It was the best day ever!

I managed to do some online shopping before work!

I got to crush people’s dreams!

I was in my cage laughing hysterically like a crazed lunatic!

“Becky why are you laughing like an idiot?!” Steve asked finally.

“I’m crushing people’s dreams!”

“Why did I even ask” he groaned.

“I’m a maniac a maniac taking orders” I sang.

Why was I behaving like a lunatic?

Not only was it Black Friday!

There was no school. Parents had to take their kids with them to the sales.

And if they wanted to take the edge off- ahem stress- off?

None of our espresso machines were working!

And then they were asking if we had almond or oat milk!

It was brilliant!

People were absolutely going bananas and there I was revelling in the glory of chaos!

The sadistic part of me was loving it.

The only time I had to use my Big Boy voice was when a guy tried to pull attitude with me and I quickly nipped that in the bud. I put him back in his place. “I was asking if it was two meals!” I raised my voice “thanks”

It was a perfect day!


Drinking Ginger Turmeric Tea with honey and cinnamon while in the bath. Of late I felt as if I have a catch in my throat. Do I cough up my internal organs, or vomit them? Either way it’s a constant nuisance!

It was a wonderful beautiful day! I was so excited to spend the day enjoying the sunshine!

I was in a wonderful mood until the stupid people woke up and made their appearance!

  • “I will have the muffin meal” ok what kind!
  • “What kind of ice drinks do you have” pick one!
  • “I have a code” this woman kept insisting she had it after I asked her to give it to the cashier. “Am I speaking gibberish??” I finally shouted. “I dont want your code! Now please order!”
  • “Oh I don’t have rewards points” no one asked you for any.
  • “Are you ready to take my order?!” I didn’t say “hello” to have a friendly conversation, bro. Oh my goodness lol
  • “Why are you guys so pissy?!” Excuse me?!!!! The girl was mortified that I heard her.!! “No not you! Oh my gosh”
  • “What part of my order didn’t you get?!!” None of it! Because you didn’t wait for me to greet you and you didn’t clarify anything like drinks or what nuggets meal !!

When I finally clocked out? The sunshine was gone and it was dark. What happened to the sunshine!

I’m cackling evilly!

Tomorrow is Black Friday!

I don’t wish that hell on anyone!

I can’t wait to shop!

I wonder if we have Black Fridays as bad as the states? As far as I can I remember we don’t.

Or maybe I just blocked out the trauma!


I’m falling asleep in the bath as I write this.

I’m exhausted!

My cats have been mischievous lately. Which was wonderful Medicine after a rough day!

My mom visited last night. She wanted to see the cats, not me. (I had been over to the house for dinner)

After much spoiling the babies, my mom left. Or so I thought. All of sudden she popped up outside the balcony door calling for Willow.

Willow ran outside, excited to get some pets from grandma. She turned around and presented her ass to my mom!

My mom, meanwhile had reached out to pet her. When she realized her hand was about to be up in Willow’s ass, she let out a screech. “Willow, no!”

I laughed hysterically.

“Becky! That’s gross! Her ass is so dirty! Clean her ass! Willow stop it!”

Willow was so proud of herself!

I have been training Willow to bathe herself before climbing into bed. She does alright. She sneezed all over me. Then nestled closed, under my chin. I was so happy! Daisy will not cuddle up like that!


I thought my day would be so much better than yesterday. After all I had a wonderful sleep. I was sleeping with my babies.

The morning began well.

Until the entitled Kevins’ drove up in their big ass diesel trucks!

After greeting one customer I asked him to turn off his truck because I couldn’t hear him. He ignored me and continued ordering.

“Please turn off your truck”

“I’m not turning off my fucking truck!” He exploded.

I was not going to be putting up with anyone’s bullshit! Especially some country heehaw bumpkin who couldn’t even order a damn coffee. “I asked you to turn off your truck. It’s a diesel right?! It’s loud, right?! I can’t hear you over the damn diesel!” I shouted.

“Right” he was a bit more subdued. But he didn’t turn off the truck.

“So what do you want”

“I want an Americano!”

“Alright, thank you! You can go now!”


Another customer mumbled through their order over their diesel. However they turned off the truck when I asked.

Still mumbled.

“I’m sorry did you say a banana muffin”

There was a tsking sound “are you fucking deaf?!” The customer shouted.

Well that triggered me. “Yes, I actually am! Thank you for pointing out my handicap!” I shot back. “That is why I kept asking you to repeat yourself!”

There was a moment of silence. The passenger was so horrified “oh my god!”

The driver didn’t apologize but spoke clearer.

Phew! After I was finished that order, I was wondering how could customers not be embarrassed and mortified by their actions Flashback in time, when a customer told me he was deaf and I was rude for not making eye contact and speaking clearly so he could read my lips!

I was absolutely mortified! I must say I am forever grateful to that man! His critique helped me so much! I try to make eye contact and read my customers lips as well.

I am surprised I even finished this post! I kept falling asleep in the bath!

Good night 😽


The restaurant was closed

Perhaps I get to start late because all the systems are being updated.

