• How has your day been? Good.
  • Do you have any kind of comfort-item? My squishmallows 🥰
  • Is there anything you cannot sleep without? My sleep mask and earbuds. Music.
  • What do you need to feel safe and comfortable? I’m not sure how to answer that. As long as someone doesn’t shout at me.
  • How are you doing today? I’m feeling wonderful 🥰
  • If you have any pets, please share some pictures. (if you feel comfortable)
  • Do you rather prefer warm or cold weather? Why? Cool. My medication for Epilepsy is body temperature regulated. If I am too cold I will go into shock. If I am too hot I will become dehydrated and become sick.
  • What would be something that someone could do to make you happy? Bring me a chocolate bubble tea. Or iced coffee and we could have a picnic.
  • How many blankets and/or pillows do you need to sleep? It is amazing to me how many blankets and pillows I used to sleep with before treatment. Before: 1 flat sheet 4 comforters. 6 pillows. 2 for my head 2 on either side of me so I could rollover to my side. It hurt to roll over 😢
  • If you would be a color, which one would you be and why? Green and orange. Green for peaceful healing. Orange for sexuality.
  • If you had the possibility to live anywhere, where would you live? All the places Jayne Ann Krentz my favourite author writes about. So along the coast
  • What is your favorite fruit? I don’t have a favourite fruit.
  • Would you rather be able to fly whenever you want or become invisible? Invisible. I could eavesdrop and do naughty things.
  • What is a movie that always makes you feel okay? Cheaper By The Dozen.
  • Do you own any plushies? Quite a few.
  • Please tell me three facts about yourself that you are comfortable sharing. 1. I used to have obsessive behaviour. 2. My parents threatened to lock me in a psych ward after they found my stories. I was 12. 3. I had to go to speech therapy 2 x. Once when I was a toddler because I was speaking fine then I couldn’t speak. The second time was in school because I had a bad stutter. Even now I can’t pronounce words that have double ss. Lol
  • Do you own any fairy-lights? No.
  • What is your favorite scent on candles? Coffee.
  • If you had the chance to turn into any animal of your choice whenever you want, what would you turn into and why? A cat. They do what they want.
  • If you could change the color of one thing in the world, what thing would it be and which color would you choose?

Did you ever make a wish upon a shooting star? No.

I would like you to know that you are wonderful.

I wish to give you a hug.

What is one thing about you that you like? My scar. It’s in the shape of a question mark.

Is there anything you liked to do as a child and you still do it nowadays? Making dandelion crowns

When was the last time you smiled and why? My niece said she was happy

Did you drink enough today? Probably not 🤦‍♀️

If you had to eat the last food you ate forever, what would it be? Corn on the cob 🥰

When was the last time someone said something kind to you? One of my coworkers said they missed me yesterday

I think that you are really amazing!

What is your favorite flower? Black eyed Susan

Have you ever been to another country, other than the one you live in? Just the USA

What time is it for you and what are you thinking about? 9:15 pm. Time to snuggle

What was the last image/gif you saved? If you are comfortable, please share it.

Don’t forget how wonderful you are!

What color does your favorite mug have? It’s White. But Darth Vader.

You look very pretty today!

What was the last thing you cooked or baked? Did you like it? I try not to cook or bake because I don’t like the smell of food or leftovers in my house.

Are you a long-sleeper or an early bird? Long sleeper

What is one of your biggest wishes? For everyone to be happy healthy loved and have a warm home to feel safe in. Most of all to have everyone accept each other regardless of race, religion or sexuality 🥰🥰🥰

Do you have a favorite week day? What is it? Saturday because I can sleep in.

When was the last time you had a picnic? A true picnic. 2 years ago.

What is your favorite hot bevarage and how do you like to drink it? I drink my green tea with a straw. Cream and sugar. If I’m at work. Honey and a straw if I am home.

Have you ever baked anything for someone else? Brownies.

If the last food you ate and the color of your shirt would be your name, what would it be? Blue ribs

Please never forget how important you and your feelings are!

