Haunting Becky

A sexy sexy story by Trip. I’m happy I finished reading it before bed, or I would have had really wet panties at work.
Thank you Trip!



I’ve been turned on all day following yet another short sweet post by Becky. Here is the story it prompted:

I guess texting and walking is as deadly as texting and driving. I felt no pain and soon I was standing there looking at my body that was quite mangled by the trash truck that I hadn’t seen whilst looking at my phone. I had been looking at one of Becky’s naughtier posts on WordPress and then I was standing there looking at my dismembered self.

Why hadn’t I gone on? Why was I still here? Then I remembered; I was supposed to take over Becky’s body and help her experience her naughty fantasies. Before I got to her though, I wanted to practice on others, and get a feel for the experience. Just like in Beetlejuice, I found a handbook that showed me how to do certain…

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Well Trip I finished the story you requested!  

I wasnt sure what you wanted or what you desired. so I hope you enjoy it.

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Trip was prepping his wading pool. Spending the rest of afternoon enjoying the sun on his naked body was what he looked forward to during his work day.
“Hey, Trip!” A loud booming voice startled him. He whirled around to find his neighbor wandering into his yard.
Trip grimaced. Great! the last thing he wanted to do was chew the fat and waste the few hours of hot sun!
Kevin Miller wasn’t a bad guy, just had a way of making others look like peons. He was around Trip’s age. In his late 40’s or early 50s.  Athletic, a former football championship ring under his belt or so he liked to brag. He had married his high school sweetheart, ran a successful business.
“Hey, Kevin!” Trip greeted him reluctantly.
“What are you doing with that kiddie pool!” Kevin gestured, “aren’t you a bit too old for it?”
Trip laughed half heartedly. “I am going to enjoy a beer and relax.”
“In that? Get out!” Kevin stared at Trip thoughtfully. “Say, you haven’t been by my place yet have you?”
Trip tried not to roll his eyes. “No Kevin I haven’t.”
“Well, I have a huge jacuzzi! Huge! Come on! You want to relax in that? Or do you want to relax in an outdoor 8 man piece of heaven? My wife will make us snacks we can drink beer watch tv on a plasma screen.”
Trip stared at his beloved pool. The offer was very tempting. He dropped the hose, turned off the tap. “So I guess I can relax for awhile.”
“Great!” Kevin pounded his back enthusiastically. “Come on. I will introduce you to my wife!”
Trip followed Kevin to Kevin’s house. The house was quite bigger than Trip anticipated. Gold black and white splashed the walls, floors, and ceilings giving it a most pretentious air. A sprawling stair case led to the second floor.
Kevin led Trip into the kitchen. It was huge. Granite countertops marble floors and stainless steel appliances were in a wide open space. Trip surmised everything about the house was huge. He wondered if it was because Kevin was lacking in another area. He smirked.
A woman stood at the island centered in the kitchen. She wore her hair in a neat french braid that cascaded down one shoulder. Her skin was golden from the sun. Having children had rounded her body into voluptuous curves. Heavy breasts that peeked from underneath her satin like robe. A tiny waist yet flaring wide hips. She was in great shape.
“Hey, babe!” Kevin bellowed. “This here is Trip. Our neighbor next door. Trip this is my wife Roxy!” he sauntered up behind her, planting his hands on her hips. He kissed her temple and must have said something in her ear because she giggled. “Go on Trip take a seat!” Kevin went on. “Just gonna get a few beers and some food before we go on out to the Jacuzzi!”
He disappeared into the pantry leaving Roxy and Trip alone.
Roxy glided out from behind the counter, her eyes on Trip. “Hmm I couldn’t wait to meet you Trip!” she toyed with the sash of her robe.
Trip’s eyes were riveted. His heartbeat skipped a beat, his cock stirred in his shorts. Hardening under the heat of the woman’s gaze.
“Really?” he answered.
“Yes,” she replied. “You see Trip, your clients’ wives like to talk.” he could feel the heat of her eyes as they slowly perused his body. “How you fuck. How you make them cum.” her words were almost like a taunt. “How you used their bodies to satisfy your animalistic needs!”
Roxy’s words made him frown. Animalistic needs? Seriously? He could feel the darkness in him awakening. “Is that what I am doing here, Roxy?” he reached out to touch her. Her skin was so soft, her pulse racing as he spread his fingers across her throat. “You want me to fuck you?”
Roxy didn’t blink. “Yes.”
“What about your husband? He is in the other room.” Trip asked quietly.
“Well,” Roxy became hesitant.
“This isn’t a game. You wanted me here to fuck you. Yes or no?” Trip stood suddenly taking Roxy by surprise.
“Wait! What are you doing?” Roxy gasped as Trip kissed her. Roxy made a sound of protest, grappling with Trip as he tugged on her robe. Ripping it off her shoulders, revealing her breasts and pussy.
Her pussy was neatly trimmed, a little tattoo of a rose on her hipbone.
Trip groaned in approval, his mouth nipping her throat and collarbone.
“Trip, oh my god!” she cried as his mouth took one of her nipples into his mouth the other breast was being kneaded. She made a half attempt to struggle with him, but his mouth and tongue taking turns with her nipple.
He hoisted her up onto the counter. Again Roxy batted at him, but Trip spread her open. He admired her slit. Her pussy lips were a darker pink, he thumbed them open to find her clit was swelling with her arousal. He glanced back up at her.
Roxy’s features were flushed with desire. Tendrils of hair escaped her braid and she once more made a half attempt to stop him. “Please Trip what if Kevin walks in.” she pleaded.
Trip debated about it. The idea of fucking Foxy in front of her husband was turning him on, especially the thought of having Kevin joining in. Yet Roxy had been flaunting herself he was going to take her up on it.
“Then he will see what a slut of a wife he has.” Trip gripped her chin. “And you are slut aren’t you, Roxy?”
Roxy glared at Trip. “Fuck you Trip!”
He smacked her ass, startling her. “Ow!’
“You are a slut!” he smacked her again.
“Yes! Yes, I am!”
“Good, now get on your knees and show me what kind of slut did Kevin married!” Trip grabbed her by the hair and hauled her off the counter.Forcing her to her knees. He jerked off his shorts. Roxy’s eyes went wide when her eyes fell on his cock. Holding her head still, he teased her lips with his cock.
Her mouth parted. Her lips spread over the head of his cock. Trip groaned as the heat of her breath whispered over him, followed by the hot rasp of her tongue. Her throat worked as he pushed more of his cock into her mouth, her nostrils flaring as she fought to breathe. “Damn girl, you’re getting all of my cock in that sexy mouth of yours.” Trip gasped. “Oh fuck!”
Roxy grunted. Her hands gripped his thighs, but he slapped at her. “Don’t fucking use your hands! Only your mouth.” he told her. He began to thrust his hips, face fucking her.
Roxy gagged, which made Trip hornier. Saliva dripped down into his pubic hair onto his balls. Her slurping noises echoed in the huge kitchen.
“You like sucking my cock, don’t you slut?” Trip asked her. His hips flexed in powerful movements making her gag again. He released her, and she fell back onto her bum. Her make up smeared face pleased him.
“You could have done better.” Trip mused. “but it will do for now. Get over here.”
Trembling, Roxy got back on her knees. “Why?”
“so I can fuck that ass of yours.” Trip muttered.
Roxy’s eyes shifted past him. Trip frowned. He turned but it was too late. Darkness crashed over him.
It was sometime later when Trip awoke. His head was pounding. Every part of him hurt. He could hear angry voices erupting around him, making his head worse. He slowly became aware that something wasn’t right. First of all, he was tied down. That made the fuzzy cobwebs from his brain clear. The second thing he noticed? he was gagged.
What the fuck!
Only it wasn’t a cloth gag!
It was a dildo gag!
He made a sound, but only gurgled around the leather strapped to his face.
“You were on your knees sucking his cock!” was that Kevin?
“Yes I was.” the cool voice was Roxy. “Watch your tone.”
“Yes, Mistress.” Kevin’s sudden chastised voice made Trip stiffened.
