I woke up from a horrible dream.

I had my bed under a huge spider web. I hadn’t realized it until I was asked to watch the restaurant.

Even in my dream I found this a weird request. I begrudgingly said yes. I wasn’t going to do it. I went back into my room, laid upon the bed. Saw the web.

I nearly had a heart attack. I’m looking for the spider. Oh the spider? Was a huge wolf spider. Sleeping in the corner of its web. Above my head.

I moved. Something shook the web. The spider fell on my face! Landing on my mouth.

It didn’t move.

I was so freaked out, I’m trying to get it off me. I could not move. I was panicking, clawing at my mouth at the spider. Then it moved. One leg off my lip.

I woke up, tangled in my sheets. The reason I couldn’t move. I tried to touch my mouth to make sure there wasn’t a spider, but my fingers fell asleep. My arm was underneath me while I slept.

Ugh I can still feel the sensation of the spider on my face. I’m freaked out.

I’m so sleepy to care.


This is how we Canadians do turkey on thanksgiving


Um well I had sausage..


No! Oh my word! No! I totally choked on my hash browns! I was laughing so hard, my coworker asked if I was ok! I just couldn’t control my laughter, bro!

All before work!😂😂



“Becky, don’t you want a boyfriend?”

No. I’m tired of having people telling me I can’t have what I want!

Which is why I always have to get it myself!

unless he spoils me. Gives me everything I want. I need. Surprises me with whatever I want or like. Doesn’t deny me?

Then sure, I want someone in my life!


Mr Perfect by Linda Howard has been on my mind lately.

It has to be one of my favourite girl meets obnoxious next door neighbour who turns out to be a cop tropes.

It’s also on my mind because I keep running into my neighbor 203. He’s the cyclist.

Unfortunately, I was at work when I realized who 203 was. He was kind of obnoxious. I had taken his order at the counter.

I was taking out the trash, later today. I ran into another neighbour, chatted with her about our cats. Then who should come up from the laundry room but 203.

“Oh are you going to hold the door open for her?” Asked cat mom.

We had the Canadian stand off. “You go first. No you go first” he rolled his eyes, moved first to open the door. Bro, don’t roll your eyes at me, I thought disdainfully, I will cut them out!

203 kept the door open for Cat mom and I, and then walked to his truck.

While I played with Willow outside on the deck, my other neighbour pulled up on his motorcycle. I was debating on asking if he was indeed living in my old apartment.

Bro could have stepped out of all the MC romance I detest. Leather head to toe. Bandanna capping his neatly cut brown hair. He had a beard, neatly trimmed and tattoos. He spent some time putting his helmet away, checking his bike then began walking my way.

Taking a deep breath I piped up “hi,”

He looked up at me. Damn it, he has blue eyes? He smiled. Damn it! He’s friendly!

“Hi, are you living in 102?”

He grinned “yes I am”

“Oh if I am too loud, please tell me!” I blurted out.

He laughed “no you’re fine”

“Are you sure?” I smiled “just say it”

“No if I am too noisy with my tv you tell me” he went on.

“Oh I wear headphones” I assured him “I can’t hear anything”

He laughed “well you’re fine. I love your cats” he gestured to Willow “they’re cute!”

“Thank you”

It occurred to me that 102 could hear me sing or worse? talk to my cats!

I’m doomed!


It was a particularly slow day.

I was falling asleep during my orders.

All was going well, until weird strange things began to happen.

We were moping over the fact that there was 3 hours left to go. “What time are you off?” I asked first lane.

She made a face. “I’m off at five!”

“Five?” I exclaimed in incredulous disbelief. “What you have 4 hours to go!”

We burst out laughing. Out of the corner of my eye I could see a sleeve of clear lids hurling towards us from across the aisle. I pushed the McCafé person out of the way, As the lids just missed her head The lids landed on the counter in front of me. I whirled around to see who threw the lids.

No one was behind us. There was only us three!

“Becky!” The McCafé person protested.

I gaped at her. “You didn’t see that?! Those lids flew at us!”

We three stared at each other, then the lids, giggling nervously. “Come on, Becky don’t do that!”

“No one else was in here!” I cried. “Who else did it!”



I shook my head. “It was you,” I pointed to the McCafé person “revenge for us laughing at you!”

I had an order of orange juice. I went to pour some into a cup, my finger hovered over the juice button. Suddenly both juices poured. I didn’t touch anything. “Nope! That’s it! I’m not touching anything anymore!”

When I got home, both cats were acting frazzled.

Is it a full moon?!


What it means if someone asks you to come home and eat ramen?


I love ramen noodles!

Pancit canton Kalamansi is my favourite! 🥰🥰🥰


Willow and I were snuggled in bed. She wasn’t feeling well either. Despite the fact I combed her fur. And spoiled her with lots of love.

She began to gag, and climbed off the bed to prepare herself for vomiting. Perhaps it was me?! 😂😂

I comforted her. She surprised me by allowing me to pick her up and hold her in my arms.

I burst into tears. I was so happy. Willow allowed me to hold her for awhile.

I discovered that Brushing Willow? while she enjoys it, it aggravates her scent glands. Damn that girl stinks!🤢🤮😂

My cats haven’t left my side all day. They normally are outside or whine to be outside. Not today. It made me feel so much better.

Out of nowhere Daisy darted onto the bed and ran to me. She was frightened by something outside. Daisy crawled under the covers. Until she was at my feet, pawed at my legs. She settled down between my legs, and huddled close. Willow laid beside her

I wonder if having someone in my life would I be pampered and spoiled with affection when I am sick?


The smell of smoke is pungent.

The neighbor’s bonfire brings back memories of campfires and wiener roasts.

As children we are so eager to grow up we don’t savour the moments (if this post is triggering I’m sorry)

Running through the country side, picking and eating wild strawberries. Watching grandma make her buns and jams. Playing in the attic. Sleeping under quilts that smelled like the sun.

Riding through the neighbourhood on our bikes. Coming back caked in mud from head to toe. California kick ball, kick the bucket, dodge ball, and fireflies in the dark.

Do fireflies even exist anymore?

I miss those days.


Part of me didn’t flinch when I heard the news that my junior high crush passed away last week.

I shouldn’t say crush. It was more of an obsession that took over half my adult life. I almost felt like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. My obsessive compulsiveness was out of control. I was manic. I couldn’t understand why. I couldn’t understand why I was fixated on him.

It was at a basketball tournament in grade 8 that I fell for him. I was eating hoagies and drinking pop when my eyes fell on this tall dark haired guy. Wow.

I heard of him of course. My cousin would gossip about the In Crowd at her school. B being one of the popular people.

That year He was all I could talk about. I would follow him around like a lost puppy. There were so many cringe worthy moments. Junior high was so awkward and horrible for me.

High school was different. He was still a jock and popular. I was still a nobody but a nobody messed with because the girls were afraid I would come after their man.🤮

Graduation and he was barely a whisper in my thoughts.

He had a family now. We chatted every once and while. Until I didn’t see him at all.

Hearing he died didn’t invoke any kind of emotion. No overwhelming sense of loss. Nothing.

Is it horrible for me to feel this detached?