When a someone engages me in a conversation I have no interest in, I begin with my John Connor curse then zip right into my Skynet conspiracy. If that somehow fails I ramble on about my theory on time travel and who will survive in the Dark Ages.

All meaningless prattle to make me look like a crazy airhead especially to this generation.

Unfortunately none of that work yesterday! I was completely blindsided when my coworker actually asked me if I believed Skynet was going to take over the world! And is technology really bad?

Damn it, I am going to have to work on my prattling! Nonsensical words weren’t deterring anyone!


Ryan-DSL: I’m back!

Me: what are you doing back here again? You can be our McCafe person!

Ryan: oh sure you know I can do it!

Asher: oh my god Becky what did you break so Ryan would come back?

Me: everything! I broke everything!

Asher: that’s what I figured. You are attracted to Ryan so you wanted to sabotage drive thru!

Ryan: what?! Becky!

The whole drive thru team burst out laughing!

I was laughing so hard I couldn’t take orders! Poor Ryan was trying to fix the espresso machine! Awkward!

Asher: Becky is really attractable or is it attackable?

Me: poor Ryan when he found out his boss sent back to the restaurant? Ryan was like “No! God no! Why?!”

Ryan burst out laughing. “I don’t mind it here!”

Asher: that’s because Becky is here!

Me: to wreck your day, Ryan!


Me: Dude, you’re not even fully grown. When you stop breastfeeding on your mother’s tit then you can post on the kink side.

Coworker: what did you say?

Me: um did I say out loud!😳


Ugh. I was having a rough day today.


Not to sound bad, but some girls are dumb. It’s because they spend so much of their life trying to have the right look. On the other hand, some girls are just really smart. There are girls you can have conversations with that are healthy conversations. You can argue real life issues and solve problems together. That is what makes a woman sexy. -Wale

I’ve always known I am awkward.

Awkward in every thing that I do.

The way I converse, behave. I’m just that weird person.

I was always grateful that I didn’t have to try get anyone’s attention by my appearance. I blended in with the wallpaper so well, people actually forgot I was there. It was also a blessing not to pretend to be dumb to get attention because I “believed” was smart.

Then I woke up!

The last couple of days I came to the realization I was becoming dumb as stick!


It was karma! For always joking about my sister’s IQ.

“What is happening to you?” GenZ would cry

“Really, my friend” Kiran couldn’t believe she had to draw me a picture!

At least today I actually remember what I was going to write about! For the past two days I would have an idea and soon as I get on WP? I forgot!🤦‍♀️

I think it has to do with mentality.

If someone keeps saying “I am dumb” they will believe it. That’s their affirmation.

I just have to remember to keep being positive, stop reacting to bad situations with negative emotions. Stop feeding my anxiety.

Anyway end of my rambling thoughts!

Have a wonderful Weekend! Be happy! Laugh. Enjoy the sun.


It’s been so hot. I have all the windows open at night. The fan would be on for five minutes before Daisy has a fit. I would have to turn it off.

Gen Z mention how tired I looked. I remarked that I couldn’t sleep it was too hot. When I told him how many blankets I slept with? His expression was priceless.


“How about you slept with 1.” He pointed out. “My god, why would you sleep with 3 no wonder you are hot” (top sheet, thin comforter and thin quilt)

GenZ proceeded to give me another massage to make me feel better.

May looked over at us. “What is this? What are you doing?” She asked. “How come you are not giving me one?!”

GenZ shrugged “you could have asked instead of complained”

May shook her head “no I don’t want a massage from you. I want Becky to. I like her massages”

I burst out laughing. I was laughing so hard I was wheezing. I could barely stand. Every one was staring at me. Steve scowled “really Hightower! Stop distracting every body!”

Later, I was singing “watermelon sugar high” by Harry Styles, when GenZ joined in. “Would you like some Watermelon sugar” he asked.

