You just woke up naked…
Next to the singer of the last song you listened to.
Who is it?


Well, I would be naked with Zayn and Taylor Swift.

Now that would be interesting.  a threesome.

Since this song is a duet.

I don’t mind Zayn. In this video, he is super sexy. Yank that shirt open and strip that jacket off him. Push him down on the bed and see if he could rock my world.

However since I am not a Taylor Swift fan, I would have to show her the door.  I wouldn’t be able to put up with her prima donna attitude, and clinginess. She would probably get jealous that Zayn’s attention wouldn’t be on her. Nope, dont need that kind of drama in between the bed sheets.

When her PH balance is off

This killed me 😂
No scented baths! that throws it all off!


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Oh pooh I have a creative nature which would keep my lovers satisfied but I am not adventurous love bug!

How often do you masturbate?  I edge. Which could take hours. I usually masturbate 3-4 times a week. I also deprive myself of pleasure by not masturbating for at least a month.
Do you fantasize while masturbating: Fuck yes.
Do you fantasize about being spanked: I am not really into that. A light spanking is ok every once in awhile. But I love fantasizing about being held down by my wrists while being fucked.
Would you want sometimes to be handcuffed while having sex? Yes.
Would you want your partner to grab your hair while you’re having sex? I get so wet when my hair is pulled. So yeah I would like my hair being pulled during sex!
Do you fantasize about having sex on an airplane? I fantasize about being finger fucked by a stranger in the seat next to me. Or I finger fuck the stewardess. But never sex. hmm hmm
Would you want to have sex in a public place? the thrill of being caught is intoxicating.
Would you want to make a private erotic film with your partner? Hell no! that would be hell-a-stupid!
How often do you watch a porn? i don’t know. who counts?
Have you fantasized about a threesome? All the time. Mfm. ffm.
Would you want to use sex toy´s to enhance your sensation? Only if my lover took forever to get me off.

-because I was bored.



Thinking of all the naughty things I want you to do to me. I need your mouth on my pussy like I need air. Lick up and down my wet slick clit until I scream your fucking name. I need you inside me. Filling me. Watching your face as you fuck me.

I have been teasing, fingering,  my pussy for awhile now. I am trying to be quiet. The window is open. The curtain is open!

-I keep forgetting that my bedroom faces my neighbors (2 houses) living room!

damn it!


It was hot out. The air was thick and heavy. I laid back on my sun lounger. My balcony afforded me a wonderful view of the gardens a few feet below. And of course the pool.

Movement below caught my eye.

A woman stepped out onto the concrete patio that surrounded the pool. She was one of my new neighbors that had moved in recently. We would say hello in the elevator yet that was the extent of our conversation.

She was younger than me, beautiful. her long legs went for miles, or so the saying went. She wore her long brown hair twisted up into a bun. She would wear long flowy dresses, or short skirts most days. The bodices with long plunging necklines that would reveal teasing glimpses of soft round breasts that would make a woman envious. And a man’s eye appreciate the view.

Wearing a black wrap a round, she walked to a chaise that was set up by the pool. She slowly undid the sash, letting the wrap slowly glide down her body. The fabric caressing her skin as it did so.

My eyes widen.

She was naked under her wrap!

I had to admire her boldness. being nude in public where everyone could see her was daring. Perhaps she got off on that, I mused. Or she could get herself off on my face, I thought absently, as I tongue fucked her into coming.

Startled by where my thoughts were going, I continued to watch my neighbor as she put herself on display for my viewing pleasure.

My eyes feasted on her slender form. Her high rounded breasts with tight pink nipples made me bite my lip.  Her belly was flat, yet slightly curved with flaring wide hips.

I could feel my heart trip and then race. As if she sensed my hungry gaze, the woman turned allowing me a view of her pussy.

Neatly trimmed begging to be worshiped by a fervent tongue and fingers.

Dipping low, to scoop up her wrap, she draped it over her chaise. She seated herself.

Tanning oil in hand, she squirted a big dollop in one hand and then spread it all over her chest. Dropping the bottle, she turned her attention to oiling her skin. Down one arm then the other. Each movement slow and sensuous. She focused on her breasts. Cupping each one. She squeezed, and kneaded pleasure fluttering over her angelic features.

I should have been looking away. I couldn’t. I was hypnotized by every move she made.

It was as if she lost in her own little world. Nothing but the sun, the caress of her fingers on her skin. Was she imagining her lover touching her, stroking her skin with his fingers instead of hers?

The jumbling of my thoughts only made me hotter. I needed a release.

I glanced around anxiously. No one could see me really. The balcony railing hid me form the chest down.

My heart pounded as I slid a hand down my belly into my shorts under my panties. I was already wet, as I tentatively touched my pussy. Relaxing into my chair, I scissored my fingers along my slit.

