Describe one simple thing you do that brings joy to your life.

Describe one simple thing you do that brings joy to your life.

One simple thing I do that brings joy to my life?

If I was younger the answer would be reading of course! I loved reading! Couldn’t get me away from a book!

Nowadays it would be snuggling with my cats and watching a Korean drama!

My cats are chaotic but when they lie in bed with me, it’s comforting to feel their warmth and hear their purr!

JOHN WICK 4 had so much potential

I had been eagerly waiting to watch John Wick 4, and this was my second attempt to watch it. But, oh my Lanta, I fell asleep! Can you believe it?

I had been so excited about the movie, especially because of the potential martial arts showdowns. Ipman vs John Wick? Hiroyuki Sanada vs John Wick? Scott Adkins vs John Wick? The possibilities had my inner martial artist fanatic jumping for joy!

not even the legendary Ipman could keep my interest. As the movie started, my mind began to wander off into a realm of imagination. I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like if Sammo Law, Bolo Yeung, Jackie Chan, Jahal Merhi, Don the Dragon Wilson, Cynthia Rothrock, and even Chow Yun Fat were all in a movie together! The thought itself was so exciting that it overwhelmed me, and before I knew it, I had drifted off to sleep.

In all honesty, I must admit that throughout the John Wick series, there has been only one fight scene that truly stood out for me. It was in John Wick 1, the subway and stairs sequence. The battle between Common and Keanu Reeves was simply breathtaking. They both had such great screen presence and chemistry, making the scene unforgettable.

So here I am, feeling a little disappointed that I missed out on John Wick 4. But hey, sometimes even the most anticipated movies can’t keep us awake. I guess I’ll have to give it another shot and hope that my third attempt brings me the thrilling experience I’ve been waiting for.

Let’s hope the next movie I choose doesn’t end with me dozing off and missing out on all the action!


First things first, I woke up from the most uncomfortable sleep ever. Picture this: I made the genius decision of sleeping on my back, thinking it would be a good idea. Oh, how wrong I was! My vertebrae were cracking like a bag of chips, but the real problem was my stumpy leg. It had its own agenda and protested against this sleeping position. Apparently, it had a bone to pick with me, literally!

Despite my stiff back and grumpy leg, I summoned all my bravery to step outside. And guess what? The universe rewarded me with a breathtaking day of sunshine and beauty. It was like a scene from a postcard, and there I was, a walking disaster amidst all the splendor.

Now, the ultimate nemesis of my existence: stairs. Hazardous. I kept wondering if would it be faster to throw myself down rather than try dragging my leg after me! Walking up? I was sure it took 100 years to get to the top step!

To add to the madness, my dad had the audacity to ask me if I could climb into his truck. I mean, seriously? On a good day, I can barely pull off that stunt, and now, with my leg’s newfound grumpiness, it was an absolute no-go. I shot him a look of disbelief, silently saying, “Do you really think I’m capable of such gymnastics?”

my mom asked if I could change the cat litter, I couldn’t help but let out a jaw-dropping “No!” I mean, come on, how was I supposed to pull off that feat? It was like asking a penguin to fly. And right on cue, my dad came to the rescue, ready to battle the cat litter and save the day.

Summoning every ounce of energy left in my clumsy body, I managed to drag myself from the car to the rental building. Walking was an Olympic sport for me at this point, with my leg being the unpredictable wildcard. But hey, at least the pain was somewhat bearable. As I entered the building, the management was flabbergasted to see me in person. It had been months since my last in-person visit, and their surprised exclamations of “Rebecca!” echoed throughout the place. Oh, the joys of being a regular rent-paying celebrity!

In desperate need of some comfort food and company, I decided to head to the restaurant where I worked. I craved the presence of my coworkers, hoping their contagious energy would lift my spirits. But, as luck would have it, just as I emerged from my car, a truck decided to back up right next to me, almost turning me into a pancake. I couldn’t contain my frustration and unleashed a verbal storm on the reckless driver. I mean, seriously, was he trying to play a game of bumper cars? My dad, clueless as ever, innocently asked, “Becky, why are you yelling?” Sigh, some people just don’t get the drama of life.

Finally, I managed to escape the truck fiasco and made my way into the restaurant, only to find my colleagues in a state of perpetual grumpiness. They bombarded me with questions about why I wasn’t working. I frowned and replied, “Because I have been sick, duh!” It’s like they expected me to pull a rabbit out of a hat and start tap dancing or something.