What the fuck was going on.
“Are you awake, Trip?” Roxy moved into Trip’s peripheral. “I have to apologize for Kevin’s behavior. He was out of line. ”
Trip grunted.
“I see. ” Roxy was nude as well as Kevin. Only Kevin was wearing a collar. “As you can guess, Kevin had hoped to please me by bringing me a new playmate. Only he became jealous when he saw I was subservient to you. Instead of the other way around.” Roxy gripped Kevin’s chin.
“Kevin is a very good husband but is very lacking in some areas. Aren’t you, Kevin?”
Kevin hung his head. “Yes, Mistress.”
“You wanted to please me, didn’t you Kevin?” Roxy narrowed her eyes.
“Yes, Mistress.”
“But you made me angry.”
Trip was bewildered what was going. He struggled to free himself, but the leather bonds tying him to the bed were tight. Fuck!
“I am sorry Mistress.”
Roxy shoved Kevin aside and sauntered to the bed where Trip laid. The bed dipped where she climbed on. Lying beside him, she ran one manicured nail along his chest. “You were pleasing me very well before we were interrupted. No one ever made me that wet.” Roxy purred.
Trip grunted. Glaring at her, Trip tried to avoid her touch.
“No one.” she pinched one of Trip’s nipples. “and you will please me, Trip.”
Her braid swung hitting him in the face, when she turned to Kevin. “Come here, Kevin.”
Kevin strode to the bed. “How should I please you, my Mistress” Kevin’s features were clear he didnt want Trip on his bed.
Without a word, Roxy pointed to Trip.
Kevin’s expression became blank void of emotion. He climbed onto the bed. His hands were cool on Trip’s thighs. Trip was startled as the other man took his balls in one hand, twisting slightly. Trip yelped in surprise. Pain coursed through him. Without warning, Kevin lowered his head, taking Trip’s cock into his mouth.
Trip groaned. Where Roxy’s mouth was soft inviting and hungry, her husband was angry and insistent.
Waves of pleasure coursed through Trip. The other man certainly knew how to suck cock. Straining at the bonds that held him, Trip’s hips surged. Kevin grunted. The sound vibrating around his cock, intensified the sensations. Trip threw back his head, and moaned.
Roxy reached over to hold Kevin’s head, drawing him up and down over Trip’s cock. “Where is the lube, dear” she asked ever so sweetly.
Trip stiffened. What?
Kevin released Trip, and got off the bed. He disappeared for a moment. He returned, a condom on his cock, lubing his cock. He tossed Roxy the lube.
Trip’s eyes widen, as he watched Roxy coat her fingers with the lube. Kevin knelt on the bed, gripping Trip by the ankles he pushed them up to Trip’s chest.
Trip grunted. Fuck, how the hell did he find himself in this predicament. All he wanted was to sunbathe nude. He made a half ass attempt to struggle in protest.
“You can’t stop this from happening.” Roxy purred. “You might as well enjoy it. My husband despite his lack of finding my clit, has no problem making men come from his cock.”
Trip had no doubt there. Kevin was hung like a horse. Trip’s asshole clenched at thought of being fucked by it. Excitement made his heart race. His blood pulsed in his ears.
His thoughts a jumble, he watched as Roxy arrange herself so she could lube his asshole. Trip’s breath hitched. Slowly, Roxy teased Trip’s asshole. Flicking it. Easing her finger in then out to play with his perineum.
“You aren’t the first play mate Kevin brought home, Trip. Kevin hopes you will be the last.” Roxy murmured as she pressed her finger in. “Kevin cant wait to fuck you with his cock.”
Trip couldnt wait either. Watching the other man’s cock bob before him, he wondered if his asshole was going to be destroyed by it.
“I am going to enjoy it as well.” Roxy whispered.
She had her finger into the knuckle, Trip felt sweat bead on his skin. Heat on the back of his skin. She was widening him up with every stroke of her finger. Soon she had three fingers deep inside his ass.
“Thats enough, Roxy” it was Kevin who spoke.
Roxy smiled. “Alright Kevin.” she rolled off the bed. She kissed her husband on the top of his bed. “Have your fun.”
Kevin waited until Roxy was gone, then the complanience disappeared. In its place was a man who wanted to take control.
Trip grunted in surprise when Kevin ripped the dildo gag off him. He struggled to say something, but Kevin’s fingers slid down his throat and squeezed.
Trip gurgled.
“Just to make sure you understand, Roxy is my wife. My lover. you are nothing but a cock for her amusement and pleasure!” as he spoke his cock pushed into Trip’s ass inch by inch.
“Fuck!” Trip gasped. Good lord, he was huge! The pain that surged him echoed with pulsing heat of pleasure. His balls tightened, pre-cum leaked from his cock onto his abdomen.
Kevin’s muscles were taut as he purposefully drove his cock deeper into Trip’s ass, the wide dome of Kevin’s cock sliding past Trip’s prostate.
“Holy fuck!” Trip scream. His hips came off the bed, his shoulders and chest straining as his arms were still bound by the bonds to the bed.
Kevin didn’t release him. His lips curled into a sneer. “Like how my cock now owns you, Trip? I haven’t even got all of my cock inside you!”
Trip struggled to breathe. He had to be kidding! His ass felt he was impaled on a pipe! His heart racing, Trip licked his lips. “Kevin, take it slow.”
“The only thing I want to hear out of your mouth is how much you love my cock!” Kevin broke in. He lurched forward, Trip’s groan gurgled out of his throat.
Kevin’s rhythm was erratic. Hard fast. Slow torturous long. Trip could feel his orgasm building but just as he was about to cum, he could hear Kevin bellow.
The man above him released him, withdrawing from his ass.
Trip was bewildered. He hadnt cum yet. What the fuck was going on.
“I am finished, Mistress.” Kevin called out. Without looking at Trip, he unrolled his condom from his cock and tossed it in the garbage.
Roxy entered the bedroom. She had changed into a yellow silk Le Perle lingerie set. “Oh Kevin, You kept me waiting!” she chastised him. “I said enjoy him, not pleasure him!”
“I did not please him, Mistress.” Kevin muttered. “He has not cum yet.”
“Ohh” Roxy cooed. “how delightfully hard he is. He looks so frustrated.” she crossed over to the bed. She stroked Trip’s cock with one hand then back handed him with the other. “You are at our pleasure, not yours!”
His head ringing, Trip realised now what his role was to be. “Am I to be your pet?” he asked peevishly.
“Pet? Why yes. You are to be our pet!” Roxy turned to her husband. “How does that sound, Kevin?”
Kevin’s eyes gleamed “Most excellent.” he agreed stiffly.
Roxy climbed onto the bed. Slowly she peeled her thong off. The sweet scent of her arousal hit Trip’s nostrils lingering upon his senses. She lowered herself. “Eat my pussy. But if you do not make me cum in five minutes I will be upset!” she ordered.
Trip frowned. Five minutes. Even for a sensitive clit a woman needed more time. Oh well. He began to tease her with his tongue. Her moan of approval made him smile. his lips peeled back over his teeth, and he gently raked his teeth over her clit. She screamed. Spurts of her pussy juice sprayed over his mouth and chin. She bucked as his tongue licked and his mouth sucked.
Lapping furiously at Roxy’s pussy, Trip was rewarded when he heard the buckles of the bonds unshackle. He wiggled his wrists to get blood pumping in them again. Then without warning hauled Roxy off him.
She screamed. “You little bitch!” he breathed. “You want to play your little games fine we will play your little games, but now it is my turn.”
Propping one of her legs over his hip, he thrusted hard into her.
Roxy cried out. “You cant do this to me!”
“Fuck yes you little bitch you are gonna take my cock!” Trip hissed. Glancing over at Kevin, Trip motioned him forward.
Kevin got on the bed. Without a word the two men positioned Roxy between them. Trip groaned as the other man thrusted deep into his wife’s pussy, sliding his cock along Trip’s.
Roxy scream at the double penetration. Her husband had a fistful of her hair, holding her still as Trip began to fuck her hard. “Fuck!” she cried.
Kevin grimaced at the tightness. Roxy’s pussy was clenching down on Trip and Kevin, her pussy juice spurting on them both as she came. Trip reached down to flick her clit. Spraying her juice all over Kevin’s abdomen and torso. “Fuck you are so sexy when you cum like that, Roxy!” Kevin groaned.
Trip could feel his orgasm coming, and he bellowed as his cum shot deep inside her pussy. Kevin groaned collapsing onto of them.

