Oh the rage was real!

A customer was arguing with me because she didn’t know how to read the CVS outside. “I only see one coffee”

after assuring her twice politely that her order was correct she kept insisting it was wrong.

”Ma’am!” I snapped “there are two coffees! one is in a cookie coffee meal! have a nice day!”

she started to protest

”have a nice day!” I shouted.

I threw my cup. Then the tea!

Customers  have the gall to argue with the order taker when the fucking proof is right in their face!

Not a few a minutes later. A customer asks for a smoothie. I asked what size. Oh the two dollar one.

Get the fuck out!


One of my doppelgängers pulled up to the window.

The presenter turned to hand out her drink and stopped. She was so surprised it took her a moment to realize she was staring. She gave my doppelgänger her drink, told her to have a great day.

she hurried over to me “Becky! That girl looked exactly like you!” She exclaimed.

I sighed “I know. It happens all the time” I replied, “don’t worry about it”

”wow” she murmured.

Wow is an over statement.

I lost count how many doppelgängers I have. This one made her appearance a couple of months ago, however her boyfriend was a regular customer!

At least Katerina Petrova only had three doppelgängers. Amara doesn’t count😜



I was having one of those days.

Derp thought because I was so sweet and kind lately he could micro-manage me

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First of all, I am not a child. I am not a part-timer. I know my business, stay in your place before we have hands!

He made the mistake of putting me on McCafe. (fucking hate that position!) There I am making coffee. Two buckets of ice coffees so we could be prepared for the rush.

I am finally done my task and I walk up to the landing to run some orders and Derp starts to beak off at me. “Rebecca part of your job is to run for the window! So don’t just stand there at the coffee station!”

I was right behind him. “Yeah, thanks for pointing that out. There are no orders” I shot back.

Steve’s head shot up. He had been double-checking orders. “Whoa. Whoa! Oh snap!” he laughed. “Such anger!”

Derp glared at me. Dont look at me like that, I will poke out your eyes!

Later on, I was in the middle of an order. “Rebecca,” Derp began. My eye began to twitch. “You know you’re on coffee. I shouldn’t be over here making coffee. Keep an eye on coffee.”

“Funny thing is? Its called teamwork.” I replied.  “I shouldn’t be over here running. Yet here I am running orders. What is it you want me to do? Run or make coffees?”

He glared at me. I finished my order, and walked over. “Is there a problem?”I asked ever so sweetly.

“You didnt have any coffee made.”

Really? There were 4 pots made. Nice try. “Four pots made.”

“Yes, but they were empty.”

I reached over to check. “Sure looks full to me.”

“Rebecca,” he began, ‘I just made those.”

“Nope, those are the pots I made. Make sure the timers are put on the ones you made.” I pivotted on my heel and left.

I was covering a break in drive thru. I was stretching in between orders.

“Rebecca!” Derp snapped.

I slowly straightened. My fingers clenching into fist so I wouldnt say anything that would get me into trouble.

“Instead of just standing there, how about you stock up clean up or run for window.”

I glance behind me. Again no orders for window.

“I will get right on that!”

Jacey snickered.

After work, Steve wanted to talk to me. “Oh great,” I mumbled.

“Close the door,” he instructed me.

It was very good news!!!

He didn’t enjoy the tension this morning. He glared at Derp. He wanted to assure me that what happened last weekend would never affect me. That crew loved my sister, loved me. That the crew would never be the same without my sister, or me.

He hadn’t been at the meeting with my sister and the boss. ( there are two boss Steves) He was totally blown away by what happened. He asked me what she said to me.

I told him that the entire weekend I thought it was a joke. That she was pulling my leg.

He told me believed in second chances. That she deserved a second chance. He knew there was no way she would ever do such a thing. Nor I.

When my sister came to pick me up, he saw her and told her she wasn’t fired. She was suspended for a week. He would be having a long talk with Boss. There was no way he was going to let her go. He wouldn’t be able to run this restaurant without her.

What wonderful news!!!!

My sister broke down crying with happiness.

I told her to Praise God because He was the One who made this happen.



My callous disregard of human life:

jacey: what’s in the tea?

me: I don’t know. I don’t care. They don’t tell me. I don’t ask. That’s the new rule. They don’t tell us. We don’t ask.

