“If you wanted to fuck all you had to do was ask” he purred.

He didn’t seem to overly concerned about being on a table, naked. Nor with the fact that I was approaching him with electrodes.

“Fuck?” I ran my gaze over him. Perhaps he was handsome, in a generic sense. Blonde tall Prince Charming of sort. A playboy who fucked his way through women, tossing them aside without backwards glance.

I wasn’t tripping over my feet to get into his bed, unlike the gaggle of women that threw themselves at him.

I snorted “don’t flatter yourself! You’re a boy pretending to be a man.” The playful fire in his eyes disappeared, and his jaw flexed in anger.

I smoothed a hand over his chest. “You play your silly little sex games with the women you meet online” I enjoyed the way his body was taut with barely restrained rage. “Catering to their fantasies. A little vanilla needs some spice” I tsked.

“You seemed to enjoy the fantasy” he retorted.

I smirked.This guy really did have sense of grandiose “Do you know what I dislike the most?” I asked.

He shrugged. “Honey, I could care less.” He reached for me. “Enough talking. I’m going to wreck you tonight”

I stroked my fingers over his nipple then twisted. He yelped in surprise. “What the fuck, you bitch!”

The pain contorting his features sent a ripple of heat through me. “Do not interrupt me,when I am speaking!”

“As I was saying,” I lightly feathered his now bruising flesh with my touch. “I disliked being bored. You were predictable, every conversation was tedious.”

My nails dug into his skin. He hissed. “You laid there like dead weight” he managed.

I giggled at the memory. “Have you seen yourself fucking?” I sighed “you were flopping around like fish out of water. Your dick barely hit my hole!”

His face red with rage, he gritted his teeth when I pinched his nipples again. “ You got off. I made you cum!” He hissed.

“Um no that’s called acting”

I wasn’t acting now. Seeing his body writhing in pain, left me giddy with anticipation and excitement. Wet and hot. Was his pain tolerance so low? Would he beg for me to stop?

My eyes dropped to his cock. He was still limp. I frowned. “You really are disappointing me”

He groaned. “What now?”

“I thought you liked a little pain” I flicked a finger over the head of his cock. “You bragged about being the next Christian grey”

He muttered something under his breath “should we see what your limits are?” I asked.

He blinked.

I stroked his cock for a moment. He groaned. “Oh yes, just like that. Enough of your freaky stuff.”

My fingers tightened. His eyes widened in shock. “Hey!”

I smiled. “Hmm, It’s interesting how you believe you think you’re in control” I chuckled. I narrowed my eyes. “I think maybe You need to learn.”

I released him. His muscles relaxed, and then stiffen again when he became aware of the tens machine and the electrodes in my hand. “What are you doing?”

“I’m bored. I want to play” I sighed “how about a little foreplay” I began to attach the electrodes to his skin.

“What?” He tried to slap at my hands “stop that! Are you crazy”

“You’re boring me” I pressed the on button. “I need some fun”

His body jumped as the first jolt of electricity shot through him. Perspiration beaded along his skin, as I increased the strength of tens machine.

Watching his cock jerk with the intensity, I had to restrain myself from giving into the hunger that pulsed inside me. My pussy was drenched, teetering on the edge of cumming.

The tens machine was on 7. His body bathed in sweat, his muscles contracting. “Please please please” he cried.

My fingers hesitated on 8. “Please what.”

“Let me cum!”

I turned it up.

He screamed.

-oh no I have to end here. Have to go to bed.


It was the best day ever!

I managed to do some online shopping before work!

I got to crush people’s dreams!

I was in my cage laughing hysterically like a crazed lunatic!

“Becky why are you laughing like an idiot?!” Steve asked finally.

“I’m crushing people’s dreams!”

“Why did I even ask” he groaned.

“I’m a maniac a maniac taking orders” I sang.

Why was I behaving like a lunatic?

Not only was it Black Friday!

There was no school. Parents had to take their kids with them to the sales.

And if they wanted to take the edge off- ahem stress- off?

None of our espresso machines were working!

And then they were asking if we had almond or oat milk!

It was brilliant!

People were absolutely going bananas and there I was revelling in the glory of chaos!

