Another fabulous day!

I basically did nothing all day.

In the morning just stood in the front, pretended to do work. Gossipped like it was social event. Then went on my break.

I was stuck in the First booth over lunch.  Singing musicals, trying not to throw the interac pad at the customers who didn’t know how to use the cards. Or for not smiling.

While I was about to go on my break, I was waiting for my lunch when a ketchup packet was hurled at me.

Stunned, I looked around to see who could have thrown it.

There was Johnny grinning mischievously at me.

I scooped up the ketchup package and prepared to throw it back at him but he was at the grill, so I couldnt.

I waited until he returned to the grill table. “Johnny” I cooed. “Love love”

He turned to face me. Whack! I hit him with the ketchup package.

He laughed.

The girls began to tease me. “Oh Johnny and Becky are flirting. There is so much love in the air!”

I smiled. “So much love!”

“Too bad I will have to tell Ate!” Ems sighed. (Ate- elder sister or sister)

“Yes we will have to tell Ate!”

My eyes nearly bugged out of my head in shocked disbelief. “No!” I cried. “Dont you dare tell Ate! Does it look like I have a death wish! I do not have a death wish!”

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“Sad, baby will come after you!” Ange mused mournfully. “She will fight you!”

Image result for scary baby gifs

It was a horrifying image that came to mind. Nope!

I grabbed my food and escaped while I could!

It was a great day.



Its been super exhaustive the last couple of days. (looking at that sentence one might read ‘Its been super ex-lative lol)

It has been super busy over spring break, so I had been coming home taking a shower, meditating for an hour than going to bed.

Yesterday was physically exhausting. I was so smrt. I wore an undershirt plus my uniform. I was dying! Usually, I am fine because I am in drive thru. Not yesterday. I was the third runner. That meant I had to make coffee, run, stock up, etc.

During the afternoon I had a couple of meltdowns. Luckily the manager wasn’t around for that.

Table service! Oh my god! I hate table service! I do not have patience for that shit. I really admire waitresses who have to memorise their seating plan, their tables, everything. I wouldnt be able to hack it!

My first meltdown happened when the cashier handed out the drinks for table service. A no no. The whole point of table service is for the customer to sit and relax. Not get up for anything. We will do everything for them.

I walk out there with the meal, and there is the customer drinking his pop. I had his pop.  WTF!

My eye twitched. I marched into the kitchen.

“Do not give out the drinks for table service!”

The cashier starts to back talk me.

“but they ask for them.”

“Table service does not get their drinks. They have their drinks with their meal.” I snapped. “Dont do it again.”

My second meltdown happened when a woman and her friend decided at the last minute they wanted table service. The cashier refused to give them different trackers. After I explained 4x why they needed separate trackers. I marched out to where they were seated with their food. Politely I explained if they would like table service just to ask for it before they order. The customer stared up at me. “Where are my drinks.”

“She asked you what you wanted. You said fountain drink. You didnt specify what kind.” I placed the empty cups in front of her. “There you are. Have you a nice day”

“You mean I have to get it myself?” she was aghast.

“Yes. That’s why she asked! So you wouldn’t have to! Have a nice day!” I marched off.

Today, however, was much better. I was enjoying myself immensely. Especially in the drive thru. I got to be First lane order taker.

Second Lane order taker was getting annoyed because every time I would ask my customers for their orders, her customers would start giving her their order.

“I didn’t ask for your order.” would always follow their “are you kidding I just gave you my order”

“I cant take this anymore!” she would cry. “they keep thinking you are asking for their order!”

I howled with laughter. “Welcome to my pain.”

Soon karma was kicking my ass.

“I would like a peppermint latte” a guy ordered.

“I am sorry we don’t have those,” I replied. “We have caramel chocolate, vanilla, ”

“So what kind of peppermint shots do you have.” he interrupted me. Excuse me?

“none” I replied coldly, “Which was why I was telling you what kind of shots we had.”

“oh, so you don’t have peppermint. What kind of shots do you have?”

are you kidding me? “Before you interrupted me I was telling you we have caramel chocolate, vanilla, sugar-free vanilla, and caramel”

“oh so what is the difference between vanilla and sugar-free vanilla”

I wanted to run headfirst into the wall to end it all. “sugar” I answered slowly. “free.Sugar. Free”

If it wasnt one  jackass it was another.

