Another fabulous day!

I basically did nothing all day.

In the morning just stood in the front, pretended to do work. Gossipped like it was social event. Then went on my break.

I was stuck in the First booth over lunch.  Singing musicals, trying not to throw the interac pad at the customers who didn’t know how to use the cards. Or for not smiling.

While I was about to go on my break, I was waiting for my lunch when a ketchup packet was hurled at me.

Stunned, I looked around to see who could have thrown it.

There was Johnny grinning mischievously at me.

I scooped up the ketchup package and prepared to throw it back at him but he was at the grill, so I couldnt.

I waited until he returned to the grill table. “Johnny” I cooed. “Love love”

He turned to face me. Whack! I hit him with the ketchup package.

He laughed.

The girls began to tease me. “Oh Johnny and Becky are flirting. There is so much love in the air!”

I smiled. “So much love!”

“Too bad I will have to tell Ate!” Ems sighed. (Ate- elder sister or sister)

“Yes we will have to tell Ate!”

My eyes nearly bugged out of my head in shocked disbelief. “No!” I cried. “Dont you dare tell Ate! Does it look like I have a death wish! I do not have a death wish!”

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“Sad, baby will come after you!” Ange mused mournfully. “She will fight you!”

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It was a horrifying image that came to mind. Nope!

I grabbed my food and escaped while I could!

It was a great day.




Unfortunately it’s true!

it was beautiful weather for a week. The snow was melting. I woke up this morning to ankle deep snow! It’s still snowing!

all the roads weren’t ploughed but ironically the only road that was cleared? Was the road to McDonald’s! It was the most traveled!



Its been super exhaustive the last couple of days. (looking at that sentence one might read ‘Its been super ex-lative lol)

It has been super busy over spring break, so I had been coming home taking a shower, meditating for an hour than going to bed.

Yesterday was physically exhausting. I was so smrt. I wore an undershirt plus my uniform. I was dying! Usually, I am fine because I am in drive thru. Not yesterday. I was the third runner. That meant I had to make coffee, run, stock up, etc.

During the afternoon I had a couple of meltdowns. Luckily the manager wasn’t around for that.

Table service! Oh my god! I hate table service! I do not have patience for that shit. I really admire waitresses who have to memorise their seating plan, their tables, everything. I wouldnt be able to hack it!

My first meltdown happened when the cashier handed out the drinks for table service. A no no. The whole point of table service is for the customer to sit and relax. Not get up for anything. We will do everything for them.

I walk out there with the meal, and there is the customer drinking his pop. I had his pop.  WTF!

My eye twitched. I marched into the kitchen.

“Do not give out the drinks for table service!”

The cashier starts to back talk me.

“but they ask for them.”

“Table service does not get their drinks. They have their drinks with their meal.” I snapped. “Dont do it again.”

My second meltdown happened when a woman and her friend decided at the last minute they wanted table service. The cashier refused to give them different trackers. After I explained 4x why they needed separate trackers. I marched out to where they were seated with their food. Politely I explained if they would like table service just to ask for it before they order. The customer stared up at me. “Where are my drinks.”

“She asked you what you wanted. You said fountain drink. You didnt specify what kind.” I placed the empty cups in front of her. “There you are. Have you a nice day”

“You mean I have to get it myself?” she was aghast.

“Yes. That’s why she asked! So you wouldn’t have to! Have a nice day!” I marched off.

Today, however, was much better. I was enjoying myself immensely. Especially in the drive thru. I got to be First lane order taker.

Second Lane order taker was getting annoyed because every time I would ask my customers for their orders, her customers would start giving her their order.

“I didn’t ask for your order.” would always follow their “are you kidding I just gave you my order”

“I cant take this anymore!” she would cry. “they keep thinking you are asking for their order!”

I howled with laughter. “Welcome to my pain.”

Soon karma was kicking my ass.

“I would like a peppermint latte” a guy ordered.

“I am sorry we don’t have those,” I replied. “We have caramel chocolate, vanilla, ”

“So what kind of peppermint shots do you have.” he interrupted me. Excuse me?

“none” I replied coldly, “Which was why I was telling you what kind of shots we had.”

“oh, so you don’t have peppermint. What kind of shots do you have?”

are you kidding me? “Before you interrupted me I was telling you we have caramel chocolate, vanilla, sugar-free vanilla, and caramel”

“oh so what is the difference between vanilla and sugar-free vanilla”

I wanted to run headfirst into the wall to end it all. “sugar” I answered slowly. “free.Sugar. Free”

If it wasnt one  jackass it was another.

A woman was in the middle of an order when she stops and hellos me. “Excuse me did you just hello me?” I asked coldly.


