I’ve seen the way you’re staring at me when you think I’m not watching you. Tell me, what nasty fantasies do you hide in that pretty little head of yours?” Park Joong-Gil purred. His mouth hovered over my ear, his body crowding me against the wall.

I should have been afraid. The darkness emanating off him should have chilled me to the bones. Was he trying to intimidate me?

I fixed my expression into one of boredom. “I don’t think you would like to play with me, Joongi” I drawled. “I don’t think you can handle me” I pushed at his chest. It was impossible to move him. I pushed harder then slid under his reach to step past him.

“My name is Park Joong -Gil” he corrected. He seized my arm, hauling me around until I was pressed against him. “And I assure you whatever games you like to play, you will find I don’t tolerate cock teasing, unlike those boys you like to toy with”

My eyebrow rose. Well, this was unexpected. Was he angry or was he jealous? He was cold efficient. How much would it take for him to burn into ash? The thought did delicious things to my insides.

“Boy toys?” I pondered, “is that what they are called? This conversation is boring me” it was a lie. There was nothing boring about Park Joong Gil. He was lethal, he killed without remorse. his body lean and muscled from countless battles. Indeed the Grim Reaper was beautifully sinful in death, but would he be sinfully orgasmic in bed?

I wanted to ignore the way my body was reacting to him. How the heat of his body seemed at odds with the chilling aura resonating off him. Warming my skin, creating chaos between my thighs. I was becoming wet by being near him. This wouldn’t do. Not at all!

“Your mouth says you’re bored but your body says otherwise” Park Joong Gil crooned.

Without warning, Park Joong Gil slid a hand in my hair, wrapping his fingers in the strands. I let out a startled cry. Holding me still, he lowered his head til his mouth hovered over mine. “You are used to calling the shots,” his lips brushed once against mine. “Taking what you want, with no regard to your partner or any emotional attachments.”

As he spoke, Park Joong Gil’s mouth traveled along my jaw. Nuzzling my throat. My pulse quickened. “I’m going to enjoy teaching you to submit to me.”

The idea of Park Joong- Gil touching me, dominating no scratch that! taking possession of me was an exhilarating thought!

My nipples ached to be touched, my clit begged for attention as his fingers followed where his lips tasted.

The hand in my hair anchoring me in place.

I struggled to keep my thoughts from scattering, to keep myself in control as he played havoc on my senses. His mouth found my nipple through my shirt.

I let out a gasp as he nipped it. The pleasure/pain was intoxicating.

My free hand crept into his hair. I felt him smile in male satisfaction against my breast. I yanked hard, hauling his face up to mine. The confusion, anger in his eyes coincided with lust. “It’s cute you think you can take me on” I whispered.

A feral grin flashed across Park Joong Gil’s face.

Energy cascaded around us like a waterfall. Darkness swallowing us both until I found myself no longer in Park Joong Gil’s arms but in a bed.

A huge bed.

An amber glow casted eerie shadows over the walls allowing me little sight beyond the bed.

Where was he? Did he just teleport me to his bed?

Satin and silk slithering up my arms and legs startled me. I jerked to free myself but it was impossible.

I was tied to either side of the bed.

Soft laughter came from the darkness. “I thought you might like the unpredictability” Park Joong Gil emerged from the shadows, shedding the last of his clothes.

My eyes widened, then raked over his body in appreciation. “Oh I assumed this is where I was going to be. How I was,” I glanced up at my restraints, “ending up? It’s sadly disappointing” I sighed in boredom, “really? Joongi! This is amateur hour”

Anger flashed in Park Joong -Gil’s eyes. “Amateur?” he echoed in disbelief. “how many times have you been tied up?”

I smirked, “Don’t ask if you dont want the number,”

“But they weren’t me.” he smiled impishly. “and you haven’t tasted what I can give you!”

~The Dark Side of me has awakened!


Curled up in bed with Daisy to watch Loki and eating Spinach Paneer.

