It was a glorious long weekend!

It was warm and sunny!

It’s never warm and sunny May long weekend.

That alone should have been a warning!

I was almost murdered by Willow. Who knew that humming while doing Energy work on a sick cat could incite murderous rage? Lesson learned.

The upstairs neighbour tried to unlock my door with her keys. Why? Because her cat Quinn was inside my apartment and she wanted to get the cat. I forgot to relock the door behind the neighbour. There were 2 parties that night! I was stupid -lucky! Nobody tried to get in!

I took my parents out for breakfast and went shopping. Then spent the rest of the day cleaning after up cats. I mistook Willow’s sudden interest in the hallway as paranormal activity. I swear my heart stopped when I saw a cat’s head peek into the bedroom! It wasn’t daisy!

“Smoky!” I cried “you gave me a heart attack!”

It wasn’t smoky!

This huge long cat walked into the bedroom. Tabby cat. Bigger than Daisy longer than daisy and Willow. It was Quinn!

Daisy didn’t like her at all.

I finally got some sleep.

But I was not happy getting up early to work stat holidays.

It took forever to walk to work, I was so sleepy.

We were short handed. No McCafe person! I was falling asleep during orders!

Oh it was so embarrassing!

I couldn’t take an order to save my life! It was as if my brain couldn’t process the customer’s request.

Customer: I will. Have. A. Number 4. Double!

I was trying to figure out why she would want a chicken muffin with extra chicken patty 🤢🤮

Customer: with a coke!!

I still wasn’t processing. “A chicken muffin with extra patty?!!”

Customer: I said a #4 double!

Lunch! She wanted lunch! “Yeah no. It’s breakfast”

Another customer pissed me off so much I threw a cup.

Customer: a sausage muffin. Three egg.

Me: I’m sorry you want 1 sausage muffin and 3 egg muffins.

Customer: no 1 sausage muffin and 3 bacon.

Me: oh so 3 bacon egg.

Customer: no! That is not what I am ordering!

Me: it is what you’re ordering! what would you like!

The passenger: he wants 1 sausage muffin and 3 sausage with bacon on them!

I stared at the POS screen in disbelief. “In no way was anyone supposed to know that!” I cried.

The passenger started laughing.

I was just so mortified by how much my brain refused to work today! I am so happy I’m home now. Curled up with my cats!


Having a hot bath after a long day is so blissful! I had Japanese food for dinner. Yum!

This week I began walking to work again. Feeling the brisk air on my face,as I dragged my leg along, felt nice. (Just joking about my leg)

This morning Daisy kept trying to wake me up. “Not now Daisy” I mumbled.

She would meow and jump on me. Meanwhile I could hear Willow scratching the floor frantically. Not my just clean floor! “I will clean up later” I turned my back to Daisy. well, Daisy jumped on my head!

I got up reluctantly, turned on the hall lights. Willow had pooped everywhere. I walked into the living room. Vomit near her bowl. Vomit in the kitchen.

“Willow!” I hurried to the poor cat. I reassured her, hugged and gave her special attention. Then I turned to Daisy and praised her for being a wonderful sister.

I cleaned and mopped the floor. Reassured Willow and Daisy once more then went back to bed for two more hours of sleep.

It was a good day.

Very busy.

May turned to me “Becky I am going to make you a drink”


She left drive thru. Came back carrying a cup. She poured milkshake into it then handed it to me.

I took a big gulp. Tasted good. Dairy and I don’t get a long.

May grinned “guess what is in it” she said.

The cup paused half way to my lips. “What?”

“Simple syrup, lots of cream. Chocolate shake and vanilla shake”

I balked. “What?!”

May burst out laughing. “Isn’t it gross?!”

I shrugged. Took another a sip. My stomach began to rumble in warning. I lowered the cup. “Oh gosh the sabotage!”

May frowned “what is it?”

