Everyone is obsessing over Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill because of Stranger Things Season 4. Not me. I’ve been obsessed since Vampire Diaries-Placebo cover. 🤣

I love this song. I’ve been singing it all week 😂🥰

I’m happy it’s Friday.

It’s been a long week even though it’s been a 4 day work week for me.


Rewatching one of my favourite serials: Sea of Souls. A BBC paranormal series that investigates psychic and paranormal activity.

“Prove that I am not my twin” – a fascinating episode of psychic identical twins who were separated at birth and by chance met later in life.

A perfect murder. Because not only did one twin kill the other twin she took over her sister’s life. Making it impossible for her family to notice. Only the dead twin’s friend-a para-psychologist realized too late.

I love a perfect mystery. fictional too.

But this one really irked me. Shoe laces! That is how he knew which twin died! One looped. One crossed their laces!

The investigating team had many chances to have both twins fingerprints/DNA – granted neither were of consent. nonetheless the opportunities were there!

I think I do well with telling twins apart. Knowing other people’s quirks. Well enough to know if someone took over someone’s identity? Nope!

Good grief! I had trouble dealing with my doppelgängers! All 7 of them! I can’t imagine being someone’s twin. Having similar quirks, thoughts, and sharing everything? I don’t even share my food! I don’t even remember my favourites!

It is quite fascinating I admit. Being a twin.

Before I forget. A list of my favourite UK shows from back in the day.


“What is with your clothes? Been wearing them ever since college? All you care about is comfort. No fashion sense”

Sara Shelley Sato. Miss Sherlock. could be talking about me!!😂😍

I watched this series a couple of years ago and it was really good! I had been hoping they would do a Series 2 but unfortunately the actress that played Sherlock died.

Imagine my delight I find the series recently added onto Canadian Crave.

It’s a Saturday. The weather is in the minuses. I am going to curl up under the blankets and watch all my favourite shows!

I love these kind of lazy days.

Have a wonderful weekend 😍😍

HELLO. How you doing

Coworker: oh my god, Becky! Where did you come from!

Me: the depths of hell!

Coworker: ok say hi to Luci for me!

The Haunting of Hill House EPs to Adapt The Midnight Club at Netflix: Zach Gilford, Classic Horror Vet Join Cast

Mike Flanagan and Trevor Macy are calling The Midnight Club to order. The creators of The Haunting of Hill House and its follow-up, The Haunting of …

The Haunting of Hill House EPs to Adapt The Midnight Club at Netflix: Zach Gilford, Classic Horror Vet Join Cast

I love Christopher Pike! I read nearly all of his books! His Remember Me series was my favourite!

I’m so excited for this series!

Now they should bring R.L Stine’s Fear street series to Netflix as well!


Except for Haunting of Hill House, I don’t think I ever got so creeped out by a tv trailer!

I’m so excited!

My only concern it stars Brit Robertson. She is such a wonderful talented person. Unfortunately, she is cursed. Every tv show she is on ends after 1 season.


“I am not going to do it. Recruiting kids is your job not mine!”

I halted outside the Hutch. I was late meeting my boyfriend Sid, and I could hear Sid and Jordan arguing just outside the restaurant.

Rage scorched through me. My fingers curled into fists at my sides. Kids? What did that mean? I peeked around the corner to find Sid and his cousin Jordan huddled close. Jordan’s fingers digging into Sid’s shoulders.

To any passerby, Jordan appeared to be a friendly older mentor to Sid. But underneath his veneer, Jordan was dangerous. Preying on his cousin’s vulnerabilty. To be accepted, to be part of a family. Jordan groomed his cousin to be his mule. It disgusted and anger me how Sid cowed to Jordan.

I strained to hear more of their conversation without them noticing me. Sid and I had been snogging on and off before Jordan had become thorn in my side. Needling his way into Sid and my relationship. Getting in between me and Sid. I had my own problems. Problems with James, my own half brother. Marnie -the bitch from hell. I thought dealing drugs would distract me from my lame family. I needed the thrill to counter the constrictions I felt being under Marnie’s constant watch. She wanted to make me perfect! I wasnt perfect!

