Becky’s drive-thru

a story written by Trip!
Now if only I could have drive thru fun like that!
wow I would be very happy! exhausted too!



Older woman…mid 50’s

Becky offers to coach the woman after hearing her widow story and her fear in ordering.

The woman befriends Becky and then tells her what killed her hubby….finding out that his wife was a closeted bi-sexual with a desire for younger women (about Becky’s age).

SEX and lots of it.

Becky was in first window and the day couldn’t have been much worse. Her eyes had already twitched several times, and she’d already thrown not one, but two cups and she’d only been in there for eighty-seven minutes! Then she got the following customer with some sort of issue ordering.


Becky sighed loudly, “I’m right here. You don’t have to say hello, just give me your order.”

“Well…I don’t really know what I want.”

Another sigh, “A drink? Food? Dessert?”

“This is my first time ordering, so I really don’t know where anything is on…

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A dream in a dream about Becky

A sexy dream written by Trip! wow!



My wife woke me up the other morning, “Who the fuck is Becky?!”

“Umm..what? I don’t know a Becky the way you’re implying.”

“Yeah. Sure. I bet that’s the slut you’re fucking at work.”

I was exasperated, “For the umpteenth time. I’m not fucking anyone but you. Besides, I spend all my free time with you. When would I have time to fuck anyone else?”

“You better not be or you’ll pay.”

I had been dreaming and it was about Becky. I was holding her in my arms, asleep. My semi-erection was between the warm cheeks of her ass as precum oozed out, making her asshole slippery. The slight movements from her made my penis enlarge, reaching its full length and girth. It also made it sensitive to any and all movements from Becky. Soon I was stroking her ass crack with my cock and this made her excited.

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The waitress had been flirting with me from the moment I had arrived at the quaint little sushi bar to have dinner with my best friend.

I didn’t mind the flirting. It distracted me from the fact that here I was. On time. And Callie was nowhere to be seen.

Callie and I had been inseparable our whole life and going to the same college was our ultimate #BFFGOAL . What we hadn’t counted on was how hectic our schedules were. We rarely spent time together. So we scheduled Sushi Thursday every week to catch up.

No Callie. Just the waitress making damn sure I knew she was available for whatever.

The tag on her shirt  said her name was “Priya”

She was cute, with her long dark hair streaked with pink, framing her face. Like many other waitresses in the restaurant, she was wearing all black. Midriff shirts and skirts to accommodate the sweltering heat of June.

I glanced at my mobile, debating if I should call Callie again when Priya returned.

“You are still waiting. You must be pretty patient?” she asked.

I laughed ruefully, “No. I don’t have any patience.” I shifted in my chair to stare up at her and the customers around us. “Does your manager mind you always coming over here.”

She smiled. “No, why do you ask?”

I let a finger trail up her thigh, her skin was soft and warm. “Because what I want right now is not Sushi.” my eyes met hers. There was no need for innuendo. I was quite clear on what I meant. My pussy got wet at the thought of it. Having her cum all over me.

Priya giggled.

To my delight, Priya wasn’t wearing panties. She moaned while my finger traced her slit. Parting her pussy lips apart.  Priya arched into my hand. I palmed her gently, sliding my fingers back and forth, flicking her clit. She was getting wetter, her pussy juice dripping all over my fingers.

“Shit, I cant wait for your manager to hear your explanation for why you took so long at my table.”

Priya groaned. “And I didn’t bring an extra uniform!”

I laughed. “Dont worry, there is something amazing about a woman walking around just after she cums.”

Priya whimpered.

“I am going to cum, I want you to make me cum!” Priya moaned.

Glancing around once more to see if anyone was really paying attention, I pushed her onto the table and spread her legs. Her ass on the edge of the table. I was about to have her cum all on my tongue.

“OH MY GOD!” Priya shrieked. “what are you doing!” she gasped as my head disappeared under her skirt. She groaned at the touch of my tongue on her soft silky folds.

I reached up to clamp a hand over her mouth. I stroked her slit, sliding my tongue inside her. While with my other hand, I parted her pussy lips so I could expose her clit. Her fingers were in my hair, as her shriek of pleasure exploded into my hand. I sucked hard on her clit.

At that moment, something or someone caught my eye. ” Fuck me,” I groaned in disbelief. “talk about timing!”

I had to make Priya cum fast, her manager and Callie were bearing down on us. Alternating between lashing at her clit and sucking on it, I was rewarded with Priya grinding against me. Her body convulsing as wave after wave orgasms crashed through her. I lapped up her pussy juice, taking several swipes of her clit before withdrawing.

“Why did you stop?” Priya gasped. “I hadn’t finished cumming!”

I took a nap to wipe my mouth and nudged her to glance up.

She sat up, twisting to find the Manager was nearly upon us. “Oh my god!” she scrambled off the table, jerked down her skirt. I giggled as she pretended to take my order.

“There you are Priya!” her manager announced. “Where were you? Miss. Callie was waiting for you to take her to the table.”

Priya blushed “I was trying to take an order, sir!”

The manager glanced at me and then her. “Sorry, Miss. Becky, she is still training.” he huffed.