But amidst the chaos, there was a silver lining. May, who had been stuck at the McCafé, emerged looking tired and stoic. I went up to her, concerned, and asked how she was holding up. Turns out, she had been on McCafe. She crushed my dreams of her being on lane 2 🤣

As the day winded down, I sought solace in the arms of my furry companions. Ah, my babies, they always knew how to make me smile. However, Willow, being the mischievous ball of fur she is, decided to pounce on my bad leg, sending waves of pain through my body. I let out a scream that could rival a horror movie, and poor Willow was terrified. But in a sweet turn of events, she came back to me, curled up on my lap, and started grooming me. It was her way of saying sorry, and honestly, who could resist the adorable guilt trip of a remorseful kitty?🐾


Today was a wonderful day.

I was able to sleep better. Move faster than a snail. Cut the Tylenol down to 4.

The skin on my leg is sensitive everything that touches me feels like paper cuts thankfully I have a CT scan next week.

I was really grateful for the online doctor appointment I was able to get yesterday. The doctor was kind and answered all the questions I had about my blood thinners and she eased my anxiety. I was also proud of myself that I spoke clearly and I started my concerns without a stammer.

Everything went well. My boss called as well to say I was put on medical leave return unknown. I would have my vacation pay as well on my paycheck.

I spent the day with my babies. Willow was jumping all over me. She had been unwell the past month and I guess she was happy. We all snuggle in bed to watch dramas.

When I’m sleeping at my parents, I forget that I don’t have Daisy or Willow. It makes me sad. I will watch something funny and comment about it to the cats. They are not with me!

The only thing that is bothersome is, climbing stairs.

Do you remember life before the internet?

Do you remember life before the internet?

I remember life before I got internet.

The books I read. The music I listened to.

Going out on weekends.

I was journaling.

Life was simple.

Then I got a laptop. Suddenly I was on everything and everywhere at once. It was ok. I was in my 30s. There was so much to explore, so many people to chat with. Big mistake!

ICQ, AOL,, lava something other.

I was so happy because I could find all the information and manga I wanted.

Slowly, my interests started to dwindle as I became more active online. I rarely read, write. I discover more music.

In truth, there are times I wished I never discovered the internet.


“It’s Montecristo court”

“That’s not what it’s called”

“Does it look like I care what the proper name is? It’s the staircase! That’s what connects the cases”

“Don’t be stupid how does a stair case connect three murder case”

“It’s a serial killing. The stair case is out of sight. He hides and watches them. Be quiet I’m losing him..”

“Losing who?”

“He is there at the stair case. I said shut up! Jesus fucking Christ no wonder you haven’t solved a damn case! You can never think outside the box or better yet think at all!”

I was shouting to be heard over the clamour of voices. So many distractions and then he was gone. Like he hadn’t been there.

Just black blue swirling around- like a lava lamp made out of midnight blues.

I couldn’t believe it! He was right there! Almost tangible! Now he was gone!

Rage surged through me. I ripped off the mask and lunged for the bumbling incompetent detective “I am going to rip out your vocal box. Then your tongue because you can’t keep your fucking mouth shut! I had that bastard! Had him! But you fucking kept your lips flapping”

The detective squeaked. Struggling to free himself. “You’re a freak!” He gasped.

Hands pried him free. “You better not let me see or hear you. I will make your face uglier than it is now!” I promised “and stay away from my case from the victims families and the news. I will carve you up like a Christmas turkey!”

I woke up from my dream because the violence and fury in it was so shocking!

I laid there in bed, frozen from panic. First, I thought I was still in the dream. Second, my ears were still ringing from how loud, angry I sounded in my dream. Had I spoke out loud? I waited for a moment to see if anyone would come in to check on me. Nope.

Third, Had I ripped off my sleeping mask while I was dreaming? Nope still on my face.

In the dream I had psychic power (?) called Remote viewing. I could see people places in different areas places without being there. It’s like being a drone without an operator. But sometimes I had a premonition or two.

Wow that’s crazy how realistic that dream felt. Lucid dreams. Yet there was something else that woke me up aside from my voice. It had to do with the stairwell.


Why is it hard to keep track of time when someone is ill or injured? I thought today was Thursday.

I managed to get some sleep.

The last couple of days it felt like I got run over by a Mack truck. Headaches, no sleep. Couldn’t be comfortable in any position. I made zombies look good.

I had enough!

There I was, two pillows and one propped up against the two for back support.

I put Vicks Vapor rub all over. My chest, my back, under my nose. Put an ice cold wet towel over my lumpy leg. A cold towel on my eyes and settled in for a long night.

All went well. Finally had a good sleep.

After popping 6 Tylenol and two blood thinners a day I managed to lug my leg around with minimal pain. Getting up was a process.

