I’ve seen the way you’re staring at me when you think I’m not watching you. Tell me, what nasty fantasies do you hide in that pretty little head of yours?” Park Joong-Gil purred. His mouth hovered over my ear, his body crowding me against the wall.

I should have been afraid. The darkness emanating off him should have chilled me to the bones. Was he trying to intimidate me?

I fixed my expression into one of boredom. “I don’t think you would like to play with me, Joongi” I drawled. “I don’t think you can handle me” I pushed at his chest. It was impossible to move him. I pushed harder then slid under his reach to step past him.

“My name is Park Joong -Gil” he corrected. He seized my arm, hauling me around until I was pressed against him. “And I assure you whatever games you like to play, you will find I don’t tolerate cock teasing, unlike those boys you like to toy with”

My eyebrow rose. Well, this was unexpected. Was he angry or was he jealous? He was cold efficient. How much would it take for him to burn into ash? The thought did delicious things to my insides.

“Boy toys?” I pondered, “is that what they are called? This conversation is boring me” it was a lie. There was nothing boring about Park Joong Gil. He was lethal, he killed without remorse. his body lean and muscled from countless battles. Indeed the Grim Reaper was beautifully sinful in death, but would he be sinfully orgasmic in bed?

I wanted to ignore the way my body was reacting to him. How the heat of his body seemed at odds with the chilling aura resonating off him. Warming my skin, creating chaos between my thighs. I was becoming wet by being near him. This wouldn’t do. Not at all!

“Your mouth says you’re bored but your body says otherwise” Park Joong Gil crooned.

Without warning, Park Joong Gil slid a hand in my hair, wrapping his fingers in the strands. I let out a startled cry. Holding me still, he lowered his head til his mouth hovered over mine. “You are used to calling the shots,” his lips brushed once against mine. “Taking what you want, with no regard to your partner or any emotional attachments.”

As he spoke, Park Joong Gil’s mouth traveled along my jaw. Nuzzling my throat. My pulse quickened. “I’m going to enjoy teaching you to submit to me.”

The idea of Park Joong- Gil touching me, dominating no scratch that! taking possession of me was an exhilarating thought!

My nipples ached to be touched, my clit begged for attention as his fingers followed where his lips tasted.

The hand in my hair anchoring me in place.

I struggled to keep my thoughts from scattering, to keep myself in control as he played havoc on my senses. His mouth found my nipple through my shirt.

I let out a gasp as he nipped it. The pleasure/pain was intoxicating.

My free hand crept into his hair. I felt him smile in male satisfaction against my breast. I yanked hard, hauling his face up to mine. The confusion, anger in his eyes coincided with lust. “It’s cute you think you can take me on” I whispered.

A feral grin flashed across Park Joong Gil’s face.

Energy cascaded around us like a waterfall. Darkness swallowing us both until I found myself no longer in Park Joong Gil’s arms but in a bed.

A huge bed.

An amber glow casted eerie shadows over the walls allowing me little sight beyond the bed.

Where was he? Did he just teleport me to his bed?

Satin and silk slithering up my arms and legs startled me. I jerked to free myself but it was impossible.

I was tied to either side of the bed.

Soft laughter came from the darkness. “I thought you might like the unpredictability” Park Joong Gil emerged from the shadows, shedding the last of his clothes.

My eyes widened, then raked over his body in appreciation. “Oh I assumed this is where I was going to be. How I was,” I glanced up at my restraints, “ending up? It’s sadly disappointing” I sighed in boredom, “really? Joongi! This is amateur hour”

Anger flashed in Park Joong -Gil’s eyes. “Amateur?” he echoed in disbelief. “how many times have you been tied up?”

I smirked, “Don’t ask if you dont want the number,”

“But they weren’t me.” he smiled impishly. “and you haven’t tasted what I can give you!”

~The Dark Side of me has awakened!


I want the world.

Begging on their knees.

Obeying my every whim.

I want the world.

Satiating my every need and desire


What!! This explains everything! I have no uterus! That explains why a man could never get me to orgasm!

Holy fudge! I never heard such ignorance in my life!

