I tiptoe into your bedroom. It was fairly dark. The moonlight streaming through the window allowed me to see your bed where you slept with your wife. I could hear my heart pounding so hard. The blood roaring in my ears. Oh god, how was I going to pull this off?

I quietly closed the door behind me, and felt my way towards you.

Your wife laid on her side, away me, you laid on your back. The bed covers resting comfortably at your waist.

I made one last panicked filled look back at the door. I should go. I should go now. Yet the idea of sucking your cock until you came while your wife laid sleeping turned me on so much I couldn’t help myself.

I was such a sex monster.

I knelt at the side of the bed. I swallowed nervously, as I checked to see if you were still sleeping.

Your face appeared to be so peaceful. Free of worry and stress.

I smiled. You were so handsome. I loved how your hair had gotten gray at your temples you were no longer the young man I fell in love, you grew older successful. I  Loved how your eyes would crinkle when you smiled. I eased the blanket gently with bated breath watching for any sign of movement.

You didnt stir.

You wore boxers. Cotton.  I bit my lip appreciatively. Stroking your thigh. Still no movement.

I slid my hand higher. Covering your cock.  I began to stroke you through your boxers, smiling when your cock began to stir. Thicker larger longer.


I glanced at your face. Your eyes were still closed. Your lips slightly parted. Your breathing caught in your chest when I squeezed your cock.

Were you sleeping or were you playing me?

Your boxers had a one button fly, i flicked it open, and snaked my hand inside. Your cock felt hot, throbbing under my fingers.

I pulled your cock free.

In the very little light, I could see how big you were. I stroked your cock some more. The precum oozing out. I took a swipe at it.

You tasted so good. I lazily lapped at the fat dome of your cock, while fisting your cock. My other hand rolling your balls, massaging them. Letting my saliva drip down to coat your cock. While my tongue snake around the length of your cock to catch the trickle of saliva.

“Oh fuck” your groan caught me off guard.

My tongue swirling around your balls, I froze. I glanced up at you.

Your eyes were closed, your fingers tight in the bedsheets. I grinned.

Did you think you were dreaming?

“Who you dreaming of, you naughty man?” I whispered.

I dragged my tongue back up the length of your cock, and took you deep into my mouth. The suction of my mouth, the pull of my lips drew another groan from you.

Without warning, your hands were in my hair hauling me off you. “What the fuck are you doing?” you angrily whispered.

I pouted. “What does it look like I was doing?”

“With my wife! Right there! Oh my god!” you ran your fingers through your hair, and you threw another panicked glare at her then at me. “What if she woke up!”

I placed a finger on your lips. “Shh.” I whispered. “She wont if you will be quiet.”

you were completely flabbergasted. “Are you serious! You cant be sucking my cock with her in the bed next to me.”

“Be quiet!” I snapped. My fingers circled your cock. I stroked you slowly.

You groan. “Fuck!”

I kissed you, pushing you back on the bed. “And if you are good, maybe you can watch me eat her out!”

you suddenly grip my chin, forcing me to meet your gaze. Your eyes were ablaze with a strange emotion. “no. my wife is off limits. You are mine.” you growled.

I sighed. “Who knew you were such a party pooper.”

You stroked your fingers through my hair guiding my head down.

I took my time, your groans making me hot and wet.

The other side of the bed shifted.

We both froze.

The blanket tugged, and we watched as your wife snuggled deeper into sleep.

Your eyes met mine.

I smiled around your cock.

You bit back a groan while I nipped the sensitive spot just above the throbbing vein that pulsed in your thick long cock.

“I am going to cum” you warned.

When I was going to pull away. you reminded me again.

“so do it!” I grumbled crossly. “you know how I hate to waste cum on fucking facials and body shots!”

You tried not to laugh, the sound choked off into a groan.

The first few drops of your cum shot onto my tongue. The jets of cum becoming more forceful as they shot into the back of my throat. I smiled when I stroked the last of your cum from your cock.

