I have been going through a lot of my comments and I realized how many of readers came and gone.

It really made me sad. I truly enjoyed interacting with them. I miss them. (is that the right word? Interacting? I swear my chemo brain!)

I also can’t believe how much time has passed.

I think I am going to spend some time going over my comments, replying to those I have missed. Reminisce.

So I guess it’s a blessing that WP glitched.

So many friends🥰🥰🥰


This brightened up my day!

My friend Rachael wrote this on my FB. I don’t remember doing this but it was grade nine, and it is certainly something I would do. I still do whatever I can to make sure a woman feel safe and comfortable in the company of men.

Hmmm…I think it would have to be that one time in class (art, I think?) and that one boy would just not leave me alone and you saw how flustered and embarrassed I was getting (we had discussed the situation previously) and you let him know very, very bluntly (but still somehow kindly) that I was absolutely in no way interested and to leave me alone. It worked and I was in complete and absolute awe of you in that moment. 🤩


After everything that was said and done, you kept trippin

you can get to steppin

out of my DMs

stop textin

stop askin if I would if I could,  you couldnt get this 

couldnt handle this

Dont think you’re man enough for me

you’re so vanilla you’re bland.

You couldnt keep up and I was snail pace

I try not to laugh when you slide into my DMs

I try not to be a fake bitch but with you its so easy

give me an Emmy I am killing this performance.

 You think I still care. Oh what a comedy!

You are not man enough for me!

-I was trying to figure out a way to vent and blog about Sneaky Snake’s sudden appearance back in my life after how many years? “its ok to be friends with him” gag me. Not when I’m supposedly “too dramatic or bipolar” 

After my cancer treatment. Fuck that shit!

Lets see how I can play this.






I like the “Old” you better. You were savage. – Heidi referring to the kind gentler me.

Don’t worry Heidi, I have a Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde personality 🤣🥰🥰


Last night My Bestie, her son and I went for dinner. After which she dropped her son off at his friends so she and I could grab a Ice Capp.

While she drove, her son was discussing his plans for the weekend and was being sassy. My bestie’s response was “Speak carefully”

My head whipped around so fast I damn near got whiplash! I looked at her in awe. Had my bestie been watching Korean drama behind my back? That is not a Canadian saying!

“What?” She said when she realized I was staring at her in admiration.

“You!” I laughed, “have you been watching Korean dramas?”

She wrinkled her nose in distaste. “No.”

Disappointed, I turned back in my seat.

I guess I will stay still and live quietly.



I can’t wait to see my bestie today!

I haven’t seen her since January when I was in hospital. 💕

I miss her and the kids so much! They aren’t kids anymore! The eldest became a mother in December!

My plans almost fell through because I became ill last night!

I wanted a bath so much!

It was so cold in my room and I kept trying to fix the thermostat but to no avail!

So curled up under my blankets, running to and from the bathroom I was trying to stay warm.

Finally by midnight I was feeling better.

However it irks me NOW my room is nice and warm!!


Yesterday after my home care appointment I walked into the waiting area. My ex-best friend was sitting with her children waiting for her appointment.

I was surprised to see her. Yet happy. I had been wondering how she was doing.

Awhile ago she had been diagnosed with cancer.

Now She was sitting in her chair with a box of blood thinners. She appeared a lot healthier. I noticed just like me, her body had lost a lot of weight. I had assumed before I had learned of her cancer, she hadn’t lost her baby fat or was pregnant 😟

I greeted her. She looked up so surprised to see me there. We started to chat.

I asked her why the home care was injecting her Fragmin in her belly and not into her thigh. “It says to. My belly is so bruised right now.”

I laughed. “I know! My belly was so yellow from the bruising. I was so happy I could start using my thigh. You should see if they could put it in your thigh!”

She shook her head. “I have a varicose vein in my leg, remember?”

I nodded remembering.

Then she frowned “how come you are here? How come you know about blood thinners?”

I smiled “because I have cancer too”

She stared at me in shock. “What?”


“Cervix. I just came home on February 26 for my 6 week recovery.” She murmured. “I was bleeding a lot in November. They removed my uterus. And still couldn’t find where the bleeding was coming from. They found a mass attached to blood vessels of my kidney”

I was saddened as she went on with her story. “I had chemo and radiation in January. But Becky you have cancer too!”