“Dont hello me when I am taking your order. Your order is on the screen.” I snapped.


After one guy’s painful decision making on chicken or beef he decided to tell me he had a coupon. What kind of coupon. “I will show you at the window.” he snaps.

“No you will tell me now. Because I have different buttons and a different menu to go into.” I snapped. “Just for next time if you could tell me before ordering you have a coupon!”

it was really fun day other than that. We snuck some chocolate on the floor. Steve didnt mind. However one of the girls found my large glass of water. I broke one of the ‘no beverages on the floor rule’ “Becky! Is that yours!”


“Steve!” she called.

“no!” I cried. “Its mine!”

I was loosening up the sleeve of hot cups by slamming them on the table, when they opened up and half of them flew through the air and hit Steve in the head.

The girls froze as he turned around to stare at me. “Tackleberry!”

“Sorry Hightower!” I giggled.




I had one of my weird sex dreams this morning!

I was at a social event. (ugh I hate them) it was an auction. Bid on somebody. Then go on a date. A charity event.

The bidding was going well. The women were making a lot of money, men were bidding their money on them. I found the whole event distasteful. A woman or man wasn’t chattel to be bought for amusement. Maybe it was my feminist views.

“Oh get over it! its for charity!” a friend rebuked me. “You are not up there! Aren’t you thankful!”

“Oh yeah. So thankful!” I take another sip of my drink.

“If you dislike it so much, maybe you should put a bid in” the friend teased.

I choked on my drink. “Why would I want to do that?”

“To rescue them?” she laughed.

I scowled. “Dont be ridiculous.” I dismissed her suggestion as easily she made it.

Soon there was only one woman left. She was beautiful. Her red hair was cut in a reverse bob, that framed her dainty features. Tiny freckles sprinkled her nose and cheeks. She wore an emerald green sheath dress.

“You should bid,” my friend persisted. “The man that started the bid at 200, is a horrible man. There are rumours he treats his women like animals.”

My eyes shifted from the woman on the stage to the man standing a few feet away. He was quite obese, his features slovenly kept. His eyes were beady, the unholy light within left me feeling chilled. I grimaced. Good lord, how was he allowed in Polite Company!

“And you want me to be her savior?” I snorted.

“You cant keep your eyes off her.” my friend insisted.

“What do you suggest I do, if I win this bid?” I shot back.

“It is up to the winner to provide whatever kind of entertainment” my friend answered, “I bet you are thinking about it right now!”

The entertainment I wanted was having the woman screaming my name as I made her cum. I scowled.

as the bid got higher, other men started to get cold feet and began to back out leaving few opposition to the Pig Man. “What is their problem?” I asked. “Dont they have any back bones?”

my friend laughed. “maybe they arent that generous”

“Alright.” I put my drink down. I raised my hand.

All eyes went to me. The man scowled. “You cant bid, its men only.”

“I dont see any rules about gender,” I answered coolly. “Shut your mouth before you make yourself appear more like a jackass.”

On stage, the woman smiled at me gratefully.

Pig Man glanced at me then the woman, “You cant be serious taking this bid!” he shouted at the auctioneer.

“She is right, there are no rules on who bid. It is for Charity, George.” the auctioneer replied coolly.

“This is outrageous! You are letting some stupid bitch outbid me!” George whirled around to face the crowd. “Surely someone, some gentleman will put a bid in!”

He was met with stony glares and scandalized whispers.

“Do you wish to continue, George?” I asked, “do so now. You are wasting my time and everybody else’s with your temper tantrum.”

“How dare you!” George snarled. “No woman will tell me what to do!”

“I just did.” I snapped. “He will forfeit his bid.” I motioned to security. “Please escort George out.”

George stammered a protest as three men surrounded him, and hastened his exit.

“I see you have outdone yourself again,” the auctioneer sighed. I laughed as I apologised for the scene.

“Thank you!” arms suddenly wrapped around me.

Startled I found myself staring down into blue eyes. “You are welcome,”

“I thought I would have to go with that jerk!” the woman released me blushing. “You saved me.”

“Again, not a problem” I hesitated waiting for her to give me her name.


I blinked at the unusualness of her name. “Star.” I echoed, “nice to meet you.”

“Will it be to forward if I ask you to take me home. I don’t know if George will be waiting outside.”

I smiled. “Oh sure. Don’t worry there is security.”

We retrieved our clutches and coats from the coatroom and flagged a town car.

Once we were on the way to her apartment, she twisted in her seat to face me. Her hand touched mine. Startled I glanced down then back up at her.

Star smiled shyly, and peeked up at me from her long thick eyelashes. “I am kind of glad you rescued me.”

