Hera: did you seen Kooky in BTS Run.

Me: no I wasn’t on FB

Hera: I tagged you.

Steve: she was busy updating her blog!

Me: Steven! Stop revealing my secrets!

Well I was disappointed after work. Not many customers were having meltdowns. we closed. They would walk up to the door and couldn’t figure out why the door was locked. Still didn’t read the notices.

I still chuckled at their crestfallen expressions, but it wasn’t very funny. Didn’t satisfy my sadistic side.

It wasn’t until Russian families dropped off their kids and sped off that I perked up. The girls just stood there staring at the door in confusion. They tried to open the door again. A customer told them the store was closed. They were so lost. Unsure of what to do.

I was howling with laughter.


Customer: I will have a bacon egg griddle meal.

Me: I’m sorry it’s all day breakfast.

Customer interrupted: I said a griddle!

Me: I’m sorry you can have bacon egg bagel or bacon egg muffin.

Customer: ok a number 7.

Me: ok lunch?

Customer: no! I said breakfast!

Me: ma’am it’s all day breakfast!

Customer interrupted again: I don’t understand what that means!

Me: ma’am I am trying to tell you but you keep interrupting me! A bagel or muffin those are your options!

Customer: I said a #7 there is a breakfast menu out here.

That was a #7 breakfast. Steve was so pissed off at the customers rudeness he went to double check to see if there was breakfast menu out there. There wasn’t. Only lunch. Grr!

But I’m happy! today is the Xmas party. We close at 3:30 and the best part is watching people trying to get in to eat! Sorry we are closed!

It is so hilarious!



Oh my god, no!
My chocolate fondue mixed with my spinach!


“We could always have Rebecca DJ the Christmas party,” my sister sneered sarcastically. “Her playlist would include Sailor Moon and the Power Rangers theme songs!”
At my name I perked up, “why are you dissing me?” I asked
Brigid started to laugh.
“I said you could be the DJ because of your music. Sailor moon and power Rangers!” My sister replied.
I laughed. 😩
Oh she thought she was funny!
“I would be an epic DJ!” I exclaimed,”my playlist is awesome!”
My music preference is pretty eclectic. I love music!

The DJ our boss hired last year was so out dated, he didn’t even know what YOUTUBE was!!!
The DJ they hired this year, has the tendency to play techno and house music, the same song over and over!!!
He used to date my friend. The first time he met me, he gave me a burned CD of all my fave music.
His events haven’t done so well.
Ah so sad. 😒
If someone was going to base their career on DJ-ing, it would make sense to know about the songs they play, the artists, the genre, and have a diversity.
Or they would sink fast!!!

All of sudden Brigid piped up”what song do you play to annoy Jordan”
I grinned and broke into song, “every now and then I fall apart I need you more than ever,”
And the girls in Second Booth joined me as we sang TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART
The look on Brigid’s face was priceless!