Nothing more scarier than filming yourself singing. You are vulnerable. Being honest. The songs reveal who you are inside.

The expectation is you think you are doing alright. You are belting out those lyrics, feeling powerful. You’re enjoying yourself.  You are a super star.

Except you stop and press play. And you realize the voice you think you have was really above a whisper, and barely heard above the chorus of thousands.

You can be your own worst critic, or you can chalk it up to having fun.

Delete or save.

Or you can continue to sing, raise your voice to be heard.

Be powerful.

  • random thoughts while singing “gotta to go my own way” HSM 2






I had a message waiting for me when I emerged from the movie theatre.

I didnt read it until I was relaxing in my bath, slowly getting ready for bed.

It was from Stephen.


I certainly had a good laugh.

but it also made me think of naughty thoughts!

but alas I was feeling too tired and gross to do anything about it.

Curse you, nasal congestion and flu like symptoms!


Thank you, Stephen for  the lovely video! ♥


Ansel Elgort-Thief



Damn this song is making me thinking of dark sexy things.




.. So when it’s late
 You’re wide awake
 Too much to take
 Don’t you dare forget that in the pain
 You can be brave
 Hear me say

I see you dressed in white

Every wrong made right
 I see a rose in bloom
 At the sight of you
Oh, so priceless
 Irreplaceable, unmistakable, incomparable
Darling, it’s beautiful
 I see it all in you

Oh, so priceless 

I’ve been singing this song lately. Of course when I’m taking an order, I will break off into this song. Oops.

It’s by an Australian Christian group KING AND COUNTRY for the movie PRICELESS. 

Love this song so much!



I cant concentrate.

Irony isnt it.

Since I blogged about me being on your mind.

Well I had you on my mind


I havent heard this song in years. And it came to mind the moment I walked in through the door.


If you could 


If you could listen to any song before you died, which song what would it be?

THE KILL- 30 seconds to Mars. It saved my life when I was about to commit suicide. Jared saved my life. I want to listen to it before I died. ❤️ Jared Leto

Believe that!


Out here in space
I kiss your green face
But it feels like you’re light years away

-the theme song to Red Planet Diaries

“You are singing?” A customer exclaimed this morning. “How can you be singing when it is so cold?”

I dont know. I always have a song to sing.

I may not know all the lyrics but I always have a song to sing!

It makes the day so much brighter and cheerful!