Life important questions asked by my niece

“Auntie would you have Beef Jerky or Spicy Noodles as an ice cream topping”

my response after trying not to gag? Beef Jerky.

We are eating Reese Pieces Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwichs at the moment.


Closing my eyes and thinking of you. Everything fades away.

I ache for you to be deep inside me. Your cock thrusting slow, creating a slow delicious burn that makes me drip my pussy juice all over you. Your lips are on my ear, your groans make me wetter as you whisper my name.

I am surrendering to you, to your seductive hunger

I close my eyes and think of you coming deep inside me, your body taut and glistening with sweat. Make me cum all over your cock. I want every drop of your cum

-hmm so hot thinking of your cock filling me!


I don’t play games! You said you weren’t hungry! Get the hell away from my food!

Nothing pisses me off more when someone thinks it’s cute to play their Chinese food mind games and then expects to be rewarded!

However I find it adorable when a guy knows exactly what I like and orders for me💕💕


My mood and energy improved after I ate a little.

I was taking orders for Lane 1, when Steve turns from the Presenting table and found himself staring at me.

“Oh my god! What are you doing there!” he exclaimed.

I began to grin. His pained expression pleased me. “Steve, you know your day isnt complete unless I am right beside you”

“And I am the one who put you there!” he groaned. “What the hell was I thinking!”

The drive thru team began to laugh. “Its because I am awesome and you cant live without me” I drawled.

“yeah, whatever.” he retorted.

Lunch was well underway, and he asked for medium pop lids.

I ducked down to rummage the counter under my till for lids. All I could find was kids pop lids. An evil idea formed in my head. I would give him the kids and see how long it would take him to notice.

“Here you go, sir” I straightened, handed him the kids lids.

Sure enough, he didn’t notice until he started to open the sleeve of lids.

“Rebecca!” he exclaimed, “Are you blind!”

I burst out laughing. “Whats wrong Steve?”

He shoved the lids at me “These are not medium lids”

“are you sure!”

Whack! Whack! Whack! he hit me with the lids.


“where are the lids?” he asked.

“There are none.”

“Are you blind?”

He began to rummage through the lids. “What the hell? Why are there so many kids lids!”

I am still laughing. He glared at me. “Really, Rebecca?”

Not even an hour later, “Hey Shrek!”

I slowly turned to stare at him. “What did you call me, Donkey!”

The Mc Cafe person gasped. “Rebecca did you just call him Donkey!”

“Uh yeah.”

‘but he is a manager.”

“No he is Donkey!”

“Really Shrek!” Steve muttered.

“Keep it up!”

“Hey, I can keep it up all day! Hightower!” Steve shot back.

“So can I, Tackleberry!”

I giggled. ah so much fun.


Ugh. I could fall asleep! I don’t want to go upstairs and deal with the real world.


It’s scary how someone so obsessed with materialism let it control their happiness. They become angry and depressed if they don’t get what they want. If they don’t have money.

First of all money doesn’t make anyone happy.

It’s a mindset.

Stop thinking about all what you want need could have. Stop looking where the next buck is coming from.


Take a breath.

You will always be provided for.

  • my reaction when someone was getting too greedy and ungrateful when I was being generous. Someone wasn’t even grateful for her new job. Was just bragging about how much money she would make.


Listening to Beyonce.

Finally looked up from my laptop, to glance out the window.

The sun is setting.

I love the way the sky turns different shades of pink, orange against the treeline.



You’ve never shed an unnoticed tear. Not even a sparrow falls to the ground apart from your Father. And you are more precious to him than many sparrows.
Words by Scott Hubbard

Even when we think we cant go on. We falter. We feel like we fail. And we are on our knees in despair, Jesus is there with us. He carries us, carries our burdens like He carried His Cross.

Even in our quiet desperation, we are comforted by His Grace. Its never ending and ever fulfilling.

even when I feel defeated, I cant help but feel in awe. I am a Child of God. He has blessed me so many times. I am in awe by the power of Prayer. Its a release. Its a freedom. Confessing my fears, my joy, sadness to Him

  • My thoughts of course.  Every day I find new ways or things that make me happy. I consider it a gift to be able to a view each day with new eyes.



When I was watching this it took me back to one point of my life where my thoughts my everything was consumed by one person. I wanted him to pick me. To choose me. I changed everything about myself so he would.

And when the obsession became too much, I thought I was drowning in my despair. I thought I would never be able to get past the anger, hurt the betrayal.

I turned it all off. The emotions. Nothing he would do, could do would affect me anymore. There was nothing there.

We don’t talk. We don’t see each other.

Unless he comes in for something to eat. I have to socialize with him and I am pretty amicable.

Now here I am. Years later. Happier than I ever been.




I was in the Japanese Restuarant salivating over the menu. I already knew what I wanted to order.

The service was wonderful. The server took the time to show K how to use her chopsticks.

“Did you know its considered rude to use other people’s chopsticks?” I asked pointedly when my sister tried to use K’s chopsticks.

“I know,” she replied.

“Then stop touching it!” I cried. “Give them back!”

The server returned to take our order.

I must admit my confidence in pronouncing the Japanese words corrects was staggering! I mean I watch a lot of anime, Asian dramas, mukbangs etc. There was no way I could get this wrong?

I was a stupid conceited son of a bitch!

I began to order my Takoyaki. The pronouncing was fine. The  Okonomiyaki was fine. My downfall was the Sashimi! The SASHIMI! (the two ss do it all the time!)

The server smirked and corrected me. “How many pieces of Tuna would you like?” he asked.

“Five,” I answered.

My sister began to order hers. “The Thai Pad”

I grimaced. The Server grimaced.

“Do you want it spicy?” I asked.

She glanced at me. “What?”

“If you don’t say anything. They will make it spicy.”

She looked at the server then at me. He smiled ever so innocently. I giggled.

She looked frantically through the menu for the Pad Thai.

“I don’t know. Last time I had it, it wasn’t spicy.” she glanced at the server again. “Not spicy!”

He smiled and took our menus.

Our food came.

Oh it was beautiful. Oh heaven to me.

“Auntie is that chocolate sauce?” K asked pointing to my Takoyaki.

I chuckled. “No, why would they put chocolate sauce on my octopus balls.”

My sister choked on her noodles. “Rebecca!”

“Those are octopus!” K was incredulous.

“Oh yes!”

I began with my Tuna Sashimi. Tried to cut them with my chopsticks like I saw in the videos.

What an epic fail! I had the dexterity of a baby.

“Just stab it!” my sister said.

I stabbed a couple of pieces. Finally, I gave up and asked for a fork.

Every piece of sashimi was perfection.

I savored every bite before moving on to the Takoyaki.

It was surprisingly light despite it being deep fried. My new favorite!

Okonomiyaki was waiting to be devoured. It didn’t stand a chance. Unfortunately, I didn’t have three stomachs. I was doing well, but I was getting full. I had one tiny piece left and I couldn’t finish it.

What a great experience!