A video I watched while at work.

Watching the women’s experience reminded  me of my experience with an energy worker, and how emotional it was for me.

The first time I went to an energy healer I was kind of hesitant. Her whole family worked in spiritualism. I had my shields up. There was no way this was going to work I thought.  The woman looked at me she smiled as if to reassure me. “You have to be the saddest person I ever met,” she said.

Why did every psychic or medium whoever met me say that? I was not too happy with that. I was happy that day.

She told me to get on the table. She put one hand on my back, the other hand reaching for the sky. I closed my eyes.

it was amazing. Energy started to flow through me. I never wanted to leave. It was if everything inside me, the pain, emotions, tension whatever was there was dissipating. My whole body felt like it had left the table, and I wasnt there anymore. I was filled with such a sense of peace and happiness. No pain. Emotional or physical.

After what seemed like hours she got up, removed her hands and told me to open my eyes.

“I hope you feel better now.” she murmured.

She hugged me after.

The second time I went to an energy worker/ psychic. She was spot on. After my reading she asked me if it was ok she cleansed my aura and heal me.


She stood behind me while I was seated, her hands hovering. Oh my goodness. It was wonderful!



“Sweet mother of pink! what smells like ass!” I groan. It took a minute for me to realize it was the lotion I was wearing for night.

Dove’s Baby Lotion with a delicate scent. 

Good grief!


I was taking orders on Lane 1 when my sister pipes up from First Booth “Oh Rebecca your boyfriend is here.”

I facepalmed myself. Its just Chad. Give me a break!

Everyone in the Second booth turned to look at me. “What?” I sigh.

He pulled up to the window, and of course, the resting bitch expression on his face makes me laugh. He is always so happy. (sarcasm)

I grin. “I thought we already had this discussion, Chad” I told him. “We no longer serve you.”

I reach for his coffee before the presenter can give it to him. Chad gives me a look.  “But you already did” he muttered.

We both are looking at his coffee. I shake my head. “How are they even paying you?” he groaned.

I burst out laughing. He sits up straighter in his seat. “They love me. They cant do without me, Chad” I give him his coffee.

He manages a smile. “Yeah I doubt that.” he replied. I can barely respond to that one because I am laughing too hard.

The presenter turned to me. “Is that how you treat your boyfriend?”

My mouth dropped. “No, he is not my boyfriend!”

“Oh is he your roommate.”

“No!” I made a face.

You choose

You want to die with him. But do you know whether or not if he wants to die with you?

Since you want to see him…


Let’s go see him. However I need to clear things up with you.

If you were to do anything to debase your status I will kill everyone in your palace. These people. Your nanny. Your maid that you grew up with.

If you think all their lives can’t compare with Yan Xun’s life you can just mess around as you like. I will show no mercy!

-The Royal Concubine’s ultimatum to Chun’r.

Princess Agents episode 23

mama Shu isn’t putting up with this bullshit anymore!



Relationships are never perfect because no one is perfect.  Sharing emotions and intimacy can leave a person exposed, vulnerable. Yet being loved by someone allows a person to feel safe and powerful at once. It gives them strength.

Everybody has some level expected to be met,  they feel let down when they aren’t.  Which is why they feel the need to sabotage the relationship over the littlest things.

Ladies first:

  • If a man has integrity and honor, he will uphold his promises. He will not make promises he cant keep. He will respect you. He will deflect other women’s flirting. He will make it known you are his woman and not to disrespect his relationship. (but am I daydreaming?)
  • If he treats his mama right, he will treat you right. But don’t get the shit twisted! He is to put you first. He is to defend you. He will ask that his family treat you right, just as he will ask you to do the same.
  • If your man comes home from work and wants to chill out by playing video games? who cares. He wants to de-stress. Join him. Kick his ass in a game. Or if you don’t know how to play, let him teach you. You can make it a little sexy. If you die you have to put on a striptease or something. Don’t bitch at him because he wants to chill out.
  • If your man wants to hang out with his friends? Why are you complaining? You can have a spa night with your friends or by yourself. You can hang out with your friends. Or you can put on your sexiest lingerie so when he comes home you can remind him the next time he won’t have to decide. he will have you or his boys
  • If your man is checking out another woman, don’t have a freakout. He is with you. Admire her too. Don’t be angry at the other woman, she has no control what your man does. She is minding her own business.
  • Appreciate your man. Ask how your man is doing. Don’t let the first words be when he comes home “How was work.” Notice the smallest things. light candles so you both can chill when you both come home from work. offer a massage.
  • Don’t play games. if he asks you what is wrong, and you say nothing. He walks away. Don’t get pissed off. He asked you what was wrong! Say what was wrong.
  • Texting is not a form of communication. Put the cell phone away! You are together. Enjoy yourself.
  • if he asked you if you want something to eat, say you are hungry! Don’t wait til he is eating and ask if you can have some. (Oh my god that is my pet peeve. I don’t share my food anymore!!!)
  • if a man starts out sweet and kind but neglects you don’t stick around. You are too good. You already have one asshole why do you need another?
  • If a man becomes abusive, leave! even emotional? Get out! NOW! you don’t need him. He doesn’t love you. It’s about power and control. He will manipulate you thinking you need him. He is sorry and he won’t do it again. All lies, LEAVE! GET OUT!


