Tomorrow is McHappy Day.

The only wonderful thing about McHappy Day is how it benefits the children.

That’s the only good thing.

Annie remarked that last year was a nightmare.

It must have been so traumatic that I don’t even remember it!

I’m trying not to think about tomorrow. Especially if today was any indication of how it’s going to go.

I walked onto my shift, and nothing in drive thru was stocked up. No smoothies, no cups. Did I freak out? No.

The sadistic part of me was biding my time. I was watching and waiting for someone else to notice the smoothies. The disaster. I did however have a meltdown when I realized that graveyard shift was rearranging the way I have the drive thru.

“How many times am I going to tell you where to put the small lids!” I demanded “nothing goes near the smoothie machine lids because they could fall in the bin. It’s a health hazard!”

“Oh calm down,” the McCafé person remarked. She frowned because she realized that the smoothies were flashing empty.

She opened the smoothie freezer door to find three carriers filled with empty bags. “Are you kidding me!” She exclaimed.

I laughed so hard at her outraged expression.

“There are no cups!” She looked around. “No lids!” She glared at us “did anybody do any stock up?!”

I tried to speak. “Nope”

I don’t dirty my lazy hands with manual labor.

My good mood evaporated when a customer asked if we had “double doubles”

“What do you mean?” I snapped irritated by the stupid question.

“I want a coffee double double. Do you sell them here?”

“Double doubles are sold everywhere.”

The next question by a customer “I want 4 nugget..”

“I’m sorry it’s breakfast”

“And a cheeseburger”

“It’s breakfast time”

“What does that mean?!”

I groaned. It’s self explanatory. “It’s breakfast time!”

“So I can’t get lunch?!”

“It’s. Breakfast. Time!”


I had fun during lunch. I was trying to twerk. Unfortunately all the dairy products that I had last night came back to haunt me. I was dropping like it’s hot, when an unexpected silent but deadly ripped through drive thru.

“Becky!” The drive thru team was clawing for air. Gagging as the putrid stank settled. “Oh god!”

“Becky are you bullying people again?” Annie walked into drive thru. Froze. “Oh my god what died!” Annie choked and walked out.

I was so mortified.

At least it didn’t happen when there were attractive men around.


McHappy day.

Firefighters volunteered to help.

Do I get to see how hot they were?

No! I was stuck in my cage!


Today was supposed to be McHappy day.

We are also supposed to start wearing masks. Which in itself is redundant since we are working so close together without masks. sanitize! Sanitize! I could wear sanitizer as a perfume! I love the smell (except fresh scent🤢🤮 might as well be wearing garbage!)

Oh well healthy!

I wonder if it means we will be opening to the public!

If yesterday morning is any indication, heaven help us!

Father and his teenage son walk in. Orders two meal. When asked about his drink, the son says “soda”

“Yes but what kind”

“A soda! Give me the cup! I will get it myself!” The boy snapped.

The father and the manager stare at him in disbelief “tell her what kind!” The father snapped.

“I need to know what kind. We can’t give you the cup!” The manager insisted.

The boy looks back at the lobby soda fountain “what do you mean you can’t… oh I can’t have my own cup”

The father glares at him “tell her the drink so we can go!”

“A sprite!” The boy mumbled.


Not even five minutes after they left, a customer storms in “why are all the doors locked! I couldn’t get in!” He demanded.

The shift manager stared at him. “Is your truck too big for drive thru?”

The guy nodded.

“We are closed. There are signs everywhere indicating that. Only First responders and truckers are allowed inside to order and are to ring the bell on the side drive thru door.” The manager explained.

The guy made a displeased sound. “Well, I didn’t see the sign”

“They are everywhere.” The manager sighed.

Wow the ignorance was overwhelming.

I’m looking forward today!

Have a wonderful morning!


I took a break from binging on #lucifernetflix to take my sister out for lunch.

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I know its shocking. I was on the fourth episode!  the sadistic side of me enjoyed watching Lucifer return to the Dark Side in the previous episodes!

It was McHappy day, I promised my co-workers I would come in and see them. I miss them so much! It was very busy! Volunteers and customers everywhere!

Customers asking me “where have I been?” and “How come I haven’t seen you in awhile?” I would smile and explain that I took sick leave. “Oh why?” they would ask. I didn’t mind answering, it was always seeing the sad expression on their face that was getting a tad unnerving.  I am feeling great (knock on wood). How is a person to respond to that anyway.

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“Cancer”  I would respond. Enter Sad expression. I would smile and tell them I felt better and happier than I did in years.

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I enjoyed my lunch, however my body did not.

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Good grief! Oh well it was my own fault! I returned to my Netflix but not before reading my FB feed and died. From laughter of course! A customer was pleased with our McHappy day but was creeped out that the manager who hit on her numerous times was still working there. “he messaged me numerous times!!!”

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So far not any hot cops or hot firefighters.
The firefighters are busy dealing with the fires outside town.
Some dumbass decided to lift the fireban and allow campfire with clean wood but no industrial fires. Guess what happened?
4 more fires!
Then the horrible news about Fort McMurray! Oh my gosh! The whole town is burning out!
Prayers are with them!

McHappy day is today

Oh my god, mc happy day is today
Which is Wednesday.
Bingo day
When angry little old people from prayer group demand the souls of muffins and baptize them in coffee!


So don’t forget to go to mcdonalds and donate a $1!


Well, except for Derek no one came in! Excited, I saw Derek.

Upsetting!!! no one came in. What was more upsetting,  I was pretty much easy going the whole day! I wasn’t a loose cannon! I didn’t loose my temper. No dramatic flare ups when we had 7 min times. I figured nah Steve can have the aneurysm face.

Then horror of al horrors


No hot cops. No hot fire fighters anywhere. What kind of McHappy day is this!! This is unacceptable!


Towards the end of my shift, like the last five minutes, my least favorite customer comes in. Oh really!!!

“I want two big mac meals. One of them without lettuce.”

I repeated the order.

“No, that was three big mac meals! three without lettuce. One is regular!” she sniped.


Oh really, bitch! Do not start with me! I was going to kick my foot so far down her throat, that her doctor was going to mistake her tonsils for her ovaries!

“One moment please,” I said firmly. I was about to add on more macs.

“I said, that was 4 macs!” she snapped. “3 without..”

“Yes. I informed you I needed a moment please, while I added your macs.” I interrupted her in a ever so sweet tone.

“I said…” she began again.

“I said I needed a moment while I punched in your order!” I snapped. there was silence. I waited a moment, then repeated her whole order, didn’t wait for her confirmation, I told her to drive up.

there went my easy going mood! It was the end of my shift, oh well!


And it starts

One of my fave ppl comes in.
“Derek, how come you’re not working McHappy day with me!” I teased.
“Uh..no” Derek says.
” you could be my cash person from 9-10″ I replied ever so sweetly.
He laughs. “No. No.”
Shoot, no molesting Derek in First!
Oh well, I was stuck there because the line wasn’t moving at all. I wasn’t going to freak out, let Steve deal with it


Its not going to be McHappy Day tomorrow, its going to be McCrappy Day” Lil T

Don’t get us wrong,  what could be better than helping charities and having volunteers help us do it? However its the chaos we dread.

Hearing the constant “Oh my god, how do you do this?” the panic in their voice, brings out the masochist in me.

The only thing I look forward to is having hot cops and fire fighters around. Ooh last year was a little disappointing. I am hoping the Sheriff comes in. Or at least S-man. Hmm they could show me how to use those handcuffs!!!