what would be more painful?

Being able to read people’s thoughts and knowing what they think about you?

Being able to feel people’s emotions?

I think it would be more painful feeling people’s emotions

because I really dont care what they think about me.

Would my heart of stone shatter then?

-random thoughts while doing laundry



Going out with friends♥

Then we are going to see the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie!

So excited! I love the Power Rangers!

Making Plans


My friends and I made plans to see Beauty and the Beast. The animation was my favourite when I was a kid. I can’t wait to see if Emma Watson will sing in the live action adaptation!

We were supposed to go last Saturday until they found out my sister wanted to go too. She wanted to go on Tuesday. Suddenly everyone was making an excuse not to go.

My best friend G claimed he had an appointment. My mouth dropped in disbelief. “Lies! You are going to be curled up under the blankets watching basketball!”

He laughed “no ask my girlfriend!”

I marched over to Dev “G says he is staying home curled up under the blankets watching basketball!”

Dev laughed. “Is he!”

G made a sound of outrage “no!”

“Yes! You think I don’t know!” I pouted “you promised to go with me!”

He laughed.

Today I find out the girls are going to the late show cause they want to see the movie in 3D!

“What?!” I cried 

“Oh it’s past Becky’s bedtime you know she can’t go!” Steve said, “sorry you have to go by yourself”

I pouted “you are evil, Heidi!”

Heidi laughed “not me, it was Dev!”

Dev shook her head “it was Heidi!”

Heidi asked if my sister was coming. I smirked “no she watched it already”

Heidi glared at me “we waited for her”

” I know ”

Before my shift was over, G asked if I went on Saturday.

“No because you were at home watching march madness!” I glared at him.

He laughed “but Becky we are watching Power Rangers on Friday!”

I smiled “are you sure!”


“Go go Power rangers!” I sang 

So I’m going with other people to see Beauty and the Beast! 💕

When someone has my back


I was grabbing a drink of water when a coworker says to me” oh my god, Becky your picture!” 

My eyes bugged out in shock. I choked on my water. 

“Why did you delete it?!” He exclaimed. “I could have liked it.”

“That wasn’t supposed to be on fb!” I laughed.

“I could have shown Johnny!”

I burst out laughing. “And his wife would kill me!”

My coworker narrowed his eyes, “and I will slap that bitch!” He gestured slapping the air viciously.

I smiled. “Oh thank you!”

Crawling under the covers to finish watching my shows.


It’s snowing. It’s Saturday. Just another lazy day.

Ugh boob jiggle much😜



Ah I’m dying inside!

Seeing Sesshomaru, Kikyo and Inu-Yasha is breaking my heart!

I’m reminded that I lost my manga! Oh the emotions!




People think I should know what I want in life.

I don’t know. I wake up and it’s a brand new day. Perhaps the same song to sing, but I never know  what I want. 

As long as at the end of the day I can come home take off my bra change into My PJS, watch a Fave tv show, or take a bath, chill with people I’m happy