“Oh no worries.” I smiled. “She is just doing fine.”

I teased the back of her thighs with a hand, inching upward. She twittered anxiously, a finger stroked her slit before I plunged it deep inside her. I had her hooked. She couldn’t move without giving away what I was doing.

“I am sorry I am late!” Callie snapped, forcing my attention to her. Priya’s eyes widened, her features reddening. My finger stroked her pussy hole in come-hither motions causing her to orgasm one after another.

Priya’s thighs clenched my hand, as she struggled to maintain still. Her eyes were glazing over, her lips parted as she tried to focus on the order.

Callie threw herself into the chair across from me. “I will have an apple martini. Make it so strong it will peel paint off the wall. And bring me whatever she is having!” she barked. “and whatever she is eating!”

Priya glanced at me and then Callie. It wasnt “whatever” I was eating it was “whoever” I was eating.  Slowly I withdrew my hand, allowing Priya’s pussy juice to drip on the floor. Priya sauntered off.

“Rough day?” I teased. Callie glared at me.

Priya returned with Callie’s order. Priya winked at me and bounced off.

“Good lord, does everyone have to be so damn friendly!” she rasped after she threw back her martini.

I laughed. “yes!”

We ate in silence, or I did. Callie picked at her sushi,  her brows furrowed as if she was contemplating something horrible. “You gonna sulk all night, or are you gonna tell me whats wrong?” I demanded.

Callie grunted a response.

I sighed. “Say that again?”

Callie glared at me, “My mother is coming for the weekend!” she stabbed at the sushi with her chopsticks.

I chuckled. “Ok. That is bad how? We have lots of room.” It was true. Our apartment on campus was quite roomy for 2 bedrooms.

“Its bad because I haven’t told her I am seeing someone!” Callie scowled.

Well, that stung. Callie was seeing someone? It shouldn’t have surprised me. Callie was beautiful. She had long red hair that tumbled down her shoulder in waves. She was wearing a cute little pink tee-shirt that said me “eat me” and a coffee colored cardigan that was much too big for her. It skimmed past her thighs. She seemed to be drowning in the material.  However she used a wide belt to cinch it at the waist. Thigh high socks and converse shoes completed the outfit.

She used to tell me everything! I took a drink of my Smirnoff to ease the edge off.  “Seeing someone?”

Callie waved her hand dismissively. “It’s not that big of a deal”

Must have been, I thought or she would have told me right away. “If its not a big deal, why are you making it into one.” I asked quietly. “Or why haven’t you told me.”

Callie shrugged. “It wasnt my idea ok? Our relationship is supposed to be on the dlo.”

I chuckled. “Are you ashamed of your boyfriend? Is he nerdy?”

Callie’s eyes narrowed. “I am not ashamed. And I don’t have a boyfriend!” she snapped.

I laughed harder. “But you just said you were in a relationship,” I wheezed. Then it suddenly hit me. I stopped laughing. I reached for my Smirnoff again. “Oh. Oh. Your girlfriend”

Again. A secret. “Uh, so you are a lesbian?” I asked quietly.

Callie scowled once more. “No! I am bi.”

“Ok. Ok.” I held up my hands defensively “Just wondering why we are keeping secrets here. No secrets.”

Priya returned with another drink for Callie. “Well its a good thing we live nearby.” I commented off-handly. “you are drinking like a fish.”

“She doesnt know about my relationship.” Callie hiccupped. “My mother will freak. You know how she is.”

I had no idea what Callie was talking about. Callie’s mother Claire was sweet, and understanding. “No I dont.”

Callie took a moment to slam back another a drink. “You have to seduce her.” she blurted out.

My Smirnoff sprayed everywhere. My jaw dropped in shock. “Say what now?” I was incredulous with disbelief.

“Becky you have to fuck my mother.” Callie grabbed my hand. “She wouldnt understand if I just told her that I like women as well as men. She wouldnt understand because she hasnt been with another woman. So if you fuck her. She will understand and be accepting.”

My mind was blown. “In what universe would this logic would work? She is your mother!” I stammered. I couldnt believe what Callie was asking me to do. sacrifice her mother to have a relationship. That was all kinds of wrong!

“My mother likes you. She adores you. You arent a stranger to her. So it would be ok!” Callie went on. She blew a strand of her hair out of her face. “Come on! Please for me.”

I didnt know whether to be angry or disgusted by what Callie was asking me. “No, Callie. Your mother isnt stupid. She will understand if you tell her you are in love. You cant compare love and fucking. She won’t understand because I dont love her, and it is a horrible thing to do a person.”

Callie’s head fell onto the table with a thunk. “I dont see what the problem is here.” she groaned. “just eat her pussy, so I can have my girlfriend.”

I yanked my hand away. “No! You are being a bitch. Tell your mother you are in love with your girlfriend. That is all you have to do.”

“No! It isnt!” Callie shouted, her head rose her eyes blazing with fury. “I told you no one would understand!” she got up and stormed off.

I groaned. Why me?

Things didnt ease up the next morning when Claire arrived from the airport. Claire was an older version of Callie.Her body was still slender, her breasts round and high. Her red hair was cut shoulder length. Claire moved with vibrancy and spoke with flamboyant energy.  She wore this energy in bright colors. Indeed she was quite a woman.

