My heart just died a little bit! The downward spiral of Stiles mental health in the final 12 episodes of Season 3.

Rather choosing to believe there was supernaturally wrong with Stiles, his friends and family kept ignoring his protests. The  more distraught and distressed Stiles became over the insistence he had Early Onset Dementia like his mother the more susceptible he became to the nogitsune.

  • one of Dylan O’Briens best performances. But the Nogitsune was my least favourite season because it introduces Kira, killed off Alison.


Oh snap! On my break! I miss Stiles!

Stiles Stilinski ~ I’ll Be Good ❤
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they brought back Kai!

When you wrote a fan fic back in November. didnt finish it because you were disillusioned with the show. then this happens:



the character you write about comes back!

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I nearly lose my mind!

come on who does not love it when that happens?!




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 Scott and I  were at the library. Studying. Late at night.

Listening to music on our playlists

“This is my favorite song” he announced suddenly. “Dance with me”

Confused, I glanced around. “Here? No way. I dont dance”

“Of course you can” he jumps on the table and starts to dance.

I try not to laugh, because he looks so ridiculous shaking his body.

He reaches down to pull me up on the table with him. “Come on, dance with me” his eyes are bright with humour.

“I told you I dont dance”

“I see you dance all the time!” he argues.

I make a sound of disbelief. “You do not!”

“I do when you clean.” he moves closer, taking my hand. “just do whatever the music makes you feel”

He sways his body close to mine. “Come on have some fun with me, Rebecca!” he coaxed his head lowers, his mouth inches away from mine.

My heart catches.

He dances away, his bum dropping into a twerk.

I was laughing as he sang along to the song, his body bumping into me. We were being so ridiculous.

The next song on his playlist was slow. “Uh oh, its a slow song” he warns me.

Without warning he hauls me close. “Shh” he whispers. “we have to be quiet”

I chuckle, as he wraps my arms around his neck. “just dont crush my toes” he teases.

Our bodies swaying close, his breath tickling my ear. “I haven’t had this much fun in a long time.” he murmured. “I haven’t laughed like that in a long time either.”

Not since Allison. Not since Kira. He wanted to say, I wondered.

“Is that a good thing?” I queried.

“Yes.” he chuckled. “You are exactly what I needed.”

-I woke up with warm fuzzy feelings.

Then I made the mistake of watching this week’s episode before bed.

What the hell was I thinking?!

I am going to have nightmares!



I should have been nervous.

There should have been beads of cold sweat dripping down my back, as I waited in the Major Squad Interrogation Box.

I wasnt.

I was too calm.

That should have alarmed me.

Instead, I was seated neatly, my feet planted on the cold cement floor. My fingers splayed on the table. My long auburn hair tucked behind my ears, my glasses perched on my nose. For all intent and purposes, I appeared like a mouse. Unassuming in my oversized cardigan, the pink tee shirt underneath, and leggings. My earphones hadn’t been confiscated yet. Odd. So there I was listening to my playlist, watching the door.

I was waiting.

for him.

Bobby Goren.

A slow smile crept over my lips.

Detective Bobby Goren. the “sherlock Holmes” of the Major Case Squad. He loved finding patterns things no one else could, he was the least liked detective in the precinct due to his neurotic behaviour.

They brought him back for me.

The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end.

He was here.

Slowly I stood, pushing back the chair, and turned.

I walked to the two- way mirror. I placed my hand on the glass caressing it slowly and I cocked my head to the side. “Hello Bobby, its time don’t you think?”

I smiled.

the door swung open.I waited a moment before turning.  Alex Eames walked in. She made Captain two years after Goren left the precinct. Her blonde hair framed her diminutive features, the captain’s badge displayed proudly on a chain between her breasts. She was the kind of woman who didn’t like to dress impress but did so with little flair. She wore black like a signature colour. Her arms crossed over her chest with authoritativeness that made me smile.

“You’re protecting him, it’s admirable, Eames” I sighed. “I know he is here. Give him to me.”

“I am not protecting Goren,” Eames growled. My eyebrow arched. Goren? She never used her partner’s last name. Ooh, Trouble in paradise.

“Come now, detective” I deliberately used her former title to irk her.  I reached for her, and swung her into a waltz. “the tigers come at night. Their voices soft as thunder”

Eames recoiled, she pushed me off her. I laughed as I staggered into the table. Horror and confusion on her face as she took a step back.

“Les Mis” she whispered. “Did you follow me to the musical?”

I laughed. “Don’t flatter yourself, Eames. I happen to like Musicals.” I frowned thoughtfully. “Did you go to the musical last night, Eames?”

She stalked across the room. Her hands planted on either side of me on the table, the sound echoing in the room. There was no way I could avoid her eye contact. Her seething rage.  There was a familiarity to the way she was invading my personal space.

“Did you follow me to the Musical!” she demanded.

“Back off Eames, she is pushing your buttons.” Goren’s voice startled us both. “She never followed you. She has Fantine on her playlist”

Eames blinked and we both twisted our heads to the two-way mirror.