No customers. I’m just eating my food now


I remarked to a coworker yesterday that if I had my ovaries? I would have had a bad case of PMS.

Hmm maybe my testosterone hormones decided to rear their ugly head, I raged like a mother chucker

  • Say it! Say it! Don’t wait 8 hours to tell me you want 2 meals!
  • I don’t care about your numbers!
  • Shut up! I already told your total!
  • Will you spit it out already! My god, I am falling asleep!

The interesting thing about my conversation with my coworker was how we recovered from cancer. It was so nice to talk about it, and hear other people’s recovery.

It never fails to astonish me, how different other people’s journeys are. How brave they are. It is so remarkable how our different the symptoms were and how our bodies react once given medicine. Although there is one certainty. Pain.

My coworker burst out laughing when I told her I felt like I need my rocking chair because my body felt rickety now. Entirely my fault though. I haven’t been stretching.

Maybe today will be better.

Maybe I won’t need the 4 cups of coffee, and coke to get through the morning!


It was a beautiful day yesterday!

Sunshine! Warm! Despite the snow on the ground!

However, I should have realized what kind of day I was going to have because I had been having wonderful dreams about M.

A supposed harbinger of doom if I am in a good mood!

My mood quickly soured when all of my orders became ridiculously moronic! My customers were being obtuse! And Steve had to tell me on more one occasion to calm down.

How lucky was I, that managers were no longer were wearing headsets!🤣

The final straw was when one of my coworkers;who often triggers me and my OCD, decided to try me!

X handed out a wrong order. The customer opened the bag, rummaged through it and gave it back to X. X then folded the bag put it on the table to hand out to the correct customer.

“Um, you are not handing that out, are you” it wasn’t question more of a statement.

X stared at me. “There is nothing wrong with it”

I felt my eye twitch. “Once a bag goes out to a customer we cannot take it back to hand it to another.” I replied “go remake it.”Management were everywhere, not once did they step in to correct his attitude, procedures.

he was raising his voice talking over me, arguing how he didn’t have to do anything I say or follow procedure,when I was trying to explain it was food procedure.

“I don’t care if you have been 25 years what does that matter to me?”

“You will listen!” I shouted “when senior staff corrects you, or asks you to do something you will do it! You do not talk back to me or someone of seniority!”

Of course my teammates were trying to calm us down. But I had enough!

“If you continue, we will have something to talk about! With Steve! Downstairs! Now stop talking and fix the order!”

His best friend who was team leader was trying to tell him to listen but he got really upset then. “Why are you telling me I have to listen to her?!” He cried “she is not the manager! You are!”

“Because she has more seniority!” She cried “she was also right! Now stop arguing!”

The rest of the team tried to pacify him in their language which made me angrier. May moved away from them to see if I was ok.

“No, next time I will go to the boss and I will have him sent home! I will not tolerate this behaviour in my drive thru!” I snapped.

“Oh Becky”

“No, we are very lucky! we get away with a lot. But I will not tolerate anyone who messes around with food procedures. What if the health inspector came in? And saw that?!”

X opened his mouth.

“Fuck off,” I hissed “shut your mouth and do your job!”

I was thankful to be off.

I wanted to relax, order pizza and bubble tea for dinner. but no. My order was pending for nearly 2 hours before being canceled? Why? The restaurant closed.

Are you kidding me?

I made garlic noodles and sulked on the couch.

This morning I was waiting on my groceries to be delivered by eleven. I was becoming very irritable. By lunch, the delivery arrived, but the driver carried the groceries up to my unit.

I was stunned by her kindness. Made me happy.

My mood definitely improved.

Now I am enjoying my lovely sunshine my lovely afternoon and my cats!


I had one of my moments today!

Ok two!

It’s like how am I living my life!

It was a cold day! -20C however it was over 70C in drive thru! Hotter than Satan’s balls! I was sweating even though I wasn’t doing any work!

I had to plea with my team to turn down the heat!

We didn’t open lobby until 11. Lunchtime. That meant drive thru was busy! I was so nice and sweet, it was sickening!

Customers were so stunned 😧 🤣 by my sweet self, others were absolute bitches!

“Please pull ahead,” I murmured after the ordered was finished.

“So what’s my total”

“I don’t know ma’am, I’m multitasking. I’m not at my till. Your total will be at the cash window”

“Oh my god! How hard is it to tell me my total” she mumbled.

“Pretty hard, since I am taking orders, making drinks and drive thru is lined up.” I replied ever so sweetly “but you’re welcome!”

There was stunned silence, “oh”

I turned off my mic “don’t fucking argue with me!”

Everyone started laughing.

I started having troubles taking order. “Hi what would you like to eat! No I meant what would you like to order!” Face palm.

My favourite one? Greeting the customer with “Hi what would you like to drink? I mean what you like to order? I’m sorry I can’t speak! How am I still doing my job?!”

The customer burst out laughing!

Apparently a customer pulled “I know the manager” yesterday.

