Tanning Becky

An interesting sexy story by Trip!



Don’t ask me how, but my wife allowed me to invite Miss Becky to our house for a week. She’d found my blog and despite the anger and disappointment, she wanted to meet the woman I’d been conversing with. She told her, “I want to look you in the eyes so I can understand what it is about you that turns him on so much.”

Two days later, Miss Becky was at the airport, asking to be picked up. Since I’m the only one that drives in the city, I was elected to pick her up, with my wife riding shotgun. We arrived about half an hour after Miss Becky’s plane landed and she already had her single suitcase since she hadn’t planned on wearing much clothing.

My wife saw her first and I heard her say under her breath, “She’s pretty.” I looked in the direction my wife…

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I Just Had to See | tripx713

I rapped on her door with urgency. She opened it after a minute barrage, “Yes…?”

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Oh that Trip! So mischievous! What a great sexy story! How does he keep doing it?!

Swapping Partners | tripx713

All this fun because Becky asked us if we wanted to Swap Partners.

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Trip wrote another sexy story! How does he do it! My goodness! Very sexy very hot! I enjoyed reading this one very much!


I had forgotten to write down a sexy dream I had this morning. It was at 3am. I was too sleepy.

I was reminded of it at lunch when a picture of strawberries gracing a woman’s pussy popped up. On all things? A food search!

The picture was black and white, showing a few berries framing a woman’s clean shaven pussy. One strawberry perched between her pussy lips, lifting her clit.

(I would post it, but its someone’s photography. I dont want to reblog it in case of copyright.)

The photo reminded me of my dream because of the way her clit was presented.

I was a chaperone at a prom. ( I never had a prom. Sadness) and the dresses were amazing. So beautiful.

One young lady had been eying me for quite a while. I dont know why. She was in a beautiful yellow dress. Her skin golden, her hair brown with highlights in an elaborate braid. She was with her date. She won Homecoming Queen. That is when she finally got enough courage to approach me.

“I read your blog,” she announced.

Well my face reddened. I dont know why I always get so embarrassed when people mention they read it. I just do!


There was an awkward silence. I take a drink of my punch. “And what about it.”

“and” she fixed me with a confident stare, her shoulders square. “As Homecoming Queen I declare that you get on your knees and eat my pussy until I come!”

My drink sprayed everywhere. I was so surprised. Surprised, turned on and wary. “Excuse me! That is not very funny. Have you been drinking?”

Her eyes narrowed. “Do you see me laughing?” she asked. “anytime anywhere. My pussy is to be serviced by your mouth tongue your fingers.”

My shocked expression must have been humorous. “Dont you want this pussy,” she purred. she lifted the hem and revealed her white stockings, white garters. She wore no panties.  Framing her neatly trimmed pussy. “All I kept thinking about was how you are going to get me to cum.”

“What did you do about it?”

“I played with myself,” she murmured. “I finger fucked myself.” she cocked her head to the side, and her seductive pose made me wetter. “Dont you want to touch me? To see how wet I am?”

I bit my lip. I glanced around to see if anyone was watching us. No one was. They were so involved with dancing, celebrating their senior year. Slowly, I glided my hand up between her thighs. Her skin was so soft. So warm.

“Ooh yes, just like that.” she purred when I eased her pussy lips open. she was indeed wet. My finger circled the tiny opening of her pussy. She whimpered.
“Are you a virgin?” I asked.

She shook her head.

I eased a middle finger inside her. Wiggling it deep. She grunted. Biting her lip she watched as I withdrew my finger then slid another finger in. Two fingers deep, the heel of my palm was resting on her clit. Her breath was choppy. her eyes heavylidded.

“Hmm, interesting.” I murmured. “What about your boyfriend?”

“Him? He is not really my boyfriend.” she dismissed her date, “He is a boy. He can barely make me cum with his dick let alone his tongue.”

I laughed at her derisive tone. Teenagers. They think they know everything. “Well, thats the best thing about relationships. You learn about each other. What makes you happy, brings you pleasure.”

She crossed her arms over her chest. “No, forget about him.” she snapped. “He is of no concern of yours.”

Of course.

She was soaking my fingers with her juice, as I slid them back and forth inside her, pumping them slow and even rhythm.  “You are so wet,” I breathed. Her muscles clenching. “Yes squeeze my fingers just like that!”

“Ohhh” she whimpered.

“I am to service you. Anytime. Anywhere.” the idea excited me. “You couldn’t say no. If I

wanted you. You have to spread your legs. Anytime.”

“Yes! Yes! I want you to fuck me anywhere!” she pleaded.

I clucked my tongue. “Think of what that means. You could be at home. In the middle of dinner, I will ring the doorbell. You will be expected to get on that table and spread yourself. You are to offer yourself like you’re my meal.”

