“Don’t raise your eyebrows at me, Steve Harvey! You know exactly what I am talking about!”

“People only think you killed Brenda because..”

“We were voted “most revenge-y” in the school year book. Trust me the year book people have no idea what’s coming..”

“No it’s because you’re weird!”

I’m trying to eat my lunch and watch the first season of HBO’s VELMA.

The Origin story of Velma Dinkley. The founder of Mystery Inc. aka Scooby Doo! Velma’s dad is hilarious!

I’ve been wanting to watch this show for awhile but my obsession with Korean dramas has occupied my time!

Velma is quirky funny ruthless in her comedic quips and damn if she and Daphne aren’t enemies! Say what?!

Of course Fred is oblivious to everything but himself! 🤣

They even changed Daphne’s origin story. Fascinating.

Now if only I can finish my lunch without my cats interrupting! One would swear they are like babies! Human babies!


“Jesus Christ! What a mess!”

The expletive was barely heard over the sound of retching.

The detectives glanced at each other, not sure if the comment was directed at the crime scene itself or the cops vomiting off site.

Mess was an understatement. The horrific smell hit them first before they entered the room.

Rotting carcass left in the sun for days. Only it wasn’t just one body. But multiple.

It was a hell scape. Blood. Bone. Was that flesh gnawed on?

“Sir, you want to see this” it wasn’t a question it was a statement.

The three detectives started. Turning they found the incident officer standing in the doorway.

“What a mess”

Travers scowled at his supervisor and followed the officer “what is it”

“It’s a witness”

A witness? From that? Travers was stunned.

“You’re saying someone witnessed all that and is now coming forward?” His partner Jonesy voiced her surprise.

The officer led them into the dining room. He gestured them inside.

A sense of unease slithered down Travers’ spine as he entered the room.

Much like the crime scene, the room reeked of feces and blood. Cartons of rotten half eaten food scattered upon the table. Bugs buzzed.

“This reminds me of your kitchen” Jonesy mumbled. Travers didn’t laugh. “Your ex-wife had better taste”

“How droll. You need to work on your punch line” the barely audible rasp startled them both. “If you crack a joke like that how can you crack this case?” Laughter broke into wheezing fit of cough.

There was barely enough of light in the room to see past the shadows. Movement in the corner, made Jonesy tense. Travers fingers touched her arm to warn her off.

“Judge my home judge me”the voice clucked in disapproval “how rude”

Travers couldn’t determine if the speaker was male or female. He had to strain to hear. The wheezy catch in between each word made him wonder if it was due to an ailment or a pack a day habit.

“Let’s start with your name. I like to know who I am talking to” Travers demanded.

“My name?” There was a little giggle “everything comes with a price, Dearie!”

Travers brow furrowed. He had heard that before. But where? “Rumplestilskin” he realized out loud “Your name is Rumplestilskin”

Jonesy shot him a look. “Once Upon a Time was my wife’s favourite show” Travers sighed.

“Ok Rumplestilskin, can you tell us how you came to be here?” Jonesy asked.

“The Dark One” giggling “The Dark One tried to steal my name!”

Travers frowned “but you were a Dark One.” He glanced at Jonesy “in the show, Rumple was a Dark One. He carried a dagger with his name on it. To defeat The Dark One all one needs is to possess the dagger”

Jonesy scowled “are you telling me a fictional character massacred all those people!”

“The Dark One is me! And I am him. I’m Rumplestilskin!” The maniacal laughing faded. “Do you wish to make a deal, Dearie?”

Travers could feel his frustration mounting. The longer he stayed with this witness the more time he took away from walking the scene. However the witness was also a crucial part of the investigation. Maybe the rank smell was messing with him. He couldn’t think clearly.

Travers inhaled slowly. The putrid smell permeated his senses. “Rumple, will you come into the light so we could talk”

“Do you want to make a deal”

“Only if you come here so I can see you”

There was shuffling of feet.

Out of the shadows, a hunched over figure emerged. Clumps of blood and feces matted into long unwashed hair.

The witness was a female, Travers realized. Clothes stained with sweat, food and barely covered her thin body.

“Rumplestilskin?” Travers began gently “can you tell me what happened?”

Rumplestilskin’s head lifted. Her hair fell from her face revealing pale gaunt features. Her eyes were sunken in, bright in the madness. Her lips were chapped and peeling.

Slowly her lips began to pull back into a grin, revealing teeth stained with blood. “Tick Tok dearie,” she giggled “deal?”

Travers nodded.

“The Dark One tried to steal my name” she cackle “so I hid. Pretending to be dead I did”

Travers frowned “how long were you here?”

“I’m not knowing. Was I in Neverland?” She scowled.

Again Jonesy looked to Travers for explanation “the longer you stayed in Neverland the longer you forget about your life.” He murmured “Rumplestilskin? What could you tell us about the victims.”

Rumplestilskin giggled then she cocked her head to the side “victims?” She shuffled closer “He likes to copy! No originality!” She shrilled. “Copy!!!”

Her eyes blazing with hatred, Rumplestilskin lunged forward and seized Travers by his shirt “he tried to copy Miniature Doll killer did you know?” The lucidity fled her eyes and the madness was back.

Rumplestilskin flung her head back and laughed “The Dark One tried to steal my name!”

Travers almost vomited from the rank smell emanating from her. Miniature Doll Killer? From CSI?! “Are you telling us that somebody copied fictional serial killers and murdered all those people!”

-that is when I woke up!

