Using My Big Boy voice the last couple days left my drive thru reeling in shock!

It was like I was a Domme ruling over her Sub!

No one argued! No one took 10 minutes. No one stammered their orders.

A manager stepped up to me trying to assert her authority and when I used my Big Boy voice “to back off and mind her business” she did as she was told. She did not complain again about her drive thru times!

It was wonderful!

It was too good too last!

Today I was on counter.

Yea! Chill and relax!

No! The new kid next to me was a Chatty Cathy. Very nice but chatty.

I was sent into Second Booth, thank goodness!

Chaos! It was complete chaos! I forgot to use my Big Boy voice!😡🤬

And the first order I got?

“Hello?! Hello?! Hello?!” The car didn’t even brake and the guy was shouting at me.

I was in the middle of another order and this guy is demanding I take his order. I lost my cool.

“Excuse me!” I snapped. “You will wait until I ask for your order! I am in the middle of someone’s order! So stop helloing me!”

He began to talk over me. “I will have a coffee..”

“Did I ask for your order?” I shouted.

There was silence “um no”

“Until I ask for it, you don’t speak! I know you were there. I will greet you when I am ready! I am in the middle of an order!” I snapped.

My drive thru team burst out laughing. “Becky! Why are you so angry?”

I scowled. “Because of rude customers! Don’t hello me! I hello you!” I answered.

Things went smoothly until just after lunch when my speaker went off.

I greeted the customer and immediately she ordered the burritos. I informed her that they weren’t part of the all day breakfast.

“I really want them. I know you can just throw them in microwave so I will have the burritos”

I stopped making the tea. “Not after 11 ma’am” I replied.

This exchange went on for quite awhile. She was under some delusion that if she kept telling me how she knew about burritos were cooked that she would get some. How she really liked them.

I was getting really irritated by her entitlement, by her ignoring me.

“Ma’am we don’t have burritos! Breakfast ended at 11”

“You keep calling me Ma’am!” She screeched “stop calling me Ma’am! You are really rude!”

My drive thru team was listening and there was a whole lot of gasps. Managers saying “aw hell no! I’m going to talk to her right now!”

I lost my shit! “I don’t really care!”

“I know you don’t! I was looking forward to have my breakfast but I’m going fucking somewhere else!”

I snorted “bye! Bye!”

I turned off my speaker.

Apparently the customer wasn’t even driving nor in the truck! But trying to order through the phone! The driver didn’t bother to end the call!

The manager told the driver to tell the customer that her behaviour was unacceptable!


No Big Boy voice and customers think they can treat me like a bitch!

No, when you are at the speaker you are my bitch! Bitch!

♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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