going out with wet panties.. horny as fuck!




I’m so horny and wet as fuck because all day I was thinking of the dream I had just before I woke this morning.

This woman lying atop of her bed. All white duvet comforters. Her hair was dirty blonde fanned beneath her head. Wearing a man’s shirt, torn open, some buttons missing in my haste to get her undressed.

We had met in a bar. (which is unusual cuz I havent been to a bar in years. the bars here suck! Major big balls!)

We struck up a conversation over some drinks. Our heads together as if we were telling secrets.  She kept remarking how horny she was, how she wouldnt mind riding a thick cock. Her pussy was aching.

Her words were making wet, and horny. Every time she would mention how hot and aroused she was, she would flash me her pussy.  her panties clinging to her pussy.

“you must think I am some horrible slut” she purred.

I touched her thigh to “reassure” her and smiled “no” I slid my hand along her inner thigh. She didnt seem to mind that I was copping a feel. In fact she eased her thighs opened.

I stroked a finger along the fabric covering her slit and clit. Her pussy was soaked, hot against my touch. She clenched her thighs together. I tapped her slit. She gasped. “Oh!”

“Keep those thighs open!” I snapped.

Her thighs fell open. I teased her slit, stroking a finger back and forth.

I  finger fucked to start her  off. Her soft moans driving me wild. She buried her face in my throat, to stifle her moans, her  pussy juice soaking her panties .  As she got louder, I got more enthusiastic. Until she came twice for me.

She pleaded for me to go back to her place to finish, in between kisses. I smiled. I told her to take off her panties first. She was astonished by my request but obeyed. She started to wiggle them off, but I told her to stand. Her cum dripped down her thighs as she stood. She peeled them off and handed them to me. I put them in her shot glass.

I smiled and told her she had an audience. She looked around to find a couple of men had been watching her cum as I finger fucked. They looked interested, but I wanted her for myself.

On the way to her place, I kept my hands to myself, allowing her to recover in the cab. I finger fucked her between the elevator and her apartment. She made me stop when a couple of teenagers walk by.

We barely made inside her apartment before I was kissing her, enjoying the taste and feel of her.

God she had the most beautiful skin, smooth creamy golden. Her breasts full and high on her chest. Her nipples pale pink, harden from my lips and tongue.

Her thighs were open and spread, her fingers in my hair holding it up away as I teased her, kissing my way to her pussy. I savored her, the taste of her. the flat of my tongue dragging its way up the length of her slit. Barely parting her lips just caressing her.

“fuck Becky! Eat me!” she cried “dont tease me like this!”

I chuckled into her pussy. No I was one in control. I let her believe I was going to eat her out hard and fast, and I was going to, but now I wanted to enjoy her body. Her reaction.

I wanted her to lose control.  I wanted to take care of her wet hot pussy. She was becoming impatient, as I teased her slit. raining little kisses on her. She kept trying to direct me to her clit.

I tapped her thighs to get her to calm down.

With my thumbs, I parted her pussy lips exposing that swollen nub of her clit. my breath whispered over her clit. She sighed as my tongue lashed at her. Over and over again my tongue circled her clit, before my mouth clamped down on it and began to suck.

I could feel the waves of pleasure going through her body, her thighs trembling, her belly quivering, her fingers clenching my hair as I sucked harder on her clit.

“Just like that, Becky! You are going to make me cum!” she cried. She was moaning louder now. Begging me to make her cum.

Her moans were making me really hot. I was dripping wet.

She began to scream, her body arching as her orgasm ripped through her.  she tried to gasp for air, I slide two fingers deep inside her. Her body jerked, and her cum creamed all over my fingers and mouth. She was screaming my name, grinding her pussy into my face, as I made her squirt all over me.

I saw movement, I raise my head slightly. In the doorway, is a younger woman probably in her late teens early twenties. She was watching us. Watching me making this woman come repeatedly on the bed. The younger woman was wearing a cami and panties and I watched as she finger fucked herself.

” Becky! Yes! oh fuck!” the woman cried. “dont stop.” I lowered my head, puzzled by who the younger woman was, and started again on the woman’s pussy. I slid my tongue lower to her pussy hole, and fucked it  as my fingers slid  out to rub her clit.