“Oh Callie!” both mother and daughter air kissed, hugging awkwardly. “I missed you so much.

“Mother you remember Becky” Callie gestured to me, when she was released.

Glancing at Claire then Callie, I felt resignation sinking in. Callie was miserable. She appeared as though she hadn’t slept at all the night before. What if Callie was right? What if Claire did reject Callie? What if I didnt least try to help out Callie?   Fuck me, Fuck my life I thought.

Claire walked towards me.

“Becky!” she hugged me, her body pressing close. I could see Callie staring at me. Well, here goes nothing.

“Dont I get a kiss?” I teased.

Claire laughed and reached for my cheek. I moved my head, so our mouths touched. Claire froze. Her eyes wide in shock. She didnt move. So I deepened the kiss. My tongue traced her lips,  they parted even though she made a sound in protest. I snaked my tongue inside, lapping at hers to come play. I stroked a piece of her hair from her face, thrusting into the thick tresses to cradle her nape. She made a sound of approval.

Claire was kissing me back. Her hunger evident.

Then suddenly reality intruded, she pulled away. Her eyes blinking in bewilderment. Taking a step back, she glanced at me at Callie, her cheeks reddening in mortification. “I think I better freshen up!” she managed.

Callie glared at me. “You better up your game, Becky.” she grabbed her sweater and walked towards the door.

“Up this!” I gave her the bird.

-a story idea I had in my head for awhile.Not finished of course!  Had me hungry for pussy!


Haunting Becky

A sexy sexy story by Trip. I’m happy I finished reading it before bed, or I would have had really wet panties at work.
Thank you Trip!



I’ve been turned on all day following yet another short sweet post by Becky. Here is the story it prompted:

I guess texting and walking is as deadly as texting and driving. I felt no pain and soon I was standing there looking at my body that was quite mangled by the trash truck that I hadn’t seen whilst looking at my phone. I had been looking at one of Becky’s naughtier posts on WordPress and then I was standing there looking at my dismembered self.

Why hadn’t I gone on? Why was I still here? Then I remembered; I was supposed to take over Becky’s body and help her experience her naughty fantasies. Before I got to her though, I wanted to practice on others, and get a feel for the experience. Just like in Beetlejuice, I found a handbook that showed me how to do certain…

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the thought of you in bed. Blindfolded.  Vulnerable.  Your cock throbbing in your boxers, waiting for my touch. Makes me wet.

Maybe I should make you wait a little longer. Maybe I should let you feel my breath on your skin. Maybe I should let you feel my lips brush over yours.

I will watch your body react uncontrollably to me

maybe I will whisper all the naughty things I want you to do to me, while I rake my nails over your cock, through your boxers. Or maybe not touch you at all.


Sentient Beings

Trip was inspired by one of my stories! This one is hot! Thank you, Trip!



I’ve been turned on all day following this short yet sweet post by Becky. Here is the story it prompted:

Trip sat on Becky’s couch, painfully aware of his other member, his erection now screaming, “Just go fuck her! I doesn’t matter that she’s in there, finger fucking a girl she picked up at the grocery store. She won’t mind if you slide me into her pussy.”

Trip stayed put, his ears being caressed by the moans coming from Becky’s bedroom as she slammed her digits into the hot blonde now laying on her back on Becky’s bed. He was fighting a losing battle though, as the sentient being between his legs found ways to successfully persuade him to bend him to the naughty will of his cock.

Becky was standing between the unnamed girl’s thighs; her knees pushed up and apart quite wide giving her full access to…

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Here is a short erotic sexy piece submitted by Anindya  a follower on my blog.  I hope you all enjoy it! Why you are it, why not check out his blog. It is wonderful!

Last night you tormented with those pictures you send me on my phone. Those seductive looks with your left hand cupping your big round juicy left tit while your right-hand fingers on your pink juicy clitoris, pulling those walls a little wider for me to have a good look inside that was fucking hot. I couldn’t wait to see you Rebecca.want to see you really bad. 

The day started with that tingling excitement to see you. Almost by ten in the morning, I was there at the mall. While wondering around aimlessly looking at the shops and the crowds of sexy things in all shapes and sizes, suddenly I caught the glimpse of you, walking towards me, with that inviting smile and those ever-engaging eyes the first two shirt buttons were open, casually, to give me a sneak peek at that deep cleavage of yours, the red bra was quite visible through that white shirt, almost a see-through, outlining the shapes of the breasts I love so much. Damn! 

Rebecca came close to me, hold my hand hugging me, and whispering in my left ear, “Am I late?’’ 

“no baby” came my reply. As we both hurriedly went inside the movie. We had deliberately decided to see the most boring movie, the most unpopular one, the least viewed one that week. and likewise, the movie had very few people inside. 

We became comfortable in the plush couple seat, the recliners, that goes into a bed like position. 🙂 how badly we were waiting for the lights to go out! 

