I had one of my weird sex dreams this morning!

I was at a social event. (ugh I hate them) it was an auction. Bid on somebody. Then go on a date. A charity event.

The bidding was going well. The women were making a lot of money, men were bidding their money on them. I found the whole event distasteful. A woman or man wasn’t chattel to be bought for amusement. Maybe it was my feminist views.

“Oh get over it! its for charity!” a friend rebuked me. “You are not up there! Aren’t you thankful!”

“Oh yeah. So thankful!” I take another sip of my drink.

“If you dislike it so much, maybe you should put a bid in” the friend teased.

I choked on my drink. “Why would I want to do that?”

“To rescue them?” she laughed.

I scowled. “Dont be ridiculous.” I dismissed her suggestion as easily she made it.

Soon there was only one woman left. She was beautiful. Her red hair was cut in a reverse bob, that framed her dainty features. Tiny freckles sprinkled her nose and cheeks. She wore an emerald green sheath dress.

“You should bid,” my friend persisted. “The man that started the bid at 200, is a horrible man. There are rumours he treats his women like animals.”

My eyes shifted from the woman on the stage to the man standing a few feet away. He was quite obese, his features slovenly kept. His eyes were beady, the unholy light within left me feeling chilled. I grimaced. Good lord, how was he allowed in Polite Company!

“And you want me to be her savior?” I snorted.

“You cant keep your eyes off her.” my friend insisted.

“What do you suggest I do, if I win this bid?” I shot back.

“It is up to the winner to provide whatever kind of entertainment” my friend answered, “I bet you are thinking about it right now!”

The entertainment I wanted was having the woman screaming my name as I made her cum. I scowled.

as the bid got higher, other men started to get cold feet and began to back out leaving few opposition to the Pig Man. “What is their problem?” I asked. “Dont they have any back bones?”

my friend laughed. “maybe they arent that generous”

“Alright.” I put my drink down. I raised my hand.

All eyes went to me. The man scowled. “You cant bid, its men only.”

“I dont see any rules about gender,” I answered coolly. “Shut your mouth before you make yourself appear more like a jackass.”

On stage, the woman smiled at me gratefully.

Pig Man glanced at me then the woman, “You cant be serious taking this bid!” he shouted at the auctioneer.

“She is right, there are no rules on who bid. It is for Charity, George.” the auctioneer replied coolly.

“This is outrageous! You are letting some stupid bitch outbid me!” George whirled around to face the crowd. “Surely someone, some gentleman will put a bid in!”

He was met with stony glares and scandalized whispers.

“Do you wish to continue, George?” I asked, “do so now. You are wasting my time and everybody else’s with your temper tantrum.”

“How dare you!” George snarled. “No woman will tell me what to do!”

“I just did.” I snapped. “He will forfeit his bid.” I motioned to security. “Please escort George out.”

George stammered a protest as three men surrounded him, and hastened his exit.

“I see you have outdone yourself again,” the auctioneer sighed. I laughed as I apologised for the scene.

“Thank you!” arms suddenly wrapped around me.

Startled I found myself staring down into blue eyes. “You are welcome,”

“I thought I would have to go with that jerk!” the woman released me blushing. “You saved me.”

“Again, not a problem” I hesitated waiting for her to give me her name.


I blinked at the unusualness of her name. “Star.” I echoed, “nice to meet you.”

“Will it be to forward if I ask you to take me home. I don’t know if George will be waiting outside.”

I smiled. “Oh sure. Don’t worry there is security.”

We retrieved our clutches and coats from the coatroom and flagged a town car.

Once we were on the way to her apartment, she twisted in her seat to face me. Her hand touched mine. Startled I glanced down then back up at her.

Star smiled shyly, and peeked up at me from her long thick eyelashes. “I am kind of glad you rescued me.”

“I am not your saviour.” I smiled.

“You were kind of brave going up against that pig George!” she protested. “I was positively shivering with fright when I saw his hand go up! I heard he beats his lovers!”

I shrugged. “It was callous of the men not to bid against him.”

“Perhaps,” Star bit her lower lip. “I have also heard other things.”

‘About George? Dont worry about him” I soothed her.

“No, about you.” Star moved closer.

“Me?” I was astonished. “What have you heard?”

“Well, its quite” she broke off. Her cheeks turned pink. “embarrassing.”

“What is it?”

“Do you know Livy and Lena Hart” she asked softly.

The names sounded familiar. The mother and daughter had been a previous conquest.  A memory of a voluptuous older dark hair woman with generous breasts and a younger version of herself,  spread underneath me while I enjoyed their bodies.Both were lost in ecstasy. the duo locked in 69. Livy’s tongue licking furiously at her daughter’s clit, while Lena and I sucked hard on her mother’s clit.  My pussy hummed with the memory of their orgasmic screams.

I stared unblinkingly at Star “Yes. Do you know of them?” I asked neutrally.

“Yes,” Star whispered. “I was there that night.”

“Oh.” I did not know what to make of that.

“I was unsure of what I wanted. I know now.” Star took my hand and placed it on her thigh. I froze.

“Star, what are you doing?” I asked coolly, “Your gratitude is enough. This is inappropriate.”

Star shook her head. “Forget about the auction.” she slid my hand higher. “I have been thinking about that night. The way you made love to my sister my mother.”

I frowned. “I didn’t make love to them. I fucked them. There was no love involved.”

Star’s brows furrowed. “You didn’t care for them at all?”

“No. They are beautiful. I just wanted them to make them feel good. Its how I get off.” I explained coolly. I tried to extract my hand from between her thighs. She wouldn’t let go.

“But the way you made them scream? You made them cum so many times. You made sure they had so many orgasms. Is that not caring?”

“No.” I sighed. “I get off on their orgasm. Hearing them scream. Feeling their pussies get wet.” I was getting wet remembering Livy’s and Lena’s bodies responding to my touch to my tongue. “That has nothing to do with emotion.”

My fingers brushed Star’s pussy. I could feel the heat of her arousal through her panties. “It was so hot,” Star whispered. “Every night I masturbated to the thought of you making me cum like that.”

My eyes narrowed on her face. “Did you.”

“Yes.” her breathing was becoming husky. “would you fuck me like that? Make me cum like that?”

“Maybe.” I was pressing my knuckles against her slit. She sighed, as I pressed harder.

“Would it help if I took off my panties?” she whimpered after a moment. I was stroking her slit, her panties were soaking wet.

