Trying to find inspiration. Or get the creative juices flowing. Mostly getting over the writer’s block. Mostly I think its in my head. My fears are holding me back.

  • I am always afraid of failing.
  • Its not good enough. It will never be good enough.
  • being judged by  what I write. (childhood issues)

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Gah so much self pity!

Today I was feeling inspired to find a way bolster myself so my self-doubt wouldnt creep in.

Or the ugliness of writer’s block!

I decided to find crystals that will inspire me with my writing!

Sodalite – it removes mental blocks, increases creativity, wisdom, and luck ♥♥

Stones for Removing Mental Blocks

Stones for Creativity:
Blue Fluorite
Pink Chalcedony
Stones for Increasing Concentration
Stones for Clarity
Tigers Eye♥♥
Rock Quartz Crystals will amplify the power of other stones.


Because I had nothing better to do but fix the 63 bad links of 163 stories on my fiction page!!!!


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except for sleep! 🙂


Can you answer these 13 personal questions about yourself without lying?
How do you hope to change as a person in the future?  Being motivated. i want to be more goal oriented.
What keeps you up at night? The world. How can we as people keep hurting each other. We are supposed to be accepting of each other. We are supposed to love one another. Yet we do everything we can to destroy any prospect of peace because we want oil, land and money. and we want more. always more. How about we work on acceptance, love, peace and not greed?
What’s the most surprising self-realization you’ve had? That its ok not to be perfect and its ok not to sweat the small stuff.
What lie do you tell most often? That I’m ok. That I am fine. And I am happy.
What do you regret not doing? Going on an adventure. well I went to California. But I want to explore!
What do you most often look down on people for?  For not being grateful for what they have. They complain about not having this when they wanted that! well, do you have a job? Do you have money to enjoy the things you want? Do you have food to eat and sleep in a comfy bed? Of course, you do! but others don’t, so stop being a bitch and be grateful!
What do you think people look down on you for the most? probably my no-nonsense attitude, sure I am funny and crazy, but I do not put up with bullshit.
What gives your life meaning? my faith
What bridges do you not regret burning? negative nancies.
What are you most insecure about? My body
How do you get in the way of your own success? I don’t go for it I stay in the same place because I’m scared
Whats one thing you really wish you could go back and undo? who knows
What are you afraid people see when they look at you?  I dont want to be a horrible person in their eyes.  That I am mean controlling rude. I want to be the kind person who brings a smile to someone’s face.



Oh snap!

I didn’t know whether to shake my head, giggle or wince.

Women are beautiful and smart. Some women choose not to use their intellect because they have found some men are intimidated by their intelligence more so than their looks.

It shouldn’t have to matter. Women shouldn’t have to dumb down themselves to be appreciated, attractive or accepted.

Because being playing dumb is neither cute nor adorable, its tiresome. Nobody has time for that kind of mind game!



Parked at A&W in Chetwynd on our way home because someone had to have a pee break.

Can we back out the same way we came out?

me: what?

can I back out?

me: what are you talking about?! Of course you can!

well some restaurant won’t let you go out the same way you come in.

me: what?!

you don’t travel much do you?

me: oh my god! Will you drive!

how do I get on the highway?

me: oh my god seriously how do you drive when you are in town?! Drive to the stop sign

are you sure?

me: drive!

but I don’t want to back track.

me: what?

i don’t want to back track to where I went.

me: yes You do.

How come I have these conversations?

This is painful

Me: there is a Tim Hortons.

mel: where?

me: right in front of your face.

mel: oh my god why didn’t you tell me? Now I have to drive back around!

me: or drive on. There is a road right there!

mel: oh. So how do we get to Hudson Hope?

K: your driving back towards home.

mel: what?!

me: no we are not! You do not mind what we are doing! You mind what you’re doing!

oh my god, I’m driving with Panic and chaos!