A Million Dollars – 4

Another wonderful sexy story!



While I slumbered in the bed, Becky and Holly got busy in the shower. They had all five shower heads spraying and the water was hot and steam filled the room. Holly reached for the large plug in Becky’s ass and pulled it out. Of course, Becky felt empty now that the plug was no longer filling her. Holly told Becky, “Wait a minute. I’ll be right back.”

Becky stood under the sultry flow of water, letting the liquid flow over her shoulders and down her breasts. Rivulets of water passed between her tits and across her belly as she became lost in thought, “Trip is something else. Setting this all up just for me. I’m so thankful he wasn’t just blowing smoke up my butt about the million dollar trip. It was so amazing being in his arms alone when Holly was showering. I can’t wait to be…

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A million Dollars – 3

wowza! The third chapter…
I need a cold shower!



Now that we were all cleaned up and immediate needs met, it was time to get down to some real fun. Holly already knew what was going to happen next, but Becky was in for a tremendous surprise. While Holly kept Becky occupied, I went to the toy chest and found what I wanted, locking manacles for Becky’s ankles and wrists. I attached two each to two spreader bars and then attached the bars to the adjustable chains at the head and foot board framework made of thick tubular stainless steel. I located a ring gag that would serve our purpose nicely, leaving her mouth open for things to go in there as we desired.

The first inkling that Becky had was when I snapped the first manacle around her left ankle. She was momentarily distracted from the pussy on her face, but her focus became acute when her…

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A Million Dollars – 2

wow! the second part of Trip’s story was just as hot wouldnt you agree?
When I first read this, I had been on my break! I wasnt alone! I wonder if anyone wondered why I was blushing! and squirming in my seat!



The motel we found was as their web page described: spacious and luxurious cabins, intimate privacy for the discerning couple. I had booked the one furthest from the office and situated behind a two row staggered stand of blue spruce. Once we got inside the cabin, I suggested that Holly take a long hot shower while I spent some alone time with my new travel partner.

I’d been longing to get Becky alone since I’d picked her up at the airport but I also wanted to get started on making her dreams come true, so I settled on this compromise. Holly said she was going to take a long bath followed by a hot steamy shower. We were going to make our own steaminess.

I stood before Becky and took her in my arms. I held her while whispering in her ear, “I can’t wait for Holly to be…

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A million Dollars – 1

Another story written about me I enjoyed by Trip!
Sexy as fuck!



Becky and I had joked about the million dollars and what we’d do if either of us had won an outrageous sum like that. I’d been playing the lotto for years at work, never expecting to win yet fantasizing about what I’d do if it did happen. Well, I no longer had to dream because I finally hit pay dirt, serious hard cash. Not just a million, but seventeen more making a total of eighteen million after the rest of our group split the winnings.

I gave my wife half as agreed and then told her of my plan to tour the country with a girl named Becky. She smiled and took her half, “Thank you for your honesty. I’m going to miss you but this will make it easier. Besides, now you can deal with this shit hole, the dog and all your issues and I can look…

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NOVEMBER 21 2016

Someone was whispering his name. The ache in his head it was excruciating, every bone in his body felt like it was being crushed. the blood in his mouth tasted sour, coppery. He tried to spit it out, but he couldnt move.

The whispering was becoming a dull roar over the agony crashing his senses. Church bells, really. A cacophony of sound that threatened to deafen him.

“You need to wake up!” it was his brother’s voice.

Which was odd. Because Luke was dead.

Malachai Parker smiled, the blood trickling from his lips. He killed his baby brother when they Merged. He shouldnt have felt remorse. Yet he did. That was Luke. Always the compassionate baby brother.

“You really need to stop doing that!” he spat.

“Get up!” Luke snarled, the younger Parker’s impatience resonated through out Kai’s body, melding with the searing hot pain that enveloped him.

It was because of his family he was in this predicament. Dead. Sort of. Trapped. Again in this hell. Well, didnt he kill all of his coven? Kill his Twin? On her wedding day?

Kai’s stomach churned with nausea.

“I said get up!” Luke’s anger surged through him, forcing him to open his eyes.

Light seared his pupils, and he closed them again. When had the sun become so bright in hell, he thought morosely. Maybe he was a vampire.

Luke laughed at that.

Kai groaned, irritated that his brother was still with him. whispering in his head.

