The smell of smoke is pungent.

The neighbor’s bonfire brings back memories of campfires and wiener roasts.

As children we are so eager to grow up we don’t savour the moments (if this post is triggering I’m sorry)

Running through the country side, picking and eating wild strawberries. Watching grandma make her buns and jams. Playing in the attic. Sleeping under quilts that smelled like the sun.

Riding through the neighbourhood on our bikes. Coming back caked in mud from head to toe. California kick ball, kick the bucket, dodge ball, and fireflies in the dark.

Do fireflies even exist anymore?

I miss those days.


This is so me! Don’t be trying me! Don’t over stay your welcome! Don’t be mumbling! Don’t be touching my food!

This also reminds me of my grandmother on my mom’s side. She loved Turtles. She had them in a dish on table in the living room. We weren’t allowed to play in the living room. Lawd have mercy if we touched those Turtles!

I did once. I never saw that little lady move so fast out of that room! She rarely spoke English to me only Plautsdeutsch. But I got the gist of what she was saying!

I cried!

To this day I will not touch Turtles!😂😂


What’s your “back in the day we”

There was a phone book. We had to memorize phone numbers! Good luck now! I only know my parents.

There was rotary phone. Or if you were lucky you had a cordless and if you were really lucky you had caller ID! Good luck knowing who is calling you.

Dial up internet. Ugh!

Cassettes! Rewind and fast forward. And you needed a pencil to wind up the tape if it became tangled!

We had to play outside! We had to entertain ourselves. If we even thought about bugging our parents because we were bored? Especially when there was company? Do not even go there!

Chores! Couldn’t do anything until we were done our chores!

We walked everywhere! Especially in -30C

There were pay phones and good luck getting a hold of your parents when you wanted to get a ride home from the mall. They were rarely home!

PVR/DVR? We watched and recorded our shows on vhs and played it on VCR. That was a hassle. So happy When DVDs came out.

I miss my record player, my stirrups and leg warmers!


For weeks the smell of coffee would awaken a long buried memory. A memory I just couldn’t seem to remember. No matter what I did, or much I tried I just couldn’t make it clearer.

All the details were fuzzy. I just didn’t know what or who I was to remember!

Coffee. Summer.

Then a few minutes ago while watching an obscure clip from General Hospital something happened. I don’t know how to explain it.

It was my grandmother!

I burst into tears. I started crying. She had been trying to communicate with me.

All this time.

I hope it’s not a long reach. 💕💕

I still don’t know what I am to remember but hopefully I am right.


I have been going through a lot of my comments and I realized how many of readers came and gone.

It really made me sad. I truly enjoyed interacting with them. I miss them. (is that the right word? Interacting? I swear my chemo brain!)

I also can’t believe how much time has passed.

I think I am going to spend some time going over my comments, replying to those I have missed. Reminisce.

So I guess it’s a blessing that WP glitched.

So many friends🥰🥰🥰


After having lunch at the Lake, my sister, niece and I decided to spend the rest of the lovely day  in Prespatou. As a child I would spend my summer holidays with my grandparents in Prespatou.

I wonder if I can remember where they used to live. Their houses were moved ✌️

Finally arrived in Prespatou.

I was amazed how modern the little village strived to be, while at the same time remained lost in the past.

The school was painted white. I remembered it being a brown color. A new playground was erected but the skating rink where my cousins and I skated was still there. Rickety and shodden. It was a christmas tradition to skate at the school.

The road was renamed after some industrial company. There were fewer trailers but more modular homes, for the teachers. I wonder how much of shock it was for the Englisch teachers to relocate to a such a place and having to teach there. Travel an hour in and out, especially in winter. Good luck with tv reception and wifi.

My mother’s family home was kitty Corner from the school. When I was a child it was a nice little house surrounded by canola fields. A huge garden. A little garage and shed. My  Grandpa R owned a lot of land before he retired to Saskatoon. He owned a general store, rented homes to other family, to my other grandparents as well.

Looking for my Grandparents R former home wasnt hard. The location was exactly where it had always been. However the house they lived in had been bought and torn down. The canola fields weren’t there anymore. In fact the land my grandparents proudly maintained now looked like a junk yard!

On Main Street there was a diner that served traditional Mennonite food as well western. The general store once owned by my grandfather appeared run down. It needed paint, the doors barely hung on its hinges. I sighed. It certainly wasnt like the store when I was younger.

Not far from the store was my Father’s family home. The only landmark so to speak was the red barn my grandfather L built when he got the farm. The house hadnt been torn down but moved further out of the village. To my surprise and delight they had kept my grandmother’s garden exactly how she had it. Even with the white arbor.

My sister wanted to see if the owners had kept the swing, but I said that would be rude. Asking to wander the land, especially when we were Englisch.

The further we drove, we noted the senior home was built and some of the villagers were wealthier. Large  houses. I mused that this was the New Colony not the Old Colony side.

There isnt a hospital or cops patrolling the area, they dont even have Citizens on Patrol. They just put in a Petro-Can Bar last year. If there is an emergency they have to meet the ambulance or drive in to the ER.

It was nice reminiscing about our childhood days. The fun we had in the country.



This brightened up my day!

My friend Rachael wrote this on my FB. I don’t remember doing this but it was grade nine, and it is certainly something I would do. I still do whatever I can to make sure a woman feel safe and comfortable in the company of men.

Hmmm…I think it would have to be that one time in class (art, I think?) and that one boy would just not leave me alone and you saw how flustered and embarrassed I was getting (we had discussed the situation previously) and you let him know very, very bluntly (but still somehow kindly) that I was absolutely in no way interested and to leave me alone. It worked and I was in complete and absolute awe of you in that moment. 🤩


This afternoon I was reminded of my childhood sweetheart. My first boyfriend.

Annie had been singing Bon Jovi “Living on a Prayer” and an image of Patrick came to mind. It was his favourite song.

We were so young. Elementary school.

Annie gawked “What?!”

I stared off into space dreamily. “He was in grade 7. I was in grade 5. Or grade 6. He was wearing a red flannel shirt and jeans when he lip sync this song” I giggled like a school girl. “He was so hot!”

The drive thru team stared at me like I grew horns. “Weren’t you a bit young?” Annie asked.

I shrugged. I giggled again “he would always call me his sweetheart”

“This side of you is scary” Annie’s nose scrunched up as if she smelled something foul.

I smiled, “I can be nice you know”

“How about you don’t”

The drive thru team laughed.


Tonight I came across a Instagram of a Moonstone crescent moon. I was suddenly hit with memories of a former boyfriend who bought me a crescent moon crystal. I wore it as a pendant. His nickname for me was Crescent because I was so obsessed with Sailor Moon. He bought me Sailor Moon stationary, cat pencils, and a cat beany baby.

It was so long ago I don’t think I even remember much else


Life’s little surprises!

Finding my grade 10 high school ID card. Discovering I look better now than I did back then!

It brings back wonderful memories of friends!