“Why are you dressed like that? You look poor?”

– um I don’t look poor. It’s fashion. I wore a black sheer tunic shirt over leggings.

“Why is your hair like that? Didn’t you comb it! Why do you insist on being lazy?”

– I did comb it. I brushed out my curls. And put it in clips. Do you know how hard it is to brush out curls??!!!


I dislike shopping. 

Shopping for others is a smidge easier and fun. Only if they give me a hint and they aren’t high maintenance 😂

Yesterday I went shopping for my favourite  pals on my drive thru team. There aren’t a lot of options for boutiques or shops in this town. 🤬

I rarely venture into high end (we have high end?!😂) but I made an exception. The shenanigans began when  I stepped into the shop!

I wanted to laugh at the irony of my situation the moment the cosmetologist’s eyes fell on me. It was almost like this scene from VIP. 

Perhaps I was dressed more “comfortable”  in my winter clothes than the other customers she was helping.  My toque said “Bite me”, my winter coat was hardly designer. And I was with my niece. To her, I looked like a dowdy “mother” barely put together. 

I had a Smash Box palette in hand and I wanted to know the price. (Gift purchase maximum)

The cosmetologist gave me the most haughtiest glance. I was taken aback by her rudeness. Girl was not working at Chanel, so I dont why she thought she was all that and a bag of chips.

Bitch, I would not be in here if I could not afford the price tag, I thought. I could not believe this chick was putting on airs as if she was Kim Kardashian West. 

She gave me the price. I smiled coolly, thanked her. I snorted derisively as I walked off. All that pretentiousness over $45? Give me a break! 

I went on the prowl for perfume next. I love Dior, Chanel, Philosophy. However, I needed a perfume with flowery notes.

“Do you need help?” it was the girl from before.

I smiled brightly. “Yes do you have perfume with flowery notes.”

She made a suggestion. Then maybe with a smirk, she gave me the price. It was above the gift purchase maximum. I shrugged. “Thats fine. thank you” I reached for the perfume. I made a little joke having to redeem my loyalty card.

She glared at me. I smiled and walked over to the register and waited for her to ring in my purchases. I handed her my loyalty card. She glared at the card. Then at me. Oh no. Whatever shall you do?!  “Will you look at that,” I sighed as the loyalty card paid for everything. “I can have whatever I like” I smiled at her glaring face. 

My niece giggled. 

I was chuckling over the girl’s behavior. That got me to thinking. Did we really have any high end stores in town? 

I searched online. I was pleasantly surprised at the locally owned high end boutiques. I never shop there because I am not a size zero  or up to a six. I spat out my drink. I laughed so hard. Apparently Reitmans and Ardene’s is considered High end. Ok Whatever! 





The fashion industry should promote a fit and healthy lifestyle instead of body shaming the models when they don’t appear skinny enough or “fit”into the designers clothes.

not even the designers themselves can fit into their clothes, but it’s ok to tell the model they don’t have the “right” look or body type for what they have envisioned.

get the fuck out!

Being healthy is beautiful!

being who you are is beautiful!




male rompers?!

Why the hell am I watching videos about male rompers!

that isn’t funny!

Oh my god, I’m gonna have nightmares now about sheeple wearing rompers!


Sleek sultry naughty

Definitely making me thinking naughty thoughts

Can you imagine you or girl wearing this?


I laughed when  I saw that bra. Not the sketch. The bra.

This bra is like pasties you stick on your nipples. That’s not a bra.

How the hell is that supposed to support anything?

Except give a girl cleavage, this bra does dick all!

Dick all!

Maybe dick will be sprung!

Oh snap, no I didnt! but I did!

PS. no way will I buy that for my girls, Gary!

My stilinski tote bag 

Feeling like a creative fan girl tonight. The sweater didn’t fit, but I loved it enough to keep it. I made it into a tote bag☺️




I loved historical romances when I was younger. There was something magical about an arrogant elegant  hero meeting the heroine at a ball. Whisking her into a Waltz, neither intending to fall in love. There was always witty repartee, the gowns, the adventure.

As it was pointed out to me numerous times, novels are for living in a temporary fantasy world and reality is cruel. Details arent taken into consideration.

Take for instance if I were to travel back in time I would have to deal with:

  1. body odor. hygiene. people not washing hands. NO TOILET PAPER?!
  2. no indoor plumbing.
  3. no washing machines.
  4. no modern medicine.
  5. salmonella poisoning
  6. no electric, gas heating. or air con. ( I would be so screwed)

I waved those aside. If I was going back in time, I wasnt going to be some peasant! I was going to be a lady. Of a noble house. Wear fancy clothes. Attend balls.

I had stars in my eyes, until I watched this video!

My mouth dropped. More than 4 layers of clothing and it was just her underwear! What the fuck!

Oh hell no!

How would a man be able to undress me if I am wearing that when we wanted some Afternoon Delight? He would be lifting all the layers of clothes up for a quickie. How romantic! How he would be able to find anything underneath all that?

The lingerie and corset is so beautiful but would be horrible to wear!

Wearing my bra is a walk in a park compared to wearing all that!

And easier to get out of!

I may have my romantic notions crushed by not being able to survive a day back in the past, but at least it wouldnt take all day to just get in and out of  a bra.

Oh burn!


To be free or not to be free

​There’s just no way to hide when you’re not wearing a bra.Wish I was smaller.

Omg the freedom!

Am i right?!

why should I wear a bra? It’s only society that is telling me I have to! Why should I have be uncomfortable in a restraining piece of fabric? 

Oh wait because it may cause undue harm to a male’s psyche. It may cause them to be uncomfortable. Women might get catty. It’s scandalous. 

Fuck. It’s hard out here for boobs!

-Random thoughts of mutiny as I dress myself this morning!

Gucci Guilty in Venice” 

Jared Leto💕

I just saw this commercial and I choked on my food! Oh he is so fine!