  • Your woman has eyes for you. She is focused on you. She gets freaky and jealous. When another woman starts coming up to you and flirts, run! “I have a girlfriend. Nice to meet you. Got to go. My wife will kill you. Bye bye!” dont stand there and let her hang all over you. Why do you have a death wish!
  • Your woman wants to be appreciated for even the smallest things. Notice the smallest things. Remember the oddest conversations she has had with you. Ask about her cat when she was 12!
  • Your mama raised you, but now you are with your woman. Your mama was first in your life, but now she is second. If your mama is dissing your woman you need to say that is not allowed. (special circumstances? if your woman is a psycho-bitch) your mama cant disrespect your woman in your house. And your woman cant disrespect your family in their homes. Oh shit no!
  • if your woman is telling you to stop hanging out with a female friend. Do it. She knows that woman wants you. Don’t shrug her off. (oh that is so me-cringing) unless you have a death wish!
  • If your woman asks you to pick up after yourself to the point of nagging? She is not your mama! She is your lover! You want a maid, hire one! You are a grown ass man, clean up after yourself! A woman should ask only once for help, and a man shouldn’t be nagged to help.  you’re living together. clean together. less stress.
  • if your woman stays home looking after your babies, and you come home asking her what she did all day? oh boy! Do not do that!
  • Communication: if she asks you how you are feeling, don’t shrug her off. She wants to talk. So talk. Even if you want to bury your head in the sand.
  • Texting is not a form of communication. Put the cell phone away! You are together. Enjoy yourself.
  • if your woman worked a 12 hour day why not give her a foot massage, run her a bath? make her favorite dinner?
  • take her dancing, her to a movie, have a picnic enjoy each other
  • remember the anniversaries and birthdays!
  • compliment her often even though she has bed hair tell her “i love you”
  • If she has drama. She is too controlling. Throwing ultimatums. You don’t need it. Show her the door.
  • “if you love me you will” that’s emotional manipulation. Even emotion abuse. Don’t put up with any kind of abuse. It is sad that emotional and physical abuse is a double standard, but it is. Women can be just hateful and spiteful in a relationship.

one of the things that you do learn is that falling in love and being in love with someone is a rarity. That you don’t fall in love as many times as you think you’re going to. And then when you do, it’s really special; it’s really important.

-a post inspired by a dream I had. Unfortunately, I don’t think it came out right 🙂


My niece wanted a cup for water. She came out of the kitchen with a disgusted expression on her face holding up one of my Kylo Ren mugs. I asked her what was wrong. “Why do you have so many Star Wars stuff in your apartment! You’re a girl! Not a man! you have mugs,water bottles a candy dispenser you had your cake decorated! You are too obsessed”

I laughed so hard at her question.

The answer is quite obvious “one cannot have enough Star Wars anything!”

“You are such a nerd, auntie!” She sighed

“I know”


I had a lovely fanfiction for REVENGE thought out this morning. When I sat down to write it my brain farted. So I am

♥Updating my Erotic Fiction page♥




I love Hayley.

She has just a wonderful voice. Her videos are dreamy.

While I was watching this video the one thought that struck me was how her music was so relatable. Especially to young teenagers who are conflicted about who they are, who they thought are they supposed to be.

Having to hide who you are especially to people who love you are is wrong. They should accept you and support you.

Wedding Haka

A maori traditional wedding

I burst into tears when I watched this! It’s so emotional!

the one thought that came to mind while I watched, was how much this family loved her and was accepting her new husband. 💕



What a remarkable day!!!

I don’t know what to write about first so I will begin with what I believed what was a blessing! 😇 

The Lord certainly does work in mysterious ways. 

While ago I had taken a week off for a concert and recovery time because I was ill. It would leave me enough money left over for rent. No big deal. I wasn’t worried about it.

My niece told me “auntie, my mom says you never have money!”

I always have money. More than enough. I buy my niece whatever she likes. I give my sister money because she always need it. 

 My sister took me out for lunch at a steak house and because I reminded her she was buying she chastised me  for taking time off because I never have money. Whatever.

I went to pay my rent, and the receptionist handed me back most of my rent money! I stared at her in shock. I tried to give it back “this is what I owe you” I protested.

“No you have credit” she replied. 

I was so stunned, I walked out of the office. I looked up to the heavens and grinned. “You are good, Lord!” I cried. I Ran to the car chanting it over and over.

My sister scowled at me “what took you so long!” She snapped.

“The Lord is good! He always provides!” I sighed climbing into the car.

She rolled her eyes but her eyes widened in disbelief when I showed her my money and told her what happened.

That’s why we always must be thankful and don’t take care our blessings for granted! 

Now to rewind the day:

I was sent to my cage for lunch. Unfortunately interac was slower than molasses!😒

“What do you want me to do about it?” Steve asked “I don’t control it, just like I don’t control how slow you are!”

Oh snap, son!

“Ok then don’t tell me to hurry me up!” I replied sweetly.

I should have jumped out the window and save me the pain!

  1. Why do people ask how many nuggets we have? We haven’t changed them in 25 years!
  2. Why ask what kind of happy meal we have? Didn’t change in 20 years!

A woman took 5 minutes to order! “Can I have the sauce that’s on the fries?” The mcChicken sauce? “Is that the white sauce?”

A kitten came through. He was so cute!!!

A pick up of 3 teenage girls pulled up to the window. One of them reaches over to tap her card, the card falls to the ground.

The driver stared at the ground in disbelief “oh my god! Lyndsay Lynn Miller” she exclaimed

The drivers face was so priceless I burst out laughing. She was so mortified. “But I wanted to tap the card!” The girl pouted.

“No! You are not touching my card!” The driver cried. I laughed harder.

Later a former co worker pulled up wearing a fake mustache! I laughed.

My day improved when I was let out of my cage