There was a thunderstorm this afternoon.

Thunder sounds less threatening on the headset. It was indistinguishable from a couple of diesel trucks rumbling.

I don’t mind thunder, it’s lightning I’m scared of.

My day went well.

In fact the entitlement of one Karen had me gobsmacked! In all my years, this never happened to me!

The customer ordered a happy meal with a bottle water.

“You can take off the bottle deposit tax.”

I was so startled that I thought I heard wrong. “Excuse me”

“It’s legal for me to ask for you to take off the tax. So take it off”

I rolled my eyes so hard my brain rattled. “I can’t”

“Yes you can.”

There is nothing I dislike more than when a customer trying to tell me how to do my job.”no I can’t. There is no way I can do it”

“Go get your manager!”

I snorted in derision. “Um there is nothing he can do either.”

The customer was incredulous. “So you’re not going to get the manager?! You’re just going to argue with me!”

“I am not going to get the manager!” I raised my voice. “I’ve told you, you can’t remove tax from your order! Now unless you want to order another drink I will cancel your order”

There was silence. “Fine I will have a glass of water”

I finished the order, went in search of Derp. He thought I was kidding when I told him what happened. “So she might call to complain”

“Yeah she can call the government.” Derp sighed.

The sensor went off “Hello!”

“Do not yell at me!” I hissed.

Derp raised a brow “Becky are we going to have a talk?”

“No but I’m going to have a talk with these customers. with a stick. like piñata!” I replied.

Remove tax!

Bloody hell!


Ah Wednesdays!

My sworn enemy!

Rearing it’s ugly head again.

I tried my best to be patient but pity the fool that drove into my lane and decided to ask me stupid questions.

A woman asked for a sausage muffin breakfast’

“A sausage muffin meal?” I asked.

“I said breakfast didn’t I?” She snapped.

“Yeah well that don’t mean shit to me,” I replied. “Did you want a meal or not?”

The drive thru team turned to gawk at me. I shrugged. I was being polite. Rather than answer the question? the customer chose violence.

All I wanted was to relax when I got home.

What I got?

Was stunned disbelief and laughter.

Daisy was hiding under the waterproof blanket on the sofa. Sleeping.

There were skid marks all over her! So to speak!

Willow wiped her ass on Daisy while she was sleeping!

All over the blanket.

Daisy hadn’t moved.

I was laughing hysterically as I pulled up the blanket to clean it.

Poor Willow was not well. She attacked me later when I went to comfort her.

I did get a lot of affection from Daisy. Kisses and snuggles.

Both cats ended up on my bed.

Unfortunately for them I couldn’t find a comfortable position.

So I’m all by myself.

Story of my life.


My day was the Mondayest of all Thursdays!

I had a horrible day.

I just felt broken. I wanted to walk off I was so defeated. So disgusted with customers!

I was only half hour into my shift!

I had greeted the customer.

“I want 2 sausage eggs and a bacon egg”

I had just changed the battery in my battery pack so I couldnt hear her properly. “I am sorry did you ask for 2 sausage egg and a bacon egg?” I asked. My tone was non confrontational. Polite.

This woman took a strip off me! I was so astounded by her aggressive rudeness!

“No I didnt ask for anything like that! How about you stop interrupting me so I can get my order out!”

My hackles rose so I tried again. Politely. “I am sorry I didnt hear you. So that is why I asked. What is it that you ordered.”

“Stop talking over me! Stop interrupting me!”

What the hell was she even talking about?

“I am sorry?”

“You are being rude! Stop talking!” I was so bewildered.

“Ma’am I am trying to take your order. I am not being rude.”

“I said stop talking! You are the rudest…Just stop talking!”

Something inside me snapped. “Thats it. You are done!” I shouted. “You are done!”

“No I am not. I didnt finished my order” she shot back.

“You are done. Finished. I am cancelling your order!” I could feel my anxiety rising. I am glancing over at Steve. Praying he didnt hear me. Praying no manager would hear me. I didnt want a disciplinary action

“Do you know how long I waited in line? I waited 20 minutes! I am not leaving. I will wait right here until you take my order!” she shouted at me.

“Go ahead!” I sneered. I voided her order. “You will be waiting all day.”

She continued to yell at me. I could feel my anger and frustration turning into tears. I whipped off my headset. “Steve” I tried not to let him hear the shakiness in my voice. “Or Greg. Could you take her order?”

“Becky what is wrong?” Steve asked.

“She is being so rude!” I burst into tears. Greg took the headset. He marched into the booth and I followed him.

Right away she began telling him how rude I had been. Greg glanced at me. “I will deal with it later, Ma’am tell me your order!”

He finished the order and looked at me. “She told me you were rude.”

