Wtf is a Mc Ming 


Customer: I will have 5 Mc Mings

Me: excuse me?!

Customer: I said 5 Mc Mings!

Me: I have no idea what you are talking about.

Customer: the sausage egg wraps! 

Me: ok so let’s just call them sausage wraps!

Customer: yeah the Mc Mings!

And this is how orders get wrong.

Too lazy to communicate with us.

And how the murder rates increase in Canada!

Is this how my morning is going to go?


After I was very clear; to the point of drawing a picture, not to put caramel in my ice coffee she does it anyway.  

 I almost went behind the counter to cram the ice coffee down her throat!

When someone has my back


I was grabbing a drink of water when a coworker says to me” oh my god, Becky your picture!” 

My eyes bugged out in shock. I choked on my water. 

“Why did you delete it?!” He exclaimed. “I could have liked it.”

“That wasn’t supposed to be on fb!” I laughed.

“I could have shown Johnny!”

I burst out laughing. “And his wife would kill me!”

My coworker narrowed his eyes, “and I will slap that bitch!” He gestured slapping the air viciously.

I smiled. “Oh thank you!”



It took me a moment to realise why I was so irritated this morning

It was the fact I felt like Cinderella.

I had to clean play land. We had a birthday party later on. I had to make sure the birthday table was presentable. I dreaded going into playland. The mothers, their children their mess.The screaming. It was my worst nightmare.

I walked into the play land, carrying a broom dust pan, paper towel, spray bottle, wash clothes.

Thats when I saw them.

The gaggle of women who were seated in the back, holding court. They made Cinderella’s ugly step sisters look like the fairy Godmother! They each ran a day care, and would bring the children to the playland so they could sit and gossip. Not worry about having to look after their charges.

That in itself wasnt the horrible part. The horrible part was the destruction they would allow their children to make, while they gossipped. The mess would encroach upon other tables, other parents their kids. The mess would take forever to clean! Parents, other day cares would complain about their lack of decency. It would make the lobby person very cranky!

The women were warned numerous times not to leave without cleaning.

For some reason the other parents grew suspiciously quiet. Their eyes on me as they waited for my reaction when I walked in.

My reaction was a doozy!

The door closed behind me, I turned the corner, saw the women, saw their children, saw their mess. Blueberry muffin in pieces, shredded to bits to crumbs thrown all over the floor. Carrots tossed. Was that a cracker too? It literally looked like these bitches emptied a vacuum cleaner all over the floor! Then mashed on it for good measure!

Fucking hell!

I saw red. My eye started to twitch. The broom, the dust pan fell from my hands.

I marched right over to the basic bitches.

“Excuse me?”

they continued talking as if I wasnt there.

they picked the wrong day, the wrong person to mess with!

“I said excuse me!” I bellowed. All eyes were on me now. I was enraged now. “Could you not with this mess?! We give you plates for a reason.”

The one holding court at the moment, glanced at me with irritation. “What are you talking about?”

“I think she is talking about using the plates for the muffins” The other one chirped.

“Yes but we keep the high chairs clean” the queen sneered as if that was important.

“I dont care about the chairs. This is disgusting” I gestured to the floor, “stop with the mess.”

The women laughed as if I said something so ridiculous. “They are babies. They just throw food.” the one closest to me replied. “they cant help it.”

“Yeah and you are grown ass women and you can help it. Keep your area clean!” I stomped off to find some cleaner.

It took me 10 minutes just to sweep up the mess around them “Um could you not sweep around us” the one asked.

“Uh no.” I snapped. For good measure I swept under her baby’s chair, around her chair getting her shoes dirty.




I had been covering for a break, working in First booth 😒😒 when the customer pulled up.

I smiled, greeted him cheerfully and asked if his order was correct.

He ignored me, continued checking his change.

I repeated myself. Louder. The customer finally looked up at me. I smiled. I asked if the order was correct, he looked away.

Every time I spoke, he would avoid making eye contact, would stare at his dashboard. 