What is something that makes you smile? Seeing other people being happy

I love you. ♡

Have a wonderful weekend 🌸🌼🌻


When was the last time you used lip balm? Was it flavoured/tinted?
I dont use lip balm because it’s unsanitary while I’m working. I use Revlon Kiss Balm stick. Coconut. Or EOS lip balm stick. Watermelon.

Tell me something about the last dream you recall having.
I woke up gagging! My OCD flaring up. My friend wanted me to come over for a visit. Her house was the epitome of every germaphobe and OCD sufferer’s nightmare! I couldn’t even clean it because there were no proper cleaning supplies! 🤢🤮😡🤬😱😢

When was the last time you ate some toast? What did you put on it?
I used to love toast. Not anymore. I will have some garlic toast, but it’s been months.

What colour was the last soap you used? What scent does it have?
It’s kind of a golden colour. Marula oil. Marvellous!

When was the last time you ate a sandwich? What was the filling?
I had a bacon, egg, and cheese muffin yesterday morning if that counts? It is exactly as it sounds. With mayo and ketchup. Had to have something different. I love BLTs.

What colour was the last mug you drank from? What did you have to drink?
It was Tea. In my Darth Vader Mug. I have a lot of Star Wars mugs.🥰👍

Who was the last person to joke with/tease you? Do they do this often?
One of my coworkers likes “to wreck my day!” Fun times

What was the last kind of hair accessory you wore? What colour was it?
A black hair tie. I love scrunchies but I’m really beginning to hate my hair as it grows longer.

When was the last time you ate a piece of cake? What kind?
Last month. Angel food cake. Whipped cream and strawberries

Who did you last say ‘I love you’ to? How long have you known them?
K my niece and Daisy my cat😂🥰

When was the last time you ate some pasta? What kind?
I don’t remember

What was the last thing you complained about? To whom?
Having to explain why I said no to a customer. I don’t have to explain why i already answered the question. The answer was no. I complained to my coworker who was laughing at me.

What was the last show you watched an episode of? Have you seen it before?
Probably Legacies. No offence but the Originals should have had spin off about Freya, Keely and Vincent. Because Legacies is boring as fuck!

When was the last time you were in pain? Did you take a painkiller?
Last night after eating Chinese food and some sushi. My diverticulitis flared up. No pain killers.

What was the last song you heard that reminded you of a certain time in your life?
Tell me Lies by Fleetwood Mac. Just reminded me of the stupid things I’ve done. Now that I am chill, it’s such a great song.

When was the last time you got some new headphones/earbuds? What colour?
I got white wireless earbuds and the case for them is broken but I still use them. I have quite a collection of headphones.

When was the last time you used a bookmark? What did it look like?
It’s been a long time. Usually I would buy a book mark with every new book. But I use my kindle. But I have 4 btr right now that are waiting on my bookshelf

Do you own a compact mirror? When was the last time you used it?
I do. Two years ago while at the cancer lodge

Which did you use on your hair last – a brush or comb? What colour was it?
I use my pink wide comb

The last time you left the room, what did you go to do?
See what Daisy was complaining about .


01 Do you have any television shows on DVD?
I have a lot! Two DVD case mate binders full of dvdr (burned DVD) and 1 shelf of numerous tv box sets like The Closer, Angel, Sweet Valley High, Tru Calling, Hercules.

02 How many television shows do you watch regularly?
Not alot. Since I’ve discovered Kdramas? I watch maybe 4 shows compared to 6-8 shows a week.

03 Do you spend the majority of your evenings watching television?
No. I play with Daisy. Clean. Shower. Watch TikTok then go to sleep. On the weekend is when I catch up.

04 When commericals for food come on, do they make you want food?

05 What are the majority of the television shows you watch about?
I love crime, police procedure. Paranormal/supernatural. Anything that gets my heart racing.