“Just be glad you don’t have to be in second booth in a few minutes!” I groaned. “People will be crying ‘what stinks so bad?!’” I grinned evilly “then I say ‘It was me!”

May laughed “Becky you should have said something!”

I shrugged “it’s ok”


Yesterday was Friday the 13th?!

You got to be kidding me!

No wonder my day was so out of whack!

It ended up so horrible!

I kept questioning if the day was Friday or Monday because that’s how bad it was!

It never clued in that the date was the 13th! I’m superstitious. So in a way that kind of worked out for me 🤦‍♀️

I should have realized when odd things started happening.

I came to work with the wrong pair of shoes! I kept staring at my feet wondering what was wrong with my shoes! Both my work shoes and outside shoes are the same. Only my outside shoes has green laces!

It took me awhile almost an hour into my shift to realize that the pair I was wearing had green laces! Oh my word! What an airhead! my boss would have had a fit had he noticed! He didn’t.

I forgot my name tag. Nothing too bad there.

I was in a good mood! First thing in the morning! Now that was odd!

However my mood started to sour when I was beginning to be compared to my other coworkers.

Lane 1 takes forever to greet and take orders. I will have taken 4 orders before they even started 1.

This has caused a lot of customer complaints and has disrupted customer service times which has infuriated the GM.

I am very no – nonsense when I take orders. I hear the sensor I greet the customer and I expect the customer to be ready when they get to the speaker. If they are not ready they have 10 seconds to decide then I will prompt them every 10 seconds until they are. I will not put up with shenanigans I will not even let children order.

Yesterday all day I heard was “drive thru stop talking and take orders”

However I hadn’t an order and was explaining something to Dev.

“What are you doing here? Talking to me? I’m not listening to you?” He asked.

I frowned and smiled “I’m not talking to you I’m talking to Dev”

“You have an order”

It wasn’t true. I didn’t have an order. In fact I was waiting for one. Because again I was faster. I tried to speak again but he interrupted me again

“Get back in your corner. And take your order.”

“Why are you being like that” I grinned and marched off into my corner “my customers aren’t waiting on me”

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a look exchange between Dev and the GM. The sensor went off and I greeted the customer.

Out of nowhere the GM was suddenly in my face “you ever mouth off to me like that again we are going to have a talk downstairs!” he hissed.

Stunned by his attack, I stared at him, and finished the order. What the hell was he talking about?! I stated a fact. I wasn’t mouthing off.

My mood was done for.

I was done being nice. I was curt but polite to my customers. I wouldn’t let them dilly dally. Again my orders were 4 ahead.

Every time the GM asked why he was waiting on a drink I would reply.

“Because I am taking orders” ever so sweetly “it’s going to take 8 hours now” I would laugh to take the bite off my words.

“Why are you leaning on the counter? That’s where we make coffee!”

“I’m taking orders” I gestured to my headset and then to the monitor.

An eyelash got in my eye. I took off my glasses to wipe it out. Bad idea. I poke my eye. “Oh my god! My eye!” I whined. the pain was a blessed one. It distracted me from my anger that I relaxed.

The little buzz was momentary. The sensor went off. Great! I couldn’t see the POS without my glasses!

“Where is my drink?”

“I don’t know I can’t see. I’m taking an order” I tried to squint at the screen.

Some time later he went off the floor but I was again irritated being reminded of our times due to talking. The cash person was slow.

“Becky why are you so upset ?” Dev asked.

“Oh you know because I got in trouble because everyone else is slower than me! I’m having a stand up nap waiting for the cash person to do their job!” I snapped. “She got slower when the GM left the floor” I got onto the headset “hurry up and pick up the pace! I’m having a nap!”

The girls started laughing. “No one is slower than you!”

I began to grin “at this rate? I will be running circles around y’all”

They laughed harder.

I was happy to go home and snuggle with my cats!


Tomorrow is McHappy Day.

The only wonderful thing about McHappy Day is how it benefits the children.

That’s the only good thing.

