It’s Saturday night and I’ve begun it by watching In The Fade. Starring Diane Kruger.

I have seen the trailer for this movie many times and was excited to see the movie was OnDemand!

Diane Kruger is a phenomenal actress! I absolutely adored her as Sonya Cross on The Bridge.

Perhaps I need tissues



It’s snowing after having wonderful weekend of sunshine! 😢

I wanted breakfast but I was tired of taking 10 minutes to explain a simple order.

sure enough there was the cashier that couldn’t take an order to save her life!

“BLT ask me” i said brusquely.

she stared at me blankly.

my eye twitched. Are you kidding me? She couldn’t even get that?

”Blt ask me!” I snapped “punch that in”

my sister walked over “Rebecca you should take off your earphones “

”why? She can hear me perfectly! Just punch in my order! This is not rocket science! You have been here almost month! Start listening to the orders given!”

the cashier finished punching in my order and I marched off.

its going to be a long morning!


Argh! I was just woken up from a serial killer themed nightmare by what sounded like someone pounding on the wall.

thing is? I’m in a corner unit. My neighbor is on the other side of me.

no one lives below me!

it wasn’t me. My bed is away from the wall, I was sleeping facing the opposite wall, curled under my blankets!

I dreamt Bobby Goren was investigating the serial killer. The killer was brilliant, choosing either sex as victims. He served in the Marine Corp. He was highly methodical. The only problem was? Bobby was becoming too involved. He was beginning to question his sanity, his own skill as a detective.

it got to the point he was locked up in a psych ward.

The inmates/patients were nattering on about the killer. How because he was also targeting prostitutes and the unworthy, they had to do their business inside the system instead of out.

A woman was washing a counter by Bobby when she sniffed. “Did you shit yourself, son?”

Bobby frowned “no” he sniffed the air. It was horrible. The smell of something rotting. He got up and like a bloodhound followed the smell to a white trash can lined with black trash bag. The other cans were lined with white.

slowly Bobby opened the lid and the smell of a decomposing body hit the air. A body had been chopped up.

That is when I heard the loud sound of hand hitting the wall!


Hmm can’t sleep. Maybe it’s because of every time I close my eyes I see you and I fucking. And the delicious sensations that course through my body makes it impossible to keep my hands off my pussy!

I imagine you corner me in the kitchen. Kissing me, telling me you miss me, miss us this. Your hands on my body, your mouth following In their wake. You make me forget myself I love how you focus your hunger on me. My response to your touch, my desire my pleasure is all that matters to you! You don’t care that anyone could walk in on us, or  hear me moaning because it’s turning you on. I’m so wet, by the time you spread me out on the kitchen nook. You fuck me hard and fast, whispering hot little dirty words in my ear that make me lose control. You cum. Spurting deep inside me. Making me cum again.

After we are done You take my panties and tell me I’m not allowed to clean up. I have to go out to the party and be a hostess with your cum dripping down my thighs.

im mortified yet hot as hell at thought of your guests seeing me like this. So I obey. I walk out of the kitchen and there is no doubt in everyone’s mind what was happening in the kitchen.

Hmm I came so hard to that fantasy.


My sister thought I needed to be motivated to move faster today so she made a list of songs that would inspire me to do so.

“You will only move faster if there is food in front of you so I will motivate you!” she teased.

  • Like a Vegan Touched by Meat for the very Time.
  • Hungry like a Wolf
  • Eating Cookies in a Double Bed
  • Don’t Stop Eating
  • I would do Anything For Steak But I won’t Eat That
  • Sometimes Its Hard to Eat a Lemon

We were laughing so hard, it looked like my sister was crying! I was writing down the song list so I wouldn’t forget, and Steve shook his head in disbelief.

“Why are you making a list? By the time you are done writing they will be gone anyway!” it took me to realize he thought I was writing down how many pastries and muffins we had left. I laughed harder.


I had a surprisingly good day!

It was busy this morning. Out of nowhere, this guy marches up to my co-workers till, orders a coffee and demands that he gets his coffee before everybody else because that is all he has.

What does my coworker do? “Alright sir,” she walked over to the coffee station, I whirled around and stopped her from making his coffee.

“What are you doing?” I demanded.

“He wants his coffee.”

“So does everybody else. He has to wait.” I told her. “You never interfere with the McCafe person. It goes in sequence. First ordered, first served.”

“but” she protested.

“Take another order.” I snapped. “Now” I marched over to the customer. “Have a nice day.”

“What about my coffee,” he demanded. “I want it.”

“You see all those people? They were here first. See her screen?” I directed him, “She is not even close to your order yet. Now please wait!”

Well, the shift manager heard the customer arguing with me, “You will wait like everybody else, or you can go. There are a lot of coffees and we don’t need to screw up the orders!” he told him.

After that, my morning went well. I went onto orders. Dealt with a woman who thought I didn’t know what a black coffee was. “That’s no cream. No sugar,” she explained.

“Yeah, I know what black means. Thank you”

“Yeah some people don’t.” she answered.