Rebecca just laid back her head on my left shoulders and looked up to me in those ever-seductive eyes. as my left hand was over her shoulder and lying casually on her left breast. feeling the whole mound of it even with the shirt and the bra. My lips touched hers, she responded with flicking her tongue inside my mouth, licking my tongue, while her lips ravaged mine, she took control, she wanted in charge. and she was. 🙂  

With my right hand, I slowly started to open the other buttons of her shirt and slide my left hand into her bra. her tit was warm, round, I can feel the heavy breathing on her chest, as I started pumping her tit, gently stroking her nipples with my fingers, already taut and beginning to respond both of my hands were on her boobs, stroking them, pumping them, cupping them as I can feel my dick becoming tight and expanding in my pants, I can hear her moaning softly with the touch of my hands on her big round shapely boobs, and her perfect brown chocolate nipples, as our tongues ravaged each other. 

Rebecca started to open my zippers and belt frantically, I couldn’t wait any longer too. as I slid my hand slowly into her slack and her panty, she was wearing the matching red one I love so much. she was sweating inside and her pussy was already wet.  

I slowly caressed her little hairs on her pubic area, slid my fingers to stroke her pussy walls gently, it seems s if her wet pussy was pulling my fingers in. gently I pushed two of my fingers into her clitoris, pushing it further inside. she was already whispering into my ears. 

“more, baby, more” 

as I finger fucked her with slow motions, then picking it up pushing inside, in and out, both of my fingers. 

Rebecca pulled out her left breast from her bra, pulled my head down on it, and I started licking her nipples, while I finger fucked her. it felt so good, she was going wild, I can feel that, as her right hand was inside my pants, grabbing my junior. 

it’s big and hard by now, she started pulling it, she wanted me to cum in her hands, I can feel her urgency. as I increased to fuck her pussy harder with my fingers, she started to pull and shag me harder, she was almost on top of me now, in the recliner in a lying position.  her boobs pressing my face, her pussy completely wet, her juices started flowing on my fingers, as she pulled out my fingers, and started rubbing her wet pussy on my dick, slowly, in up and down motion, not allowing me to 

enter her, but rubbing her walls, her pink spot, her wet juices on my dick, making me more hard and big 

you are beautiful Rebecca just fucking beautiful. 

And then she pushed my dick with her right hand slowly inside her pussy, my dick sliding inside her wet pussy, as she takes slow rhythmic motion lying on top of me. fucking me, riding me in the lying position, my dick coming out and going in, while her warm sweaty boobs caressing my face, and me biting her nipples with soft nibbles. Rebecca, fucking me, picking up the speed, whispering in my ears,  

“u like it babe, u like it? cum with me, cum with me…”…she was riding me faster. faster now. as we came. we can feel the shudder in our bodies. Rebecca, all sweaty, soft and beautiful, rested slowly on my chest, as her lovely boobs rubbed against mine. 

Kissing her softly……holding her tight…..we both knew we wanted to do this again……. 🙂 ….in the movie…. that was bigger the fun 🙂 



You look so adorable in the kitchen, your head is bent. Your long blonde hair is pulled away up into a pony tail. You are wearing a tank top that molds to your small perky breasts. The skirt you wear is short hiking up to reveal your long golden thighs.

your attention is focused on the snack platter in front of you. You have to make sure everything is perfect. Your boyfriend. Your relationships. Your clothes. Your body. Your conversations with everyone around you.

Everything has to be perfect, too bad I thought. I like to fuck up perfect!

I walk up quietly behind you.

Your breath caught as I kissed the hollow of your throat. “Becky dont!” you gasp in protest. I watch as your eyes nervously shift to the living room where your boyfriend and your friends are engaging in conversation. You are making snacks for us to eat during movie night.

You dont want to get caught with me, understandable. Your boyfriend is quite adorable. I wonder what he would be like in bed, but you dont seem to be sharing the type. Pity. I keep that thought to myself.

I smiled against your skin and flick my tongue over the shell of your ear. “You dont listen very well do you?” You chastise me.  I nibble on your earlobe ignoring you. “My boyfriend is in the next room. My friends are hungry!

I can hear your boyfriend flirting with your best friends. “I am hungry too. But what I want isnt food.”

You shiver at the innuendo.

“Look Becky, you flirt with my boyfriend, my friends. Everyone thinks you’re great” wow I have approval rating. “but I dont think this is a good idea. I am not into women!”

I inch a hand over your hip and down your abdomen. “You dont have to be.” I purr. “All I want to do is pleasure you. To make you cum. You dont have to do anything. Just lie back and let me enjoy hearing you moan my name. To taste your pussy as you cum all over my face and tongue. Anytime.”

You make a sound. I know my words arouse you, you are curious and hesitant. “What do you mean anytime?”

“Anytime. I want you. Anytime you want to cum.” I whisper against your throat. I cup you through your skirt. Hauling you hard against me. My breasts tingle as my nipples push against your back.

“That is crazy, oh my god! I shouldnt be doing this!” you moan as our mouths meet in a kiss. I palm you gently, rubbing the heel of my hand on your clit. You make sound your hips moving out of their own accord.

“Fuck you are getting so wet,” I pant. Your panties are clinging to your pussy folds in a sticky mess. I run a finger along the indentation, tapping your pussy with little slaps.

