I was ever so sweet today. I was anticipating the moment when I could crush people’s dreams this afternoon.

I wonder if they found it more infuriating that I was being so sweet denying their requests, instead of being a basic bitch?

I began my onslaught at 11 when we started the $.67 hamburger sale. The deal was a customer could have up to 3. We allowed up to 10.  No special grill orders. No multi-orders.

We sold 80 within 20 minutes in the drive thru alone, on the counter? I have no idea. Every order had 10 hamburgers. We went down hill. So now customers were now allowed 5.

So it began.

A customer asked for a multi-order. I asked if any of them were having the special. They both said yes. So both orders were having the special. Yep. 10 hamburgers. “No I am sorry only 5 hamburgers per person. I am afraid we can’t do multis with the special orders.” that blew their minds.

“Are you kidding me? so my friend can’t have her 5 hamburgers?” she asked.

I had to explain 3x that they were only allowed 5 burgers. They would have to come in. But then again 5 burgers PER customer. “5 burgers!”

She took the deal regardless.

A customer asked “I would like a cheeseburger no onions no pickles sub mac sauce add lettuce.”

“I am sorry no special orders on the specials today,” I replied.

“Really?” no I am making that shit up. “So I can’t have mac sauce?”


A customer asked if we still had the special.  it just started today, it would end today. So yeah, of course, we still had it.

“I would like 25 cheeseburgers.”

“No, I am sorry only 5”

What took the cake for me? A customer asked what hamburger was on special today.

“Hamburger and cheeseburger,” I replied.

“I asked you what kind of burger!” he snapped.

“hamburger and a cheeseburger!” I answered. I was pretty clear.

“Oh my god! Fine! I will have a big mac and a quarter cheese!”

“Ok but those aren’t on sale are you sure you still want them?” I asked.

“Look I asked you what was on sale!” he snapped.

I looked up the tv monitor to see who this joker was. “And I told you,” I replied coldly, “hamburgers and cheeseburgers!”

“Oh fine then! a hamburger and cheeseburger!”

A woman was irritated when she learned she couldn’t have 50 hamburgers. “No only 5,” I said.

“5?” she repeated in disbelief. “well maybe you should have that in the fine print then!”

I was startled. I almost started to laugh. Since when does any customer read the fine print!!! “The limit was up to 3 but now we upped it to 5” I sighed.

It was a fun day. We sold over 1300 hamburgers/cheeseburgers in an hour and half.


I took some time to clear my chakras using my chakra banner. (Similar to the one above)
I began with the crown chakra (the purple) placed it in my non-dominant hand. With my pendulum (my favourite-carnelian oregonite) I held it over the crown chakra. I began with my breathing (Prana if you want) and let my breath wash over the piece of banner I held.
My pendulum began to spin.
For each part of the banner, I would breathe over it letting the pendulum decide how good/bad my chakra was. The chakra would only stop if the chakra was cleared.
Unfortunately my yellow chakra or third chakra needed the most work! Which was why I was so sick! Stomach liver intestines pancreas eyes and face are affected when the Third Chakra is blocked!
It took me ten minutes to unblock it! Guess I should put more yellow around me!
I feel wonderful!


You just woke up naked…
Next to the singer of the last song you listened to.
Who is it?


Well, I would be naked with Zayn and Taylor Swift.

Now that would be interesting.  a threesome.

Since this song is a duet.

I don’t mind Zayn. In this video, he is super sexy. Yank that shirt open and strip that jacket off him. Push him down on the bed and see if he could rock my world.

However since I am not a Taylor Swift fan, I would have to show her the door.  I wouldn’t be able to put up with her prima donna attitude, and clinginess. She would probably get jealous that Zayn’s attention wouldn’t be on her. Nope, dont need that kind of drama in between the bed sheets.


It was one of those days when I had to pick myself up and grow through the motions. I didnt know how the day would turn out, but I was happy I went to work anyway!

Sure I was feeling tired, off kilter, sick, my body just did not want to be touched but my mood picked right up when I saw everyone. Their smiles.

Laughter is the best medicine.

Certainly is for me.

My team is the best medicine for me. Their overly dramatic moody giggling selves just make me feel like myself again. Just smidge.

Perhaps it was my sadist side that was enjoying the mayhem that was going on with them today. Usually, they are so polite and sweet, but when they are not? Wow! Look out.

I was certainly enjoying it!


We were goofing off in drive thru again. My sister walked into second lane looks at all of us and announced  “I’m changing my name to Awesomepreet”

J’s reaction was priceless.

Image result for disgusted gifs

“You are not awesome!”
She stared at him. “What?”

I burst out laughing. She storms out drive thru. While I was making McCafe, Cheryl and J were having a conversation in Tagalog. I turned around.

“What are you talking about?” I asked. “J is being a pervert?”

Cheryl sniffed, “Yes he is so perverted for you, Rebecca. J loves your ass so much”

I glanced at J, who was staring at me. “Why don’t you like my sister’s ass?”

My sister walked back into the drive thru at this time, pretended she is a model and show case her ass. “My ass is beautiful!” she cooed to J.

J strikes again with his reaction.

Image result for disgusted gifs

“Ew no you don’t!” he cried. (my sister actually does have a nice ass! Better than mine!!) My sister glared at him. Then storms off.

I couldn’t take my order I was laughing so hard. “Stop it!” I wheezed. “It hurts to laugh!”

Later, J and Cheryl were arguing in Tagalog and J exclaimed in English:  “oh my god let me pick up your common sense for you.” he reached down pretended to pick it up and gave it to Cheryl. “There!”

“Oh my god I was just asking!”

“Seriously, chicken?” I asked.

“Are you kitten me right now?” she cried.

J slowly turned to look at us, his expression murderous. “Stop that!”

“I wonder what the customer would do if they asked for a Seriously Chicken, and we said Seriously?!” I mused.

Cheryl and I burst out laughing. “I think we would get in trouble.”

I was having fun, but by the time the shift ended I was ready to keel over.

Time to chill! 🙂



This totally made my night!
I hadn't been feeling well the last couple of days
So forgive my nerdiness!
When I saw this? It made me so happy!

One of my favourite songs when I was younger 💕
I would sing it all the time

Back at work

Drinking a coffee before I start work.
Hmm yum
After 4 days of laziness
Is this the real life?
Have a wonderful day!