“She kept telling me to shut up” I answered. “I asked her one question and she kept telling me I was being rude.”

Greg scowled. “Yeah well I will talk to her.”

It took me a while to recover. I was so tired of being polite. Of saying “thank you” and “please”

I had no patience after. “Ma’am I am trying to mult-task, finish ordering and stop helloing me!” I shouted when this lady kept helloing me after item she ordered.

customer: can you read back my order?

me: no its on the screen.

Customer: I want a crispy Caesar wrap.

Me: sure.

Customer: the chicken. I want the chicken crispy.

me: I am sorry?

customer: is it crispy.

me: yes a crispy chicken caesar.

customer: it says Caesar crispy. I don’t want my lettuce crispy!

This man was in his thirties! I would understand if he was a teenager! I had to take off my headset! “Do I need to hand out IQ tests too!” I shouted.

The girls giggled.

Customer: I want a medium fries.

me: oh sure.

Customer: make it a meal.

me: make what a meal?

Customer: the fries.

me: excuse me?

customer: the fries! Make it a meal. Junior chicken!

me: for the love! Next time it would be helpful if you tell me you want a junior chicken meal!

Today I broke my caffeine fast because I was under so much stress.

After work I brought an Iced Coffee. Certainly not the buzz alcohol would have gave me but I needed it!

When I arrived at my parents, I prayed my mother wouldnt give me a hard time about drinking the Iced Coffee. “Mom I need alcohol.” I joked. “but I have to settle for this” I held up my drink.

She opened the fridge door. I stared at her. She gestured to the wine bottles inside. “There you go. You said you needed alcohol.”

I burst out laughing. I was so startled by her sudden sense of humour. “mom!”

“You want the whole bottle?” she asked.


She walked by me into the living room. “Becky, what is that smell?”

I froze. What?


“Becky, you smell!”

I stared at my mom in horror. “No! Are you kidding me?!”

Well under different circumstances I would have had a meltdown. I absolutely hate body odor. I’m fastidious about my hygiene. The day I was having, I was surprised by anything anymore. I felt so drained and even more defeated.

“How? I am sorry.” I sighed.

“and you complain about your co-workers smelling.” my mom shook her head, amused.

“Do I really smell?” I wanted to cry. I wasnt upset that my mom told me. I was upset not only was I a beast to work with today? I smelled like one. I was such a burden on my coworkers!

My mom gave me some clothes to wear so I could shower and then I could put my uniform in the wash.

It was a rough day. I am ashamed that I let it get the better of me. Again. I am ready to sleep it all away.


After the rough day I went through, I indulged in sushi and tempura prawns and I am now trying to relax in a bubble bath.

I was in a wonderful mood this morning until I walked into second booth. What a disaster! Stock everywhere, nothing could be found.

I was gone for 1 day, and i couldn’t believe how much the drive thru team needed coddling to get things done.

Not one manager would say to them to make sure the booth was free of clutter so we could move freely smoothly and find things! to expedite orders faster!

It was aggravating.

“Every morning I tell y’all to stop doing this!” I tried to tidying up but my efforts were blocked by Steve.

“It’s not even in your way!”

“You know what?!” I exploded “I have had it! I have had it with this fucking gong show! Don’t ask me for anything! You’re all your own! You want to work harder not smarter that’s on you!”

Sure enough the McCafe person asked me where a container was five minutes later. “How the fuck would I know! I just got here! Ask somebody who cares!” I snapped.

I was in such a foul mood I wouldn’t talk to anyone. If someone asked where something was or what order they needed I ignored them. They could do better right?

They didn’t have to work smarter. boy what a circus!

Then a regular customer who once tried to hand me my ass? pulled up to the speaker.

I couldn’t hear what the order was being said. I finally glanced at the cvs screen. “You are ordering from the backseat!” I exclaimed incredulously. “I can’t hear you! The driver is supposed to give me the order!”

“He doesn’t know the order!” She replied.

I took off my headset, paced back and forth muttering under my breath. I put my headset back on “you tell the driver! The driver tells me!” I hissed between clenched teeth.

“Did you get the order code?” The driver asked.

“No!” I exploded “how could I when she ordered from the backseat!”

After that yahoo was gone, the next customer complimented “you have the patience of a saint!”

I was so taken aback that I chuckled “not today I don’t!”

“Well you did! I appreciate it! My order will be simple” after he finished he wished me a better day.

Then a customer called into complain how she didn’t like my tone. “I don’t really care” I replied to derp. “I was polite clarifying her order. I don’t care if she was too sensitive to read the screen or listen to me when I confirmed that I had her order!”

Derp chuckled “ok Becky just watch the tone”

I don’t care if I was being the asshole today.

I don’t even have my lady bits anymore so I can’t blame my period! Maybe it’s sympathy pms! Lol like sympathy labor pains!