Annie remarked that last year was a nightmare.

It must have been so traumatic that I don’t even remember it!

I’m trying not to think about tomorrow. Especially if today was any indication of how it’s going to go.

I walked onto my shift, and nothing in drive thru was stocked up. No smoothies, no cups. Did I freak out? No.

The sadistic part of me was biding my time. I was watching and waiting for someone else to notice the smoothies. The disaster. I did however have a meltdown when I realized that graveyard shift was rearranging the way I have the drive thru.

“How many times am I going to tell you where to put the small lids!” I demanded “nothing goes near the smoothie machine lids because they could fall in the bin. It’s a health hazard!”

“Oh calm down,” the McCafé person remarked. She frowned because she realized that the smoothies were flashing empty.

She opened the smoothie freezer door to find three carriers filled with empty bags. “Are you kidding me!” She exclaimed.

I laughed so hard at her outraged expression.

“There are no cups!” She looked around. “No lids!” She glared at us “did anybody do any stock up?!”

I tried to speak. “Nope”

I don’t dirty my lazy hands with manual labor.

My good mood evaporated when a customer asked if we had “double doubles”

“What do you mean?” I snapped irritated by the stupid question.

“I want a coffee double double. Do you sell them here?”

“Double doubles are sold everywhere.”

The next question by a customer “I want 4 nugget..”

“I’m sorry it’s breakfast”

“And a cheeseburger”

“It’s breakfast time”

“What does that mean?!”

I groaned. It’s self explanatory. “It’s breakfast time!”

“So I can’t get lunch?!”

“It’s. Breakfast. Time!”


I had fun during lunch. I was trying to twerk. Unfortunately all the dairy products that I had last night came back to haunt me. I was dropping like it’s hot, when an unexpected silent but deadly ripped through drive thru.

“Becky!” The drive thru team was clawing for air. Gagging as the putrid stank settled. “Oh god!”

“Becky are you bullying people again?” Annie walked into drive thru. Froze. “Oh my god what died!” Annie choked and walked out.

I was so mortified.

At least it didn’t happen when there were attractive men around.


I had such a headache!

My stress levels went through the roof.


I walked onto my shift and went straight to hell in a hand basket in moments.

I asked the McCafe person to change smoothie bags. She kept looking at the machine and the pitcher trying to figure out why the smoothies weren’t being made.

I explained to her the smoothies were empty she needed to fill it up. Ergo change the smoothie carrier and prime them. Again she reached for the pitcher.

“I said change the smoothies! Go to the back and get smoothie mix!” I shouted.

I had an order that was a custom grilled. Simple. I explained it. Add haberno sauce. In the middle of an another I had three people ask me what the grill order was. The customer shouted at me because he had to repeat his order 4x because I couldn’t hear him. “I asked for a moment” I shouted. Then I turned to the kitchen person, and hissed “what part of add haberno are you all not getting?! I told you three times!”

“But there are two grill orders!”

“Yes but my order is quite clear which one has the haberno since the other sandwich says no cheese!!!” I shouted.

I apologized to the customer profusely.

Every time I had to speak to the McCafe person I had to draw pictures.

Then the order screen went down. Which meant we had to tell the runner and McCafe person the orders. Could anyone do it? No.

I finally snapped. “You all really need to stop! I shouldn’t have to draw pictures every time I explain a simple instruction! Or procedure! I ask you to do something? it’s simple! It doesn’t require neuro science to perform it!”

The drive thru team stared at me “Becky why are you so angry?!”

“Why?!” I asked “because I had to explain 4x why first lane and the presenter had to tell drive thru runner the order”

They turned to look at her and the presenter.

“Stop pissing me off! Work smarter not harder!”

I was so happy to be off!


I woke up in a good mood this morning! I had such a wonderful sleep. No tossing and turning- trying to find a comfortable position- no cats trying to go outside. Just blissful snoring dead to the world sleep!