Did your school/does your school really have a group of “popular” people?
yes. I was pretty much a nerd.bullied in elementary and junior high. But high school was wonderful. Nobody cared who I was. I made more friends.

03 What are some popular or trendy things that you like?
TikTok. I don’t know what else. I don’t really like to care about trends.

04 What are some popular or trendy things that you dislike?
Twilight, Hunger Games, Fifty shades, Harry Potter. trends that could ruin anything nice for me.

05 Do you get annoyed when people go out of their way to dislike mainstream things, or do you sometimes do it too? What about when people go out of their way to actually like mainstream things?
I don’t care.


01 Is money ever an issue for you?
All the damn time.

02 Do you consider people with a lot of money to be arrogant or do you feel that’s just a stereotype?
It’s a stereotype. Not everyone is the same.

03 If you won the lottery, do you think a lot more people would be extra friendly to you?

04 Do you get annoyed with questions on surveys asking “if you had -insert amount of money here- what would you do with it”?
Not really. They don’t seem to pop up THAT often.

05 Do you think lottery prizes are too big now or do you think it’s awesome that you can win that much money?
That money could certainly be used in a lot of different (better) ways, but I’d be lying if I said I never wished to be the recipient of the big prize. <<< Agreed.


01 Are you for, against, or neutral on smoking?
I am against it, I hate the smell of it. I hate it when ppl disregard the fact I ask them to stop smoking around me because I have aggravated cough. But nooo. Or the fact while I had cancer they still smoke around me!

02 How do you feel about people who smoke just to be “cool”? Or do you just not care?
Stop it.

03 Do you think smoking marijuana is just as bad as smoking cigarettes?
Ugh the smell!

04 Would you be more likely to smoke cigarettes or marijuana?


01 Does a lack of sleep affect how you feel the next day?
Well, yeah.

02 Does not eating properly affect how you feel overall?
Most definitely. 

03 Do you go walking or running for exercise?
I enjoy walking but I don’t do it often enough.

04 Do you take vitamins or supplements every morning?
Every day.

05 Do you eat a balance of healthy food and junk food, or is it basically all one or the other?
I think there tends to be more junk food, but I’m trying to have a better balance.


50 THINGS NOBODY EVER ASKS(just because we’re in quarantine) and because why not

  1. Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed? CLOSED
  2. Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotels? If they smell nice. And not citrus. Allergies.
  3. Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out? They are tucked in when I get in but I’m a restless sleeper. I can’t stand having my feet pinned.
  4. Have you stolen a street sign? NOPE
  5. Do you like to use post-it notes? Omg yes
  6. Do you cut out coupons but then never use them? No
  7. Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of bees? Omg probably a bear but really nasty either way
  8. Do you have any freckles? Yes.
  9. Do you always smile for pictures? Try to.
  10. What is your biggest pet peeve? I have a few peeves though but people arriving late.
  11. Do you ever count steps when you walk? No.
  12. Have you peed in the woods? Yes but I still don’t do it very well🤦🏼‍♀️
  13. Do you chew your pens and pencils?no
  14. What size is your bed? Double
  15. What is your song of the week? Boy with luv – BTS
  16. Is it OK for guys to wear pink? They may look better than me in pink, so yes!
  17. Do you still watch cartoons? Anime.
  18. What do you drink with dinner? Water, milk or pop mostly iced coffee.
  19. What do you dip chicken nuggets in? BBQ/honey. Hot mustard/bbq
  20. Were you ever a boy/girl scout? Nope.
  21. When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone? I don’t write letters.
  22. Can you change the oil on a car? No.
  23. Ever gotten a speeding ticket? No.
  24. Ever ran out of gas? That is my pet peeve, when people wait til they hear the warning sound before filling it up. They never watch the gaslight
  25. What’s your favorite kind of sandwich? Tomato and mayo.
  26. Best thing to eat for breakfast? Bacon. French toast.
  27. How many languages can you speak? ONE
  28. Do you have any magazine subscriptions? None.
  29. Which is better, crunchy or creamy peanut butter? Creamy
  30. Are you stubborn? Sometimes
  31. Ever watch soap operas? Yes
  32. Are you afraid of heights? Yes, I can’t even climb onto a chair without a freak out
  33. Do you sing in the car? Hello…that is my stage!!
  34. Ever shot a gun? Yes. BB gun.
  35. Do you think musicals are cheesy? No
  36. Is Christmas Stressful? 100% ugh
  37. Occupations you wanted to be when you were growing up? Zoologist. Forensic pathologist. Writer.
  38. Ever have a Deja-vu feeling? YEs!
  39. Last concert you attended? High Valley.
  40. Walmart, Target, or Amazon? WAlmart
  41. Nike or Sketchers? Don’t care?
  42. Fritos or Cheetos? Cheetos
  43. Can you curl your tongue? Yes
  44. Have you ever cried because you were so happy? All the time
  45. Own any record albums? I used to.
  46. Own a record player? My fisher price was da bomb! But I wish I had one.
  47. Ever been in love? I thought i was.
  48. Ever won a contest? Yes. Once. Writing contest.
  49. Do you miss anyone right now? 100%…so many
  50. Last Road Trip? To PG to the cancer clinic


