One of the best of Doctor Who episodes.

Vincent Van Gogh discovers how the world feels about his art.

This one always makes me cry. But I say that all about Doctor Who episodes.

it would be extremely moving to have anyone hear the profound passion in which the curator described Van Gogh’s art. For Van Gogh himself, it was validation that all is his fear, pain and “ugliness” meant something beautiful to someone else.


I always feel honoured whenever someone even comments on my blogs, or compliments me on it. I blush so horribly! awkward!

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do you react when someone compliments you on your achievements?



Organized all the reading I am going to do for the next couple of weeks starting with the Darkness ♥ I loved Jackie but now I am going to read about Jackie and Sara Pezzini (The Witchblade’s) daughter♥

  1. Super Sons 2017
  2. spider-woman origin
  3. spider-women Omega-2016
  4. spider-women alpha
  5. x-men-origins Emma-frost
  6. x-23 2010
  7. x-23-innocence-lost (still trying to find the one that introduces her sister Gabrielle! argh)
  8. dark-avengers 2009 (hello Daken my old friend)
  9. all-new-x-men-2013 (Wolverine and Mystique has a son named Raze! Sweet mother of God! I have been living under a rock!)
  10. weapon-x

This is what happens when I am so single I live in the fictional world, I live for my characters!♥



It would be a scary thing to realize not only you are dead, but you are a ghost.

I wonder what kind of a ghost I would be? Would I be like Casper? Friendly. Or would be more like a poltergeist. Hmm, that would be fun. Maybe not.

Perhaps I would be an avenging ghost. Righting wrongs and taking care of justice! Hold up I don’t want to be like Patrick Swayze in Ghost. Nah he was too sentimental. Maybe I can be cold ruthless, without any kind of sentimentality. Like Daken. (he’s not a ghost he’s Wolverine’s son. Kind of obsessing over the New Wolverine comics right now)

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Perhaps if I was a ghost, the first thing I would do was figure out how I would possess people by touch alone.

Travel to the states, by one body at a time til I reached the POTUS.

As the POTUS revoke all the bills that he put through.

  • Put an Executive Bill for better Gun Control, (look at Britain, Australia, and Sweden’s gun control. before you start beaking at me) sorry second amendment rights but kids lives should mean more than you do. (that means no more gun shows loop holes, more than a day wait on a background check. illegal to have gun collection. even for show. oops that means only one gun per household. oh my lawd whatever shall we do!) However, judging by the past I would have to possess several bodies to make this happen. The NRA president. Some Lobbyists. It would be time-consuming, and energy consuming. I think it would be very worth it!
  • better Health Care. universal. Like Canada.
  • Drug tests for Welfare. Sorry pal.
  • Raise the driver’s license age to 21. oh man does that suck or what.
  • Enforce strict drinking and driving laws. You kill someone? you go to prison.
  • Distracted driving laws. caught texting and driving? First time? Oh you pay a fine, your car is impounded for a month.
  • The POTUS will then sign a document stating his term as President will be over in one week. in front of press, lawyers etc making it so he cant contest it! (when I leave his body lol)
  • during the week, he will meet with N.Korea. Have a handshake.

I will then be in N.Korea. of course that would take forever to straighten that mess out.


Shopping on a Sunday afternoon

Shopping is wonderful therapy and escape!

if only I had Kim K’s bank account!


I think one of my quirks some people find annoying is how I will blurt out random movie quotes. Or if someone sings a song or quote a line without knowing it I will acknowledge it. (I think it has to do with my know it all attitude)

“Thank you, One Direction” or “Thank you, Selena Gomez”

My former best friend and I used quote movies all the time! We would basically do the whole movie and it would drive everybody nuts!

The one movie we used to quote all the time was Cheaper by the Dozen.

Jake: I heard you were dissing my family.
Cooper: I don’t even know your family loser.
Mike: You do now!
[Mike knocks Cooper’s latte out of his hand]
Cooper: My latte!

Our favorite movies at the time were: How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, Ron Burgundy, Old School, Zoolander, Rundown to name a few.

I think its one of the things I miss most about our friendship. How we would use movies and characters as our own little language. But I am glad our friendship ended, it was so destructive.








k: I want spicy noodles
me: but you dont like spicy noodles
K: i said I wanted spicy noodles!
me: ok. but you are having fries with them.
K: ok! can I help you make them?
(gets the water boiling. I ask her to get the spicy noodles and she hesitates)
me: whats wrong now?
K: I dont want spicy noodles.
me: but you just said you wanted spicy noodles.
K: I want KD
me: no you wanted spicy noodles.
k: I said I want KD!
(after the KD is finished cooking she sits down to eat and laughs evilly)

My niece should change her name to Kylo Ren.


What a remarkable voice Marilyn Monroe had!

For some reason I was reminded of Adriana Caselotti. She was the actress who did Snow White’s voice in the Walt Disney film.

However when I went to view the song “wishing well/someday my prince”  I realized they were no where close to being similar!

Marilyn is sultry and playful, breathless. Adriana is falsetto and child like.




After I was being polite and friendly to a customer by suggesting other options for spicy buffalo sauce he proceeds to get in my face.

customer: are you seriously arguing with me right now?! I should know I have been coming here for 2 years!

All friendliness was gone. my head slowly turned and I fixed him with a cold stare. “I should know! I only have been working here for over 10 years!” I snapped. “I know the products!”

He stared at me.

just because you eat at a place every day doesn’t make you an expert! You can’t even order off the menu! Start working there and then you can tell me damn right!😡😡


I am crawling into my bed physically exhausted!

I pity my poor neighbor!

When I got home I was and still in so much pain that I started vomiting non-stop.

He had to hear everything!

That is not the worst part! I always feel guilty because when I turn on the bathroom  light it hums! Not so much now because Jordan had put 100 watt in a 60 watt before he moved!

Jordan would leave the bathroom light on plus the fan which would drive me nuts!

now I am always mindful of my neighbors!

i digress!😂😞

there I was in the bathroom, in crippling pain, vomiting. Then I had to have a bath hoping the heat from the water would ease the pain!

i sat in the hot water for nearly two hours!

I try not to be noisy!

i chased him away this weekend with my singing and he didn’t get back til 5am this morning! 😂😂😂

what a horrible neighbor I am! I hope he forgives me!