My name is Rebecca Dawn.

I live in a small northern city in Canada.

This blog started out on a whim.

I’m not sure if I gotten anywhere over the years. (give or take)

I have had some fun, hit some rough patches but through it all I have met some wonderful people.
There is this misconception that bloggers must write about one topic, one subject. Who can do that? Not me!
I love to write and needed the creative freedom to do so, which is why i started blogging!
I write about anything and everything. Anything that comes to mind, anything I feel passionate about.
I would like to see harmony serenity peace and love in the world. One Heart One Love, its a song that should inspire us all.
My faith is the most important of my life, I feel like I have been truly blessed.

I’m outrageous, dramatic, impulsive, unique.

I love to laugh, i have a great sense of humor. I find pleasure in the littlest things.

Music is my inspiration when I write.

I could go on and on about Detective Bobby Goren and Sherlock Holmes. I am obsessive about mysteries. I love solving the crime in as little few chapters as possible, and in few commercials as possible. I love the satisfying feeling of knowing I was right or wrong. Especially when there is a plot twist! Got to love those! I rarely am surprised by those anymore!

I love a good horror movie I try not to see a movie that is super trending on social media sites.

And I love to munch on snacks and drink Iced Coffee or Boba Tea while I write!

BTW: the sheningans posted in this blog does not reflect my boss. so there. my opinions are my own…im having fun, and no customers were harmed.

106 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. If my opinion does not count, why even bother to have a comment section on your blog?

    You might be interested to know that for men, respect is even more important to them than sex. Your blog does not show respect and that will continue to cause you trouble in your relationships.

    If you have any questions about showing men respect, I would be happy to help you with that, but I suspect that for the time being you are self satisfied and have no interest in personal improvement.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder


    1. Thank you, Mr. Wilder for your honesty.
      I guess i should clear up a few things regarding my blog. I consider this blog to be my therapy. i have issues with communication. As such, i believe in honesty in its rawest form. there have been a few who have left their “opinions” on this blog, who like to tear down people, and i dont like their opinion. and their opinion dont matter.
      and as for my entry, i excuse my onesidedness. i did explain i do have trust issues. and i am working on them.
      i am working on myself everyday. and the last couple days have been hard on me. so please excuse the relapse.
      thank you for commenting on my blog.


    2. Respect is earned, and should always be mutual.
      Men deserve as much respect as women. Women are far from respected by far too many men.
      Mr Wilder, your comments seem to imply that men deserve respect first and foremost.
      Many women feel disrespected by men because of the porn/sex industry. Rape is disrespectful.
      Until we regard each other with mutual respect, people will always find it hard to trust.
      I understand any woman’s carefulness in showing men respect.
      Too many times women have been burned .

      I am with a man who respects me fully, he is strong and caring and honest. I respect his honesty, his strength and his love. He deserves it. Not all men do.


      1. Hey Insidesuzysoul.
        I am quite aware that there are men out there who by their conduct don’t deserve respect. What I am suggesting is to give respect until it turns up not being deserved. Most men respect women more so than women respect men in our society. There is a kind of reverse sexism out there called MISANDRY. Wikipedia does an outstanding job of explaining it.

        You can see it in our commercials where the man is always portrayed as this hapless boob who has invariably gotten himself and/or his family into trouble yet again. The woman is portrayed as the all wise hero who swoops in to save the day all the while tossing off denigrating and insulting and condascending remarks to her husband.



  2. now that i think about, Mr. Wilder i will delete that sentence “Your opinion doesnt matter, my does. oops was that the narcisissitic side of me speaking? i am more of a drama queen LOL”


  3. Hey Rebecca
    Glad to hear it. For the record, men have trouble with drama queens as well. What they really want is a simple down to earth girl who will be their best friend and always have their back. They want a willing and adventurous sex partner who will give it to them willingly and lovingly when they need it.

    They want a recreational companion. Do these things and men will be beating down your door and all you have to do is to pick the best one for you.l

    blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder


  4. Hi there, how does a 34 year old know who Fred Dryer is? He is still my crush. I just turned 49! ugh! Was he difficult to work with? This is kinda fun.


    1. Hi Carol, I love Fred Dryer! He was awesome in Hunter! I used to watch Hunter all the time back in the day! sorry about the confusion!
      i really have bad sentence structure, lol what i meant to say was, his character Hunter was difficult. No one in the police department wanted to work with Hunter! lol I cant type as fast as I think!
      I just finished watching Hunter on iTunes. yeah fred dryer!


  5. No, it was my fault, I have a bad habit of “skim reading” and I’m a teacher! I went back and noticed you said Hunter not Fred, so it was totally my fault. I didn’t know Hunter was on iTunes. Many of the episodes are on youtube and HULU also. I still can’t believe someone your age knows who he is. Let me ask you a question. Don’t ask me why I want to know yet. I’ll tell you in a minute. Do you consider yourself mainly a liberal or a conservative? ( I recently found some current videos of Fred hosting a program where he share’s his view’s rather, um, vehemently to say the least) and I don’t want you to watch them until you answer the question.


    1. I’m Canadian, so our parliament system is a little different.I’m liberal. which would probably be closer to a left wing Democrat in the US. im not sure how your parliament system works.


  6. thank you! 😀
    chocolate should be part of the four food groups. So it would be five food groups. Chocolate, dairy, meat, vegetables, fruits, grains.
    yea chocolate!