I froze, slowly turned to him. I swear to Gawd my face was turning a shade of red. I was speechless. I don’t think he knew what Watermelon sugar was a reference to. Oral sex. “Um what?”

Steve marched over to us. “No more talking. Stop distracting the order taker!”

Startled, I pretended to do something, GenZ fiddle with coffee cups.

Ugh but I am grateful it Friday.


GenZ was giving a massage during lunch. I looked over to find May staring at us.

May: what is going on? What are you doing?

GenZ: I am making Becky feel good. I am making her feel happy. Got to make her happy 😃

Oh boy!


Genx: Becky why do you like touching everyone with your booty?

Me: huh? Well you know… (thrusts out ass and shakes it)

Genx: because it’s thicc?

Holy fudge was I turning red from embarrassment, Lawd I hope not!

I have noticed since my hearing loss is greater now, I am speaking louder. Or perhaps it’s because I am trying to make myself heard. I pray it’s the latter. I try to keep my voice at normal levels.

Well today I was in a snit because Derp was calling back drinks 4 orders ahead.

“It’s not even the first order! Calm down” I whispered to myself.

“What?!” He whirled around to glare at me.

my head jerked up. I nearly spilled juice everywhere! “Becky you don’t speak to me like that!” He boomed.

How the hell did he hear me over all the machines, people talking? Was my headset on? Did I shout it?!

I damn near shat my pants!


GenZ: I am asserting my dominance! I’m going to teach you right!

GenZ: I wonder how you taste!

  • oh no no no! Not at work! Is my resting bitch face still working or am I red from the image in my head?


Me: I came to rescue you!

GenZ: Did you say you were going to wreck me?!

Me: no. You wouldn’t be walking after I was done with you!


When the bank texts me to remind me how broke I am. Thankfully I had money on the outside. What the hell happened?

My day went well.

Because Of my shenanigans yesterday I spent most of the day up front.

I was reminded of how much I disliked McCafe. I kept reminding the girls to follow procedures.

When I finally went back in drive thru? Oh my lanta!

Oh well I’m enjoying my afternoon on my patio!

I’m trying not to fall asleep! 😂😂


There were awkward moments that had no business happening!

It began shortly after lunch when a thought came to mind.

Do younger men hit on older women without realizing how much older the woman is? I shuddered.

I was in a good mood despite the discomfort I was in. I did too much yesterday and the hernia was not liking it!

I was barely aware of GenZ shenanigans this afternoon. I was a zombie.

Startled I turned to find GenZ stuffing plastic bags down the back of my shirt.

“Sabotage!” I cried.

He laughed “didn’t you feel the espresso bean I put down your shirt earlier?”

I stared at him. “When did you do that?” I asked.

The sensor went off. I turned back to order taking. Moments later, GenZ swatted my hat. I grabbed the roll of garbage bags and tapped him.

I pivoted to block his attack and found May staring at us. Her mouth in an “oh” her chapstick inches from her lips. Her expression was priceless!

I slowly lowered the roll of garbage bags, and tried to appear professional.

“GenZ is harassing Becky!” May cried.

GenZ blinked. I burst out laughing. He was so befuddled. If he wasn’t wearing a mask, I was sure his face would have been red!

“What?! I am not hitting on her!” GenZ replied.

Derp said something but I couldn’t hear, May laughed.

“I am not doing anything,” I chirped “I am innocent”

GenZ scoffed “you are not innocent! You have the eyes of a killer! Have you seen the way you look at people!”

My jaw dropped. Eyes of a killer! Awe! Cool!

Later, one of the girls was having trouble with her hair. I suggested putting it in a braid. “I don’t know how” she admitted.

“I will do it for you” I volunteered.

I braided her hair,she thanked me

Annie made a face. “Becky, when you were braiding her hair? I was reminded of 50 shades of Grey,”

I was stunned. Nothing prepared me for that!

“Excuse me?!”

Annie laughed.

“Yes that’s me, I’m Christian Grey!” I gagged