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I woke up with my pussy wet and aching to be touched.

I had a rough night. Restless, my dreams had been angry to the point I had been talking in my sleep. Waking up to hear myself yelling at empty space, was quite infuriating.

However when I fell back asleep, I had another dream.

Erotic, sexy as fuck.

In my dream, I was a teenager. At a slumber party. The girls are in camis and panties and I am in flannel pj’s. I look like a boring wallflower compared to these barbie dolls.  We were playing truth or dare. We were getting bold in our questions and dares. One of the girls dared me to kiss her mother. Of course, the other girls are quite stunned she even suggested it, they are chanting that I am chicken, that I won’t do it. Some are somewhat repulsed by what I am supposed to do.

Her mother is quite hot, and she had been walking around in her husband’s jersey shirt. The hem barely skimming her thighs. Her breasts are huge, She would make any man cum in their pants.

I pick myself up and walk out of the door. I glance back at the girls. “How will you know if I kiss her?” I ask.

The girls look at each other. “We have to watch I guess.” they surmise. They follow me down the hall.

The milf is in her room. Asleep. We all look at each other. I shrugged. What am I supposed to do now?

“Well what now, Becky?” the girls giggle. “She is sleeping. How are you going to get that kiss?”

I glare at the girls.

An idea pops into my head. Well, a woman does have another set of lips. I get wet at the thought of the milf’s pussy. Would she be shaved or trimmed?

I can’t chicken out now, or the other dare will be worse. I walk into the bedroom, the girls are giggling, and whispering. I slide into the bed beside the milf. She doesnt stir.

I kiss the milf’s neck. stroking her hair from her shoulder. my fingers tip toe down her body, teasing the curves of her breasts, the tips of her nipples. I hear her breathing changing, as I caress her through her jersey. her body tries to shift away from me, but I hold her gently in place.

I love how her curves feel in my hands, the scent of her arousal is wafting to my nostrils. She is making me so wet. I press my lips to the back of her neck, as I ease her jersey up. Her skin is so soft. Once her breasts are in my hands I glance at the door to see if the girls are still watching.

They are. They are poised in the doorway, their expression of awe and awakening arousal. Their eyes are rivetted on the bountiful mounds of the milfs breasts. I cup and knead each one breast. The girls are slowly licking their lips. One gestures for me to hurry up. I shake my head.

Hell no, I am going to enjoy this.

The milf is softly moaning in her sleep. One of my hands trail down her belly to rest between her thighs. She isnt wearing panties. Her pussy is neatly trimmed, the heat of her is begging to be touched.

I trace her slit with a finger. Her pussy juice soaking it as I dip and tease.

She shifts once more, allowing me to cup her pussy.

The girls at the door watching as I finger fuck the milf, her pussy juice is dripping down my fingers, slickening her thighs, soaking her sheets. Her sighs and moans are getting louder. Her head is burying in the pillow, as she supposedly sleeps through it all.

Her body is quivering, beads of sweat is trickling down between the valley of her breasts. Her breasts are heaving with her choppy breath. My body is humming from the thrill of fucking this woman while she sleeps.

I am not gentle as I force my fingers deep inside her, past her quivering pussy muscles. I scissor them in and out. while rubbing her clit.

i wonder if she is awake, she has to be. Especially when the muscles of her pussy start to clench around my finger.

I decide to take the risk of pulling her from her dreams and get my “kiss”

I scoot down the bed, flinging her leg over my shoulder and shoving my face between her thighs.

The first brush of my lips on her pussy made her jolt. She tastes sweet, tangy. My pulse is racing. My tongue dives into get more of her pussy juice. She settles back down, rolling onto her back and spreading herself. Her hands were in my hair. “Ooh, what do you think you are doing?” she purrs. I wait for her to push me away but she is encouraging me to continue. “this is bad. So bad. You should not be doing this!” she sighed. “ohh yes. Just like that! Lick my clit!”

She was awake! Now this was going to be interesting. I get busy. I  lick her slit. Much to her delight. “oh my god, yes! Just like that, Becky!” she grinds her pussy against my mouth. “You are going to make me cum. Dont stop!”

She  scrambles to get naked, tossing her jersey shirt aside, she lays back against her pillow. her knees to her chest. Her pussy wet and glistening, waiting for my tongue. she spread her pussy lips. “Have you ever fucked a woman before?” she asks. “Not one of your girlfriends I mean a woman.”

I frown. Really? Does it look like I want to talk?


“Not even my daughter.”


She looks disappointed, however her moans and sighs told me either wise. “Oh you naughty girl! Suck my clit” she moans giving me directions   “I said suck it! use your fucking mouth!” she admonishes me. She slaps my face. I knock her hand away.

This bitch needed to know who was in control.

“You do that again and I will stop!” I snap. “You will cum because I will make you! Not because you say so. Do you understand!”

Totally stunned, she stares at me and nods.

“Now shut the fuck up and enjoy my fucking tongue!” I pushed her back on the pillow.

There was giggling, and it was then the milf noticed her daughter and friends watching me eat her out.

“Oh my god, stop!” she cried. she tried to push me off.  so mortified, she begs me to stop but my tongue and finger is making her sound redundant. She humps and grinds against me, her face once more in the pillows. The girls bounded into the room, joining us on the bed.