The woman rolled her nipples between her fingers, pulling at them till her breasts were taut. She laid back in her chaise. Again reaching for her oil. Squirting some oil on her belly. She made her skin shine, as she rubbed it over her hips. Down her thighs her fingers went, one leg hiking up allowing me another glimpse at her pussy.

My breathing became hitched as I wondered how she would taste. How she would feel as her pussy would clench over my fingers if I had a chance to touch her.

She draped one leg over the arm of the chaise then started to oil the other leg. She was now spread open, her hands coming together to form a little V over her pussy. She spread her pussy lips revealing her tight hole and little clit.

Her lip caught between her teeth, as she kept herself open like that.

One finger dipped in. Just to tease. Flicking her clit.  Her lips parted. As her finger withdrew and she brought her glistening finger to her mouth.

My eyes widen as she traced her full plump lips with her sticky finger. Mesmerized I watched as she slowly slid her finger into her mouth, her tongue gently lapping at her pussy juice.

Once her finger was licked clean she slid her hand back down her belly between her thighs.


I jerked my panties down so I could have better access to my pussy. I could feel the sensations building between my thigh. Hotter. Tighter. I was going to cum soon. I eased off my clit, circling the entrance to my pussy hole instead.

The woman fingered her clit then slowly ever so slowly dipped down to her pussyhole. Her soft whimpering and sighing barely audible.

Clearly, she knew she was being watched, I thought. And she was putting on quite show.

Her pussy hole gaped as she slid more than one finger in, then withdrew it. Letting a moment pass before thrusting her fingers deep. She kept this up, teasing herself and me.

I bit my lip to stifle my moan as I mimicked the woman’s movements. My legs draped over the arms of my lounger, I finger-fucked myself thrusting two fingers in and out of my clenching hole. Juice dripped down my thighs. My muscles were quivering as the first wave of my orgasm hit me hard.

My legs fell off the arm rests, jolting me out of my after glow

I noticed some movement out of the corner of my eye.

Someone was coming.

I wanted to warn her but how!

My eyes darted back to my neighbor.

She froze as if she heard something. Her fingers stilled. One finger then the finger popped out of her pussy.

Slowly she drew her legs up off the arm rests.It was then our eyes met.

My eyes widen. My skin becoming warm at being caught.

“Did you enjoy the show?” she asked.

Bewildered I stared at her in shock.

She stood, turning to grab her wrap she slipped it on.

She walked off the patio nodding in greeting at our mutual neighbor who was entering the pool area.

I pulled off my soaked panties tossed them aside and hurried to pull up my shorts.

Locking my apartment door, I hurried to catch the elevator.

I met her on the third floor.

She looked surprised to see me as the door to the elevator closed, leaving us alone.

We stared at each other for a moment, then she walked over to me her hands framing my face. She kissed me. Her breath tasted like cinnamon and sugar, and everything nice I almost laughed at the nursery rhyme that popped into my head then. The kiss was slow hot.

She pulled away after a moment. “I don’t do this often” she confessed shyly.

I shrugged. “Neither do I”

She kissed me again, the elevator door opened and she took my hand to lead me out.

“I don’t even know your name” she admitted as we walked down the hall.

I frowned. “Are names important now?”

She giggled. “Well if you must know my name is Lorie. I would like to know the name of the woman who will be eating my pussy. The name I will be screaming when she makes me cum.” her eyes narrowed. “That’s all it is. You will be eating my pussy. Nothing else.”

I shrugged. “I didn’t say there had to be hand holding.” I glanced down to where she still held my hand. “I will fuck you till you come and that’s it.”

A frown marred her features. “That’s all?”

“Yes. Nothing else.”

She didn’t say a word when we arrived at her door. Once inside  I pulled her close, to kiss her. I slowly undid her wrap. Using the sash, I wrapped the fabric around her wrists.

“Wait! wait what are you doing?” she whimpered.

I smiled. “Shh,” I nuzzle her throat, “it’s ok.”

I danced her backward to the bedroom. I pushed her and followed her down onto the bed. I smoothed her hair from her face. “You are going to enjoy this,” I promised.

I kissed her once more, caressing her skin with feather light strokes till she was squirming underneath me. I kissed my way to her breasts

She arched when I sucked a nipple into my mouth. She tasted like her tanning oil. She moaned.

“First rule, I play” I whispered against her breasts. My fingers teased the crease of inner thighs. Lightly stroking her skin till my knuckles brushed her slit. She was still sensitive from her teasing earlier. Lori jolted at my touch. I smiled.

“Yes,” she sighed. She wiggled around to get my hand on her pussy, but I anchored her down to the bed.

“No,” I nipped her ear. “You want to cum don’t you?”

Lori’s eyes were wide on me. “Yes”

“Then be a good girl and let me fuck you.” I chided her. I watched her face as I stroked her pussy with a whisper soft touch. My fingers danced over her slit, dipping in to tease then glide over her pouty pussy lips. She whimpered as I slowly let one finger tap her clit.

“Oh my god! Yes!” she cried. The muscles in her thighs clenched. Her hips arched off the bed.

