I woke up from a horrible dream.

I had my bed under a huge spider web. I hadn’t realized it until I was asked to watch the restaurant.

Even in my dream I found this a weird request. I begrudgingly said yes. I wasn’t going to do it. I went back into my room, laid upon the bed. Saw the web.

I nearly had a heart attack. I’m looking for the spider. Oh the spider? Was a huge wolf spider. Sleeping in the corner of its web. Above my head.

I moved. Something shook the web. The spider fell on my face! Landing on my mouth.

It didn’t move.

I was so freaked out, I’m trying to get it off me. I could not move. I was panicking, clawing at my mouth at the spider. Then it moved. One leg off my lip.

I woke up, tangled in my sheets. The reason I couldn’t move. I tried to touch my mouth to make sure there wasn’t a spider, but my fingers fell asleep. My arm was underneath me while I slept.

Ugh I can still feel the sensation of the spider on my face. I’m freaked out.

I’m so sleepy to care.


“Who did that?”

I’m so creeped out right now.

I have chills. The hair on the back of my neck is on end!

I had been dreaming about receiving a bouquet of roses. Nothing too special. Two other girls also received roses, bigger and fancier.

We were about to perform a song. When I noticed something odd about the blonde. The other girl wouldn’t believe me. Until the blonde’s hair literally rose as if someone had put their hands in the strands. Suddenly she was hauled up into the air.

Everyone is screaming at the poor girl being thrown around like a raggedy doll. Then she became still, her body limp.

I am mumbling a prayer.

The blonde’s eyes opened.

They were black.

They locked onto me.

I’m praying louder. She screamed and flew at me.

I raised my hand “begone demon,”

She halted and laughed “You have no power over me”

“It’s God will” my voice boomed.

An explosion of light poured over us. The girl collapsed.

I awoke slowly because I felt off.

In the distance I heard a woman say “who did that?”

Then something in my room chimed. Like crystals clinking together or maybe wind chimes. I don’t think I have wind chimes.

The pillow behind my back shifted as someone had been sitting there.

Oh my word! My heart was beating so hard!

Had Daisy gotten in? I tentatively felt behind me. No one was there!

I don’t know if I can go back to sleep!😩😢


After solving a murder, I burst into a song. A nice musical, to outrage the naysayers!

I woke up singing “Every day” from High School Musical.

I also woke up to Willow’s Bum in my face.


“It was you! You this whole time!”

I had a dream about being a funeral. It was a Korean traditional funeral for a baby. There were lots of people in attendance, but I was merely there as support for a friend. I was in the back, so no one noticed me.

Unfortunately, no one could miss someone wearing a leather jacket, and tight as fuck leather pants. I could feel their eyes shooting disapproving daggers at me. Until my friend turned and shuffled her way to me. Her black mourning garb somehow hindering her movements. “Perhaps I should take this,” she gestured to my hard shell backpack. “My father wouldn’t approve”

I stared blankly at her. “Of what? It’s just a back pack” I chuckled thinking she was kidding.

“Becky let her have it” I was admonished.

As the funeral went on, there was sudden screaming. There was chaos. People being shoved out of the way. Chairs and food flying.

I got closer to find a woman butchering another woman. Her face and clothes covered in blood, as she kept stabbing. The woman was screaming incoherently, her eyes crazed with rage.

No one was moving to stop the woman. Looking for some kind of weapon, I found it in a teapot. I dumped the contents on the crazed woman. The scalding water distracted her. She fell to her side clutching her face, while I kicked the knife out of her reach.

The police came moments later, another woman attacked an officer during questioning.

I watched in awe disbelief as the funeral hall became a blood bath, as women men erupted into spontaneous fits of violence. Attacking anyone in a crazed blood lust fueled rage.

In the midst of the chaos there few that cowered, cried and hid but only one seemed mesmerized by the violence. Her red hair cut in a reverse bob. Her fingers twisting into her funeral garb. Her excited energy was fascinating.

She slowly turned her head, as if feeling my gaze on her. Then she smiled.

A police officer took a moment to ask if she was ok, the woman nodded. She said something to the officer. Both were looking at me. However the officer’s expression changed.

His eyes were dark, his body tense.

Something within me told me to move!

The officer reached for his gun, my eyes widened. He was going to shoot me? I shoved another officer at him. The shot was deafening. Both officers crumpled to the ground. The bullet grazed my arm, I cried out. But I couldn’t worry about the pain.

The red haired woman was suddenly on me. Her fingers on my throat.

I could barely fight her off. Her strength was inhuman!

I clawed at her hands, clawing at her face when my fingers tangled in her hair and pulled.

I stared in incredulous disbelief at the red wig in my hand then finally the woman who was attacking me.

Her face was distorted. The latex mask that covered her face and hid her true features, had begun to peel off.

Recognition dawn on me. I was horrified. “HanaMei!” I croaked.

“You killed my baby!”

Confused, I stared at the woman I thought was my friend. The mother of the child we laid to rest.

