Tanning Becky

An interesting sexy story by Trip!



Don’t ask me how, but my wife allowed me to invite Miss Becky to our house for a week. She’d found my blog and despite the anger and disappointment, she wanted to meet the woman I’d been conversing with. She told her, “I want to look you in the eyes so I can understand what it is about you that turns him on so much.”

Two days later, Miss Becky was at the airport, asking to be picked up. Since I’m the only one that drives in the city, I was elected to pick her up, with my wife riding shotgun. We arrived about half an hour after Miss Becky’s plane landed and she already had her single suitcase since she hadn’t planned on wearing much clothing.

My wife saw her first and I heard her say under her breath, “She’s pretty.” I looked in the direction my wife…

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Cabin Fever — tripx713

Now it was my turn, my desires to be fulfilled and I wasted no further time with her needs.

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Trip wrote a sexy story that could melt snow it was so hot! Cabin fever? His idea for curing cabin fever would be certainly enjoyable !

LL Bean | tripx713

Trip wrote another story. I waited until I got home to read it.  My clit was already sensitive during the day, and I was glad I did. If I read at work, I would have had soaked panties!

It was a great story! Sexy sweet! He outdid himself this time!

Inspired by her blog, I went to visit Becky and try to make some fantasies come true.

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POV – Mistress Becky — tripx713

I read this story before bed! Wow! I am glad I did! it left me very hot and bothered!

I enjoy Trip’s stories they are sexy and leaves the reader wanting more! or at least to cum! 🙂


Fiction My mouth waters just watching hers as it slowly engulfs my semi-hard cock. I wonder if she’ll still be able to take it all once it gets hard: I won’t have to wait long as it’s growing in her mouth and into her throat. I see her eyes as they widen while I thicken […]

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pov – Becky

Whew! Trip knows how to write a sexy story! This had me squirming just before work!
Loved it!



It always amazed me as I watched my thick rod moving in and out as the folds of her pussy grasped my erection as if to say, “No, please don’t leave.” Then, as I pushed back in, the folds of delicious flesh disappear, sucking me deep inside. Her glistening juices coating my cock with each outward stroke, abetting the inward thrust to begin the dance once again. Her soft moans as I penetrate her fully and then the ahh’s, and gasping groans as I leave that treasured place.

I love watching the act of penetration, especially with one as wet and wild as Becky. Her pussy weeps cum as I slide repeatedly into her. Her squirting orgasms only enhance the act, the grip of her sex as it climaxes, and the thin clear discharge that tastes so divine. To rail her until she gushes forth, pulling my cock from…

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Their fear was almost tangible.
She could almost taste the acrid smell, as she walked briskly down the hall.
It was coming from the library.
She could hear their raised voices, their racing heartbeats.
The students were afraid.
Of what?!
“Look! He is fine! Cory is fine!” the almost familiar male voice rose above the others. The tone was calm but edged with panic. “Just a scratch!”
Mason glanced about the library, he held up Cory’s hand. He could feel Cory trembling. Pain. Anger. Who knew, but Cory was breathing hard.
Nolan held his pen, still dripping with Cory’s blood. His eyes were alight with a strange glow, his features twisted into a horrible smile. He slowly turned on his heel and held up his pen. “Just a scratch?” he echoed. He lunged at him. “Then let’s see how he heals from this!”
The students screamed as Mason pushed Cory out of the way, and slammed into Nolan. They collided the force of Mason’s body knocking Nolan into the table. He rolled over the table and landed. While Nolan sprawled into the chairs.
Wincing from pain, Mason straightened and circled Nolan to Cory’s side. “You need to chill, Nolan. I don’t know what your problem is but you need to chill!” he insisted.
“You!” Breathing hard, Nolan kicked a chair off him and slowly rose to his feet. “There is something about you and your boyfriend! Your friends! This school!”
The students murmured around Mason, agreeing with Nolan. Cory inched closer to Mason. “We should leave,” Cory whispered. “Something isn’t right!”
“I know.” Mason muttered. “Its Nolan. It’s like he is paranoid.”
“Or afraid,” Cory added.
Mason and Cory met each other’s eyes, both remembering the rats that they had found in the underground tunnels. The rats that turned on each other in fear.
The students were fidgeting. Anxious. “Like the Rat King,” Cory spoke out loud.
Breathing hard, Nolan advanced. “Ever since that night in the library, I have been having nightmares. I can see them!”
“See who, Nolan?” Mason asked.
“The monsters!”
Le Bete. Mason tensed. The Monster that had possessed him. Or maybe it was the Ghost Riders. He had lost count of how many monsters there had been in Beacon Hills. He curled his fingers into fists. “There was a gas leak remember.”
“There was no gas leak!” Nolan shouted. “Half of our La Crosse team disappeared like it was nothing! My friends disappeared and everyone reacted like it was nothing! Like they didn’t exist!”
“Calm down, Nolan” Cory murmured.
“Do. Not. Tell. ME. to Calm. Down. You freak!” Nolan hissed. Nostrils flaring, his fingers curled into fists at his side, Nolan looked ready to charge again. Mason tensed. The students’ mumbling under their breaths became louder, they were anxious. Their eyes wild.
“Nolan is getting out of control,” he whispered to Cory. “His fear is going to cause mass hysteria.”
“We need to get everyone out of here!” Cory agreed.
“Why are you two whispering.” Nolan laughed. “What kind of secret are you keeping?”
Mason frowned. “Nolan you need to stop this.” he shook his head. “Something isnt right here.”
“You are all freaks!” Nolan shouted. He raised the pen again.
“Mr. Nolan, this is a library not an auditorium for your theatrics.” a feminine voice called out.
The sound of heels clicking on the tiles drew the students attention away from Mason, Cory, and Nolan. A woman emerged from the stacks.
“Who are you?! You are one of them? Arent you? A freak!” Nolan barely finished his sentence
Without warning her hand snapped out reaching for Nolan’s wrist.
He let out a cry of pain as she twisted it. “We have zero tolerance for violence on school grounds.” she declared. “I assume you will apologize to your classmates for being a disruption.”
Mason’s eyes widen as she raised her head. Her features were calm and serene. But her eyes glowed yellow. “I believe they cannot hear you.”
“I am sorry.” Nolan gasped out.
“I am sorry I was being so disruptive.” the woman insisted.
“I am sorry I was,” he gasped as the woman tightened her hold. “being so disruptive.”
“There we are.” her voice was gentle and soft. “If you would like to return to studying you may, or you may leave.” she smiled. She slowly released Nolan.
Nolan staggered back, his eyes wide. Grabbing his books and backpack he pushed past them.
The students huddled together murmuring amongst themselves. As if remembering where she was, the woman turned to them. “Nolan was just having a bad night.” her voice was soft. “Were you studying?”
There was a moment of frozen silence, then the students began to move. Chairs scraped noisily as they sat back in their seats. they chattered excitedly amongst themselves for a moment as they opened their books.
Bewildered Mason and Cory stared at the woman and their classmates. “They are acting like nothing happened. But a few moments ago they were so afraid they were going to turn on us!” Mason hissed.
Corey nodded. “Hypnosis?”
Mason shook his head. “No, I can still feel it.”
Corey touched his boyfriend’s hand. “Your fear?” he whispered.
“You don’t understand Corey.” Mason choked. “I see it everywhere. I feel like I am suffocating on it.”
“It gets worse when he is around.” the woman murmured.
Corey and Mason blinked. “What?”
“the faceless man.” the woman murmured. “it amplifies your fear. And feeds off it. Nolan’s fear? Was just a drop of what he could do.”

