Mom: we will be stopping by for a visit.

Me: what?! I mean ok that will be nice!

I started to panic!

My parents never ever volunteer to visit. They never come over. When I was sick they helped with groceries and with Daisy but left as soon as possible.

They were horrified by my living conditions years before I moved. I was depressed and it took a lot effort to clean. A lazy perfectionist I suppose.

I leaped out of the bath and began to clean. no time to relax!😢

There is clean. Then there is “mom” clean. I was excited to try out the new easy wring mop set I received for Christmas.

I just finished up when they called me and asked if I wanted Tim Hortons. Oh boy, Iced Coffee?

What is happening here?!


How was everyone’s Christmas?

Today I was woken up by Daisy!

Lots of kisses and snuggles.

I almost cried. Daisy is rarely affectionate. But there she was making biscuits while I held her. She was rubbing against my face, kissing me.

Then she crawled into bed, to sleep with me!

I’m going to spend the rest of the day catching up on my shows. I would try a Boxing Day sale, but it’s not worth it.

The stores here haven’t any stock, since shipping has been slowed down since the Vancouver disaster. (Flooding cut Vancouver off from the rest of Canada)

I’ve done most of my shopping online. Isn’t that horrible? There’s not many shops in town that I like.

My Christmas was wonderfully low key and quiet! No stress no drama.

My sister called to wish me a merry Christmas! She was always the first person to be up opening gifts!😂

The weather was extreme cold warning, -30C with snow on the ground.

I had to wear winter pjs🥰😂. My apartment was so chilly! to make my home nice and toasty warm I had to turn on both oil heaters.

I spent most of Christmas by myself. With a grumpy cat. Tidying up. I chatted with my niece for an hour.

I spent the rest of the day at my parents. Although I wanted spaghetti for Christmas dinner, my mom made me happy by not cooking turkey🤮

She made duck, mashed potatoes, corn, stuffing aka dressing and salad. No desserts 😢😢😢

It was a nice evening. No bickering no grumpiness.

I stayed late.

I came home. Started my shower when Daisy ran in. She climbed up to the edge of the bath. I was stunned. For a moment it was as if Daisy contemplated having a shower!

Nope! She jumped away and hid until I was done. Then she proceeded to give me a talking to about leaving her at home and not playing with her enough! Ugh diva cats!

Enjoy your Boxing Day shopping!


Aw lawd! the pain killers wore off! Now I’m soaking in a super hot bath!

Maybe the water will peel off my flesh and put me out of my misery 😂

Today wasn’t too bad.

One of the girls got sick just before I started work. I didn’t get out of the bathroom in time and she vomited all over hallway. Poor girl.

I attempted to get out of drive thru. I didn’t feel like bossing people around! It makes me so grumpy! To make it worse one of the part timers was mcCafe! 😡😡😡

I was hiding when I heard the presenter and first lane squabbling! “You don’t talk to me like that!” He cried. First lane stared at him in disbelief.

“I was just saying you were up a coffee” she replied.

I marched over to the presenter “there is no fighting in drive thru!” I snapped “how many times do I have to tell you when someone speaks to you, or informs you about an order you answer!”

The presenter stared at me “but it wasn’t over the…” he began to protest.

My eyes narrowed. “All I want to hear from you is, ‘yes Rebecca'”

He forced a smile “yes Rebecca”

Periodically I would walk into drive thru and ask how each person was doing.

My free reign was over. I was sent into drive thru. I was grateful the part timer didn’t need me to direct her.

However the presenter was on my last nerve “is there a reason you are not answering the First booth when she is speaking to you?” I asked coldly.

“My battery” he began, I raised my head and fixed him a colder glare.

“That sounds like an excuse” I interrupted. “Fix the problem now”

Derp turned his head to look at me then at the presenter. “Let’s get this drive thru going” he told him. “Fix the problem!”

“Um is there a battery?”

Derp tossed him a battery “ask sooner”

Thankfully we weren’t busy but I was loosing my patience because every customer would take 8 hours to order one item!!!

“I need a moment” then after two minutes “hello I’m ready?”

So fucking order!

the entire town is behind you! by all means take your fucking time!

Are you open

Are you open today?

No, McDonald’s is our social club, we like to hang out here for no apparent reason!