When I didnt say anything, she wiggled out of them and tossed them aside.

her pussy was neatly trimmed. I took my time, stroking her slit. Hearing her little sighs and moans.

I was well aware that we were getting closer to her place, but I was in no hurry. I sank a finger deep inside her. Star’s muscles clenched down hard. She was so wet and tight. I slapped her thighs further apart, I wanted to see her pussy. Fuck, she was dripping all over my finger, as I slid another deep.

“What a good girl,” I crooned, “Your gonna take more than two?”

Star nodded, the strands of her hair were damp, clinging to her face as I opened her up.

“Oh please,” she begged. “oh fuck! oh fuck me”

Three fingers deep, I was pumping them deep. Hard. Her body was quivering. with my other hand, I reached down to rub her clit. Her body arched. “Yes! yes! harder! Oh my god I am cumming!”

Her screams echoed in the town car. I caught a glance at the driver who was watching in the review mirror, his face flushed. I winked at him. Then turned back to Star.

Her pussy juice pooled on the leather seats underneath her, as another orgasm tore through her.

It took me a moment to realize the car slowed. Glancing out the window I realized we  were at Star’s family estate. Not her apartment. I frowned. What kind of game was she playing? Was she hoping to re-enact the night I had spent with her sister and mother? I did not need that kind of drama!

Slowly I withdrew my fingers.

Dazedly Star sat up. “What are you doing?” she croaked.

“You got your wish. I made you cum.”I smiled coolly. “Enjoy the rest of your night.” I opened the door.

“Are you serious?” Star exclaimed, “You finger fuck me and then tell me to get out.”

Young’uns so full of drama. “Yes. This is your house. You asked me to see you home.”

Star flushed angrily. “I was hoping you would come inside. You would finish what we started.” she murmured.

“I am sorry you got the wrong idea,” I replied gently, “but if its any kind of romance, or affair you are looking for I am not that kind of person. You wanted to cum. I made you cum. Now you are home. Have a good night.”

Star glared at me. “You are a cold bitch!” snatching her panties she stumbled out of the town car. She appeared so forlorn in the drive, Her clutch and coat tight against her chest as the car drove off.

  • I woke up at that moment. Making her cum. I was so wet,hot and bothered. But I had no time to get myself off. I had to get ready for work!!!!

LL Bean | tripx713

Trip wrote another story. I waited until I got home to read it.  My clit was already sensitive during the day, and I was glad I did. If I read at work, I would have had soaked panties!

It was a great story! Sexy sweet! He outdid himself this time!

Inspired by her blog, I went to visit Becky and try to make some fantasies come true.

Source: LL Bean | tripx713

POV – Mistress Becky — tripx713

I read this story before bed! Wow! I am glad I did! it left me very hot and bothered!

I enjoy Trip’s stories they are sexy and leaves the reader wanting more! or at least to cum! 🙂


Fiction My mouth waters just watching hers as it slowly engulfs my semi-hard cock. I wonder if she’ll still be able to take it all once it gets hard: I won’t have to wait long as it’s growing in her mouth and into her throat. I see her eyes as they widen while I thicken […]

via POV – Mistress Becky — tripx713




“Arent you too old for Call of Duty?” she pouted. She had one of the blankets wrapped around her. She nudged him with her foot. She was curled up beside him, while he was playing his PS4.

“No,” he answered coolly. “I play to relax.”

There was silence. “I read books. I blog.”

“Yes I know.”  He turned his head slowly, his electric blue eyes fixing her with an all knowing stare that had her skin warming in awareness. ” I read your blog”

He smirked at her blush and turned back to his game. “I enjoy reading your posts. The erotica is” he paused. “interesting.”

She buried her face in her blanket, muttering something under her breath.

“what was that?”


She wiggled around so she was closer. Her foot resting high on his thigh.

His fingers stilled on the controller and then tightened. His gaze shifting from the flatscreen tv to where her toes wiggled dangerously close to his groin “What are you doing, Becky?”  the words were quiet.

She shrugged. “Making conversation.”

“Really? Is that why your foot is in my crotch trying to play nice with my cock!” he grasped her ankle and plucked her foot off him.

“What?” her innocent outrage was almost as humorous as her denial. “I was stretching! I had a foot cramp!”

“Foot cramp?” he snorted.

“I am inadequate at seducution!” Becky went on, “to even suggest that I would try to seduce you!” she made an attempt laughter. “well its ridiculous.”

The muscles in his back were taut, his arms rigid with tension. Slowly he lowered the controller and twisted in his seat to face her. “Ridiculous?” he echoed. “You know what is ridiculous is reading the smut you write and knowing the truth. You havent had many lovers, Becky. Havent any at all. You know how I know?” he was being cruel, perhaps ruthless but he needed to say it. She was treading on dangerous ground. There was a fine line between a flirt and a cocktease.  “because every time I come near you, you act like a shy schoolgirl. You barely have the self-confidence to say hello to me. Or look me in the eye.”

Becky tried to swallow back a lump of hurt in her throat. “Ok so I cant seduce you with my awkwardness”  still clutching her blanket, she curled her fingers into little fists and mimicked kittens paws. “Am I not cute”

He stared blankly at her, bewildered by where the conversation was going.  he should be angry with her but he couldnt not when she was making her pouty face. Her lips puckered, her cheeks puffed out. Like a chubby cat. He roared with laughter.

“Is that face supposed to be your best Aegyo?” he wheezed. He reached for her, hauling her onto his lap.

“yes” Becky settled into him. Her knees on either side of his hips.

“Are you done with your teasing?” he asked roughly.

“are you done being mean and ignoring me.” Becky countered. She let the blanket fall. She was in nothing but her cami and panties.

“what the fuck!” he muttered.

“oops.” Becky bit her lip, but there was no apology in her eyes. Just a mischievous glint

He glanced over his shoulder to the kitchen, “You know my wife is in the kitchen with my mother…”

Becky wound her arms tight around his neck. “I promise to be quiet.” she nuzzled his throat.

“I miss you” he whispered in her ear “i miss seeing you, being with you tasting you” he kissed her.

He tasted better than she remembered. Coffee chocolate eggs, she delighted in the way his mouth took possession of hers. He was right she hadnt many lovers, because she was always wanting him. He could satiate her every hunger. need.

His mouth moved. Over her jaw. The sizzling heat of his tongue rasping over her pulse made her weak. His hands were under her cami stroking her breasts.

“oh my..” she whimpered.

”ssh be quiet,” he warned.