She went off. Her body jerking into another orgasm.

as she came down from her orgasmic high, the woman sank back onto the bed. Her fingers uncurled from my hair. Her breath choppy and harsh.

“so are you staying the night?” she asked me.

“Sure but who is that?” I pointed to the doorway.

The younger woman met our eyes, her hand in her panties.

“Oh her?” the woman shrugged. “she is my step daughter.”

-I woke up all hot and bothered after that! i wish i could be so bold. Not so socially awkward or shy!




Your mobile went off. Maybe it was work. Maybe it wasnt.  I was  annoyed. I dont know why.

Your wife was in the kitchen making us dinner.

As I watched you answer another message on your mobile, an evil thought formed in my mind. You were clearly distracted. Of what or of whom, I didnt know. However, I wanted your mind, your focus on me!

I scooted across the seat, inching closer. My hand brushed against your cock.

You lowered the phone. “What are you doing?” you hissed.

“I am bored. All you are doing is playing on your phone!” I pouted.

your gaze shifted down. You were silent, as I unzipped your jeans.

Fuck! I loved the size of your cock. It was hard. Long and thick. Throbbing.

“I am working” You muttered, as I stroked your cock.

“You are being rude!” I sighed.

“Is everything all right in there!” your wife’s voice made you tense. I giggled. “dinner will be done in half hour!”

You glared at me. “I am just working on some invoices,” you call out.

“You should be entertaining Becky!” you were quickly admonished.

“Yeah you should be entertaining me!” I giggled.

You growled warningly.

You lifted me up onto your lap, kissing me. The heat of your kiss, made me squirm against you. Grinding my pussy against your cock. I could feel the throbbing heat of your cock through my leggings, it made me so wet.

“I am not wearing panties.” I panted. “I am so wet, can you feel it?”

You groaned into my neck. your fingers slid between us, into my leggings.

I whimpered as you teased me.

You’re gonna make me cum.” I told you with a smile.

Caressing my soft skin, unbelievably tight pussy with one free hand,  you clamped the other  hand over my mouth, to silence my breathless whimpers of pleasure.  Sounds of my wet pussy echoed in the living room as you finger fucked me.

You knew your fingers were not going to be enough, not when I wanted your cock. .

you added a second finger, watching me stretch. ‘You are so tight, your juice is squirting all over my fingers,” you whispered. “I cant wait to fuck you so deep, to have you squirt all over my cock and balls. To have you dripping all over. Do you want that?”

Your words made my pussy clench. I nodded feverishly. You released my mouth.

“yes! Please make me cum!” I pleaded through my bliss.  Your fingers sawed in and and out of my pussy. Slowly your fingers withdrew leaving me empty.

Your hands tore my leggings off me.

Arranging my body so I was kneeling astride you, you lowered my wet pussy down onto your hard cock.

We both groaned as the clenching muscles of my pussy stretched to accommodate your cock.

Fuck! I loved the feeling of being filled.

My hips churned slowly, sliding up the length of your cock, hovering for a moment before sliding down with long sensual stroke. Your hands gripped my hips.

The slow, thrusting speed picked up. My tight, wet  pussy milking every inch of your cock as if I was stroking it with my hand.

you reached between us to stroke my clit.

I could barely handle it. My orgasm ripped through me. I opened my mouth to scream. You quickly bury my head in your shoulder, muffling it. My body was quivering, my pussy juice soaking your cock, dripping down your balls to puddle on the floor.

We suddenly heard a crash in a kitchen.

We froze.

You were deep inside my  pussy, throbbing.My body still trembling from the force of my orgasm. I was boneless from  raw, uninhibited pleasure.

“Oh fuck I just dropped a pan!” your wife shouted. “Supper will be on the table in 10 minutes.”

You glanced at me. A smirk curving your lips. With a powerful surge of your hips you thrust hard. Cum jetted deep inside me. I collapsed against you in blissful contentment.

After a moment You nudge me. “You have to clean this mess up.” you chuckle. You gesture to the puddle of cum on the floor. My leggings. My make-up smeared face.

