Whew! What a busy week!

I worked 51 hours this week. 11 hours on Wednesday! WTF!

We were extremely busy on Friday! I got my ass handed to me on plate two hours before I was off shift!  Normally when I am that stressed out I have a complete meltdown

I make Klaus Mikaelson look like he is meditating peacefully!

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However, I was so chilled that nothing made me angry.

  • all the smoothies ran out at the same time.
  • the cream machine ran out
  • a mother let her kid order! my times are running at 5 minutes and a 2 year old is ordering!

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The Lane 1 was not helping, my McCafe person was nowhere to be seen. I just let all the coffee orders be handled by Lane 1 while I handled McCafe.

The manager? Was so chilled out at this point he was actually in a good mood.

Was it a freaky Friday?

Who knows. All I know I was quite proud of myself.

then a woman orders a fish burger.

“You better make sure its fresh or I am coming in there!” she threatened.

I was so startled, I started to laugh. I was laughing so hard, Steve turned around to look at me.

“Whats so funny?”

I had to find my voice. “She told me to make sure her fish was fresh or she is coming in here!”

steve rolled his eyes. “Yeah ok”

“Like I care.” I wheezed.

That was awesome!



Co-worker: I love this place, but I dont like it when customers hit on me. That customer just called me beautiful.

Me: yeah, I don’t have that problem.

It was my lucky day.

I was in First Booth, the rainy weather compelled all the good looking men to come on thru.

blue eyes and well-trimmed beards are my kryptonite! I was trying to maintain a level of professionalism! It was so damn hard.

They would pull up, grouchy and sour-faced! I would smile and greet them. Let me tell you, there was nothing sexy about my voicy. All scratchy from allergies! Still all mucus and phlegm. A real portrait of sexiness let me tell you! (not)

Suddenly their eyes would light up, they would smile. They were very happy to see me. It kind of got to the point where I got paranoid and thought maybe I had something on my face. My fly was open. Or that when I bent over, they could see more of my breasts than my shirt should have allowed.

One of my pet peeves though is when a guy tries to get my attention and when he has it, suddenly becomes aloof. I hate that! If I don’t say hi or acknowledge you, let it go. If I do say hello and acknowledge you, don’t pretend you don’t know me! Fucking mind games!

I had been greeting the driver when I caught glimpse of the passenger. It was Matt C. No big deal. Whatever. He made it seem like a big deal. He was like a dog, all excited bouncing in his seat, leaning over trying to catch my attention. Finally, I looked over at him and smiled. “Hi Matt how are you!”

He sits back in his seat, this blank expression on his face. “Oh, I am fine. and you?” he answered in a non-committal tone.

I stared at him for a minute bewildered by his reaction, took back the interact and didn’t answer. Annoyed beyond belief, I said goodbye. Fuck, I hate mind games.

Not even a few minutes later, a truck pulls up. “Hi is your order,” I turned from the order screen and stopped in mid sentence. There was Elle-Jay’s ex-boyfriend Robert. I had not seen him in two years. “Oh my god, Robert where have you been!” I exclaimed.

He burst out laughing. “I have been trying to be good, and not eat here.” he answered.

I laughed, “Thanks for making me feel guilty”

He laughed harder. “Sorry. How have you been?” he asked.

“Good. ”

“They have you back up in here.” he surmised.

“In my cage.”

“Well you will probably see me around more then” he murmured.

Fingers crossed.

Blue eyes! ack, my kryponite!




It was a gray dreary rainy day. Kids had no school. Do you know what that means?

It means parents dont want to deal with their kids, so they come in to have lunch.

We were slaughtered!

I have noticed lately I have been dealing with my stress and anger like it doesnt exist. I just ignore everything.

An inner peace washes over me, and I can watch the chaos erupt around me with a calmness that I never felt before.

Everyone else ran around like chickens with their heads cut off. It was amusing.

someone would get angry when I had to repeat myself over a coffee order. “I couldnt hear you!” she cried. “You dont have to talk to me like that!”