  1. What color is the color of your hair brush? Blue

  2. Name a food you never ever eat? Potato

  3. Are you typically too warm or too cold? Too cold. But now I’m just right ✌️

  4. What were you doing 45 minutes ago? Eating.

  5. What is your favorite candy bar? Reese peanut butter cups

  6. Have you ever been to a professional sports event? No.

  7. What is the last thing you said out loud? “My name is Bianca! And I am a boss ass bitch!”

  8. What is your favorite ice cream? Skor

  9. What was the last thing you had to drink? Frappuccino

  10. Do you like your wallet? Sure.. when it’s not empty

  11. What was the last thing you ate? Spaghetti

  12. Did you buy any new clothes last weekend? No

  13. The last sporting event you watched? Hockey.

  14. What is your favorite flavor of popcorn? Kettlecorn

  15. Who is the last person you sent a text message to? My sister.

  16. Ever go camping? Yes!

  17. Do you take vitamins? Yes

  18. Do you go to church every Sunday? No.

  19. Do you have a tan? Hah I burn

  20. Do you prefer Chinese food over pizza? Yes.

  21. Do you drink your soda with a straw? Yes.

  22. What color socks do you wear? If it ain’t black put it back.

  23. Do you ever drive above the speed limit? I don’t drive.

  24. What terrifies you? There is a list.

  25. Look to your left, what do you see? A flowers.

  26. What chore do you hate? Dishes

  27. What do you think of when you hear an Australian accent? Mick Taylor – Wolf Creek

  28. What’s your favorite soda? Pepsi

  29. Do you go in a fast food place or just hit the drive thru? Go in

  30. What is your favorite number? 333

  31. Who’s the last person you talked to? My mom

  32. Favorite cut of beef? Ribs

  33. Last song you listened to? Truth Hurts- Lizzie

  34. Last book you read? Something so boring I can’t remember the title.

  35. Favorite day of the week? Hmm probably Friday

  36. Can you say the alphabet backwards? I don’t know

  37. How do you like your coffee? Triple triple

  38. Favorite pair of shoes? No specific favourite.

  39. Time you normally go to bed? 10:30

  40. Time you normally get up? My alarm goes off at 4am 😬 and 8am

  41. What do you prefer, sunrise or sunsets? Sunset

  42. How many blankets on your bed? 3

  43. Describe your kitchen plates? Corningware, vintage dinnerware (my grandmas plates)

  44. Do you have a favorite beverage? Ice coffee or iced Capp

  45. Do you play cards? No

  46. What color is your car? I don’t have one

  47. Can you change a tire? Nope

  48. Your favorite state? Seattle

  49. Favorite job you’ve ever had? Drive thru

  50. How did you get your biggest scar? Hysterectomy/hernia repair and tumour removal at the same time


  1. What was the last thing you ate? Pizza. Ugh. It was alright.

  2. Where was your picture taken? Going out the door to go shopping.

  3. Worst pain you’ve ever felt? Tumour. pain is nothing now.

  4. Favorite place you’ve travelled? California by bus.

  5. How late did you stay up last night? Um 10?

  6. If you could move, where to? In my dreams, Seattle. Or at least somewhere that Jayne Ann Krentz wrote about.

  7. What do you collect? While I’m treatment I collected squeeshies. And I also collect elephant statues and I’m currently obsessed with unicorn stuffies ie: a unicorn sloth.

