Oppa where are you?!

The Heirs
My Love from another Star
Master’s Sun
School 2015
Angry Mom
Descendants Of The Sun
Oh My Venus
Cinderella and the four knights*
Cheese In The Trap*
My Secret Romance*
Suspicious Partner*
Bad guys
Great and lonely God/ Goblin
Legend of the Blue sea
School 2013
Boys over Flowers
Father is strange
Blue bird
The last empress
The Good Witch
lawless Lawyer
Judge vs Judge
Beating Again
My horrible boss
your Honor
Nemesis. Ms Ma
Itaewon Class
School 2017
He is Psychometric
Miss Hammurabi
Secret Garden
Dong Yi
Another Oh Hae Young
I hear your voice
Man to Man
Scarlet Heart Ryeo
Strong Woman Do Bong Song
Mad Dog
Revenge Note 1
Empress Ki
Avengers Social Club
Graceful Family
Class of Lies
The Memorist
World of The Married
Bad Guys 2 the movie
Last Empress
Itwaeon Class
Penthouse:War of life 1,2,3
It’s Ok Not to Be Ok
How to Sell Your Haunted House
Miracle Girls
Miss Monte Cristo
Eternal Dream
One Woman
Devil Judge
Bad and Crazy
Inspector Koo
Ghost Doctor
Juvenile Justice
Military Prosecutor Doberman
Crazy Love
Again My Life
Show Window: The Queen’s House
From now on, Show Time!
Why Her
Extraordinary Attorney Woo
Big Mouth
mr Queen
may it please the court
the Uncanny
Weak Class 1 Hero
Under the Queen’s Umbrella
Revenge of Others
Reborn Rich
The Glory
Unlock My Boss
Shooting Stars
Delivery Man
Taxi Driver
Psychopath Diary
Queen Maker

My list of Korean dramas I have seen. In no particular order. I may have forgotten some 😜😅😘

Other Asian dramas
Legal wife
Princess Agents
Wild flower
Legend of Yunxi
All about secrets
Medical Examiner Dr. Qin
Miss Sherlock

Kadenang Ginto