What’s your dream job?

When I was younger I really enjoyed researching different subjects I was often hyper-fixated on places/topics written by authors I read. Eg: quantum physics, amber glass, chaos theory.

You would think I would become a research expert, right?


I became obsessed with zoology and pathology. Another quirk due to my hyper fixation.

I scratched that in my senior year and decided to attend Bible College. Two colleges I applied for but never made it thanks to my lazy approach to education. B+ but never really attended the classes.

I really wanted to become a pastor. To inspire others.

Others laugh because of my personality and temperament.

“You would make a better occult leader than pastor”

Please! I don’t have the charisma, or messiah complex to brainwash followers!

My dream was to inspire, help and serve. While interpreting God’s word So many can be saved.

Oh no that does sound like a cult leader!


I’m crashing,bro!

I’m hungry eat enough to pizza, sushi, salad, drink boba tea, cold brew and iced coffee! Not that I could, tho!

I’m crashing. My energy is flatlined and I am so happy I don’t have any adult responsibilities!

We were so busy! So short staffed that a manager had to take window, run his own order and make his own drinks!

Meanwhile, we had to shut down skip the dishes delivery! Had no stock. No smoothies and McCafés. (Yippee!!!)

It was madness! At one point I was taking orders for window and drive thru at the same time!

“You wanted a large size big Mac meal?” I asked the customer. He nodded. Just then a customer pulled up to my speaker.

“Hi may take your order” I greeted the customer and waited for front counter customer to complete his transaction. He just stood there and stared at me.

I gestured to the Interac pad “there you are”

“Ok sir that’s two decafs” I went on my mic.

“So my meal is large size?” The counter customer asked.

I narrowed my eyes “yes” I gestured again to the pad.

“I’m sorry sir you said black”

“Is. My. Meal. Large. Sized?!”

I took off my headset, my expression thunderous “sir I clarified your order! I answered your question twice. I said yes! Are we having a problem here? Please pay and move on!”

He was so stunned. he was a classic case of a person dropped as a baby!

I was surprised how well the afternoon went, compared to yesterday. I suppose I was feeling a little better.

That was until the cash person had to go the bathroom. There was no one to take over for her. There was nothing more annoying than having to wait to use the bathroom! Especially if one had a shy bladder! I wasn’t about to ask a manager if she could go. It would just create drama! I sighed. That meant we would be just down another person.

I told her she could go.

“Becky? Hello? I have to go to the bathroom!”

“Yes you can go to the bathroom”

Silence. “Becky! I really have to go! Is someone going to take over for me?!”

I was becoming frustrated now. She asked three more times. “Oh my gulay?! You need to listen when people talk to you!” I shouted “go to the bathroom!”

“So I can go!”

I nearly threw my headset. I was swearing in Tagalog and French. The girls are looking at me. They were also frustrated because now they were doing the jobs of two more people!

“I said go to the bathroom!”

“Oh so I can go”

She was gone nearly half hour!

It was a crazy day! I just realized today was only Thursday!!!

One more day!


“I would have gotten away with to if wasn’t for…”

  • DNA
  • Paranoia
  • Moving the body
  • Returning to the scene of the crime
  • Bragging about it/elaborate lying
  • “I was home alone” – worst alibi ever
  • CCTV

There is no such thing as a perfect crime. The dead always tell.


Me: I wonder if my headache is in correlation to the thunderstorm.

Also me: is it possible that lightening storms are in correlation with my seizures. What about electro magnetic fields being emitted from surrounding electronic devices?

Also me: now my head really hurts!

That is the extent of my scientific hypothesis. I might blow a brain cell! 🤦‍♀️😂😂

I had a headache coming on when someone mentioned that there would be a thunderstorm tonight. I hadn’t noticed that my headache the other day was during a thunderstorm.

-random thought about my epilepsy


Happy Easter!

Have a wonderful day spending time with your family!

I am on my own this Easter.

While I would be with my parents this holiday, unfortunately I can’t because my mother is sick. My dad is taking good care of her thankfully.

(I am immune compromised and due to work restrictions I can’t be around anyone who is ill. Thankfully mandates are lifted but if I get ill? I am ill!)

I spent the morning listening to some sermons and watching Bible study online.

It made me realize how lax I had become in my Bible time.

I spent some time with my family on FaceTime. My sister’s step daughter made me laugh because she last in the family Easter Hunt. “She is just like me when I was her age!” I laughed. I was horrible at finding eggs! My mother always had to tell me where they were!

Now I am curled up with my cats watching Korean dramas.

It was a wonderful peaceful Sunday.


I was deciding what to have for lunch when it occurred to me why do I have to dig through my pantry? Trying to find something to eat for my finicky palate? I tidied up last night. My leg was being rude and was hurting!😡😡

Why do I have to cook and make a mess when I can order out?!

Why did I have to make things so much harder for myself!

It’s just going to be a lazy day! Eating my take out! 🥰🥰

Enjoy your weekend!


Has it been 20 years since 9/11?

I remember it so clearly because I am so ashamed of being such an ignorant arrogant self absorbed person.

How dare I be so selfish when so many people lost their lives due to horrible acts of terrorism.

I had walked onto my shift, unaware of what was happening.

My managers and customers were talking about the Twin Towers.

I was unaware of what they were talking about because I hadn’t heard the news or watched it. My managers asked if I heard what happened. Happened to what?

To the Twin Towers.

No I had no idea what that was.

My managers stared at me.

They had to explain to me several times, practically draw me a picture of what was happening. The Twin Towers, The World Trade Center, The Pentagon and then the field outside Shanksville.

To this day I will never forgive myself for the first thought that came to my mind! Never will I ever! “I hope CBS doesn’t pre-empt ATWT because of Simon and Katie”

I came home and saw the horrible devastation of those attacks, the magnitude of the innocent people who had lost their lives! I was so horrified! I cried. I cried for the victims, their families, the responders.

Then later hearing the 911 calls of the people on the flights asking the operators to tell their loved ones, how much they loved them. Oh my heart.

I will never forget the selflessness of the rescue workers, the volunteers that worked tirelessly to find survivors.


“You want to see someone move faster than Usain Bolt? Then go after Rebecca’s chocolate!”

eating chocolate was a task because ppl kept trying to hide it on me!😂