Once more he tried to open his eyes. His vision blurred and his eyes focused on his feet. Tried to move. It was then he noticed something was off about his appearance.

He was wearing sneakers. Jeans. And a grey Whitmore College sweater.

“Fuck” the oath exploded from his mouth. He was wearing Luke’s clothes. Was he in Luke’s body?  Blood trickled into his eyes, blurring his vision. Kai tried to swipe it away, but he couldnt move. Something was wrong. He didnt have to see to sense it. It was all around him.

With so many questions racing in his head, Kai struggled to sit up, his muscles straining with the effort. His back hit something hard. He groaned in pain. He took a few deep breaths to ease his pain.

Sunlight peeked through the trees. Casting shadows over the cenotaphs and headstones. A cemetery? Leaning his head back, against the tomb he wanted to laugh or cry at the redundancy. He was in hell, in a cemetery.

The rustling sound of  tree branches drew him out of his reverie. The leaves swirled and danced along the dying grass. His skin prickled with a restless sensation.

There was no mistaking it.


It was impossible. He was trapped in a hell without magic for an eternity.

Yet magic seethed around him. Vibrant. Sensual.Beautiful. It seeped into him, pulsating calling out to him like a long lost lover.

“Kai,” Luke hissed.

“Well Toto it looks like we arent in Kansas anymore,” Kai muttered.

“No Kai you were in hell, I was along for the ride,” Luke’s bitterness rolled over Kai in waves. “We were called here.”

“What? Called?” Kai’s mind raced. That too was impossible. When he had killed his coven, he had killed every member of his family. To call him back from the Other Side meant blood magick. Who was left?

“Hello Kai.” the vaguely familar voice drew his gaze to the woman standing in the alcove not far from where he laid.

Jo?” Luke’s confusion mirrored his own.

Kai blinked trying to clear his vision. Hell no was his dead twin standing before him, like a god damn martyr!

His outrage conflicted with his confusion. And remorse!

Fuck off Luke, he thought bitterly.

The sunlight kissing her dark hair, haloing the strands in eerily light. White shimmering fabric sheathed her svelte figure, and she smiled at him.

No, Kai thought sourly, she was smiling at Luke. She was thinking of poor misguided Luke. Always thinking of him and their siblings. They always came first! Buried familiar rage started to burn inside him.

“We dont have much time,” Jo’s voice echoed in Kai’s ears. “Get up Kai.”

Kai let out a bark of laughter. “Forgive me, dear sister, if I dont rejoice at our family reunion! Or at seeing your face!”

“Kai!” Luke snapped.

Kai struggled to sit up, the movement coming easier now. He leaned against a tree. His breathing laboured. “Why did you call me here! Why did you break me out of that hell I was in!” he snapped.

Jo sighed. The sound whispering through the trees. “You were my last resort, Kai.”

Ah there it was. Kai’s mouth kicked at the corners. “Well hell did freeze over.” he coughed. “She needs me, Luke.”

Without warning, Jo was there. Her face thrusting into his. Her blue eyes had once shone brilliant with love and happiness now glazed over with death and resentment. Their glassy depths seethed with rage.

“You took me from my husband, from my children! I never got to give birth to my babies!” she hissed. Her rage and despair shook the ground he was sitting upon. “I had to watch my husband raise them with a woman that wasnt me! Now my babies are growing up. They are witches, Kai! And the last thing I want is for them to become like you! Full of evil and resentment! Killing innocent people because of some misguided sense of entitlement!” she took a deep breath. “You will help me, kai because you owe me. You will get me my children back!”

Kai could sense Luke’s turmoil rumbling inside him. Great, he thought with disgust. The last thing he needed was Short Stuff here getting his emotions all over him! gross!

“I can fucking hear your thoughts!” Luke snapped.

“Oh yeah I forgot you were here! So like keep your emotions down a notch!” Kai shot back.

Jo’s confusion made Kai chuckle. “That’s right, Sis. Our baby bro is here too.” he tapped his temple with his fingers. “he kind of feels guilty that he let me slaughter our entire family. He being the weak link and all.”

“You fucking bastard!” Luke shouted.

Kai laughed. “Oh come on, dont be so sensitive!”

Jo searched Kai’s features for any sign of the younger Parker sibling. She touched Kai apprehensively. “He is in there, with you?” she asked quietly. “When you Merged you won. You became leader of our Coven. This whole time he was there with you! ” her eyes blinked with tears. “He sacrificed himself for nothing.”