Becky bit her lip as he continued to play with her nipples. His palm cupped one as his head lowered to suck her nipple into his mouth.

The heat of his breath and the velvet rough texture of his tongue made her wetter.

“Please” Becky whispered.

“shh soon” his hand slid up between her thighs, easing the fabric of her panties aside. “You are so wet. So wet for me,” he crooned. He arranged her so she was sitting forward facing the tv.

Becky could feel his fingers underneath her, unzipping his jeans. Her heartbeat was racing, her blood roaring in her ears. Then he was there. The broadhead of his cock, easing past the slick folds of her pussy, parting them. Teasing the entrance of her hole, before pushing.

As if sensing she was about to scream, he clamped a hand over her mouth, as his cock stretched her, pushing past her clenching muscles. “Fuck baby, I love how you are so tight and wet.” he whispered in her ear. “Take it. oh fuck. Take it deep!” his other hand on her waist, he pulled her down. “You got it all. You got all of my cock inside you.”

Becky whimpered against his hand. The slow rocking motion of his hips drove his cock hard, and deeper.

“Hey babe,” his wife’s voice startled them both. “Where did you say we are vacationing again this summer?”

He slowly withdrew his hand from Becky’s mouth. He gave her the controller and arranged the blanket so it covered them both. “California.”

“Oh. What are you two doing?” she asked.

“I am trying to teach her how to play this game, but like a sore loser she is, she is sucking really bad!” he laughed.

Becky clenched her muscles around his cock. He grimaced.

“I don’t like first-person shooter games” Becky agreed. “When I had SNES I couldn’t pass Mario Bros to save my life!” as she spoke she clenched her pussy muscles.

His  wife laughed. “Ugh I cant play games either. But it helps him relax who am I to judge.”

His wife walked back into the kitchen, still laughing.

Without warning, he withdrew his hips and slammed upwards. The hard thrust drove him deep inside Becky, causing her to cry out. He brought her mouth to his to silence her, as he fucked her hard and deep. Her cum dripping down his cock, balls soaking his jeans.

He didnt use protection, the thought came to mind absently as he pumped her full of his cum. He groaned as he eased her off him, the sight of his cum dripping from her pussy, made him grin. “hmm you never mentioned a cream pie in any of your posts.”

She stretched, and glanced over at him. “your jeans are a mess.” she giggled.

“Did you hear what I said?”

“yeah. ” she leaned over to kiss him. “cream pies are for porn. I write erotica not porn.”

He burst out laughing.







pov – Becky

Whew! Trip knows how to write a sexy story! This had me squirming just before work!
Loved it!



It always amazed me as I watched my thick rod moving in and out as the folds of her pussy grasped my erection as if to say, “No, please don’t leave.” Then, as I pushed back in, the folds of delicious flesh disappear, sucking me deep inside. Her glistening juices coating my cock with each outward stroke, abetting the inward thrust to begin the dance once again. Her soft moans as I penetrate her fully and then the ahh’s, and gasping groans as I leave that treasured place.

I love watching the act of penetration, especially with one as wet and wild as Becky. Her pussy weeps cum as I slide repeatedly into her. Her squirting orgasms only enhance the act, the grip of her sex as it climaxes, and the thin clear discharge that tastes so divine. To rail her until she gushes forth, pulling my cock from…

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I could hear Adam’s voice and a woman’s giggle from my boyfriend’s office. The door was closed, but I didnt have to see them to know what they were doing. They were fucking right where anyone could walk in on them.

The sounds of a woman orgasming were unmistakable. Getting louder, Adam urging her on.

I should have felt sick. Humiliated. Should have felt my heart ripped in two. Filled with outrage. At least my eyes should have been brimming with tears ready to cry. I felt none of those things. Only a sense of relief.

“Are you ok?” the disembodied voice broke into my reverie. I had forgotten I wasn’t alone. “Do you want to grab a drink and talk?”

Talk? What was there to talk about? That my boyfriend was cheating on me. I felt nothing. I forced a smile and lifted my head to glance up at the man at my side. Brett was a dear friend. His kind eyes were filled with sympathy.

“I don’t suppose it was a coincidence that we were here after Adam finished teaching his class?” I asked lightly without humor.

Brett had the decency to turn red. He rubbed the back of his neck and looked away guiltily. “I am sorry, Becky. But I couldn’t keep this from you. I didnt want you getting hurt. The rumors going around the campus.”

“ah, the rumors.” I sighed. “Hideous rumours.”

Adam was a professor at the university, nearing tenure. A popular teacher among his students he was handsome. Tall, flecks of silver in his brown hair. He filled out the casual shirts nicely with broad shoulders, and jeans clung to lean hips and a nice ass. He was intelligent funny. He spoke with sophisticated air and passion that drew women to him like a moth to a flame. And men found him disarming as well, for he knew how to smooth over any ruffled feathers, he oozed charm.

I wasn’t stupid. Even if I confronted Adam with his infidelity somehow it would be my fault. Adam hid his narcissistic behavior well enough to fool others.  “That didn’t happen,” “You imagined it,” and “Are you crazy?” would be the first three sentences out of his mouth.

then his guileless would turn to rage. How dare I accuse him of cheating on me. If he did cheat on me, it would be because the women were simply more beautiful sophisticated. “Why couldnt you be more accommodating in bed.”

Brett touched my arm once more pulling me out of my thoughts, “This must be very upsetting.”

I sighed again. “No. Its not. Its given me another reason to end things with Adam”

Brett didnt bother to hide his shock, “Becky,” he began. “maybe you should think this over”

“Lets just not talk about it anymore.” I hitched my handbag higher on my shoulder, ran a hand through my hair. “I have a busy afternoon. Shall we go?”

“Uh yeah of course.” Brett led me out of the university to his car. “Look I know this is not the time nor the place” he opened the door to his car. “I just want to let you know I care about you. Alot.”

I smiled. “Thank you.”

Confusion marred Brett’s features. He walked around the car and got in beside me. Twisting in his seat to face me, Brett took my hand in his. “No Becky that didnt get out right, I mean. What I am trying to tell you. I love you.”

My smile faded. “Brett” I stared into his green eyes. Brett was a friend. I had known him forever. His tousled dark hair fell over his eyes, giving him an appearance of a lost boy.

“Brett I cant right now. Thank you” I withdrew my hand from his.

“I’m telling you that I love you. And that is all you have to say me? Is thank you?” the hurt in his voice made me flinch.

“what do you want me to say?” I asked. “Its best you take me home now. Before things between us get worse. We say things we regret.”