“Black is pretty explanatory. ” I replied. Duh.

After my break, I resigned myself to the fact I had to be on coffee. Ugh. I walked over to the coffee station and groaned. The last person on coffee didnt empty the garbage. It was so full, it was oozing over the sides. Too heavy to pull out of the side of the counter.

“Tyler,” I sighed “How could you do this to me.”

Tyler smiled. “Oh, do you want me to take care of it?”

Well, I certainly wasn’t going to do it.

Watching him grapple with the garbage can, gave me an evil sense of satisfaction. “Just bring it to the back,” I suggested. “Leave it in the garbage can and take it to the back.”

“No,” Tyler grunted. “It will be fine.”

He huffed and puffed trying to pull the heavy bag out of the can. The bag stretching. He finally managed to get it out. All the coffee liquid settling at the bottom.

He took one step.

The bag ripped open at the bottom. Everything exploded everywhere. Coffee. Coffee grounds. Napkins. Cream. It was epic!

It was the most epic coffee mess I ever have seen! I made a lot of messes! But this was epic! Unreal!

Tyler stood there holding the bag, staring at me. Staring at the floor in horrified disbelief.

I was trying not to laugh because I told him so.

“Oh my god!” he cried. “No!”

“Oh my god, Becky!” Jacey cried.

“Oh my god Becky, Really!” the manager groaned.

“Oh for the love of god, Becky!” everybody just had to say something.

I just began to laugh. For a moment. “Its alright Tyler,” I assured him. “It will be fine.” I started to grab another couple of garbage bags.

“Dont let Steve see this!” Derp muttered. “Oh my god Becky!”

Steve?! I forgot about Steve. I suddenly felt a surge of panic. Last thing I needed was Steve getting mad at me. “Oh fuck!” I began to hurry.

“Don’t worry about the broom, get the snow shovel. And the big garbage can” Derp told Tyler.

“Oh here comes Steve” a manager chimed in. “Don’t let him see.”

“Walk away Steve” Derp chuckled. “You might want to walk away.”

“Why?” Steve peeked around the corner at Tyler and I trying to hide our mess. “Oh I am walking away” he groaned. he pivoted and walked back into the kitchen.

Tyler used a snow shovel to shovel garbage back into a garbage can. It took 20 minutes to clean everything up. It was an epic mess and no one took a photo of it!

Ryan the service guy who was doing maintenance on our McCafe machines grinned at me “so are you winning the battle, Becky?”

I snorted, “I am losing the battle, Ryan. I am losing my mind, losing my common sense. I am losing everything!”

he burst out laughing. “Don’t worry you will win!”

Steve walked back up front. “Well Crashtest,” he drawled.

“Yes Bandicoot” I shot  back.

“No messes over lunch,” he warned.

“Of course not. I am awesome”

He gagged. I laughed.

People were mentioning they were surprised at how calm I was.  If Tyler would have made that epic mess when my sister was on coffee  (she makes a mess every hour) she would have a total meltdown. And there would be total anarchy!



My heart just died a little bit! The downward spiral of Stiles mental health in the final 12 episodes of Season 3.

Rather choosing to believe there was supernaturally wrong with Stiles, his friends and family kept ignoring his protests. The  more distraught and distressed Stiles became over the insistence he had Early Onset Dementia like his mother the more susceptible he became to the nogitsune.

  • one of Dylan O’Briens best performances. But the Nogitsune was my least favourite season because it introduces Kira, killed off Alison.


Being in charge most of the time in her everyday life, in bed, she prefers to let her partner lead her anywhere they want. She is a little shy and doesn’t always know how to proceed so she needs to be shown new things to make her more interested. Her sexuality needs to be encouraged and built up first of all. Satisfies you

“OMG now I have to wash the sheets.”

  • hmm so me


I could feel his body sliding atop of mine. The rough texture of his jeans against my bare skin felt delicious as he sank between my thighs. I could feel the  hard length of his cock through his jeans, hot throbbing. I sucked in a deep breath, my heart raced with anticipation, my body seared with the heat and of weight of his pressing me down.

I smoothed my hands over his chest, spreading his shirt open. His skin was hot. My finger nails razing through the curls of chest hair that tapered down his abdomen. His muscles flexed in response.  He hissed.

his hand caught mine, yanking them up over my head. The other gripped my chin forcing me to meet his gaze. The icy blue were mesmerizing, piercing as if he could see the depths of my soul.

“You brought me to your bed,” He chided, “I didn’t come here to sleep. Or to cuddle you.”

A shiver went through me. “Yes” I whispered.

The fingers on my chin eased, slowly sliding up to tangle in my hair. I inhaled sharply. His mouth brushed mine, whispering over my lips, teasing me. I whimpered. More. His breath scored over my ear.

“Oh baby” he whispered “those little girl daydreams about love end now. I’m not your Prince Charming, I’m the Big Bad Wolf. Once you are in my bed, you are mine.” He nipped my ear. “Those little fantasies you write about? Forget about sharing them. I don’t share what’s mine.”