The reason I had a headache today

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Customer #1: What kind of pastries do you have?
me: raspberry and chocolate.
Customer #1: I will have the maple.
me: raspberry and chocolate?
Customer#1: I said maple!
me: and did I say maple was an option!
Customer #2: I will have a Green Tea.
Me: is that Black cream or sugar?
Customer#2: I didnt want Green! I wanted Orange Pekoe!
Customer 3: I will have the orange explosion.
Me: is that the cranberry muffin or the fruit fiber?
Customer 3: I dont know she just wrote here an orange explosion drink.
me: oh my god! its an orange pop. Just say an orange pop.
Customer 3: but I would like an orange explosion drink…
me: that doesnt exist. just say orange pop!
Customer 4: maybe you should put up a sign saying your drive thru is closed.
oh for fuck sakes there was a huge ass crane blocking half the parking lot. If you couldnt see it when you started to drive in you need to stop driving, buddy!
Customer 5: Do you have snack wraps?
me: ok would you like BBQ or Ranch
Customer 5: I asked you if you had snack wraps. so answer my question!
me: I did. That was why I was asking you what kind you would like! Ranch. Or BBQ
Customer 5: I would like a Ranch snack wrap.

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Yesterday I was being so polite and kind.  I dont know why I try to disprove my theory that the nicer I am the cattier other women are, but it always proves to be true. Oh they were bitchy! Today I walked in and no fucks were given!

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Come at me, and I will cut you! Cut you!

I was ice cold! Ice cold!

Guess what!

A guy even apologized for snapping at me!

I cant win!


I was taking orders on Lane 1 when my sister pipes up from First Booth “Oh Rebecca your boyfriend is here.”

I facepalmed myself. Its just Chad. Give me a break!

Everyone in the Second booth turned to look at me. “What?” I sigh.

He pulled up to the window, and of course, the resting bitch expression on his face makes me laugh. He is always so happy. (sarcasm)

I grin. “I thought we already had this discussion, Chad” I told him. “We no longer serve you.”

I reach for his coffee before the presenter can give it to him. Chad gives me a look.  “But you already did” he muttered.

We both are looking at his coffee. I shake my head. “How are they even paying you?” he groaned.

I burst out laughing. He sits up straighter in his seat. “They love me. They cant do without me, Chad” I give him his coffee.

He manages a smile. “Yeah I doubt that.” he replied. I can barely respond to that one because I am laughing too hard.

The presenter turned to me. “Is that how you treat your boyfriend?”

My mouth dropped. “No, he is not my boyfriend!”

“Oh is he your roommate.”

“No!” I made a face.

On my break

Finishing up my breakfast and a video on YouTube about The Teahorse Road in China

Back to work.

Ugh Monopoly has begun!

Oh well I am taking cash. Don’t have to deal😜💕


I was walking on my shift after my break when Steve turned to stare at me “what are you doing?” He asked.

“Wrecking your day” I answered so sweetly.

“You did that at 7. Go to your home base” Steve retorted.

I took a step and then stopped at the landing. “I am home”

Steve’s expression was priceless “you’re running?!” He exclaimed “you better think again!” He double checked the football field and groaned “oh my god what was I thinking!”

I burst out laughing.

“You are not running with your sister” he sent me into second.

While I was taking orders I turned around and there is HO.

Now I had to behave, because not only was he former head office he was going to train at our store to become head manager at one of sister stores down south!

Heidi Ems and I were dancing and goofing off💕😂

While taking an order I could feel my annoyance rearing its ugly head. I was about to switch off my headset and swear

“Hello Rebecca!” He was behind me. I whirled around, grateful I hadn’t lost my cool on the customer!

I greeted him with a smile. He had a headset on. What the fudge!

“I’m going to learn how to take orders with you ok?”

Irony? Have someone who doesn’t follow procedures and have a hair trigger temper train the boss?

He stood behind the whole lunch hour! I had to be nice the whole time! Ack it went against my basic nature!

“Plain,” I explained coolly to a customer “is a burger nothing on it”

“Oh no I meant just a regular filet with no meal” the customer laughed.