Trip tugged on his collar. It had been a couple of weeks since he became Roxy and Kevin’s Pet. He still was getting used to calling her Mistress and him Master. He was still having to get used to giving up control. Some nights he was rewarded for his good behavior. Roxy would let him off his collar and give him full control of the house.
However, it was having to explain to his wife where he went at odd times that was beginning to wear him out.
He was happy though. He had a Mistress. A Master. And a wife.
Life couldnt be better.


-I had been working on this one awhile now. Its for you, Trip but this was based on a weird and strange dream I had while ago. I didnt even know how to write it down. Hope you dont mind. I was kind of uneasy about writing it.  It is not as sexy as your stories always are. Not even close. 😦 but i hope you enjoy it anyway!



Trip was exhausted.

His day had been long and hard. The grass cutting business was picking up. The hot weather was unrelenting, the hot sun pounding down on him. Leaving him sticky with sweat, his muscles sore.

It also didn’t help that the wife of his latest client, wasn’t being too subtle about her come-ons either.

He groaned thinking about the tall curvy dark haired woman. She had been sunning in nothing about a string bikini bottom, while he did the yard work.

Trip’s erection throbbed painfully in his work pants, as he climbed the stairs to his bedroom. He needed a shower.  A cold one. Preferably before his wife saw his condition and…

“Trip!” his wife Callie’s voice echoed from the bedroom. He groaned inwardly.

“shit!” he muttered. He readjusted himself and walked into the bedroom that he shared with his much younger wife.

He blinked.

The younger woman had clothes thrown on the bed and was posing in front of her mirror wearing red lace lingerie. Her blonde hair falling around her face in rivulets of curls.

The lace crept over each of Callie’s breasts, barely covering her nipples, cradling the round firm globes delicately.