Kai shoved her hand away. “When we Merged, Luke died. Dont get that shit mixed up. I won.” he growled. “I was in hell. By myself. Again. How was that even possible? With the Coven dead, both prison worlds no longer existed.”

Jo didnt answer. Kai scowled.

“So what? You, my sweet dear sister went to heaven? Hell actually exists? Well fuck that! This version of hell was exactly like the prison world that Dad and the Coven put me in!

With no one. At least the first time I had Damon and Bonnie. The second time, I almost went crazy” seeing the glimmer of satisfaction in his twin’s eyes infuriated Kai. Yet some part of him felt hurt she didnt feel nothing for him. He glared bitterly at her.

“I had no one to talk to. The time was passing so slowly. The same day repeating itself. It was agony. I had to go through it again! Again!” Kai pushed himself to his feet, Jo staggered backwards onto her ass. “I had no magic. Yet there was some part of Luke whispering in my ear. Like an insect. Always buzzing. Louder. Louder. Til one day he was just there.”

Jo stared up at Kai in horror. “You’re crazy.”

“I am not crazy!” Kai shouted.

Jo stood, brushing the grass of her dress. “Enough of the dramatics, Kai. I do not know of this place where you ended up. It wasnt the prison worlds. You killed the Coven when you killed yourself,  like you said yourself the prison worlds should have been destroyed as well. Dont expect me to feel sorry for you.”

“I dont know how I managed to Call you, Kai.” Jo went on. “All I know is my daughters are in danger. I will destroy anything and anyone who put them in harms way.”

“Ouch.” Luke murmured. “time to put on your big boy pants, brother!”

Her vehemence made Kai smile. “Alrighty then, Sister. Lead the way.”



“Where are we?” Kai muttered. “Do not tell me I am back in Mystic Falls.”

Mystic Falls was  a small town located in Virginia.  Its old colony charm was a mask . For over a hundred years the town was home to the supernatural; Vampires, werewolves, witches. The founders did everything they could to hide it from the rest of the world.

Jo smiled. “Alaric married Caroline. She gave birth to my babies.”

Kai recoiled in revulsion. “Oh my god, a vampire gave birth to Gemini Twins. Dad must be spinning in his grave!”

Jo’s smile wavered. “I wouldnt know.”

Kai sniffed. “Dad was a canker sore to the coven.”

“He was a great leader.”

“He tried to kill me.”

“Was that before or after you killed our siblings.”

“Touche” Luke and Kai said at the same time.

“Shut up,” Kai growled.

Jo turned to him. “What?”

“Luke is being a bit talkative.” Kai kicked a stone.

Jo was silent. “What does he say?” she asked quietly.


“Luke.” Jo murmured.

Kai didnt answer at first. He studied the tree line for a moment. The sun was beginning to set. The pinks and oranges were splattering across the sky.

“He really misses Liv.” he whispered. “he talks about her as if she didnt die. As if she was standing right there.”

“What are you doing?” Luke rasped.

“Hearing the misery in his voice sometimes makes me want to puke, other times I think he wants me to hurt as much as he does. He talks about his friends.”

Kai smiled thoughtfully.

“You must have been pretty lonely.” Jo surmised. “Luke wouldnt talk to you about Liv.”

Kai let out a laugh. “You are so right.” he snapped his fingers. “You really good at psychoanalyzing my shit!”

Jo sighed. “Even dead I wouldnt take that on”


The Mystic Falls city limits were just a few miles through the trees. Kai could feel its energy calling out to him in its hauntingly familiar way. Yet there was a strange undercurrent to it. A darker menace. Lyrical sensual.

“You feel that bro?” Luke asked. The hairs on the back of Kai’s neck rose.

“Yeah I can. I dont like it.” Kai snarled.

“What is it?” Jo asked.

“You cant feel it?” Kai shot a glance at Jo. Her hair veiled her face, yet tension coiled the muscles in her bare shoulders.


The closer they got to town, the edgier Kai became. He scratched at his skin. “Its like the town buzzing with it.” he growled. “Evil.”

“Says Evil personified.” Jo shot out.

“I am not kidding.” Kai snarled. “Lets find your kids. So we can go. Where is Alaric?”

Jo closed her eyes. “I dont know. I cant sense him anywhere. Its like something is blocking my spell”

“maybe she is rusty.” Luke suggested.