Anyway I’m going to relax! Have a wonderful weekend!


Oh my gulay!🤬

When customers try to tell me how to do tell me how to do my job?!

Bro, how about you wear my uniform?! Then you can tell me?! Better yet until you learn how to tell me what you would like? Then you can tell me damn right!

You only have been eating the food since you could walk!

Customer: I would like a bacon egg meal and a hash brown and coffee.

Me: I’m sorry did you want the extra hash brown.

Customer: no I wanted a bacon egg muffin meal and a hash brown!

Me: sir, the meal comes with a hash brown. You said a meal and a hash brown that’s why I was asking if you wanted extra.

Customer: oh my god, I want a meal and a hash brown!

Me: meals come with a hash brown! I already have it on the screen!

Customer: well I am not going to argue with you! I said I wanted a meal with a hash brown

Me: alright we are done here. Have a nice day.

Customer: what?!

Me: have a nice day.

I said good day, sir!

Anyone who doesn’t order meals today? Will have their order a la carte!


Today began alright.

I started the morning in First booth.

A customer pulled up to the window.

“Did you take my order?!” She demanded.

Startled by her vicious tone, I sighed and answered no.

“The person who took my order was very arrogant! I couldn’t see my order and I asked if she got my 4 muffins. She wouldn’t answer me and just told me to pull ahead! That’s rude! Mcdonalds is getting worse than Tim Hortons! That’s an insult!”

I gave an half ass apology.

My last customer before I was supposed to leave first booth, decided to tell me AFTER I read back the order, took his money, it was wrong. “Really? Because you should READ the order screen, tell the order taker BEFORE you leave the speaker that it was wrong. I read it back to you. you should have told me it was wrong. Now it’s too late. Goodbye. Have a nice day.” I snapped.

He stared at me, his mouth dropped in disbelief. “Are you fucking kidding me?!”

“No. I gave you lots of time to tell me, but you were on your phone. Now goodbye! Next time get off your phone when we are talking to you!” I glared at him.

“Oh my gosh, Rebecca!” My coworker exclaimed “I can’t believe you said that to him!”

“I fucking hate people!” I shrilled. I handed her the headset. I marched to second booth.

Where my day didn’t fare much better.

“I would like a frappe”

“Ok, is it a coffee or a chai?”

“I said I wanted a frappe!”

“Ok and I am asking you which one. Coffee or chai?”

“Oh my god, I asked for a frappe!”

I lost my cool. “Sir, pick one! Coffee or a chai frappe!”

“I said a frappe..”

“Ok coffee. Have a nice day.”

“Wait. What. I wanted..”

“Have a nice day!”

I wasn’t playing.

One order was asked to pull ahead because he was waiting on cheeseburgers.

He called the restaurant, Derp answered. “If you could stop swearing I could help you. If you don’t I will hang up.”

Derp hung up. We were all standing around trying to listen in. The customer called back.

Apparently there was a ketchup pkg in his cheeseburger. The kitchen doesn’t have packaged ketchup, it would be impossible for kitchen to come upfront and get ketchup without a manager asking why.

After the manager explained how it was impossible, the customer went off. Saying he knows how it works around there, and as a manager Derp should know better.

Well, that really anger Derp. “So you have worked at McDonald’s? You have been a manager? You know how it works? Then you know I won’t be giving you a refund or compensation. Because you put the ketchup package in your burger.” (Unwrapped the burger and put it in)

After work I went to my parents for dinner.

I spent most of the evening in their bathroom due to rumble bum.

Out of nowhere I hear David Bowie’s Under Pressure.

Oh my gulay!

I burst out laughing!

My sister was standing outside the bathroom door playing the song!


I can be really petty.

Especially when I am on the edge

This morning I hadn’t even begun my shift yet and someone wanted to test me.

I didn’t have my coffee! They really had a death wish?

It began with the supply truck driver parking in the middle of the parking lot when I arrived at the restaurant.

There was no way in and no way out if my driver was to drive all the way in. So I directed him to park in front of the restaurant. Blocking the supply truck.

The supply truck driver hadn’t seen me yet, until he looked up from his steering wheel. Our eyes met.

My lips slowly curved into a smirk when he realized he couldn’t drive out.

Oh to say he was pissed? It was an understatement!

I watched from my vehicle as he exploded into a fury of movement, his mouth flapping away. Gesturing me to move.

“You snooze you loose,bro!” I mouthed back. When he realized I wasn’t in a hurry to move? Oh he got madder!

I slowly opened the door. Stuck my foot out. Then put back it in the truck.

“Becky, are you getting out?!” My driver asked.