Your body jerks in response. “Yes!” you gasp. “Yes! you are making me so wet!” you kiss me frantically, your hands are in my hair.

Nick, Amy and Paige are long forgotten as I undress you. I hoist you up on the island, food scattering everywhere. I kiss you again, loving your moans as I make my way down your body.

“Yes,” you whisper. I tongue one of your nipples. Circling it with the flat of my tongue before sucking the other. You arch moaning restlessly. “It feels so good.”

My hands arent idle. I slide them down over you, moving your legs apart and up. Spreading you wide.

I slowly stroke your slit, circling your clit. You whimper. I tease your opening, flicking it with a finger.

You reach behind your head to release your hair from its pony tail, shaking the tendrils free. lying back you cup your breasts. “Dont tease me, Becky!” you order me. “Fuck me!”

I smile. “I was waiting to hear you say that.”

I push a finger deep inside you. You  are hot and wet, tight and clenching around me. “Fuck! You are unbelievable.” I praise you.

I wonder if I should be gentle the first time, or hard. watching you sprawled on the kitchen island, cupping your breasts, your face pink with arousal I decided to give it to you hard.

You clamp a hand over your mouth as I finger fuck you. My head bends to taste the first spurts of your pussy juice. I lap it up. Oh god you taste fantastic.

I lick at your clit as I jack another finger deep inside you. You are trying to muffle your screams as your body convulses with an orgasm.

Your fingers are in my hair, as you arch your body to grind against my face. I clamp my mouth on your clit as my tongue and fingers work your pussy hard. “Fuck!” you scream  writhing and crying

I come up for air, letting you sink down onto the island counter. Your body is still quivering.


She walked into his office, unannounced, a tigress stalking her prey. Her honey colored blonde hair cascaded down her shoulders in thick waves. Diamonds dripping off her ears. She wore a black sheath dress with a white blazer trimmed with gold buttons. The sultriness in which she moved towards him made his cock stir in his trousers.He froze in his chair, as her icy blue eyes zeroed in on him.

“Anindya I presume” she spoke coolly.

Anindya scrambled out of his chair, pushing up his glasses “Yes, I am Anindya How may I help you?” he asked.

“I am Eva Monroe,” she introduced herself. When he didn’t recognize her name, the frostiness in her expression became icier. “I will be the new coordinating executive in charge overseeing this branch’s expanse to Paris.”

Anindya tried to keep his disappointment from showing. He had hoped to have been promoted to such a huge project. Instead, an American was hired to do it. How strange.

“You appear to be disappointed, Anindya” Eva closed the door behind her.

“Well I was the next person in line for that promotion,” he admitted honestly.

“I can assure you, your work was not overlooked.” as she spoke she walked closer towards him shrugging off her blazer. “We feel we will be losing your acumen if we let you transfer to Paris.” her smile seemed forced. Her fingers touched his shoulder to guide him back to his chair. She pushed back into his chair. He grunted. She bit her lip as she took purchase on the edge of his desk. The hem of her dress inching up revealing the top of her thighs. The lace of her stockings. and the little flash of her black panties. Anindya swallowed hard.


The faint scent of Jasmine wafted to Anindya’s senses, as her touch lingered on his shoulder. “Perhaps you would be able to show me the work you have done.”

Something inside him should have protested it was against company privacy policies but she was an employee right? Yet even as he silently debated about it he felt the knawing uncertainty churning in his gut.  her knee brushed against him, breaking him out of his reverie. He blinked to find she was staring at him expectantly. She leaned forward so his eyes helplessly fell on her cleavage. The neckline of her sheath dress plunged low so he could see the tan lines and the ample swells of her breasts.

“Ah sure, ok” Anindya mumbled. He reached for his laptop and began to type on the keyboard.

A spreadsheet appeared on the screen. Eva smiled. “What is this?” she purred. “I meant client transactions.”

Anindya’s eyes were wide in disbelief “but you know that goes against company policy. I cant bring up a client transaction without their consent..” he protested.

Eva’s hand flatten on his chest. Hard, knocking the wind out of him. Her mouth on his startled him. The slow hard kiss made his heart pound. “I want the list of clients. And their transactions on the screen. Now!” she murmured.

Anindya struggled to maintain his composure but the kiss knocked his senses all haywire. “That goes against company policy! If you persist on this I will have no choice..” his words were silenced by another kiss. The kiss went on this time. Her tongue sliding in, snaking around his. She hiked up her skirt, as she slithered onto his lap.

Anindya tried to protest, but the press of her breasts against his chest and the slow grind of her pussy against his cock made all reason fly out the window. She broke the kiss long enough to gaze icily into his eyes.

Anindya readjusted his glasses “Are you trying to seduce me, Eva Monroe?” he asked coldly.

Eva appeared startled. “I dont do seduction, Anindya!” she answered coldly.

He hoisted her off him and dropped her on the desk.

“Perhaps you are not understanding what I am saying.” Anindya found his voice. “You are attempting to breach security protocols if you persist I will have no choice but to report you to the authorities,” he told her sternly. “However I could possibly look the other way if you fuck me.”