Brett drove me home in silence. I reached over to kiss his cheek. He was still. “Brett, you dont love me. You care about me. That’s alright.” I whispered. “But you dont love me. When you find someone, you will know what love will feel like. It will make you soar to the heavens, and fly” I stroked his cheek comfortingly. “and I dont make you feel like that.”

“How do you know?” Brett asked.

“Because, your entire being would be resonating with that emotion.” I grabbed my handbag and climbed out of the car.

Brett stared at the steering wheel then at me, “Are we still friends then?” he asked hopefully.

“Do I love food?” I replied with a grin.

Brett burst out laughing. I closed the car door and waved as he drove away.

I spent the rest of the afternoon packing Adam’s belongings. I phoned a moving company and arranged for them to pick them up and store them at a storage facility. I also arranged for Adam to have a room at a local hotel before Adam got home at seven. All on his credit card.

I was sipping wine when I heard Adam at the door. His key in the lock. “What the fuck” he grumbled. “Becky I think there is something wrong with the lock. My key doesnt fit.”

“Thats because I changed the lock, Adam” I called out.

There was silence. “What?” Adam snapped. “Dont be ridiculous. Why would you change the lock?”

“Because you dont live here no more.” I sighed.


I chuckled at Adam’s bewilderment and growing ire. “I am tired, Becky! Open this door. I want to take a shower and relax. I had a hard day.”

“Yes you must be so tired of fucking your students. You must reek of  pussy desperate for A’s.” I poured myself another glass of wine.

“What are you talking about” Adam asked slowly.

“I was there outside your office. How young was she?” I sipped the wine contemplatively. “19 20? was she legal?”

The door rattled again. “You have no right to do this, Becky!”

“Actually I do. You didn’t sign the lease, remember. That makes you a guest in my home. And now a trespasser.” I stood. Stretching. “I could call the cops and have you arrested for trespassing, and making me feel unsafe in my home.”

“You fucking bitch!” Adam exploded. “I will ruin you!”

I laughed. “No Adam. You cant.” I sighed. “I have nothing. You cant touch me. You however, have everything to lose. Your position. Your tenure. Because you cant keep your ego in check, and your dick in your pants.”

Adam pounded at the door with a fist. “Bitch!”

“I know.  Adam, but how many times did I remind you never to cross me?”

There was silence. “Where am I supposed to go?”

“I dont know. I dont care.” I finished off the wine, “I had your belongings delivered to a storage place. You can stay at a hotel until you found a suitable place.”

Adam fell silent. “So should I thank you?” he asked bitterly.

“I dont care. Goodbye Adam”

it was late when my best friends Dayna and Shelby rang up. I opened the door in my pjs. They rushed in and hugged me. “Oh Becky! You must feel horrible!” Dayna cried.

“Thats why we brought ice cream, chocolate and movies!” Shelby gushed.

Dayna and Shelby were twin sisters. However polar opposites. Dayna had soft shoulder length blonde hair, Shelby had platinum waves of hair that fell down her back. Dayna was shy and sweet, Shelby was vivacious and outgoing. Both wore similar a shade of green wrap around sweater. Shelby wore leggings, and Dayna wore jeans.

Squeezed in between them I felt safe and loved. For the first time in forever.

“You didnt bring any pjs?” I grumbled. “I feel like a grub compared to you two.”

Dayna laughed. “Thats ok. Everybody does.”

I scowled. “Watch it.”

Cocooned under blankets on the bed watching 13 going on 30, we ate our feelings away. Shelby was sitting centre of the bed, empty ice cream barrels surrounding her. She was working on her third. Dayna and I propped up against the pillows, drinking wine, eating chocolate and fruit with chips as well.

“I cant believe Adam would do that to you!” Dayna rolled over to hug me, pressing me into her. “He is such a dick!”

Shelby chuckled, “Let her breathe”

“Did you cry already?” Shelby asked, taking a scoop of her ice cream. She licked it clean off her spoon.

I shook my head. “Good cause tears are wasted on men like that” Shelby murmured. “I cant believe you guys are letting me eat all this ice cream!” she wailed. “Oh I am going to be a whale tomorrow morning!”

I snuggled into Dayna, her warmth and scent comforting me. Perhaps it was all the wine I had drunk earlier that evening, my confrontation with Adam coinciding with the chocolate I was eating because I was feeling excited. My heart was racing, my body was reacting to Dayna’s. My breasts were pressing into hers. My arms were wrapped around her, my hands on her lower back. Her sweater had inched higher exposing the low ride of her jeans. feeling careless, I let my hand drift down to rest on the curve of her ass.

Dayna didn’t seem to mind much.  I could feel the warmth of her breath upon my ear hitch as I began to stroke the crevice of her ass through her panties. They were silk. A piece of fabric that could easily be stripped away with a mere tug.

My hand slid further into Dayna’s jeans. She wiggled about,  her body arching into my seeking caress so my fingers dip lower. She let out a breathless sigh when my fingers brush over her perineum to her slit. I hesitated.

Shelby was still in the room with us. Eating her ice cream, however, Dayna seemed oblivious to her twin.

“Dont stop now, Becky” Dayna cooed. “Dont start playing with my pussy if you wont finish me off.”

Her words turned me on. I had never been with another woman, and the thought of Dayna and I made me wet.

As if she sensed my hesitation, Dayna stroked my hair from my face and gazed into my eyes.

“Pretend like she isnt here,” Dayna whispered in my ear. “I am,” She reached down between us, and the gentle sound of her unzipping her jeans was barely heard over the movie. She slipped her own hand into her jeans to guide my hand between her thighs. I was cupping her pussy through her panties. She giggled “I feel like a high school girl getting felt up.”

I giggled. “Did you have a lot of girls feeling you up in high school?” I palmed her pussy, loving the feel of her silky panties on my hand. Dayna rocked herself on my hand, the slow friction of her pussy grinding made her wetter. Her breathless sighing made me even more aroused.

Dayna nuzzled me, “Stop teasing me, Becky” she pleaded. I palmed her a few seconds more before letting my fingers pull aside to dip into her slit. slowly Dayna removed her hand. Dayna’s head rested on mine.

“Oh dont stop,” she breathed. “just like that. Its so good”


I stroked her slit back and forth, teasing her clit by flicking over it. “right there,” Dayna moaned. “right there. Keep touching me right there.”