Kai didnt answer, his eyes were riveted on something in the middle of the street. A figure  was huddled over something.

“Kai?” Jo nudged him. “What are you doing? Where are you going?”

Kai ignored her, and took a step forward. His skin was crawling. His senses were alert. Something was wrong. Very wrong.

the closer Kai got, the more he became uneasy. A woman  was huddling over something,  no someone. He could make out long dark blond hair, darkened with red. she was making noises.

The woman froze, as if sensing Kai’s presence. She straightened. Slowly turning, the woman focused her attention on Kai.

Kai’s eyes widened in horror. Blood smeared all over the woman’s face. Dripping from her mouth, bits and pieces of flesh were caught between her teeth as she smiled.

“Well hello you sexy thing!” she purred. She stood. Dropping something from her fingers, she advanced. a seductive melody humming around her.

“Was she eating a human?” Luke’s horrified gasp, infuriated Kai.

“Not now, Bro” Kai snarled. “Kind of busy!”

Kai took a step back as the woman approached, “Hmm you are so dreamy” the woman sighed, “You look familiar. Have we met.”

“On this side of a hell dimension? Not likely” Kai snapped.

The woman’s features clouded over. “Oh you have been to hell too. Do you know Arcadeus?” she asked.

The humming grew louder. “What is that horrible sound” Luke snarled. “Do something, Kai!”

“Like what? I dont have magic!” Kai hissed.

“This isnt Hell, Kai. This is Mystic Falls!” Luke cried. “Dont let her touch me with those bloody fingers! Oh my god her breath reeks. Is that flesh! Oh my god!”

Kai felt a surge of anger. His brother was right. He wasnt in a prison world anymore. He wasnt crippled by the loss of magic.

He crouched, flattening his hand on the road. The unexpected wave of magic crashed through him. Racing through his veins, filling him with euphoria he had forgotten.

His head lifted. “Will the real slim shady please stand up” he announced.

The woman cocked her head in confusion.

Luke groaned.

Kai straightened, and with a wave of a hand sent the woman flying through the air. “Guess who is back?” he laughed gleefully.



The woman plowed through the building, the sound of glass breaking echoed in the dark night.

There was a moment, before boards were shifting. A groan was heard. The woman pushed herself out of the debris. “Well that was rude. You didnt introduce yourself!” she stomped her foot.

kai sighed. “This was alot of easier when I was dealing with the Salvatore brothers. I kill one. The other one cried.”

“yeah but you didnt kill them” Luke muttered.

“She doesnt know that” Kai shot back.

“Oh you know Damon?” the woman asked. “Oh why didnt you say so. This would have been alot easier.”

Kai sighed in resignation “Oh come on!” he cried. “You know Damon.”

“I think the whole female population of Mystic Falls knows Damon Salvatore.” Luke whispered.

“What is it with brooding vampires!” Kai sighed. “Either you are evil or you are not! Just pick one.”

The woman smoothed out her hair, smearing more blood all over the strands. “I am not a vampire.”

Kai frowned. “You were just eating a woman.”

“Yeah.  vampire’s suck blood. I eat human flesh.” the woman shrugged. “Big difference.”

“Yeah big difference, bro” Lucas sighed. “She is a cannibis.”

“no bro what the word you are looking for is a cannibal. You went to college! How do you not know these big words!”Kai snapped.

“Maybe because I had the life snuffed out of me before I could experience the whole college thing.”

“you graduated!”

“Do you usually talk to yourself, because I am getting bored here.” the woman kicked more debris out of the way. “I have places to be.”

“Oh so sorry to hold you up.” Kai snarled.

Anger flashed in the woman’s eyes. “You will be.”

A surge of power knocked Kai to the ground. Disoriented, Kai rolled to his feet. When he got up, the woman was gone.

“Kai!” Jo’s voice drew his attention to the human lying  a few feet away. “She is alive.” Jo was crouched over the human.

“Let her die, Jo” Kai sighed, even death couldnt keep Jo from helping others. It must be the Hippocratic Oath. Do no Harm. “Or put her out of her misery.”

Jo glared at Kai. “Help me.”

“Fine.” Kai marched over. “I dont know what I can do. I am not a doctor.” his words stop. His eyes widen in disbelief. “Bon Bon!”