A woman was in the middle of an order when she stops and hellos me. “Excuse me did you just hello me?” I asked coldly.


“Dont hello me when I am taking your order. Your order is on the screen.” I snapped.


After one guy’s painful decision making on chicken or beef he decided to tell me he had a coupon. What kind of coupon. “I will show you at the window.” he snaps.

“No you will tell me now. Because I have different buttons and a different menu to go into.” I snapped. “Just for next time if you could tell me before ordering you have a coupon!”

it was really fun day other than that. We snuck some chocolate on the floor. Steve didnt mind. However one of the girls found my large glass of water. I broke one of the ‘no beverages on the floor rule’ “Becky! Is that yours!”


“Steve!” she called.

“no!” I cried. “Its mine!”

I was loosening up the sleeve of hot cups by slamming them on the table, when they opened up and half of them flew through the air and hit Steve in the head.

The girls froze as he turned around to stare at me. “Tackleberry!”

“Sorry Hightower!” I giggled.




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Whenever a someone gives me a hard time, or whenever I want to run and jump off a cliff because a simple yes or no question is harder than a MENSA test, there is always somebody else that will the chaos and turn it into something better!

A customer pulled up to the window she saw me hanging out by my till. (Lane 1) “Rebecca!” she exclaimed, “I thought that was you taking my order! You have a voice of an angel!”

Everyone in drive thru stopped what they were doing and turned to look at me incredulous disbelief.

“Thank you” I replied, blushing.

“You are so sweet! An angel!” the customer went on. “Have a wonderful day!”

Steve reached for the waste basket. “You an Angel?” he echoed. “Does she even know who you are?”

“Steve I am the sweetest kindest person in drive thru!”

“I am going to throw up now!”

We all laughed.

I had been grumpy, trying to maintain a degree of civility and that little bit of kindness made the rest of my afternoon so much better ♥


It was another beautiful day. +4C!

The sun is out, snow is melting! Spring weather! I am so happy!

However, walking to work in this gorgeous weather was another story.

Ice everywhere!

I looked like a scared penguin walking in the middle of the road! I was surprised no one honked their horn at me while driving by. It was safer on the road, then on the sidewalk. The roads were better maintained, then the sidewalks. Didnt feel like breaking a leg which is why I walked on the road.

My day was alright, although I did want to throw a couple of cups.

“I come in the drive-thru 14 000 times and I still can’t read your menu!” a customer actually said that to me.

I wanted to say “Ma’am if you come so many times, you should be able to order without looking at the menu.”

What I said, “Ma’am the menu is labelled 1-10 right to left. Top to bottom. You have 1-4 down on the right side and the 5-10 on the left.”

“No, half the menu is missing! The menu isn’t even numbered. All I see is the salad menu!”

Oh my god, I could see the menu from the CVS screen. The salad menu was on the far right. The breakfast menu was right in front of her face! Above the speaker! Good grief!

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The most annoying thing a customer can say to an order taker? “Make sure”

Unless its an allergy request don’t tell us to “make sure” of anything. We make all orders with the same diligence, quality and we try to improve ourselves and the quality with every order we serve. There isnt any special preference for customers, everyone is treated the same, therefore everyone gets quality service. (unless of course you are rude, and the manager calls you on it!)

“Make sure my feta wrap is completely full” – it is full that is why it cant fit properly in the wrapper.

“make sure there is half sugar in my coffee” no.

“Make sure my coffee isnt bitter” I had to ask them to repeat that one four times because I thought I heard wrong. Bitter? How will it be bitter? with 3 cream 2milk and 3 sugar?!

“I want fresh jr. chicken” yeah sure I will get right on it. I will go slaughter the chicken. Pluck them. Fry them and they will be super fresh! Anything else. “MAKE SURE THEY ARE FRESH!”

fuck off before I kick you in your fresh chicken eating face!





One of my regular customers came in this afternoon. I never laughed so hard. It was a good thing he couldnt see me, I never blushed so hard in my life! My face was on fire!

He had ordered a large tea with sugar. Then an xtra large coffee black.

“I am sorry, I cant make that order. That takes too much effort.” I drawled.

