I dont know what is worse.

Anticipation or being in complete ignorance.

Why am I pondering this?

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the dreaded days of finales are upon us.

The butchering of shows left a bloodbath in their wake.

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I am a tv junkie, I hate finales, hiatuses and cancellations as it is, but this 2018 season was unbelievable with its victims! The finales? Cliffhangers! If you dont want any SPOILERS this post isnt for you! Do NOT go past this point!!!

Lets start with Lucifer! One of my favorite Monday shows! Do not be afraid to retweet #SaveLucifer After a torturous 3 seasons of Lucifer insisting that he was the Devil,  Chloe finally saw through Lucifer’s “metaphors”  Her reaction was priceless! Silly woman, he always told her the truth, but she never believed him. However, what I liked most about this two-parter was how Chloe Lucifer and Ellie were there for Dan when Charlotte was killed. Tricia Helfer and Kevin Alejandro’s performance was on point!

Only for Fox to cancel the show on a cliffhanger! Fluck you Fox! You keep Beat Shazam and the Orville! The ORVILLE! Oh my god! The indecency!

Lethal Weapon: I love Riggs.  His tortured soul, willingness to cheat death, his unrelenting need to drown out the horror of his wife’s death and his childhood with alcohol or adrenaline either made him a crazy son of a bitch or a fool. He was finally getting his life together with the help of his partner, a new love and a chance for a second family. And what happens? He gets killed at Miranda’s grave!

When I heard the news of firing Clayne Crawford on Lethal Weapon. Oh my reaction wasnt pretty. Talk about unprofessional!

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Blacklist: I didnt think I would ever be able to recover from Redd’s secret! The fact that Liz outplayed him using a Blacklister was brilliant! She certainly learnt from him. Using Sutton Ross Liz and her sister Jennifer manipulated Reddington to a showdown that ultimately revealed the duffel bag of bones that Mr. Kaplan, Tom Keen, Nik Korpal died for, were of the real Raymond Reddington. The man Liz thought was her father? Was an imposter! So while Redd burned the bones and Dom looked on, Jennifer and Liz vowed their revenge.

This afternoon while I was on my break a thought came to me. For thirty years, Sam (Liz’s Adoptive father), Dom, Dembe, Mr. Kaplan all kept the imposter’s secret. Maybe he killed Katerina (Liz’s birth mother) to keep the secret. Jennifer mentioned that one day 2 years ago, her mother Nancy was shot. By some unknown killer. Maybe it was Redd. Redd killed Nancy to keep his secret.

I stopped chewing my burger, blown away by the idea.

Ugh I hate finales! They leave me an emotional mess! I am too much involved with my characters!


One of my doppelgängers pulled up to the window.

The presenter turned to hand out her drink and stopped. She was so surprised it took her a moment to realize she was staring. She gave my doppelgänger her drink, told her to have a great day.

she hurried over to me “Becky! That girl looked exactly like you!” She exclaimed.

I sighed “I know. It happens all the time” I replied, “don’t worry about it”

”wow” she murmured.

Wow is an over statement.

I lost count how many doppelgängers I have. This one made her appearance a couple of months ago, however her boyfriend was a regular customer!

At least Katerina Petrova only had three doppelgängers. Amara doesn’t count😜



My callous disregard of human life:

jacey: what’s in the tea?

me: I don’t know. I don’t care. They don’t tell me. I don’t ask. That’s the new rule. They don’t tell us. We don’t ask.

BVS: it’s sounds like a bad rule to me.

me: really? You will fall in line! You will conform to my evil regime!

-my kingdom! I am queen here no one unsurps my authority!

Just kidding of course! Or am I?



I had 3 hours of sleep!

I dont know what happened! It felt like I drank an ocean of caffiene! I was wide awake, and I couldnt sleep. So when I finally did start to drift off I was woken 15 minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off.

surprisingly I had remarkable energy for the day! How was that possible! I was recovering from McHappy Day, surviving on 3 hour sleep and I was in drive thru all day!

The girls were trying to teach me how to dance. “No Becky! Its like this!” Heidi cried.

“No you know I cant do that!” I wailed. “I have two left feet!”

Steve turns around sees me flailing around, he groaned. “oh my god what are you doing?”

“they are trying to teach me how to dance!” I replied defiantly.

Steve rolled his eyes.

Believing I was now safe from Steve’s shenanigans I turned back to Heidi.

“No Heidi its like this!” I insisted, bumping my ass in the air.

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Suddenly I was shoved aside, bewildered I turned around. There was Steve beside me. “No Heidi its like this!” he exclaimed.  He proceeded to flop his arms and legs like a chicken!

I was so stunned, I burst out laughing. “Good lord”

I had a fantastic day but I’m tired and sleepy.





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So accurate I actually thought this meme was about me!





My day was remarkably well.

I actually had to do so some work.  I don’t do manual labor? (JK)

I had to run for window.

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But because the cashier was so slow I had to take orders as well. It was so busy, that I had 8 orders done to his 2. I leaned over. “Hurry up and take orders.”

He looked over at me. “I am. I am”

My sister was like “Rebecca if you are not busy run these coffees out to the customers.”

Yeah ok.  In what moment would you like me to do that? Between orders and running, or while taking an order? I have no moments. Do it your own self!

After that catastrophe, I was to help out drive-thru. By doing Mc Cafe.