Eva blinked. “Are you blackmailing me?” she was incredulous.

“You want something. I want something. it works out.” he shrugged. He glanced at the clock on the wall behind her. “We have 30 minutes before my assistant comes back from lunch. I suggest you get busy.”

Eva frowned.

When she didn’t answer him, he reached for her. The kiss he gave her was hard and punishing. She gasped when his fingers gripped the neckline of her dress and ripped it. Her breasts bounced free. He cupped them.

His heart was pounding so fierce and hard in his chest. He was never so forceful and forward with a woman before. He expected Eva to slap him, to push him away. To at least kick him in the balls, but she was not pushing at him.

Eva’s skin was soft so flagrant as he nuzzled her throat. He kissed his way down to her breasts. His eyes lifted up to find her watching him. Not with hunger, or desire. With the predatory gaze that seemed to irritate him. What the fuck was wrong with her?

He brushed her breast with his mouth, scouring her nipple with his lips. She trembled under his touch. The first indication her icy interior was beginning to melt.

Anindya teased her nipples with teeth and tongue, as his fingers sought her pussy. She was wet. Interesting. He tore her panties off her, ignoring her protest. He held up the strip of fabric. A lacey thong. Well that was nice.

He tossed it aside.

“I never ate a woman out,” he mused. “Most of my girlfriends were too puritanical about that. I wonder how you would taste.”

Eva smirked. She drew her legs up and open. “Go ahead.” it was a challenge. she spread herself out on his desk.

He gazed down at her. Her pussy was cleanly shaven except the tiny heart of hair that christened her slit. “Spread your pussy lips for me. I want you to offer yourself to me.” he ordered.

Slowly she sucked her fingers into her mouth, letting Anindya see her tongue before she slid her fingers between her vulva. She spread herself. Revealing the tiny hole of her pussy, the tiny clit that was swelling. “Is that better.”

Anindya smiled. His cock was straining in his trousers. Slowly he removed his glasses and put them in desk drawer. He didnt need to break them. He lowered his head. He breathed in her scent. Her growing arousal was heady, clinging to his senses like wine. He kissed her pussy.

His claim that he hadnt eaten a woman’s pussy was true. He was unsure how to do it. However making a woman orgasm wasnt that hard, was it? It was a challenge he was willing and able to accept.

Eva’s soft sigh as he parted his lips and let his tongue lick her up, he was on the right track. His tongue flicked along her slit, tasting the drops of her pussy juice that dripped upon his tongue.

He flicked her clit, drumming it with his tongue. He could hear a hiss escape Eva’s lips. He wondered if she was deliberately trying not to enjoy herself. What a bitch, he thought angrily. He tasted more of her cream, feeling her thighs tremble against his fingers as he pushed her thighs further part. He wanted her open to devour her.

Anindya was ruthless in his attack on her clit, alternating between gentle licking and gluing his mouth to her clit and sucking hard.

Eva’s stifled gasps were no longer silenced she was becoming louder. “Eat me you fucking bastard! Use your goddamn tongue! Oh my god! Yes!”

Americans, Anindya thought were filthy little bitches. He loved it.  His fingers were no longer idle. With one hand he pried open his trousers freeing his cock.

His head lifted, his eyes fixed on her. “What are you doing?” Eva panted. “You didnt make me cum yet!”

“This isnt about you, Eva. This is about me. Get on your knees and suck my cock.” Anindya ordered.

Eva winced when he gripped her by the hair, hauling her off the desk. “You want to act like a big shot,” she laughed as he forced her to her knees. “You couldnt even make me cum”

That stung. His eyes glittered menacingly at her. “I could, but I chose not to. I told you, this is for me.”

Her fingers wrapped around his cock. He watched as her red lips parted over the dome head of his cock, hovering so her hot breath washed over him. Then slowly in agonizingly short licks she began on his cock.

“What the fuck, Eva!” Anindya was beginning to like this side of himself. The Alpha Male. SO used to be caring and nurturing of the female sex, now he wanted to show his dominant side. “I said suck it!” he reached down to pinch her nose with his fingers until her mouth opened. Once her mouth parted wide, he shoved his cock deep. Til he heard her gag. He smiled in satisfaction and then eased up. He released her nose.

He stroked her hair. “Suck my cock. I want your best!” he began to flex his hips, face fucking her face at a rapid pace. He groaned as her fingers pumped his cock, while she struggled to keep up.

She took the liberty of allowing her saliva to drip all over his cock, down to her breasts. He groaned at the sight. His cock was throbbing in her mouth. He was going to cum, he thought. He was going to squirt all his cum in the back of her throat.

He wanted his cum deep inside her pussy.

Anindya barked at Eva to get up. He sat on the desk away from the door, and instructed Eva to straddle him. If his assistant managed to come in, she would see the lovely Eva being thoroughly fucked.

Eva crawled over, her make-up smeared face, and blonde hair mussed there could be no way she could walk through the bank without everyone knowing what she was doing, it thrilled Anindya. Would she be embarrassed or humiliated?

She positioned herself above Anindya’s cock, letting him tease her slit. “You think you’ve won dont you?” he heard her mumble in his ear. “But a woman always win.”

