🥰


I have been having dreams about a Zombie apocalypse again. During the beginning of the COVID outbreak and now with Russia invading Ukraine.

Perhaps the dream was figurative.

Lord knows I would never a survive a zombie outbreak.

My heart breaks for Ukraine.

Putin should have stayed in his lane.


When I lived in the downstairs unit I had a lot of paranormal activity. There were times I was absolutely terrified of being there, so I would stay at my parents. Which was ironic. In the unit I am in now? A woman overdosed and died. I have felt one presence. Then absolutely nothing. Knock on wood!🤪😂😎

Of course the paranormal activity was never just at my unit. I felt this presence wherever I went. I smelled it too. Cologne and cigarette smoke even though no one was around me. I was pushed, things thrown at me. Scary stuff.

This ended when I moved.

Why am I mentioning this now?

The other day I was in the middle of an order. When the milkshake cleaning brush was thrown. Missing me and the hand washing sink which was a feet away, to the ground. I was so startled. That brush is heavy and could knock out a person if connected. I looked around me to see who would tossed it “Hey, who threw that..” my voice trailed, when I realized that brush had been on top of paper towel dispenser above the sink. Surrounded by cleaning products!

The cleaning products were still upright! Undisturbed! The brush however? Was next to me! It had cleared the sink, and landed at my feet! No one threw it. No one touched it!

“No!” I began laughing nervously. “Nope nope! Not happening.” I picked up the brush and put it under sink cupboard.

The other highlight of my day was watching two of coworkers argue on how to clean up spilt milk. One had a broom one had a mop.


Well I was wondering just it was possible for a person to be brain washed to be led by someone claiming to be a prophet of God?

I found out!

I was visiting my parents. Waiting for dinner on my social media when all of a sudden I hear:

“QR Codes and COVID codes are the mark of the beast”

I was really paying attention until my mother chirps “did you they are putting microchips in people in Sweden?”

I scowled “no they aren’t”

“Yes they are. It’s the mark of the Beast”

“No they aren’t. Stop watching that garbage. It’s all conspiracy theories”

“It’s from the bible”

Now this made me angry. “It’s not from the bible!”

“Yes it is! The mark of the Beast is from the Bible! It’s in Revelations!” My mom went on. “COVID vaccine is the mark of Satan! You’re all going to hell!”

I put down my phone. I was so flabbergasted and horrified by her words! By her belief. Did she really think that?

“Um COVID is not the mark of Satan. God creates all things. He created COVID as a test just like he used the Flood and various others to test our faith”

Well this enraged my mother. She began a rant on how I should read Revelations and the Bible.

“I have read the Bible! It says not to listen to false Prophets and worship False gods! That is what you are doing! That is false! That” I gestured to her phone “is nothing but conspiracy theories! A man pushing his conspiracies is garbage! Turn it off!”

My mom sputtered. “he isn’t fake!”

“Turn it off!” I insisted. “You’re listening to garbage! To a fake prophet!”

“This is what our late pastor preached! Are you saying he is a false prophet!”

I just couldn’t wrap my head around what she was telling me. “I hope he wasn’t. I hope your new pastor isn’t either!” I snapped.

“Well when The Rapture comes you will be left behind! Burning in hell! I hope if you do see Jesus you can explain why you didn’t listen!” My mom said smugly.

I snorted “when I see Jesus he will be praising me for not listening to this garbage! My eyes are open and I see and I hear everything clearly.”

It was so disturbing. Was this what cult members sounded like!