You sank back onto the pillows, your cock softening against your belly.

“Good night, Lover” I murmured.

“Rebecca,” you warned. “you play a very dangerous game.”

I giggled. “but you enjoy it.”

“yes. Good night. I love you”

“I love you too” I blew you a kiss.

I tip toed out of your room, closing the door behind me.

-One of my favorite sex fantasies. I love cumming to this one.



I wish it was summer. We could drive into the hills, get lost away from everyone.

Lying back on the grass, I pull you down onto me. The weight of your body makes me feel safe loved and warm. Your blue eyes are so hypnotic, I love looking into them.

“I thought you were hungry” you tease me. Your mouth brushes mine. Your fingers stroke my hair from my face, trailing the tips of your fingers down my throat.

“Food is not what I want.” I inhale sharply as one of your fingers circle my nipples through my flimsy shirt.

“What do you want?” your voice rumbles with amusement.

“I want you” I pout.

“I am right here.” you smirk. “What do you want.”

I glare at you. “Are you really that dense?”

“Nope” you kiss me again. “Just want you to say it. It kind of hurts my feelings that you just lust after my body like a sex hungry animal.”

Bewildered by your melodramatic outburst, I laugh. I shriek when you tickle me in retaliation.

Breathless, your mouth captures mine. “Say it” you whisper. “What do you want me to do!”

“I want you to make love to me” I giggled.

“Hmm I guess that will do.” you sigh. You kiss me again. Taking your time. Heat courses through me, as your kiss deepens.

You open my shirt one button at a time. Spreading the material wide. You undo the front clasp of my bra. Leaving my mouth, your mouth travels down.

I gasp at the whisper of your hot breath on my nipple. The raspy moist texture of your tongue as it rakes along my sensitized flesh makes me arch into your mouth. You take one nipple then the next, sucking hard then nipping softly.

I am grinding against your thigh, I am so wet my panties soak through my leggings. It is unnerving, your patience. I want more. You tsk when I reach for you. Grabbing my hands, you pin them above my head. Rising above me, so you straddle my chest you glare down at me.

“You are such a sex-hungry monster!” you chide me. With your one hand free, you unbutton your board shorts. You tugg them down enough so your cock springs free.

You pump your cock, watching my eyes grow wide. My tongue darts out to wet my lips. “Do you know what I want to do to your mouth right now?” you ask silkly. “I want to shove my cock in your mouth and make you suck it. Do you want that? Do you want to suck my cock?”

I nod.

My tongue lap at it. Just the tip. Swirling my tongue around the sensitive glans. I taste pre-cum, and I spread my lips around the wide dome. Then stopped.

Our eyes met.

You groan as I ease off.

Your one hand grips my wrist, the other is now in my hair, holding me still as you watch me tease your cock with my lips and tongue.

You groan as I began to swallow you inch by inch. your hips began to thrust, my cheeks fill with the length and girth of you.

I am gasping for air when you pull away.

I hear a rip as you tear my leggings off. My panties are next.

Your body is ontop of mine, hot and hard.

Your fingers on my clit, making me arch.

My orgasm takes me by surprise, my pussy juice squirting all over your fingers as I rock against your hand. I am aware of you angling me, your hands pushing my legs wider opening me.

Your cock teases the opening of my clenching and unclenching pussy hole. I whimper, you are so thick so big.

You thrust hard and deep.

You fuck me hard and fast, your skin slick with sweat as you bring me to another orgasm

kissing me, you thrust one more time before you came yourself.

Resting your forehead on mine, you smile. “I think we scared the wild animals away” you teased breathlessly.

I wrap my arms around you, my face in your shoulder. “Thats a possibilty”

You laugh. “I love you”

“i love you”




You are on my mind. You are in my dreams

I wish to feel your hot breath on my skin

feel how my body reacts as your hands and mouth


your hungry excitement in every caress

I trail my hand down my between my thighs

as I imagine you between them.

I am so wet.

