Merry Christmas!

I hope all is well. May all of you have many blessings, love and happiness!

I know many people are struggling, or can’t be with their families because of world events. they are in my prayers even if we are strangers.

Myself? I just feel good.

For the first time in years I was able to get into the Christmas spirit!

I sang Christmas Songs with my coworkers yesterday, but couldn’t remember the words 😂

I wrapped gifts to Christmas songs. I never ever do.

We are under lockdown protocols and because my sister’s neighbor reports anyone who doesn’t live in the building (even if it core four)

I invited my sister and niece over for dinner.

My mom was still mourning the death of Freddie and seeing Daisy would upset her. She and my dad wanted a quiet night alone before the chaos of Christmas Day.

I never have people over for dinner! I always go over to my sister’s. We exchanged each other’s gifts.

Christmas Day was really pleasant! We usually would spend the night at my parents. My mom would make a big breakfast. Then spend all day making supper.

This year I pleaded for something different! I didn’t want chicken, ham or Turkey! 🤢🤮

I wanted pasta!

My request blew my parents mind! Pasta?! For Christmas dinner?! Are you crazy!

Mel wanted steak.

Absolutely not!

Dad wanted duck.


I went to my parents early at 2.

My mom was actually calm. Not frazzled from trying to cook a huge meal.

“We’re having duck and spaghetti!” She announced.

My jaw dropped in disbelief. Then I smiled. I was so excited!

We exchanged gifts, played games. Ate. It was such a quiet drama free Christmas that I was home by 6.

Quiet and drama free!

That never happens!


For years I couldn’t get into Christmas. I would get grumpy if I heard Christmas songs. I didn’t like singing Christmas songs. I disliked Christmas movies even more! Oh don’t get me started on Hallmark Christmas movies!

I was the epitome of The Grinch!

And then it happened I found myself belting out a Christmas song. Out of nowhere.

On my own accord. Happily.

Oh hell no!

It happened again!

And I was watching a Hallmark Christmas movie!

Does this mean I’m not the Grinch anymore?


Lying in my bath enjoying the wonderful scent of lavender and chamomile from a bath bomb I received as a gift.

I was also thinking of my many blessings!

It was around this time last year I was so ill I could barely get out of bed, I was in so much pain that it hurt to bend over, walk, lie on my back. My belly was so swollen it looked like I was pregnant.

My tumour was nearly grapefruit size in January so imagine how big it was in December.

now I can rejoice! How lucky I am! being here for Christmas! Being happy being pain free!

while I have my happiness and good fortune, that doesn’t mean I am not always thinking of others! My prayer of healing for my former roommate  was answered. Her radiation treatment caused scarring in her kidney so now nearly after a year she is having her kidney removed!

my dear beloved cousin is ill. I am praying her cancer hasn’t returned and for her quick recovery.

I am quite lucky.

Blessings to you all!

enjoy the rest of your night!


Merry Christmas 2019!

It is such a wonderful beautiful Christmas Day! Sunshine! It feels like a spring day!

It was a surprisingly drama free morning at my parents!

Knock on wood! I have to go back for supper!

I tried to bring Daisy but she was angry at me because I gave her medicine last night 😂 the rest of her De-wormer. She didn’t even play or sleep with me last night so I don’t what I was thinking she would go with me to my parents!

I am very pleased how this day is going so far!

I hope you all are enjoying your day! Blessings to you all!


I dislike shopping. 

Shopping for others is a smidge easier and fun. Only if they give me a hint and they aren’t high maintenance 😂

Yesterday I went shopping for my favourite  pals on my drive thru team. There aren’t a lot of options for boutiques or shops in this town. 🤬

I rarely venture into high end (we have high end?!😂) but I made an exception. The shenanigans began when  I stepped into the shop!

I wanted to laugh at the irony of my situation the moment the cosmetologist’s eyes fell on me. It was almost like this scene from VIP. 

Perhaps I was dressed more “comfortable”  in my winter clothes than the other customers she was helping.  My toque said “Bite me”, my winter coat was hardly designer. And I was with my niece. To her, I looked like a dowdy “mother” barely put together. 

I had a Smash Box palette in hand and I wanted to know the price. (Gift purchase maximum)

The cosmetologist gave me the most haughtiest glance. I was taken aback by her rudeness. Girl was not working at Chanel, so I dont why she thought she was all that and a bag of chips.

Bitch, I would not be in here if I could not afford the price tag, I thought. I could not believe this chick was putting on airs as if she was Kim Kardashian West. 

She gave me the price. I smiled coolly, thanked her. I snorted derisively as I walked off. All that pretentiousness over $45? Give me a break! 