Her eyes were on mine. I eased off her clit, she made a whimpering sound. I toyed with her pussyhole. Letting my fingers dip into her, then back off. She was clenching the tips of my fingers. Wanting more. Juice dripped over my fingers.

“You are so wet” I whispered.

“I want to cum all over you.” Dayna promised. “I am so close.”

Slowly and firmly I slid a finger into her pussy hole. She was tight, wet. Dayna bit her lip as I slowly pushed another finger inside her. Deep.

We had forgotten about Shelby, but movement on the bed drew our attention back to her. She had wiggled around Dayna til she was settled at my side. She had removed all her clothing, her naked body pressing against my own.

Her fingers cupped my chin, twisting my head so we could kiss. Bewildered I kissed her back.

“Dayna forgot to mention something.” Shelby breathed against my mouth.

I stared up at her in confusion. “Which is?”

“You fuck my sister. You fuck me.”

My heart skipped a beat. She couldnt mean. I glanced at Dayna then shelby. “Say what now?” I protested weakly.

“Come on, doesnt the thought turn you on?” Shelby purred. “Why have one pussy when you can have two.”

I frowned. “but you are sisters. Isnt that kind of awkward.” I argued.



Dayna rolled off me. and Shelby took her place. Dayna quickly shed her clothes, wiggling out of her jeans. “Dont think about it.” she ordered. She kissed my neck, as her sister kissed me. “Just enjoy the experience.”

Shelby and I kissed, She ran her hands all over my body, rubbing my thighs right up towards my pussy but not touching it just yet. Without warning, she stuck two fingers inside me. “You got me so hot, watching you and my sister.” Shelby purred against my mouth. “If I had known you wanted our pussies We could have done this along time ago.”

With each thrust of her fingers I could feel my G spot being tickled by her fingers. I moaned into Shelby’s mouth. Dayna kissed her way down my body, arching as she flicked her tongue over my nipple.

“I bet she tastes good,” Shelby panted.

Dayna maneuvered herself so her head was resting on my hipbone. Angling my thigh up over her head and on her shoulder, I felt the warm whisper of her breath on my pussy. I gasped.

My heart was racing with excitement. The first swipe of her tongue on my clit made me cry out. She held me down, as Shelby drove her fingers hard and fast. Dayna’s tongue was lazy drawing circles on my clit.

Without warning her mouth clamped down and she began to suck.

I screamed as the first wave of my orgasm hit me. Both Dayna and Shelby worked my clit and pussy, alternating between them.

I sank down on the mattress exhausted by my multi orgasms. Dayna and Shelby sat up, smiling. “Hmm that was much more fun than watching movies!” Shelby exclaimed.

I laughed. “It was.”

I kissed Dayna then Shelby. Pulling them to me. “i have something fun in mind too.” I whispered. I laid Dayna down.

“Climb up” I ordered Shelby. I laid Shelby out ontop of Dayna. “Fuck! now this what I call sexy as hell.”

Dayna giggled as I kissed her then Shelby.

Dayna scooped up Shelby’s breasts as I settled between their legs. I drew up Shelby’s legs revealing her slit and Dayna’s below. Both were neatly trimmed, their clits peeking out from glistening folds. I took a leisurely lick of Shelby’s slit, while I fingered Dayna’s slit opened.

“Oh fuck,” Shelby moaned. Her eyes fluttering close. Dayna reached own to rub Shelby’s clit as I took my time between the sisters. Licking up from Dayna’s to Shelby’s wet pussy. My fingers pumping in and out of Dayna’s pussy, hard and fast.

“Oh my god, I am going to cum,” Dayna cried. Shelby twisted her head and the two sisters shared a kiss. Gluing my mouth to Dayna’s clit I sucked on it as I scissored my fingers in and out, stroking her G-spot. She nearly bucked Shelby off her as her orgasm seized her.

Dayna ground her pussy against my face, her juices spurting into my mouth as I hungrily lapped them up. She sank onto the bed, sated as I licked her clean.

I then focused my attention on Shelby. I grabbed Shelby by the thighs. Tugging her off Dayna and further down the bed, I buried my face between her thighs. Twisting her fingers in my hair, Shelby ordered me to eat her.

“Yes, like that Becky.” she cooed with delight. “oh you know what a woman likes dont you.  Keep licking my clit that. Oh yes. fuck! You are such a naughty girl!”

It wasnt long before her words were lost in breathless sighs. She was coming.

Snuggled in between the three of them, I stretched my body out. “Hmm we can do this anytime, I wouldnt mind.” I teased.

Dayna and Shelby giggled. “Movie nights wont be the same.” Shelby agreed.

“It certainly has therapeutic values.” Dayna murmured

“Adam who?”

We burst out laughing. Shelby reached for the ice cream. “Gosh I am hungry again.” she pouted.

I plucked the ice cream out of her hands. “hmm I have a better use for this” I purred.

Dayna and Shelby glanced at each other and smiled. “Ice cream sandwiches?” Dayna suggested.

Not the kind of the ice cream sandwiches she was thinking

  • Inspired by a dream I had this morning ♥


Good Girl

In my bath relaxing. Reading Trip’s latest story! It’s very sexy! Thank you, Trip!



“If you’re a good girl, I’ll grant that wish of yours.”


“Now, now there, that’s it, just a little wider…yeah. Perfect.”

He sat back and admired her, hands trussed up above her head in fine knot work. Her mouth stuffed full of a ball gag that allowed her to drool, moan, and make noises, but no words. She looked absolutely stunning with a trail of slick sputum dripping out the corner of her mouth, down her chin and dropping onto her right breast.

Meanwhile, that glorious slit between her legs was also drooling…cum that is. A small bullet vibrator was slowly working its magic deep inside of her. A puddle of slick wetness already pooled at her ass crack where it met the rubber sheets. It never ceased to amaze him how she liked this; bound at the wrists, legs agape and unable to do anything but enjoy…

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She looked delicate in the moonlight cast upon her. Hair honey blonde, skin golden from the sun. Her slender thighs parted, her arms bound above her head. A blindfold covering her eyes. She waited with breathless anticipation, her heart pounding with fear, lust and the unknown.

She had been laying there upon the moss embankment, time inching away. She wasn’t alone. She knew that. She could hear someone’s breathing. Steady as her own shook.

Then when she could bear the silence no more, a merest of touch whispered over her skin. She almost cried out. Down the fingers glided over her torso. To one breast.

she wanted to beg. To plead for more than a teasing touch. Without warning her nipple was twisted. Hard.

unexpected pain clashed with pleasure. She arched, her body taut.

her pussy was soaked. She was stunned by her response. Panting, she whispered “more”

her plea was ignored. Finger tips inched closer to her pussy.