Who in their right mind would put me on McCafe! I am a disaster! I can barely pour one coffee without making a mess! I surprised everyone I did alright for that little bit.

However, by the time my shift was over, my eye was twitching. While on orders I spilled a frappe, a coffee. My sister was on orders with me, and she kept wondering why there were so many swap orders. “You take too long to take an order! You take too long to greet the customer! You cant multi-task.” I snapped. “Dont try to blame me because my times are shorter! Move it or lose it!”

Thankfully somebody else took over for her.

I completely lost my temper at a customer just before I clocked out.

“Hello! Hello! Hello!” the customer shouted.

“Hi,” I was about to greet him.


“You know what!” I snapped, “I know you are there! Alright? Just stop it! Just stop helloing me! I was about to take your order! May I take your order!”

There was silence. Like I slapped him silent. “Yeah I know you can take my order” he shot back.

Oh keep it up, we will have hands! I thought sourly.

“What would you like”

“A mcdouble meal dressed like a mac” He began. I started to punch it in. “Thats two. I said I wanted two meals!” he shouted.

That was it! I completely lost my cool. “You know what? You keep this up I will not be able to serve you! I was punching in your order, it was on your screen. Do not give me attitude when I am trying to serve you!”

He was silent. “With two ice teas!” he added

I let him drive off, and then informed the manager about the customer’s rude behavior. He just said “yeah yeah” of course I knew he wasnt going to do anything about it. Grumble!

It was an ok today. Just not looking forward tomorrow!

Its Wednesday.

  • Cult day.
  • McHappy Day.
  • I have to be on my best behavior because volunteers are working. Like firefighters and police officers and the Mayor.
  • the weakest links are working. Who would put the people who can barely do their jobs on the busiest day of the week on? when there are so many people on the floor!

It will be an early night tonight. Its going to be a long day tomorrow!



Thief-Ansel Elgort

Dancing to this song while I’m in the change room. I don’t want to go back upstairs such a sexy song!


He let her set the pace. The roll of her hips had her rocking up and down the length of his cock. Her clit grinding against his pelvis as her breath exploded between her lips in little soft moans.

She was so wet. Hot. No doubt turned on by the fact that anyone could walk into his office and see them on his desk. He groaned as her muscles squeezed him, milking the length of his cock as she slid up then back down. She was so tight. Perfect.

The strands of her hair clung to her cheeks, her eyes heavy lidded with her lust. Her kiss swollen lips were parted, a mere breath from his. His fingers smoothed her damp hair from her face, twisting into the tendrils.

”Remember if you are louder than a whisper,” he teased warningly “I will stop. You won’t cum”

Her lips kicked up at the corner “No, you won’t cum. I will climb off you right now and end this ride” she shot back.

She had him right by his cock. He groaned as she squeezed him again making him throb inside her. “You’re so cute when you try to play your little dom games” she purred “but let’s face it. I’m always in control” she kissed him slowly easing the roll of her hips.

A surge of something akin to anger  went through him. It was true she did have control issues. But her control ended in the bedroom. He was exacting. Deliberate with her pleasure. He derived a certain kind of satisfaction knowing that she trusted him enough with releasing her control over to him. Even a greater primitive triumph when she would cum calling his name.

He had been too lax with her.

His mouth still on hers, on hand in her hair the other gripped her hip, and changed the tempo of their lovemaking.

Her eyes went wide. Her startled gasp swallowed by his mouth, she flung her arms around him as her face buried in his throat.

The straps of her lace bralet fell off her shoulders, her full breasts bounced with every upward hard thrust of his hips.

He felt her pussy walls clenching around him, her juice dripping down his cock to his balls. Staining his Armani trousers. Fuck! She was driving him to the brink. His cock was throbbing, as he pounded deep inside her.

her nails dug into his skin. “Please” She croaked.

he smiled “you can cum any time you want,” her head lifted in confusion. He stroked her cheek. “If you remember you are not in control here. I am”

she made a small sound. “Fuck you”

he laughed. “You are fucking me”

she gasped, as his hips stopped moving. His cock still buried deep inside her. Throbbing hot and thick. “I will give you this. My cock or leave you with nothing. Just let me be here for you”

Her eyes were wide, her body trembling with unreleased pleasure and emotions. “Make me cum” her tone was imperilious.

he clicked his tongue. He started to hoist her off him.

”wait! What are you doing!” She gasped. “You can’t be serious!” The wide dome of his cock was teasing her opening.

He let her dangle above his cock, waiting patiently for her to say the words.

”please. Don’t.” She pleaded. “I’m sorry.”

he didn’t move.

“I feel vulnerable when you take control” she whispered, “but the truth is I’ve never felt more safe than I’m with you”

He kissed her, slowly lowering her down. The slow thrust drove him deep. Her pussy muscles rippled around him, as her orgasm slammed through her. Her cries muffled into his throat.

He groaned as his own orgasm seized him. His cum shooting deep inside her. He fell back onto his desk dragging her with him. “Hmm this was supposed to be a quickie” she teased.

”give me a break,” he grunted “I’m not a young man anymore”

”You are perfect!” She kissed him.

He chuckled “thank you.”




I couldn’t live without my fear and my desire for the next one to come in the day 

  • well that went better than I thought



I was feeling prickly today 💕💕

sometimes I’m such a dork!!