“The Power Rangers Fandom are shook with the death of Jason David Frank”

“The Power Rangers Fandom are shook with the death of Jason David Frank”


“Bro, you are not going to cry” I told myself when another fan dedicated a post to Jason David Frank. I was on my lunch.

Finding out about his passing on Sunday was devastating. I thought it was rumour. It was on my FB. TMZ reported it. How reliable are the paparazzi? (Snorted in derision)

I had hoped it was a rumour.

No rumour.

If you hadn’t known, I am a MMPR fan. Am I hardcore as I I thought I was? Not even close!

the fans came out to pay their respect for the OG Green Ranger. The videos paying homage were amazing. I told myself I don’t think the Power Rangers will ever be the same without Dr Tommy Oliver.


It’s an understatement.

Jason was a man of compassion, full of life. He dedicated himself to his family, friends, to his career to his fans.

Jason was more than a Ranger, he was a hero to young people. He inspired them.

The Morphing Grid won’t be the same without the OG Green Ranger.

It’s surreal.

I’ve been re-watching my favourite scenes of Tommy Oliver.


Dino thunder- tommy vs Elsa. I shipped them. 😌



And the fact I am no longer a spring chicken

Enjoying my Sunday with my babies.

Curled up under the comforter, the sunshine is beautiful! Frankly it’s heaven, at this moment.

The snow on the ground, clear skies it’s absolutely perfect!

There is something comforting re-watching a tv show, the tv theme song a memory or two comes to mind.

I love theme songs. Even if I can’t remember a whole song, I can always remember a theme song!

Perhaps it’s just me but I wish my books could have a theme song. in fact, I enjoy it when authors include the music playlist they used for their writing inspiration!

My theme song: Baby’s Got Back- Sir Mix-a-lot

My favourite tv theme songs:

  • Gummi Bears- Gummi Bears
  • Brand New Day – Lie to Me
  • We Used to Be Friends – Veronica Mars
  • Another World-Another World
  • truly outrageous-Jem and the holograms
  • Sailor Moon
  • Inu-Yasha
  • On Top of The World- Girl Meets World

Ok there are a lot! I wasn’t including Korean Dramas because Kdramas have amazing themes!


I made the “mistake” of subscribing (?) to Disney+ today.

What on earth was I thinking?

I was in heaven!!!

I will never be able to find the time to sleep! Ha! Sleep is always a priority!

All my favourite Disney movies from when I was a kid!

I was excited enough to call my mother and ask her if she remembered my 101 Dalmatian year. She made a sound. “Don’t remind me of those dogs!”

My room was ceiling to floor covered in figurines, plushies, and blankets and I had begged her to buy me the VHS movie!

“Mom what about the Emperor’s New Groove?” I went on.

“Becky, don’t you dare,” she began.

“Squeak squeak mcSqueaking mcSqueak!”

“I hate that damn movie” she grumbled.

My favourite tv series! Some I even forgotten about!

Familiar movies brought back fond memories of Sunday Disney Family movie Night on the local channel. We would watch the movie after dinner or after returning from visiting my grandparents.

I was a little sad because I wished my niece liked Disney so I could watch these movies with her.

BLEACH: thousand year blood war

I’m so excited for this weekend!

BLEACH: Thousand Year Blood War premiered this week!

Do you know how long I have waited for this moment?!

An eternity!

I was so excited!

It occurred to me then I would have to watch 52 episodes?! Waiting for each episode?! Praying there are no fillers! That’s a year! 😩🤦‍♀️😂


Everyone is obsessing over Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill because of Stranger Things Season 4. Not me. I’ve been obsessed since Vampire Diaries-Placebo cover. 🤣

I love this song. I’ve been singing it all week 😂🥰

I’m happy it’s Friday.

It’s been a long week even though it’s been a 4 day work week for me.


Rewatching one of my favourite serials: Sea of Souls. A BBC paranormal series that investigates psychic and paranormal activity.

“Prove that I am not my twin” – a fascinating episode of psychic identical twins who were separated at birth and by chance met later in life.

A perfect murder. Because not only did one twin kill the other twin she took over her sister’s life. Making it impossible for her family to notice. Only the dead twin’s friend-a para-psychologist realized too late.

I love a perfect mystery. fictional too.

But this one really irked me. Shoe laces! That is how he knew which twin died! One looped. One crossed their laces!

The investigating team had many chances to have both twins fingerprints/DNA – granted neither were of consent. nonetheless the opportunities were there!

I think I do well with telling twins apart. Knowing other people’s quirks. Well enough to know if someone took over someone’s identity? Nope!

Good grief! I had trouble dealing with my doppelgängers! All 7 of them! I can’t imagine being someone’s twin. Having similar quirks, thoughts, and sharing everything? I don’t even share my food! I don’t even remember my favourites!

It is quite fascinating I admit. Being a twin.

Before I forget. A list of my favourite UK shows from back in the day.


“What is with your clothes? Been wearing them ever since college? All you care about is comfort. No fashion sense”

Sara Shelley Sato. Miss Sherlock. could be talking about me!!😂😍

I watched this series a couple of years ago and it was really good! I had been hoping they would do a Series 2 but unfortunately the actress that played Sherlock died.

Imagine my delight I find the series recently added onto Canadian Crave.

It’s a Saturday. The weather is in the minuses. I am going to curl up under the blankets and watch all my favourite shows!

I love these kind of lazy days.

Have a wonderful weekend 😍😍

HELLO. How you doing

Coworker: oh my god, Becky! Where did you come from!

Me: the depths of hell!

Coworker: ok say hi to Luci for me!