Image result for oh my god gifs

Seriously?! Like what?! I had to raise my voice so you could hear me,  I thought. “Whatever”

The runner for drive thru stopped what he was doing, and looked over to see what was going on.

“Oh my god, will you stop! You are panicking over nothing its not even 7:30!” Baby G snapped. “Why are you yelling at Rebecca?”

Well, the look on her face was priceless! Someone turned around. Her eyes wide, nostrils flaring angrily. “I couldnt hear her! She was the one yelling at me!”

My co-workers and I looked at each other. We started laughing. “She was telling you her order! Of course, she yelled at you, you couldn’t hear her!” J snapped.

Someone glared at us. “She didnt have to yell at me!”

J looked at her then at me, his expression was of bewilderment. “Seriously?”  he turned back to his window.

I was laughing so hard. I dont think she understood how ridiculous she sounded. However, the manager did not find it funny. He stormed over. “What is the problem?”

“She was yelling at me!” Someone cried.

I raised an eyebrow. “Yes, because you couldn’t hear me. So how was telling you my order 3x yelling at you!”

The manager stared at us. He face palmed himself. “Are you kidding!” he snapped. “If you two dont stop this!” he stared pointedly at someone, “I am going to send you both downstairs with Steve when he gets here and you can tell him! And you need to start listening!”

I smirked. Someone glared at me. “Dont bother talking to me!” she stormed back to the coffee station.

“I said stop it!” the manager shouted.

I was in drive thru thankfully for lunch. “Time to shine, Rebecca” Steve called out to me.

“I always do! I Shine like a diamond!” I sang.

“How about you dont.” Steve mumbled, referring to my singing Rihanna’s song.

I burst out laughing.

My day isn’t complete until I drive Steve crazy.

Fortunately, my orders weren’t too crazy.

I had an order for French Pressed Coffee.

I thought I heard wrong. “I am sorry?”

“French Pressed”

I burst out laughing. “Do you think we are that fancy! We arent” I could barely finish the order. “We have regular coffee. Or espresso.”

He ordered an Americano.

Just before I was off my shift, I take an order.

“May I have 4 London fogs.”

I thought it was a joke. “What?”

“4 London fogs.”

Now London Fogs are not a menu item. We aren’t supposed to make them. I punched it in any way. I start to make them when Steve walked over to help. “What is the ‘ask me'” he asked brusquely.

I smiled. Oh he was going to pissed.

“London Fogs” I answered, pumping vanilla syrup into each cup.


“London Fogs” I repeated myself. I grabbed some Earl Grey Tea bags. Put one in each cup.

“Hell no! We are not Star Bucks!” he cried.

We dont have a steamed milk button, we have to press Hot Chocolate. Well, I pressed Mocha. Oh my god! I was wondering why the drink was turning so brown! The espresso! fuck my life!  I quickly took the cups out before Steve could notice.

“How do you make London Fogs anyway?” he asked.

“Um, 2 pumps of Vanilla, steam milk, and earl gray.” I answered.

Steve then noticed I had the two cups of mistakes. “What are you doing, Rebecca? Oh my god! You made them wrong!” he exclaimed. “You took the order even tho we dont make them, and you made them wrong.”

His reaction made me laugh. “I pressed mocha!”

“Give me those!” Steve cried. “Oh my god, I hope this guy realizes this will be the last time he has London Fogs, thanks to you.”

I laughed harder.

He was trying to stir the tea with tea bag in, but the string wrapped itself around the spoon. “why me?” he lamented. “Why do you do this to me, Rebecca?”

“Its what I do, its who I am”



Today I felt like a gross mutant.

I don’t know why our bodies have to be so disgusting when we are sick. Mucus, and coughing, blowing our noses. I mean we are women! we should be cute and dainty. Not horrible looking monsters that came out the swamp!

Of course, while I looked like a horrid creature, cute men are walking up to my window.

Asking me how I am doing? Blah blah.

I am staring at them like a zombie with a smile on my face, answering their questions in my cute adorable manly voice. (ugh losing my voice of course)

I was applying my lip balm. Not so adorable or sexy. I couldn’t attempt that if I tried.

