Trip’s Time Out | tripx713

Fiction Trip’s wife looks at Miss Becky and sees why Trip went to such pains to hide their affair. Miss Becky has those eyes, the ones that make a man want to do anything to gain their favor. She a…

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I enjoyed this story by Trip. It was written with thought and alot of sexiness and emotion. Very wonderful!

Time Out | tripx713

Fiction I’m sitting here trying hard not to daydream because I have so much work to do with a definite due date, but this one scene keeps replaying in my mind’s eye. My wife wearing a large, horse …

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what a sexy daydream Trip has! Imagination! I dont think I have quite an imagination like his! 🙂

I Just Had to See | tripx713

I rapped on her door with urgency. She opened it after a minute barrage, “Yes…?”

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Oh that Trip! So mischievous! What a great sexy story! How does he keep doing it?!

Swapping Partners | tripx713

All this fun because Becky asked us if we wanted to Swap Partners.

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Trip wrote another sexy story! How does he do it! My goodness! Very sexy very hot! I enjoyed reading this one very much!

Comforting Becky Again

A wonderful sexy story! I certainly enjoyed reading before bed! Whew! Hot!



I felt her side of the bed shifting as I lay there trying to fall asleep after a night of intense sexual pleasure. It was a full three months after the last time and I’d missed her dreadfully. I found her key to the apartment right where she said it would be and let myself in. I was in the shower when she arrived home and she joined me. I love soapy wet bodies and hers was a familiar treat. Our passion reignited in those first few minutes as we embraced intimately; then I heard a female voice outside the door, “Come on you two; I need to take one as well.”

My eyes bugged out, “Who’s that Becky?”

She kissed my lips, “Just a girl with a fine ass to join us for a couple of days.”

“You think of everything Miss Becky.”

“Well, maybe not everything, but…

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Comforting Becky | tripx713

“It’s going to be ok baby; it was just a bad dream.”

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A sexy-sweet way to be comforted after a nightmare! A story written by Trip!

Becky’s drive-thru

a story written by Trip!
Now if only I could have drive thru fun like that!
wow I would be very happy! exhausted too!



Older woman…mid 50’s

Becky offers to coach the woman after hearing her widow story and her fear in ordering.

The woman befriends Becky and then tells her what killed her hubby….finding out that his wife was a closeted bi-sexual with a desire for younger women (about Becky’s age).

SEX and lots of it.

Becky was in first window and the day couldn’t have been much worse. Her eyes had already twitched several times, and she’d already thrown not one, but two cups and she’d only been in there for eighty-seven minutes! Then she got the following customer with some sort of issue ordering.


Becky sighed loudly, “I’m right here. You don’t have to say hello, just give me your order.”

“Well…I don’t really know what I want.”

Another sigh, “A drink? Food? Dessert?”

“This is my first time ordering, so I really don’t know where anything is on…

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A dream in a dream about Becky

A sexy dream written by Trip! wow!



My wife woke me up the other morning, “Who the fuck is Becky?!”

“Umm..what? I don’t know a Becky the way you’re implying.”

“Yeah. Sure. I bet that’s the slut you’re fucking at work.”

I was exasperated, “For the umpteenth time. I’m not fucking anyone but you. Besides, I spend all my free time with you. When would I have time to fuck anyone else?”

“You better not be or you’ll pay.”

I had been dreaming and it was about Becky. I was holding her in my arms, asleep. My semi-erection was between the warm cheeks of her ass as precum oozed out, making her asshole slippery. The slight movements from her made my penis enlarge, reaching its full length and girth. It also made it sensitive to any and all movements from Becky. Soon I was stroking her ass crack with my cock and this made her excited.

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Sentient Beings

Trip was inspired by one of my stories! This one is hot! Thank you, Trip!



I’ve been turned on all day following this short yet sweet post by Becky. Here is the story it prompted:

Trip sat on Becky’s couch, painfully aware of his other member, his erection now screaming, “Just go fuck her! I doesn’t matter that she’s in there, finger fucking a girl she picked up at the grocery store. She won’t mind if you slide me into her pussy.”

Trip stayed put, his ears being caressed by the moans coming from Becky’s bedroom as she slammed her digits into the hot blonde now laying on her back on Becky’s bed. He was fighting a losing battle though, as the sentient being between his legs found ways to successfully persuade him to bend him to the naughty will of his cock.

