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  • I will have a Skoreo.  I am supposed to know that it is half skor and half oreo
  • I will have a coffee. Half and half: customer got mad when he had to explain it meant half cream and half sugar
  • I will have orange pop. That is half orange fruitopia and sprite! : nope just orange fruitopia! we dont do mix drinks!
  • I will have a large coffee Mcdouble: ew you want a mcDouble in your coffee? nope its supposed to be a large double double
  • I will have a mix shake. that is half chocolate and strawberry: customer got so upset that we didnt mix drinks anymore she was demanding to know how we would make up for the charge in inventory!
  • I will have a pancake meal: explained to the customer 3x  the kinds of pancakes we had and the only meal we had was the happy meal. she needed a power point presentation, a chalk drawing and a picture before she understood she could get what she wanted, but not as a meal price!
  • I will have egg muffin and bacon: so you want egg muffin add bacon. OR a bacon muffin. The Bacon muffin!!! well you just ordered an egg muffin add bacon. Oh!
  • I will have an egg muffin with ham on it: ok an egg muffin. NO! an egg muffin with ham on it! Yeah it comes with ham. Oh!
  • I will have a black coffee with ice in it: Why do you keep making it wrong?!!!! I want an iced coffee!: Because we punch in exactly what you told us!  you still wont order it right. Its Ice coffee black.  Yeah ok. I will have a black coffee with ice in it! GTFO!
  • I want a mcChicken! Crispy! : oh you mean a crispy chicken? The #6? No! Did I order that? I ordered a #5 crispy! nope. sorry. doesn’t come crispy! Well, it looks crispy! GTFO!
  • I want to know does mayo or Hellman’s come on my McChicken!: Uh McChicken sauce. I asked you is it Hellman’s or Mayo! mcChicken sauce is mayo!

15 Reasons Why I Could Never Work At McDonald’s

“What do you mean the shake machine is broken?!”

Source: 15 Reasons Why I Could Never Work At McDonald’s

A co-worker tagged me today with this on FB!

I never laughed so hard, because it was so true.

Especially with today’s sheninagans.


Oh well, there is smart then there is smrt.

On a better note, a little goat came through. He was so cute.

Brown and white. So adorable!



I was enjoying my morning. I was running for the window orders. Laughing and enjoying the time I had with my kitchen crew.

“Oh dont flirt with Johnny” I heard G laugh.

Curious,  I looked up from the meal I was bagging. My eyes narrowed on Nicky who was leaning on Johnny, wrapping her arms around him.

“Nicky!” I gasped “are you flirting with my man?” my performance as a jealous woman could have earned me an Oscar! Damn it!

Johnny was trying to shrug her off. “Come on, Becky is watching. She doesnt like it when other girls flirt with me” he mumbled.

That made G and Heidi giggle. “Oh Becky is getting upset.” Heidi laughed.


I tried not to laugh too.

Nicky turned around, saw my expression, she panicked until she realised I was kidding. “Johnny is your man?” she echoed. She massaged his shoulders.

Johnny’s face expression was priceless. He tried not to laugh. He was blushing. “Come on she is getting angry!”

I giggled. “Johnny is my man! You better back off, princess!”

“Oh, are you jelly?” (jealous) Nicky teased. “I dont think you are ready for this jelly!” she sang

“Nicky, you don’t want none of  this jelly!” I laughed.

We were all laughing, but I wondered some time later when Johnny was watching me, did he really think I would be jealous? Sure I was envious of how the other girls could interact with him so freely when I could barely talk to him. But I wasn’t jealous.  Did he wonder why I wouldn’t talk to him as easily as I did with G?   G was one of my close friends. I wasn’t attracted to him like I was attracted to Johnny.

we were having such a great time! Laughing.

It was a great day!

Never see me coming

“Oh my god you are like a T-Rex”

me: no I’m like a Velociraptor! You never see me coming until it’s too late!”



Whew! What a day!

Time to relax and chill!

I really think we need a massage chair in drive thru or a masseuse to massage the tension away.

I mean, I think my eye was twitching so much it looked like I had some sort of disorder.

I was doing fine, laughing and joking with the customers. Steve thought I was talking to myself. “Rebecca who are you talking to?” he asked while he was making a Frappe.

I frowned. “I am talking to Victor ok?”

He turned to me. “Did you just tell him you wouldnt make his order?” he asked incredulously.

I laughed. “Of course I did. Its Victor.” I sighed. “He dared to order tea with honey!”

Steve turned back to his frappe, mumbling under his breath. I laughed harder.

Ah my day isnt complete until Steve is grumbling to himself!

Yes things were going fine, until later on.

“I want two sausage muffin meals.” a customer asked.

“Ok” I replied. “were they with egg.”

“I said two sausage muffin combos!” he shouted.

And what part of the question didn’t he understand, I thought grumpily. “With egg? Is your sausage with egg!”

“Oh my god, lets start over!” the woman in the passenger side piped up like I was the stupid one who couldn’t possibly get this right!

“We want sausage muffin meals!”

“yes,” I answered. “I am asking you if those come with egg. Right now you just ordered two sausage muffin with no egg!”

There was silence. “Oh my god!” the guy exclaimed. “Of course they are with egg.” again with the holier than art attitude. Fuck off!

“Really? Because if you dont say sausage egg you get sausage muffin!” I snapped angrily.

Silence. “Oh. sorry.” he said in a meek tone.

The afternoon progressed ok. We were busy.

A customer asked for a number 2.

I had her order on the screen.

“Thats supposed to be breakfast not lunch!” she cried.

I sighed. “A number 2 is a quarter pounder. If you want breakfast please clarify you would like breakfast.”

“What?” she cried. “I said I wanted breakfast.”

“Yes. But if you want breakfast, please tell me!” I insisted.


I laughed however when lane 1 asked their customer for their order and my customer who wasnt near the speaker started to order.

my customer: I would like an ice cream cone.

lane 1: ok and what kind of nuggets would you like, sir? (to her customer)

my customer: hello hello I didnt want nuggets.

he pulls up to the speaker. I greeted him and he was so stunned. “but.. uh ok I would like ice cream”

Just before I left there was an order of 14 van frappe! and we ran out of Van frappe!

Then my customer at the speaker started to hello me, which really pissed me off, because I was trying to replace the frappe, make the frappe and he had just pulled up.

“Excuse me!” I barked, “I am trying to do 100 things at once here, so please forgive me if I dont greet you right away! I have my hands full! Now may I take your order please!”

Ugh, dollar drink days! so much fun!

I am so happy to be off shift now! ♥

you still have breakfast?!

It’s not yet 9 and a customer has a meltdown because he couldn’t have lunch!

well gosh darn it who would have thought!


Well, today I tried to be in a good mood. Tried and failed miserably.


The kitchen crew made me feel better. “You have to be careful of Rebecca you dont want to mess with her she is the scary one.” a kitchen crew exclaimed.

AJ scoffed. “Are you kidding me? Its the other one who scares me! Rebecca is nicer.” he said. “The other one always walks around with an angry face all the time.”

I laughed so hard. The last bit of my shift was made easier.

I have been getting odd remarks “How come you are so much nicer than your sister?”

Its nice that others noticed that I am the nice and sweet one♥