Callie ran her fingers down her belly as she shifted into another pose. “I really hate this color.” she glanced behind her at her ass. The silk ran a gentle line of string between her ass cheeks. “It looks horrible on me.”

Trip realized he was holding his breath. “Is that lingerie new?” he managed.

Callie laughed. The sound almost lyrical. “Of course. It’s for tonight.” at Trip’s confused expression, Callie glared at him. “Honestly do not tell me you forgot what tonight was, Trip!”

Trip was completely bewildered. Tonight? “Uh yes I did.”

“Trip I have been telling you about tonight for weeks now! Honestly! We are going out with the Jones! Now come on! Let’s go! You need to hurry up and get ready!”

Trip scowled. “I just worked 14 hours, Callie! Do you really think I want to go out with some people I don’t even know!” he snarled.

Callie slowly turned to face Trip. “Trip, do not make me angry!” her voice was sweet, but her eyes became cold. “I am not canceling our dinner date because you feel tired and old!”

Tired and old!

Trip felt anger rushing through him. He struggled to maintain a sense of calm. “Its not going to be a late night, Callie.” he warned her.

Grabbing a towel from the linen closet, Trip marched into the bathroom his body tense with anger.

He quickly stripped, and turned the shower on to cool.

The water felt refreshing on his heated skin and tense muscles.

Their marriage hadnt always been great, Trip thought. The sex was great. They had their ups and downs. It was the communication that Trip had a problem with. It was when Trip threatened to leave her, that Callie sought counseling.

The changes in his wife were subtle, barely noticeable. She began to be more open with her feelings. Her voice was no longer shrill with anger but soft and dulcet. She wasn’t cunning manipulative, instead offered suggestions, peaceful compromises.

Trip enjoyed Callie’s new outlook on their marriage. Their sex life was great before but now it was explosive.

As Trip soaped himself up, he couldn’t help but wonder if he did indeed forget about tonight and the Jones.

Perhaps he was so distracted by the new client’s wife?

His eyes closed at the memory of the woman.

“Excuse me, Trip?” her voice was soft. “I can’t reach my back. Can you?” she pointed to the bottle of sunblock beside her on the table.

Trip stopped trying to get the lawnmower to work. “I am on the clock ma’am” he protested.

“But really it will take a moment.” she insisted. “I burn easily.”

Trip dusted his hands on his pants and held them up. “Dirty hands.” he tried again.

The woman laughed. “come on, I am not afraid of a little dirt.”

Trip sighed. He walked a few steps and sat beside her on the chaise. The woman had beautiful dusty hue skin. She laid on her front. Squirting some drops on her back, Trip began to rub his hands on her.

The soft purring sound coming from her, kicked him in the groin. He grew hard. 

“I love a man with strong hands.” she murmured. “You have such a strong firm touch.”

Trip’s heart pounded. Jesus Christ, what was he thinking? He couldn’t be doing anything inappropriate with a client, let alone with a client’s wife!

“There you go!” he exclaimed. “all done!” 

The woman chuckled. “No Trip you are not!” she rolled over. She took his hands and placed them on her breasts. “Wow, your hands are so big on my breasts.”

Trip frowned. He really shouldn’t be doing this. He gave her breasts a squeeze. She moaned. “Oh Trip I knew you would be perfect.”

He stroked a hand over her pussy. Teasing her. He knuckled her slit through her dampening bikini bottom. She squirmed. “Take them off. Take my bikini off,” she begged.

Trip liked how she begged him, but knowing her husband would be home soon made him wary.  

“Trip!” Callie’s voice startled Trip.

Trip’s hand stopped in mid-stroke. He opened his eyes to find Callie staring at him. “What are you doing?” she demanded.

He blinked, “What does it look like I am doing Callie?” he shot back.

“Oh come on we dont have time for this!” Callie scowled. “Get out and get dressed!”

The dinner reservations it seemed was made in their name at a fancy restaurant Trip never heard of. “I hope we aren’t late.” Callie hissed as the Maitre’d showed them to the table.

Trip glowered at Callie. “No, we are on time.”

Trip seated Callie and was about to take a seat himself when a young couple swept in. “Callie!” the younger woman kissed Callie on both cheeks and introduced herself as Merry Jones and her husband Darin.

Merry had long red hair and was dressed in a dark cocktail dress. Her husband Darin dressed casually in a polo shirt and dark khakis.

The Maitre’d suggested the special and an expensive wine to start and brought out both promptly. Staring sullenly at his wine, Darin remarked to Trip.

“Your wife is having a good night.”

Trip blinked. “A good night?” he echoed. He glanced at Callie and Merry. “I dont know what you mean by that.”

“Sure you do. Either they have a good episode. Or they relapse.” Darin took a sip of wine.

Trip was momentarily confused. “Wait a minute, are Merry and Callie in the same therapy group?” he asked.

Darin rose his wine glass in answer. “Yes.” he scowled.

“Oh.” Trip stared at his wife. “She made a friend.”

Darin barked out a laugh. “If you call it that.” he leaned in. “Don’t you find your wife’s behavior odd?”

Trip shook his head. “No not really.” he sighed. “She is happier than she has ever been.”

Darin made a sound. “So she hasn’t been making odd requests in bed then.”

Trip made a face. “I dont care to make conversation about our sex life.”

Darin took another swig of wine. “I am telling you something about that therapy group is not right!”

“What do you mean!” Trip asked a little annoyed now by the younger man’s vehemence. “You should be happy your wife is happy.”

While they were talking, Trip felt something brush against his leg. A hand. Startled, Trip glanced at Callie. She smiled and continued her conversation with Merry. He shifted his gaze to the other woman. She barely glanced at him, instead gazed warmly at her husband offering him a nibble from her plate.

Darin smiled, and took it.

Trip was frozen. The hand was brazenly stroking his cock. Fingers were tugging at his fly. Oh my god, Trip thought.

Suddenly a warm firm tongue lapped at his cock. He jumped.

“You alright, honey?” Callie asked.

Trip managed to smile. “Phone was vibrating.” he lied.