BVS: it’s sounds like a bad rule to me.

me: really? You will fall in line! You will conform to my evil regime!

-my kingdom! I am queen here no one unsurps my authority!

Just kidding of course! Or am I?


I am so done with Summer drinks!

How hard is it order an ice coffee? Hmm lets see.

  • I will have a sugar free vanilla with no sugar. – its SUGAR FREE. Now you are ordering it with just cream!
  • I will have a sugar free with a shot of vanilla. – vanilla is the flavor!
  • I will have an iced coffee. regular. Why isn’t it black? – because regular is cream and sugar! it automatically comes sweetened!
  • I will have 3 ice coffees. 2 with milk and sweetener. the other regular. Why do 3 of them look different? – because you ordered it that way. his excuse was he came in all the time and never had sweetener in his coffee. I call his bullshit. You are not at Tim Hortons, buddy!
  • I will have a regular ice coffee with a vanilla shot. is that regular size vanilla ice coffee? you just ordered a regular flavored iced coffee added vanilla. Two flavors one drink. Gross!


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Today began well. It was a beautiful sunny day.

I was only window person until 8.

Thats when it went straight to hell!

My sister was cranky because I wouldn’t help her out on coffee.

I couldn’t leave the counter because I had continuous orders.

“Learn to be a team player! You have to start taking orders faster!”

Really. I can multi-task and my orders are 8-1. Thank you so much.

I thought I would be happier on orders. No such luck.
It was just as painful.

Drive thru was a disaster! the McCafe person was a scatterbrain, unable to focus on one task let alone being able to do multiple things at once. I was getting very cranky.

One lady took 5 minutes to order a crispy chicken, she was arguing with me that her order was not on the screen. I turned off my headset to stop listening to her for a moment. “Oh my god, I cant deal! I am going to throw something”

Suddenly Steve was in my face startling me. “Not one word!” he snapped.

I blinked. “Excuse me are you on the headset listening? If you are then you would know my pain! But you are not! So dont come up into my face yelling at me!”

He stared at me. Turned around and walked back to the presenters’ table.

I turned my headset and finished the order. I was quite polite after that. But people need moments to deal with stress.

Well my moment was done when the presenter got upset with the McCafe person for not properly labeling her drinks.

“Rebecca!” Steve stormed over to me “Where are your markers! Why is she not using them!”

Again I groaned. Seriously why am I getting in shit for other people’s incompetence?!

“How would I know! I always put the markers right here!” I showed him. “Ask the mcCafe person.”

he walked away grumbling.

I had enough. “That is it!” I bellowed. I called for the McCafe person to come back from whatever she was doing. “You see these” I held up the markers. “If you do not put them back where they are supposed to go. I will get angry. If I get in trouble again because you cant do your job properly I will severely lose my shit! You need to focus! I am getting sick and tired of getting in trouble because of other people!”

“Why are you so mean?” she whined.


“I am not mean! I am telling you to stop pissing me off!”

The afternoon went better for about half hour before I found the McCafe person talking to the new presenter instead of making all the frappes and smoothies. I stopped making my coffee order. “What are you doing?” I was exasperated. “Get over here and start making these drinks.”

She stared at me. “Huh”

Oh my god!

I was so happy to be off.  I got into the car. My niece looked at me.

“Aunty did you have a talk with the boss too?”

confused I stared at her. “Why would I have a talk with my boss?”

“Mom got fired today.”

I burst out laughing. I thought she was kidding.

“She is joking with you.”

“No she was crying”

I was stunned. Really? My sister? The one who everyone claimed they couldnt live without at work got fired.

My sister got in the car. “You wouldn’t believe what happened!” she snapped. “They fired me today.”

I burst out laughing again. “Stop kidding.”

“I am not!”

“Yes, you are.”

But I can always tell when my sister is lying. She smiles. She wasn’t.

“What? Why”

“They knew since Thursday I was going to be fired. But had the audacity to schedule me and ask if I wanted to stay later till 4.” she explained the situation.