“No you killed my baby!” She laughed maniacally. “You”

Her grip on my throat tightened. I felt lightheaded “your baby died in a car accident!”

Her brow furrowed “why isn’t this working on you?!” She shrieked “it’s supposed to be working!”

“What are you talking about?! You!” My brain couldn’t comprehend the hell she unleashed. Then it suddenly clicked. The spurts of violence, the rage, anytime someone mentioned her baby. “You did this?! You killed all these people!”

I slammed my head into hers, falling with her to the ground. “The reason your gaslighting subliminal trash doesn’t work on me, you stupid bitch?” I hissed “I am ice cold! I get off on this shit!” I chuckled “thanks for feeding my dark side.”

The satisfying snap of her neck, made me smile. I climbed off her. Whistling, I grabbed my backpack.

The funeral hall was crawling with cops, EMTs yet no one noticed me as I walked out into dreary day.


I feel like I got ran over by a Mac truck!

(I was going to write runned! Do I even know my grammar?! Um no!)😂😂

What a wonderful sleep!

I had talked, laughed and sung in my sleep!

I haven’t done that in forever!

I don’t remember what my conversation, the song or what I was laughing about but it was because of Umbrella Academy.


“If you wake up in the hours between 1-2am it’s because someone is watching you”

The hair on the back of my neck stood on end. A chill of dread slithering thru me. panic rose within me as I struggled to wake up.

Something someone was watching me! Someone was in the room…

I finally got my eyes open and I tried to find the lights but couldn’t move. I was relieved when I realized it was because Willow. I pet her a few times. But the dread wouldn’t go away.

I turned on the lights.

I dreamt I had a stalker. I hadn’t realized I had one until I was a book store. I just pulled up into the parking lot and something about it made me panic.

I passed out from my panic attack and woke up in a bed.

It was a hospital room. A very nice VIP room, one I couldn’t afford even with my insurance. I got up to use the bathroom when something on the table caught my eye.

There were pictures. night vision. Of a room. Each picture would slowly reveal me sleeping. Me watching kdrama. Me eating. Then the closet door slowly opening and something started to climb out.

At first all I saw was a hand. Then an arm. Then a top of a head. Then the head tilted back to reveal masked face.

I went cold.

The masked man was in the middle of my room. He waved. Stood next to my sleeping form. Petted Willow. Put his head next to mine for another shot.

The words across that photo were “I’m watching you”

-I’m still filled with dread. I have been up for 20 minutes. Every time I walk by the window I freak out. My closet door is closed. How am I supposed to close my eyes?


I was auditioning for Kathy Bates. I don’t know what role but I was auditioning against Mercedes McQueen (HollyOaks)

My audition went well. I cried about how devastating my diagnosis was. (It really wasn’t. I am so sorry)

Mercedes went next. She cried about her miscarriage, about losing Slyver. And how her son is a psychopath. My jaw dropped. What the hell!

“That’s enough” Kathy declared. “I will give you an answer in a moment”

Mercedes left to freshen up when Kathy turned to me and declared that she would give me the role if I do something horrible to Mercedes. My eyes widen in disbelief.

Mercedes came out. Lunch was served. Not some fine dining. But McDonalds. Mercedes barely touched hers. She was not impressed. Neither was I.

I left to make a call out for some Sushi. I stood outside the office to see if Bates would make the same offer. She did.

I walked in. I proceeded to do as Bates “asked” then without warning I turned to glare at Bates then at Mercedes “Bates wanted me to sabotage your audition”

Mercedes gasped. Bates turned on me in fury. Her face hideous with outrageous indignation. “You disgust me! I could have made you a star!” She spat on me. Her spit landed on my fries.

I gagged so hard that my gag reflex and nausea was triggered in reality!

As I was coming out of dream state I heard my mother’s voice “I don’t know”

I heard Daisy meow.

I woke up with such a start to find none of my cats with me.

Which was strange. Willow was feeling ill last night and was lying on me all night.

What a wonderful feeling! I was feeling ill and having her lie on me? So comforting and it eased my discomfort! She weighs 15pounds lol.

Anyway I went in search of her. To find Daisy on the cat tree, Willow outside. Daisy just stared at me.

Huh had I imagine her meowing at me. Or did she tattle on Willow for going outside without her?


According to my unknown sources aka my dream: GROGLE is a new investigative search engine. Brought to you by the makers of Tylenol, Pain and Restlessness 😂


I have been having dreams about a Zombie apocalypse again. During the beginning of the COVID outbreak and now with Russia invading Ukraine.

Perhaps the dream was figurative.

Lord knows I would never a survive a zombie outbreak.

My heart breaks for Ukraine.

Putin should have stayed in his lane.


What a horrible nightmare!

I was stuck behind a woman who ordered 68 iced Capps!

In Tim Horton’s drive thru!

She never called the order in ahead of time!

They accepted the order! They didn’t park her!

It took half hour!

In real time? I couldn’t even move!

Didn’t help Daisy was laying on my legs!

68 iced Capps!