This morning I had a video link with my radio-oncologist (?)

I like her, she is so nice. She rarely has to look at my file. She always puts me at ease. Today I was feeling a bit anxious about how my treatment ended.

“Does this mean the radiation got rid of all the cancer?” I asked.

She smiled at me. “You’re cancer free. The cancer was removed during the surgery. All of it. Radiation just killed any minute traces so it won’t come back”

I felt stupid then. I am pretty sure she had explained that when she first saw me months ago. I don’t think everything was clicking into my brain how I was progressing. I was just so happy to be feeling so much better. It didn’t help that the oncologist made it seem like I still had it in my previous appointment.

“It’s when you reach your five year mark that we give you the official all clear, no more follow ups no more tests, ok?”

I was a bit more relieved and angry that the oncologist basically told me I still had cancer, just because I was done treatment.

The only good thing about that appointment was? I love going to the cancer ward. Out of the six months I spent going in and out of the hospital, it was the only place I enjoyed.

Sure the doctors and nurses were nice, I was surprised and impressed throughout, but the cancer ward was really good.

It was comfortable, quiet, could watch tv, read, be cozy under warm blankets. Like being at home. The nurses were wonderful.

I also had a follow up with my GP. She is so nice. “Oh we have to give you an internal exam” she pulls out the speculum.

My eyes widen and my jaw dropped. Oh come on! Well it shouldn’t that bad right? It’s been months since my surgery, weeks since radiation. Holy fudge! Was I ever wrong!

It was like my first Pap test all over again! Everything was all good!

After my appointment I was walking home and I remembered I forgot to ask her when I could go back to work! 🤦‍♀️



  1. The five year marker is standard, although I was clear at five years and my cancer returned at six years. I’m three years out since my stem cell transplant. I do blood work tomorrow, CT scan Monday and see the doctor the next Friday. I expect everything is good. I never stopped working. I developed a new web app while having my chemo treatments, and I worked everyday remotely from a few hours to eight hours when I was in the hospital. I went back to the office they day after I got out of the hospital. I could have taken a year of disability after my stem cell transplant, but I did not feel it was necessary, plus I would have had to take a huge cut in income to be on disability.

    You have to get permission from the doctor to go back to work? You definitely have a different system up there. Happy to hear all is good with you.

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    1. Oh you were productive when you were in hospital! Wow! That’s so great! I hope everything goes well with your tests!☺️🤗

      The note is insurance in case my employer tries to schedule me past agreed upon work hours when I return to work.

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