Her pussy was hot tight and wet as she sank on his cock. Eva groaned as he stretched her filling her. “Fuck,” he hissed when her pussy muscles began to squeeze and ripple around him.

He held onto her hips, as her breasts swayed in his face. Her movements were slow and sultry, rocking as his hips surged off the chair to pound hard and fast. He battered her insides with his cock, mindful of her cries and her pussy juice that were staining his trousers.

“Yes! Fuck me hard! Just like that! oh my god I am cumming!”She screamed. Her orgasm took them both by surprise. He lunged out of the chair carrying her to the desk to lay her out.

He had her.

Eva was a mess underneath him. Sobbing for another orgasm. Her body convulsing as she came once more when his cock slammed hard into her, bottoming out.

Anindya wanted to shout with triumph. The satisfaction of making this Ice Queen melt was a feat to savor.

He could feel it. The unmistakable tension of his orgasm about to break. “Fuck yes.” His cock throbbed. Hot spurts of cum shot deep inside her, as she came again.

He fell back into his chair, contented. Eva laid on his desk, his cum dribbling from her thoroughly fucked pussy.

Eva sat up arranging her dress. She calmly finger combed her hair until it was smooth. Calmly she climbed down off the desk, arranging her dress. Reaching for her clutch, she pulled out a wipe and removed the remainder of her makeup.

Anindya was astonished. Didnt women linger and bemoan how wonderful the experience was? Why wasnt Eva praising how wonderful her orgasms were?

“You’re leaving?” he asked.

Eva plucked out a lipstick and reapplied it. “Yes. I have many appointments today. I am a busy woman, Anindya.”

“But we just…” he stood.

“We fucked. It was nice.” Eva dropped her lipstick back into her clutch, and reached for her blazer and draped it about her shoulders. “but that is all it was. A fuck.”

The door swung opened to his office. “Sir, here is the contacts you asked for” his assistant stopped in mid-sentence struck dumb by the sight that was before her. She began to berate him, pointing to his cock which was clearly in her sight.

Anindya flushed angrily tucking his cock into his trousers. “That’s enough Seyah!” he rebuked her.

“Good day, Anindya.” Eva was brusque. Her expression once more icy as if nothing had happened. She marched from the office.

Anindya sank to the chair in confusion. His eyes settling on his laptop. He frowned. That couldnt be right. He reached into his desk drawer to retrieve his glasses. He put them on. His vision cleared. The laptop screen was dark. He clicked a button. Error. Flashed across the screen.

Panic settled within him.

He pushed another button.


The whole hard drive had been wiped clean. All his client lists. Transactions. Passcodes. Everything was gone.

His eyes went to the door.


  •  Anindya I hope you like the story I wrote for you! Its not much! I did my best!




You sigh against my mouth as I thumb your nipple lazily.  You feel so good against me, yet while I am enjoying your body, the sensations coursing through me I cant help but feel trepidation. The thought of being discovered fills me with fear and excitement. My heart is racing.

“Price check in aisle 4” a voice boom breaking our sensual reverie. I pull away from you.

“Look, I don’t know you” I begin. I bite my lip. “Maybe we should stop. Someone could see us.”

You grip my chin forcing me to look at you. Your eyes are heavy lidded with desire. Hunger. Your cheeks are flush with excitement. “You don’t need to know my fucking name! I don’t want a commitment.You just have to get between my legs and eat my pussy!”

Your words stun me, and lust surges through me. I never give up my control for anyone, and you are no exception. However, I feel a strange restlessness need to obey you.

I try to reason with you again. “Perhaps we can go somewhere more private. The restroom.”

You make a face. “A restroom? are you serious?” you gag.

Thinking about it now, I realize how ridiculous and nasty that suggestion was. “Ok then about our vehicles?”

You huff impatiently. “You need to be quiet. I see your mouth moving, but I don’t see it where its supposed to be. Between my thighs!”

Oh shit, you really are beginning to test my patience with your orders, I stamp down my anger. Yet your words are so provocative. I can feel my pussy juice dripping. Soaking my panties making it uncomfortable.

I kiss you again. This time I take my time. Your lips part, sighing. I slide my tongue over yours. The kiss deepens. Turns hungry.

You make a sound when I tear at the bodice of your romper, ripping it down the front. You stagger backward against the fruit display. Your hands flail wildly, grabbing onto the stand behind you. I am startled by how easy the fabric gives and I chuckle.

Thrust upwards in your awkward position, you poise seductively. Your breasts are high on your chest, nipples pink and hard.

“Hey! Not so rough!” you warn me. “this was a $200 designer romper!”

My eyebrow rises in disbelief. Then a slow smile curves on my lips. “Maybe I should have told you. I dont like being told what to do unless I am naked. Even then I make a horrible submissive.” I finger comb your hair then twist my fingers into the strands.

You gasp at the sudden pain. “What the fuck are you doing?” you hiss.

I tap your mouth closed with a finger of my other hand. “You look so beautiful. Don’t ruin the moment by speaking.”