I had been so bloated from being ill, that I appeared pregnant and so imagine my delight when I began to deflate like a balloon! I was cackling with evil glee because my coworkers were stuck in a small space with me and it didn’t smell like roses! 🤢🤮😂

My good mood soured very quickly when the amount of customers explaining to me what “half cream” meant was staggering!

Who did they have taking their order that didn’t understand what “half cream” was?!

I am so glad we don’t have a coffee menu like Star Bucks! I don’t think I would be able to memorize the lingo! Kudos to all the baristas!🥰🥰🥰


I haven’t had the energy to deal with people lately.

My first thought was I feel like a puff of smoke. (Doesn’t even make sense) My energy was there one moment, then poof! Gone the next.

I certainly didn’t have the inclination to deal with the indecisiveness from customers nor the haplessness from my coworkers.

“That is what you ordered, that is what I punched in!” I snapped whenever someone protested their order.

Then one of my coworkers decided to ignore me and walk away when I was explaining to her a food safe procedure. She wasn’t even working there three months. “Do not walk away when I am talking to you!” I shouted. She turned to stare at me. My glare was venomous. “I was explaining proper food safe! You don’t walk until I’m done.”

I finished explaining but the whole time she had this “I’m dumb as fuck” expression on her face. Finally she spoke “but it was just water!”

My eye twitched “you drank the water. Your saliva mixes with the water. Then contaminates the sink! It’s hand washing only!”

She rolled her eyes and then walked off.

I was feeling a bit better. Enough to laugh and joke around. My coworkers were feeding me waffle fries and ice cream.

Lately the smell of food would make me nauseous and I wouldn’t be able to finish my meal. So the little snack made me feel ok.

I wanted to relax when I got home but Willow left surprises on the sofa. I ended up having to clean the litter room, litter box, everything. Poor Willow appeared miserable and I tried to cuddle her but she growled at me.

My mom brought me some spaghetti and meatloaf. Just leftovers. I barely had mouthfuls of spaghetti because the smell of meatloaf was nauseating. I had two bites of it before I had to leave it.

I took 40 mins in the shower because I was throwing up. The stench was so horrible it made me hurl again. Every time I would try to clean and disinfect the shower, I would be vomiting.

Not even when I had cancer was the smell that bad.

I managed to clean myself and the shower. Climb into bed and now I am going to sleep.


Ugh no more Iced Coffee!

I feel like Little Mikey from the commercial.

“Give it to Becky she will try anything!”

Someone brewed the Iced Coffee wrong. Then the calibration was off on the coffee machine. So I had to keep taste testing watery warm double brewed Iced Coffee 🤢🤮

I don’t think my body appreciated that mess!🤢🤮

After last week’s altercation with the girls I decided under no certain terms would I try to maintain order in drive thru. Instead, I would let them work in chaos.

I work with logical efficiency but now I was becoming the epitome of strife!

I was enjoying every moment of it.

The girls would stare at me then at the stock that was piling up. When they realized I was making no effort to organize and put stock in its place? They were dumbfounded!

I still hadn’t moved. They began to put stock away.

All was going well until this morning.

I noticed when I walked into drive thru, the Drive thru team were already aggravated.

The Mc Cafe person would just stand there hoping Lane 1 or I would make coffees,Lattes or smoothies.

Lane 1 was grumpy because she could barely stand. Her period had come. She would ask McCafe to reach for anything above her head, but McCafe would walk away. McCafe wouldn’t hand the presenter the drinks instead just leave them in front of her.

“You have two legs two hands!” The presenter shouted at her finally “pass me the drinks!”

“Lane 1 can do it!” She complained.

I swear Lane 1’s head swivelled around on her shoulders like she was Linda Blair in the movie the Exorcist! the look she gave McCafe was murderous!

McCafe would stare at me, expecting me to make the smoothies and lattes. Nope, not happening. she scowled and began to slam cups and rattle the smoothie pitcher in a tantrum.