  8. Which of your Facebook friends live closest to you? Most of them do.

  9. Amusement park or concert? Both

  10. When was the last time you cried? Last week. I cried because I am still feeling guilty about giving away Daisy’s babies.

  11. Who took your photo? Me

  12. Who’s the last person you took a picture with? My niece

  13. What’s your favorite season? Fall.

  14. If you could have any other career, what would it be? An author. Or a trouble shooter.

  15. Do you think relationships are worth it? Yes

  16. If you could talk to anyone right now who would it be? I don’t know.

  17. Are you a good influence? I don’t know. I hope I am.

  18. Does pineapple belong on pizza? Yes.

  19. You have the remote, what are you watching? Prodigal Son and Star Trek: Picard 💕💕💕

Spending the cold day under covers

On cold days like these I love to curl under the blankets and catch up my shows, read eat and drink hot beverages!

I made Iced Coffee however 💕💕

It was lovely to spend my Saturday under the covers, reading. I still didn’t find enough inspiration for writing tho🤬😔🙁

I decided to fill out these questions.

I am so boring ✌️💕💕🤦‍♀️

what’s the best thing that happened to you today? I finished watching Bad Guys: Reign of Chaos. Not to be confused with Will Smith’s Bad Boys.

2. where do you see yourself living in 10 years? I have always seen myself living in a penthouse. Living on the Eastside. One problem there isn’t any penthouses in my town. However there are condos but I’m not stupid enough to buy one.

3. apartment or house? Apartment. I like things to be neat tidy orderly. A house invites chaos!

4. has your aesthetic changed at all in the last year? I am not fashionable or artsy enough for an aesthetic.

5. what is something you’re proud of?
Being healthy! For the first time in forever! Finishing my cancer treatment but I think I better stop humble bragging.

6. name three books that changed your life. I can’t choose a book. It’s sacrilegious!

7. do you have a favorite podcast? I don’t listen to podcasts. But I listen to Reddit’s on YouTube. Mr. Reddit is my favourite.

8. what three songs can you not get enough of right now? Kill this Love – BLACKPINK Dusk til Dawn – ZAYN No Angel- Charlie’s Angel 3

9. favorite quote? I don’t know one. I just know a lot of movie quotes. Or have forgotten a lot of movie quotes. Chemo brain!

10. state an unpopular opinion that you have. Children should be seen not heard. Customers aren’t always right.

11. if you could live in any other decade, when & where would you choose? I love historical romances so somewhere in Victorian Era. Or the 1920s -30s because of the vintage look.

12. describe your ideal date? Romantic dinner. Perhaps a movie date. Anything fun.

13. are you currently crushing on anybody? No.

14. if you could have dinner with anybody, who would it be? I asked my niece that same question today. She said the Norris Nuts. If I knew Korean I would have dinner with some Korean actors! Other than that? But I can’t think of one person!

15. what time do you usually go to sleep & wake up? Now I go to bed at 1am and get up at 8 or 9am.

16. what’s your favorite instrument? Don’t have one.