There was a slight frisson of fear in her eyes. Her body tensed. Her juice flowing from her pussy, over my fingers.  Perhaps I was taking it too far. The idea was exciting, having her in front of her family.

“I don’t know…” she licked her lips.

“You wanted this.” I reminded her.

“I read your blog,” she bit her lip and stared up at me pensively “I knew this is what I wanted. You want someone to be at your beck and call.  I want to be your slut. I want to show you that I can be your slut, to show others that I am your slut.

I didn’t exactly like how she called herself my slut but it was so enticing…

“Let me be your slut. Take me right here.”It was as if her words were emboldening her. She whimpered, throwing her arms around me and burying her face in my neck.  I hooked my fingers deep inside her, thumbing her clit. I wasnt gentle as I finger fucked her. She worked her hips back and forth. She screeched, her body shaking and convulsing with her first orgasm of the night. her hair whipped from side to side as she rode it out. She took my hand and led me to an empty table. She hiked her dress up over her waist and climbed up on the table. When she was settled, with her knees bent and spread. Resting back on her elbows, her face was flushed with the heat of desire, her breasts heaving, her eyes on me.

“Get over here and clean my pussy up!” she ordered. I obeyed. I thumbed her pussy lips apart, and slowly traced the length of her pussy. Savoring the taste of her. The tip of my tongue flicking her clit.

That is when I woke up!!!!


Comforting Becky | tripx713

“It’s going to be ok baby; it was just a bad dream.”

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A sexy-sweet way to be comforted after a nightmare! A story written by Trip!


Hmm can’t sleep. Maybe it’s because of every time I close my eyes I see you and I fucking. And the delicious sensations that course through my body makes it impossible to keep my hands off my pussy!

I imagine you corner me in the kitchen. Kissing me, telling me you miss me, miss us this. Your hands on my body, your mouth following In their wake. You make me forget myself I love how you focus your hunger on me. My response to your touch, my desire my pleasure is all that matters to you! You don’t care that anyone could walk in on us, or  hear me moaning because it’s turning you on. I’m so wet, by the time you spread me out on the kitchen nook. You fuck me hard and fast, whispering hot little dirty words in my ear that make me lose control. You cum. Spurting deep inside me. Making me cum again.

After we are done You take my panties and tell me I’m not allowed to clean up. I have to go out to the party and be a hostess with your cum dripping down my thighs.

im mortified yet hot as hell at thought of your guests seeing me like this. So I obey. I walk out of the kitchen and there is no doubt in everyone’s mind what was happening in the kitchen.

Hmm I came so hard to that fantasy.


Being in charge most of the time in her everyday life, in bed, she prefers to let her partner lead her anywhere they want. She is a little shy and doesn’t always know how to proceed so she needs to be shown new things to make her more interested. Her sexuality needs to be encouraged and built up first of all. Satisfies you

“OMG now I have to wash the sheets.”

  • hmm so me


I could feel his body sliding atop of mine. The rough texture of his jeans against my bare skin felt delicious as he sank between my thighs. I could feel the  hard length of his cock through his jeans, hot throbbing. I sucked in a deep breath, my heart raced with anticipation, my body seared with the heat and of weight of his pressing me down.

I smoothed my hands over his chest, spreading his shirt open. His skin was hot. My finger nails razing through the curls of chest hair that tapered down his abdomen. His muscles flexed in response.  He hissed.

his hand caught mine, yanking them up over my head. The other gripped my chin forcing me to meet his gaze. The icy blue were mesmerizing, piercing as if he could see the depths of my soul.

“You brought me to your bed,” He chided, “I didn’t come here to sleep. Or to cuddle you.”

A shiver went through me. “Yes” I whispered.

The fingers on my chin eased, slowly sliding up to tangle in my hair. I inhaled sharply. His mouth brushed mine, whispering over my lips, teasing me. I whimpered. More. His breath scored over my ear.

“Oh baby” he whispered “those little girl daydreams about love end now. I’m not your Prince Charming, I’m the Big Bad Wolf. Once you are in my bed, you are mine.” He nipped my ear. “Those little fantasies you write about? Forget about sharing them. I don’t share what’s mine.”

Cabin Fever — tripx713

Now it was my turn, my desires to be fulfilled and I wasted no further time with her needs.

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Trip wrote a sexy story that could melt snow it was so hot! Cabin fever? His idea for curing cabin fever would be certainly enjoyable !



Day dreaming…

of all the things you could do to me. My heart pounds, my blood races through my veins, heating my skin. My nipples harden as my pussy gets wet.

Thinking of your hands on me, your fingers caressing sends shivers through me

I am getting so creamy. I want you inside me, taking everything you want. Giving me everything I need.

ah most of all, I want to you hold me afterwards♥