“I did this for you,” Mason told her. “What is it about chasing your dream that makes you so afraid? Are you afraid of failing? Everyone is afraid” when she didn’t answer, he took her hands in his. “Baby I am right here. I will always be right here to help you.”

She jerked away, her eyes glimmering wet. “This wasn’t your decision to make! You didn’t have the right to go behind my back and send my writing in! I didn’t need you to do that!”

Mason’s eyes grew dark. He reached out to touch her, but she took a step back. He took a long deep breath.  It was astonishing how often he forgot how different they were. He always knew what he wanted. He pursued his objective with ruthless intention. With fearlessness.

She was a contradiction in so many ways. Quiet demure passion seething just the below the surface. Her temper was like quicksilver, mercurial and fleeting.

Her passion for writing was admirable.  Her fear of change of ambition was bewildering to him. She had so much talent going to waste. For what? He just couldn’t wrap his mind around it. Maybe the Gods were crazy for creating her for him. Or he was crazy to be so in love with her.

He sighed. And he had been in love with her since they were kids.

“You didn’t need me to do that?” he echoed.  “The thing is, I wanted to do it. You are so talented. I am sorry you don’t see it. I am sorry you think I betrayed you somehow. I believe in you don’t you see that?” her silence frustrated him. He massaged the back of his neck. “I want you to be happy. I thought by helping you with your dream it would make you happy. I guess I was wrong. I made a mistake. I  am human.”

Becky bit her lip and took a step forward. Her palm flattening on his chest. He tensed.  Her fingers spread over his heart. He wondered if she could feel his heart pound. Her scent wafted to his nostrils and he inhaled deeply. She smelled like sunshine.

“I am not like you, Mason” she whispered. “I don’t know my purpose. My dreams are just that. Dreams.  I am afraid. Afraid of not being good enough.”

Mason smiled, letting out the breath he was holding. He brushed his fingers through her hair, smoothing the strands away from her face. Every stroke of his fingers slow and deliberate as if he had time in the world. He could feel tremble beneath his touch.  He tilted her head back. Her eyelashes were still wet from her unshed tears. Her eyes becoming heavylidded with the beginnings of her arousal. Her lips trembled. “You are good enough,” he assured her. He lowered his mouth. His kiss was soft. Gentle.

She smiled against his lips “What are you doing?” she croaked.

Mason laughed, resting his forehead against hers. “I was hoping to seduce you into forgiving me.”

“Oh.” Becky seemed to ponder it a bit longer than he would have liked. “I don’t think I ever been seduced before.”  she wound an arm around his neck to pull his head down for another a kiss.

His laughter died against her mouth. Mason kissed her slowly, tasting her tears the chocolate the coffee the mint of her toothpaste that lingered. He hungered for all of her. The soft lush curves of her body pressed into his, and he groaned when she ground her pelvis against him.

“Say the words, Bex” he breathed against the column of her throat. “Tell me to take you to my bed. I need you to say them. I need to hear the words.”

A low purring groan erupted from her. “I want you. I want to taste you. I want you inside me, Mase” she sought his mouth again. “Take me to your bed. Now!”

Mason pulled away long enough to lead her to his bedroom. He laughed softly when she tugged on his tie. He showed her how to untie it, yanking it free and throwing it aside. She went for his shirt. “I used to dream about this. You and I” she whispered as she spread his shirt open and slid her hands over his chest and abdomen.

‘”I know,” he inhaled when her fingers tiptoed down to his hip bone, brushing over his cock that strained in his trousers. “I’ve read your blog. The truth? I was jealous of all the men you wrote about. it never occurred to me then that I was your fantasy man!”

Becky deftly unbuttoned his trousers her hands coming to rest on his hipbones. “Don’t worry you won’t have to question that anymore.” she dragged her mouth over his chest down his abs in an open mouth kiss, tugging his trousers lower.

He hissed as her breath hovered over his throbbing cock. “Fuck, baby yes.”

A sudden surge of pain crashed over him, when Becky took the skin of his thigh between her teeth and bit harder. “Ow!” he howled in astonishment. “Did you just bite me!”

“Do. not. call. me. baby!” she snarled. Her eyes flashed in warning. “Ever!”

“It was a term of endearment?” he offered.

Mason realized she was serious, and smiled. “Ok, Bex. I am sorry.” He kneeled and gathered her close so she was straddling him. He kissed her. He drank his fill of her, her tiny moans. Loving how her nails dug into his scalp, pulling his hair. His blood was pounding in his veins, every nerve in his body felt like they were seized in a maelstrom of pleasure.

