I love Hayley.

She has just a wonderful voice. Her videos are dreamy.

While I was watching this video the one thought that struck me was how her music was so relatable. Especially to young teenagers who are conflicted about who they are, who they thought are they supposed to be.

Having to hide who you are especially to people who love you are is wrong. They should accept you and support you.

90s concert

Going to this concert tonight.

(Not in the states, couldn’t find a promo with all the performers so I used this one😂)



Finding some new music before bed.

Exit Eden.

Four women with different styles of music. I think what I enjoyed the most was how perfectly opera blended with rock/metal. While some parts of the song were weak, the chorus, of course, was belted out powerfully.

This song is one of my favorites so I am kind of biased. I have many versions of it. Too bad Jordan moved, I wondered if he have enjoyed this one too? After all, I played all of the Total Eclipse versions many times, especially in the shower!

my evilness knows no limits!


Breaks out into song

“Go go power rangers!”

My co-worker turns to me and says “what is wrong with you!”

I reply “This music station will not conform!”

“Oh my god!”

-random songs being sung by me I don’t need any requests



I am not a big fan of Taylor Swift.

I am one of those people who cringe every time the internet breaks about something or someone trending. I avoid it at all cost. However, I was intrigued about this song because of the backlash it was getting on Tumblr.

How it was similar to Beyonce’s FORMATION. and why the hell was Toddrick Hall on it. (Duh cuz he was a huge TS fan!! Everyone knows that! why is that such a huge surprise!)

I went on YouTube hoping to find the music video. It wasn’t released yet. Just the lyric video. and the reaction videos. Wow, the cringe factors on those videos were off the charts!

I never saw so many people get so worked up over one song! Unbelievable!

I listened. And my ears bled.

Again she was playing a victim. Dont know why she was blaming others for the fall of her reputation. Takes two.

Anywho I made the mistake of going on YouTube again tonight before the Game of Thrones finale.

Son of a bitch!

Why does she do this to me!

Every time I am prepared to hate her song or video she crushes it!

The video was great! Great cinematography! Great style.

I ended up singing along! Fucking hell!

However I ended up enjoying the end. When she put the negative comments about herself into the video. Taylor vs Taylor.







I was inspired to do a reading this afternoon. While I was looking at one of the cards, it was pretty clear that I was supposed to hear this song. It was insistent!

The reading came to this conclusion:

You love who you love

no matter what. Love is love. Dont Despair.



This totally made my night!
I hadn't been feeling well the last couple of days
So forgive my nerdiness!
When I saw this? It made me so happy!


One of my favourite songs when I was younger 💕
I would sing it all the time


How I feel every time this song comes on! unfortunately I will end up singing it. or a horrible jacked up version of it!