  7. rebecca……IF indeed you are the one that the links led to …the one with HUGE nips and dark aureoles ……”sometimes it’s hard to be a woman”……then let me assure you ……there are “differences” in all of us …….yes…..you are WAY outside the “norm” in that regard……..but remember , there are (at least) two different ways of looking at that……for instance, “most” women ( to me ) are severely “lacking” in the nipple department……..i am one (of MANY, i believe ) that would crawl over 10 miles of broken glass to get those in my mouth ( sorry to be so blunt and direct )…….but i just want you to realize that for every idiot out there that counts your “beyond the norm” status as a negative………just as many count it as a positive…….I absolutely GUARANTEE !!!…….that thousands( if not hundreds of thousands ) of men think about those AMAZING nips while they please themselves…….being “beyond the norm”……ISN’T necessarily a “bad” thing 😉


    1. Well thank you very much!:) I appreciate your bluntness. I am sure the woman in the picture would have love to know how much you love her nips. BTW That wasnt me in the picture. I just wrote the post, because I was feeling so insecure about my own breasts, and thought I was beyond the norm.


      1. yeah its a rip off a victoria secret maxi night dress. who in the world would name lingerie maxi? it reminds me of a maxi pad. disgusting. (the allusion) not the dress. 😉


  8. Hi

    Am new to blogging but can honestly say that your blog was the most unexpected I have visited. Love your use of sound. I write a daily inspiration blog at soulsnet.com and I write inspirational poetry. I would love to find a way to actually recite the poems. I would love you to visit



    1. Hi Corrine,
      Thank you for visiting my site!
      the music I use on my site could be found at soundcloud.com
      soundcloud allows anyone to record whatever they want such as your poetry and download it onto their website.
      I am not much of a computer person, I cant even use code or html that well, but i think this is site pretty cool.


  9. Hi Rebecca-
    I do not think that you are being a misandrist at all. Hell, you seem to like men a good deal. I like your blog, and I am new to wordpress.

    -elmer oldmanron


  10. Love Marilyn Monroe’s words there. I didn’t know she was quote-worthy!

    You’ve got a gorgeous blog – warm, loving.


  11. well, that was one rockin’ introduction! loved it but i also happen to like fierce women, women with strong opinions, with strength and who are independent, and have a bit of a wicked sense of humor. i’m with you on nixing anything with mint anime and Iced Frappacinos and the original Iron Chef but ambivalent about ice cream?, sorry can’t live without that. ;-}

    thanks for the like of my poem, btw on 20 Lines A Day. and keep the ::::light:::;


      1. heh, my version of Rocky Road is Ben and Jerry’s vanilla bean followed by a spoonful of Jif xtra crunchy peanut butter, anytime, anywhere.

        better than…..well almost better than anything. 🙂


  12. OCD? first I thought that was a name of a music group, then when I figured it out it all made sense why you´re writing is so filthy…just kidding, it´s fun read, erotica genre sounds better, but you do write about other topics. Always refreshing things, good read.
    P.S. You crushed me, no pizza means your strange.


  13. Yes, I’m not a big pizza fan. We don’t have many pizza places here. Two of them suck. One is ok. But I wouldnt go out of my way for a slice! Now if you’re talking sushi! I’m there. 😉


  14. for someone who has trust issues you sure don’t hold back giving out information to anyone….I dont understand that….I mean I’m that type of person who can say I have trust issues coz when some company you put your 6years of hard work into try to kill you that sure puts you back.and the last thing you do is talk to stranges about your characteristic profile info online.. if you know my drift…please would love to hear from you, email me if you want.Love what your trying to do thogh keep it up darl


    1. Writing on here allows me a certain freedom I don’t give myself in real life.
      Trust issues stem from a lot of betrayal and lack of loyalty.
      I am always wary of people because I am afraid of being hurt again.
      And as for my characteristic profile is it the real me? No one really knows.


  15. Hi i am Sulagno and I am kind of madly in love with your blog. And yeah seriously are you still single and have no love life? You know what I thought you as a young girl of my age 20. Your writings really look young. 🙂


      1. Ohh I wish you were of my age dear i would have seriously made you my girlfriend. I am single too. I hope it would be bed breakingly sexy with you and me together. You really seem hot and sexy which i love a lot 🙂


      2. You blushed it seems my dear. No matter we are friends and feel free to share anything and everything with me. Yeah I really like your horny and sexy stuff. Makes me aroused too 🙂


  16. Just stopped by to see what you’re all about. Gary Lum (Yummy Yummy) mentioned both of us in a recent post of his. I find you refreshing and being a fellow Canuck doesn’t hurt either … looking forward to reading more from you 🙂


  17. Hey hi
    To be honest I may not be inspiring
    but it takes someone special to inspire me most of the time it’s you and your Writings now and your writing i can say one thing that there is a essence of feeling which can be felt deep inside my heart the way u potrait words and mix up with the feeling is really magical and its hard for me sometime to move out of it .You pen down the things in words is beautiful and magical

    Liked by 1 person

  18. You know by now that I do love your blog for many reasons…..and now this intro part of yours is great writing…..humorous, to the point and absolutely in your face…..and keep on going strong with your blog……..:)


  19. Heya..! I hope you are doing great, and everything is going amazing on your end… Today I wanted to take sometime and – THANK YOU…! For visiting my blog and engaging on my posts ( http://www.theinspirationalbeing.com – Diary that Speaks)….!

    I know I don’t engage more on your posts, but I do acknowledge your presence on my blog..! I would like to know more about you…! and also I would love to know what topics you love to read on my blog, so I can share it more frequently..!

    I hope your time is utilized at the best, on my blog..! Have a great day ahead..!

    Abdul Gani Punjabi


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