How I wished I had looked:

Image result for how i apply lipstick gifs

How I really looked:

Image result for scarlett johansson applying lipstick gifs

I looked over to find a cute guy walking up to my co-worker’s window, watching me. His expression

Image result for smitten gifs

I almost dropped my lip balm!

While my morning was ok, it began to go downhill when a customer ordered his breakfast. A egg muffin meal that is all. He began to tap his interac card on the machine.

Seriously, dumb ass! Does it look like it is ready for you to use, I thought?

I waited for him to tell me his drink. He did not.

“what would you like to drink?” I asked with a smile.

He looked at me like I was dim-witted. “What do you mean what do I want?!” he snapped. “a coffee! A coffee comes with the meal doesn’t it?!”

The smile faded from my lips. My eyes narrowed. It took all I had not to reach across the counter and bitch-slap the stupidity from this guy’s face. “I do not know what you want sir. So please do not assume I do. ” I answered. “coffee comes with the meal but do I know that is what you want?”

My co-workers are gaping at my bluntness.

The customer is stunned for a moment. “Oh yes. Coffee is what I wanted.”

I pasted a fake smile on my face. “Alright then what size”

“Obviously the size that comes with it!” he snapped.

“Sir, again. I don’t know what you like. That is why I am asking!” I snapped.

“But the size is small”

“We  give out smalls here but it is usually medium or large for most of the customers,” I answered.

The customer was completely dumbfounded. “Oh”

Fucking idiot. Does it look like I am going to put up with your bullshit today, I thought as I accepted his money.

For the afternoon I had to be in First Booth. Oh, joy.

I was fully prepared for any emergency I may have run into. Disinfecting myself.

I had tissue, lots of wet sanitised bar towels to wash my hands, paper towel. The First Booth looked like a Triage center. Steve walked in and groaned. “Oh my god, Becky!”

“What?” I exclaimed. “I am fully prepared!”

He burst out laughing. “Dont tell me your sick!”

“Allergies, Steve! Allergies! They are killing me!”

“Gross, stay away from me!”


Then the nightmare continued.

  • When do your dollar drinks start? -The huge reader board outside didn’t tell you!
  • How does .053 become .055? I rounded it myself so it should be .050! – uh, math. 3 cents and up is 5cents. 5 cents and up is 10 cent. duh.
  • so what kind of salads do you have? Is it 610 calories? or 630 calories? – what the fuck are you talking about! Don’t order the meal by calorie number!

Wow thank god I was only in there for awhile.



I was so happy this morning because I was working with my favorite drive thru team. I always have so much fun with them. We talk, we sing, we laugh, and there is no stress because I dont have to throw cups at them.

However, I had a headache within five minutes of my shift.

It is so hard to be so nice and polite to the order taker. Bellowing hello after barely coming to a stop! Wow. They were only at the speaker for 2 seconds. It must really tiresome to wait until we greet them!

It must be tiresome to read the menu. I mean the pictures are so big! Guessing everything must look the same. I dont know how the order taker knows the difference between a #2 sausage egg muffin and #4 burrito because they look the same.  Doesnt anybody know the difference between a sausage egg and sausage? How? It must be so frustrating to be asked if they wanted the sausage egg when obviously they did, duh they said sausage muffin!

How would the customer know if it’s right on the screen? They can’t order and read at the same time. Dont be ridiculous! No one has time for me to repeat the whole order back BECAUSE “it is on your goddamn screen!  Dont make me fucking repeat myself”


My afternoon was going great until this one customer decided to order a bacon mc double no cheese extra pickle. I rang in a double hamburger no pickle add bacon.

“Excuse me!” he snapped, “I ordered a Bacon mc double no cheese extra pickle”

“Yes its on your screen” I sighed.

“No its not.”

“Yes it is.”

“it says double hamburger with bacon extra pickle”

Well what do you think you are ordering, shit for brains!


“Look, don’t make me come into the restaurant and talk to your manager” He snapped. “I have numerous conversations with other people about this.”

