Fudge my life!

Someone posted a Variant Cover of X-Men 92 with Psylocke. Signed by Stan Lee!

I was staring at it for the longest time wondering why did that the title seem so familiar. It occurred to me I have the same title. The original from 1992!🤦‍♀️

Are you kidding me?!

I am so old! I even have Alpha Flight!

Now I am tempted to look through my comic collection. It’s not big. Only 100.

When I was younger I would make my way across town to the only shop in town that had an extensive comic selection. I would spend my afternoon there. It was wonderful! Until the shop burnt down!

I had so many comic posters on my wall.

  • Crimson Dawn (Angel & Psylocke)
  • The Scarlet Spider:the Death of Ben Reilly
  • Morbius
  • Onslaught
  • Joseph: Magneto’s clone. (Sweet mother of Pink I wanted Rogue to hit that up!)
  • Rogue and Gambit
  • Witchblade
  • The Darkness

It’s nice reminiscing about childhood favourites but I don’t think I could take up collecting again! I would just have to be content on reading online 🥰

Why is it so dark in here?

Me: cause I’m the Darkness 


The hardest part of this move was realizing that I was never going to be walking into my library again. Never going to re-read my favorite books again.

I felt like I was Juliet grieving the loss of Romeo.

Every time someone called me a hoarder, I wanted to scream. 16 years of building a library, with each book in its place isn’t hoarding. It was a dream of mine to create such a space for myself.

However, as my library dwindled to the few hardcovers I had, I decided to keep them.

I also had debated on throwing out my comic book collection, until i saw an issue  of Suicide Squad from 1987 hiding underneath an Uncanny X-Men !!!  

Suicide Squad was given to me for Christmas when I was 10. Almost 30 years ago.

It was part of a collection that included Alpha Flight, X-Men, Avengers etc

I almost had a stroke!

My manga collection; including Inu-yasha and Sailor Moon was ruined and tossed yet here was an almost mint condition Suicide Squad?!


hell to the no! Super hero high!


All I have to say is no way would Harley Quinn be roommates with Wonder Woman. Black Canary is more her style.

I will always go down with that ship!


Where is Black Canary and Huntress?

Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman officiating a gay wedding.
Sensation comic #48


What do you mean Buffy was pregnant?
What do you mean she doesn’t know who the father is?
What do you mean Buffy had an abortion?




Note to Wolverine: Don’t f*ck with Jackie.



“Maybe this place isn’t a place at all. Maybe it’s a state of mind. I mean, I’m supposed to be dead. I remember you. I remember the gunshot…”

“I think I’m in Hell.”