Hmm I have been thinking of naughty thoughts for most of the morning.

what I want to be doing:

M tying me to my bed, leaving a vibrator in my pussy while he leaves for his morning run. When he comes back I have soaked my sheets with cum.

He leaves me there while he has his shower. Makes his coffee. Drinks his coffee while reading his newspaper. He is clearly ignoring me.

And I am begging him to let me loose. The battery in my vibrator is dying. When he comes back into my bedroom he slowly eases the vibrator out. Gently unties me. He smiles. “I have to go work now. Have a lovely day my little sex monster.” he kisses tenderly “dont forget to change the sheets.”

Oh my god, my clit is demanding attention now!



I want your hands on my body, your mouth on my skin

Thinking of you makes it hard for me to concentrate

every part of me wonders what your touch will feel like

my body aches for it. Craves the heat of yours.

at the thought of you possessing me

making love to me ♥


Image result for when you smell his cologne


Last night had been full of angry dreams.

One was of an old crush. One was of serial killers finding redemption. One of work.

I had been in a deep sleep, laying on my back when I caught the scent of men’s cologne. I smiled sleepily, rolled over onto my side reaching for him, “you smell so good” I murmured.

The confusion began to chase the sleep away. Him?

My brain was trying to get me to wake up. But I was happy. I was snuggling up to my love.

My Love?

There was no one supposed to be here. Beside me.

I bolted up, afraid of what my brain was telling me.

I was alone.

I knew I smelled cologne.

It was quite strong. Enough to trigger my fight or flight responses.

I smelled my sheets. My pillow. My comforter. Myself.


I laid back down.

When I woke up BobCageyon by The Tragedically Hip was on my mind.


My clit is still throbbing

legs still quivering

my heart still racing

my sheets are soaked

orgasms are best before bed

when I think of you!♥

my secret romance

I need to find someone who looks at me the way Director Cha looks at Lee Yoo-mi!😍😍

the way his eyes smoulders, I want to bottle that up and spray it all over me!


Perhaps I wasn’t meant to have a relationship. Perhaps I was meant to be single.

It gets so annoying when I always have to defend myself.

No, I don’t have a boyfriend.

No, I am not married.

No, I don’t have children.

The only person who should inquire about my lack of love life is the person who wants to be with me. No one else. Everybody else can shut the fuck up!

I finished my shift, waited for my ride.

I climb into the truck, and my mother gives me a disgusted look. “You really need a life!”

What the fuck?

“I just got off work! What the hell are you talking about?” I demanded.

“So? go home get ready and go out!”

I could feel my annoyance rise.

She went on, her eyes going over me- head to toe. “how can you go out and catch a man dress like that.”

I was in my uniform. “I just got off work. I am not going anywhere because I am always babysitting!” I shouted.

My mother rolled her eyes. “Today you aren’t.”

Relief flooded me. “Good, Because I am relaxing. I am not feeling well.”

“That’s just an excuse.” she snapped. “Go get yourself a boyfriend”

Why do people believe that a woman needs a man to make her happy or successful? I don’t need a man to make me happy.  I would prefer it, but I don’t need a man!

I would be feeling wonderful, my hair nice but dressed in something like this: (not exactly)

Image result for oversized shirt and leggingsImage result for shirt and leggings outfit

and she would tell me to dress up more like her:

2-Pc. Knit Pants Set

How about no. I am not that old yet!

My confidence has begun to suffer.Like I must not be worthy to be around. It took me years to build it up, to be able to around others. I used to have anxiety, (I believed I was toxic, and wouldnt let anyone touch me) and couldnt make eye contact. I feel like that little girl again.




ugh I should be asleep right now, but M came to mind. I thought of him I reading my blog and getting really upset/jealous (dont know the right word, damn brain farts) and he decides to punish me.

“You have been teasing your readers!” he hisses. “Being a little cock tease!”

When I try to protest, he spanks me. “Making them wonder what it would be like to fuck this tight little pussy! Well, this pussy,” each word is followed by his hand coming down hard on my bum. “is mine! I don’t share what is mine!” he yanks on my hair to look at me. To stare in my tear stained face.  “Are you mine?”


“You probably offend your female readers too!” he sighed as if he was disappointed in me.

“N-no!” I whimper.

“No? what? do they play with their pussies too? Get all wet while reading your naughty cock teasing stories about me and you?” M demanded. He plays with my bottom, stroking it. Sliding his fingers under to caress my slit. I squirm on his lap. His touch is maddening. Barely feathering over my swollen clit.

