Where’s all your money?

The 12 year old that is trapped in my body screams: “I spent it! Ok? I spent it all!”

Perhaps it’s just me but I often feel guilty for spending my money. It’s true saving money for me is hard.

I am sensible about my money of course. My cats, rent and bills are priority. Then me.

We only live once. Why can’t I indulge in what I like? Food. Creature comforts. Simple pleasures? Without feeling guilty?

For me I try not to be materialistic, be envious of others and be greedy.

Sometimes it’s ok. Other times…

I see it. I want it. I must have it.

I love buying items that are comfy and alleviate any pain symptoms. I scroll TikTok for such products. sometimes I will buy the cutest little things.

Of late/

  • Bluetooth remote control for my social media. I use it to scroll TikTok or read on my kindle.I am lazy as fuck! No my chemo arm swells up if I bend it too long. It hurts.
  • Blue tooth sleeping mask. This is so nice. 2 hrs charge time and 8 hrs listening.
  • Cervical pillow: I love it! It supports my neck regardless if I’m side or back sleeping.
  • Toe separators: these work like a dream! My body has already been realigning. My neck no longer cracks, my feet feel like they are in heaven. After awhile the separators becomes a nuisance but what a difference!

Indulging in creature comforts isn’t a waste of money it’s an investment. It’s an Investment of happiness 🥰🥰


Being called lazy or nonchalant.

I work, and sure it may not exceeds expectations but I am there. I call out when I am physically unable.

So when I come home?

I’m physically mentally exhausted. I don’t want to socialize because I spent 7 hours doing so.


I have been trained to multitask, so focusing on a single task is hard for me.

I can’t just sit and watch tv, read or write. My brain scatters and I have guilt eating at me. I have time to lean? I have time to clean.

Is it being lazy or is it self care?


I woke up this morning and decided today I would enjoy a self care day!

I opened all the windows and curtains. I love sunshine!  Especially when the sunlight hits my walls. It makes my apartment appear so bright and cheery. Jordan painted the walls a nice beige color that has alot of yellow undertones. 

Indulging in a bubble bath with Himalayan Salts I read a book – Concrete Evidence by Rachel Grant. Added several more books and graphic novels to my TO READ list on my Kindle. Sadly I will admit, while I like my Kindle nothing will ever replace my precious library of books. 

Made my breakfast. Cheesy scrambled eggs with hot sauce. Side of cucumbers. Not enough of hot sauce 🙁 I think I should wait til the eggs are almost done cooking then put in my hot sauce, instead of putting whisking it in with the eggs. My niece likes to tell me I should never try to be a cook. That I should leave cooking up to her and my sister. “at least you tried” -she tells me. 

 I love Dateline Weekend Mystery.  Is it just me or could Andrea Canning pass for an Olsen sibling especially Elizabeth (Wanda/Avengers). I love watching Dateline with Andrea or keith Morrison. (he is Canadian by the way. who knew) I decided to pass on the Mystery marathon I had watched the episodes several times already.

I decided I was going to lie in bed and maybe a watch a movie or scroll through my social media. I sprayed some liquid smudge in my room and the rest of my apartment. Happy Hippie! Smelled so divine! Propped up all of my pillows and climbed in. 

I should have at least tried to do something productive but nah…