He laughed. “Really? I know you cant handle an xtra large”

It took me a moment to realize what he was implying. I gasped “really, Victor!” I began to laugh.

“Really! Especially if its black” he teased.

I laughed harder. “Oh my god, Victor!”

It was a good thing no one else was paying attention to our conversation, wow!

Sexual innuendo much!




Ugh what a trying day. However, by mid-afternoon, my mood improved.

I was in drive thru taking orders, mocking the poor guy who had to come in and fix our espresso machines. Every month he has to drive up across the province and fix them. He just replaced the one. He was not impressed.

  • Ryan, have you bought stock in our company yet?
  • Ryan, I think there is a cot downstairs for you.
  • Ryan, how much do you love espresso right now?
  • Ryan, how much do you hate the grave yard shift right now?
  • Ryan, really Ryan why do you have to be in my way?

That one made him raise his head and stare at me in disbelief. “You are just standing there, leaning!”

“Yep time to lean time to clean” I chirped. I didnt move. I just grinned evilly. He was cleaning coffee grounds from a spout with a little brush.

“Really Rebecca!” he groaned.


Steve wanders over to see how Ryan is doing, and Steve sighed. “I guess we need a new one of those huh. You got one.”

“uh no, because I didnt bring one.” Ryan replied.

“Sad” I murmured.

Steve noticed Ryan’s wrench on Smoothie drink counter. “You know Ryan I wouldn’t blame you if you used this on her.” he picked up the wrench. “Look away Em.” he told the McCafe person. “I dont want any witnesses.”

My jaw dropped incredulously. “Give me that!” I grabbed the wrench from Steve. “Look away girls.”

“No witnesses” Em chimed in. The girls turned away.

Steve glared at them. “Oh come on!” he marched back to the presenting table.

“Sorry Ryan I might have to confiscate this and keep my team in line,” I told Ryan.

Later, it was just Sheryl and me in drive-thru. while Em did stock up. I handed a tea to Sheryl so she could give it to Heidi.

“You do it yourself! I am not your slave!” she huffed. I was so stunned by her response I turned to stare at her. She was struggling to keep a straight face.

“What did you just say to me?” I demanded. I was trying not to laugh because it was so bewildering to have someone so quiet and nice say anything so rude!

“uh huh 20 years vs 2 years!” Em chirped.

“Do it yourself!”

We stared at each other and I started to laugh. I was laughing so hard. “Oh my god! Sheryl how can you say that to me!”

“You are my role model!”

“Oh god, dont let Steve hear you say that!”

Everyone started to laugh.

it was a great day at work.

However, when I went to have dinner with my parents, that is when my mood soured.

My sister had signed K up for yoga.

“Yoga is bad!” my mom chimes in.

I almost spat out my food.

“How? Its exercise.” my sister argued.

“No not because of that.” my mom replied. “because of the other thing.”

I frowned. What other thing? “Meditation?”

“Yes. Mediation is the devil’s work”

I just about choked on my food. “How is it the Devil’s work, when it helps lowers stress, calms anxiety and is good for the spirit?”

“Because our pastor said so.”

“right. You need a new pastor. He doesnt know what he is talking about.”

“You are being brainwashed!” my sister snapped “and I dont appreciate you telling my daughter yoga is evil!”

“Prayer is meditation” I went on.

Well, my mother almost had a stroke. “It is not!”

“It is! You are in a peaceful moment, in a peaceful place speaking to God. Mediation allows you to hear God”

“It allows you to hear the Devil!”

And that is when I tuned her out. It amazes me how people have no thoughts for themselves,  no ideas and no willingness to understand.




“Why are you always so dramatic, Rebecca. It’s a battery. Just change it!” Steve

”maybe because someone has just one job to do, and they can’t do it! Good grief! All you had to do was tell the customer one moment!” I groaned to the presenter. (It’s sad when a manager who has been there longer than I have still does not know how to do any of the work required of her)

It was a great day! I was in a wonderful mood. Even though I think I was being tested on my patience, it was still a great day.

Especially whenever I can crush customers dreams!

A customer asked what kind of all day breakfast she may have. When I inform her, she then ordered a bagel. Not on All Day Breakfast. When did she hear me say bagels? She got upset.

oh dear. Let me get a violin and some cheese for her whine!

