When I was younger I was such a naive romantic! I believed that my true love would understand me at the telepathic level. They would know what I would like, what I read, what would make me happy Just KNOW!

Now I’m older I’m so blasé about love. I don’t want drama. I don’t want to have to feel the need to be jealous. We put trust love communication And effort into the relationship and we made it clear to others that we are unavailable to others.

In other words love is so-so right now!



They were out celebrating his grandson’s latest football game. Crowded around the table wearing jerseys with their family name.

His eyes were drawn to her the moment she walked into view. His ex wife. His heart kicked hard in his chest. In that moment all the years that he had spent resenting her rewound to the day he had fallen in love with her.

It left him reeling. He still loved her. He tried to fill the emptiness inside him with other women, drinking, sex and now he knew he realized what was missing. Who he was missing. Her.

As if she felt his eyes on her, her head turned their gaze meeting. Her chin lifted defiantly, and she scowled.

His lips kicked up in amusement. Nope, She still hadn’t changed.

Her dark hair was disheveled, lipstick smeared. Mascara running down her cheeks. She was a mess. her jersey was too big on her and he realized it was his.

She approached their children’s table, her head high her shoulders back. Lord, that woman was something else. Disappeared out of their lives for years and walked back in as if nothing happened, he thought ruefully.

“Is it too late if I join you?” Her voice trembled despite her bravado.

Their son stood, wearing matching jersey “this is a family event, mother” he told her coolly.

“I see,” she whispered. Her eyes went from her eldest son, to her daughter to her her youngest sons. They had families of their own now and she missed every special event from her children growing up, to each of their weddings, the births of her grandchildren.

”I’m sorry I bothered you” she choked out. She took a step back and turned.

”that’s it?” She froze at her ex husband’s voice. “Go on then. Do what you always do. Run. Run when things get hard”

she pivotted on her heel to glare at him. “I’m not running away! They don’t want me here!”

He stood up from his chair and walked away from the table. A glimmer of panic slithered through her as he stalked her. “You left us, remember?” His voice was low. “I spent every day and night picking up our children’s heart and life because you couldn’t get your shit together!”

”I tried “ She croaked.

“You tried!” He seized her shoulders, “and what about me? I lost my wife! I was alone! You promised me forever!”

Before she could speak his mouth came down on hers. The kiss was gentle and soft. His head lifted “you left me. But I never left you. I have and will always love you!”

-part of a dream I remembered. I thought I had written it down but when I woke up I realized I hadn’t It was quite remarkable because all I can remember this woman left her family and as punishment  traveled through time (forward and back). generations of her family reminding her how good she had it!


“I worry that my affection will scare you away and I can not lose you.” she whispered.

“You’re wrong not to trust me. I love you. I will give you all I have. My heart. You will never have to doubt what I say or feel. You will never lose me.”

He traced her mouth with his thumb and slowly lowered his head. His eyes never leaving hers. “You will be my always and forever” he promised, his breath whispering over her trembling lips before his mouth touched hers.





The sunset. From my bedroom window.

it was a wonderful day today. With the wind in my hair, sun on my face enjoying every moment with a smile. Counting every blessing💕💕



Hmm can’t sleep. Maybe it’s because of every time I close my eyes I see you and I fucking. And the delicious sensations that course through my body makes it impossible to keep my hands off my pussy!

I imagine you corner me in the kitchen. Kissing me, telling me you miss me, miss us this. Your hands on my body, your mouth following In their wake. You make me forget myself I love how you focus your hunger on me. My response to your touch, my desire my pleasure is all that matters to you! You don’t care that anyone could walk in on us, or  hear me moaning because it’s turning you on. I’m so wet, by the time you spread me out on the kitchen nook. You fuck me hard and fast, whispering hot little dirty words in my ear that make me lose control. You cum. Spurting deep inside me. Making me cum again.

After we are done You take my panties and tell me I’m not allowed to clean up. I have to go out to the party and be a hostess with your cum dripping down my thighs.

im mortified yet hot as hell at thought of your guests seeing me like this. So I obey. I walk out of the kitchen and there is no doubt in everyone’s mind what was happening in the kitchen.

Hmm I came so hard to that fantasy.


I could feel his body sliding atop of mine. The rough texture of his jeans against my bare skin felt delicious as he sank between my thighs. I could feel the  hard length of his cock through his jeans, hot throbbing. I sucked in a deep breath, my heart raced with anticipation, my body seared with the heat and of weight of his pressing me down.

I smoothed my hands over his chest, spreading his shirt open. His skin was hot. My finger nails razing through the curls of chest hair that tapered down his abdomen. His muscles flexed in response.  He hissed.

his hand caught mine, yanking them up over my head. The other gripped my chin forcing me to meet his gaze. The icy blue were mesmerizing, piercing as if he could see the depths of my soul.

“You brought me to your bed,” He chided, “I didn’t come here to sleep. Or to cuddle you.”

A shiver went through me. “Yes” I whispered.

The fingers on my chin eased, slowly sliding up to tangle in my hair. I inhaled sharply. His mouth brushed mine, whispering over my lips, teasing me. I whimpered. More. His breath scored over my ear.

“Oh baby” he whispered “those little girl daydreams about love end now. I’m not your Prince Charming, I’m the Big Bad Wolf. Once you are in my bed, you are mine.” He nipped my ear. “Those little fantasies you write about? Forget about sharing them. I don’t share what’s mine.”



Day dreaming…

of all the things you could do to me. My heart pounds, my blood races through my veins, heating my skin. My nipples harden as my pussy gets wet.

Thinking of your hands on me, your fingers caressing sends shivers through me

I am getting so creamy. I want you inside me, taking everything you want. Giving me everything I need.

ah most of all, I want to you hold me afterwards♥


i woke up too early so I made myself cum a couple of times thinking of you. Of your cock inside me. Of you holding me down, thrusting deep hard making me beg for it.

 For you. After I came the scene would change. I would think of your body over mine, your lips on mine and the slow tantalizing shallow thrusts of your cock. Teasing prolonging our lovemaking.

Taking a long bath after.

I am still so wet! My clit is still begging for attention! But I’m sleepy!



If I could curl up in your arms like this 💕

Thinking of this before bed because being lonely and single is getting old