According to my unknown sources aka my dream: GROGLE is a new investigative search engine. Brought to you by the makers of Tylenol, Pain and Restlessness 😂


I have been having dreams about a Zombie apocalypse again. During the beginning of the COVID outbreak and now with Russia invading Ukraine.

Perhaps the dream was figurative.

Lord knows I would never a survive a zombie outbreak.

My heart breaks for Ukraine.

Putin should have stayed in his lane.


What a horrible nightmare!

I was stuck behind a woman who ordered 68 iced Capps!

In Tim Horton’s drive thru!

She never called the order in ahead of time!

They accepted the order! They didn’t park her!

It took half hour!

In real time? I couldn’t even move!

Didn’t help Daisy was laying on my legs!

68 iced Capps!


For the first time in awhile I had a lucid dream!

It was a funny dream!

“A Detective in the Major Crimes unit whom is often compared to the tv detective Columbo bumbled through another case” The Chief of Detectives scowled at me as he looked up from reading from the latest newspaper article “Her brash, maddening tactics are tiresome quotes a coworker. she is psychotic, a loose cannon and can’t be trusted to tie her own shoe lace?! Says another.” The chief’s voice rose with growing ire. “She is one french fry short of a happy meal and yet solved a case with a keen sense of observation rare in modern day investigation.”

The chief crumpled up the newspaper and threw it. “Are you laughing?! This is a joke to you?!” He shouted. “We are the laughing stock out of the whole precinct!”

He glanced at the other man in the room “and you were supposed to keep an eye on her!” He barked.

The man shrugged “can’t rein in chaos!”

Ah it was a good dream.

I had this kind of energy

People had no chance! 😂😂

I made Columbo look good!

On the bright side I was brilliant! Mind like Sherlock!

As for the man who was supposed to be my Watson? The man had a voice like Corpse Husband (a TikToker)

The lucid dream came in when I was on the back of his motorcycle. I am deathly afraid to ride one. I had my arms tightly wound around him. I suppose I was tired and had fallen asleep. My grip loosened to the point one hand drifted down. I was dreaming of him and I.

He was trying to maintain his focus on the road and ignore me. Ignore my hand that was on his junk. “Are you kidding me right now?” He exploded “wake up!”

I was Rubbing my face against his back, nestling closer.

We lurched to a stop!

I opened my eyes to find my hand was in his pants stroking his cock. He was so hot. Hard. Throbbing.

I was so mortified.

he reached for my hand untucked it from his pants.“You want to play these games save it for the bedroom!” He gritted out “I have no intentions on becoming road kill because you have no impulse control or you have some kind of kink!”

And then my cat woke me up!


“You are my little sister’s best friend!”

“I don’t have best friends, so if you think you are breaking some moral code? Forget about it. You have nothing to worry about!”

“You’re killing me!”

My cat woke me from a delicious dream! Oh the inhumanity!

The feel of his skin against mine. The heat of his body. The smell of him. Irish spring! He just had a shower! His hair damp dark curly at his neck. His eyes were so pale, like icy slivers of blue. A contrast to the brown tones of his skin. The man was just beautiful! I wish there was a way I could describe how he appeared in my dream!

Could I enjoy the feel of him on me? No!


I love horror movies.

I am kind of disappointed that there isn’t enough selection or a great selection of horror movies this year on tv.

Granted, these past two years have a been horror movie to some.

While I love horror movies, there are is a type I refuse to watch! Zombie! (I don’t consider Resident Evil a horror movie so…😒🥰)

I’m flashbacking to the scene in Dawn of the Dead when Vivian was in the house…

Oh my gosh! 😱

Traumatized me for life!

Anyway, I made the mistake of trying to find a good horror movie. In the dark. Online.

Not a good idea because I have such an overwhelmingly over reactive imagination!

I had a nightmare.

It began pleasantly enough.

I was on a cruise. Beautiful scenery. Vibrant colours. Everything began to get darker. Sepia colours. Colder.

We were in the North. The cruise liner plowing through ice and slush. The coronavirus had mutated into the T-Virus.

I am holding my cat, snuggling her.wondering why there were fewer people onboard. Daisy was in her sling strapped to my body, when she started fussing. “I swear, this feels so familiar.” I muttered, trying to soothe her. Out of nowhere Jill Valentine attacks me! Where the hell did she even come from? How the hell did I get these fighting skills?

While I’m blindsided by Jill’s blitz attack, zombies are descending upon us. Turns out Umbrella Corporation wanted my blood because I was immune to the T-virus. Damn Wesker!

I was about to be beaten, my body being plummeted into the snow by Jill. Zombie hands broke through the ice clawing at us both.

I woke up this morning not feeling too hot after that nightmare!


I dreamt I was an artist.

I created pieces with crystals and they were very much on demand but by commission only.

M wanted a view pieces but his request left me so shocked.

“I can’t do that. These are public pieces!” I was so scandalized.