“You have to make up for what you and Juliet lost”

My reverie was broken at the mention of my name. I could feel my rage and disgust burn hotter.

“You are going to deal to the kids at your school,” Jordan sneered, “Or I am going to tell Leela everything. ” I watched as the color leached from Sid’s face. Leela was Sid’s adoptive mother. The only family Sid had.

“The perfect kid,” Jordan seemed to ponder the dilemma Sid was in, ” How about dear old Charlie.”

My gaze followed Jordan and Sid’s gaze to the young teenager playing basketball in the park.

My eyes darted to Charlie Osborn and then to Sid. I could feel anger and disgust curdle my insides.

“He just lost his dad!” Sid exclaimed. “Please Jordan! Come on!”

“You have until Monday!” Jordan slapped Sid cheerfully on the back. “Or I will talk to Mama Leela”

I had enough. I stepped out of the alley and walked up to Sid and Jordan. My blood humming with rage.

Jordan gave me a smile. “Juliet,” he greeted me with a swarmy leer. He was taking in my blonde hair in a pony tail. The cropped top under my black my ski jacket. My burgundy leggings. “looking pretty good.’

“Bugger off” I watched with small satisfaction as the smile faded.

“Watch who you talking to,” Jordan released Sid, his eyes narrowed on me.

“Come on Jules” Sid took my hand, “lets gets some chips huh?”

Sid led me into the Hutch, ordered us some Chips and Soda. He hung his head in his hands. “I cant do this anymore, Jules.” he rasped. “he wants me to recruit Charlie!”

I leaned back in the seat, and folded my arms across my chest. “he threatened to tell Marnie. And James” I sighed. “And he is going to tell Leela”

Sid raised his head, his eyes were watery from unshed tears. “She cant know, Jules! she took me in! When no one would! What am I going to do?!”

Indeed what could we do? My eyes fell on a steak knife nestled on a pristine white napkin. Jordan was a scary guy, but we needed to end his threats. We needed, no I thought, I needed to be scarier. And who was more scarier than a Nightingale cornered?

“Jordan made a mistake” I murmured as my fingers slid over the knife. I smiled as the cool blade whispered over my skin, before I palmed it into my pocket.

“What are you talking about?” Sid asked.

“You may be ok with him walking all over you, Sid” I drew in a deep breath. “But I’m no one’s doormat. Least of all some third rate trash”

Sid’s eyes widened. “What?!” Sid sputtered. “Wait Jules..”

I rose out of my seat. “I am a Nightingale.” my lips twisted into a smile. “It’s time I take advantage of my name. Maybe dear old pop’s murderous tendencies run thru me” I said loathing the possibility.

Ignoring Sid’s protests, I walked out of the Hutch. My mind was racing with my thoughts. I found myself at Leela’s. My hand was on the doorknob when I heard Leela’s voice coming through the screen door.

“We cant do this here, Jordan stop. I have to think of Sid” Leela protested. I hesitated. What the?

Was Leela and Jordan having an affair? I tried to peek through the screen, and my eyes widened in disbelief. Leela and Jordan was locked in a passionate kiss. I clamped a hand over my mouth.

Nausea rolled upside me. Leela was far older than Jordan. Old enough to be his mother.

What about Peri? Leela’s daughter? Jordan was also seeing Peri?! Jordan was playing Peri and Leela? I was thoroughly disgusted now. I fumbled around in my jacket pocket for my mobile. How could I tell Sid? He wouldnt believe me! I needed proof! An idea formed in my head and with a smile I  took a picture of Leela and Jordan’s passionately kissing.

I could hear footsteps, I hurried out of sight as the screen door flung open and Jordan stepped out.

“You really are a disgusting scrub aint ya?” I demanded.

At my voice, Jordan whirled around to find me glaring at him. “Hey Jules, Sid aint here.”

“Yeah I know.” I smirked. “Aint you so nice and cozy with Peri and now Leela”

The friendliness slowly ebbed from Jordan’s eyes. He glowered at me. “Juliet, you dont know what you are talking about.”