The sadistic part of me was loving it.

The only time I had to use my Big Boy voice was when a guy tried to pull attitude with me and I quickly nipped that in the bud. I put him back in his place. “I was asking if it was two meals!” I raised my voice “thanks”

It was a perfect day!


Drinking Ginger Turmeric Tea with honey and cinnamon while in the bath. Of late I felt as if I have a catch in my throat. Do I cough up my internal organs, or vomit them? Either way it’s a constant nuisance!

It was a wonderful beautiful day! I was so excited to spend the day enjoying the sunshine!

I was in a wonderful mood until the stupid people woke up and made their appearance!

  • “I will have the muffin meal” ok what kind!
  • “What kind of ice drinks do you have” pick one!
  • “I have a code” this woman kept insisting she had it after I asked her to give it to the cashier. “Am I speaking gibberish??” I finally shouted. “I dont want your code! Now please order!”
  • “Oh I don’t have rewards points” no one asked you for any.
  • “Are you ready to take my order?!” I didn’t say “hello” to have a friendly conversation, bro. Oh my goodness lol
  • “Why are you guys so pissy?!” Excuse me?!!!! The girl was mortified that I heard her.!! “No not you! Oh my gosh”
  • “What part of my order didn’t you get?!!” None of it! Because you didn’t wait for me to greet you and you didn’t clarify anything like drinks or what nuggets meal !!

When I finally clocked out? The sunshine was gone and it was dark. What happened to the sunshine!

I’m cackling evilly!

Tomorrow is Black Friday!

I don’t wish that hell on anyone!

I can’t wait to shop!

I wonder if we have Black Fridays as bad as the states? As far as I can I remember we don’t.

Or maybe I just blocked out the trauma!


I feel like Goldilocks from the Fairytale (or is it a parable)

I am either too hot, too cold never just right.

Not just temperature wise either.

Am I hungry or full after a few bites.

Is it good? Or is it bland?

Am I congested, ill, or anxious?

Am I tired or just bored.

Am I being high maintenance, indecisive or getting old?

Why am I up at 3 in the morning pondering this, when I have to get up early to work.

My body’s rebelling against my evil regime.

In other words, I think my body misses my ovaries lol

I sure as hell don’t.🤪😆😂💕

-random thoughts about nothing in the early am

Suddenly needed to listen to this song 💕🤪

“The Power Rangers Fandom are shook with the death of Jason David Frank”

“The Power Rangers Fandom are shook with the death of Jason David Frank”


“Bro, you are not going to cry” I told myself when another fan dedicated a post to Jason David Frank. I was on my lunch.

Finding out about his passing on Sunday was devastating. I thought it was rumour. It was on my FB. TMZ reported it. How reliable are the paparazzi? (Snorted in derision)

I had hoped it was a rumour.

No rumour.

If you hadn’t known, I am a MMPR fan. Am I hardcore as I I thought I was? Not even close!

the fans came out to pay their respect for the OG Green Ranger. The videos paying homage were amazing. I told myself I don’t think the Power Rangers will ever be the same without Dr Tommy Oliver.


It’s an understatement.

Jason was a man of compassion, full of life. He dedicated himself to his family, friends, to his career to his fans.

Jason was more than a Ranger, he was a hero to young people. He inspired them.

The Morphing Grid won’t be the same without the OG Green Ranger.

It’s surreal.

I’ve been re-watching my favourite scenes of Tommy Oliver.


Dino thunder- tommy vs Elsa. I shipped them. 😌


I was watching a Hallmark Christmas movie: The Angel Tree.

If you don’t know, I dislike Christmas movies. Especially Christmas in July movies. I have a few Christmas carols that I enjoy, I love how homes are decorated with Christmas decorations but in its entirety I dislike the Christmas season.

However while eating my lunch and watching the movie I had a sudden inspiration for a story. And I began to cry in my butterscotch pudding!

Now I am sure it’s been done before but one never knows..

What if a man passed on. Leaving a wife. His wife became bitter about love, relationships and became a true Ebenezer Scrooge/ Grinch. The man was determined to find his wife happiness. Everything he tossed at her, puppies, dates, Christmas, she dodged.

