I forgot it was Friday the 13th.

Two people were standing in the middle of the road. staring at the building .

Goosebumps rose on my skin.

Then I looked down at the bottle of night time Tylenol. “Well this seems like a great plot for a horror movie,” I muttered to Daisy. “A murderous duo comes upon a bonfire. Leaving bodies in their wake to quench their need for blood, they’ve discovered one more to satiate their sadistic madness!Will she fight back?”

Not likely! I drugged myself to sleep. Perhaps I will crap myself. Either way it would be a bad kill.


Ah Friday the 13th!

I hope the day went well!

I used to be really superstitious when it came to Friday the 13th.

But not anymore!

My day went well.

I watched 3 episodes of a Korean drama. The Penthouse War in life. Such opulence, betrayal, mystery.

All before I started work 🤪😎🥰

I had no blow ups, no temper tantrum’s. No throwing of the cups.

I even forgot to use my Big Boy voice.

All went well.

Until 3, that’s when I sabotaged myself.

Orders got mixed up. I had to yell at customer to stop trying to order when I asked him to wait. I was dealing with a customer. It was a fiasco.

It was a great day other than that ☺️

And to top it off I found this gem:

TikTok creator: If no one is going to ask this I’m going to place the burden on myself to ask this. We all know vaginal discharge has bleaching properties.

Me: I didn’t know that

TikTok : Does that mean it can be used as a functional teeth whitener?

Me: what?! 🤢🤮 I’m eating noodles here!

Ugh Friday the 13th can suck my balls!

I wanted to throw myself down the stairs and put myself out of my misery!
I think my ears hurt from hearing so much talk about numbers!
It was like I was at an auction house or in an mathathetes competition!!
And getting glares from Derp because he would ask me questions and expect me to be wrong.
I am never wrong.
He was still upset with me because I told and showed him proper procedure when running for me!
“Battle cars!”
What the fuck does that even mean?!
Rescue me!!!


It’s Friday the 13th! Treesa is being nice- someone commented this morning. Treesa didnt hear her.

“Treesa, she said it must be Friday the 13th! You are being nice!” I laughed.

Treesa stopped and pivotted on her heel to look at me. “Its Friday the 13?” she repeated in disbelief. “I didnt know that!”

Steve’s expression was priceless! He stared at her in bemusement, just shook his head.

“She didnt know it was the 13th!” he repeated. “Train your dragon,” he said to Justin.

I laughed harder

However karma proved a bitter bitch, when Jarod walked in.

I completely forgot his name!

I hadnt seen him in a month, and I forgot his name! My god! Yet I had no problem remembering someone who came in on occasion.

“Hey how are you?” I asked oh so casually. he smiled.

“Great how are you!”

His order was finished, but I hadnt written his name on the receipt like I was supposed to. There I am, holding the receipt, the bag and I am trying to remember his name. Oh my god that was mortifying!

He noticed and walked over.


“Oh you are welcome!”

I only remembered his name when I was about to leave my shift!

Later on, I was having a conversation with Michelle.

“Remember Marcy that used to work on fries?” I asked.

Michelle straightened, her expression was of incredulous disbelief. “Of course I remember Marcy! She was my sister!”

My jaw dropped. “marcy was your sister!” I cried.

“You work here for 20 years, and you didnt know Marcy was my sister!” she demanded.


“How come you not know!” she frowned. “Of course she my sister!”

“I thought Metz was your sister!”

“Oh my god, Rebecca! Metz is my sister!”


“Rebecca!” Michelle shuffled away. “You work here 20 years!”



Do you realize what day it is?
Run for your lives!
well at least it’s not a full moon. I hope.
I think all will be good, I will not let my superstitious nature get the best of me. So stay away black cats, cracked sidewalks, ladders, spilt salt!