“I was so comfortable!” I whined. I stuck my foot again and then slowly slid down from the passenger seat. “Oh no I forgot my bag” I was like a sloth. Pivoting to reach for my work bag. “What about my mask?! Oh no!”

“Becky!” My driver burst out laughing.

Meanwhile the supply truck driver was livid. I could see him gesturing frantically as I made my way past his truck slow as a turtle. Stopping to adjust my mask.

When I recounted the event to my coworkers in the crew room a few minutes later, they groaned.

“Why are you so sassy! It’s too early!” GenZ asked.

I start to dread the hour before change over. AKA 10 am. While I enjoy crushing people’s dreams, its tiresome to always repeat “it’s breakfast time!”

One woman pulled up to my speaker “a large fry and a coke. That’s all” she spoke in a fast angry dismissive tone.

I chuckled. I waited until she was about to pull away. “Um no. It’s breakfast time”

She made an angry sound. She was stuck in drive thru. She had to drive through! 😂

One customer wanted his fries fresh. “You make sure they are fresh!”

Um no. They are going to be from yesterday!🤦‍♀️

So I waited until his order was the second to be handed out before telling the manager everything was fresh! The customer had to wait for fresh chicken and fries! Which pissed off the customer! Five minute wait!

I must admit my chemo brain has been improving. I haven’t had many brain fogs. However today I managed to spill a whole pot of coffee on myself without realizing it

Thankfully it was on my pant leg and it wasn’t that hot!


Was I sent home early because I was special Or because I was evil?

I came home. Collapsed on the bed and napped.

Last night was rough. I was in a lot of discomfort and barely slept.

I woke up this morning, the discomfort lessened but I had a bath to rid of it altogether!

What a morning!

I had no patience to deal with people.

“It’s breakfast time” was a mantra I had kept repeating.

How do people eat the same thing every day and yet still don’t know when lunch starts!

“But its 10:30” one customer whined.

“But is it 11?” I shot back “come back when it is”

A customer just ignored me. Talked over me kept ordering lunch then drove off. I just canceled his order😂

Oh then don’t talk to me about the women!

“I will have a chai frappe” – we don’t have it.

“I will have a sausage egg wrap” nope nope.

“I will have a bacon double sausage egg burrito” – oh come now you’re making that shit up! Read that menu screen!

I had to draw pictures, use a chalk board, and talk slowly whenever they wanted to use a coupon. It was as if their brain couldn’t perceive that there was a sausage egg AND sausage muffin.

“I don’t know. It’s a two can dine coupon”

Me: ma’am I’m asking if you would like a sausage egg or a sausage muffin.

Customer: sausage egg.

Me: ok.

Customer: so that’s a bacon egg and sausage muffin.

Me: you don’t want a sausage egg now?

Customer: what? I wanted a sausage muffin!

Me: ma’am you keep ordering sausage! I am explaining to you that sausage muffin does not come with egg!

Customer: yes I want egg!

The next customer ordered her coupon with griddles.

Me: what kind.

Customer: bacon and sausage.

Me: is that sausage egg or just sausage?

Customer: I want a bacon..

Oh hell no! Not this again! I thought angrily. Am I not speaking clearly?

Me: ma’am I am asking you about sausage griddle! A sausage griddle doesn’t come with egg or cheese.

Customer: I said I wanted a bacon

Me: will you answer my question! I already got the bacon griddle! Do you want egg on your sausage or not!

There was silence. Snickers from my drive thru team.

Customer: well I didn’t know about the griddles.

I sighed. “Ma’am I have asked more than three times!”

She finally finished ordering. I nearly threw my headset!

After that? Anyone who didn’t order properly got exactly what they ordered. Burger fries drink? Oh no! No meal for them. That was a coupon? Did you tell me? No? Oops!

I am just so happy it’s Friday! I am going to relax now!

It wasn’t even lunch yet!

Holy fudge! The Entitled Kevin that came in today! He had a meltdown because I dared to make his meal cheaper! “That is not what I ordered!”

Ok. Time for malicious compliance time! So I went to second lane recalled his order, deleted his order. Repunched in the order. No meal.

Play stupid games? win stupid prizes!

I’m thinking about making a category about Entitled Karens 😂


I found Derp lurking behind me. Was I in trouble? I was being polite! 🤢🤮

Derp: he asked for two of your favourite kind of donuts, Rebecca!

I had to paste a smile on my face. I slowly turned around to face Derp. I glanced at the ordering screen. Yep I did punch in my favourite kind of donut. I glanced at Derp.

Me: yes the Boston Creme is my favourite! I don’t like any other kind.

Derp: two! Not the same kind! How about you listen!

He storms past me and I roll my eyes. I did ask what kind the customer would like! The customer asked for my favourite kind! so he got my favourite.

Hmm creamy centre!