Until one day she bumps into an equally grinch Ebenezer Scrooge and the husband knows that this man is perfect for his wife!

After hapless incidents with the new man, his wife finds herself falling in love.

The husband finds himself at peace

Damn sappy emotions!


I’m falling asleep in the bath as I write this.

I’m exhausted!

My cats have been mischievous lately. Which was wonderful Medicine after a rough day!

My mom visited last night. She wanted to see the cats, not me. (I had been over to the house for dinner)

After much spoiling the babies, my mom left. Or so I thought. All of sudden she popped up outside the balcony door calling for Willow.

Willow ran outside, excited to get some pets from grandma. She turned around and presented her ass to my mom!

My mom, meanwhile had reached out to pet her. When she realized her hand was about to be up in Willow’s ass, she let out a screech. “Willow, no!”

I laughed hysterically.

“Becky! That’s gross! Her ass is so dirty! Clean her ass! Willow stop it!”

Willow was so proud of herself!

I have been training Willow to bathe herself before climbing into bed. She does alright. She sneezed all over me. Then nestled closed, under my chin. I was so happy! Daisy will not cuddle up like that!


I thought my day would be so much better than yesterday. After all I had a wonderful sleep. I was sleeping with my babies.

The morning began well.

Until the entitled Kevins’ drove up in their big ass diesel trucks!

After greeting one customer I asked him to turn off his truck because I couldn’t hear him. He ignored me and continued ordering.

“Please turn off your truck”

“I’m not turning off my fucking truck!” He exploded.

I was not going to be putting up with anyone’s bullshit! Especially some country heehaw bumpkin who couldn’t even order a damn coffee. “I asked you to turn off your truck. It’s a diesel right?! It’s loud, right?! I can’t hear you over the damn diesel!” I shouted.

“Right” he was a bit more subdued. But he didn’t turn off the truck.

“So what do you want”

“I want an Americano!”

“Alright, thank you! You can go now!”


Another customer mumbled through their order over their diesel. However they turned off the truck when I asked.

Still mumbled.

“I’m sorry did you say a banana muffin”

There was a tsking sound “are you fucking deaf?!” The customer shouted.

Well that triggered me. “Yes, I actually am! Thank you for pointing out my handicap!” I shot back. “That is why I kept asking you to repeat yourself!”

There was a moment of silence. The passenger was so horrified “oh my god!”

The driver didn’t apologize but spoke clearer.

Phew! After I was finished that order, I was wondering how could customers not be embarrassed and mortified by their actions Flashback in time, when a customer told me he was deaf and I was rude for not making eye contact and speaking clearly so he could read my lips!

I was absolutely mortified! I must say I am forever grateful to that man! His critique helped me so much! I try to make eye contact and read my customers lips as well.

I am surprised I even finished this post! I kept falling asleep in the bath!

Good night 😽



Oops! I wouldn’t wait for the Prince! Not if all that delicious food was waiting for me to devour it!

I have a feeling unless the Prince was very understanding, I would be spending time in the dungeon or I would be without my head!🤦‍♀️😂


The restaurant was closed

Perhaps I get to start late because all the systems are being updated.

No customers. I’m just eating my food now


I remarked to a coworker yesterday that if I had my ovaries? I would have had a bad case of PMS.

Hmm maybe my testosterone hormones decided to rear their ugly head, I raged like a mother chucker

  • Say it! Say it! Don’t wait 8 hours to tell me you want 2 meals!
  • I don’t care about your numbers!
  • Shut up! I already told your total!
  • Will you spit it out already! My god, I am falling asleep!

The interesting thing about my conversation with my coworker was how we recovered from cancer. It was so nice to talk about it, and hear other people’s recovery.

It never fails to astonish me, how different other people’s journeys are. How brave they are. It is so remarkable how our different the symptoms were and how our bodies react once given medicine. Although there is one certainty. Pain.

My coworker burst out laughing when I told her I felt like I need my rocking chair because my body felt rickety now. Entirely my fault though. I haven’t been stretching.

Maybe today will be better.

Maybe I won’t need the 4 cups of coffee, and coke to get through the morning!