A slow grin curved M’s lips. His fingers stroked through my hair, before framing my face with his hands. “Every time I will look at that piece i will remember how you felt when I fucked you. When your cum dripped over my cock, and you begged for more” he breathed.

I couldn’t breathe. Could I risk my art career on his request?

I made a moulding then used amethyst, rose quartz and fire opal to create M’s art piece.

At his birthday party, I revealed other pieces and then he opened my gift.

The crowd gasped. Some were horrified, amused, others covered their mouths in shock.

All eyes were on me as M took his time admiring my creation.

There was no doubt what the piece was. A sculpture of my pussy.

There was no doubt to others what I was to him. His lover. His play thing. His heart.

M leaned over to kiss me. My skin was so hot from the awkward moment.

“I love it” he assured me.

I sighed in relief. “Good”

He burst out laughing. “What a wonderful gift.” He exclaimed. His guests tried to be enthusiastic but they were too stunned.

“We will do a real celebration later” he promised.

MY WEDDING-or dream

I was so bone tired after work yesterday I went to bed early.

I didn’t get any sleep because I was in pain. I hurt my toe. 🤦‍♀️😂

I finally get into a deep pain free sleep and Daisy had to wake me up.

I exploded. I was so tired and frustrated. I closed the door and went back to sleep.

I dreamt of my wedding.

It was a disaster!

M had the gall to be upset with me because I was moving on. That I was tired of being second in his life.

“You have the nerve!” I cried, “I was the one who never forgot about you, Who never stopped thinking about you. You forgot about me. You moved on. Married. Had children. Built a life without me! Now when I want to be happy you decide you want me. No! You don’t get me.”

“You don’t love him” M shouted.

“And maybe I didn’t love you.”

M recoiled as if I slapped him. “You don’t mean that” he whispered.

“You never loved me. You never did” I glared at him.

M reached for me. “I love you, I will always love you. If marrying this guy makes you happy I will do everything I can to make that happen.” He pressed a kiss against my forehead “I never want us to be apart”

“What?! What are you saying”

M smoothed my hair from my face, and gazed into my eyes “marry him. Do what needs to be done. But you’re mine. I love you. I want to grow old with you. Share your sunsets with you. Until that happens do what needs to be done to make you happy”

M insisted my wedding be on his ranch. He paid for everything. My friends were there. I don’t know why my Russian customers were there. There were cats roaming around-a prank by a cousin. My dress was missing. Sabotage by my disapproving parents.

I was panicking. Until a white limo pulled up and one of my friends climbed out with a celebrity make up artist and stylist.

My new wedding gown was indigo.

M walked me down the aisle to Martina mcBride’s “I have been blessed”

Then I woke up.


“Humans are weak. nothing more than fodder. Humans were to Meant to be hunted down and eaten.”

“How ironic it is then. Your whole genealogy is mixed with human blood. You are no more pure blood than I am of royalty.”

I had two horrible dreams. The first I had been knocked into a bottomless pool. I couldn’t swim out so I begun to drown.

The last being I had traveled to an exotic place. I was on a tour. There was huge castle. That was last thing I remember because I woke up in chains. There were other people.

A man stepped out claiming, his Pack would hunt us.


I laughed. How ridiculous!

His pack stepped out of the shadows. Huge werewolves!

We began screaming.

Of course I am stuck with a woman who had no idea what to do except eat!

“I am an emotional eater!”

“Your scent and food are making it easier for them to hunt us, you stupid bitch! If you don’t stop filling your face I will kill you myself!”

I woke up just as we were circled by werewolves.😩


I dreamt that I was a stripper. (Sorry if I am using wrong terminology)

One of the best high paying dancers. (I am giving them so much credit. Pole dancers need a lot of core strength. If I did anything like that? I would hurt myself! I am not coordinated)

I wouldn’t just dance anywhere.

Unfortunately my driver had the flu, and guess who had to volunteer to drive me.

My mom.

She thought I was an accountant. She was so proud that I was working with all these people, getting all this money.

She pulls up to the motel where I am supposed to be staying. Ugh seedy and gross. I was not happy. My mom decided to come in with me. What?!

At that point I didn’t care. I was angry. I marched in. The inside was grosser than I thought. I canceled my room.

I canceled my job. Then proceeded to rip my management company a new asshole for not vetting my clients.

My mom was standing there slacked jaw. Her eyes bugging out as I went on my angry tirade.

“I will make sure no one will ever work with you. Ever!” I shouted.

I hung up. My mom was furious “how dare you talk to your boss like that!”

“I am the boss. Now can it! I am hungry. And I am tired. Thank you for driving me but it was a waste of time” I pressed some money into her hand “go get something to eat and go shopping”

My mom was so bewildered by the amount of hundreds in her possession she was speechless. I don’t think she ever saw that much at once.

I woke up then. I was completely horrified by the idea of my mom finding out I was a stripper 🤦‍♀️😂

Do you know how religious she is?