“I don’t know,” I moan. “Please. Please.”

“Oh no my little sex monster” M crooned, “I warned you what would happen if you persisted on teasing your readers.”

I sensed movement behind me. Suddenly something slid into me, stretching my pussy hole. filling me. I groaned, clenching down. Surprised by the unexpected penetration, I fought against his hands. What the hell was going on here?

“Shh, its just a vibrator!” he assured me.

What? I wiggled about in his lap until I was sitting up facing him. “What are you doing with a vibrator,” I asked bewildered.

He held up his phone and the smile on his lips filled me with unease. “I thought I would take you shopping.”

“What are you..” I couldn’t finish my sentence, and suddenly the vibrator in my pussy began to hum. I let out a little shriek, as tiny frissons of pleasure crashed over me.

“You better be quieter than that.” M helped me to my feet. “Pull up your leggings,” he instructed.

I was dazed and shakily did as I was told.  “Is that a remote!” I hissed pointing to his phone.

“Yes.” M answered. “It has a 10-foot range. Quite convenient if you ask me.”

I was stunned by what was happening. “I don’t understand. Am I walking around with a wireless vibrator? In public!”

“You sound so scandalized!” M’s amusement infuriated me.

“Your behavior sometimes scares me” I admitted.

“Why? Because I am satisfying your desires. Your wants?” M purred stroking my hair from my face.

“No because to me you seem to be the kind of man who preferred vanilla sex” I whispered my skin pinkening.

M’s eyebrow rose in surprise. He burst out laughing. “vanilla sex?” he echoed.

“Do you even know what that is?” I scowled.

“Do you?” M countered. “I prefer a little kink and twists with sex. It makes it exciting. But I also love sex to be intimate, slow” as he spoke he drew me close his breath whispering over my lips. My heart beat faster. “consuming.”

Then without warning, the vibrator came to life, buzzing with a mild intensity. Startled, I clutched at him, “Nice try,” he murmured. “but you won’t get out of your punishment.”

The sensations were incredible, tiny squirts of my pussy juice were already leaking into my panties.

“I can’t do this!” I pleaded. “I will squirt. or someone will see. Please.”

“Chin up, my little sex monster.” he turned off the vibrator and I sagged against him in relief. “I will leave it off until we reach the bookstore. You can buy any book you want. As many as you want.”

I scowled.

Some time later I reached the bookstore, full of anxiety. True to his word M had not turned on the remote. Browsing the shelves, I was hoping I was far enough from him the vibrator wouldn’t sync with his phone. Until I turned and saw he was casually having coffee at the Starbucks lounge nearby.


I waved. He smiled.

“Do you need any help?” a voice asked. I turned to find a sales associate smiling at me.

The vibrator buzzed inside me. I stiffened, my jaw clenching as every cell in my body was bombarded with pleasure. “no,” I managed. “I am fine.”

“Are you sure?”

I smiled. Barely. The sales associate walked away, and I let out the breath I was holding. I felt shaky and light headed. It felt wonderful, I could feel my wetness soaking my panties dripping down my thighs. I wondered if my leggings were being soaked as well. I should have been panicking but at the moment I didn’t care.

I took a few steps and pretended to read the back of a book when the vibrator stopped. I frowned. I walked down another aisle, perusing some non-fiction when the sales associate returned.

“Hi just to inform you we have a 10% discount on non-fiction. 50% discount on new age and.” she broke off when she noticed how flushed I was. “Are you sure you are ok?”

I smiled. “Fine.”

Again the vibrator went off. After about another 10 minutes I was back on the edge of climax. Lingering. The vibe just did not have enough power to take me over the edge. The teasing was almost unbearable.

Pouting, I marched over to where M sat. “You need to take me home and fuck me!” I demanded.

M spat out his coffee. “What?”

“I haven’t cum! I am on the edge!” I cried.

He started laughing. “Sorry, my little sex monster. I am not fucking you tonight!”

My eyes widened. “What?!”

He slowly got out of his chair Took my hand and led me out of the bookstore. He gave me a little kiss. “This was your punishment.” he chided. “You can’t cum until I tell you to”

I was outraged. “But the bookstore. The vibrator.” I stammered. “What about that!”

He kissed me again. “Until you learn not to tease your readers,” he repeated. “How about a snuggle instead?”

“a snuggle?” I echoed. “A snuggle?!!”

“a snuggle!”

“Snuggle fuck?” I tried.

“no. Snuggle”

“goddamn it!” I pouted.