“Well no phones tonight.” she leaned over to kiss him.

The tongue circled around the sensitive head of his cock, slathering it with saliva. The cool air hitting his cock, made him stifle a groan. Again the tongue returned. This time paying special attention to his balls. Rolling them around before sucking them into a moist hot mouth.

“Jesus christ!” Trip hissed.

He had to figure out who the fuck was giving him the best blowjob of his life. It wasn’t Callie, and it wasnt Merry.

Something out of the corner of his eye caught his attention. He shifted his gaze to Darin.

The younger man was watching Trip, his eyes heavy lidded. His jaw clenched.

Out of curiosity, Trip lifted the table cloth. His eyes widened in shock.

On his knees, was the Maitre’d. Fisting Darin’s cock in one hand, while he proceeded to nuzzle and suck Trip’s balls.

“Holy fuck!” he hissed.

Maitre’D lifted his eyes to meet Trip’s. There was no question of what he was going to do. Sliding his tongue up the length of Trip’s cock, he spread his lips to engulf the head.

It was insane. That this man was blowing him in public, with his wife a few feet away, while stroking another man’s cock.

How could this be happening? Trip glanced at his wife, at their dinner campions.

Trip lifted his hips, and began to face fuck the maitre’d.  The slurping noises the Maitre’d made were barely heard over the lively conversation around Trip.

Suddenly, his mouth was gone and replaced by a hand. Trip glanced over at Darin. Darin’s eyes had widened. He glanced furtively around, then down.

Trip scooted a little closer to Darin. Lifting up the table cloth Trip watched as the Maitre’d took Darin’s cock all the way down to the back of his throat. Making Darin groan. “Oh Fuck! My wife cant even get me that deep!” he breathed. “Oh yesss…you really knew how to suck a cock.” Laying his hand on the back of the Maitre’d head he thrust his hips forward.

The maitre’d gagged. “Shut up and take it!” Darin hissed.

Trip groaned as the Maitre’d returned to stroking his cock. A hand slid into his pants, under him to probe his anus.

Oh fuck. Trip groaned. The Maitre’d was really good at multi-tasking.

The finger in his ass was in deep, Trip groaned hoping for something bigger thicker. “Might I suggest we retire to the bathroom.” the Maitre’d spoke finally.

Darin jerked as if someone slapped him. “What?” Darin blinked several times as if he had been in a trance. “No I am ok.” he glanced around him. “What were we talking about?”

Trip frowned. Adjusting his still throbbing cock and zipping his fly, he frowned at the younger man. “I think I will go out for a breath of fresh air” he told Callie. “I will be a moment.”

“But Trip dinner will be served shortly.” Callie protested.

“I know I will be quick.”

Hoping no one would notice his cock straining at his fly, Trip quickly moved towards the restroom.

He entered. The men’s room was empty. The urinals were neat and clean. The stalls were closed. Washing his hands, and his face Trip wondered what the hell was he doing?

Was he really going to fuck some guy he didnt know? Cheat on his wife when his marriage was the best it had ever been?

The door swung open, startling Trip. He glanced up at the mirror. It wasnt the Maitre’d but another man. He was about the same age as Trip.  He walked over to the Urinal.

Fidgeting and wondering if it had a been a mistake coming in there, Trip turned to leave when the door opened again. It was the Maitre’d

The door swung close behind him, cornering Trip against the counter. “Were you leaving sir?” he asked.

“Uh I think I should go back to my wife.” he stammered nervously.

“I think you better stay here.” the Maitre’d was firm. His hand was on Trip’s cock. Stroking it. “Ah, thats better. Your cock is much bigger and thicker than your friends.”

Trip flushed as he realized the other man in the restroom could hear them, but didnt bother to move. “Thank you.”

“You must really satisfy the women with your cock. And men?” the Maitre’d went on. He got on his knees. “I could barely deep throat you back at the table.”


Trip watched as the Maitre’d unzipped his fly once more. “I think I will enjoy coming in your ass.”

Trip groaned as the Maitre’d wrapped his fingers around his cock and stroked “What? I thought you were going to give me a blowjob.” he lied.

“If I wanted to give you a blowjob I would have finished you at the table.”

By now the other man who had been eavesdropping was nervously eying the door and stroking his cock. Inching closer to them.

“I told my wife I would be quick.” Trip tried again, as the Maitre’d unzipped his trousers. His cock was impressive. Thick and long, Trip’s anus clenched as he thought about trying to take it.

The Maitre’d smiled as he realized that Trip was staring at his cock. “Its big isn’t it? But I don’t think you will have a problem with it.” guiding Trip to bend over the counter, the Maitre’d caressed his ass. “I cant wait to cum in your ass!”

“Wait wait,” Trip groaned, “What about lube?”

The Maitre’d laughed, and held up a small tube of lube and a couple of silver packets. “I was going to breed you if you wanted.”

Fuck! Trip groaned at the imagery his words provoked. His cock was painfully hard. His heart was pounding a mile a minute. How the fuck did he get in such a situation.

The Maitre’d didn’t wait for an answer. He squirted some lube on his fingers, on Trip’s anus. There was a slight probing of fingers that made Trip wince and moan. His body was humming with excitement.

Then in one forceful thrust, the Maitre’d had buried his cock in Trip’s ass. Riding past the clenching muscles till he sank deep. “Holy fuck!” Trip yelped.

The Maitre’d chuckled. “That’s damn impressive. You look good with my cock in your ass”

Trip couldn’t say anything, the pain was melding with pleasure. He grimaced as the cock in his ass eased out then thrust deep.

Listening to Trip’s moans and whimpers, made the  Maitre’d pick up the pace. The extra force of his fucking, dug Trip’s abdomen into the counter, lifting him off his feet a little. He noticed movement beside him and turned his head to find the man that entered the restroom before the Maitre’d was now edging towards his ass as well.

Sensing his intent, the Maitre’d growled low in his throat, eased out entirely. Trip tensed. Dear God, was this going to be a gang bang?

the man wasn’t as big as the Maitre’d but sure enough, he filled Trip. He groaned. Both men took turns in his ass.

