Working here


I love seeing my regular customers they make smile. However it always has to be the one pretentious snotty customer who has that attitude to ruin a morning or make it difficult for everyone because they can’t be civil.


When customers think they work here:

“I want a French Vanilla Sugar free Ice coffee. Extra vanilla!”

I correct her by informing her we have sugar free vanilla not French vanilla.

“I should know I have it every day! You make sure it’s extra FRENCH vanilla!” She snaps.

Again I inform her it’s vanilla.

“I said French vanilla!”

Whatever! I don’t want to play this game anymore. I just punch in her order. 

“I will have the breakfast sandwich please” a customer asks.

I ask what kind.

“The sandwich!” He snaps.

Oh come on!

“What kind?”

“Sausage egg and hash browns one!” He snapped.

I face palm myself.

“Sir, that is a wrap not a sandwich” I politely inform him.

“If you look at the menu” he began.

“I don’t have to look at the menu, I work here sir. It’s a wrap. Would you still like the wrap or would like a sandwich instead?” I growled.

“It’s a sandwich!” He insisted.

“Ohkay just the wrap! And is that everything?”

He started to speak.

“Is that every thing?” I reiterated.

“Yes it is” he said “thank you”

“You are welcome!” 

Thanks for playing the game you are the weakest link!

I will have a half and half coffee


Apparently “half and half” is supposed to mean a “double double!”🤷‍♀️

-Wtf learn how to order your coffee! 🤦‍♀️



Kiosks don’t require the IQ of a genius. 

And the kiosks aren’t slow. It’s the operator.

Some customers were too happy when I implied they had lower intelligence 

Heaven help me!


My eye started to twitch when Derp started to complain I wasn’t on the floor. I was on time. 4 minutes before 7.

“Don’t talk to me about being on the floor” I snapped “you are on the floor 5 minutes out of your 10hr shift!”

He glared at me

My Drive thru team and I were doing well. Three people when there is supposed to be 4. Ugh. I suck at coffee! But I wasn’t failing! 👍👍

I asked my sister to help me by making gravy. She agreed with out arguing.

Derp started to bitch us out. Because why should she help drive thru We could do it ourselves. We have time.

I slowly turned my head. My eyes narrowed in barely contained rage. “You don’t tell her not to help. Window isn’t busy. We are. I asked her to help!”

He stared at me.

” but” he began

“I need her help”

Derp walked away

“I am about to choke a bitch!” I hissed

My sister stayed to help. Thankfully 😅 

Hopefully my day goes better 🙏

And it’s Monday 


Well I am happy I prayed this morning I need all the strength I can have😒

This moment 


I don’t want to deal with other people’s bullshit. I plug in my earphones and the first song I hear is one of my favourite songs 😍


“I’m going to have a talk with the order taker!”


A customer couldn’t figure out how two customers were ahead of her in drive thru.

They drove into the line. 

That’s how.



Do you complain about how the person got ahead of you in a grocery lane?