I’m looking forward to when the holidays will be over.

Oh the delusion I was under! I thought because I was working with part timers I wouldn’t have to actually to do work! Explain how to do their work!

The lunacy!

I had to Dirty these lazy hands with manual labour! 😂😂😂

Did they not know who I was? I was the epitome of laziness!

Every morning I would be in a such great wonderful mood when I got to work. I would walk on shift and BAM! I became grumpy!

We weren’t even busy and they had done nothing! No stock up! Nothing! Just stood around and talking.

“Becky, did you start making gravy?” I was asked at 9:45 am.

My eye twitched. “What?”

“The gravy! Get it done!” I was handed the gravy mix, bowl and whisk. I stared at the mix and then at my team, my annoyance growing.

The bane of my existence! Gravy hadn’t been done yet!

“Are you serious?” I exploded. I marched into second booth where the girls were gossiping. “Explain to me why y’all haven’t done anything yet and we have no customers!”

The girls stared at me.

“You should have had your stock, and drive thru organized and gravy made already! Don’t wait for me to be coming up in here!” I shouted.

Yesterday I found myself throwing cups because none of them were doing anything yet again! The mcCafe person was making Hot Chocolate with only milk! No chocolate! For the love of Pete!

“Where is my juice, Becky?” Steve asked.

“I don’t know, Steve I am doing everything by myself. You know 20 years of awesomeness!” I snapped. By the time three o clock came I was ready to snap. In the span of 15 minutes 8 orders got handed out wrong!

Today I finally lost it! My sanity my control everything!

I was in a wonderful mood I walked on the shift. My eye twitched. Drive thru was a disaster again. Why was everyone trying me!

I grabbed cups started throwing them back in their box. Started cleaning and organizing. When I noticed the McCafe person was putting the cups back. “Don’t even think about it!” I said. “We don’t need them”

She ignored me and proceeded to try and stuff the cups in the shelf. “We don’t need them” I tried to be polite.

Every time I tried to explain something politely to the girls I was being ignored. I was tired of being nice. Four times I had to explain and show them why We couldn’t use a coffee carafe. “It’s all good Becky. It’s fine.”

I finally had to take the carafe and put it offline. “This doesn’t work! We have only one working!” I snapped. “So this” I pointed to the one canister, “doesn’t work! We only need two carafes! We aren’t busy!”

Steve fixed the carafe, and what happened? The girls put a full canister in the machine and proceeded to brew. Then watched as the coffee poured all over.

They looked at me then the coffee. “I am done” I shouted “y’all are pissing me off! Clean it up!”

I was asking a customer if she wanted a hash brown and fries? She started yelling at me she didn’t wanted hashbrowns. “I am asking you because you said fries and hashbrowns!” Then she was like oh yeah.

I turned off my mic I was so frustrated. “I am getting so pissed off with people not listening.” I exploded. “I am just fucking done with this shit!”

I marched over to the manager and asked if I could go up front. I was so tired of my drive thru team’s bullshit.

“Becky, the customer apologized for being rude to you” I was told. Like I cared.

Not even a few minutes later, the McCafé person wanders off and disappeared. “Where is she?” First lane asked.

“I don’t care. I could care less if she came back to do her job.” I shrugged. “We can do it”

“But Becky”

“I don’t care!” I threw a cup. “We can do her job too. Like fuck!”

I was just so tired of telling them how to do their work. I want to be stress free, I don’t care. But I do. Because it put more work on me and others. This is karma.


♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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