I once more asked him if it was his order. “Im not listening to you because I cant read your lips!” He snapped. Still wouldn’t look at me!

Bitch say what?!

He just did not  imply I was being disrespectful to a hearing impaired person!

Years ago, I was chastised by a deaf person that I must always face them and maintain eye contact so they could read lips.

I found their chastising a learning experience and use it everyday!

I rely on lip reading when I take orders on windows I can’t hear anything over the noise around me.

I find it annoying when people refuse to face me or they are on their cellphones when I ask them questions.

I was literally stunned by his anger. I had made every attempt to  get his attention, and he made every attempt to avoid answering.

His English perfect, no wall there. I spoke loudly clearly so even over his diesel he could hear me, so there could be no reason for him to be mad. 

I glared at him “you couldn’t see my lips because you were busy staring at your dashboard!” I snapped. “Eyes up here not there” I gestured. 

He stared at me. 

“Have a nice day!” I smiled.

The next customer I had to double check their hamburgers. He was on his phone. 😡

“Hello” I greeted him with a smile. 

He was still talking away. Barely glanced at me. I tried again to get his attention. He looked at me, still talking on his phone.

“Hi” I chirped “is your order” 

He stared blankly at me, distracted by his caller.

Now I was pissed off. “Excuse I’m talking to you, do you mind” I gestured to his phone.

He takes the phone away from his ear. “Is your burger only cheese”


“Ok thank you”

“Wait” he interjected “there is going to be meat on my burger right?! Meat cheese bun?”

Oh my god there are freaking geniuses out there!!

Drinking game 


Drinking game:

2 shots for every time a customer asks “do you have all day lunch”

2 shot for every time a customer says ” I should know” 

2 Shots for every time a customer complains about all day breakfast.

1 shot for every time a customer does not know how to order their coffee 

We will be in the hospital at the end of the day 

I need a stiff drink 


Being nice goes against my nature.


Especially when I want to throat punch anyone who gets snarky with me when I’m being polite.

We were exceedingly busy. But there was a small lull.  A customer walks up to my window.

“A tea with honey. A coffee with honey.” She orders. “Do you have hash browns up right now? How long do they take to cook.”

I stared at her. She was serious!

“Uh we have hash browns up all the time. We are busy” I answered.

“So how long is my order going to take?”

“How long does it take to make tea and put honey in it” I replied.

She groaned. And walked off.

1. If you know what you want then tell me. Don’t be a bitch when I ask you what you want. Does it look like I can read the vacant space between your ears? No I can’t. 

“I will have a sausage bacon egg muffin”


“Is that one muffin or you want 1 sausage egg 1 bacon egg”

“1 sausage egg bacon muffin!”

She pulled up to the window, and I smiled. “Hi just to clarify when your order next time. Sausage egg add bacon”

She stared at me contemptuously. “How hard was it to get my order. I wanted 1 sausage egg bacon! So easy!”

My smile faded. “Next time order a sausage egg add bacon! You would have had 2 sandwiches instead 1 if I didn’t take the order!” I snapped.

She blinked. 

2. If you don’t specify when you order I will assume. So don’t be a bitch when I assume correctly. 

Oh you want a #7 wrap? you don’t specify What kind of a #7 wrap when there are two flavours of wrap, two ways you can have your chicken, when you order it? And you have it every time you come in?! Yet you still refuse to tell me what kind?! You damn right your right you are going to have the original wrap! 

“That’s supposed to be a crispy bacon wrap!” 

“It’s on your screen thank you, would you like anything else”


“How did you know that is what I wanted?!”

“Anything else?”

“No but..”

3. When you ask a question I start answering don’t talk over me to order something else, you wanted to know the answer, so shut your mouth until I finish answering. 

4. Don’t assume you know more about products than I do. Just because you eat there. 

5. Don’t have a temper tantrum because we are trying to follow procedures. 

By the end of the day a person needs a stiff drink!