I glared at you. “Are you kidding me right now?” I was flabbergasted.

“Yep I have to get this invoices done!” you laugh.

Pouting I reached for the leggings, wiped up the floor with the fabric. “Good thing its hardwood huh?” you tease.

I jumped up and marched off into the guest bedroom for a change of clothing. “You are an asshole!” I toss over my shoulder.

“That is what happens when you distract me, you sex monster!” you laugh.




I have been in some awkward positions like this. In all honesty, my game is so weak.  I get annoyed when others feel threatened by me.

Someone asked me today. What kind of guy do I like. Older. Younger?

I shrugged.

I have been single so long, my vagina wouldnt know what to do with a dick if I started to bounce on it!



weird things women do before sex



Oh the burdens we bear when we want to fuck.

Do we smell good? Our legs shaved? Does our underwear match? Is the room clean?

so much paranoia for one night of pleasure!



Your hands are already up my shirt.

“you feel so delicious.” you purred in my ear. “so soft.” you cup my breasts stroking my nipples. I sigh the sensitive tips hardening.

You roll them between your fingers and thumbs. Your strength, confident mastery over my body fills me with need.

“Someone will see us,” I protest, my eyes going to the open door.

You chuckle, nipping my ear. “I dont care.”

Your hand slides down between my legs. your fingers lightly strokes my slit. I squirm. I want you to take off my leggings, but you continue to tease me. I am getting so wet. My body trembles from the sensations you are creating.

“Please,” I whisper. “Please. Take my leggings off.”

Your hands push my leggings down, then slide back up to cup me.

“Oh baby” you groan. “You are so wet. So wet for me.” you stroke a finger along my slit. Back and forth. Avoiding my clit.  “So hot. Fuck, I love how you get so hot for me.”

My breathing is choppy. My heart is racing. I am holding onto you. Your finger circles my opening, teasing me. “Oh yes.” I whimper.

You chuckle. “I love how you are so tight for me. Only for me.”

Your finger slides deep inside me. I moan.

“Dont cum. If you cum. I will stop.” You chide, as my pussy juice drips all over your fingers.

Your teeth graze my ear. I shiver. You know how that makes me lose control. You watch as I struggle to obey your command. my hips are gyrating on your hand. Your fingers are pumping harder faster. “oh my god,” I choke “I am going to cum.”

You withdraw your hand before I cum, my pussy juice spilling on my thighs. You smile at my need filled face. Taking my hand, you lead me to the bed.

Laying me on the bed, you stroke my hair from my face. You kiss me. I love the way you taste, the way your body covers mine. I open my legs so you can settle between my thighs.

Its so natural. To have you here.

Eyes locked on mine, you tease me with your cock. Circling my clit with the head of your cock, before finally thrusting deep into my pussy.

I arch, moaning your name.

You slid deep, filling me with your thick cock. Your eyes never left my face. You throb with the silky wet tight grip of my pussy.

I needed this. I needed your cock inside me. I needed you to be here with me. Loving me, being yours.

You move slowly, the muscles in your back and shoulders rippling. You made sure I could feel every inch of your hard cock driving deep. when you withdrew I felt empty, my pussy  grasps hungrily for your cock. You smiled, laughing softly as I cum. My body quivering under your body, as my juice squirts all over your thick cock.

your sweat-slick skin was hot over mine, as you rock your hips against mine.

You ran your powerful hand through my hair, twisting your fingers in the strands.

“I am going to cum now,” you whisper in my mouth. “and I want to cum in your pussy”

Your words make me cum again. “Yes! cum in me.”

You chuckle. “as you wish.”

Your rhythm changes. Harder faster. You really are pounding into me. Moaning dirty words in my ears. The first shot of sperm, makes me moan. You pound every drop into me until your cock softens. You sink onto me.

You nuzzle my throat. “hmm that was fun.”

I giggled, wrapping my arms around you. “Can we do that again?”

You laugh. “i am not a young buck. In a hour or two.”






I tiptoe into your bedroom. It was fairly dark. The moonlight streaming through the window allowed me to see your bed where you slept with your wife. I could hear my heart pounding so hard. The blood roaring in my ears. Oh god, how was I going to pull this off?

