How I should have known my day would go?

  1. A guy  couldn’t wait until I was clear of his truck before speeding off. The light was red!
  2. My tea bag exploded in my water. But I forced myself to drink it anyway. Hm yum ginger and turmeric!😩
  3. Someone locked the bathroom in the change room. So I couldn’t brush the taste of tea away. I had to start work. Just when I thought my day couldn’t get any better I had to be in First over lunch. I think this was  pay back for not working yesterday! I had to change every order because the order taker refused to listen!

A customer gave me six loyalty coffee cards for 1 coffee. All are sticker free. I looked at him “what do you want me to do with these?” I asked.

“They are for my coffee” he explained like I was the dimwit.

“Uh no. Your coffee is $2.50. These have no stickers. You can’t use them”

He scowled “what stickers?” He demanded “I gave you six cards”

Oh come on! We had the coffee loyalty cards for over six years now! “Sir, there are stickers on the coffee. You put one on the card everytime you buy a coffee”

“I’ve been buying coffees for a long time I have never seen a sticker! So you are saying I have to buy 6 coffees!” 

I wanted to throw myself out the window and get run over by a truck. It would be more pleasant than this!

He wanted to see a manager who also explained what I just said. He got the coffee for free anyway. 😡

The next customer gave me two coffee cards and wondered how come the order taker told her a different price. I stared at her “maybe because you never told her you had coffee cards!” I explained slowly.

The one order was so messed up I had to cancel it and start all over.

What he wanted:

  1. 3 mcdoubles. 1 of them plain
  2. 2jr chickens
  3. 2 fries
  4. 1 coke

What he got:

  • 3 mcdoubles. 1 plain. 2 no onions and pickle 
  • 2 Jr chicken PATTIES 
  • 1 fry
  • 2 cokes

This was me over lunch “just say yes! Yes! Oh my god! Yes!” And “a mc chicken! Mc chicken! He said it 5x!”

When I finally escaped my hell hole I was allowed to stay on window. However drive thru was not having it. EM turned to me, her face so upset “you were gone yesterday. You had to be on cash today, you will be on orders with me!”

I laughed so hard “I heard you didn’t miss me. That you were having a good day without me!”

All three of the drive thru team turned to stare at me in disbelief. Scowling EM shook her head ” we missed you”

I hugged her. Her least favourite person was in drive thru and when she kept asking for me, the manager threatened to put her other least person with her!

“I was kidding!” She cried.

I howled with laughter at her predicament and hugged her once more!

Aw I’m loved!


I was very grumpy today. When I was going to sit down and write about why I was grumpy I totally forgot how come!

I suppose that is why it is said “Take it to the Lord and leave it there”

or Let it go.



It has begun!

the nightmare that is table service!

we were the last store to begin it.

It was amazing the customer response to it. I was really flummoxed by it. Out of the 20 customers I served;before my shift ended, only 2 accepted table service!

the response was “why would I want table service when I can get it myself?”

”no I can wait”

then this priceless gem by a woman who was astonished and upset that HO would even think of suggesting it!

”what?! Table service?! No I don’t need table service! It’s not like you all are busy enough! Who is going to bring it to me! Freaking table service! Only the lazy would need it!”

i laughed so hard!

what a great way to end a day!


On my 15

Took off the bra!

oh the freedom!

but I have another one on?


because of the sensitive nipples!

only two hours to go ☺️


I was in another of my moments. Where I wasnt really paying attention, too busy to care and wishing I was in my bed buried in my blankets!

The sensor went off. I greeted the customer.

“Do you want me to speak slowly so you can understand what I am saying?”

My first reaction was who the hell did this fool think he was talking to?!

Then I realized it was Chad.


“Yes please” I replied, giggling. “I am having a rough morning.”

“Ok two large coffees” He spoke very slowly. “Double double. Do you want me to say that again?”

“No” I giggled. “Is that it?”

“Yes, you got it right!”

“Yeah me! Do I get a gold star!”

Chad snorted. “Ok sure, yeah”

I laughed.

Over lunch I switched to the second lane.

When the sensor goes off.

I greeted the customer.

“Oh god not you again!”

I burst out laughing. “Why?! What did I do to deserve this?” I moan.

Chad chuckles “Two large coffee.”

He waited for me to finish his sentence “double double”

I pause “are you having a plain hamburger?” I asked.

“No. Just coffee.” he replied.

ah a bit of comical relief from the craziness of the day!

you have a pretty voice


A male customer complimented me on my voice in drive thru.

i was so startled all I could reply was thank you.




