One of the new hires was working in drive thru.

She was commenting how she just moved into town from LaCrete. My head whipped around so fast I almost gave myself whiplash!

“You’re Mennonite?” I asked.

She shook her head “my parents are I’m not.”

“Really, me too!” I began to grin “your parents didn’t send you to Prespatou?”

“No they sent me to my grandparents!” She huffed.

Another one of my teammates- Haley exclaimed “no! Not your grandparents!”

“Are you Mennonite?” The new girl asked.

Haley scoffed “no, my parents are!”

“What did you do to get sent to your grandparents?” I asked.

The girl rolled her eyes. “My mom caught me watching Vampire Diaries!”

“No!” I was scandalized. “Not Vampire diaries!”

I couldn’t help it I was laughing. “How are you still living!”

“That’s not the worst part! She saw the Maleficent poster in my room! The horns!”

Haley and I were enjoying ourselves reminiscing about how our backgrounds were similar to the new girl’s.

“So they sent you to the grandparents”

“They look through my phones and laptop. My grandpa had a meltdown when he saw what was on my phone!” She went on.

“My mom had a stroke when I said Damn” I said.

“My mom wouldn’t let me wear tank tops or leggings. Only frilly dresses” Haley shook her head.

“My parents wanted me to marry a guy from LaCrete!” I shuddered.

“Oh wow. Sorry about that. I have a second laptop that I carry around” the new girl sighed.

It was nice talking to another Mennonite girl. Many of my friends have either married or went back home to the colony.

I think every Mennonite child was threatened with “if you don’t behave you will go to your grandparents!”

No tv. No music. Early rising. Just working on the farm.

I didn’t mind. I loved baking and reading. Playing in the fields.

Mennonites are different levels of conservative. Some don’t mind the modernization creeping into their colony some are so against it they ostracized those who don’t follow their way.

I often observe how different LaCrete and Prespatou are. If one was to make the comparison…LaCrete consider themselves high society and Prespatou the dregs.

LaCrete is a pretty successful town compared to Prespatou. Men don’t want to marry women from Prespatou and women from Prespatou consider marrying into a LaCrete family? They hit the big time!- just my observation from friends of friends.


Mel: I scare myself on a regular basis

K: yeah it’s called looking in a mirror

My cousin had posted on FB how she made a traditional Mennonite cookie called Schmaunt Kuchen. Basically it’s a marshmallow coconut cookie. Our grandma used to make them all the time!

I remarked to my sister that our cousin made them and my sister stared at me incredulously.

“Becky, schmaunt is gravy!”

I frowned at her. “What?”

“They are not called Schmaunt cookies! Schmaunt is gravy!”

I thought she was kidding! She was serious! “Schmaunt means cream” I explained slowly. “Schmaunt fat means cream gravy. Schmaunt kuchen means cream cookie”

My sister rolled her eyes and my niece chirped up from the backseat. “How are you this stupid you don’t even know your own Mennonite words!”

I howled with laughter!

Chemo brain hit me hard today. I don’t even know how I was living my life!

I couldn’t make coffee. The Machine kept saying put fresh filter in. I had put fresh coffee filters in twice! “I did put fresh coffee in!” I cried after the machine blinked at me.

I was filling a new spray bottle with hot water. Dropped the bottle, burning my fingers in the process. “Where is the lid?” I asked. I’m looking for the lid. It’s in my other hand!!🤦‍♀️😂

It’s a Mennonite thing!

I miss having “midnight fasbah” at Grandma’s!😭

-Hilary Duff mentioned midnight snack. And I was reminded of Grandma’s! it really wasn’t at midnight but it was before bed and we would have cheese, Bologna,jam,crackers,bread,soup,veggies,cookies. A full on cold supper! Yum! Yum!


This morning I walked with Brandon to work.

I asked him if he was going home for Christmas.

He said no, but his father was coming up for the Holidays.


The best part of Christmas for me when I was younger was when I would go to both set of Grandparents.

Christmas Day was spent at one grandparents. Boxing Day spent at the other!

My Grandma R loved Turtles (the chocolates) and we used to get into trouble if we ate any of those!

I love Mennonite Dishes! Unfortunately, my mother doesnt make them as much as she used to. Getting too Englisch I guess. These were my favorite dishes when we had Christmas:

cream and cucumbers.

Mennonite Girls Can Cook: fresh cream and cucumbers

Plumi Moos

Mennonite Girls Can Cook: Plumi Moos

cherry Moos

zuma borscht

Summer Borscht from Mennonite Girls Can Cook.


warenki and farmer sausage (perogies with gravy and farmer sausage)

Mennonite Girls Can Cook: My Wareneki (Perogies) Gluten-free

  • babbat
  • cream puffs, pies the desserts!!!

And when we had Faspa (a Sunday afternoon/evening meal) we would have:

  • fried bologna or pork (my fave)
  • cheddar
  • homemade jams/ bread. Omg my grandmas’ made the best pear jam and saskatoon jam!!
  • moos (fruit soup)
  • Warenki and Schmaunt fat with farmer sausage!!! (I really get upset when Curtis (my buddy from High Valley) brags he is eating it!)