One can never have enough paneer. On the downside, it wasn’t spicy enough.

I wasn’t satisfied!

The merest whisper of lips brushing over my thigh invaded my reverie. I tried to ignore shivers of pleasure that ignited within me.

I took another bite of paneer, nearly choking when the velvet rasp of a tongue licked the folds of my pussy, followed by the sharp nip of teeth.

Unexpected surge of pain and then pleasure crashed over me. I couldn’t focus on the show nor the bowl of food before me.

“You are so wet, Mochi” the gravelly voice rumbled from between my thighs, “You are dripping all over my tongue”

Mason’s erotic words, his lips and tongue made it impossible for me to speak. “you don’t like what am I doing?” He purred over my clit.

“No..I mean.Yes” I whimpered. His tongue was toying with my clit. Slowly lapping. “I just didn’t like the spinach paneer.”

Mason’s tongue still. His head lifted and he fixed me with a stare of incredulous disbelief. “I am eating you out, and you are not enjoying it because you didn’t like the paneer?!”

I wanted to sink deeper into the bed, to avoid Mason’s eyes. It was mortifying. “It’s not that,” I stammered, “I think my taste has changed. I l thought it would be spicier..but it wasn’t even..”

Mason chuckled. “Spicy?”

I pouted. “It was too bland”

“Bland” Mason echoed.

My heart tripped. Oh no.

“We must have a problem then.” The silkiness of his voice did things to my insides. Goosebumps rose on my skin.

“Problem? No problem!” I hurried to assure him.

“My little Mochi,” he smirked, he raked his hungry gaze over me. Enjoying the sight of me, beneath him. The way I squirmed, to urge him to continue eating me out. “Look at you! The last thing you wanted was fucking paneer! What you wanted was my,” as he spoke, Mason’s fingers teased the opening of my pussy. I gasped. “Cock.”

A finger slid deep, withdrawing before another joined.

“I love how you tighten around my fingers” he groaned. “I’m going to take my time with you. Don’t worry I will take care of you” He lowered his head to nuzzle my pussy. “I’m going to satisfy your every craving.”


“Don’t you want me,Becky”

“No she wants me”

Over the throes of orgasms, moans, the clamour of women pleading for me to fuck them had gotten louder.

Women. Beautiful sexy. Either they were clingy. Dramatic, jealous or too petty.

Fortunately for me I was surrounded by them. Naked, their sensuous bodies writhing together like snakes begging for orgasms, poised to strike at the opportune time.

I took my time with the one under me. My tongue teasing her clit, flicking over it while my fingers plunged deep in her clenching hole.

“Oh please, Becky. Make me cum!”

– I awoke suddenly with Daisy sitting on my chest. Meowing.


Curled up on the couch with my laptop, and an Ice Capp.

Breaking my caffeine fast.

I tried writing again.

Became so frustrated.

Perhaps I dont want to torture myself by writing out my frustration. My needs. My wants.

Perhaps I want you to fuck the boredom out of me.

To hold me down, to make me beg for it,

to feel.

to cum all over your cock til I am a shaky hot mess.

and I am gasping for air 😍😍


The night started out innocently enough. Keep his eyes closed. No talking. Just enjoy the moment.

The back rub Bex offered eased the tension in his muscles.

“That feels wonderful!” He sighed with a appreciative groan. Then a thought occurred to him. “Have you done with this with your other lovers?” He asked.

He couldn’t see her smile but heard it in her voice. “No. Now be quiet. Or I will stop!”

Mason clamped his mouth shut.

Her touch gentle but firm. Her lush curves pressing into him. She smelled of soap, roses and arousal. he could feel her breasts pushing into his back. For a moment he thought of nothing but rolling her under him and burying himself deep inside her.

“Turn over” she murmured.

Mason smiled “as you wish”

He was tempted to peek.