It’s been an interesting day.

I tried selling my sister to BVS. He  wouldn’t go for it. My first offer was “another sister for free. No strings attached.” he wouldn’t take it. My second offer was “trade my sister for his siblings.” No, go. The third offer? I Was offering him $10 for my sister.

“Come on, you can teach her math!” I cajoled. “Just think how much fun that would be!”

He slowly turned to stare at me “No! It wouldn’t be fun!” he exclaimed.

“You will have powerpoint presentations, chalkboards just to show her how to do decimals, fractions multiplications!” I cried.

We started laughing at the image. “What about BEDMAS?”

“Integers, variables? Calculus” I howled. “Go ask her what Pi is!”

BVS left drive thru to ask my sister what Pi is. He came back laughing. “She said she didn’t like math and to stop asking her hard questions.”

We were laughing so hard.

The afternoon went smoothly.

No cups were thrown or eye twitching but there were a few customers that made me wonder if they were using jedi mind tricks on me!

customer: I will have a grill cheese sandwich only cheese and bun.

me: I’m sorry?

customer: a grill cheese sandwich only cheese and bun.

me: were you asking for a cheeseburger?

customer: no a grill cheese.

me: ok.

customer: so make sure that the grill cheese is just cheese and bun!


me: that is a grill cheese sandwich!

customer 2: (ordered a filet meal) and a coffee.

me: was that the drink or would you like something else?

customer 2: no I want the coffee.

me: ok

customer 2: a coffee is a $1.

me: which is why I clarified if you wanted the coffee or something else to drink!

customer 2: well I didn’t understand what you meant. I want a pop and a coffee.

me: alright a pop and a coffee. Just clarify your order what you would like next time. A coffee and pop.

because it was so hard to understand!!!

Just before I was off, a customer stunned me by stopping in mid-sentence and grammatically correcting himself. He was about to say “could I” instead he stopped and asked “May I?”

I turned to BVS and exclaimed, “he grammatically corrected himself!”

BVS sighed “grammatically” he corrected me.

I frowned “that is what I said.”

“How?” BVS asked.

“He was about to say could I but said may I”

BVS frowned. “That’s acceptable.”

“Nope Could I and Can I are  Past tense. They imply that you have. May I implies you still haven’t.”

BVS frowned. “What?” he asked.

“If you want something but don’t have it, you ask, may I. Can I is the past tense. Which implies that you already have it.”

BVS groaned. “Oh my god, my head hurts.”

“I know.” I laughed.

My sister walked into the drive-thru to make ice cream and BVS says to her “I am going to unsurp you as the best window runner and become the employee of the month.”

My sister’s expression was priceless. She fixed him with a stony confused glare. “How about you make the ice cream!”

I burst out laughing! Being an employee of the month is a bone of contention with my sister. She has been twice. And she was upset because the manager promised her she would be this month. She wasn’t. “Just think,” I said to her “I haven’t been one in years.”

“Yeah well, you wouldn’t be. You have to have no customer complaints. people don’t like you, Becky. Customers don’t like you, our co-workers don’t like you. You are lazy. You actually have to do work.” she snapped back.

Ouch. At least I show up for my shifts.






The side walks!

The walk to work was beautiful. +3C

on each side of the sidewalks were waist high of snow!



I have been watching alot of Mc crew vlogs on youtube.

I love reading Mc Crew blogs, vlogs.

I feel like I can relate to a lot of other people. Learn a lot about other restaurants.

What is different about these vlogs? These are made by students. They have just quit. Within 6 months of working.

At my store the quit ratio is a week to a month. They cant handle the stress and environment.

In these vlogs, the students they vent about stress. anxiety. the backstabbing. why they hate working there. How they are full of panic or paranoia now because they are afraid someone is going to yell at them for not doing their job properly. Or they didnt make the customer happy.  having a customer yell at them because they got their order wrong.

That is so sad. It breaks my heart to see young kids breaking down like that.

I have had many of my trainees cry because customers would scream at them. I wouldn’t put up with that.

I really think ” the customer is always right” should not be any company’s slogan. A company should strive to put their employees first! A happy employee makes a customer happy.

I really think instead of ignoring what is happening in their stores, the company should see what is going on. They should watch these vlogs and try to fix the problem. Not punish the kids for expressing how broken and disillusion they feel.

FYI its against company policy to make any statements on social media. so they can be in trouble if someone from the company watches it.