“I am going to breed you.” the Maitre’d whispered in Trip’s ear. His hot breath on Trip’s neck. His hairy groin rubbed against Trip’s ass as he pounded hard, every word with a forceful thrust. “My cum is going to drip out of your ass while you are with your wife.”

Trip gurgled around the cock thrusting in his mouth. Hands held his head still, as the man face fucking him came. Spurt after spurt of cum hit the back of Trip’s throat. With a groan, the man sank back on his knees.

Gasping for air, Trip felt powerless in his own orgasm. His cock swelling as he gripped it with his fingers. Stroking his cock, he clenched his asshole around the cock slamming hard into him.

“Take my cum!” The maitre’d hissed.  his cock started to twitch, then suddenly throb wildly as it shot cum directly into Trip.  Both men groaned as the Maitre’d slowly pulled out, drops of cum oozing from Trip’s clenching anus.

The Maitre’d said nothing as he cleaned himself off and left. The other man followed suit, giving Trip and Maitre’d both flustered and embarrassed glances before hurrying out the door.

Trip managed to find the energy to clean up. He hoped Callie wouldn’t notice anything and walked back into the dining room.

Callie and their dinner guests were already well into their dinner when he sat down. Callie frowned. “Where were you?” she asked. Kissing him, she frowned when he pulled away. Licking her lips she sighed. “I was quite worried.”

“Oh I saw a friend” he lied.

Callie kissed him again, this time her tongue plunged in. Tasting him. Then she withdrew and gave him a wink. “I bet you did.” she placed her hand on his thigh and squeezed.

“So did we, didn’t we Merry?”

It was then Trip noticed the man sitting beside Darin. It had been the man in the bathroom. the man who had joined the Maitre’d in fucking his ass. Trip’s eyes widen as the man calmly wiped his mouth with a napkin.

Regarding Trip coolly, the man smiled. “Hello Trip. I am Dr. Matt Savoy. Your wife’s therapist.” he remarked. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you.”

The Maitre’d returned to the table with another bottle of wine. “Dr. Savoy is everything to your satisfaction?” he intoned

“I am certain we are almost satisfied with tonight’s events,” Savoy mused.

Trip’s mind was reeling. What the hell was going on?

“As you can gather, Trip I arranged this tete a tete” Savoy swirled his wine, and gazed reflectively into it. “You surprised me, Darin.”

Darin blinked. “Me?”

“yes, I thought you would be more adventurous. Bolder. More willing to carry out your wife’s fantasies.” Savoy murmured. “Sadly in this endeavor you did not.”

“what?” Darin’s voice rose. “What the hell is going on!”

Trip glared at Savoy. “Are you saying all this was our wive’s fantasy?”

“Yes indeed. You failed, Darin. Now we must work on your ability to be more open and willing to share your wife’s fantasy”

Trip was outraged. “are you sleeping with our wives?”

Savoy laughed as if that was the craziest thing he heard of. “No. That would violate so many laws. No. They confide me. I listen.”

Trip frowned. “and you fuck their husbands?”

Savoy met his eyes. “That wasn’t supposed to happen.” he sighed. “Ron, the Maitre’d that is, got carried away. I got carried away.”

“You are a slick bastard you know that?” Trip snarled.

“I know. ”

Trip sagged in his seat. “I can’t be angry you know, Callie has been very happy.” he murmured.

“I would like you all to come in for group therapy,” Savoy announced. He smiled at Callie and Merry. “I think your husbands would benefit greatly from the experience.”

Callie grinned. “Wouldnt you like that, Trip?”

Trip nodded. “Yes I think I would.”





Becky’s Massage

This sounds like heaven right about now! 🙂


I found myself collared, chained to my Mistress Becky’s bed post. Oil was supplied and ample towels. Becky was on her belly, nude and prone, awaiting the touch of her masseuse. I took the oil in my hand and rubbed them together to warm the fluid before applying it to her shoulders. Hands worked her knotted and tense muscles until they loosened up. Then I traveled down her spine, working those kinks out as well. Her legs were tight, having stood all day at work and they needed more attention than her back.

I’d left her buttocks for last, kneading it slowly, working more oil in until her crack and sphincter glistened with it. Fingers and thumb worked slowly in circles, finding the holes and pushing inside of them. She moaned and soon she relaxed, allowing her body to finally orgasm after a long hard day at work, dealing with…

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Becky Slave – Chapter five

Another one…
Trip was very bad..
he dared to say no!
I was giggling!
No one says no to me!


I’d been with Becky for ten full days of unbridled sex, though I was fettered most of the time. Mistress informed me that I was to be her slave for another two weeks! I protested, “It took me nearly a week to drive here and it’ll be a week to drive back. I only have a month off, so I can only stay a total of seventeen days. Two weeks will take me past there by four days!”

Mistress smiled, “Fine, now its four more weeks! Want to try for eight?”

I further protested, “That’s bullshit!”

Mistress held the key to my manacle locks which were firmly locked around my limbs, “Now it’s eight weeks. I hope you want to try me some more because I could really enjoy fucking you and using you for the next year.”

I went silent. She nodded, “Good boy. I’ve already contacted your place…

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Becky’s Slave – Chapter four

and he wrote another one so I would be motivated..


I was having a dream in which I was in a secluded cabin in the woods, falling snow hushing all but the sound of a woman slowly slurping on my erection. It wasn’t just any woman though, it was Becky. We were in the middle of nowhere with nothing else to do but each other and then I slowly woke up to Becky’s lips wrapped around the base of my cock with the tip of it in her throat and her hand gently caressing my balls.

When I moaned, she looked up at me with her lust filled eyes with my cock still buried in her throat. Her eyes smiled at me as I grasped a hand full of her hair and pulled her tighter and shoved my cock deeper. Then I pulled her off my cock and strands of saliva and precum strung like spider webs between her lips…

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Becky’s slave – chapter one

just what I needed when I came home today.
I was exhausted, still not feeling up to my mischievous self!
And Trip wrote a sexy story!
Thank you so much Trip!
I enjoyed it so much!
I may not be up to my usual self yet, but it still made me cream my panties!