Your breath hitches against my finger and I drag it over your lips down your throat. my fingers encircle your throat as if they were a necklace. “If you move at all. I will be very upset.” I squeeze gently “Do not move.”

You moan. I release your hair, my fingers stroking down the length of your body. I rip the rest of your flimsy romper of you. The material floats to your feet.

My eyes meets your. As if you sense my unspoken command, you kick off the remains. You are wearing no underwear. You are totally nude. At my whim.

I can feel you shiver. Is it out of anticipation? Fear? Hunger?

“What did you expect to happen?” I murmur, “Did you think this would go your way?”

You made a sound. I chuckle. “You went up to a complete stranger! And begged them to eat your pussy!” I cup your breast. “You were pretty gutsy. You should know. I always get my way.” I purr as I lower my head.

My breath whispers over your skin, teasing you. My tongue snakes out. Slowly ever so slowly I swirl the tip of your nipple with my tongue. You moan. My teeth follow in my tongue’s wake. Raking against the sensitive flesh. You gasp. I bite down.

“Oh fuck!” You cry.

I chuckle. I turn my attention to your other breast with my tongue and teeth, alternating rolling and pinching your nipples leaving you trembling and crying for more.

I straighten. I am little disappointed no one came to investigate your cries. We were still alone in the produce section. “Get on the stand,” I order you.

You glance over your shoulder, hesitant how to accomplish my order. There were apples and bananas. Blueberries in the next stand.

“This isnt hard.” I am brusque. “Get up there.”

You bite your lip, the turmoil on your face makes me smile. “Don’t bother to have second thoughts,” I tell you. “You wanted me to eat your fucking pussy! Now get up there!”

The harshness in my tone motivates you into climbing up onto the stand. Your slender golden body reclines on the apples, your blonde hair fanning underneath your head. “You look beautiful” I muse.

You smile. “Do I?”

I nod.

I run my hands up down your thighs. You part them willingly. Your hands sliding down to spread your pussy lips apart. Your pussy juice drips down onto the apples.

I lower my head. I pressed a kiss to the inner side of your thigh, dragging my mouth up to brush my lips over your slit.

You moan. Your fingers ease away as I slide my tongue deep. You taste wonderful, as I lick up your juice.

I lift up my eyes to meet your gaze. Your cupping your breasts, kneading them. Your lips are parted, as you moan how much you want me to eat you.

“yes just like that.” you whimper. “oh my god. don’t stop! Ok!”

I am teasing your asshole with lazy slow swirls of my tongue, going back to dip into your pussy hole. I flick the opening with my tongue making you squirm.

Your fingers dive into my hair, trying to direct me to your clit. I smack them away. “I will stop!” I tell you.

“Please!” You wail. “I am so close! I am about to cum! Why are you teasing me!”

I don’t answer instead glue my mouth to your pussy hole and tongue fuck you. Your body locks in mid-air as tiny convulses roll through you. Your moans turn into a scream that echoes in the supermarket.

“Well, you were too easy!” I smack my lips as I lap up all the juice spraying into my mouth. I didn’t give you time to recover before I was sliding my fingers inside you.

Your pussy muscles are clenching from your orgasm, so tight. My fingers are deep, I rise up between your thighs. My fingers in your hair and I kiss you. You whimper as my fingers jack in and out of your pussy. Hard and fast.

“Like this?” I pant. “Is this what you wanted? To be fucked like a slut!”

“Fuck you, bitch!” you wail. “Oh my god! get on your knees and eat my pussy!” you shove yourself at me, knocking me to the floor.

Dazed, I am sprawled out on the floor. I watch as you climb over me, your expression of victory. I sigh. When were you going to learn?

I let you sit on my face, but didn’t move. You glance down at me. “What are you doing?” you panted. “I said eat me!”

I hook my arms over your thighs and sat up, hauling you up so your shoulders are on the floor, and your legs are over my shoulders. “I told you I make a really bad submissive! Nobody tells me what to do.” I remarked.

With you so precariously positioned you plead with me to eat you. “Please make me cum again!”

I bury my face in your pussy. my tongue slips into your slit. dipping back and forth, flicking across your clit. You gasp. Each teasing stroke of my tongue across your clit makes your body jolt like electricity is being sent through. Fresh squirts of juice are being spraying into my mouth.

I begin to suck on your clit. Hard.

“Yes! Yes!” you shout. your heels dig into my back as your pussy grinds my face.

I am plunging two fingers deep inside your hole, pumping them hard. You are sobbing as orgasms make your body shake hard. I release your still shaking body, smiling as you curl into a ball.

I slowly become aware that we were no longer alone in the produce department. A couple stood watching, their jaws slack.

“Why can’t you make me shake like that!” the woman demanded. The man turned an embarrassing red.

“For godsakes Amber!” the man shushed her.

“Don’t you shush me, Richard! I haven’t had an orgasm in the 10 years we have been married!” the woman cried. She scurried forward. “He tries but doesn’t do the job right,” she whispers.

I wipe my mouth with my sleeve. Bewilder with the awkward situation I was in I couldn’t say anything. You are still in a sexual stupor, lying in a pool of your cum.

“Perhaps you can come by and you can help me out.” Amber suggests.