17. what song do you love dancing to? I love dancing doesn’t mean I can. All songs except country

18. what’s a topic that you wish you knew more about? Politics

19. got a random fact you’ve been holding on to? No

20. favorite fruit & vegetable? I can’t recall. As long as it’s not strawberry or potato

21. what’s your favorite dish to cook? Noodles

22. favorite beverage? Iced Coffee

23. how are you feeling in this moment? Relaxed

24. are you reading a book at the moment? what do you like about it? No I’m waiting to purchase the Vanishing by Jayne Ann Krentz. And the Flora Dane series by Lisa Gardner. Although I can’t help but notice the similarities between Flora Dane and Chelsea Cain’s One Kick. (Love that book!)

25. name three songs that stir up the deepest emotions. All I wanna do by Heart. Broken Wings by Tane Tomoko It’s All Coming Back To Me -Celine Dion

26. what’s your favorite season & why? Fall. It’s not too cold or hot. Symbolic of transformation. I just love how leaves change and fall on the ground. So beautiful!

27. when is your birthday?

28. what do you do when you need to de-stress? Music and taking a bath also a good book.

29. do you prefer spontaneous or pre-arranged plans? I cannot stand inefficiency! Mismanaged time! Pre-arranged plans obviously ✌️

30. name an experience in your life you wish you could do over? My obsessions!

31. do you like the name you were given? if not, is there a different one you’d prefer? I don’t mind it. I prefer unisex names. Alex, Sam, Jack. Which is why I label my stuff Bex.

32. what’s your favorite weather?

33. are you satisfied with how your life is going right now?
Very much so!

34. describe a time that you were brave.
I don’t know

35. is there a movie you like better than the book it was based on? No

36. do you have a place you go to when you feel stressed/sad? Just my bath!

37. what was the last thing that made you laugh? A movie! And my cat!

38. what time is it where you are? 10:05pm

39. what is something you’re excited for? Warmer weather!

40. got any summer plans? No.

41. when was the last time you intentionally went out to see the sunrise? Last month

42. favorite film genre? Action or horror

43. coffee or tea? Coffee

44. describe your body without using any negative adjectives. Um no

45. is there a cover song that you like better than the original? In the air by Kelly Sweet

46. are you on good terms with your parents? Yes

47. are you in a relationship? if not, are you looking to be? No and no

48. do you typically look for a partner with the same traits as you or someone to complement yours? I never thought of it before. I guess as long as I was happy. I haven’t been in a relationship in a dogs age so I don’t remember much of anything. One was just for fun the other wasn’t really long enough to be considered a relationship.

49. describe your aesthetic. Don’t have one.

50. put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs to play.

  • The Way I am – Ingrid michaelson
  • Sweet Surrender- Sarah Maclachlan
  • Back for good -Take That
  • If you had my love – Jennifer Lopez
  • I really don’t think so – Scene23
  • Lucky – Britney Spears
  • Zero- Smashing Pumpkins
  • How you remind- Avril Lavigne
  • Crush-Mandy Moore
  • Look what you made me do -Taylor Swift


I’m perfectly fine with the diagnosis of cancer, because now I know what was wrong with me and it’s being treated. I feel so much better. Happier.

Then this morning I woke up with a severe case of anxiety (?) I wasn’t feeling a-ok. Suddenly I was having a mini meltdown.

Worst case scenarios were running through my mind.

It took me awhile before I realized that I was over thinking my situation making myself worse than I was off to begin with. I needed to chill.

Take my mind off things I decided to do these questions.

1. Do you believe in psychics/the supernatural? Oh yes! I love going to psychics. I love seeing what they can read off me. I once gave a psychic false info about me just to see if she could tell if I was truthful. As was expected she did a horrible read. Another did a cold read. Others were spot on, quite phenomenal! But all of them said the same thing! I was the saddest person they have ever met! I believe that my previous apartment was haunted because there was some spooky things going on 😏

2. How would you describe your usual clothing/fashion style? Conservative\ modest. I wish I was more flirty in my style.

3. Favorite flavor of yogurt? I love yogurt! Key lime, coconut, lemon meringue. As long as fruit isn’t at the bottom.

4. Which tarot card do you think you represent? (Or which one is your favorite?) is The Magician.

5. Do you believe in true love? Soulmates? I do. I don’t think I have found my true love. Or soul mate.

6. Are you allergic to anything? Thankfully no. I have to be careful with what I put on my skin. I’m sensitive to citric acid, mineral oil, cocoa butter/oil.