Eames scowled. “Who called him. I didn’t call him” she shouted. “Goren, do not come in here!” doorway she pushed herself away from me and stormed over to the mirror. “Do you hear me, Goren?”

The door open and Goren filled the doorway. His tall frame eating up space. His salt and pepper hair looked as if it had never been combed. He wore a plaid work shirt tucked into a pair of jeans.

I blinked.

“She almost perfected the Goren Lean.” he smirked. “but my partner has her ways of getting the truth. It’s best I called her off.”

I glanced from Goren to Eames. “oh yeah she is like a rabid dog with a bone” I sighed dryly. “she really had me”

“Goren you are interfering in my investigation!” Eames tried again, but he walked into the interrogation box as if he never heard her. He seated himself.

He held up my tablet. “quite the playlist you have” he motioned for me to sit down. I straddled the chair he offered. “you mirrored Alex’s playlist.” he scrolled down, checking off some songs. ” you and Joe’s wedding song.” his gaze shifted to Eames. “when did you get this sloppy, Alex? That you would get Hacked.”

Eames glared at Goren. “We can’t be perfect like you, Goren”

“I am not perfect.” Goren snapped. Emotions flitted across his face. Anger, resentment, and hurt. “You know, I would have come for you if you just asked.”

Eames and Goren glared at each other. I folded my arms watching the drama unfold with interest. “That’s the problem, Goren. I never asked. Yet here you are. Inserting yourself where you don’t belong! I don’t need you! Now or ever. Leave before I arrest you for hindering my investigation! ”

I narrowed my eyes. “Look mommy and daddy are fighting.” I clapped my hands. Both Eames and Goren swung their gaze at me. “you gotta go and get angry at all of my honesty

You know I try but I don’t do too well with apologies
I hope I don’t run out of time. Could someone call a referee?
‘Cause I just need one more shot at forgiveness”

Goren groaned. “Bieber? Really? Now you are quoting Bieber!”

Eames scowled. “This isn’t a game. She is connected to a slew of deaths!”

“You are right.” Goren sighed. “I didn’t mean to be difficult. I will leave if you want.”

“Yes I want you to leave, Bobby.” Eames snapped.

Panic seized me. He couldn’t go. I reached into my cardigan, into my bra, removing the stiletto knife that hid there.

Eames’ eyes caught the gleam of metal and before she could react, I shoved it deep into Goren’s thigh.

“Don’t even think of it!” I snarled as Eames reached for her holstered gun. “What kind of idiot doesn’t search me before sending me in here!”

“When I find out, I will fire them” Eames gritted out. “How are you, Bobby”

“Oh so its Bobby now? Now we are all friends here!” I snapped. “Bobby is just peachy.  If I remove this, he will bleed to death. If I keep it here, he will bleed to death. Either way, we all descend into madness.”

Goren let out a hiss. “Jesus christ, Are you quoting Moby Dick?”

“Oh my god, Goren, do not give us a literature lecture! You have been stabbed you are bleeding to death!” Eames cried.”we need an EMT!”

” I am not bleeding to death!” Goren groaned, his face in his hands. “Did you just try to quote Moby Dick to us right now!”


“Eames!” Goren shouted, “Moby Dick! She quoted Moby Dick!”

Eames anger faded to confusion, her gun in her hand she swung it between me and Goren. “Moby Dick?” she echoed, realisation dawning on her. “That was Nicole Wallace’s favourite novel.”

I was losing ground here. “Bravo, Detective. Now your reunion is interfering with what I need Goren to do. Now Move bitch get out of the way!”

I twisted the knife in Goren’s thigh, he let out a curse. Eames paled. “Alright,” she held up her gun and her hand in a placating manner. “I am leaving.

“Don’t be a hero, Eames. Don’t think of charging the room. I just need Goren. No other cops. Or he dies.”

Eames backed out of the interrogation room.

Goren smiled through the pain. “So now it’s you and me” he sighed. “You were lying back there. You are not going to kill me.”

“Take off your belt” I snapped. “You are a smart boy, Goren. If you die, I die.”

He grimaced as he removed his belt. He wrapped it around his leg. He tugged it tight making a tourniquet to stop the flow of blood.

“Eames plays it by the book, I took you hostage.” I sighed. “There will be cops swarming this place soon. I need to turn off the light” I growled. “You move, I kill you. Hands on the table.”

Goren raised his hands and placed them on the table. “True. You made a stupid move. You wont get out alive. And They won’t be able to see inside, but will we?”

“Being alive was over rated.” I shrugged. I inched slowly to the light switch, dragging my chair along. I jammed the chair under the doorknob and flicked the lights out.

Goren’s features were cast in an eerie light from my tablet. “How you doing?” I asked.

“You stabbed me I am losing blood,” Goren grunted. “How do you think I am doing.”

“Do you know who I am?”