Becky slowly ground herself against the hard ridge of his cock, the thin fabric between them getting wetter with her arousal. He broke their kiss, breathing hard. He gazed down into her face. “Take these off.” he gestured to the leggings. “Now.”

“If you take yours off.” she countered. She waited until he was nude. Her eyes riveted on his cock. He chuckled.

“You can touch my cock if you want.” he gripped the length, stroking it gently pre-cum leaking over the wide head.

“Oh I will.” she huffed. She scampered to strip off her leggings and kick them aside.

He inhaled at the sight of her bare pussy. She had clean shaven her pussy. He watched as her fingers traced her closed in cleft, her fingers sliding in and spreading her vulva to reveal her clit and her hole. Her pussy juice trickled over her fingers down her thighs.

“Fuck!” Mason hissed his hand sliding up and down his cock faster, his abs tense. “You little fucking tease!”

“Who me?” the innocent gleam in Becky’s eyes infuriated Mason. He reached out for her. His hands smoothed over her curves, her breasts. His mouth following in their wake.

“I am going to lose myself in you,” he rasped. “in your body. In your taste. I am going to satiate my hunger and start all over again.”

Becky gasped. “You can have me”

“Yes I can. And I will”

Mason laid her back following her down. “We can fuck now, be romantic later,” he growled.

She burst out laughing. “Alright. ”

He didn’t move, he stared down into her eyes. “We didn’t even make it to the bed.” he mused. “Which is ok with me. What about you?”

Becky kissed him. “I don’t give a fuck about the bed, Mason!”

Growling he took her mouth again. sliding his hands along her body til he caught her wrists in one, bringing them up above her head. His mouth lowered to fasten on her nipple. She gasped. “oh yes.”

She arched under him. Her response pleased him. Her nipples were sensitive under his tongue and teeth. She squirmed and moaned as he turned his attention to the other breast.

His free hand was stroking her thigh, brushing his fingers against her slit. He thumbed her open. She was so incredibly wet and hot. Her pussy juice dripped over his fingers as he thrust two deep inside her. “Fuck you are so tight. Wet.” he groaned.

“For you.” Becky moaned.

Mason kissed her and slowly fingered her. Her body began to tremble. He withdrew his fingers, ignoring her protests. She was close to coming. He teased her clit with his cock, then the opening of her pussy hole.

He thrust hard, gripping her hips. He watched her eyes go wide in shock, her mouth open in soundless scream. Her pussy clenching hard around his cock. Fuck, she felt so good wrapped around him. Wet hot tight.

“Fuck!” she let the word explode from her lips. “You are so big!”

He burst out laughing, he couldnt help it. Not many women had ever claimed that. “No I am about average.”

“There is nothing average about your cock!” she gasped.

“Then the men that you have been with must have had needles for dicks!” he assured her.

They laughed for a moment but he kissed her silent. He began to move within her. Her sighs of pleasure raked along his nerves raising the tiny hairs on the back of his neck. Fuck! She felt so amazing. He loved hearing her moan as he caressed her body, feeling her respond by gripping his cock with her pussy muscles. She worked him like a velvet fist. Teasing him. Her pussy juice dripping down the length of his cock whenever he withdrew to squirt all over him and the floor.

“you’re driving me out of my mind” Mason groaned. “you are so fucking hot.”

His rhythm became faster harder. Her cries barely heard over his moans. She was cumming, she shook as the sensations seized her.  “Fuck yes!” she hissed. She clawed at him, her nails shredding his back. He welcomed the pain as his need to come with her overwhelmed him. He shot his come deep inside her.

She laid sprawled beneath him. “Are you ok?” he asked sometime later while he pulled the blankets off the bed and draped them around he and Becky.

“I am wondering,” she stretched. “but I need to shower.”

“So no cuddles?” he teased.

“Shower first. Cuddles later.” she kissed him.

“Ok, I will join you.” Mason smiled mischievously, “you can wash my hair.”

She made a face. “Really?”

“and maybe snacks?” Mason offered.

“You think you can bribe me with cuddles and food?” Becky asked. Mason chuckled as he jumped to his feet. He helped her up.

“I know the way to your heart is through your stomach and a good book,” Mason replied. “Since I dont have a book, all I have to offer is my cuddles and my fridge.”

They spent the evening dividing their time between food and sex. Eventually falling asleep, Mason’s arms wrapped tight around Becky, her head tucked under his chin.