A customer refused to park and have his food brought out to him, because he was waiting on food. Of course, he made a stink about it and told the presenter to screw off. Steve stepped in. The customer then said “I know your supervisor! His name is (last name)”

Steve stared at him “ I am (insert last name) and I don’t know you! You can go. Don’t bother coming back”

After the customer drove off, he called the restaurant to complain. The regional manager picked up and replied “I do believe you already spoke to the general manager. Don’t bother coming back”

I had a good day, however by the time my shift ended? My energy dwindled down to nothing!


It was a chilly day! Sunny! I love days like these! Sweater weather!

I was in a wonderful mood! I woke up in great spirits! No pain, no blahs!

The lobby was closed for most of the day. Delivery was turned off as well.

I was enjoying myself. I was in fine form.

“Oh Becky you are so squishy like a teddy bear!” May exclaimed, hugging me. I laughed.

“Thank you”

“I am so happy you are here!”

That made me happy to hear.

Sometime later, May grumbled “there are too many people in the drive thru!” She referred to our teammates.

I grinned “ok I will leave! Goodbye!”

May frowned “no!”

I shrugged “you said there was too many people! You wanted me to leave!”

“No not you!” May protested “I like working with you! You are nice! You know what you are doing! Unlike those two!”She gestured to the McCafé Person and first lane.

I was really happy to know that.

My shenanigans were up to no good during lunch.

“Anytime, 25 years!” Steve called out.

“No problem, 30 years” I snickered handing Steve a drink.

“Steve is 30 years old?” First lane asked

“No he is a couple years old than me” I replied “he must be 65”

Steve didn’t hear that one.

“You’re old then?”

Ouch. “No” I sighed.

Steve began to sing the theme song to Three’s company. “Come and knock on our door..”

I perked up “we’ve been waiting for you!” I joined in.

“Thanks Mrs. Roper!” Steve quipped.

“No problem Mr Roper” then I snicker “you’re mr. Furley”

My mood was good until a customer sabotaged it. It took me three minutes to decipher that “chocolate” meant cookie! The customer refused to stop mumbling, to speak clearly and articulate what he wanted! I threw a sleeve of coffee lids.

Another customer had the gall to become angry with me because she wanted 1 coffee not 2! “First of all,” I snapped “you didn’t tell me you wanted a senior coffee until after you ordered! I have to go back and punch in the senior coffee!”

There was silence “oh” she murmured.

“How long have people have been on this planet and they still don’t know how to order a cup of coffee!” I exploded.

Another woman snapped at me that she wanted her tea well stirred

“Ma’am I’m the one who makes your tea!”

“Oh sometimes..”

“Have a nice day!” well stirred! I stir while I pour!

Then mumbling guy returned and took forever to tell me that the one sugar drink he wanted was a coffee! After I went through every hot drink! No! No!

The passenger wasn’t pleased “she asked you if you wanted coffee!” He shouted “why did you say no! Jesus Christ!”

At another time I would have laughed but I wasn’t feeling it! Then the asscan tried to order a shake and a cheeseburger!

“I have your cheeseburger! You need to go!” I shouted “have a nice day! Have a nice day!”

The passenger was so angry at the driver! 3 minutes to tell me that coffee!

Now I feel bad because I have a hard time getting my words out too.

I had to ask for forgiveness from the Lord on that one!

Other than some Snafus I just had a nice day lol


It’s starting to get colder!

It began snowing. Just flurries.

My day began wonderfully. The lobby was closed again because we were short staffed. There wasn’t any front counter staff, so managers had to take orders and make drinks.

I was full of good spirits. However, I began feeling queasy an hour into my shift.

Perhaps it was bad indigestion. I burped and damn near threw up all over the McCafé person!

I was doing my best. I was grateful it was slow. I was languishing, drinking peppermint tea with lots of honey. I was even being nice to customers!

Until a regular customer pulled up to the speaker. Marlena.

“I have a code”

“Yes, please tell the cash person”

She made a noise. “I don’t understand why during the week day there are different people taking my order”

My eye twitched.

“I’m sorry”

“Why are there people telling me differently?!”

I sighed “as I have explained many times before, it’s faster to give it to the cash person! I’m not going to spend 10 minutes trying to punch in your order because my till freezes up.”

“Well you should get rid of the sign”

“How about we move along and not worry about the sign”

They can read the rewards sign but can’t read the menu!

On my break I ended up vomiting. I was back to my old self!

I was on front counter.

I killed it!

Doing McCafé, orders, sometimes lobby.

The managers running the orders.

It was a great day.


It began snowing today.

I was not too enthusiastic about it.

Although the snowfall wasn’t as much as Saskatchewan! They were buried in snow!

I suppose I should have realized that the snow would be a harbinger of disaster.

It was eerie how empty the parking lot appeared to be when I arrived this morning. Few cars and the supply truck. The lobby was also empty.

We were short staffed.

My mood soured however when every time I took an order, customers would react as if I was speaking another language!

“Tabernak! est-ce que je parle français ?! Non, j parle anglais! arrêter d’être stupide!”

Thankfully it was a slow day. Only one espresso machine was working! The one drink order screen was down. So if there was McCafé drinks? I wouldn’t have known until someone asked where the drink was! I had to be in second booth by myself after 3! I was surprised how well I did.

It was a good day!