Later on, the presenter was waiting for a juice. “McCafe! Where is my juice!”

“Are you serious!” She screeched. She turned to glare at me “it’s your job, Becky so how about you do it!”

I had been taking a sip of water. Drive thru girls gasped in shock then became quiet. I lowered my cup and stared at McCafe. “What did you say to me?”

“It’s your job to make drinks!” McCafe shouted.

“Actually it’s your job!” I snapped. “My job is to take orders and if you are lucky I would help you”

“Fuck you, Becky!”

“And now you are done” I told her to leave drive thru.

Ah the joys of being a bitch!

My morning went well after that until I returned from my break.

A customer had been waiting for their order to be taken when I went back on orders. I asked for their order. I waited. A few minutes passed then I asked again. A few more minutes passed then I heard a hello?!

“Yes Ma’am I already asked for your order”

There was mumbling.

“I am sorry?”

Then the customer drove off. She pulled up to the cash window demanding to speak to a manager.

“No” I interjected “she doesn’t need to speak to a manager. I asked for her order 2x and she didn’t order. Either she orders there or she can go”

The drive thru team began to laugh. “She says you were rude!” Dev commented after the customer drove down to the second window to again to try to speak a manager.

“She sat there before I took her order. I then asked her 2x! She didn’t answer. When she finally did decide to order? She couldn’t be bothered to just tell me!”

“Ms. Congeniality strikes again” Steve groaned.

“People need IQ tests just to read the menu let alone order!” I grumbled.


It was a busy day not a cloud in the sky, Becky walks in with a mischievous grin. Oh no! she was taking orders in lane 2. She started getting mad. (Not again!) we don’t talk about Becky -Joy

I was crushing dreams. I was loving it!

We were out of poutine, our ice cream machine was broken. We barely had enough milk to make espresso drinks.

However, I was becoming grumpy because customers couldn’t order to save their life!

Customer: I will have a chicken griddle habanero, a black coffee and smoothie.

So I tried to clarify the order. He kept repeating chicken griddle habanero.

Customer: I said I wanted a chicken griddle a chicken habanero…

I threw a coffee cup. “You didn’t that’s why I am asking you! You want one chicken griddle. One chicken muffin. With spicy sauce and mayo or just mayo?”

“I ordered…”

“Just answered the question!” I shouted. “Do you want spicy sauce and the mayo or do you want just spicy!”

“Spicy” he answered quietly.

“Thank you.” I ended the order with another cup thrown.

“Becky! Why are you mad already!” My drive thru team cried.

“I am not trying to be mad, but how hard is it to answer a question!”

The question that made me laugh “So I guess McFlurry is ice cream?”


I’m so happy it’s Friday!

It’s April Fool’s Day!

I wonder if today will be full of shenanigans!

Or if the managers will be grumpy because it was also month end!

Either way I am going enjoy watching it all burn! I am going to do nothing.

I am going to be petty bitch.

The last couple of days my coworkers got on my last nerve I had to use the “I worked here longer! So start listening when I ask you to do something” bullshit

and yesterday was the final straw! Having to tell a person that worked there for 15 years how to do their job? Draw a picture, use a power point presentation to explain why? Then have a team leader do the opposite of the procedure. “Oh my god why are you still on this!” The team leader groaned when I tried to ask the coworker if she understood procedure. The whole drive thru team grumbled.

I exploded “because none of you fucking listen when I explain the first time. I fucking hate this place!”

They stared at me stunned. “But Becky, it’s best if we just do it this way. If the customer argues…”

I glared at them. Again! They missed the whole point of the procedure. “Forget it You are not listening.”

I was so frustrated I was trying not to cry.

Tho I doubt my pettiness will last long before I am triggered and have a meltdown because everything is so horribly disorganized and in shambles.

It must be just me. I can’t work in an environment unless it’s clutter free.

I am hoping I will be able to be enjoy myself today.

Happy April Fool!