Drinking Ginger Turmeric Tea with honey and cinnamon while in the bath. Of late I felt as if I have a catch in my throat. Do I cough up my internal organs, or vomit them? Either way it’s a constant nuisance!

It was a wonderful beautiful day! I was so excited to spend the day enjoying the sunshine!

I was in a wonderful mood until the stupid people woke up and made their appearance!

  • “I will have the muffin meal” ok what kind!
  • “What kind of ice drinks do you have” pick one!
  • “I have a code” this woman kept insisting she had it after I asked her to give it to the cashier. “Am I speaking gibberish??” I finally shouted. “I dont want your code! Now please order!”
  • “Oh I don’t have rewards points” no one asked you for any.
  • “Are you ready to take my order?!” I didn’t say “hello” to have a friendly conversation, bro. Oh my goodness lol
  • “Why are you guys so pissy?!” Excuse me?!!!! The girl was mortified that I heard her.!! “No not you! Oh my gosh”
  • “What part of my order didn’t you get?!!” None of it! Because you didn’t wait for me to greet you and you didn’t clarify anything like drinks or what nuggets meal !!

When I finally clocked out? The sunshine was gone and it was dark. What happened to the sunshine!

I’m cackling evilly!

Tomorrow is Black Friday!

I don’t wish that hell on anyone!

I can’t wait to shop!

I wonder if we have Black Fridays as bad as the states? As far as I can I remember we don’t.

Or maybe I just blocked out the trauma!

2 thoughts on “DID I BLOCK OUT THE TRAUMA?

  1. am impressed the girl was mortified!! And did think of you when I stopped at a DQ last week. I’d pulled up and forgot to roll down the window, so the poor person in the booth was talking to nothing! Note: I was sooo sorry!!!!

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    1. Now I want a dipped cone 🤤
      I’ve had a lot of customers who won’t roll down the window lol!
      I had one who refused to pull up to the speaker there was line up and I kept asking him to pull up.
      🤦‍♀️ not like he could hear right? 🤣🤣 he pulls up but wouldn’t roll down his window.
      Finally I shouted “bro, there are people behind you! Now give me your order!”
      I called him bro! Oh man! 😯😂😂😂


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