Boy, this guy needs a sex education stat! Clearly the boy doesn’t know about the clit and other erogenous zones🤦‍♀️


Aw Joey! 🥰🥰🥰 But you threw me in the elephant cage!


Well that was hot!🥵

I’m glad i was in the bath!


A handjob with sanitizer?

Oh my word! The sadistic part of me really loves the idea of pain/ pleasure that will bring.

I am suddenly imagining that.

It’s bringing me immense joy.

It will keep me occupied while at work!


I dreamt I was an artist.

I created pieces with crystals and they were very much on demand but by commission only.

M wanted a view pieces but his request left me so shocked.

“I can’t do that. These are public pieces!” I was so scandalized.

A slow grin curved M’s lips. His fingers stroked through my hair, before framing my face with his hands. “Every time I will look at that piece i will remember how you felt when I fucked you. When your cum dripped over my cock, and you begged for more” he breathed.

I couldn’t breathe. Could I risk my art career on his request?

I made a moulding then used amethyst, rose quartz and fire opal to create M’s art piece.

At his birthday party, I revealed other pieces and then he opened my gift.

The crowd gasped. Some were horrified, amused, others covered their mouths in shock.

All eyes were on me as M took his time admiring my creation.

There was no doubt what the piece was. A sculpture of my pussy.

There was no doubt to others what I was to him. His lover. His play thing. His heart.

M leaned over to kiss me. My skin was so hot from the awkward moment.

“I love it” he assured me.

I sighed in relief. “Good”

He burst out laughing. “What a wonderful gift.” He exclaimed. His guests tried to be enthusiastic but they were too stunned.

“We will do a real celebration later” he promised.

Feels like something is poking me in my butt

“She has a whole lot of things men and women could appreciate! She’s a sophisticated lady!”

“Holding you like this has my body tingling from top to bottom!”

It’s a good thing I had earbuds in😜😈

69 isn’t all that

This is real talk, bro!

Expectation vs reality!

It took me a minute to realize she actually did mean 69 😂🤦‍♀️


Curled up in bed with Daisy to watch Loki and eating Spinach Paneer.

One can never have enough paneer. On the downside, it wasn’t spicy enough.

I wasn’t satisfied!

The merest whisper of lips brushing over my thigh invaded my reverie. I tried to ignore shivers of pleasure that ignited within me.

I took another bite of paneer, nearly choking when the velvet rasp of a tongue licked the folds of my pussy, followed by the sharp nip of teeth.

Unexpected surge of pain and then pleasure crashed over me. I couldn’t focus on the show nor the bowl of food before me.

“You are so wet, Mochi” the gravelly voice rumbled from between my thighs, “You are dripping all over my tongue”

Mason’s erotic words, his lips and tongue made it impossible for me to speak. “you don’t like what am I doing?” He purred over my clit.

“No..I mean.Yes” I whimpered. His tongue was toying with my clit. Slowly lapping. “I just didn’t like the spinach paneer.”

Mason’s tongue still. His head lifted and he fixed me with a stare of incredulous disbelief. “I am eating you out, and you are not enjoying it because you didn’t like the paneer?!”

I wanted to sink deeper into the bed, to avoid Mason’s eyes. It was mortifying. “It’s not that,” I stammered, “I think my taste has changed. I l thought it would be spicier..but it wasn’t even..”

Mason chuckled. “Spicy?”

I pouted. “It was too bland”

“Bland” Mason echoed.

My heart tripped. Oh no.

“We must have a problem then.” The silkiness of his voice did things to my insides. Goosebumps rose on my skin.

“Problem? No problem!” I hurried to assure him.

“My little Mochi,” he smirked, he raked his hungry gaze over me. Enjoying the sight of me, beneath him. The way I squirmed, to urge him to continue eating me out. “Look at you! The last thing you wanted was fucking paneer! What you wanted was my,” as he spoke, Mason’s fingers teased the opening of my pussy. I gasped. “Cock.”

A finger slid deep, withdrawing before another joined.

“I love how you tighten around my fingers” he groaned. “I’m going to take my time with you. Don’t worry I will take care of you” He lowered his head to nuzzle my pussy. “I’m going to satisfy your every craving.”