Her hair was coming loose from the bun atop of her head. Her robe was parting revealing large breasts tipped with shell pink nipples.

If he moved just right, he thought. His chin nudged her breasts. Opening the robe further. Her nipple grazed his lips. She gasped.

“No peeking!” She chided.

Mason chuckled. His eyes closed. “How could I resist with that sight in front of me!”

Bex grumbled, and pressed hard on his collar. Mason closed his eyes begrudgingly.

Moment’s passed. Bex’s firm touch on his shoulders and arms were now feather light caresses on his chest.

Her body shifted, he tried to stifle his groan when her breasts brushed over him.

He felt the heat of her breath on his skin, her mouth hovered over the ridge of his public bone.

The whisper of her lips taunting him. Oh the things he was going to do her, he thought grimly.

In response, his cock flexed. Her soft chuckle did things to his insides.

Beads of perspiration dotted along his forehead. How long was she going to torture him? To make him wait.

“You open your eyes and I will stop”

Mason curled his fingers into the bedsheets.

Her fingers were slick with warm oil, sliding up and down his cock.

“Fuck,” he breathed.

Bex pumped his cock, flicking the tip with a finger. The unexpected pain coincided with pleasure.

“You will pay for that!” He panted. He reached for her. Slicing his fingers through the silky strands of her hair.

Bex protested weakly as her hair came undone. “Oh no”

Her petulant expression made him chuckle despite the hunger raging throughout his body. “Fix it later,” he told her “I want your mouth on my cock”

Bex pouted. “I am in control not you”

“Oh yes,”he agreed. “You are always in control.”

Bex regarded him with a pout. “Then stop topping from the bottom!”

Mason couldn’t help it. He burst out laughing. He pulled her up against him.

“I need a moment” he wheezed. “Then we can start again”


I close my eyes as my lover pushes his cock deep inside me. He is just another cock to get me off. He is trying too hard, saying words that should turn a woman on, that would blister a virgin’s ears but sound like gnat buzzing in my ears. He is not even hitting the right spot!

“Shut up!” I hiss as I clamp a hand on his mouth. His eyes widen in surprise. He protests, but as I slide up and down on his cock, he moans.

Fucking idiot!

Another man’s face comes to mind. My breath catches as my pussy becomes wetter. My clit is throbbing. He is the one that I want. The one I know who can satisfy every need I have.

Then suddenly it’s over. I feel the man beneath become lax. I open my eyes to find him staring up at me, his flushed face. It took me a minute to realize he has cum already.

“Are you kidding me” I climbed off him. His cock shriveled like a tiny worm.

The man flushed. “That never happened before..” he stammered. He reaches to peel off his condom.

“How about you don’t!” I snapped. “Get out!”

The man scrambled to get his clothes, “you’re a bitch! A cold frigid bitch!”

“Thanks. Maybe you should work on your skill before you call someone frigid. I literally couldn’t feel your dick. What is it? 3 inches.” I replied

The man spewed a bunch of hateful words as I walked to the shower.

The hot water hitting my skin instantly relaxed me. I didn’t hear the bathroom door open, until the shower curtain pulled back.

I let out a startled shriek.

“I think you scarred the poor boy.” M murmured. My eyes widened as he slowly began to undress. His electric blue eyes raking over my wet body.

I was stunned. He heard me fucking.. the thought didn’t finish as M stepped into the stall.

“You were eavesdropping?”

He smirked at my accusation. “He was trying to show off. So he was being ridiculously loud” he trailed a finger over a breast. I shivered in delight.

“He put on quite a show” he breathed. “It made me a bit pissed off knowing you were letting that punk fuck you!”

The jealousy in his voice, made my heart flutter.

“I’m going to be the only one who touches you.” He pulled me close. “Fuck you, makes you cum”

-then I woke up! Hmm oh yes please!


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“This is a bad idea” he whispered. “but I cant help myself . Some part of me had been hoping you would take my hints. I had no idea just how oblivious you were, though.”