I smiled. “Oh but I do” I quickly sent the photo to the cloud and laughed. “Nicely done Jordan”

Jordan lunged for me, but out of reflex I sidestepped. “you are so..” Jordan snarled.

I quickly pocketted the phone and glared at him. “I overheard your conversation with Sid, Jordan” I sighed. “You are really beginning to annoy me, ya?”

Jordan laughed. “Annoy you?” he had his fingers clenched into a fist. Was he going to hit me? I lifted my chin defiantly. My fingers clenched around the knife in my pocket, finding comfort in its serrated blade.

“You are going to stay away from me and Sid. Forget about Charlie. In fact,” I pondered it, “You are going to take a nice little trip out of the village.”

Jordan smirked. “Oh really?”

I narrowed my eyes. “Yeah.” my gaze never wavered. “You wont say goodbye.”

Jordan took another step towards me. “Listen you little bitch. You are going to keep your mouth shut! You will do as your told.”

My fist shot out. It caught Jordan by surprise. The sound of my fist breaking his nose echoed. He let out a shriek.

“You bitch! You broke my nose!” he cried.

I couldnt help it. I laughed.

Without warning I knocked him flat on to the ground, pinning him face first to the cobblestone. He yelped wiggling to free himself. I grabbed him by the hair and hauled his head back to expose his throat.

The sharp nick of the knife to his neck made Jordan freeze.

“You should have done your homework on me,” I mused quietly. “My mother was a drug addict. I told you that didnt I? You thought that made me weak didnt you?” I smiled at the sudden flicker of fear in his eyes. “Easy pickings for the likes of ya.I was enjoying it, dealing. It was fun. Gave me a nice rush. But you had to ruin it” I pressed the blade deeper, drawing blood. I drew the knife up. Nearing his eye. He began to squirm.

“Did you really think I was going to let you keep coming around, taking a piss at me?” I asked. “Perhaps it’s not getting thru.”

I sunk the knife into the soft part of Jordan cheek. He tried to scream but my hand covered his mouth. “Don’t squeal piggy.” I chuckled. “This will hurt for a few” I carved a word into cheek. “Perfect.”

“The next time you come at me, you will be in a body bag” I whispered in his ear. “It’s the Nightingale way”

I jumped up off him.

“My face!” Jordan howled “my face!”

I pocketted the knife and studied my handiwork. Nark. Not bad.

-Juliet Nightingale taking care of business. I was inspired by a clip from Hollyoaks


A children’s author with anti social personality disorder? Oh my gosh yes!

Seo Ye Ji stars in Its Ok Not To Be Ok. I love how cold emotionless she appears. A drastic change from her role on Lawless Lawyer.

Very cold sexy exterior waiting to melt

THE FOLLOWING: I miss Joe Carroll

“You think you won?! You never won anything! Daisy Kyle Andrew. They were just the tip of the iceberg! I have students everywhere! They make Joe Carroll’s Followers look like nothing!” -Strauss

Feeding the Dark Side.

I love the Following. I decided to finally watch the third season.

To be honest. The second season became tiresome and tedious after the introduction of the Gray Family. Frankly I thought the Korban Cult was going to take it whole anutha level, but I was disappointed by its leader being weak. A poser if I must say. Even when Joe Carroll killed him and took over it was still disappointing.

Nothing as disappointing as Lily Gray and her Children. I guess I had high expectations! I mean no one compared to Emma, Charlie, Louise, Jordy and David. I am not even going to go there with Rodrick. (All That hype, he turned out to be a whimpering fool)

The Third season focuses on how Joe Carroll became a serial killer. Who his mentor was. it also deals with the outcome of Lily Gray’s Death and how her sons Mark and Luke dealt with it.

Apparently Joe Carroll, according to Strauss, wasn’t all that and a bag of chips!

His Followers and I beg to differ!


C: Oh my god it’s a power ranger on tv

Me: Um no he’s from pitch perfect

C: No I’m pretty sure he’s a power ranger! From the new series.

Me: Dude! Fuck off already! I’m a power ranger fan!

-Adam Devine on the Kelly Clarkson show.