I have two other stories in my head, but this one keeps coming to the forefront, so it must need to be written. Another tale about me throwing caution to the wind and giving myself over to Becky.

I have a poor track record with marriage and after the fourth divorce, I decided to go out and have some fun. I saved my dollars, paid ahead on my bills until I was comfortable month and a half ahead. I asked for and was granted a month’s leave from work, half with pay, and half without. I plotted my course, and set out for the upper northwest of Canada, and that sexy McDonald’s lady, Becky.

She knew I was coming, and most importantly, she knew why. We’d discussed months prior what I wanted to be for her. I wanted to be her sex slave. Instead of her using her fingers or…

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they brought back Kai!

When you wrote a fan fic back in November. didnt finish it because you were disillusioned with the show. then this happens:



the character you write about comes back!

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I nearly lose my mind!

come on who does not love it when that happens?!




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“That’s the thing with you, Damon” I whispered. “You allowed your love for Elena to blind you. She was your anchor to your humanity! Your reason to feel. That anchor is gone. Your reason is gone. You lost your friends. Bonnie. Alaric. You brother, are fucked” I sneered. “Everything and everybody you held dear is gone. Everything but the one thing that is still holding you back!”

He laughed, “what are you talking about, Stefan?”

“Elena’s coffin.” My lips curled into a smile. “Let’s do it tonight. Burn it.”

Damon’s eyes glittered dangerously. “No one knows where it is.”

“But you do.” I pointed at him. “How romantic would it be? The two Salvatore brothers who loved Elena Gilbert so passionately. Their love represented by a fire burning so brightly  in the night sky!” I sighed.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Damon move. He reached for a tree limb, breaking it in half Damon lunged for me,  the sharp end of the tree limb driving for my chest. I shifted out of his way, driving my elbow into his back. He sprawled into the dirt. He rolled coming up into a crouch. The make shift  stake inches from where I stood.

Laughing at the rage in his eyes, I circled him cautiously. “Ah, there it is! There it is, my dear brother!” I hissed.”The humanity I thought long gone!”

“Elena is mine!” Damon hissed. “Do not go near her!”

“Sybil did a horrible job messing with your mind!” I taunted. “The thing is Damon, I dont care about Elena. But you do.  you taint everything you touch.”

Damon was breathing hard, “Stefan you wouldnt do that. Think of Bonnie. Think of Carolyn. Think of Jeremy.”

My eyes narrowed. “Yeah that card wont work with me” I clucked my tongue “humanity switch is off.”

“Carolyn wont forgive you if you kill her friends…” Damon’s eyes widen in surprise. Blood spurting from his lips. He glanced down at his chest. The stake was driven hard through his chest.

“The problem with you Damon,” I leaned into whisper in his ear, “you bore people with this bad ass attitude you have. You are just a scared little boy who is afraid to be alone. Guess what big brother?” I shoved the stake deeper, feeling satisfaction as Damon’s skin turned grey. “you will get to see how well you do in Hell.alone”

I released him. His body hit the ground with a thud.

Whistling, I turned on my heel.

There was going to be great bonfire tonight!

  • when stefan turned off his humanity- what if Damon didnt turn off his humanity? Vampire Diaries season 8 ep7



I should have been nervous.

There should have been beads of cold sweat dripping down my back, as I waited in the Major Squad Interrogation Box.

I wasnt.

I was too calm.

That should have alarmed me.

Instead, I was seated neatly, my feet planted on the cold cement floor. My fingers splayed on the table. My long auburn hair tucked behind my ears, my glasses perched on my nose. For all intent and purposes, I appeared like a mouse. Unassuming in my oversized cardigan, the pink tee shirt underneath, and leggings. My earphones hadn’t been confiscated yet. Odd. So there I was listening to my playlist, watching the door.

I was waiting.

for him.

Bobby Goren.

A slow smile crept over my lips.

Detective Bobby Goren. the “sherlock Holmes” of the Major Case Squad. He loved finding patterns things no one else could, he was the least liked detective in the precinct due to his neurotic behaviour.

They brought him back for me.

The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end.

He was here.

Slowly I stood, pushing back the chair, and turned.

I walked to the two- way mirror. I placed my hand on the glass caressing it slowly and I cocked my head to the side. “Hello Bobby, its time don’t you think?”

I smiled.

the door swung open.I waited a moment before turning.  Alex Eames walked in. She made Captain two years after Goren left the precinct. Her blonde hair framed her diminutive features, the captain’s badge displayed proudly on a chain between her breasts. She was the kind of woman who didn’t like to dress impress but did so with little flair. She wore black like a signature colour. Her arms crossed over her chest with authoritativeness that made me smile.

“You’re protecting him, it’s admirable, Eames” I sighed. “I know he is here. Give him to me.”

“I am not protecting Goren,” Eames growled. My eyebrow arched. Goren? She never used her partner’s last name. Ooh, Trouble in paradise.

“Come now, detective” I deliberately used her former title to irk her.  I reached for her, and swung her into a waltz. “the tigers come at night. Their voices soft as thunder”

Eames recoiled, she pushed me off her. I laughed as I staggered into the table. Horror and confusion on her face as she took a step back.

“Les Mis” she whispered. “Did you follow me to the musical?”

I laughed. “Don’t flatter yourself, Eames. I happen to like Musicals.” I frowned thoughtfully. “Did you go to the musical last night, Eames?”

She stalked across the room. Her hands planted on either side of me on the table, the sound echoing in the room. There was no way I could avoid her eye contact. Her seething rage.  There was a familiarity to the way she was invading my personal space.

“Did you follow me to the Musical!” she demanded.

“Back off Eames, she is pushing your buttons.” Goren’s voice startled us both. “She never followed you. She has Fantine on her playlist”

Eames blinked and we both twisted our heads to the two-way mirror.

Eames scowled. “Who called him. I didn’t call him” she shouted. “Goren, do not come in here!” doorway she pushed herself away from me and stormed over to the mirror. “Do you hear me, Goren?”

The door open and Goren filled the doorway. His tall frame eating up space. His salt and pepper hair looked as if it had never been combed. He wore a plaid work shirt tucked into a pair of jeans.