I rub my clit, I want your cock inside me

to feel you so deep

I wish to dig my nails in your back, as you whisper

hot naughty words in my ear. How much you love me

I can almost taste the sweat of your skin as you make me yours

My fingers are slick with my cream, I am lost in blissful sensations as my orgasms

are about to crash over me.

I need you to fuck me harder, take me higher and I cum moaning your name.

Oh if only you were here.




“Did I ever tell you,” M began coolly “that when I first began reading your blog I was amused.” his fingers stroked over my hair, a gesture I often found comforting. The way the tips of his fingers would massage my scalp, a sensual pleasure I enjoyed. “You were so goofy and sweet in your honesty.”

I frowned. Was he complimenting me or was he insulting me? I tilted my head back to look up at him. “Thank you. You are making me blush” I replied drily.

“Learning things about you was quite an experience,” he went on as if he didnt hear me. “especially when I realized how sexually adventurous you wanted to be.”

M’s eyes darkened considerably. “I don’t think I am a possessive man,” he let his fingers trail down my shoulders back up to frame my face. “However I found I have a jealous streak when I realized I didnt want to share you with anyone. Male or female.”

I smiled. “Did you really?”

M tapped my lips with one long finger. “You have such a mouth on you.”

My eyes twinkled mischievously. Lips parting, my tongue peeked out and swirled around his finger. He inhaled sharply. His mouth covered mine, his fingers inching up to grip the back of my neck. His kiss was hot hungry.

M reached down to tug at my leggings, pushing them down, as I yanked my shirt over my head.

Breathless we stared at each other. “I waited a long time for you.” he whispered. He cupped my breasts, thumbing my nipples.

I whimpered, my nipples were sensitive. His touch made me ache all over. My pussy was wet, I needed his touch, I needed him to put the fire burning inside me out. I  covered his hands with my own. “I am sure you did.” I drawled sarcastically.

His gaze burned into mine. “You are mine. I wont share you with anyone with else.”

I let go of his hands, mine framing his face. “I wont share you with anyone else. You want to fuck me?” I demanded. “Its only me”

He chuckled “Honey, we will fuck, we will have sex in every position in Kama Sutra but later I will make love to you.” he kissed me again. “I will make all those fantasies you write about nothing words on paper.”

“They will be nothing but a memory, a silly girl’s idea of how to love. I want you for the rest of my life.” he whispered. ”

  • A dream I had that M read my erotica, got extremely jealous



He was in heaven.

The way her mouth took him deep, her lips spreading over his cock was agony. A pain he wanted to endure forever. She was teasing him, letting him suffer.

Her dark hair fanned over his taut abdomen, the silk strands veiling her face until he coiled it up around his fingers so he could see her face.

“Look at me” he commanded.

Her soot-black eyelashes flickered up, emerald eyes smoldered with a coy heat that made his cock jump in her mouth. She smiled, and her teeth raked the length of him.

He hissed. Fuck he loved the edge of pain with his pleasure. His balls tightened.

“Well isn’t this cute!” a  voice sneered.

He didn’t bother looking up. He swallowed back a curse. The woman at his feet made a surprise sound and tried to withdraw.

“No, you haven’t made me cum yet!” he told her. The woman blinked, surprise evident in her lovely eyes.

There was soft amused laughter from the door. “Oh, are you hard up my love?”

He scowled and lifted his head.

Ren was poised provocatively against the door, her lush curves draped in her signature color black.  Her expression one of mischief and sultriness.

Ren crossed the room and seated herself on his desk. Her fingers touching his chest. His breath hitched. “You shouldn’t be here!” he growled.

Her fingers traced the line of muscle down his abs, down lower to where his fingers were coiled in the woman’s hair. “Why is it awkward?” Ren breathed. “Watching you like this?”

His heart was pounding, his eyes never left hers. “You know thats not why.” her finger tips brushed his cock, over the woman’s slick saliva.

“explain it to me.” she whispered. “I am not a little girl anymore.”

