1. Do as I ask without question: I hate repeating myself, and its worse when people always question why they have to do it. If i ask them again chances are i wont be nice about it.
  2. dont say sorry without meaning it: and I rarely say it. I am contrite.
  3. “No” doesnt exist my vocabulary. If you say it to me, you better have good damn reason for saying it.
  4. Chances are I am sometimes wrong: it rarely happens.


(When I was younger I used to study wicca, but I found it wasnt for me. However I found that the Wiccan Rede made sense to me. I have incorporated most of it into my life.)

  1. Bide within the Law you must, in perfect Love and perfect Trust.
    Live you must and let to live, fairly take and fairly give.
  2.  Be worthy of trust: trust is earned. loyalty is forever. Break those two things, and you never get those back. Never give your word freely because once given you cant take it back, and once broken it makes you look like an ass.
  3. Mind the Three-fold Laws you should three times bad and three times good.
  4.  The body is a temple. Be temperate. No excess alcohol, no harmful drugs. cleanliness is next to godliness. Less is more. Less you show of your body, the greater the mystery is.
  5. Humilty. there is nothing wrong with be grateful for what one has. Be thankful. There is someone out there that has it worse than you. Wanting more, can end up with you having less.
  6. Tolerance: respect religious beliefs of others. Dont undermine or attack religions. race. people. In this world, we are all brothers and sisters. We are all of one love one heart. Maybe others dont realise it they pray to the same god, just different names. No one is better than the other, especially religion. Love and equality should be our goal.
  7. Faithfulness: to Spirit should be without question. Devotions. Prayers. Meditations. However, we should not bray like donkeys and force our beliefs on others. Be silent and dare. To our partner: faith is the main pillar in a relationship. Without open communication, honesty, faith falters. Do not play games.
  8. Love: We all want to be accepted and loved. love unconditionally. love without expecting anything in return. love unselfishly. Realise it can be lost and you will have a greater appreciation for it.
  9. Sex: There is nothing wrong with sex if followed with faithfulness and decency. I believe in monogamy and polyamorous relationships. I also believe in faithfulness. One does not need to stray outside one’s relationship to be happy and to find joy. Its about being able to explore within one’s relationship, and be able to communicate honestly without fear of reprisal.


  1. Nice moral code you have there, I pretty much follow it except rule number 4.
    But I won´t say NO to you and your code, don´t want to piss you off.
    I do have a code of myself that I do live by “when you state what you are about, what you believe, you better follow through with your actions” That has helped me, and If say I´m a screw up in certain other areas chances are that I am.


    1. Ah so I have a partner in my shenanigans! 😜 it goes Very well if you consider people think I’m stuck up, choosy and mean!
      But I don’t think I am!
      I have a set of rules I live by, I don’t like to compromise because what kind of example am I setting?

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      1. It is not choosy to have standards to live your life by. I haven’t seen anything mean in your writing. Where did your standards come from? You have to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything. 🙂


      2. My standards came from the people are around me. Their double standards, the way I was treated by others. I decided I didn’t want to be like them

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      3. I understand for sure. We can really only be responsible for our own behavior and the choices we make. Forgive those that Let you down. Their poor behavior have you the gift of great personal standards.


  2. am glad I ran into your blog. I like how you think and write. I look forward to seeing more of your work- I have 3 blogs and they all share a different facet of my being. My ‘ME’ blog is QuirkyKorners and is exactly that.

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    1. Oh thank you so much!
      Wow 3 blogs! How amazing you can write 3 blogs and keep up!
      I have such a hard time keeping up with one as you can tell by my lack lustre style! You must have a lot of inspiration to keep you going!
      Simply amazing!


      1. nope. one is for family-that one is updated only when exciting things happen that need shared with relations spread across the US (and world when the eldest was in Iraq). The newest one is a blessing blog–started when I got SICK of all the crap on the net. It is short and fun to write. The ME one? that is like a journal. And like a journal, I’ve only had that one since Jan.


      2. That is a pretty neat idea! One for family. I would have never thought of that!
        I just blog about random things that interest me!
        I also love the blessings blog idea!
        I also got tired of how negative I was feeling. Especially when I posted! I decided not to try and post negative things or thoughts, but rather more inspiration and positive entries!


      3. exactly. My ME blog has had the ‘furniture’ rearranged many times since I started it in Jan. As a journal, it has been fun to see where it meanders. some of it IS dark, but that is one of my corners! lol


      4. it is always good to keep a reader on their toes! I love how other blogs look so nice and professional, or so laid back. I think as long as a reader enjoys reading a post or two we are doing good. Before I was on wordpress, the most views I would get is like 10. I would get horrible horrible comments. but there were maybe one or two nice people i met on their. as soon as I got on here, wow what a difference. People were kinder! nicer. A lot more advice!
        the templates etc were alot nicer and diverse!


  3. Thank you for some wonderful precepts of living your life. The only problem is,my wrist is sore from writing everything down. On the surface, they seem so simple and straight forward, and we should all adhere to them, but often we don’t. You elaborated on them eloquently. Thanks for sharing.

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