“Did you know going to London costs less than going to Arizona?”

Me: “make sure it’s London Ontario not London England”

Mel: um London is outside the states?”

Me: Um no. London is in England. Or Ontario.

Mel: I am telling you London is in the States!”

  • my sister on Geography


Merry Christmas!

I hope all is well. May all of you have many blessings, love and happiness!

I know many people are struggling, or can’t be with their families because of world events. they are in my prayers even if we are strangers.

Myself? I just feel good.

For the first time in years I was able to get into the Christmas spirit!

I sang Christmas Songs with my coworkers yesterday, but couldn’t remember the words 😂

I wrapped gifts to Christmas songs. I never ever do.

We are under lockdown protocols and because my sister’s neighbor reports anyone who doesn’t live in the building (even if it core four)

I invited my sister and niece over for dinner.

My mom was still mourning the death of Freddie and seeing Daisy would upset her. She and my dad wanted a quiet night alone before the chaos of Christmas Day.

I never have people over for dinner! I always go over to my sister’s. We exchanged each other’s gifts.

Christmas Day was really pleasant! We usually would spend the night at my parents. My mom would make a big breakfast. Then spend all day making supper.

This year I pleaded for something different! I didn’t want chicken, ham or Turkey! 🤢🤮

I wanted pasta!

My request blew my parents mind! Pasta?! For Christmas dinner?! Are you crazy!

Mel wanted steak.

Absolutely not!

Dad wanted duck.


I went to my parents early at 2.

My mom was actually calm. Not frazzled from trying to cook a huge meal.

“We’re having duck and spaghetti!” She announced.

My jaw dropped in disbelief. Then I smiled. I was so excited!

We exchanged gifts, played games. Ate. It was such a quiet drama free Christmas that I was home by 6.

Quiet and drama free!

That never happens!


Mel: K and I are sisters

Me: oh sure. You are 40 years older

Mel: no! I’m only 29!

Me: what in dog years?

Mel: says the person who looks 80!

Me: no I’m the one who looks 29!

I was so happy!

After seven months(?) since quarantine closed businesses down, I was finally able to eat at my favourite restaurant! Have my favourite meal! A steak dip!

when I finished treatment last year I only got to eat there 3x! Oh my gosh! I can’t believe it!

Tonight We laughed ate and enjoyed ourselves.

But oh I regretted after!

Oh well I’m soaking in the bath!


“Could you walk on the sidewalk.

Me: he’s crossing the road.

Mel: he doesn’t have to walk in the middle of the road!”

Me: he’s not! Oh my god!

First thing in the morning!


I had enough of women’s fucking attitude today. My plans were to stay in bed and finish watching It’s Ok Not To Be Ok. 

Seo Ye Ji Its Okay To Not Be Okay GIF - SeoYeJi ItsOkayToNotBeOkay  ItsOkToNotBeOk - Discover & Share GIFs

Instead I decided to venture out. that was a horrible idea.

My mood began I was with my sister. The woman doesnt have a positive bone in her body. She will find anything and everything to complain about. She has severe road rage, and little to no patience when dealing with others. Which is ironic because according to her, everybody just adores her and finds her personality -wonderful!

Grabbing Iced Capps, my sister refused to turn down the music in Timmie’s drive thru.

I reached out to turn down the music.

“Don’t touch my music” she snarled. She knocked my hand away and turned the music louder.

“Don’t! The order taker won’t be able to hear you” I replied.

“I do it all the time” she snapped.

I reached for the music again. “I said don’t!” I insisted. “You know how rude it is!”

“They can hear me just fine!”

“Mel, you used to work in customer service,” I reminded her. 

She glared at me “don’t you fucking yell at me!”

My eye twitched. The only one who was screaming like a child was my sister. I hate when anyone takes a tone with me.

when we were children, my sister would always beat me up, or get me in trouble enough so I would get punished with a back hand. My knee jerk self defense reaction had always been when dealing with my sister and her tantrums was to always back hand her. I couldnt do that as a grown up, I had to restrain myself. “You talk to me like that again I will knock you out!” I hissed.

Suddenly she was fine, like it never happened. We picked up K at home.

I was waiting in the car, minding my own business watching TikTok and I glance up to find some woman glaring at me as she is walking out of my sister’s apartment building.

Startled by the intensity of the venom in her glare, I raised an eyebrow. Countering her glare with one that could knock the stupid out of her!

“You tell your neighbor the next time she stares at me like that I will knock her out!” I snapped when my sister and neice returned to the car. “She should know better than to stare at a stranger like that. She is dating a security officer.”

“What?! She is the nicest person!” my sister exclaimed.

“She may be nice. But staring at a person the way she did me, could get her ass whooped. I dont care what kind of day you are having? Never stare at another person like that!”

The afternoon went fine until we finished shopping. My sister lost her bank card. Took her frustration out on K. Then was in another one of her road rage tantrums.

“I wish people would stop parking on the side of the road! Dont they know how dangerous it is! it should be against the law!”

“Think about how dangerous it is for a pedesterian” i retorted. “very dangerous”


“i walk, I am a pedestrian.”