The next morning Mason parked the Lexus outside the skyrise that housed the publishing company. He glanced over at Becky. She was fidgeting in her seat. “You will be fine.” he reached for her hand entwined their fingers together. He squeezed her hand. “Did you hear me?”

“I am a mess!” she croaked. Mason unbuckled his seat belt and swiveled in his seat to face her. She was wearing her hair pinned up and away from her face. Her makeup was minimal giving her dewey fresh-faced appearance. Her lips were bare of any lipstick. She wore her favorite color, emerald green blouse that plunged dangerously down the neckline. Her trousers were black. She was not the kind to wear heels instead she wore flats with a gold anklet.  To him, she was the opposite of a mess. “I am shaking so hard!” she went on.

“Just be yourself.” Mason insisted. He cocked his head to gaze at her thoughtfully. “No wait. Be a nicer sweeter version of yourself!” he laughed at her glare. “Oh baby, you will be great!”

“I hate it when you can call me baby!” Becky scowled. She hung her head. “I dont think it will go well. I have a bad feeling.”

“Bad feeling?” Mason sighed. “Did you eat cheese again? You know you cant eat dairy products!”

Laughing, he unbuckled her seatbelt and drew her close. “Remember to maintain eye contact at all times. Answer their questions with polite clarity.” he kissed her forehead. Her anxiety oozed off her in waves. He smoothed a hand over her shoulders, and he began to massage the tension out of her muscles. “Walk in with confidence. And make them remember they’re fucking with a savage!”

Becky chuckled. “Oh god!” she tilted her head back to look up at him. “You really are enjoying this!”

Mason scratched his chin. “Maybe I am! Perhaps you are not the only sadist in this relationship, Becky!”

She pouted. “I better be.”

“We can find out later. Tonight,” he promised. “If you are a really good girl I will reward you” he kissed her. “but we need to get rid of your cellphone first” clutched tightly in her other hand. “No cellphones.”

Becky moaned in dismay. “What?” she clutched it tightly in her other hand.

“No distractions!” Mason insisted. “Hand it over!”

“No.” Becky gasped as he lunged for her. “You cant be serious! I will need an excuse if the meeting is FUBAR!”

“Trust me if the meeting goes sideways they will escort you out.” Mason pried her cellphone out of her fingers to drop it into her handbag.

“What? Really?” Becky’s astonishment made him laugh

Mason grunted. “This will determine your professional life. Do not blow it by pretending ignorance!” he sighed. He held up his blue tooth to show her.  he tucked the ear piece  into her ear. “You are smart act like it!”

Becky made a face. “You are making me grumpy.”

Mason burst out laughing. “Why? because I am telling you how to act?” he gripped her chin forcing her to look him in the eye. “Do you think because I do this every day I don’t get nervous or anxious? I do. But I buck up because its my job. You will buck up.” he kissed her again. “Now. I sent in one genre of each of your stories. They favored the suspense, but I insisted they look over your erotica.”

A slow grin curved over Mason’s lips as Becky’s cheeks reddened. “Oh no. Really”

“Yes” Mason murmured. “You have quite a few good pieces of both. I also insisted that you would not ever do anything like 50 shades”

Becky’s hands covered her face. “Oh good grief!” she peeked at him through his fingers. “Did you really?”

“Yes.” Mason climbed out of the car and walked around to help her out. “No way am I going to read that shit!’

She burst out laughing.

He took her hand in his. Her fingers squeezed his, seeking his strength. Together they walked into the building.

The editor’s office was on the tenth floor. The elevator was glass and steel. Pressing the up button, Mason glanced over at Becky. She worried her lip between her teeth. “Nervous?” he asked.

“I dont like glass elevators.” the doors slid open and Becky stepped in first joining a few other occupants. Mason followed her. The doors slid closed behind them. He asked for the tenth floor. Mason pulled Becky to the back of the elevator.  The elevator lurched up and the gentle hum as it ascended upwards made Becky reach for Mason’s hand.

“Don’t think of it. Distract yourself” he told her.

There was silence and her murmured ok was barely audible over the conversation around them. Becky shifted her position so her back was to him.

She slowly moved against him. The grind of her ass against his groin took him by surprise. He was going to tell her to stop but he realized no one was paying attention to them or what they were doing.

Planting a firm hand on her hip, he rocked against her. His breath hot in her ear. “Do you know what I am going to do when I get you home?” he rasped. “I am going to fuck this ass until I come deep inside you. Maybe I will fuck you when you get in the car. Make you walk up the stairs to the apartment so everyone can see the cum stains in your pants.”