I went on the prowl for perfume next. I love Dior, Chanel, Philosophy. However, I needed a perfume with flowery notes.

“Do you need help?” it was the girl from before.

I smiled brightly. “Yes do you have perfume with flowery notes.”

She made a suggestion. Then maybe with a smirk, she gave me the price. It was above the gift purchase maximum. I shrugged. “Thats fine. thank you” I reached for the perfume. I made a little joke having to redeem my loyalty card.

She glared at me. I smiled and walked over to the register and waited for her to ring in my purchases. I handed her my loyalty card. She glared at the card. Then at me. Oh no. Whatever shall you do?!  “Will you look at that,” I sighed as the loyalty card paid for everything. “I can have whatever I like” I smiled at her glaring face. 

My niece giggled. 

I was chuckling over the girl’s behavior. That got me to thinking. Did we really have any high end stores in town? 

I searched online. I was pleasantly surprised at the locally owned high end boutiques. I never shop there because I am not a size zero  or up to a six. I spat out my drink. I laughed so hard. Apparently Reitmans and Ardene’s is considered High end. Ok Whatever! 





I dislike Christmas movies and music.

Correction: I like “Baby, it’s cold outside” “Silent Night” “Holy Night”

  • I enjoy watching unconventional Christmas Movies.
    • Batman Returns
      The Ref
      Bad Santa
      The Long Kiss Good Night
      Ernest Saves Christmas

    Movies I can recall and enjoy 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️🙄💕

    I started to write a Grinch inspired romance Drabble but now I need inspiration. Maybe some hot chocolate 💕


    I dislike being social at Christmas. Family gatherings. Christmas parties etc. Family drama!

    I hide and eat my food alone.

    However this year is the first time I have willingly signed up for the company Christmas party! ☺️

    I have either been too sick to go or I have been pressured and have neither enjoyed myself or I had to leave early because I am working the next day.

    I am neither sick nor will I have to work early 😆



    When you emerge from your hole to see if the fam is having pie yet but they started another movie because the first one was inappropriate. (The Boss starring Melissa McCarthy)

    The day just keeps going!

    I want pie! And then I want to go home!

    I have to go to sleep.

    Work in the morning.


    I like to think I am the Grinch.

    I do not get in Christmas Spirit.

    I don’t like Christmas carols played at anytime. Except?! I love: “Baby it’s cold outside!”

    I love it💕

    it pissed me off when some idiot deemed it unplayable on the radio etc.

    I hate sending cards.

    I hate Christmas shopping.

    Oh unless it’s for babies 💕

    I hate decorating the Christmas tree or house. My apartment doesn’t even have a single ornament or Decoration.

    I hate Christmas movies. Especially Frosty the Snow man and Rudolph.

    Ugh! Christmas movies! Hallmark movies! 400 movies?! What?’ No! Gag me!


    I do enjoy being with my niece on Christmas. I love how she gets so excited about everything about Christmas. When we snuggle on the couch to look at her toys or to recover from our food coma.

    Mostly the best thing I like about Christmas is the memories I had as a kid. Spending it with my grandparents my cousins and having so much fun!

    I may be a Grinch but this Grinch says

    MERRY CHRISTMAS! Have a wonderful day!💕💕💕


    This year we had Christmas at my sister’s.

    It was less stressful for my parents. Especially my mother who didn’t have to cook or clean. (well she did help with the dishes)

    My sister is a great cook.

    I didnt enjoy myself. I was tired and exhausted. My OCD flared up. Socializing was exhausting.


    I rarely sleep over at other people’s house. I cannot handle the stress my OCD and anxiety brings me. (my mother’s house is the only exception because she is a neat freak) On the rare occasions that I do sleep over I bring: (pack)

    • thieves oil spray.- its a disinfectant. its also an air freshener.
    • sleeping mask. – have to sleep in complete darkness
    • earphones- music to sleep with
    • crystal – to manage my anxiety.

    The thoughts are what kill me?

    • are the sheets clean? (they were. my sister cleaned them for me)
    • what is that smell? (I cant stand other people smell.)
    • where is the light coming from?
    • why is there only one blanket? I need to be comfortably warm.

    Unfortunately for me I thought I could handle sleeping at my sisters. I mean my anxiety has been under control.

    until I walked into the bedroom and saw the mess on the desk. Walked into the living room and saw the gerbils. She has gerbils. K likes to bring them into the bedroom. (my sister put the gerbils in the living room for night) I forgot my sleeping pack at home. I was not good. I fell asleep until 3am.

    My sister is a neat freak, but sometimes there is chaos in order.