“I am not your saviour.” I smiled.

“You were kind of brave going up against that pig George!” she protested. “I was positively shivering with fright when I saw his hand go up! I heard he beats his lovers!”

I shrugged. “It was callous of the men not to bid against him.”

“Perhaps,” Star bit her lower lip. “I have also heard other things.”

‘About George? Dont worry about him” I soothed her.

“No, about you.” Star moved closer.

“Me?” I was astonished. “What have you heard?”

“Well, its quite” she broke off. Her cheeks turned pink. “embarrassing.”

“What is it?”

“Do you know Livy and Lena Hart” she asked softly.

The names sounded familiar. The mother and daughter had been a previous conquest.  A memory of a voluptuous older dark hair woman with generous breasts and a younger version of herself,  spread underneath me while I enjoyed their bodies.Both were lost in ecstasy. the duo locked in 69. Livy’s tongue licking furiously at her daughter’s clit, while Lena and I sucked hard on her mother’s clit.  My pussy hummed with the memory of their orgasmic screams.

I stared unblinkingly at Star “Yes. Do you know of them?” I asked neutrally.

“Yes,” Star whispered. “I was there that night.”

“Oh.” I did not know what to make of that.

“I was unsure of what I wanted. I know now.” Star took my hand and placed it on her thigh. I froze.

“Star, what are you doing?” I asked coolly, “Your gratitude is enough. This is inappropriate.”

Star shook her head. “Forget about the auction.” she slid my hand higher. “I have been thinking about that night. The way you made love to my sister my mother.”

I frowned. “I didn’t make love to them. I fucked them. There was no love involved.”

Star’s brows furrowed. “You didn’t care for them at all?”

“No. They are beautiful. I just wanted them to make them feel good. Its how I get off.” I explained coolly. I tried to extract my hand from between her thighs. She wouldn’t let go.

“But the way you made them scream? You made them cum so many times. You made sure they had so many orgasms. Is that not caring?”

“No.” I sighed. “I get off on their orgasm. Hearing them scream. Feeling their pussies get wet.” I was getting wet remembering Livy’s and Lena’s bodies responding to my touch to my tongue. “That has nothing to do with emotion.”

My fingers brushed Star’s pussy. I could feel the heat of her arousal through her panties. “It was so hot,” Star whispered. “Every night I masturbated to the thought of you making me cum like that.”

My eyes narrowed on her face. “Did you.”

“Yes.” her breathing was becoming husky. “would you fuck me like that? Make me cum like that?”

“Maybe.” I was pressing my knuckles against her slit. She sighed, as I pressed harder.

“Would it help if I took off my panties?” she whimpered after a moment. I was stroking her slit, her panties were soaking wet.

When I didnt say anything, she wiggled out of them and tossed them aside.

her pussy was neatly trimmed. I took my time, stroking her slit. Hearing her little sighs and moans.

I was well aware that we were getting closer to her place, but I was in no hurry. I sank a finger deep inside her. Star’s muscles clenched down hard. She was so wet and tight. I slapped her thighs further apart, I wanted to see her pussy. Fuck, she was dripping all over my finger, as I slid another deep.

“What a good girl,” I crooned, “Your gonna take more than two?”

Star nodded, the strands of her hair were damp, clinging to her face as I opened her up.

“Oh please,” she begged. “oh fuck! oh fuck me”

Three fingers deep, I was pumping them deep. Hard. Her body was quivering. with my other hand, I reached down to rub her clit. Her body arched. “Yes! yes! harder! Oh my god I am cumming!”

Her screams echoed in the town car. I caught a glance at the driver who was watching in the review mirror, his face flushed. I winked at him. Then turned back to Star.

Her pussy juice pooled on the leather seats underneath her, as another orgasm tore through her.

It took me a moment to realize the car slowed. Glancing out the window I realized we  were at Star’s family estate. Not her apartment. I frowned. What kind of game was she playing? Was she hoping to re-enact the night I had spent with her sister and mother? I did not need that kind of drama!

Slowly I withdrew my fingers.

Dazedly Star sat up. “What are you doing?” she croaked.

“You got your wish. I made you cum.”I smiled coolly. “Enjoy the rest of your night.” I opened the door.

“Are you serious?” Star exclaimed, “You finger fuck me and then tell me to get out.”

Young’uns so full of drama. “Yes. This is your house. You asked me to see you home.”

Star flushed angrily. “I was hoping you would come inside. You would finish what we started.” she murmured.

“I am sorry you got the wrong idea,” I replied gently, “but if its any kind of romance, or affair you are looking for I am not that kind of person. You wanted to cum. I made you cum. Now you are home. Have a good night.”