“Ok enough!” my sister suddenly shouted. “Just shut up!”

i was enraged now. “Why is it whenever you have conversation, you can talk but no one else can! no can have a opinion!”

My sister turned her head to glare at me. “I wasnt even talking to you! I was talking to myself! so keep your mouth shut!” she shouted.

“You are such a self defensive bitch! No one can have a conversation with you because you always argue, scream or you think someone is yelling at you!” I snarled. “you are ignorant, rude and a self absorbed bitch!”

Then again as if nothing happened my sister tried to suck up. Even had the nerve to ask me to buy her an Iced Capp and ask K why she was cranky!

Perhaps I may came off mean and antagonistic but I was trying to have a conversation. trying to ignore her temper tantrums, her bouts of rage. I just got so tired of being screamed at every time I said something.

Anyway I am going to bed, enjoy your night!


“Why are you dressed like that? You look poor?”

– um I don’t look poor. It’s fashion. I wore a black sheer tunic shirt over leggings.

“Why is your hair like that? Didn’t you comb it! Why do you insist on being lazy?”

– I did comb it. I brushed out my curls. And put it in clips. Do you know how hard it is to brush out curls??!!!


My dad was airlifted to Prince George yesterday after the nurses kept telling my mom he had been improving.

Of course when my mom called PG hospital hours later to see how he was, the nurses were like “he hasn’t arrived yet”

My mom was flabbergasted and angry. She then called our hospital but they gave her the runaround.

It wasn’t until 5pm that the PG hospital called to let my mom know my dad had arrived.

Then just a few minutes ago my niece messaged me informing me that that the ICU nurse called to ask if it was ok to my dad on life support.

I don’t want to be angry at the doctors and nurses for their lack of communication because Covid protocols have made it difficult for them to treat patients. but it is really frustrating.

I’m praying for my dad’s health


I over did it yesterday. But who was going to do my laundry and Disinfecting my home? Imaginary house fairies?

Ugh. I really dislike scented disinfectants!

Between Daisy’s constant crying and trying to stay warm, The only peace I had was sleeping.

Which I did a lot of.

Today I decided to order in. That was a joke. Ordering off a website was supposed to take minutes, but no! I was grumpy when I had to call in my order.

Oh well, I got my lunch. Saved some for tomorrow.

Unfortunately while I was feeling better, my dad fell ill and had to be admitted.

He had been feeling under the weather for days, his condition deteriorated. Worsened by heart problems, diabetes and so forth.

My mom called tonight. I looked at the caller id I thought it said 7:45 am. And something horrible happened so I began to panic. No it was 7:45 pm. 🤦‍♀️ she was letting me know his progress.

I’ve been praying for his recovery and my mother’s peace of mind and well being but I am tired now.

Have a wonderful weekend ✌️🥰


We were driving down to Cecil Lake then up to Inga Lake. To be honest on our way to Inga, I don’t think my sister knew where she was going.

I was about to tell them a story when I noticed my sister no longer had her cigarette. 🤢🤮

“Where is it? Where did you put your cigarette?” I demanded, “did you throw it out?”

“Yeah, so?” my sister’s nonchalant attitude pissed me off.

We were in wildfire area. The slightest spark could start a wildfire that could last for months.

“So? You could start a wildfire!” I exclaimed. “How many times do I have to tell you to..”

“Stop yelling at me” my sister cried.

Oh my god, here we go! Fuck! It gets so annoying! This is the person who can’t hear you, so you raise your voice so she can. Then she cries “stop yelling at me!” 🤦‍♀️

“First of all if I was yelling at you? You would know! So stop that bullshit right now!” I snapped.

“You are yelling at me!” She screamed.

“Mom grow up! Auntie is not yelling at you!” K chirped.

“You need to stop tossing your cigarettes out! Butt them out and put them in a cup!” I went on.

“They will go out.”

I glared at her. “No it’s windy. Wind will carry it away. Oxygen plus spark = fire!” I snapped.

“Oh. I didn’t know that” my sister replied sullenly.

“Yes you did! I keep telling you” I shook my head in disbelief. I told her how the Fraser Valley Fires started, how a man was a doing a gender reveal with fireworks and caused a wildfire.

“But are they the same?” She argued.

“Is a throat punch the same as a regular punch? You say something so stupid to me again you will find out!” I was so disgusted by her lack of her intelligence and her laziness.

Trying to save yourself the embarrassment

K’s new favourite song is Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson.

We were listening to it in car when my sister belts out “Janet’s not my son!”

I stopped singing and stared at her in disbelief. “What did you just say?”

“Uh Becky the lyrics say it’s “Janet!” My sister exclaimed.

I burst out laughing. “Why the hell would it say ‘janet is not my son?’ ”

She glared at me. “Listen to the lyrics, Becky!”

She turned up the volume. She began to sing and then quieted once “Billie Jean blah blah” and so forth began. “the kid is not my son!”

Her face fell “oh”

I laughed harder. “I seriously cant believe you thought it was ‘Janet is not my son!’ ” I howled.

My sister made some protests then K piped up, “Stop Trying to save yourself from the embarrassment!”