My sister is a hard worker. She worked weekends, worked overtime for them. She was the customers’ favorite. She is friendly to the customers. Yet apparently there were 3 complaints about her. Which is bullshit!

Apparently, she was inappropriate to someone. She swore in front of someone. Hah. My sister is so serious she doesn’t even sing at work. Nice try though.


“If anyone dares to ask about me” she snarls, “just tell them I am doing wonderfully.”

The other day a regular customer came in and told me that she got fired from her job because she and the new office manager didn’t get along.

It really made me think. How much I get away with. I wouldn’t be able to get away with any of it if I was to go to another job.



I had 3 hours of sleep!

I dont know what happened! It felt like I drank an ocean of caffiene! I was wide awake, and I couldnt sleep. So when I finally did start to drift off I was woken 15 minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off.

surprisingly I had remarkable energy for the day! How was that possible! I was recovering from McHappy Day, surviving on 3 hour sleep and I was in drive thru all day!

The girls were trying to teach me how to dance. “No Becky! Its like this!” Heidi cried.

“No you know I cant do that!” I wailed. “I have two left feet!”

Steve turns around sees me flailing around, he groaned. “oh my god what are you doing?”

“they are trying to teach me how to dance!” I replied defiantly.

Steve rolled his eyes.

Believing I was now safe from Steve’s shenanigans I turned back to Heidi.

“No Heidi its like this!” I insisted, bumping my ass in the air.

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Suddenly I was shoved aside, bewildered I turned around. There was Steve beside me. “No Heidi its like this!” he exclaimed.  He proceeded to flop his arms and legs like a chicken!

I was so stunned, I burst out laughing. “Good lord”

I had a fantastic day but I’m tired and sleepy.




My day was remarkably well.

I actually had to do so some work.  I don’t do manual labor? (JK)

I had to run for window.

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But because the cashier was so slow I had to take orders as well. It was so busy, that I had 8 orders done to his 2. I leaned over. “Hurry up and take orders.”

He looked over at me. “I am. I am”

My sister was like “Rebecca if you are not busy run these coffees out to the customers.”

Yeah ok.  In what moment would you like me to do that? Between orders and running, or while taking an order? I have no moments. Do it your own self!

After that catastrophe, I was to help out drive-thru. By doing Mc Cafe.

Who in their right mind would put me on McCafe! I am a disaster! I can barely pour one coffee without making a mess! I surprised everyone I did alright for that little bit.

However, by the time my shift was over, my eye was twitching. While on orders I spilled a frappe, a coffee. My sister was on orders with me, and she kept wondering why there were so many swap orders. “You take too long to take an order! You take too long to greet the customer! You cant multi-task.” I snapped. “Dont try to blame me because my times are shorter! Move it or lose it!”

Thankfully somebody else took over for her.

I completely lost my temper at a customer just before I clocked out.

“Hello! Hello! Hello!” the customer shouted.

“Hi,” I was about to greet him.


“You know what!” I snapped, “I know you are there! Alright? Just stop it! Just stop helloing me! I was about to take your order! May I take your order!”

There was silence. Like I slapped him silent. “Yeah I know you can take my order” he shot back.

Oh keep it up, we will have hands! I thought sourly.

“What would you like”

“A mcdouble meal dressed like a mac” He began. I started to punch it in. “Thats two. I said I wanted two meals!” he shouted.

That was it! I completely lost my cool. “You know what? You keep this up I will not be able to serve you! I was punching in your order, it was on your screen. Do not give me attitude when I am trying to serve you!”

He was silent. “With two ice teas!” he added

I let him drive off, and then informed the manager about the customer’s rude behavior. He just said “yeah yeah” of course I knew he wasnt going to do anything about it. Grumble!

It was an ok today. Just not looking forward tomorrow!

Its Wednesday.

  • Cult day.
  • McHappy Day.
  • I have to be on my best behavior because volunteers are working. Like firefighters and police officers and the Mayor.
  • the weakest links are working. Who would put the people who can barely do their jobs on the busiest day of the week on? when there are so many people on the floor!

It will be an early night tonight. Its going to be a long day tomorrow!



Thief-Ansel Elgort

Dancing to this song while I’m in the change room. I don’t want to go back upstairs such a sexy song!