When I go out for food I want to be  able to choose whatever I want regardless of the price. I want to enjoy it. Try new things. I don’t want to feel guilty  because no one else can afford it.

It makes me angry when people bicker over prices and then tell me not to get it because I want it. It’s not affordable

for whom? Did I ask for my meal to be paid for? No.

i work for my money I want to enjoy the little things.

I will pay for everything!

Just Shut up and enjoy the meal! Stop ruining my night!

-end of rant




I dont know what is worse.

Anticipation or being in complete ignorance.

Why am I pondering this?

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the dreaded days of finales are upon us.

The butchering of shows left a bloodbath in their wake.

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I am a tv junkie, I hate finales, hiatuses and cancellations as it is, but this 2018 season was unbelievable with its victims! The finales? Cliffhangers! If you dont want any SPOILERS this post isnt for you! Do NOT go past this point!!!

Lets start with Lucifer! One of my favorite Monday shows! Do not be afraid to retweet #SaveLucifer After a torturous 3 seasons of Lucifer insisting that he was the Devil,  Chloe finally saw through Lucifer’s “metaphors”  Her reaction was priceless! Silly woman, he always told her the truth, but she never believed him. However, what I liked most about this two-parter was how Chloe Lucifer and Ellie were there for Dan when Charlotte was killed. Tricia Helfer and Kevin Alejandro’s performance was on point!

Only for Fox to cancel the show on a cliffhanger! Fluck you Fox! You keep Beat Shazam and the Orville! The ORVILLE! Oh my god! The indecency!

Lethal Weapon: I love Riggs.  His tortured soul, willingness to cheat death, his unrelenting need to drown out the horror of his wife’s death and his childhood with alcohol or adrenaline either made him a crazy son of a bitch or a fool. He was finally getting his life together with the help of his partner, a new love and a chance for a second family. And what happens? He gets killed at Miranda’s grave!

When I heard the news of firing Clayne Crawford on Lethal Weapon. Oh my reaction wasnt pretty. Talk about unprofessional!

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Blacklist: I didnt think I would ever be able to recover from Redd’s secret! The fact that Liz outplayed him using a Blacklister was brilliant! She certainly learnt from him. Using Sutton Ross Liz and her sister Jennifer manipulated Reddington to a showdown that ultimately revealed the duffel bag of bones that Mr. Kaplan, Tom Keen, Nik Korpal died for, were of the real Raymond Reddington. The man Liz thought was her father? Was an imposter! So while Redd burned the bones and Dom looked on, Jennifer and Liz vowed their revenge.

This afternoon while I was on my break a thought came to me. For thirty years, Sam (Liz’s Adoptive father), Dom, Dembe, Mr. Kaplan all kept the imposter’s secret. Maybe he killed Katerina (Liz’s birth mother) to keep the secret. Jennifer mentioned that one day 2 years ago, her mother Nancy was shot. By some unknown killer. Maybe it was Redd. Redd killed Nancy to keep his secret.

I stopped chewing my burger, blown away by the idea.

Ugh I hate finales! They leave me an emotional mess! I am too much involved with my characters!


Oh the rage was real!

A customer was arguing with me because she didn’t know how to read the CVS outside. “I only see one coffee”

after assuring her twice politely that her order was correct she kept insisting it was wrong.

”Ma’am!” I snapped “there are two coffees! one is in a cookie coffee meal! have a nice day!”

she started to protest

”have a nice day!” I shouted.

I threw my cup. Then the tea!

Customers  have the gall to argue with the order taker when the fucking proof is right in their face!

Not a few a minutes later. A customer asks for a smoothie. I asked what size. Oh the two dollar one.

Get the fuck out!


When I was younger I was such a naive romantic! I believed that my true love would understand me at the telepathic level. They would know what I would like, what I read, what would make me happy Just KNOW!

Now I’m older I’m so blasé about love. I don’t want drama. I don’t want to have to feel the need to be jealous. We put trust love communication And effort into the relationship and we made it clear to others that we are unavailable to others.

In other words love is so-so right now!


Tanning Becky

An interesting sexy story by Trip!



Don’t ask me how, but my wife allowed me to invite Miss Becky to our house for a week. She’d found my blog and despite the anger and disappointment, she wanted to meet the woman I’d been conversing with. She told her, “I want to look you in the eyes so I can understand what it is about you that turns him on so much.”

Two days later, Miss Becky was at the airport, asking to be picked up. Since I’m the only one that drives in the city, I was elected to pick her up, with my wife riding shotgun. We arrived about half an hour after Miss Becky’s plane landed and she already had her single suitcase since she hadn’t planned on wearing much clothing.

My wife saw her first and I heard her say under her breath, “She’s pretty.” I looked in the direction my wife…

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One of my doppelgängers pulled up to the window.

