She truly is inspiring! 

She is beautiful, sexy, curvy and damn if she don’t own it all!

Her confidence is quite captivating!

I am in awe and envious at the same time 😊


I love  #WhatsInMyBag posts.

In magazines, on Youtube . I am kind of fascinated by what other women put in their bags. Are they like me? They can’t be as bad as me! There is no way.

I was happy Ren did one on her blog, it kind of inspired me to post. ( I was kind of chicken/mortified to do one)

I love handbags, at one point I had one wall covered in handbags. I had to cut down my collection extensively. I also promised myself that once I had moved, I wouldn’t buy as many. (Yeah right, I just bought another, this makes 4)

For every day use, including work I just use a handbag. Something one would buy at Wal-mart. The one I bought is beige and could carry everything I haul around. And I say haul, its like I put my whole life in it! Horrible.


I bring this along, because I use it as E-reader. Currently, have 5/15 books to read. I also carry it so my niece has something to do while I shop or have lunch with someone.


I found my wallet at a thrift shop. It is fabric, with loads of compartments. Ideal for me and my need for organization! I put everything in there. My smartphone charger, chapstick. money. change. laundry tokens.

Chakra stones etc

In a small Gorilla smartphone carry bag, I put numerous chakra stones, worry stones to help deal with my anxiety. I had kept losing  a stone because I would just put them in my pocket.  I found this small bag at the dollar store and found it work perfectly. I then decided to keep  numerous stones just in case.  I also carry a pendulum for pendulum work. I also got a new oracle deck. Yea!

the hair essentials

At coles, I found this cute lil bag that I use to put my hair ties, clips, comb for work. I also put concealers and extra chapsticks in it. I can never have enough of chapsticks! and my pharmacy. Advil, pepto bismal, extra meds.

tissue for those issues

I, unfortunately have sinus problems, so I carry a set of pocket tissues. Hand sanitizer. Don’t want to gross out people I am with! Also, Baby Wipes to keep clean! Yea! and of course, because I am woman: sanitary napkins.

smelling great

One of my coworkers bought me a set of Bath and Body works spray for my birthday! I always asked her what kind of spray she wore! She smelled so good! She bought me Sweet summer sunset and A thousand wishes! Can I say my new favorite spray! I carry one with me! I also carry deodorant and toothbrush and paste.

The stupid I mean to say Smart Phone

If I could do without this piece of technology I would be happy. I remember when I was so obsessed with texting everyone. Now I am lucky if I get one text! I use a Motorola G phone.

It really is a piece of crap. I use it only for a few calls, as I hate talking on the phone. Messaging. Blogging. and other social Media when I am on my break at work.


I try to keep one or two earbuds with me when I go out. I plug in and plug out the world. I cant deal with the noisy world sometimes. Earbuds are a life saver, especially around large crowds!


I have a keychain with my keys for my apartment, my parents house, my sisters truck, and mail key. I am so paranoid about losing my keys they are either in my bag or hanging up on the doorknob.


I use this handbag for work as well. I use it to carry one piece of my uniform. My visor.

As you can see its a real horrible problem, as I keep everything in my handbag






Image result for crotch baring dresses

I love how the media tries to body shame women for wearing revealing dresses.

The color is fantastic!


hmm,with her in that dress, what I would do  if I was her plus one 😉




The world doesn’t make sense so why should I?

I have no idea why, but the moment I saw this corset the song “Carry on My Wayward Son” Kansas came to mind.

Now it’s stuck!



She sat with a regal grace, her mind elsewhere,
Further from this dreary place