A customer asked for xtra large mocha. I politely explain we don’t have xtra large mc Cafe. “You have xtra large cups therefore you have xtra large mocha” he mansplained.

i repeated we don’t have xtra large mcCafes, would like he something else.

”xtra large coffee add hot chocolate.”

i sigh. Yeah, because I am so stupid to do that. “Sir, that is a mocha. Again would you like a large?”

”no! A tea!”

nothing like ruining a customer’s day by being a ray of cheerful polite sunshine!!!



Is it so hard?


When you ask for a BLT on a English muffin and a small tea but your co-worker still can’t get your order right.

”wake up don’t make me draw a picture!”

”You are so mean!” She cried

awe get a tissue!

i said the order 4x slowly!

Good grief!

Things that made me laugh this morning:

  1. The Russians doping up for Curling. For CURLING! I am not a big fan of the Olympics. But come on! Its Curling!  Well I am Canadian. Even we dont take it that far!
  1. A customer explaining to me what a Double Double was. “thats two cream and two sugar”



I had a great day!

What really made my morning?

I was about to go into drive-thru when a woman walked up to my window. “Excuse me, could you help me”

I smile. “Sure.”

“I was in here yesterday, I ordered a coffee gave the cashier a loyalty card, but the cashier never told me that it was $1 coffee.”

I stared at her blankly. Seriously? there are adverts everywhere. Huge one by the welcome sign in the parking lot. Adverts on the Kiosks. Adverts on windows. Adverts on the door when one walks in.

Related image

And? What did she want me to do? “and?” I asked, “what would you like?”

She stopped digging through her purse to glare at me. ” I want my loyalty card back.”

I almost laughed. Fuck me! “Excuse me?”

“I want my loyalty card. Can you get it for me”

I was so bewildered,  I couldn’t speak. Get her card? Out of where? The garbage? Where there were over a million loyalty cards? Uh no. We don’t keep them.

“No. We don’t keep them. Once you give them to us, we destroy them so they cant be reused.” I explained.

“Well don’t you have one there?”

“No, we destroy them, so they cant be reused” I repeated.

She huffed. “Well can I talk to your manager.”

I call the manager over, and she explained her situation. his expression was priceless.

He had to actually turn his head so the customer couldn’t see.

Image result for are you serious gifs

He walked up to First Booth to see if they destroyed any yet.

The woman ordered a coffee while she ordered. I promo it out.

The woman handed me change for her coffee. I blinked. What the fuck is this? The manager returned, handed her the card.

“I am paying for my coffee” she explained, “I just want my promo card!”

She walked off with her coffee. Oh wow.

Thankfully I was in drive-thru for lunch.


I was trying to convince one of my co-workers that buffalo have wings.

Image result for buffalo have wings

She stared at me. “Rebecca, buffalos have horns!”

The whole drive-thru team howled with laughter.


I then tried to convince her that chicken was in the sea.


Image result for buffalo have wings

She stopped braiding her hair. “Chicken in the sea?” she repeated. “How can chicken be in the sea? They would drown!”

I burst out laughing. “It’s true! There are chicken in the sea!”

“There is no chicken in the sea!” she cried, putting her visor back on. she washed her hands and glared at me. “How would they survive!”

“Ask management. Google it. Chicken in the sea!”

“You can google it?” she was incredulous.

sometime later she marches back into the drive thru “Rebecca, management told me that chicken in the sea is Tuna!”

I was laughing so hard I almost fell to my knees. I had to hold onto the counter. “Tuna is chicken? How can that be?”

“Tuna is not chicken!”


The irony is having a person with a speech impediment (former) teach ESL pronunciation. That was what I was thinking when I was trying to teach the girls how to pronounce English words. When I was younger I had to go speech therapy twice. Once when I had stopped speaking. I was two. The second time I was in grade 1-2 I would stutter, stammer and couldn’t pronounce certain words. I still cant pronounce certain words till this day.

Anyway, the girls were asking me how to pronounce:

  • Glitter
  • robitussin
  • tortoise
  • beach (they kept saying like bitch)
  • squirrel
  • litter

The night shift manager who overheard the conversation exclaimed: “are you saying my English teacher taught me wrong pronunciation the entire time?”

I nodded.

“My whole childhood has been a lie!”