DREAM: being alone


I had a dream where I was very ill and doctors weren’t sure what was wrong with me. A friend decided to take me out for dinner at this little diner on the highway. Despite my protests. I didn’t want to be in public, I was miserable.

We walked into the diner. 

On one side all the people I used to be friends with, (through disloyalty and cattiness) sat there with people who didn’t like me and vice versa. On the other side taking up very little room were the people who did like me and vice versa. And in the middle aisle for some strange reason sitting with Emma and Jeff, was Chad and his girlfriend.

“Well this is interesting!” My friend exclaimed, enjoying my confusion. We sat with Van.

“Oh I thought you were sitting with Chad” Van teased me.

“Har Har” I replied sarcastically.

Dinner was served, I ate in silence. I was left by myself as Van and Her husband mingled. I rested my head on the booth partition. 

Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone sit down. I raised my head to find myself nose to nose with Chad.  I was so surprised I let out a shriek. “What are you doing?”

“What are you doing?” He echoed with that monkey faced expression of his.

“I am bored!” I snapped.

“I am bored”

It took me a moment to realize he was mocking me. I smiled. “Stop it”

“Stop it” he grinned.

“I can’t you’re awesome” I tried to see if he would fall for my mind trick.

“I can’t I’m awesome” he replied.

We burst out laughing.

I woke up, chagrined that Chad was in my dream.

Perhaps it’s a lesson for me to learn.

The people I enjoy in my life are out numbered by the people I no longer trust or care about. If I’m not careful I will be all alone.

Working here


I love seeing my regular customers they make smile. However it always has to be the one pretentious snotty customer who has that attitude to ruin a morning or make it difficult for everyone because they can’t be civil.


When customers think they work here:

“I want a French Vanilla Sugar free Ice coffee. Extra vanilla!”

I correct her by informing her we have sugar free vanilla not French vanilla.

“I should know I have it every day! You make sure it’s extra FRENCH vanilla!” She snaps.

Again I inform her it’s vanilla.

“I said French vanilla!”

Whatever! I don’t want to play this game anymore. I just punch in her order. 

“I will have the breakfast sandwich please” a customer asks.

I ask what kind.

“The sandwich!” He snaps.

Oh come on!

“What kind?”

“Sausage egg and hash browns one!” He snapped.

I face palm myself.

“Sir, that is a wrap not a sandwich” I politely inform him.

“If you look at the menu” he began.

“I don’t have to look at the menu, I work here sir. It’s a wrap. Would you still like the wrap or would like a sandwich instead?” I growled.

“It’s a sandwich!” He insisted.

“Ohkay just the wrap! And is that everything?”

He started to speak.

“Is that every thing?” I reiterated.

“Yes it is” he said “thank you”

“You are welcome!” 

Thanks for playing the game you are the weakest link!



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Were my wife and I to be truly in love, soul mates even and she were to die by natural causes, murder or suicide  I would be beyond despair, would I be able to go on?

I wouldn’t know.

Would my mental capacity be in question?

I doubt it.

If I were to “see” her “ghostly figure” roaming the house would I doubt my sanity?


I would get angry. I would question the very possibility of her “haunting” me. The improbability of it. And therefore find a logical solution.

There would have to be a logical reason for me to see her plain as day.

Medication? Stress? Grief? People despising me that much?

Eliminate the improbable and find the truth.

why is it a person is always driven mad or insane at the thought of seeing their dead loved ones.

-random thoughts while watching MURDER, SHE WROTE: DEATH OF AN ANGEL and eating fish tacos

(a man driven insane by the sight of his dead wife)

I will have a half and half coffee


Apparently “half and half” is supposed to mean a “double double!”🤷‍♀️

-Wtf learn how to order your coffee! 🤦‍♀️



Today begins All Day Breakfast!

I laughed at BVS’s pained expression!

The play land was closed. I laughed when the kids started to cry.

A woman stormed in, slammed her take out bag on the counter. “I ordered a sausage egg wrap but didn’t get any sauce” she snarled.

“It doesn’t come with sauce” the manager replied.

“It doesn’t come with sauce? The burritos do!”she cried. Wraps aren’t burritos! Burritos aren’t wraps!

I laughed at her incredulous angry expression.

“Here” the manager gives her sauce.

A customer complained how much he hated drive thru because we always mess up the order .

“If you hate drive thru so much, why do you keep going? You can come inside!” I snapped.

His expression was priceless!

Oh yes! I’m enjoying every moment!

But I’m on lobby.

That’s not funny 😂 

Heaven help me!


My eye started to twitch when Derp started to complain I wasn’t on the floor. I was on time. 4 minutes before 7.

“Don’t talk to me about being on the floor” I snapped “you are on the floor 5 minutes out of your 10hr shift!”

He glared at me

My Drive thru team and I were doing well. Three people when there is supposed to be 4. Ugh. I suck at coffee! But I wasn’t failing! 👍👍

I asked my sister to help me by making gravy. She agreed with out arguing.

Derp started to bitch us out. Because why should she help drive thru We could do it ourselves. We have time.

I slowly turned my head. My eyes narrowed in barely contained rage. “You don’t tell her not to help. Window isn’t busy. We are. I asked her to help!”

He stared at me.

” but” he began

“I need her help”

Derp walked away

“I am about to choke a bitch!” I hissed

My sister stayed to help. Thankfully 😅 

Hopefully my day goes better 🙏

And it’s Monday 


Well I am happy I prayed this morning I need all the strength I can have😒