  • Inspired by teen wolf season 6 episode 13 after images. What if someone had just eased the tension a bit in the library?
  • Best way to build an army is through fear -Gerard Argent

Good Girl

In my bath relaxing. Reading Trip’s latest story! It’s very sexy! Thank you, Trip!



“If you’re a good girl, I’ll grant that wish of yours.”


“Now, now there, that’s it, just a little wider…yeah. Perfect.”

He sat back and admired her, hands trussed up above her head in fine knot work. Her mouth stuffed full of a ball gag that allowed her to drool, moan, and make noises, but no words. She looked absolutely stunning with a trail of slick sputum dripping out the corner of her mouth, down her chin and dropping onto her right breast.

Meanwhile, that glorious slit between her legs was also drooling…cum that is. A small bullet vibrator was slowly working its magic deep inside of her. A puddle of slick wetness already pooled at her ass crack where it met the rubber sheets. It never ceased to amaze him how she liked this; bound at the wrists, legs agape and unable to do anything but enjoy…

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Becky’s horrible day

Wow now I wouldn’t mind my horrible day ending like that! lol I did have a horrible day today!



If it could go wrong today, it did. Cups were thrown, customers wrong ordering corrected with much friction and Becky had had enough! Her shift couldn’t have ended any sooner. She opted to walk home to cool off. Striding past the grocery store she remembered she needed just a couple of items. The produce section always seemed to help center her after a bad day and today was the worst.

She was handling the cucumbers, lost in thought about their phallic shape when she heard a soft voice, “You need help selecting the right one?”

She turned into the gaze of the most beautiful woman she’d ever seen; Black hair with fleckings of silver, blue grey eyes that seemed to pierce and soothe at the same time, soft flesh on her cheeks, a long supple neck that seemed to plunge straight down between her ample breasts, a tummy that…

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A Million Dollars – 5

Hmm another instalment of The Million dollars story! Sexy! I enjoyed this one!
I read it at work! 😂😜💦💦


Here is the next installment of the story. I’d almost forgotten about this sordid tale of Trip and Becky.


Trip was done with Holly for now. He sent her out to go get her MILF mother for tomorrow’s sexual tryst. Until she returned though, it would be Trip and Becky alone. Becky was exhausted from being used and Trip knew it. He kissed and embraced Becky lovingly and tenderly, helping her to relax. Then he suggested that they get some much needed sleep.

Becky nuzzled against Trip’s chest and soon was fast asleep. A few minutes later, she turned in his arms, her back against his chest. He spooned against her with his rising erection splitting her ass cheeks; precum oozed freely from the tip into her crack. Then he too fell asleep, holding her tightly.

Several hours later, Becky awoke, Trip’s arms still encircling her. She could feel…

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Haunting Becky

A sexy sexy story by Trip. I’m happy I finished reading it before bed, or I would have had really wet panties at work.
Thank you Trip!



I’ve been turned on all day following yet another short sweet post by Becky. Here is the story it prompted:

I guess texting and walking is as deadly as texting and driving. I felt no pain and soon I was standing there looking at my body that was quite mangled by the trash truck that I hadn’t seen whilst looking at my phone. I had been looking at one of Becky’s naughtier posts on WordPress and then I was standing there looking at my dismembered self.

Why hadn’t I gone on? Why was I still here? Then I remembered; I was supposed to take over Becky’s body and help her experience her naughty fantasies. Before I got to her though, I wanted to practice on others, and get a feel for the experience. Just like in Beetlejuice, I found a handbook that showed me how to do certain…

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