The presenter turned to hand out her drink and stopped. She was so surprised it took her a moment to realize she was staring. She gave my doppelgänger her drink, told her to have a great day.

she hurried over to me “Becky! That girl looked exactly like you!” She exclaimed.

I sighed “I know. It happens all the time” I replied, “don’t worry about it”

”wow” she murmured.

Wow is an over statement.

I lost count how many doppelgängers I have. This one made her appearance a couple of months ago, however her boyfriend was a regular customer!

At least Katerina Petrova only had three doppelgängers. Amara doesn’t count😜



I was having one of those days.

Derp thought because I was so sweet and kind lately he could micro-manage me

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First of all, I am not a child. I am not a part-timer. I know my business, stay in your place before we have hands!

He made the mistake of putting me on McCafe. (fucking hate that position!) There I am making coffee. Two buckets of ice coffees so we could be prepared for the rush.

I am finally done my task and I walk up to the landing to run some orders and Derp starts to beak off at me. “Rebecca part of your job is to run for the window! So don’t just stand there at the coffee station!”

I was right behind him. “Yeah, thanks for pointing that out. There are no orders” I shot back.

Steve’s head shot up. He had been double-checking orders. “Whoa. Whoa! Oh snap!” he laughed. “Such anger!”

Derp glared at me. Dont look at me like that, I will poke out your eyes!

Later on, I was in the middle of an order. “Rebecca,” Derp began. My eye began to twitch. “You know you’re on coffee. I shouldn’t be over here making coffee. Keep an eye on coffee.”

“Funny thing is? Its called teamwork.” I replied.  “I shouldn’t be over here running. Yet here I am running orders. What is it you want me to do? Run or make coffees?”

He glared at me. I finished my order, and walked over. “Is there a problem?”I asked ever so sweetly.

“You didnt have any coffee made.”

Really? There were 4 pots made. Nice try. “Four pots made.”

“Yes, but they were empty.”

I reached over to check. “Sure looks full to me.”

“Rebecca,” he began, ‘I just made those.”

“Nope, those are the pots I made. Make sure the timers are put on the ones you made.” I pivotted on my heel and left.

I was covering a break in drive thru. I was stretching in between orders.

“Rebecca!” Derp snapped.

I slowly straightened. My fingers clenching into fist so I wouldnt say anything that would get me into trouble.

“Instead of just standing there, how about you stock up clean up or run for window.”

I glance behind me. Again no orders for window.

“I will get right on that!”

Jacey snickered.

After work, Steve wanted to talk to me. “Oh great,” I mumbled.

“Close the door,” he instructed me.

It was very good news!!!

He didn’t enjoy the tension this morning. He glared at Derp. He wanted to assure me that what happened last weekend would never affect me. That crew loved my sister, loved me. That the crew would never be the same without my sister, or me.

He hadn’t been at the meeting with my sister and the boss. ( there are two boss Steves) He was totally blown away by what happened. He asked me what she said to me.

I told him that the entire weekend I thought it was a joke. That she was pulling my leg.

He told me believed in second chances. That she deserved a second chance. He knew there was no way she would ever do such a thing. Nor I.

When my sister came to pick me up, he saw her and told her she wasn’t fired. She was suspended for a week. He would be having a long talk with Boss. There was no way he was going to let her go. He wouldn’t be able to run this restaurant without her.

What wonderful news!!!!

My sister broke down crying with happiness.

I told her to Praise God because He was the One who made this happen.



My callous disregard of human life:

jacey: what’s in the tea?

me: I don’t know. I don’t care. They don’t tell me. I don’t ask. That’s the new rule. They don’t tell us. We don’t ask.

BVS: it’s sounds like a bad rule to me.

me: really? You will fall in line! You will conform to my evil regime!

-my kingdom! I am queen here no one unsurps my authority!

Just kidding of course! Or am I?


Angelina Jolie’s speech moves me to tears every time I watch it. She is so awe inspiring.

I wonder in a different time if I was living a different life if I would be as generous. I certainly hope I would. I certainly don’t want to be as selfish or self-absorbed as I am now.

and I must be. For what kind of a person yearns to be like Job, Ruth or Naomi for example yet fails every time.


I am so done with Summer drinks!

How hard is it order an ice coffee? Hmm lets see.

  • I will have a sugar free vanilla with no sugar. – its SUGAR FREE. Now you are ordering it with just cream!
  • I will have a sugar free with a shot of vanilla. – vanilla is the flavor!
  • I will have an iced coffee. regular. Why isn’t it black? – because regular is cream and sugar! it automatically comes sweetened!
  • I will have 3 ice coffees. 2 with milk and sweetener. the other regular. Why do 3 of them look different? – because you ordered it that way. his excuse was he came in all the time and never had sweetener in his coffee. I call his bullshit. You are not at Tim Hortons, buddy!
  • I will have a regular ice coffee with a vanilla shot. is that regular size vanilla ice coffee? you just ordered a regular flavored iced coffee added vanilla. Two flavors one drink. Gross!


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