She bit her lip, excitement coursing through her.

A sharp slap over her slick folds, made her cry out in shock. Pussy juice spurted as her body reacted to pain coursing through her. Her clit stung from the smack, but pleasure rode her hard.

Her thighs fell further open exposing her pussy to more punishment.

the sound of her pussy being smacked echoed in the cool night air. Her breath locked in her lungs as an orgasm rocked through her.

”will you be a good girl?” She was asked.

”yes” she cried. “Yes”

there was silence then lips brushed her forehead. “That pleases me”

-written while in the bath before bed💕💕




I couldn’t sleep. I still had the taste of Mason lips on my mouth. I wondered how his skin would taste. How his body would react if I kissed my way down it. Would he moan my name? Would he arch into me. Begging for me. If I sucked his cock, would he tangle his fingers in my hair, and face fuck me.
I was getting wet thinking about it. I slid my hand down my body between my legs. I was wet. My fingers stroked my pussy lips, as I thought about Mason
I didn’t hear a knock on the door nor the door open, as I fingered my clit. Stroking.
“Jesus Christ!” the expletive startled me. I opened my eyes to find Mason watching me. My eyes grew wide. My cheeks were pink. From embarrassment, I didn’t know.
I didn’t bother to cover myself. I let my fingers still.
“I was just thinking of that kiss” I admitted.
” that wasn’t supposed to happen” he muttered His eyes couldn’t look away from my fingers. I moved them a little so he could see my pussy. See how wet I was.
“I got so wet,: I whispered. “At the thought of you”
Mason groaned “Becky, you are killing me here.”
“I was thinking of how you would taste. Your cock in my mouth. face fucking me.”
At any other moment, I would be curled up dying from mortification for being so honest. However the fiery depths of his blue eyes made me come alive. My breasts were aching for him to touch me, my nipples hard. My pussy juice dripped over my fingers as I slowly eased them back and forth along my slit.
“I have never wanted anyone more than I want you,” I whispered. I hated the ache in my voice, it made me sound desperate.
Mason took a step toward the bed, then kicked the door closed behind him. “You are a relentless woman,” he mused as if to himself. “Maybe I should sate myself in you. But I don’t think it would be enough. One night won’t be enough for you. For me.” He took another step towards the bed. He stripped himself of his sweater, his jeans next.
I sighed appreciatively when he was finally naked before me.

“Let’s be honest here, Becky” his voice was hoarse. “I thought I knew the little girl who grew into a woman.You fucked me up when I started reading your blog. reading your fantasies, your desires, your heartbreaking confessions.”
He was now on the bed, he gripped me by the thighs yanking me to him. “The truth is I never knew you at all” he went on huskily.
I pressed my fingers against his mouth to silence him. I gasped when his tongue darted out to swirl lick and suck my pussy juice off them. “By the time I am finished, I will know every part of you and your body will be mine,” he promised.
My heart pounded with excitement, my stomach fluttering with his directness. He pushed me back, his mouth on mine. His hands were on my body, caressing my skin. “God, I remember when you were a teenager.” he breathed as his mouth followed his fingers. “You were wearing no bra. It took all I had not to fuck you then.”
I arched into his mouth. “I wanted you to then”
He scowled. “You were a kid, you didn’t know what you wanted.” his teeth razed over my nipples. I moaned in delight.
“If I was finger fucking myself then I sure as hell knew what I wanted.” I moaned.
He groaned, “oh my god, you are so damn sexy”
His mouth lowered. “I am going to eat you out. Let me get between your legs. And make you cum with my tongue” he breathed.
The first touch of his tongue on my clit made me gasp. My fingers curled into his hair. His eyes never left mine, as his tongue lapped and flicked. Alternately between fast and slow. He took his time, bringing me to the edge then easing off.
“Please. Please” I begged. “I am so close.”
Mason teased my folds, as he pushed a finger deep inside me. Stretching me. “Fuck baby, you are so tight.” he breathed. “So wet.”
He sucked on my clit, as his fingers began to pick up speed, then as I began to feel the quivers of my orgasm. he slowed down. I whimpered in frustration. “Mason please!”
He chuckled, the sound rumbling against my clit. His mouth opened and clamped hard on my clit. I shrieked as he sucked hard, while his fingers drove hard and fast deep inside me. I came, twisting against his face. Grinding against him, against his tongue and mouth, as he lapped up my pussy juice.
Mason finally let me sink back down to the bed. Grinning he kissed my inner thigh. “Did you enjoy that?”
I could barely speak. I nodded, the tiny quivers of orgasm still going through me.
“Rest up. Because we have all night.” he promised.

Fuck me! I am so horny right now!


The town car was waiting for me when I got off shift.
“If you please, Miss” the driver opened the door, and he waited patiently.
“Excuse me?” I glanced around to see who he was speaking to. Certainly not me. There was no one else.