I stared at him questioningly. His words left me confused. He took a step towards me. He pulled me closer.

“You have been on my mind, I go to bed and I think of all the ways I want to fuck you,” a smile tugged on his lips when I blushed at his words, “to make love to you. So yeah, its a bad idea” His head lowered. His breath teased my trembling lips.

His name was a protest and it died  on the tip of my tongue. The heat of his blue eyes seemed to scorch through me. Igniting every cell in my body. “Doesnt seem like a bad idea to me” I managed.

He chuckled. “I warned you”

His mouth came down on mine. Hungry. Leaving me breathless.

The world fades, and it was just him. The touch of his hands on my body. The taste of him on my lips. My heart beat roaring in my ears.

He slowly lifts his head and he smiles down at me. His fingers raise up to stroke my hair away from my desire filled eyes. “You are not the shy girl I once knew” he teased. “Good”




Friday night found me bored and listless. I decided to go to the movies. They were showing a classic 80s movie. Some Kind of Wonderful.

Finding a seat in the back row, I settled down with my drink and candy.

“Excuse me, but do you mind if I sit here”

A woman’s voice startled me. I turned to find A young woman gazing at me hopefully. She was college age, wearing a pale green sundress that flattered her slender form.

Her lower lip tugged between her teeth. Errand strands of blond hair escaped her messy bun, framing her heart shaped face.

“Um no,” I replied with a smile.

“Thanks! My name is Elodie” she dropped down into the seat beside mine. “You’re Becky right?”

I blinked. “How did you know my name?” I asked warily.

I glanced around the theatre, nervously. We were the only ones seated.

She smiled. “This might sound kind of weird,” she looked away as if she was too embarassed to admit how she came by my name. “Oh gosh!” she covered her face and giggled like a little girl.

My wariness gave way to annoyance. I didnt find coy behavior cute. “Ok I think I am going to go.” I began to rise out of seat.

“Oh please dont!” she grabbed my arm, almost panicked. “Its taken me some time to get up the nerve to talk to you!”

Talk to me? What was she talking about? I wasnt some infamous influencer. I was far from it! I shrugged off her hand.

“I am the one that sent you a picture of me in my thong” she blurted out.

My mind raced. That had been days ago. The picture was of woman seated in a chair, wearing nothing but a green thong.

Now I was beginning to get creeped out. “You follow me on my instagram?”

Elodie nodded. “And your blog. I really enjoy reading it. Your so multi-faceted.” She twisted in her seat raising the armrest between us. “I love your stories. Especially the one where the girl approached you and you fucked her!”

I could feel my cheeks turn red from the uncomfortable heat from her praise. “Gee thanks.” I managed. 

“What do you want Elodie?” I asked. Did I really want to know? She could be some crazed reader. I silently laughed at the idea of having an obsessed stalker.

The theatre darkened and the trailers began. Elodie seemed even bolder by this. She leaned closer, I could smell her perfume the mint of her toothpaste on her breath. “Do you think maybe we could..” she cleared her throat. “Do you think you could…”

I frowned still not catching on to what she was eluding to. “Do I think I could do what?”

“My boyfriend promised to be here, but he is running late.” Elodie inhaled sharply. “I have had this fantasy of you eating me out..”

To say I was stunned by her admission was an understatement. I was speechless. “What?”

“He hasnt given me an orgasm in ages.”

I was being pranked. I laughed nervously. “What?”

Elodie slowly hiked up her skirt. My eyes widen at the sight of her thong. The one she wore was shell pink.

Do you like what you see?” Elodie purred.

The silk indentation clung to the folds of her pussy. My mouth grew dry as I realized what was going on.

“Every time I would read your blog I was thinking of all the ways I wanted you to fuck me. It got me so wet. I couldn’t help it” she ran a finger along her slit, pulling back the fabric so I could see her pussy. “I had to find you. To beg you. To do whatever you wanted.”