I blinked.

“She almost perfected the Goren Lean.” he smirked. “but my partner has her ways of getting the truth. It’s best I called her off.”

I glanced from Goren to Eames. “oh yeah she is like a rabid dog with a bone” I sighed dryly. “she really had me”

“Goren you are interfering in my investigation!” Eames tried again, but he walked into the interrogation box as if he never heard her. He seated himself.

He held up my tablet. “quite the playlist you have” he motioned for me to sit down. I straddled the chair he offered. “you mirrored Alex’s playlist.” he scrolled down, checking off some songs. ” you and Joe’s wedding song.” his gaze shifted to Eames. “when did you get this sloppy, Alex? That you would get Hacked.”

Eames glared at Goren. “We can’t be perfect like you, Goren”

“I am not perfect.” Goren snapped. Emotions flitted across his face. Anger, resentment, and hurt. “You know, I would have come for you if you just asked.”

Eames and Goren glared at each other. I folded my arms watching the drama unfold with interest. “That’s the problem, Goren. I never asked. Yet here you are. Inserting yourself where you don’t belong! I don’t need you! Now or ever. Leave before I arrest you for hindering my investigation! ”

I narrowed my eyes. “Look mommy and daddy are fighting.” I clapped my hands. Both Eames and Goren swung their gaze at me. “you gotta go and get angry at all of my honesty

You know I try but I don’t do too well with apologies
I hope I don’t run out of time. Could someone call a referee?
‘Cause I just need one more shot at forgiveness”

Goren groaned. “Bieber? Really? Now you are quoting Bieber!”

Eames scowled. “This isn’t a game. She is connected to a slew of deaths!”

“You are right.” Goren sighed. “I didn’t mean to be difficult. I will leave if you want.”

“Yes I want you to leave, Bobby.” Eames snapped.

Panic seized me. He couldn’t go. I reached into my cardigan, into my bra, removing the stiletto knife that hid there.

Eames’ eyes caught the gleam of metal and before she could react, I shoved it deep into Goren’s thigh.

“Don’t even think of it!” I snarled as Eames reached for her holstered gun. “What kind of idiot doesn’t search me before sending me in here!”

“When I find out, I will fire them” Eames gritted out. “How are you, Bobby”

“Oh so its Bobby now? Now we are all friends here!” I snapped. “Bobby is just peachy.  If I remove this, he will bleed to death. If I keep it here, he will bleed to death. Either way, we all descend into madness.”

Goren let out a hiss. “Jesus christ, Are you quoting Moby Dick?”

“Oh my god, Goren, do not give us a literature lecture! You have been stabbed you are bleeding to death!” Eames cried.”we need an EMT!”

” I am not bleeding to death!” Goren groaned, his face in his hands. “Did you just try to quote Moby Dick to us right now!”


“Eames!” Goren shouted, “Moby Dick! She quoted Moby Dick!”

Eames anger faded to confusion, her gun in her hand she swung it between me and Goren. “Moby Dick?” she echoed, realisation dawning on her. “That was Nicole Wallace’s favourite novel.”

I was losing ground here. “Bravo, Detective. Now your reunion is interfering with what I need Goren to do. Now Move bitch get out of the way!”

I twisted the knife in Goren’s thigh, he let out a curse. Eames paled. “Alright,” she held up her gun and her hand in a placating manner. “I am leaving.

“Don’t be a hero, Eames. Don’t think of charging the room. I just need Goren. No other cops. Or he dies.”

Eames backed out of the interrogation room.

Goren smiled through the pain. “So now it’s you and me” he sighed. “You were lying back there. You are not going to kill me.”

“Take off your belt” I snapped. “You are a smart boy, Goren. If you die, I die.”

He grimaced as he removed his belt. He wrapped it around his leg. He tugged it tight making a tourniquet to stop the flow of blood.

“Eames plays it by the book, I took you hostage.” I sighed. “There will be cops swarming this place soon. I need to turn off the light” I growled. “You move, I kill you. Hands on the table.”

Goren raised his hands and placed them on the table. “True. You made a stupid move. You wont get out alive. And They won’t be able to see inside, but will we?”

“Being alive was over rated.” I shrugged. I inched slowly to the light switch, dragging my chair along. I jammed the chair under the doorknob and flicked the lights out.

Goren’s features were cast in an eerie light from my tablet. “How you doing?” I asked.

“You stabbed me I am losing blood,” Goren grunted. “How do you think I am doing.”

“Do you know who I am?”

“You are Nicole’s daughter.” he murmured. “You made it damn obvious.”

I smiled. “yeah, I overplayed that one.”

He shook his head. “why?”

“I didnt have time to play the cat and mouse game. Eames ruined it.”

Goren studied me for a moment. “You are blaming Eames for your impatience?” he chuckled.

I seated myself on the table, crossing my legs.

Goren held out his hand. “Take my hand.”

I placed my hand in his.

“we have DNA proof that Nicole Wallace’s daughter is dead.” he sighed. His thumb stroked my palm, sending shivers down my spine. “Either you are a greater con artist than she is, or You are her daughter with Bernhardt. She had you when she was in prison in Thailand  and given to the state.”

I blinked.

I laughed bitterly. “thank god, right? That way mummy dearest couldn’t kill me”

Goren chuckled, “Your mother was a sociopath, it wasn’t in her nature to love. How did you find me”

I shook my head, “No we don’t have time for that. you know what I am accused of. Those bodies. Aren’t mine. I need you to profile me. I need you…”

Goren’s eyes narrowed. “You need validation, that you aren’t like Nicole.” he surmised he released my hand. “Are you afraid that the killer gene is inherited?”

I scowled. “I am very aware of what I am capable of.  I don’t need Nicole’s genes to tell me what I am, who I am.”

Goren steepled his fingers under his chin. “You aren’t afraid of the truth.”

“The truth, Bobby? is what sets us free.” I whispered. “My mother admired you. You were the closest person she had to a friend. I trust you. Find out who is framing me, before I do.”


-this was supposed to be a self-ship. but it turned to be something else.

#writingprompt: What would happen if you met your favorite character?