I had to stop myself from throwing a cup! 😡

“Was she kidding or was she serious?” Head Boss asked. I turned to find him staring at me with a stony expression on his face. Ohh he wasn’t liking how the customer’s were ordering.

Feel the pain!

“She was serious!”

He had lane one shut down because of the construction it was just he and I taking orders.

Thankfully I went on my break when I came back he was gone.

“I want two honey in my tea. Make sure it’s well stirred!”

A customer snapped.

We don’t stir honey. “Fuck that” I said stuck my finger up at the screen just as Head Boss walked into drive thru.

Holy shit! I nearly had a stroke!

When he started to take orders I had to keep reminding the customers he was learning how to do orders. They would drive off before he was finished and he would stare at the screen scowling. I tried not to laugh.

Oh the next two weeks are going to be fun!


What a remarkable day!!!

I don’t know what to write about first so I will begin with what I believed what was a blessing! 😇 

The Lord certainly does work in mysterious ways. 

While ago I had taken a week off for a concert and recovery time because I was ill. It would leave me enough money left over for rent. No big deal. I wasn’t worried about it.

My niece told me “auntie, my mom says you never have money!”

I always have money. More than enough. I buy my niece whatever she likes. I give my sister money because she always need it. 

 My sister took me out for lunch at a steak house and because I reminded her she was buying she chastised me  for taking time off because I never have money. Whatever.

I went to pay my rent, and the receptionist handed me back most of my rent money! I stared at her in shock. I tried to give it back “this is what I owe you” I protested.

“No you have credit” she replied. 

I was so stunned, I walked out of the office. I looked up to the heavens and grinned. “You are good, Lord!” I cried. I Ran to the car chanting it over and over.

My sister scowled at me “what took you so long!” She snapped.

“The Lord is good! He always provides!” I sighed climbing into the car.

She rolled her eyes but her eyes widened in disbelief when I showed her my money and told her what happened.

That’s why we always must be thankful and don’t take care our blessings for granted! 

Now to rewind the day:

I was sent to my cage for lunch. Unfortunately interac was slower than molasses!😒

“What do you want me to do about it?” Steve asked “I don’t control it, just like I don’t control how slow you are!”

Oh snap, son!

“Ok then don’t tell me to hurry me up!” I replied sweetly.

I should have jumped out the window and save me the pain!

  1. Why do people ask how many nuggets we have? We haven’t changed them in 25 years!
  2. Why ask what kind of happy meal we have? Didn’t change in 20 years!

A woman took 5 minutes to order! “Can I have the sauce that’s on the fries?” The mcChicken sauce? “Is that the white sauce?”

A kitten came through. He was so cute!!!

A pick up of 3 teenage girls pulled up to the window. One of them reaches over to tap her card, the card falls to the ground.

The driver stared at the ground in disbelief “oh my god! Lyndsay Lynn Miller” she exclaimed

The drivers face was so priceless I burst out laughing. She was so mortified. “But I wanted to tap the card!” The girl pouted.

“No! You are not touching my card!” The driver cried. I laughed harder.

Later a former co worker pulled up wearing a fake mustache! I laughed.

My day improved when I was let out of my cage


“I don’t know who took my order but she has the personality of a snail!” Customer complained

Really? I was being polite! I wanted to tell you to hurry the fuck up! I was making 12 mcCafes, having my manager bark at me about said mc cafes while trying to take the order you weren’t in a hurry to give me!

Order slowly and you jack up my times and I get in trouble!


I think the one thing I like most about walking in the mornings is Fall sun rises. Granted, I don’t like walking in the morning because no one pays attention when they drive, but it is so beautiful out!

That was how I began my morning. Enjoying the sunrise.

Of course I arrived to work early started work one minute late because of breakfast and slowly trudging up the stairs but who cared.

Only Steve.

He punished me by putting me on window. I forgot it was Wednesday. Which meant Cult day. (My parents church prayer group has breakfast)

My sister and I were goofing off and Steve fixed us with a stare “do I have to separate you two? I’m not running a daycare!”