“Miss, I have been directed to see you home.” the driver explained.
By whom?
I was bewildered. The town car seemed a bit extravagant to be taken seriously.
“I think you have the wrong person.” I tried to walk past the driver. He stepped in front of me.
“Please Miss, get in the car. This will explain everything.” he handed me a silver envelope with my name on it.
I hesitated once more. Perhaps it was my paranoia but the idea of being kidnapped was getting scary.
I opened the envelope. A crisp card with neat handwriting was within. I pulled it out.
“I wanted to be there in person. Something came up. Forgive me. Mason.”
My heart nearly leaped out of my chest with excitement. Mason? He was here.
“The man who gave you this card,” I began
“I don’t know any details, just that I was to pick you up.” the driver responded. “If you would get in please.”
“Do you think it would be possible to get a change of clothes?” I asked as I climbed into the town car. “I look hideous. I smell disgusting.”
The driver didn’t answer just closed the door behind me. I could hear him climb in the driver’s seat. Then we were moving.
The town car was indeed luxurious. Leather seats. A minibar. Snacks. I was fascinated. The taxis in my town could learn a thing or two. A thought came to mind, there were no town cars in my city. Only one limo, perhaps a shuttle bus or two. So how come there was a town car?
“Excuse me?” I scooted forward towards the partition. “This town car where did it come from?”
The driver sighed. “Vancouver, Miss.”
My jaw dropped in disbelief. “Vancouver!”
“Yes, Miss.”
I sank back in my seats in confusion. Why would Mason go through the trouble of having a town car driven up from Vancouver? I glanced out the window. Trees were flying by. I frowned. There were no trees where I lived. I craned my neck around to see more. There was the Train Trestle.
Good lord, we were heading out of town!
“Uh we are not going to my place are we?” I asked weakly.
“No miss we are not.” the driver answered. “If you please enjoy the drive.”
“I am not a very good traveler.”
“I was informed of that, miss.” the driver responded. “there are books, anti-nausea medicine, and snacks as well. If you would like there is your iPad.”
My what now?
I scrambled to search for my iPad. A weekender was nestled on the floor. I opened it cautiously. There were clothes. Not my clothes. Because my clothes were at home.
Toiletry, brushes, my medication, my Ipad.Earbuds
A card fell out as I rummaged through the bag. “I made a copy of your key. I hope you find something you like. Mason.”
Anger surged through me at his audacity. How the hell did he get my key let alone make a copy?
“Where are we going?” I asked tightly.
“I do not know any of the details.” the driver replied. “Please relax and enjoy the drive.”
I glared at the driver through the partition and sank back against the seat.
I glanced back at the weekender. There were clothes in it. But not my clothes. I tentatively reached for the bag again. I pulled out a garment. It was a shirt. Green. what the? I pulled out another. And another. All were bright bold colors. Green. Yellow. My favorite colors. None of my signature blacks. I frowned. what the hell was going on here!
He had a lot of nerve! I fisted the clothes into a ball and threw the wad back into the weekender. I twisted in my seat to glare out the window, folding my arms on the back of the seat and rested my chin.
Mason’s features came to mind. The intensity of his blue eyes always robbed me of my breath. The determination, passion that burned within always blindsided me. He was a man who knew what he wanted and always got what he wanted. Little stood in his way. His single-mindedness was something I envied.
He wasn’t particularly handsome, his blond hair was short flecked with grey. The black frames of his glasses gave his features a certain edge of ruthlessness instead of nerdiness that would give other men. He aged well, only being in the early forties but his lean muscled body would make any younger man jealous.
His presence did things to me like no other man did. His absence did worse. I craved his touch, the taste of him. The memory of his body pressing mine to the bed sent shivers thru me. My skin began to feel warm, my nipples hardening with arousal as my pussy became wet.
I hadn’t seen him in what seemed like forever. So what made him think it was ok to summon me like I was some kind of servant?
I scowled.
Maybe he needed to be reminded I wasn’t like one of his companies he was acquiring. I had feelings, heart and I wasn’t going to be taken over so ruthlessly.
I must have been asleep, for when the door to the town car open night had fallen.
“We are here, Miss?”
I opened my eyes and drowsily glared at the driver. Where was here?
“Thank you.” taking the driver’s hand I stepped out.
My muscles protested. I stretched as I glanced around. The Town car had parked in front of a hotel. One I recognized as being a four-star hotel. A favorite among celebrities for its privacy. Why would Mason bring me here?
“Where are we?” I asked. The driver didn’t answer, he grabbed my bag walked towards the entrance.
I hurried after him. “Aren’t you going to answer me?” I demanded. “Where are we?”
“Have a nice weekend, Miss.” the driver handed the bags to another man. He spoke quietly to him and walked out.
A woman stepped out from the concierge desk. “Rebecca?” she smiled at me. The smile never reached her eyes. I could feel her dismissive gaze scour over me. From my disheveled hair, from my uniform. Yeah, I was really hotter than hell.
Suddenly my anger vanished. in its place was anxiety. I suddenly felt self-conscious.
“If you could follow me please.” the woman walked briskly towards the elevators.
I followed her “I am not sure what is going on. What am I doing here?” I asked.
“I am afraid I was left out of the dark on that.” the woman answered. “I was to greet you upon your arrival and show you to your suite.”
I choked. “My what now?”
“Suite.” the woman sighed. She sniffed. I grimaced. No doubt she could smell the restaurant odor on me. “You are on the eleventh floor.”
The elevator doors slid open. she walked down the hall, and I hurried after her. “Your keycard. If you have are in need of anything please call the concierge. We are to look after your every need.”
She pressed the key card into my hand and without looking back she disappeared into the elevator.
“But what am I doing here?!” I cried.
I slid the keycard into the lock and waited for the door to unlock.
It swung open.
I stepped inside. Closing the door behind me.
Candlelight flickered casting an amber glow.
I halted in the doorway, stunned by what I was seeing.
Pillars of white candles were lined along the entryway, wax dripping. They had been burning a while. A sweet scent perfumed the air, emanating from the rose petals dusting the hardwood floor.
Following the petals were strewn over the floor, I found myself in the sitting room. Soft music played, my playlist I realized. Everything was white. Soft and comfy. Elegant. Throw blankets were arranged on the sofa, thick and heavy. I reached out to touch one. Velour.
Listening to the slow sexy music that flowed around me, I could feel the tension, anger ebb and dissipate leaving confusion to linger.
Everything was so meticulous, so thought out as if someone had reached into the inner corners of my mind and knew what I would want.
My eyes were drawn to the center of the room.
A table was laid out. More candles. White roses. Champagne flutes. Set for two.
However what held my gaze was not the extravagant way the table was set, but the amount of food on it.
Fried Chicken. Pizza. pasta. Sushi.Bags of chips, chocolate covered fruit, burgers and fries milkshakes.
All of my favorite food. Why?
“Oh my god” I whispered, my fingers going to my lips.
“I wasnt sure what you would like.” Mason’s voice came out of the shadows startling me “so I got everything.”