“You like that?” I asked as I lightly circled her clit. Her eyes were heavy lidded with desire. Lori’s breath was choppy, as she nodded. Sweat had dampened her hair. “I like how you are so responsive,” I noted the pussy juice pooling under her.

I spread her pussy lips open. Her clit was erect from its tiny hood, begging for attention but it was her pussy hole that caught my attention. Slowly I sucked two of my fingers into my mouth. Her eyes were riveted on me. Her eyes never wavering she watched as I began to push them in.

“Rule number two. I finger fuck” I whispered.

“Yes!” Lori squealed as I filled her, slowly at first. I began to pick up the rhythm, punching my fingers deep inside her. Her wail echoed in the bedroom as her body convulsed in her orgasm. I smiled. I had a little surprise for her. I hooked my fingers inside her, hitting that spot just right

Lori’s eyes widen. “Oh my god! Wait!” her protest turned into a scream as I felt her muscles clenched down. Her body grew taut like a bow and she began to cum again. Her pussy juice squirting all over my fingers and hands. She hunched my hand frantically, as her orgasm tore through her again, another arc of juice flying through the air. I slowly withdrew my hand as she laid on her bed, shaking from her orgasms.

I got up to get a towel. I cleaned her up gently. I smiled as she finally struggled to sit up, her wrists still bound. “I take it that was the first time you squirted?” I asked. I smoothed her hair from her face. She nodded.

“Pretty intense huh?” I asked.

“It was amazing!” she laughed. “My boyfriends could never make me squirt.”

“Most women are lucky enough to do that,” I admitted

“Do you think you can untie me so I can shower?” Lori asked.

“No, I am not on rule number three yet.”

Lori blinked. “Rule number three?”

“Eating you”

Lori giggled. “well you can start in the shower.”

I rubbed my chin. “sounds good.”

I led her into the shower after untying her. She turned on the shower. The water was hot and steady, wonderful on the muscles. Lori sighed as I soaped up her body. Taking my time on her breasts and her slit.

Draping her thigh over my shoulder, Lori wound her fingers in my hair and pushed my face into her pussy. “Oh yes, Becky! Just like that.” she cooed. I licked her slit, letting her grind herself on my tongue and chin.

I explored her folds tasting her pussy juice mingling with water as I lapped at her slit.

“Fuck!” Lori groaned. I raised my eyes to find she had her eyes closed. Water sluicing down her body as she holds my head still.

I reach over and turn off the water. Lori was bewildered. She climbed off my face. “What is going on I thought you wanted to eat my pussy!” she pouted.

I chuckled. I took her hand and led her back to the bed. this time we spread towels underneath her. I spread her out. “More comfortable.” I murmured. “I want to enjoy you.”

Lori blushed. “Like I said, I never had a woman eat me out before. I never did this before.”

“Don’t over think it,”I told her as I joined her. “Just enjoy it.”

  • I began this one last night…
  • got me hot and bothered…





You and I are

wonderfully made

fitting together

intricate intimate

our lips touch

our fingers twine

our legs tangle

there is no space between

and the way our bodies join

we are two halves of a whole

-random thoughts while also thinking there is nothing more erotic or beautiful than a cock slowly filling a woman’s pussy. Every inch of filling her, stretching her. Sinking balls deep!💕





I was watching this video last night before bed. It totally boggled my mind, because of how naive I really was. Sure I have heard of Stealthing. And how it was perpetrated as a rape crime.  if a man was to remove his condom during sex if a woman gave clear concise instructions not to. He took away her right.

A man could be charged with rape.

So can a woman.

Why doesn’t it penetrate the brain that everyone can be a victim?

Men could be raped by man or woman. No means no. Doesn’t matter what the situation is. Men could be molested. Men could have their rights taken away, but society doesn’t see that because they don’t see men as vulnerable. men are always perpetrated as horn dogs ready to go for sex whenever the occasion arises. No means no. simple as that. No matter the sex. Rape is a horrible degrading act of violence that is forced on the victim. No one should ever go through that. No one.

This where shit gets twisted.

if a woman should stealth a man she would not be charged.

If a man made it explicitly clear he didn’t want no children, yet she didn’t take birth control or she poked holes in his condoms to become pregnant she would not be charged.

Being a mother is her right.

What about her partner’s right?  the dude said no to kids! That was his right. She took that away from him. that was his sperm. She was taking it away from him. Wouldnt it be outrage if someone took her eggs without her consent? Yes, it would be. So why wouldn’t it be an outrage if someone took a man’s sperm without his consent?

The woman gets pregnant. He still doesn’t want the kid, or isn’t aware of the kid.  She could slap the guy with child support.  but in his defense, he can’t ask for an abortion. Because it is her body. Her decision.

I was sitting there in my own ignorance, stunned by my own naivety.

I probably rambled on incoherently in this post but it was such a fascinating and educational video!

Changes one’s perspective on victimization.