My heart kicked hard in my chest. I couldn’t believe this was happening. Her words made me tingle over, I shouldn’t be reacting this way. It was too crazy, but my traitorous pussy was dripping at the thought of making this stranger cum.

I kissed her. She was eager. Letting me taste her lips. The strap of her sundress fell off one shoulder exposing one of her breasts. I smiled. She didnt wear a bra. I kissed my way down her neck to her breasts. She squirmed when I licked her nipple.

“Hmm” she giggled, “Becky that tickles.”

my  hand slid between her thighs, her skin was soft. I covered her pussy with my hand palming her gently. She rocked against me. Panting in my ear. And fuck… Was she wet.  I rubbed her clit.

“Yes” she panted.

my fingers  slid to her hole and I  slipped two fingers inside and the moan… my own juices soaked my panties. I finger fucked her. She was sobbing softly in my shoulder as I found her spot. She jerked, I saw her eyes widen.


I smirked. I hooked my fingers and began to give her a rough ride. Reaching down with my other hand to rub her clit. Elodie’s back arched in her seat, her head flinging back as she hunched against my hand. 

The first squirt of her cum soaked my fingers, dripping over my hand. She clamped her hands over her mouth to muffle her scream. She squirted a couple more times. She sagged in her seat, almost boneless. 

I chuckled at the stupid silly satisfied smile on her lips. I took her by the hips, moving her til she was laying back across two seats. one foot on the head rest the other on the arm rest.

This left Elodie open and wide. I smiled at the sight before me. Elodie struggled to sit up, juice trickling down her ass seeping into the movie seats. She froze.

“Oh my god, he is here!” Elodie gasped when I lowered my head between her thighs. Yet even she protested weakly, her hips lifted off the seat to push her pussy into my face.

the first swipe of my tongue against her clit made her convulse against my face. I licked and sucked her pussy. She rocked against me then her hands went to my head to hold me still.

Elodie rode my face, my mouth, while my tongue lapped at her. “Oh fuck Becky!” she sobbed, her body shaking as her orgasm seized her. “I’m cumming. Yes!” when her fingers slowly released my hair and fell to her side. She tried to sit up as I moved away. 

I giggled wiping my mouth as Elodie’s man approached her from the end of the row. Elodie fixed her shoulder strap and pushed the hem of her dress back over her thighs. She was still trembling from her orgasm. 

“Babe!” her man exclaimed,hugging her. He frowned finally noting her disarray. “Babe are you ok?” he asked in a hush tone.

Elodie nodded. “I was just choking on my candy” she managed.

I tried not to burst out laughing. 

Her man sniffed, his brow wrinkling in confusion as he glanced around. He began to lower himself to a cumsoaked seat. Elodie tried to stifle a gasp as he wiggled himself into a comfortable position. “Babe why is this seat wet?” he asked finally noticing.

“I spilled my pop” I offered. “Sorry buddy” I gestured to my pop cup.

Elodie’s man scowled and moved to the seat on the other side of Elodie. 

“Enjoy your movie.” I smiled.

“Thanks we will” Elodie smiled.

-this was inspired by a woman who indeed sent me a photo of herself in a thong on Instagram.  I have no idea why. huh. 




