I need brain bleach now

There is a reason I sometimes don’t give out too much about the physical description of the man in my fantasies, he is real.

however I had a horrible dream that my fantasy man thought i was writing about someone we both knew.



Adulting here

Those hard adult decisions!

when you can’t decide if you want a bath or shower!


How to be single

Oakland Tribune, California, April 28, 1935 

-if a woman did that she would be sleeping alone!

I love onions! But aw hell no!

Found this on Tumblr 

Crawling under the covers to finish watching my shows.

It’s snowing. It’s Saturday. Just another lazy day.

Ugh boob jiggle much😜

So extraordinary 

Jessica Lange on Live Kelly 

So beautiful 😍 

If I could inspire to be so sophisticated beautiful graceful kind and sexy as I age, it would be a wonder!

Just Killing Time

Being a Joker by watching Law & Order: Criminal Intent 😍😍😍

I love Vincent D’Onofrio💕


 my friend reminded me I cant be sick We are going to see Logan.

Well ok then! 🤗

It’s a good morning 

When your makeup is on point! And your highlight is flawless!

Irony? You have a cold. Itchy eyes running nose! You feel like shit!