7. Do you have an accent? No. However I have had customers ask me where I’m from. Canada, duh! They reply “I thought you were a Newfie (Newfoundland)”uh that is Canada! One customer thought I was American.

8. What do you do when you can’t sleep? Pray. I also watch YouTube

9. Do you keep a journal? No. I use to.

10. Do you have any secret interest or hobby that you’re really passionate about? No I don’t think so.

11. Favorite type of music? (In addition, list five of your favorite songs.) I love pop music. Mostly from the early 90s. I also like musicals.

The kill – 30 seconds to Mars

Get Another Boyfriend- BSB

Total Eclipse

Dusk TIL dawn -Zayn

Rewrite the stars – James Arthur & Anne Marie

12. Do you consider yourself spiritual/religious? I think I’m very spiritual. I’m also religious.

13. If you could dream anything into existence, what would it be? I think if I could dream anything into existence it would be changing the world, changing people’s concept of being happy. Their happiness doesn’t have to rely on materialism. Being so greedy. Instead Accept others, their beliefs, their ideas. But I guess life isn’t like that. Nature needs balance. Evolution. Weed out the weak. Good vs evil. A Human wouldn’t be able to make it a week without carving someone else’s heart simply because he wanted it. Or he was bored. An exaggerated imagery but….

14. Are you a risk taker/adrenaline junkie? Hell no. I stay home and watch kdramas and mystery shows ☺️

15. What is your worst habit? Being lazy. I get home and all I want to do is chill.

16. What are your biggest goals in life? My goal was to become a writer. I love writing. I also wanted to inspire others be selfless in service.

17. Would you consider yourself a good student? Favorite classes you’ve taken? I was a good student. I never paid attention in class, I was always reading in class or I would skip. I rarely studied exams.

18. Coca-cola or Pepsi? Pepsi!!!

19. Are you good at taking care of plants? I had two plants.i named them Esther and Dorcas. Dorcas died in 6 months, Esther in 1 year. I was surprised they lasted that long 😉

20. What was your first job? (If none so far, what is your dream job?) I still have it.

21. Do you love or hate glitter? I remember wearing glitter everything! Eyeshadow, blush and on my skin. I thought I was the coolest person ever! I loved my glitter blush!

22. Favorite hair products or hair style? Away from my face☺️

23If you could own a robot would you want one? What purpose would you want it to serve? A robot would be like a companion \ butler.a robot version of Sebastian from Black Butler but without the demon tendencies 🙈


  1. Favorite song: Never far away/stay with me – Chanyeol, Punch
  2. Height – 5′5
  3. Pet peeve – Rudeness. People interrupting a conversation. Being late. Being picky eaters.
  4. Pet? – I used to have a cat.
  5. Favorite classic story – I don’t think so.
  6. Favorite color – green
  7. dream? – this morning I dreamt a dog was being abused, I woke up to my neighbors dogs barking 😂
  8. Thing i want – a nap. Chocolate. Food. Cuddle.
  9. Favorite youtuber – Don’t have a favorite, I watch a lot mukbangers, solo female travels, kdramas, and entitled kids stories
  10. ring size – I dont know. Either my fingers are chubby or my rings fall off.
  11. shoe size – 8 1/2 -9
  12. favorite bug – ladybug
  13. best chapstick flavor? – something fruity
  14. best clothing item i own- yoga pants
  15. Creepy or Cute? – both
  16. Bedtime?- I go to bed early.
  17. secret? – I’m not that exciting
  18. favorite movie? – Anything with Milla Jovovich
  19. favorite TV shows? – lethal weapon, law & order criminal intent, Sherlock, Lucifer,Angry Mom, The Suspicious Housekeeper. I have too many to list😘