MAD FOR FUN: Whatever happened to the sweet girl that I knew?
BEX: What do you mean?
MAD FOR FUN: I mean if you dont stop writing that erotica shit I am going to turn you over my knee and give you a spanking!
BEX: Oh my god! Do not tell me you have been reading my blog!
MAD FOR FUN: Only when I need the distraction at work. Uncomfortable. Trying to hide my hard on when I have a client suddenly walk in!
BEX: no! 🤣
MAD FOR FUN: You think its funny?!
BEX: no! I am embarassed. I dont like it when people talk about my blog.
MAD FOR FUN: Why? If they like it. They should tell you.
BEX: they do.
MAD FOR FUN: Good. I enjoy reading your blog. You have funny thoughts.Sweet and touching.Sometimes you come off A little bit pyschotic.
BEX: um thank you?
MAD FOR FUN: How much of it is just fantasy? How much of it is real life?
BEX: Why?
MAD FOR FUN: because some times I get jealous of the man you want to fuck.
BEX: What?
MAD FOR FUN: I think of you getting hot and bothered while writing your naughty stories down. I think of hot and wet you must be getting.
BEX: First thing first, I dont do sexting.
MADE FOR FUN: really?
BEX: I dont like it. I dont like trying to carry the conversation. I just dont do it.
MADE FOR FUN: what a good prude little girl you are.
BEX: And dont call me little girl.
MADE FOR FUN: what if I wanted you to be my little girl.
BEX: i am not into that. Keep that dd/lg out of my sex play. 🤢🤮
MADE FOR FUN: You are a strange little creature arent you?
BEX: Not strange. I dont like sick fucks messing with my orgasms.
MAD FOR FUN: careful. I was teasing you. I am not going to tolerate disrespect.
BEX: OK. Sorry. Just makes me upset.
MAD FOR FUN: I understand.
BEX: thank you.
MAD FOR FUN: I am looking forward to another post. I can imagine all the ways I can punish you for teasing me.
BEX: punish me?
MAD FOR FUN: Oh yes, Becky. For every blog post you wrote about fucking some guy or eating out a girl, for every drop of cum I wasted jerking off to your stories you will make up to me.
BEX: what?
MAD FOR FUN: dont play with yourself tonight, Bex. I want you thinking about what I could possibly do to you. I want you hot and wet tomorrow night.
BEX: ok.

-i thought about this today! Would i be horrified/embarrassed if my “MUSE” ever read my blog and messaged me something like this. Or be turned on. wow!


I had been thinking of him all night.

 Of his touch. The heat of his electric blue eyes when he would catch me watching him.

It left me with an unmistakable ache between my thighs. 

I flung the bedsheets off me. Being so close was tempting madness. Wanting him to fuck me was driving me crazy.

Glancing at the clock, I sighed. It was nearly midnight. I couldn’t sleep. Debating on reading or internet I choose neither but a snack. Reaching for my glasses, I stood and made my way to the bedroom door. I carefully opened it.

Tiptoeing down the hall, I made it almost to the stairwell when Mason’s voice startled me.

“Shouldn’t you be in bed?” 

I let out a gasp and whirled around.

He stood in the hallway. Towel draped over his hips. His blond hair slicked back, his skin still damp from his shower.

“I am not a child. I dont have a bedtime” I shot back.

Mason’s glower was intense. His gaze trailed over my bed touseld hair, my sleep flushed face.  my pink cami slip nightie did little to cover the full roundness of my breasts. The soft material stretching over my breasts. Under his intense scrutiny my nipples hardened poking through. 

My heart stopped then quickened. Heat seared my cheeks a fiery red. Wetness began to pool between my thighs. 

“Fuck, what the hell are you doing walking around in that” he finally breathed.

Without warning Mason reached for me. I let out a startled gasp. He marched me into a bedroom, kicked the door closed behind me. He spun me around and pushed me against it.

“Mason,”I breathed. “What are you doing? You cant.. Someone might hear us…”

His mouth was on mine. He tasted of toothpaste, his tongue rasping over mine. I whimpered low in my throat. He thumbed the strap of my cami down. 

I was wet, drenched already. 

Mason’s hands were snaking the cami down off my shoulders. There was a loud ripping sound. He had tore the material down the front, and was staring at my breasts.

Tossing the cami aside, he cupped my breasts. Thumbing my nipples. I whimpered in delight. “Just perfect. Fucking perfect” he growled. He bent his head. I moaned as his breath razed over one nipple. His tongue circled flicked before his lips closed over and began to suck hard.

-I have been imagining this for days. My breasts have been aching for attention.