Her breath hitched at his words. “I didn’t realize what a dirty mind you had, Mason.” she groaned.

“Yeah well, I had inspiration whenever I read that blog of yours.” Mason hissed. Her hand reached behind to stroke his cock through his trousers. This was not what he had meant by distraction but who was he kidding, he thought. Becky was feral when it came to sex.

“did you jack off?” her words were breathless. She was riding the hard ridge of his cock. The thin material of their clothes allowed him to feel the heat of her pussy. She was becoming wetter with her arousal.

” Yes. I did. Does it turn you on knowing men jack off to your stories.” Mason groaned.

“I love having that kind of power. God your cock feels so good.” she purred. “I wish I could touch myself.”

Mason glanced up to see what floor they were on. Sixth. “Go ahead, Bex. Touch yourself.”

“Now. Here?” she was bewildered, and he chuckled at her scandalized tone.

“Yes. Imagine watching those men,” he held her still for a moment. Unbuttoning her trousers with one hand he slid his free hand to cover hers and slowly slide their hands into her pants. “turning around and seeing what we are doing. Do you think they would be turned on?”

Becky bit her lip. “Maybe.”

“Maybe. Maybe they will ask if they can watch you and jack off. Would you want that? Watching all those cocks come for you?”

Her breath was coming in faster, as he guided her hand between her legs. He teased her clit. “Mason please.” she pleaded.

“Would you deny their pleasure?” Mason asked. “Would you take your clothes off and let them cum on you.”

“No facials.” Becky gasped. “waste of cum.”

“Oh really.” Mason kissed her neck. Finding her earlobe. More of her pussy juice squirted onto their fingers. He sucked and nipped on her earlobe. “Do you want them to cum inside then? Fuck you with their cum deep inside you.”

“I dont know.” she panted.

Mason chuckled. “You have two floors left. Are you going to cum before then?”

Becky rolled her hips, as he flicked her clit. Each movement made her whimper. He groaned as his cock throbbed painfully against his fly, his balls tightened. He was going to cum. No he was going to make her cum first.

Her hand was clutching his wrist, the other in her panties with his, stroking her clit. “Mason,” he loved how his name purred out of her lips.

“Yes, Becky?”

Either she lost her train of thought or she was speechless because she suddenly became silent. Her body trembled in his arms, her nails digging into the skin of his forearms. He grinned wolfishly. She was coming, and she was trying to be quiet. “Oh fuck!” she gasped a moment later as he slowly withdrew his hand.

The ding of the elevator reaching the tenth floor drew them both out of their moment.

Mason turned her in his arms straightening out her outfit. “Good luck Becky.” he kissed her trembling lips. “remind them they are fucking with a savage.”

She kissed him back. “you are unbelievable.” she sighed. “Fucking unbelievable.”





On facebook that is

Asking for inspiration and Jared Leto comes thru!

Love him💕


I should be trying to write my romantic steamy stories but the motivation is not there.

It’s like I’m wearing a chastity belt and I need to find the key to unlock my passion

Or in laymen’s terms I’m suffering from writing block!


I have been sick lately.

Not surprising. Since it never seems fails I get ill every time I travel.  Even if I go to a town that is just an hour away. I dont know what it is.

Thankfully I had the foresight to take the whole week off!

I guess that makes me a horrible traveler! I love traveling tho! C’est Dommage!


90s concert was great!

The concert’s concept was a 90s block party. A lot of people were dressed like 90s kids!

Awe man I miss the stirrup pants and leg warmers!

90s music played between each act, the DJ would either bring people up for games, or there would be dancers. It reminded me of a MUCH MUSIC VIDEO DANCE PARTY!

Of course when Salt n Pepa came out I was so excited! They did my favourite song “whatta man!” And had brought little kids up to dance with them. They would talk about how different it was for 90s kids and kids now. Especially with sex and the responsibility of safe sex. With Salt’s religious views they both asked to keep God strong in our lives and never let our faith waver 💕

Spinderalla their DJ was phenomenal!

I won’t lie and say their eye candy was hot as fuck! Damn their abs!

Pepa however wasn’t impressed how they rushed of the stage for Vanilla Ice.

Especially since the music that played after their set went on for 10 minutes!

Vanilla Ice came out with clowns! 😡🤡🙁

he played all his songs. Run ninja run from the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 😘 and of course Ice Ice Baby! Then he let started singing 90s music. Jump on it -Ginuwine. Oh damn!

He was reminiscing about 90s!

It definitely felt like a MUCH MUSIC VIDEO DANCE PARTY