Mom: we will be stopping by for a visit.

Me: what?! I mean ok that will be nice!

I started to panic!

My parents never ever volunteer to visit. They never come over. When I was sick they helped with groceries and with Daisy but left as soon as possible.

They were horrified by my living conditions years before I moved. I was depressed and it took a lot effort to clean. A lazy perfectionist I suppose.

I leaped out of the bath and began to clean. no time to relax!😢

There is clean. Then there is “mom” clean. I was excited to try out the new easy wring mop set I received for Christmas.

I just finished up when they called me and asked if I wanted Tim Hortons. Oh boy, Iced Coffee?

What is happening here?!

5 thoughts on “BOXING DAY VISITORS

  1. I thought you were a clean freak! Mom’s clean is nothing compared to my clean. And I don’t do it as often as I’d like. Looking forward to finding out why they were being so surprising!!

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    1. Oh yes I am a clean freak. But sometimes I get lazy!
      Years ago when I first moved into my apartment building I was going through quite a rough time. I was depressed. So I was lax on my housekeeping. My mom hated how I had so many books. And when she came to see Daisy few months ago my apartment was tidy. she was upset because my apartment wasn’t clean to her standards “I thought you said you had cleaned. Is that clean?” She pointed out to something on that was on the floor.
      My mom was a housekeeper before she retired 😂

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