“Dont be shy, mom.” the girl chuckled, urging the milf to look at her.    “We never thought you would like Becky eating your pussy”

The girls took turn admiring her breasts, squeezing and cupping them. “W

The milf is enjoying the attention.. “Well she does a good job better than your dad! Dont tell him I said that! she panted. “Oh my god, you girls are in so much trouble.”

The girls giggled.

-Fuck, I played with myself, squirting all over my fingers. Soaking my sheets.

Something  I would certainly do in my waking life.


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Have you ever considered what would it be like to date you?  I did think about it once. It was kind of scary. I think I would be too much too handle. Just too weird. I just want my lover to be happy. Loved. Truth be told, it took me a long time to realize what a horrible person I was. I was a negative mean person. Jealous and had very low self-esteem. Now I try to be someone can laugh with, confide in. I try to be independent, I try not to be indecisive (my pet peeve) I try to keep my assertiveness low key. I dont care what others think, I dont need their validation.

If a crystal ball could tell you the truth about yourself, your life, the future or anything else, what would you want to know?  I would like to know my purpose. Am I supposed to make others happy, inspire others? That is how I would like my future to be. I would also like to know the truth about myself. Knowing the future I think would be dangerous, because then I would do anything to accomplish that.



We were lying together, snuggled under the blankets.  your heartbeat under my ear, your arms tight around me. I could stay like this forever. The heat of your body, the scent of you makes my senses hum with awareness.

I shift in your arms to find you watching me. You smile lazily, your fingers trailing down my body. “you snore like a bear.”

I chuckle. “I think you are mistaken. That was you”

You laugh and kiss me. “Nope” you whisper. “You snore.”

You kiss me again, you roll ontop of me. Your lazy kisses turn hot hungry. Your mouth makes me dizzy, and I whimper against your lips. Slowly your lips brush against my jaw, down my throat. Leaving little kisses along my collar bone and further down

You hover above my breasts, your breath whispering over my hard nipples. My breasts ache to be touch, I arch into you but you push me back down.

“No my little sex monster,” you breath “You have to be patient”

I shiver. “please. not this time. I don’t want to be teased.” I beg.

You lift your head to study me. Your expression is thoughtful. “I see,” you muse. “Is my little sex monster being a willful spoiled brat this morning?”

I bite my lip. I can’t tell if you are playing or if you are being stern. I don’t care. I lift my chin defiantly. “I told you I don’t want to play your games anymore. I want you.”

something in your eyes changes. Darker. “I didn’t realize we were playing game.” your voice is silky. You are poised above me, your body tense with unfathomable emotion.

I frown. “You say you know me. You know what I like” my eyes never waver from yours, “but I am asking you now, do you what I want? what I desire?”

-writing this before bed. trying to find inspiration. failing miserably.

You deserve more

A relationship should not be based solely on texts. There isn’t intimacy or emotional connection.

truth be told, if a person can’t put in any effort to be with their love then they don’t deserve them. A person deserves more than a late night “I miss you ”

but what do I know? I’m single 😭


Co-worker: I love this place, but I dont like it when customers hit on me. That customer just called me beautiful.

Me: yeah, I don’t have that problem.

It was my lucky day.

I was in First Booth, the rainy weather compelled all the good looking men to come on thru.

blue eyes and well-trimmed beards are my kryptonite! I was trying to maintain a level of professionalism! It was so damn hard.

They would pull up, grouchy and sour-faced! I would smile and greet them. Let me tell you, there was nothing sexy about my voicy. All scratchy from allergies! Still all mucus and phlegm. A real portrait of sexiness let me tell you! (not)

Suddenly their eyes would light up, they would smile. They were very happy to see me. It kind of got to the point where I got paranoid and thought maybe I had something on my face. My fly was open. Or that when I bent over, they could see more of my breasts than my shirt should have allowed.

One of my pet peeves though is when a guy tries to get my attention and when he has it, suddenly becomes aloof. I hate that! If I don’t say hi or acknowledge you, let it go. If I do say hello and acknowledge you, don’t pretend you don’t know me! Fucking mind games!

I had been greeting the driver when I caught glimpse of the passenger. It was Matt C. No big deal. Whatever. He made it seem like a big deal. He was like a dog, all excited bouncing in his seat, leaning over trying to catch my attention. Finally, I looked over at him and smiled. “Hi Matt how are you!”

He sits back in his seat, this blank expression on his face. “Oh, I am fine. and you?” he answered in a non-committal tone.

I stared at him for a minute bewildered by his reaction, took back the interact and didn’t answer. Annoyed beyond belief, I said goodbye. Fuck, I hate mind games.

Not even a few minutes later, a truck pulls up. “Hi is your order,” I turned from the order screen and stopped in mid sentence. There was Elle-Jay’s ex-boyfriend Robert. I had not seen him in two years. “Oh my god, Robert where have you been!” I exclaimed.

He burst out laughing. “I have been trying to be good, and not eat here.” he answered.

I laughed, “Thanks for making me feel guilty”

He laughed harder. “Sorry. How have you been?” he asked.

“Good. ”

“They have you back up in here.” he surmised.

“In my cage.”

“Well you will probably see me around more then” he murmured.

Fingers crossed.

Blue eyes! ack, my kryponite!