Bonnie Bennett laid Jo’s arms, struggling to breath. “Do not call me that.” she hissed. “I think I am in hell, if I see you Kai.”

Kai fell to his knees beside her. “What happened. What the hell was that thing?”

“Please dont pretend you care.” her breath rattled in her lungs. “That thing is called a Siren.” her head turned to Jo. “You came.” she sighed. “I wasnt sure, if I could do it. I used up  my magic.” her eyes blurred with tears. She glared angrily at Kai. “I didnt realise that it would bring Kai back”

Jo smiled. “You did good, Bonnie.” she stroked her hair back “Kai will help you.”

It wasnt a question or a request. Kai sighed. “Last time we chatted you had no magick, what happened.” he laid his hands over Bonnie’s wounds. The Siren had done a surmountable damage to her body.

“Listen, you dont have much time.” Bonnie whispered, ignoring Kai. “Your girls are with them now. The Sirens. Two of them.”

Kai muttered an oath. His magic wasnt working.

Bonnie knocked Kai’s hands away from her. “What are you doing?” Kai exclaimed. “I am trying to help you”

“I dont need your help, Kai!” Bonnie’s breath rattled in her lungs. “Do you really think I would trust you after what you did to my friends”

Kai’s lips curled in a sneer. “You double crossed me. I was defending myself. Remember that spell I cast on your best friend Elena?You die. Elena wakes up”


“You cant help me!” Bonnie shouted. Her body seized with coughing, blood splattered on Jo’s dress. On Kai’s hands. “You cant help me!” her eyes focused on Kai. “Just find the twins and save them.”

Jo lowered Bonnie to the ground. “Kai, she is right. She is dying. You cant save her.”

  • season 8 episode 5: my god this series is becoming so ridiculous. I became inspired by the idea of Kai coming to save the girls. i just want Kai to come back♥









I had spent the day updating my blog.

Mostly my short stories  ♥♥♥

I found, much to my blushing cheeks, fan fiction a blogger a wrote about me some time ago. at least four stories.

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I really miss writing stories, drabbles and just whatever.



last night was spent having a lovely naughty conversation with a reader about our love for our favorite Star Fleet characters. To say “naughty” is an understatement” but it is always an enjoyable time.

OMG imagine an orgy with you, Seven, T’Pol, Tasha, Jadzia, and me!!! Then Dr Crusher can give me a hand job to collect a specimen for testing lol
Wow 4 fierce women?  you and I would be so exhausted! I would love it.

Better to die with a smile and being exhausted. I’d like to pretend to be Data. Fully functional!
That was a great episode! Just think you could go for days and make them cum endlessly

And as Data I would modify my positron if net to keep going but with the added bonus of installing a rejuvenating rehydration supplement with the right consistency and saltiness so when I came it would deliver a squirting stream of a few hundred millilitres with each android orgasm. I want to make sure I can cum in their mouths, on their tits, in their pussies and arses without getting too tired.
Hmm cover us well so I can lick it off their breasts and pussies and suck your cock while you fuck them

Mmm… You can mix my cum and their pussy juices for a drink. I think Data will need well shaped balls that when you squeeze with with your lips and tongue I squirt extra hard. Imagine titty fucking Seven and Data cumming a stream into your mouth while T’Pol is on her back with her mouth locked to your pussy and Tasha on her knees finger fucking and licking T’Pol’s tight Vulcan pussy…

I want Jadzia’s amazing legs wrapped around my head with my tongue buried deep in her sex
That is so sexy, especially since my lips and tongue is sliding up and down your cock, and Jadzia is helping me by sucking on your balls and we share a kiss full of cum

And then we make you the object of our attention. You’re riding me and I’m pounding your pussy, Tasha has a strap on in your arse while T’Pol sits on my chest and offers you her pussy to lick. Jadzia has your right tit in her mouth and Seven on your back with her lovely tits on your back and around your neck while Tasha has her fingers in Seven’s pussy and arse.

Jadzia is fingering herself and cumming ready to order a change in position
I spread her wide and begin to lick her clit, fingering her hole, making her cream all over me.as T’Pol sits on Jadzia’ face. You are fucking Seven from behind as Tasha is underneath her, alternating sucking your cock and licking Seven’s pussy.

Mmm….it’s all delicious. Kissing each of you deeply and licking your tits and nips. Deep tongue in your warm wet pussy.
Did you know that Data can also slowly increase the girth and length of his android penis so as he fills you with slow rhythmic movements you feel his dick get thicker and longer until you cum.