I quietly closed the door behind me, and felt my way towards you.

Your wife laid on her side, away me, you laid on your back. The bed covers resting comfortably at your waist.

I made one last panicked filled look back at the door. I should go. I should go now. Yet the idea of sucking your cock until you came while your wife laid sleeping turned me on so much I couldn’t help myself.

I was such a sex monster.

I knelt at the side of the bed. I swallowed nervously, as I checked to see if you were still sleeping.

Your face appeared to be so peaceful. Free of worry and stress.

I smiled. You were so handsome. I loved how your hair had gotten gray at your temples you were no longer the young man I fell in love, you grew older successful. I  Loved how your eyes would crinkle when you smiled. I eased the blanket gently with bated breath watching for any sign of movement.

You didnt stir.

You wore boxers. Cotton.  I bit my lip appreciatively. Stroking your thigh. Still no movement.

I slid my hand higher. Covering your cock.  I began to stroke you through your boxers, smiling when your cock began to stir. Thicker larger longer.


I glanced at your face. Your eyes were still closed. Your lips slightly parted. Your breathing caught in your chest when I squeezed your cock.

Were you sleeping or were you playing me?

Your boxers had a one button fly, i flicked it open, and snaked my hand inside. Your cock felt hot, throbbing under my fingers.

I pulled your cock free.

In the very little light, I could see how big you were. I stroked your cock some more. The precum oozing out. I took a swipe at it.

You tasted so good. I lazily lapped at the fat dome of your cock, while fisting your cock. My other hand rolling your balls, massaging them. Letting my saliva drip down to coat your cock. While my tongue snake around the length of your cock to catch the trickle of saliva.

“Oh fuck” your groan caught me off guard.

My tongue swirling around your balls, I froze. I glanced up at you.

Your eyes were closed, your fingers tight in the bedsheets. I grinned.

Did you think you were dreaming?

“Who you dreaming of, you naughty man?” I whispered.

I dragged my tongue back up the length of your cock, and took you deep into my mouth. The suction of my mouth, the pull of my lips drew another groan from you.

Without warning, your hands were in my hair hauling me off you. “What the fuck are you doing?” you angrily whispered.

I pouted. “What does it look like I was doing?”

“With my wife! Right there! Oh my god!” you ran your fingers through your hair, and you threw another panicked glare at her then at me. “What if she woke up!”

I placed a finger on your lips. “Shh.” I whispered. “She wont if you will be quiet.”

you were completely flabbergasted. “Are you serious! You cant be sucking my cock with her in the bed next to me.”

“Be quiet!” I snapped. My fingers circled your cock. I stroked you slowly.

You groan. “Fuck!”

I kissed you, pushing you back on the bed. “And if you are good, maybe you can watch me eat her out!”

you suddenly grip my chin, forcing me to meet your gaze. Your eyes were ablaze with a strange emotion. “no. my wife is off limits. You are mine.” you growled.

I sighed. “Who knew you were such a party pooper.”

You stroked your fingers through my hair guiding my head down.

I took my time, your groans making me hot and wet.

The other side of the bed shifted.

We both froze.

The blanket tugged, and we watched as your wife snuggled deeper into sleep.

Your eyes met mine.

I smiled around your cock.

You bit back a groan while I nipped the sensitive spot just above the throbbing vein that pulsed in your thick long cock.

“I am going to cum” you warned.

When I was going to pull away. you reminded me again.

“so do it!” I grumbled crossly. “you know how I hate to waste cum on fucking facials and body shots!”

You tried not to laugh, the sound choked off into a groan.

The first few drops of your cum shot onto my tongue. The jets of cum becoming more forceful as they shot into the back of my throat. I smiled when I stroked the last of your cum from your cock.

You sank back onto the pillows, your cock softening against your belly.

“Good night, Lover” I murmured.

“Rebecca,” you warned. “you play a very dangerous game.”

I giggled. “but you enjoy it.”

“yes. Good night. I love you”

“I love you too” I blew you a kiss.

I tip toed out of your room, closing the door behind me.

-One of my favorite sex fantasies. I love cumming to this one.