Both my Grandmas’ made the best jams and bread! And the chicken! Especially Babbat. Its a raisin cake you serve with the chicken (my grandma L didnt make that much)

I didnt know what was worse, sitting at the children’s table or having the adults eat first and then we got to eat last!!!

My grandma R would make caramel corn or pink popcorn, so we could munch on it!

We had so much fun in the country.

The guys would skate at the ice rink at the local school.

The girls would just sit and talk.

I really dont remember much at Grandma R’s but the Turtles! 🙂

If we were lucky we got a goody bag full of candy, Kracker Jacks and oranges!!!

Its a shame that most of the great grandchildren never got to enjoy Christmas at my Grandmas.


I am not much into Christmas.

Especially this year.

The only thing I will like about it, there will be no fighting. No drama!

The sad part is K will not spend it with my parents.

I am having it at my house.

My sister will be the one cooking.

she wanted to cook fish!

Hell no!

No fish in my house!!!

Just good old fashion noodles, Schmaunt fat and chicken!!!







“When are you going to get married?” my dad asked. I stopped eating. Married. Uh how about never.

“Never.” I said.

“Sarah,” he called to my mom. “Its time to make a call to La Crete.” he looked at me. “You had your chance. Now I have to make a call to La Crete.”

I was unfazed by my dad’s threat. He had been hounding me to get married to a Mennonite boy for the longest time. He thinks Englisch boys are too lazy or something.

The only Mennonite men I was interested in were already married. The last one, just got married. Confound it!

Like I made an effort!

“Oh well,” my dad said. “La Crete boys have standards now.”

My jaw dropped. “Excuse me!” he just did not insult me!

“Well its true. They have standards now. They are choosy. They don’t even pick the girls in the colony.”

I shook my head. Oh well, its not like I care. Marriage is over rated.

Sure, when I was a kid, I planned my wedding.

I realise now I don’t need to define myself by a paper, a ring, kids. fuck that. I don’t have to define myself with society norms.

If I find someone, sure maybe then I will consider a wedding, or whatever. But I don’t need to have anyone tell me when to get married.


Breaking Amish is one of my guilty pleasures.

I dont know why I love watching it. Mostly because I had a certain view on Amish and Old Colony Mennonite, and watching this show totally destroys every single one of them.

Breaking Amish features, Kate, Jeremiah, Rebekah,Sabrina and Abe. Venturing out into the world for their Rumspringa.

Where the Amish gets a year to go out into the world of the Englisch, and decide if they want to be Amish.

If they dont, they are shunned, or ex-communicated. They arent allowed to be back in the colony or talk to their family again.

When I first started watching this show, I was so excited.

I am mennonite…yeah right. I am from a mennonite family, my parents speak plautdeutsch, and my mother used to wear the dresses and the kerchief…but now they are more englisch.

Watching this could help me learn more….right?

Hells no!!

Lets see what made me a little suspicious about this show.

  • First couple day into NY, they had money for new dresses? New cowboy boots is that  a designer purse?
  • sabrina and Jeremiah was swearing so much I almost keeled over. Wait what? Ahhh my ears!!! Stop it!!
  • Sabrina knew how to apply eyeliner?
  • Kate knew how to apply eyeliner?!! Vanity Much!!!
  • Kate and Rebekah knew what supermodels were? I thought Amish were against photographs!!!
  • Kate knew how to wear bikini? – Cant be modest in a bikini!!
  • they pretended not to know how to use a cellphone but was texting like pros right  after they got them? it took me a month just to get my thumbs going
  • Jeremiah is 32 years old and he is on a rumspringa? Hells NO!
  • Rebekah was married, and divorced???? Why wasnt she shunned???! Cant divorce and still live in the Amish community! holy mother of Pink!!!

so wow, like fake much! GOTTA LOVE THAT REALITY TV! not!

Out of curiousity, I was kind of inspired to see if there were any mennonite stars out in Hollywood.

I was surprised.

  • Brendan Fehr was raised a strict mennonite, in Manitoba!!! (Michael, Roswell), (CSI Dan Cooper, CSI MIAMI), (Jared Booth, Bones)
  • Matt Groenig (Simpsons) – his father is of Canadian Russian Mennonite background, while his grandfather Abram, was a Krimmer Mennonite intellectual who taught at Tabor College in Hillsboro, Kans.
  • Jonathan Groff (Jesse, GLEE) his father was mennonite, while his mother was Methodist. Jonathan was raised Methodist.
  • Taylor Kinney (Mason Lockwood, vampire diaries) is Mennonite too.







If you don’t know the lyrics of “I Want It That Way” by heart, I feel sorry for your childhood/teenage years. 

#no but really who doesn’t know this song

I don’t know it AND I’M PROUD.



Ahh the BSB I loved Howie D back in the day…excuse me? I heard mennonite boys sing it in low german! How do you NOT know it!