Today I gave work my doctor note.

I was not in the mood to deal with customers or their kids.

Especially since one kid nearly ran into me.

“Get the fuck out of the way like this is not your house!” I snapped. “Stop running around!” That kid was lucky I didn’t shove him clear across the lobby, that’s how strong my reaction was to protect my injured leg. Do I want to feel anymore pain than I have to? No.

The mom’s reaction was priceless “don’t talk to my kid like that!”

I turned to her, my glare could have have left her dead in the streets. “This is a restaurant! Not your house. He wants to run? Go somewhere else where he won’t possibly hurt himself or others. Preferably in the middle of a street.” I turned on my heel to go to my manager.

My mom gasped in horror (🤣) after I told her what happened “Becky you can’t just say that to kids!”

“I can and I did.”

I visited my cats. I snuggled with my babies.

I spent the afternoon, cleaning, and snuggling my babies. I showered. I climbed into bed with Willow and we snuggled.

We laid in bed until dinner time when my mom came to pick me up.

Later on tonight my parents came home and glared at me.

“Becky, I had to wash your floor. You had no paper towels nothing how was I going to clean up Willow’s mess!”

I laughed. I couldn’t help it. “there was poop bags!”

“What? How was I going to clean up poop with the bag?”

“Um you put your hand in it and use your bag like a glove.”

My mom went green!

“Don’t be ridiculous!” My dad exclaimed. “I can’t believe you said that!”

“Willow peed everywhere. Poop in front of the couch, in the bathroom everywhere!”

I frowned. “I cleaned her litter box.” I murmured “the other cat must have come in and scared her.”

“Well guess what you’re going to your house tomorrow and making sure she doesn’t make a mess again!”

I had a really good day. Now I just have to rest.


I chuckled when I read Virgo’s scent is rosemary. I abhor rosemary.

my color is dark green. Fascinating.

In my younger days I had quite an obsessive trait. I would fixate on something for approximately a year. Everything had to be about it. In essence that period of my life was called The Years

  • Red Year- nothing but red. I would wear red. Every thing had to be red! I looked like tomato!
  • Blue: nothing light blue.
  • Waffle knit: that drove my mom nuts! “Where am I supposed to get that sweater, Becky?” when I pointed out the picture.
  • Track suits: this also drove my mom nuts because it had to be a certain kind of track pants! Not jogging! Sporty spice!
  • Praeger shirts: i was obsessed with Psi Factor! Matt Frewer’s character Matt Praeger was my new obsession. He always wore shirts with a one or two stripes across the chest. “Stop it Becky! It is like the shirt!”
  • Green: everything was green.
  • Camouflage: bags, shirts, pants
  • Pink: my kitchen, bedroom living room and clothes were pink. I looked like a bottle of pepto dismal. I still cringe at image of my pink winter jacket🤢🤮😵‍💫
  • Black: this was my last year. My medication changed and my obsessiveness ended lol black living room. Black Bedroom. Skulls and spiders everywhere. I was trying to be cool with scary decor.

Some of my friends still laugh about my Pink Year. “You looked like a bottle of Pepto Bismal!”

What personal belongings do you hold most dear?

What personal belongings do you hold most dear?

My sister went to Arizona years ago and she brought a huge heart crystal for me. I use the box it came in as a memory box.

In it I have some knick-knacks that Kaileigh gave me when she was little. Some barbie Barrettes. A bracelet she made. For example.

I received a keychain from Hawaii. My friends went there on their honeymoon.

A piece of amber I purchased from a souvenir shop went to Sequoia Canyon in California.

But what is most precious? Was a watch, my late grandmother gave me for Christmas. I was around 10. It was gold, mesh band, and instead of having a normal clock face. Tiny zircon replaced the numbers. Little me thought it was real diamonds!!!🤣🤣

The mesh band is messed up but I can’t believe I still have it!


I had an ECG, ultrasound and blood tests done.

I had a blood clot.

I finally was discharged and I was so happy to go to sleep!

My mom tucked me in to bed!😍😍

I had a nice sleep. But getting up was a real bitch. I was afraid I was going to wet myself! 🤣🤣

My parents are at my house right now! 😵‍💫🙀😨😱

I warned them it might be messy.

My dad told my mom she didn’t have to come along.

But she said she wanted to be sure he got my clothes and meds. She wanted to see Willow.

My worst nightmare is having my mom see my unkempt house! I attempted to clean on Tuesday but I was sick.

My mom used to be a professional housekeeper and head housekeeper for the care home. So her standards are pretty high!

Oh well, I love it when she takes care of me!