It was the best day ever!

I managed to do some online shopping before work!

I got to crush people’s dreams!

I was in my cage laughing hysterically like a crazed lunatic!

“Becky why are you laughing like an idiot?!” Steve asked finally.

“I’m crushing people’s dreams!”

“Why did I even ask” he groaned.

“I’m a maniac a maniac taking orders” I sang.

Why was I behaving like a lunatic?

Not only was it Black Friday!

There was no school. Parents had to take their kids with them to the sales.

And if they wanted to take the edge off- ahem stress- off?

None of our espresso machines were working!

And then they were asking if we had almond or oat milk!

It was brilliant!

People were absolutely going bananas and there I was revelling in the glory of chaos!

The sadistic part of me was loving it.

The only time I had to use my Big Boy voice was when a guy tried to pull attitude with me and I quickly nipped that in the bud. I put him back in his place. “I was asking if it was two meals!” I raised my voice “thanks”

It was a perfect day!

2 thoughts on “BLACK FRIDAY: I AM MANIAC

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