I burst out laughing. “I’m chilling here, Steve. Being awesome as usual” I replied.

He grimaced “you are not awesome. Leaning against the wall is not awesome”

I laughed harder “Steve your day is not complete until I’m bugging you”

“My day is complete when you aren’t around me” Steve replied.

My jaw dropped. “Really? Why you like that?”

Everyone laughed including Steve.

Later, my sister tried to get me into trouble by pretending I hurt her. I punched her “ow!” She cried

Steve caught us his expression was priceless. “you two need anger management!” He told us.

“No, I’m chilling” I replied.

“You’re chilling?” He exclaimed incredulously “take some accountability!”

I pouted “I take accountability for my mistakes but I’m so chill right now”

He laughed “oh really? That’s not what your facebook posts say!”

Oh touché

I was having a lot of fun today until I had to take cash for the last half of my shift.

I had to keep myself from grabbing the bunhook and stabbing the customers! “Stop being so rude!” I shouted to no one at peculiar.

Every customer was so rude to the order takers!

They would drive up to my window where I would be so polite and nice and continue with their basic bitchiness!


“Can I go now?” Demanded a customer her expression one of disdainful contempt “can I go?”

I stared at her in disbelief “did you pay me? No you can’t leave my window without paying me!”


mobile apps are the worst in drive thru. I asked to see the coupon. The girl stared at me blankly. “Do you need see it?” She asked.

Uh yeah.

She handed me her mobile and there are four coupons. But she didn’t click on the screen to activate the coupon. Now I have no idea which one to use because the my screen doesn’t tell me. I asked her. It was a yellow coupon. Which meant kiosk only. I explained that to her.

“It doesn’t matter” she told me

“It does because I have to enter a code to prevent you from reusing a coupon. The yellow doesn’t allow me because it’s a scan only. So you have to use it a kiosk! But don’t worry you can use it here” I then reminded the order takers to ask what kind of app coupon it was!

Another customer preceded to tell me that no where on the coupon did it say kiosk. I showed him on the app. “But it says redeemable at kiosk. I should know I use it all the time!” Really? You should know?!

Annoyed I grabbed the scanner and scanned the coupon “did it work? No it didn’t because it’s kiosk only! Yellow for inside! Red for drive thru!” I snapped “it has a code so it won’t be reused!”

He paid for his meal then huffed. “So I can’t use it?”

My jaw dropped. “No! I already gave you the discount!”

He Drives off.

“Oh my god!” I cried “I’m going to throw myself out the window!”

The door open and the manager sticks his head in “how do you like it in here? Nice change of pace?” He grinned.

I forced a smile “oh I don’t mind taking cash. It’s the rudeness!”

He laughed “don’t be rude!”

I’m not being rude I’m being nice!

I’m going to throw myself out the window!

Explaining to a customer that a plain ice coffee means exactly that! Black. Nothing in it. So when I asked her about it she kept insisting no flavour. I explained that sugar is flavour. Cream is flavour. “But they ask me what flavour!” She cried “and I’m telling you no flavour! Plain!”

“No what you are telling me you want just only cream! Our flavours are regular which is liquid sugar. Vanilla and caramel” I sighed.

“Oh. Just regular!”

I throw a cup at the wall.

“There she goes again!” Leta laughed.

I burst out laughing 😂


Coupons are the bane of my existence. Every quarter they are mailed out for what seems like millennia. Yet For some strange reason, people cannot fathom how they work.

x: I have a coupon.
ok, that’s nice what kind.

X: I don’t know. A coupon.
what does it say!!!

T: Uh so I have a coupon
ok for next time just tell me before you start ordering that you have a coupon.

T: Why?
Because I have to void this whole order out and start over.

T: Are you kidding me!!!
(no. I am doing it to piss you off so you will learn your lesson!)

T: Fuck my life! This is stupid!
(no fuck my life! because it says right on the coupon every time to tell me before you start!)

U: I will have the seriously chicken. with my coupon.
what kind of chicken. (offer two kinds.)