I nodded. “Yes they took out my ovary my uterus and the mass. I still have to have chemo and radiation tho.”

She had to leave for her appointment so I wished her luck.

We used to be best friends. We both have cancer. It’s quite a twist of Fate.


The girls and I were having a discussion about kissing. Or I should say they were asking me questions about kissing. Like I am sort of expert.

Related image

what do you call the kiss if someone pretends to kiss another. on the cheek.  Air kiss?

what do you call the kiss when you kiss your palm and blow it? blowing a kiss. The girls looked at each other and laughed. “No that’s a flyaway kiss.” I frowned. “no I am pretty sure it’s blowing a kiss.”

what about a torrid kiss. Now that one had me confused. “You mean the French kiss?” the girls shook their heads. “We call it a torrid kiss.” Leta explained. “it’s like french kissing.” I frowned once more. How can it be like a french kiss but not? I glanced at Leta then Heidi. Both had perchance for kdramas. In Korean dramas and most Asian dramas, the couples don’t really french kiss. They kiss passionately but don’t use any tongue. I sighed in realization. “Are you thinking about how they kiss in kdrama?” I asked. Leta laughed.

“yes!” she cried.

A slow grin curved my lips. “Heidi, how are you going to kiss Jimin?” I teased. “French kiss or Torrid kiss.”

Heidi grimaced. “Ew french kissing.”

“ew?” I teased. “Are you going to blow him a kiss.”

Heidi laughed. “no!” she was shaking her head. “How come in Canada no one air kisses when they greet each other?”

My eyes went wide. What? “You mean like the Europeans do?” I shrugged. “I dont know. maybe because it was mostly for sophisticated people.

chicago tribune 1887:

“Nothing is more dainty than the kiss of a wellbred chaperon, who, mindful of the time and trouble spent over the powder box, gently presses her lips on your hair just north of your ear. The minister’s wife is another sweet soul, who knows where a kiss will do least harm, and her favourite method is an air kiss, with the gentle pressure of her cheek to your cheek.”

“What about hugging?” Leta asked.

I almost spat out my honey water. “When I was younger it was unacceptable for me to hug other people.”

Their eyes bugged out. “Really!”

“it was not done. You didn’t hug your friends. You didn’t hug your same-sex friends, you didn’t hug opposite sex friends unless you were dating. And you certainly didn’t hold their hands. Imagine my surprise when in my adult years it became acceptable! suddenly everyone was hugging everybody! my god I almost clocked people out!” I exclaimed.

“me too!” the girls exclaimed. “unless you are my best friend and family don’t hug me!”

I rushed over to Heidi Leta and then grabbed Devy. Hugged all three. “But now I hug everyone.”

“You are not hugging me, Becky! You are choking me!” Devy cried. “Air! Air!”

I hugged her tighter. “but you are my friend, Devy”

She laughed. “ok.”

I love these kinds of moments with my friends.




I think one of my quirks some people find annoying is how I will blurt out random movie quotes. Or if someone sings a song or quote a line without knowing it I will acknowledge it. (I think it has to do with my know it all attitude)

“Thank you, One Direction” or “Thank you, Selena Gomez”

My former best friend and I used quote movies all the time! We would basically do the whole movie and it would drive everybody nuts!

The one movie we used to quote all the time was Cheaper by the Dozen.

Jake: I heard you were dissing my family.
Cooper: I don’t even know your family loser.
Mike: You do now!
[Mike knocks Cooper’s latte out of his hand]
Cooper: My latte!

Our favorite movies at the time were: How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, Ron Burgundy, Old School, Zoolander, Rundown to name a few.

I think its one of the things I miss most about our friendship. How we would use movies and characters as our own little language. But I am glad our friendship ended, it was so destructive.








How to stump Siri?

ask her “what’s my best friend?”

(the sentence structure doesn’t make sense Siri should have asked me to rephrase that question)

usually Siri will reply with “let’s check the web” or “I don’t have answer for that”

this time it took her 30 seconds to answer “we have an error” to which there was no answer to the second attempt.

so what have we learnt?

i don’t have a best friend!