Star glared at me. “You are a cold bitch!” snatching her panties she stumbled out of the town car. She appeared so forlorn in the drive, Her clutch and coat tight against her chest as the car drove off.

  • I woke up at that moment. Making her cum. I was so wet,hot and bothered. But I had no time to get myself off. I had to get ready for work!!!!


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Whenever a someone gives me a hard time, or whenever I want to run and jump off a cliff because a simple yes or no question is harder than a MENSA test, there is always somebody else that will the chaos and turn it into something better!

A customer pulled up to the window she saw me hanging out by my till. (Lane 1) “Rebecca!” she exclaimed, “I thought that was you taking my order! You have a voice of an angel!”

Everyone in drive thru stopped what they were doing and turned to look at me incredulous disbelief.

“Thank you” I replied, blushing.

“You are so sweet! An angel!” the customer went on. “Have a wonderful day!”

Steve reached for the waste basket. “You an Angel?” he echoed. “Does she even know who you are?”

“Steve I am the sweetest kindest person in drive thru!”

“I am going to throw up now!”

We all laughed.

I had been grumpy, trying to maintain a degree of civility and that little bit of kindness made the rest of my afternoon so much better ♥


“You don’t know yourself and that is what is scary” he murmured. “I watched you blossom from a young girl into a woman who doesn’t know her own worth.” he frowned as if he was second-guessing his own musings. “I am watching you go through your life without purpose, without aim. Hoping someone will find you, fix your mistakes and guide you. An arrow through the universe finding its mark. It makes me angry because I know you have such passion such desire to empower and inspire others.”

Her silence was infuriating. “Guess what? Life isn’t like the stories you read. Or write. A hero isn’t going to appear out of nowhere and save you..”

Without warning, she launched herself at him. Nearly barrelling him over before he caught her in his arms. Straddled in his lap, she wrapped her arm tight around his neck, pulling his head down to kiss him. the brush of her lips against his startled him. wariness shivered along his shoulders down his back, however, the sensations that shot through him was anything but.

Her lips moved against his, a tantalizing play. He let her tease him, the taste of her imprinting on his senses. His fingers smoothed over her arms, noting the softness of her skin the warmth seeping into his fingertips as he moved up over her shoulders the fragile line of her collarbone. He thumbed her throat feeling her pulse hum with her excitement.

“Are you trying to seduce me?” he breathed over her lips.

She snorted. “You talk too much.”

He laughed.

“You make me feel vulnerable” she whispered. “You make my heart beat so fast I feel like dying. You make feel how inadequate I am, I have been so alone for so long that I don’t know how to be with you.”

Her eyelashes were wet with unshed tears, her face pale. the stark pain in her voice churned his stomach.

his forehead touched hers. “I had no idea.” he whispered.

“Yeah well, speaking is not my forte”

He kissed her brow, her eyes her cheek finally her mouth. “I guess I didnt make it easier by pointing out your lack of ambition!”

She smacked his chest. He winced. Rubbing the stinging pain away, he brought her hand to his mouth and kissed her fingers. “We are total opposites.” he pointed out. “are you sure we meant to be?”

She glared at him. “of course!”

Then Stop being such a dork.” he whispered. He cradled her close. “and love me. I dont want to be alone without you.”

She bit her lower lip. “If I must.”

His eyebrow lifted. In spite of himself, he began to laugh. “You are such a brat!” he kissed her.

She smiled. “Its what you love about me.”

He groaned. “Get out of here! There is no guarantee what I will do to you!”

She giggled and wiggled out of his lap. “Promises. Promises.”

“Go on! Get!” he smacked her ass. “You’re bothering me!”

Be happy

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“The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters.”

Audrey Hepburn


Oh my word! That is so awkward! 😂💕

For some reason I have WHAM! Careless Whisper on my mind. “I’m never gonna dance again. The way I dance with you!”

i love Korean dramas 💕💕



I think everyone wants this. Desires this. I do. 💕💕

four out of ten. Could be better.


One of my regular customers came in this afternoon. I never laughed so hard. It was a good thing he couldnt see me, I never blushed so hard in my life! My face was on fire!

He had ordered a large tea with sugar. Then an xtra large coffee black.

“I am sorry, I cant make that order. That takes too much effort.” I drawled.

He laughed. “Really? I know you cant handle an xtra large”

It took me a moment to realize what he was implying. I gasped “really, Victor!” I began to laugh.

“Really! Especially if its black” he teased.

I laughed harder. “Oh my god, Victor!”

It was a good thing no one else was paying attention to our conversation, wow!

Sexual innuendo much!