I raised my eyebrow and tried not to laugh. Talk to my manager? Go ahead and see how far that will take you, buddy. He is standing right beside me. “and? my manager is the one who told me we are not allowed to alter value pick burgers.” I replied. “Is there anything else you would like”

“Yeah I will see you at your window!” he snapped.

“Yes, you will” I laughed.

He pulled up to the window, madder than hornet. He asked to see the manager. The manager sighed, walked over and explained to him exactly what I told him.

Image result for you tryna get slapped gif





One of my regular customers, Riley, came in today during lunch. He has such bad luck, that he either is  in an accident, his card doesnt work, or he doesnt  have money (forgets his wallet)

Today, he pulled up to my window. I greeted him with a smile.

His phone goes off, and its on speaker.

Riley smiles at me. Turns back to the phone to tell his caller to wait one moment.

I made the mistake of asking how Riley was doing.

“Riley?! Who was that?!” the woman’s voice boomed over the speaker phone.

Riley had a disgruntled expression on his face, I begin to giggle.

“Riley!” the woman cried. “Hello?!”

“I said one moment! I am in drive thru!” he shouted.

I howl with laughter, I am laughing so hard I can barely stand.

Riley was not impressed. He glared at me, and drove off.

I was still laughing when the next customer drove up.

Oh man, that made my day!



The idea of vegetarians eating at fast foods puzzles me. They know fast food rarely have anything vegetarian, gluten free etc on the menu, yet they walk in and have a melt down because their expectations arent being met. But its ok wearing leather pants, rummaging through their leather bag for their leather wallet. It all screams hypocrisy.

One woman is such a person. She comes in most mornings. Has a melt down because we dont have vegetarian options.

I had the “pleasure” of serving her today.

She scrunched up her nose to read the menu, which was ridiculous because she knew what was on it. Ordered her usual.

“I will have 2 Mediterranean wraps.” she said in a crisp tone.

She knew we no longer had them. But ordered them anyway because they would magically appear out of thin air!

“We no longer sell them,” I replied.

She let out a dramatic sigh. “Well that was the only thing I could eat.” she snapped. “You don’t have any vegetarian dishes.”

Well, no shit sherlock! This isnt Booster Juice! Where do you think you are!

I raised an eyebrow, “You can order anything without meat.” I suggested.

“Yes but it has bread. I cant eat bread.”

You cant eat bread. But you were going to eat a Tortilla. Go fuck yourself you high maintenance bitch, I thought. Seriously.

“I guess I will have to order breakfast.” she sighed. Again! As if that was going to kill her.

But wait! Breakfast! No! Breakfast has bread. Eggs. cheese! Whatever shall you do, I thought

“I will have 2 egg muffins. No ham. But I want extra egg.” she ordered. “Dont charge me for the egg. Make that meals.”

Fuck my life!

“I want a caesar! No meat. That means no bacon!”

so you clever bitch, what are you going to do with the cheese?

“and I want an extra pop!”

So I was about to charge her for the cup, and there was another meltdown. This time I wasn’t nice. “You can’t have a free pop!” I snapped.

“Well, I want a water cup for my pop.”

“no, you can’t have a free pop! you have to pay for it!”

“I want a water cup then! make sure its the same size as my apple juice!”

How about you get out of my face!

She leaves to go sit down, while her mom waited for the order. Her mom took the order to the table, returned and asked for someone to wipe down the table because some kid had stepped all over the table. Now there were footprints all over the table.

I assure her I would be out there right away.

I follow her to her table, with a tablecloth meant for cleaning a table. Her daughter was chowing on her salad, whining how there wasnt enough dressing for her salad. Seriously?

There werent footsteps on the table. But on the booth seat. I groaned, and face palmed myself.

My towel was really wet, so I wash the seat down. I straightened and the parents cornered me into the booth. I sigh. “I am going to go get paper towel so I can dry off the seat.” they stared at me, stared at the seat. They wouldnt move.

“Oh kay”

I wait for them to move. “Excuse me.” I start moving out of the booth, they still wont move.

Oh my god!

“Excuse me. Sorry” I was getting really annoyed now, and the mother finally moved out of my way so I could finish my job.

I suppose I was being bit of a bitch.