Becky was standing between the unnamed girl’s thighs; her knees pushed up and apart quite wide giving her full access to…

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Here is a short erotic sexy piece submitted by Anindya  a follower on my blog.  I hope you all enjoy it! Why you are it, why not check out his blog. It is wonderful!

Last night you tormented with those pictures you send me on my phone. Those seductive looks with your left hand cupping your big round juicy left tit while your right-hand fingers on your pink juicy clitoris, pulling those walls a little wider for me to have a good look inside that was fucking hot. I couldn’t wait to see you Rebecca.want to see you really bad. 

The day started with that tingling excitement to see you. Almost by ten in the morning, I was there at the mall. While wondering around aimlessly looking at the shops and the crowds of sexy things in all shapes and sizes, suddenly I caught the glimpse of you, walking towards me, with that inviting smile and those ever-engaging eyes the first two shirt buttons were open, casually, to give me a sneak peek at that deep cleavage of yours, the red bra was quite visible through that white shirt, almost a see-through, outlining the shapes of the breasts I love so much. Damn! 

Rebecca came close to me, hold my hand hugging me, and whispering in my left ear, “Am I late?’’ 

“no baby” came my reply. As we both hurriedly went inside the movie. We had deliberately decided to see the most boring movie, the most unpopular one, the least viewed one that week. and likewise, the movie had very few people inside. 

We became comfortable in the plush couple seat, the recliners, that goes into a bed like position. 🙂 how badly we were waiting for the lights to go out! 

Rebecca just laid back her head on my left shoulders and looked up to me in those ever-seductive eyes. as my left hand was over her shoulder and lying casually on her left breast. feeling the whole mound of it even with the shirt and the bra. My lips touched hers, she responded with flicking her tongue inside my mouth, licking my tongue, while her lips ravaged mine, she took control, she wanted in charge. and she was. 🙂  

With my right hand, I slowly started to open the other buttons of her shirt and slide my left hand into her bra. her tit was warm, round, I can feel the heavy breathing on her chest, as I started pumping her tit, gently stroking her nipples with my fingers, already taut and beginning to respond both of my hands were on her boobs, stroking them, pumping them, cupping them as I can feel my dick becoming tight and expanding in my pants, I can hear her moaning softly with the touch of my hands on her big round shapely boobs, and her perfect brown chocolate nipples, as our tongues ravaged each other. 

Rebecca started to open my zippers and belt frantically, I couldn’t wait any longer too. as I slid my hand slowly into her slack and her panty, she was wearing the matching red one I love so much. she was sweating inside and her pussy was already wet.  

I slowly caressed her little hairs on her pubic area, slid my fingers to stroke her pussy walls gently, it seems s if her wet pussy was pulling my fingers in. gently I pushed two of my fingers into her clitoris, pushing it further inside. she was already whispering into my ears. 

“more, baby, more” 

as I finger fucked her with slow motions, then picking it up pushing inside, in and out, both of my fingers. 

Rebecca pulled out her left breast from her bra, pulled my head down on it, and I started licking her nipples, while I finger fucked her. it felt so good, she was going wild, I can feel that, as her right hand was inside my pants, grabbing my junior. 

it’s big and hard by now, she started pulling it, she wanted me to cum in her hands, I can feel her urgency. as I increased to fuck her pussy harder with my fingers, she started to pull and shag me harder, she was almost on top of me now, in the recliner in a lying position.  her boobs pressing my face, her pussy completely wet, her juices started flowing on my fingers, as she pulled out my fingers, and started rubbing her wet pussy on my dick, slowly, in up and down motion, not allowing me to 

enter her, but rubbing her walls, her pink spot, her wet juices on my dick, making me more hard and big 

you are beautiful Rebecca just fucking beautiful. 

And then she pushed my dick with her right hand slowly inside her pussy, my dick sliding inside her wet pussy, as she takes slow rhythmic motion lying on top of me. fucking me, riding me in the lying position, my dick coming out and going in, while her warm sweaty boobs caressing my face, and me biting her nipples with soft nibbles. Rebecca, fucking me, picking up the speed, whispering in my ears,  

“u like it babe, u like it? cum with me, cum with me…”…she was riding me faster. faster now. as we came. we can feel the shudder in our bodies. Rebecca, all sweaty, soft and beautiful, rested slowly on my chest, as her lovely boobs rubbed against mine. 

Kissing her softly……holding her tight…..we both knew we wanted to do this again……. 🙂 ….in the movie…. that was bigger the fun 🙂