You stand up, Data is behind you and inserts his dick in your pussy, his hands on your hips grinding you. T’Pol kneels in front of you, one hand on your arse with a finger in your tight little arse and her lips on your clit feeling Data move in and out of you. Seven stands over T’Pol, her legs spread and she kisses you deeply while Jadzia and Tasha are licking your boobs, squeezing them and tweaking your nips. You cum and lose control and we all fall as we cum together
Hmm I kiss you and the girls caressing them
Stroking your cock
Jadzia sits on you, teasing your cock with her wet glistening pussy, letting your cock finally slide deep. She moans. I grip her by the hair, and ask her if she wants your cock.She says yes. Hard.
You grip her by the ass, and begin to thrust hard and fast. her breasts are bouncing with every thrust. she is crying out your name

Data takes command as he becomes more confident. He commands we all shower together. There is shower fucking. There is shower soaping and caressing. There is shower hose spraying and cleaning. Then there is drying with towels and robes. Hair driers are set to low and the warm air is used to dry hair and pussies. Data tells you all you dress in uniform for an inspection. Data uses his hands to ensure the uniforms are correctly worn. Then he tells you to change uniform into sexy cosplay uniforms revealing cleavage and flesh. Then one by one each of you is told to do a sexy strip tease and the judge will be the change in length of Data’s cock as he sits and watches. This is followed by lap dances with Data’s cock used as a pole. You do the final dance, you’re still wearing a lacy bra and knickers in Command red, the knickers are crotch less, you lower yourself on my pole and you’re declared the winner…
hmm i love being the winner!

Your prize is a one on one with each girl while everyone else looks on
oh yes please!

The prize also includes a night where we prepare you for sleep so that when you wake up refreshed it’s knowing that you’re being eaten out, each nipple is being caressed and sucked and as you open your eyes my cock is poised ready to enter your mouth and fill it with cum
wow now thats a wonderful prize! having my mouth filled with cum would be a morning treat!

Especially if it’s Data’s special morning glory cum smoothie tonic! Made to Star Fleet’s exacting specifications.
I would demand one every morning then! I would be one greedy lady! be prepared! I would suck you dry!

Hehe, I’d then demand you squirt as my tongue licks your clit and lips as I go down on you each night
I would grind my pussy into your face, begging you not to stop as I squirt all over you. my body is quivering at the thought!

Mmm… Licking your cum and scooping it with my hand and wiping your tits so I can lube them up and push my cock between them so I can spray your face
naughty man, I rather have cum in my mouth not on my face. 😉

Fair enough, as I handled your tits roughly and get to the point of no return I lift off your chest and push my erect cock down and you open your lips a stream of hot saltiness streams into your mouth.

There needs to be Star Trek: Sex! A five year mission for the USS Sex, an Intrepid Class ship of exploration and science, exploring inter species and android sexual behaviours. The captain is Rebecca  First Officer Data, Tactical Officer Tasha Yar, Physical Science Officer T’Pol, Biological Science Officer Jadzia Dax, Borg envoy Seven of Nine, and Chief Medical Officer Bevery Crusher. Commander Data is the perfect first officer for his Captain, occasionally taking the lead when necessary when his expertise is required.

Every morning the Captain expects her senior bridge officers to undertake special exercises that will pleasure sorry please her
oh i would so go for that.
make sure the officers are nice, ready for their missions. Cupping and kneading their firm round breasts to make sure they have the right uniforms.

Deep space exploration is so important. Being well groomed is a must.
sliding my hands in their pants to make sure they are so ready for any kind of invasion. fingering their wet pussies til they cum all over my hands. stroking their ass

Getting ready for a photon torpedo to penetrate them
The shields will be useless when the Captain feels horny
When Data leads away missions on the Delta Flyer with one or two other officers, on an Intrepid Class starship, the Captain has access to the Emergency Arousal Hologram who can satisfy all her requirements for a man while Data is away.
hmm the captain is always horny which is good thing there is a hologram 🙂
I might need both data and the hologram to satisfy my needs.