I whirled around to find him standing behind me. His hair was tousled, his shirt open at the third button, his sleeves rolled up his forearms. He wore slate gray trousers.
“Are you going to stand there all night, or are you going to come here.” Mason slowly took off his frames and dropped them on the end table by the sofa.
I could barely speak. Tears blurred my vision.
I took a step towards him, and he reached out for me, his fingers curling around my arm to haul me close. “I miss you,” he whispered hoarsely. “This was the only way I could be with you.”
I buried my face in his chest. “I can’t believe you did all this.” I rasped. “No one ever did this for me.”
Mason kissed me. “I shouldn’t be happy about that. But I am. Any man who couldn’t see you as I do is a fool. And it’s his loss. You are all mine.” he stroked my hair from my face and eased my chin up to gaze into my eyes. “I had to wait you know. You were just a kid. And it killed me. Seeing you look at me like that. I had no business looking at you like that. And you lady had no business looking at me like you wanted my cock!”
I took a nip at his thumb, and he groaned. “I wanted more than your cock.” I sighed.
“You just about kill me.” his voice grew hoarse with emotion and something else. “I thought I could handle the idea you were going to be with others. Have other men. I couldn’t. I kept reading your blog, it made my blood boil with jealousy..”
My skin started to warm an embarrassing pink. I kissed him to shut him up. “Oh sure, you know me a veritable sexpot.” I answered sarcastically. “you weren’t exactly waiting.”
He choked on his laughter. “Touche”
His kisses left my senses reeling. Taking me by the hand, Mason led me to the bath. “I have one more surprise,” he promised.
The bathroom was large. Candles everywhere. the floor, the counter of the large sink. The jacuzzi tub was already bubbling, perfumed by the rose petals that floated on the water.
“Wow.” I murmured.
“Lose the clothes!” Mason rasped.
I did so eagerly. Mason helped me into the tub, and I sighed with delight as the hot water sluiced over my skin. “Heaven!” I sighed.
Mason slowly undressed, removing his shirt button by button. His eyes on me. I watched his deliberate movements with hungry anticipation. My stomach felt as if a thousand butterflies were taking flight. My skin felt warm, not from embarrassment or self- awareness. No being with him felt right.
“I could watch this all day,” I sighed resting my chin on my forearms.
Mason’s lips kicked up at the corner. The silky curls dusting his chest made a fine line down his abdomen, my fingers itched to play. He began to unzip his trousers. I stretched out my hand to stop him.
“No, let me.” I protested.
“Becky,” Mason warned.
“Are you going to deny me?” I demanded.
Mason raised an eyebrow at my imperious attitude. “Are you taking that tone with me, tonight?” he asked reprovingly.”I thought we would relax”
“We will.”
“How are we going to relax if the first thing you want to do is suck my cock!” Mason laughed.
“Maybe because I like sucking your cock” I growled.
Mason sighed as if he was reluctant to do as I asked. He took my hand, twining my fingers with his. “Demanding witch!” he moved closer. “Dont you make me cum. Tonight was supposed to be romantic, aw fuck Becky!” Groaning my name as I nuzzled him, rubbing my cheek along the length of his cock.
“Anything can happen, Mason. We can have a romantic relaxing night,” I spoke, “Do you think you can restrain yourself.”
Mason groaned again. “Are you going to test me?”
With a smile, I kissed his pelvic bone. “Maybe. I am kind of lonely in this bathwater.”
Threading his fingers through my hair, Mason watched as I slowly spread his fly open and tugging his trousers to his knees, sliding my hands up to cup his buttocks. He groaned as my breath whispered over his cock. His free hand encircled the length of his cock, stroking it once before tracing my lips with the head.
The taste of his pre-cum made me hungry. The tip of my tongue darted out to flick over Mason’s cock. He groaned
Slowly I spread my lips around him. Sucking just the head, I teased the throbbing vein with my tongue.
“Your lips look so good on my cock.” he rasped. “thats it baby, take my cock.”
My eyes lifted to his. Heavylidded with lust, Mason was getting lost in the sensations I was creating. His face tense, the muscles in his abs were taut, clenching as I took his cock deeper.
His hips began to flex, driving his cock deeper and faster in my mouth. He was a sinful temptation, I wanted everything about him. But I had promised not to make him cum. I released him with an audible pop. His cock rigid with my saliva dripping down to his balls, Mason opened his eyes questioningly.
“I am feeling lonely” I pouted.
“Awe fuck, Becky!” Mason ground his palms into his eyes with frustration. “I knew you would do this to me!”
“I’m slipping off the edge I’m hanging by a thread I wanna start this over again. How could this happen to me? ” I sang
Mason stood before me, bewildered. He began to chuckle. “Simple Plan?” He finished removing his trousers. “That song has no relevance to what we were doing! None whatsoever!” he laughed. “My god! You are such a cock tease!”
I shrugged. “I promised I wouldn’t make you cum!”
Mason vaulted over the edge of the tub, I shrieked as he landed, water sloshed over the floor, bubbles flying everywhere. Floating around, the bubbles drifted down on us. Clinging to our eyelashes and nose. Laughing, Mason wiped at his face, then mine. Then he kissed me.
I wrapped my arms around him.
“I promised you a relaxing romantic night” Mason’s mouth drifted down my throat. “Now let me pamper you.”
unexpectedly tears blurred my vision. I blinked them away so he couldnt see. It was strange to have someone care about me. To give all I have and have it returned.
Mason pulled me close, my slick back against his dripping chest, and I could feel every inch of him press against me, skin to skin, as he soaped me all over. Slowly, his soapy hands circled upward, lathering my chest.
I leaned back against him, sighing with contentment. “I dont think I could ever dream this moment any better” I murmured “Dont judge me too much, but this moment. This is the only time I have truly been happy.” I suddenly felt vulnerable for revealing too much.
Mason’s fingers stilled. “I will give you the world,” he whispered. “You don’t have to ask”
His fingers were on my shoulders rubbing the muscles, his thumbs rubbing the tension out. My eyes drifted close.
his fingers trailed down my arms, teasing the sides of my breasts. I moaned softly.
He cupped my breasts, toying with my nipples. He smiled as my breath hitched. “I love how your nipples are so sensitive. ” he rasped. “Do you like a little pain with your pleasure, Becky?”
I gasped as he rolled one nipple between his thumb and finger. “Mason!”
“I cant decide if that is a yes or no,” Mason nipped my ear. The splinters of pain sent waves throughout my body. Making me wetter. My nipples harder.
“I want to fuck you, but the water is not exactly a great lubricant” I whispered.
Mason chuckled. “Such a filthy mind and mouth you have.”
He leaped to his feet, he climbed out of the tub. Giving me his hand, he helped me out. Wrapping ourselves in the fluffy robes the hotel provided, he led me out of the bath.
“Do you want food first?” Mason asked.
I frowned. Food or sex.
“Maybe later.”
He chuckled. “Food in bed?”
I was scandalized. “Mason! No! No Food in bed!”
“What good is it spending all this money if I cant do what I want.” Mason tugged me towards the bed. “I want to feed you in bed, I will. Fuck the crumbs!”
I giggled.

-Holy shit! how is a person supposed to write when the fingers are frozen! I cant write anymore! The cold was so distracting, but I managed to put down my idea for how I would like to spend a romantic night. But it still turned out like shit, thanks to the cold! so cold!