I cant concentrate.

Irony isnt it.

Since I blogged about me being on your mind.

Well I had you on my mind


I havent heard this song in years. And it came to mind the moment I walked in through the door.


If you could 


If you could listen to any song before you died, which song what would it be?

THE KILL- 30 seconds to Mars. It saved my life when I was about to commit suicide. Jared saved my life. I want to listen to it before I died. ❤️ Jared Leto

Believe that!


Out here in space
I kiss your green face
But it feels like you’re light years away

-the theme song to Red Planet Diaries

“You are singing?” A customer exclaimed this morning. “How can you be singing when it is so cold?”

I dont know. I always have a song to sing.

I may not know all the lyrics but I always have a song to sing!

It makes the day so much brighter and cheerful!






There was just something about Hrithik walking through the crowd that just stopped my heart and started it again. Hard and fast.

Isnt it romantic seeing all the white then the red petals falling all round Katrina and Hrithik?

Dont mind my romantic musings.

George Michael: Pop superstar dies at 53 – BBC News


Singer George Michael has died at the age of 53, his publicist says.

Source: George Michael: Pop superstar dies at 53 – BBC News

Oh that is so sad!

I really enjoyed his music. His solo career and his music with Wham!

my favorite songs were (in no particular order)

  • wake me up
  • careless whisper
  • faith
  • freedom
  • don’t let the sun go down (with Elton John)
  • I want your sex


Star Cast – I Bring Me


This song is on my  favorite playlist. I absolutely love it! 

I had been playing it when I was sick. 

Now while I am still not well enough to sing it, I have been playing it non stop!

What’s your favorite song so I can listen to it!

They can hear just fine. They tune it out.


Every time someone asked me how I can work to the noise, my eye twitched.

I’m used to it. Diesel trucks were alot louder! Customers got so offended when I pointed that fact out. 

The sound of Diesel trucks are amped 100x on headsets.

I can fall asleep to the jack -hammering. The sawing. The hammering. The drilling.

The vibrations are making me sleepy.

Thank goodness I have my earphones for my break. I just have to remember not to sing outloud!😂😂

 music makes everything so much better!🎶🎶