The EAH is always available to the Captain especially in her cabin and Ready Room
Good i might need my ass fucked

The Captain will occasionally need double penetration especially if her mouth is deep in T’Pol’s pussy
the captain really would enjoy that. especially, if T’pol is demanding extra attention from the captain. The captain wouldnt mind if Data is a little hard core on her ass either

Given Data’s strength there may be some butt grabbing and slapping. The Captain has a safe word but rarely uses it. Data’s cock loves being buried deep in the Captain’s arse.
Especially after Data’s cock has been lubed by Seven’s pussy juice
Occasionally the Captain commands B’Elanna Torres chief engineer to redirect bridge controls to the Captain’s bed so that when Jadzia takes the helm she can do while Tasha has her hand fisting her pussy.
Data’s cock can also be a joy stick for helm control which the Captain enjoys when she wants to undertake manual manoeuvres
the captain enjoys manual manoeuvres, especially when she is manoeuvring Seven over her face, to eat her out as Seven helps Jadzia with the helm.

Jadzia recalls ancient earth flying techniques and asks Seven to open her flaps to help the Captain with her manual manoeuvres!
Seven’s flaps like her lips are full and thick and very kissable

When it’s time for weekly physical examinations, sometimes Dr Crusher’s medical tricorder doesn’t work so Data cums to the rescue. “Doctor, the positronic matrix in my android cock can double as a medical tricorder with the advantage of a long probe function for deep examination.” “Well yes Commander Data, that is good, but for accuracy you will need to calibrate your medical cock. I suggest you probe my pussy and mouth so I can give it full certification to be used in the other officers.”
data slides his cock deep inside the doctor. she is amazed how thick and long he is. he tells her to make sure that for accuracy he must fuck her hard and long, in every position.
his cock is hitting her g spot making her squirt

the doctor works Data’s cock over he cant help but analyze how tight she is, how wet. she squirts more than the captain

Data has held a long attraction for the Doctor. He moves behind her, gently pushes her shoulders down so her hands and head are on a bed and he rubs his cock along her swelling pussy lips. He pushes in and she squeals, he thrusts and hits her G spot, he grabs her long red hair with both hands and thrusts in and out. The Doctor cums, her cum squirts between her pussy and Data’s cock. Data lets go of her hair with one hand and pulls out of her pussy and rubs the head of cock against the puckered edge of her chocolate starfish. The Doctor hesitates and inspires, she’s not used to anal, Data reassures her he need a rectal temperature reading, she agrees and Data pushes his cock in. The Doctor feels the pressure and then she pops. Data is in, her cum is an amazing lubricant. The Doctor squeals. Data squirts his warm cum inside her. Data pulls out and moves the Doctor to position her mouth so he can face fuck her. The Doctor objects. “That’s been in my shit hole. ” “Doctor my cum is an antiseptic. There’s no shit on this gleaming shaft. Open wide and swallow for me so I can probe your throat.” Data has his way with the Doctor’s mouth and throat and satisfies his Doctor fantasies. He pulls out and cums in the Doctor’s red hair leaving it a tangled sticky mess. “Data, that was amazing. Your medical cock tricorder is certified for use on all the other officers. Use it well and use it often. I will observe to make sure everyone gets a thorough examination.”

Mmm… I love the doctor’s tight pussy
the captain does too 😉

The Captain has a dry throat one night and calls the doctor to her captain’s suite…
Perhaps the good doctor provide a remedy? The doctor climbs on the captain’s face.
the doctor moans as the captain begins to tease her clit. “Are you sure this is the right remedy” the captain asks

Dressed in her Captain’s lingerie, the Doctor straddles the Captain’s face. “Captain, of course, trust me, I’m a doctor.”
The doctor’s fingers work behind her fingering the lacy material of the Captain’s bra
The doctor feels the Captain’s nipples harden and grow in size
The Doctor’s pert breasts are feeling firm
the captain moans. she loves the massage she is getting.

Her nipples feeling the cool air of the Captain’s cabin
The doctor kneads the captain’s breasts
pinching and rolling the nipples between her fingers. the captain moans. The doctor directs the captain to her pussy. “Start there.” the captain begins to lick the doctor, as the doctor continues her massage

The doctor turns around so the Captain can still lick her medical pussy and so the Doctor has better access to the Captain’s breasts.
The doctor bends down and blows warm air onto the Captain’s mons
The Captain is getting wet, the warm breath cools the Captain’s pussy lips
“Captain, your dry throat should feel better. Soon it will feel very wet. I will tell you when.”
slowly the doctor spreads the captain’s pussy lips, and slides her tongue over the captain’s clit.