U: I said a chicken!”
yes what kind. (offer two kinds.)

U: Jesus Christ a chicken!

U: Oh. I don’t know!
(fuck off!)

P: So I have a coupon!
oh kay then please tell me before you start ordering.

P: Maybe you should have a sign on your menu!
I do.

P: No you dont!
(seriously bro! why are you arguing!)
I do.

P: It’s not on your menu! I am going to take a picture of your menu and show it to you!
Go ahead and take a picture. It’s right in front of your face!

P: oh there it is.
(yeah you feel pretty damn stupid now don’t you!)

L: Why are you charging me for the sauce! I don’t want sauce!

its for the sauce that does not come on your burger

L: what! I ordered on your kiosk and wasn’t charged for the sauce!
its store policy. You order off the menu you get charged. Thank you please pull ahead.

I think its my sugary sweet voice that pisses people off and they dont take me seriously. Only when I start getting irritated and they hear it, surprise! They start responding nicer or at least faster.

What is up with that anyway?

Good thing was I didn’t throw cups!





I thought today was Friday and I was so excited because that meant the weekend! woot woot!

No such luck!

I was in a great mood, until someone decided to set me off. Every morning we would be in the car at work. I would be reading some emails on my phone. She would be trying to get ready for work. Every morning She would yip at me to move my arm so she could open the center console. My arm would dangle for a good five minutes and yet she would fidget with the console trying to close it. Telling me it was my fault that she couldnt close it.  Today I completely lost my shit.

“How the fuck is my arm in your way when it is in the air?” I shouted. “Do you know how to close a lid!” I was livid. “My arm is up. You push the lid down! Down! Up. Down. DO you know the difference!”

She stared at me. “Your arm was in the..”

“For the love of God!’ I couldn’t believe how she was not getting it. “Every morning!”

I climbed out and slammed the car door shut.

When I got on shift I had cooled down a bit.

I walked into the Second booth to grab a drink of water. I was talking to the girls. Laughing. One of the girls was changing the cream from the cream dispenser when it exploded everywhere!

4 liters of cream splashed all over her, me the walls the floor underneath the two espresso machine counters which meant it would reek for weeks!

I slowly lowered my cup. She was screaming. The other girls were gasping in horror. My eye started to twitch. “How many times do we have to say to stop pulling on the hose!” I asked. “How many times!” my voice rose.

The girls watched me warily to see if I would lose my cool. I turned around and walked out of drive thru. “Where are you going?” the team leader asked as I passed her.

I gave her a cold look and she smiled hesitantly. “Good idea Rebecca” she murmured and turned back to running for drive thru.

I found the mop bucket. Full of dirty water. “Are you fucking kidding!” I sighed. I pushed the bucket towards the side door

I quickly emptied it in the lobby and filled it. When I returned to the kitchen. There was Steve waiting for me. “Rebecca you do know you could fill it right there!” the not so pleased expression on his face would have made me laugh other times, but now it made my eye twitch. “right there!” he pointed to the cleaning solution station near the back sink.

“Don’t start with me Steve! The water was dirty!” I growled.

“Oh okay!” he smiled “well now I know it wasn’t you that made the mess.”

I chuckled.

It took three buckets of water to clean. Steve was pretty good about the mess. He usually has a fit!

However, I kept trying to tell the girls to watch the spouts when changing the cream. “why are you blaming me” they would cry.

“Stop it!” I snapped. “I am not blaming you. Stop and listen! The brower boys are loosening the cream lids so it will make a mess when anyone changes the cream!”

After that fiasco, I returned to drive thru to take orders. My good mood returned. But it didnt last long when someone kept insisting on deliberately bumping into me. Or leaning on me especially after I asked them to stop. I was fixing a machine and I was bumped into again nearly knocked off my feet.

My rage exploded. I threw my cup at the wall.

“Stop trying my patience!” I shouted. “the next person who bumps into me will get throat punched!”

“Rebecca!” Devi gasped.

“I am not kidding.”

I was surprised I wasn’t in trouble by that outburst, but I appreciated that.

I think maybe I am PMSing!