“You are Nicole’s daughter.” he murmured. “You made it damn obvious.”

I smiled. “yeah, I overplayed that one.”

He shook his head. “why?”

“I didnt have time to play the cat and mouse game. Eames ruined it.”

Goren studied me for a moment. “You are blaming Eames for your impatience?” he chuckled.

I seated myself on the table, crossing my legs.

Goren held out his hand. “Take my hand.”

I placed my hand in his.

“we have DNA proof that Nicole Wallace’s daughter is dead.” he sighed. His thumb stroked my palm, sending shivers down my spine. “Either you are a greater con artist than she is, or You are her daughter with Bernhardt. She had you when she was in prison in Thailand  and given to the state.”

I blinked.

I laughed bitterly. “thank god, right? That way mummy dearest couldn’t kill me”

Goren chuckled, “Your mother was a sociopath, it wasn’t in her nature to love. How did you find me”

I shook my head, “No we don’t have time for that. you know what I am accused of. Those bodies. Aren’t mine. I need you to profile me. I need you…”

Goren’s eyes narrowed. “You need validation, that you aren’t like Nicole.” he surmised he released my hand. “Are you afraid that the killer gene is inherited?”

I scowled. “I am very aware of what I am capable of.  I don’t need Nicole’s genes to tell me what I am, who I am.”

Goren steepled his fingers under his chin. “You aren’t afraid of the truth.”

“The truth, Bobby? is what sets us free.” I whispered. “My mother admired you. You were the closest person she had to a friend. I trust you. Find out who is framing me, before I do.”


-this was supposed to be a self-ship. but it turned to be something else.

#writingprompt: What would happen if you met your favorite character?





With the return of Peter Hale, I am in the mood for Peter Hale


The one thing Peter couldnt comprehend about being an Alpha was sacrifice.  Power came from compassion, trust, strength, love and friendship.

Peter cared nothing for either. For Peter, it was about Power. Killing those who would get in his way.

He believed he was entitled to become Alpha because he was born a Hale, he was stronger and he was willing to kill for it.


In season 6’s fall finale  Peter tries to escape the Limbo he is in. He wants to run as far away from Beacon Hills as possible, but Stiles reminds him of his daughter. Peter suddenly remembers Malia. He feels guilty for leaving her in Eichen House. But Peter is Peter. He comes first.  He makes some half ass promise to Stiles that he if does run into someone that Stiles knows, and if he does remember them he will tell them where Stiles is.

Peter makes his escape riding the lightening with the Ghost riders.

Malia finds Peter in the woods, burnt almost to death she recognizes him by scent and realizes who he is. (thanks to the ghost riders she had forgotten him) In his hand, Peter has Stiles keys. He gives them to Malia.

Ironically, Peter’s  crispiness was how he was introduced in the first season.

He had been in a coma like state , half his face covered in burn scars for several years after being caught in fire that killed his family (aside from his nephew Derek and niece Cora) He was then again set on fire by Derek and throat slashed at the end of the season.

Classic Peter Moments:

“this is a laptop what century are you living in?”

“his username is Allison? His password is Allison?”

“have you seen his mom? She is gorgeous!”

“I am the Alpha!”

“You were at Eichen House.”

“I was gone for three months why wasnt anyone looking for me?”

I will  always adore Peter Hale♥♥♥

forgive my fangirling.




I loved this video so much! Mostly because I love Spike! I love James Marsters!
When I was younger, my friends and I used to do alot of imaginings about our favorite tv star,character, pop star, crush etc.
Fan fiction wasn’t even a concept then. (am I totaling carbon-dating myself there?)
I thought we were a little nerdy and scandalous! We wrote alot of smutty stuff!
We would huddle in the library, exchange stories that we wrote, compare stories, critique them.
My crush actually had been spending alot of time in the library, just so he could over hear the stories we would write about him. (embarrassing!!!)
until I read some fan fic online I thought we were x-rated! My eyes bugged out when I read what 12 year olds were writing about!
I really wish that we had tumblr back then, or some other kind of site that had fanfic and imaginings! My god, we would have been in heaven!

This weekend I spent a great deal doing a lot fan-girling. Reading some fan-fic. watching YouTube videos.
Especially alot of Janoskians.

When Jai and Luke were reading a fan fic about Beau and Skip I got to thinking. Do celebrities read fan fic? Do they enjoy it? do they find it embarrassing? Flattering?

I wrote alot of fanfic about Howie D of BSB. Some about Tony from NoDoubt. Alot about Paul Michael Valley (ryan Harrison Another world)
I lost alot of the stories when I moved.

Thats the one thing I love about fan-girling and fandoms, I can share my love of a celebrity and imaginings with others! ♥
Kind of embarrassed with my nerdiness! ^_^


My sis: so do you want to go to prespatou on Saturday?
Me: uh no! Doctor Who is on!
My sis: ew! Doctor who is so stupid!
I slowly turned and fixed my glare on her!
Me: don’t ever mess with the Eyebrows!