As the doctor licks the captain’s engorged clit she whispers, “Captain, your throat will get very wet now” and the doctor squirts her medical officer cum into the captain’s mouth.
“Drink my cum Captain.”
the captain licks and laps every drop of the Doctors cum, burying her tongue deep to tongue fuck her so the doctor would cum again

“Mmm… Captain, that feels so good. I know I’m making you feel better, and you are making me feel good too. ” “I have a special prescription for you.”
“I will need Commander Data to report to my surgery at 5.30 am every morning for the next five days.”
“Commander Data has a special component in his positronic matrix cock that when mixed with my cum will be the perfect tonic for your throat.”
“Commander Data will need to cum in me and then I will come to your room. You will eat my pussy and I will cum in your mouth. The combined cum will heal your throat.”
“I call it Crusher’s Cure”

“Well Doctor, under Star Fleet regulations, when it comes or cums to my health you outrank me”
The doctor winks, “I know Captain, I know”
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Teen Wolf Transition: Scott’s Love Life Will Explore Uncharted Territory In Season 6

Will Scott McCall find love during this upcoming season of ‘Teen Wolf’?

Source: Teen Wolf Transition: Scott’s Love Life Will Explore Uncharted Territory In Season 6


The library was empty. The shadows crept in from the corners, escaping the moonlight that poured in from the windows.

I waited in between the stacks, straining to hear Scott’s footsteps. The Alpha of Beacon Hills  had not been too happy with me.

I held my breath, praying he could not sense my presence.

“I know you are here. I can hear your heartbeat” Scott called out.

I cursed silently. I stepped out.

“Hello, Scott.” I murmured.

“I thought we had this discussion” Scott began, “I’m not in a good place right now. Mentally, emotionally, I can’t get involved with anyone, it wouldn’t be right.”

“Right for who?”

“for both of us.” Scott sighed. “It wouldn’t be fair to you.”

I stepped closer, till we were inches apart. The energy resonating  around Scott was tantalizing. Hunger, anger, sadness and there was something else too. Hope?

My heart pounding, I touched him. He tensed. My fingers skimmed over his chest to rest on his shoulders.

“You’ve been in love with a Hunter. You have been in love with a kitsune.” I chuckled. “I’m afraid I am out of their league. I’m just ordinary. Is that why you are running, Scott?”

His breath fanned on my lips, hot and fast. “I don’t want to see you hurt.”

“Don’t worry about hurting me, Scott. In fact, I like a little pain with my pleasure.”

-ha, Scott single during season 6! He is with me!



If only I could get my scattered brain together I would write a story with Sherlock, Bobby Goren interrogating Nicole Wallace. Because the idea of Goren Leaning and Sherlock Observing and Nicole buttering both their parsnips is blowing my mind!!!!

Now my brain blowing up!   Nicole interrogating Moriarty when she finds out he has Goren.



I loved this video so much! Mostly because I love Spike! I love James Marsters!
When I was younger, my friends and I used to do alot of imaginings about our favorite tv star,character, pop star, crush etc.
Fan fiction wasn’t even a concept then. (am I totaling carbon-dating myself there?)
I thought we were a little nerdy and scandalous! We wrote alot of smutty stuff!
We would huddle in the library, exchange stories that we wrote, compare stories, critique them.
My crush actually had been spending alot of time in the library, just so he could over hear the stories we would write about him. (embarrassing!!!)
until I read some fan fic online I thought we were x-rated! My eyes bugged out when I read what 12 year olds were writing about!
I really wish that we had tumblr back then, or some other kind of site that had fanfic and imaginings! My god, we would have been in heaven!

This weekend I spent a great deal doing a lot fan-girling. Reading some fan-fic. watching YouTube videos.
Especially alot of Janoskians.

When Jai and Luke were reading a fan fic about Beau and Skip I got to thinking. Do celebrities read fan fic? Do they enjoy it? do they find it embarrassing? Flattering?

I wrote alot of fanfic about Howie D of BSB. Some about Tony from NoDoubt. Alot about Paul Michael Valley (ryan Harrison Another world)
I lost alot of the stories when I moved.

Thats the one thing I love about fan-girling and fandoms, I can share my love of a celebrity and imaginings with others! ♥
Kind of embarrassed with my nerdiness! ^_^