“Fuck,” he swore at her. He could not look away from her mouth. He could not push her hand away, when she was stroking his cock in rhythm with the woman’s sucking.

“I thought about you,” she whispered. “you haunted my dreams” she drew her knees up, and draped her feet on either side of his chair trapping him. “You made me ache.”

Her hand suddenly released his cock, and went to the hem of her shirt. Tugging it over her head, she threw it aside.

His mouth grew dry at the sight of her lacy pink bralette cupping her breasts. Her fingers teased her nipples into hardening. “I got wet at the thought of you touching me”

One hand slowly slid down her belly to between her thighs.

“Are you wet now?” his voice was tight in his throat.

“Feel me.” she took one of his hands and slid into her leggings. He felt her soft skin, the heat of her pussy nearly scorched him. Her pussy was soaking, as he slid his finger along her slit. She moaned.

He stroked her for a moment longer, then withdrew. With both hands he hauled her leggings down to her knees.

“Touch yourself for me.” he instructed her. “Cum for me.”

  • I had too stop! I got too wet to finish!



I hid under your desk while you work. my fingers pressed to my lips to warn you to be quiet when you glared down at me between your thighs. No one is supposed to know that I am there.

you struggle with the mundane things, like answering phones and doing spreadsheets as my fingers tease your cock through your slackS.

the slow rasp of your fly unzipping is the only sound in your office, and you lean back in your chair to watch me. But I shake my head. Work!

You scowl.

The door opens. I hear you talking to someone as I ease your cock out of your fly. the head glistening with cum, it’s hot and thick in my hand. I blow a kiss on the crown. I’ll try to be quiet and not moan every time you stumble over your word

You stumble over your words.

Slowly, my tongue peeks out and swipes at your cock. Your hand grips the chair.

I am agonizingly slow with my tongue,running it a long the length of your cock. Making it glisten.

Your breathing is hitched, your fingers are clenching and unclenching on the arm rests. I take your cock deep, but no sucking.

You groan in frustration.

I hum in warning.

the vibrations of the sound make your cock throb and hit my tongue.

We are finally alone, and you lean back, thrusting your hips. Your cock surges into my mouth.

Hmm you are so impatient.

I suck hard and fast, alternating between fisting your cock. I allow you to see how far it goes. Your groans are turning me on, making me wet.

You tense, as a shot of cum hits the back of my throat.

“oh fuck!” you cry out as the door opens.

-hmm I would love to surprise M like that.




I had a dream about being in Inception.

However, I was against Dom and Arthur’s latest job, infiltrating a scientist’s mind. “you may think that there is nothing dangerous or untoward about this guy, but his mind is. Scientists like applying their mindset to everything. And in their dreams?”

“Wouldnt their dreams be a reprieve from all that?” Arthur sighed. “We use dreams to relieve ourselves from the nightmares that our lives.”

“No,” I snapped. “This guy is anal about order. He has OCD for god’s sake. Walking into his dream even if he didn’t notice would disrupt more than his life.”

“which would make this job perfect,” Dom argued. “Arthur get your woman under control”

Arthur took my hand, hauled me into his lap, “Just stop trying to interfere” he growled.

I struggled, but each time, my bottom would brush against his groin.

through my dress, I could feel him hardening against my bottom.   My breath caught. My heart started to race. “Hold still” he growled.

I felt my skin getting hot, I was getting wet.

I began to slowly gyrate against him, his fingers tightening on my arms, then loosening enough to slide down to my waist. He eased the hem of my dress up so I could settle over him. The hot length of his cock throbbed through his slacks. He groaned as my wetness soaked through his fly.

I could hear Dom talking to the rest of the team, but soon faded over the pounding of my heart.

Arthur’s breath was harsh against my ear, he let me grind against him, I was so close to cumming when I woke up. My body straining, my hips thrusting.


Grinding against Joseph Gordon Levitt nearly made me cum…

Grinding gets me hot