I want you to kiss me nice and slow.

to have you tease me but you whisper “lets take it slow tonight”



Whenever someone asks me if I am tired of being alone, or when will I get a boyfriend I shrug it off.

A person should not be judged on if they are single or not. Why should I conform to society?

I don’t need a man to look after me. I have money. I have a home. However, if he wants to cook and clean that’s fine with me. we can have mind-blowing sex and playhouse. but I dont need a man to define who I am.

Why do women believe that?

However I was watching an interesting video


It wasn’t the “pretty” aspect of the video that had me thinking.

It was the “what would I bring to the relationship” aspect.

That hit me hard.

What would I bring?

Honestly? I couldn’t think of one thing that a man would appreciate.

Except maybe my humor, my willingness to always be there, love, and trust.

I was scraping the bottom of the barrel with those attributes!

I decided to take personality assessment test.

Answering the questions were hard.

The results made me scratch my head. That didn’t help at all!

Affection is really important to me. I had desired high involvement and low desired independence.

WTF! I am not high maintenance! I am not needy! Am I clingy? Hmm, I don’t know! But I am independent. I dont need anyone to tell me I am beautiful, lovely to validate myself. However, a simple a love you will do!

Compared to the Average Person:

  • You want to spend high amounts of time together in your close relationships.
  • You need high levels of communication in order to feel close to others.
  • You require low intimacy in your close relationships, which means that you want to share low amounts of personal information.
  • Your desire for people to be there to support you when you need them is low.
  • In order for you to feel close to others, you require low levels of emotional connection, which means it’s of low importance to you that other people like you, feel happy thinking about you, and miss you when you’re not around.
  • When trying to feel close to others, you need very high amounts of affection, which includes others finding ways to show you they love you.


I think maybe I am better off alone!



Wish I was snuggling up to you instead of my pillow.

but it’s just me in this big bed.



the thought of you in bed. Blindfolded.  Vulnerable.  Your cock throbbing in your boxers, waiting for my touch. Makes me wet.

Maybe I should make you wait a little longer. Maybe I should let you feel my breath on your skin. Maybe I should let you feel my lips brush over yours.

I will watch your body react uncontrollably to me

maybe I will whisper all the naughty things I want you to do to me, while I rake my nails over your cock, through your boxers. Or maybe not touch you at all.




I dont understand why people are so surprised that I am so independent.

I pay my rent. I pay my own bills. I pay for my own medication. My clothes. My food.

Who else is going to pay for it?

A sugar daddy?

My parents?

No! Just me.

Just gets annoying when I have to explain I dont answer to anyone and the only paper on deck is mine! Mine alone!


My heart is afraid to reveal:

  • I want romance.
  • i want someone to laugh with
  • to curl up with and have conversations
  • to go on an adventure with
  • share my life with
  • to grow old together

While my heart realizes love is mystifying, my brain does not forget how cruel it can be. Or painful.

Single I must be.

my niece’s declaration

K: no! I don’t want a boyfriend! I don’t want to get married! I don’t want to have children!

Gee I wonder who she sounds like!😘😘😘



I was asked the other day who do I like.

Well I couldn’t say.

That was because I wasn’t in love or attracted to anyone.

Then I was in the middle of prayer and meditation and an idea came to me. Maybe I am supposed to be single. Maybe I am not supposed to be with someone because my heart is with God already. Maybe that is why I feel no emotional connection to anyone. I don’t feel lonely as others do. Except in the sexual way of course. But I’m no longer pining for love.

I will write about love because I will feel moved by a thought but not feel in love.

I had been thinking about that prayer moment a lot lately.

Before I sleep 

Lying in my bed thinking of you. Balls deep, your cock throbbing as you come inside me.

I loved coming to that image.