“You’ll learn, as you get older, that rules are made to be broken. Be bold enough to live life on your terms, and never, ever apologize for it. Go against the grain, refuse to conform, take the road less traveled instead of the well-beaten path. Laugh in the face of adversity, and leap before you look. Dance as though EVERYBODY is watching. March to the beat of your own drummer. And stubbornly refuse to fit in.”
— Mandy Hale (The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass


It was a glorious long weekend!

It was warm and sunny!

It’s never warm and sunny May long weekend.

That alone should have been a warning!

I was almost murdered by Willow. Who knew that humming while doing Energy work on a sick cat could incite murderous rage? Lesson learned.

The upstairs neighbour tried to unlock my door with her keys. Why? Because her cat Quinn was inside my apartment and she wanted to get the cat. I forgot to relock the door behind the neighbour. There were 2 parties that night! I was stupid -lucky! Nobody tried to get in!

I took my parents out for breakfast and went shopping. Then spent the rest of the day cleaning after up cats. I mistook Willow’s sudden interest in the hallway as paranormal activity. I swear my heart stopped when I saw a cat’s head peek into the bedroom! It wasn’t daisy!

“Smoky!” I cried “you gave me a heart attack!”

It wasn’t smoky!

This huge long cat walked into the bedroom. Tabby cat. Bigger than Daisy longer than daisy and Willow. It was Quinn!

Daisy didn’t like her at all.

I finally got some sleep.

But I was not happy getting up early to work stat holidays.

It took forever to walk to work, I was so sleepy.

We were short handed. No McCafe person! I was falling asleep during orders!

Oh it was so embarrassing!

I couldn’t take an order to save my life! It was as if my brain couldn’t process the customer’s request.

Customer: I will. Have. A. Number 4. Double!

I was trying to figure out why she would want a chicken muffin with extra chicken patty 🤢🤮

Customer: with a coke!!

I still wasn’t processing. “A chicken muffin with extra patty?!!”

Customer: I said a #4 double!

Lunch! She wanted lunch! “Yeah no. It’s breakfast”

Another customer pissed me off so much I threw a cup.

Customer: a sausage muffin. Three egg.

Me: I’m sorry you want 1 sausage muffin and 3 egg muffins.

Customer: no 1 sausage muffin and 3 bacon.

Me: oh so 3 bacon egg.

Customer: no! That is not what I am ordering!

Me: it is what you’re ordering! what would you like!

The passenger: he wants 1 sausage muffin and 3 sausage with bacon on them!

I stared at the POS screen in disbelief. “In no way was anyone supposed to know that!” I cried.

The passenger started laughing.

I was just so mortified by how much my brain refused to work today! I am so happy I’m home now. Curled up with my cats!


Best friends were supposed to have your back, not stab you in it. or so the saying went.

I was finding it difficult to breathe. Hurt anger the conflicting emotions were crushing my inability to think coherently.

Adam and MJ’s affair had blindsided me. Truth was I hadn’t seen signs and the collateral damage to my marriage and children were devastating.

“Mother!” My daughter’s shrill voice interrupted my reverie. “I can’t believe he would bring that whore to my engagement party!”

I blinked and shifted my gaze to my daughter Astrid. Her fiancé Ash attempted to calm her.

“Don’t ssh me!” Astrid shrugged off his hands and glared at me. “Do something mother! That slut will ruin everything!”

I sighed, “don’t use that language, Astrid” I sipped my champagne. I stood and smiled at her and Ash “Just enjoy yourselves.”

I took another sip of my champagne for fortitude and made my way towards Adam.

I could hear the whispering, the pointed curious stares from guests. My stomach pitched dangerously.

I clenched my fingers into fists. I was not going to allow my humiliation ruin my daughter’s night.

MJ clung to my ex husband as if she were a climbing ivy. Her expression was of cool indifference. As if laying waste to her best friend’s marriage wasn’t much of an undertaking. A bloody coup d’état that was in-her favor.

Our eyes met.

she coiled her body into Adam’s. A seductive pose I had seen her use on plenty unsuspecting men.

I watched with somewhat satisfaction as Adam coolly detached her from himself and continued his conversation with Astrid’s soon to be in-laws.

MJ’s perfect features scrunched up into scowl and she tilted her head back to whisper in his ear.

His gaze searched the room for me and he smiled. “Becky” he stepped away from MJ towards me. “My god you look lovely”

I tried not to let his praise do things to my insides. I allowed him to kiss my cheek. “Thank you, Adam” I smooth my hand over his lapel “you look wonderful”

He did. The dark strands of hair was peppered with grey, was longer and touched his collar. He was getting more sun now that he wasn’t in the office as much.

“I was just telling Ash’s parents that they should come to our Hampton home this summer” Adam smiled “what do you say, Lewis? Maggie?”

Maggie tried to smile as she glanced at me then MJ.

I chuckled “don’t put them on the spot like that, Adam” I gestured Maggie to sit at a nearby table. “Of course you’re welcome to come to the Hampton House. It’s lovely in August.”

Adam hurried to seat Maggie, smiling at me as he guided me to a chair. Once we were all seated, MJ included, Adam took a chair next to me.

Adam placed his hand on my back as he conversed with the in-laws. He smiled at me “I have to give Becky credit. She raised our children. Put my head straight whenever I needed it. Now my daughter is getting married? How can I be so lucky?”

“Oh Adam!” MJ cooed “what wonderful kind words to say about your ex wife!”

Adam grimaced.

“I just love how Adam is so thoughtful and loving” MJ went on “why, just last night he made me a romantic dinner and he proposed!”

Silence fell over the table.

Maggie and Lewis were horrified as MJ held up her hand to show off her ring.

I could barely breathe as my skin grew hot from the overwhelming bombardment of emotions.

Was that the ring I threw back at him?!

Suddenly the silence was broken by a cacophony of noise.

“Dad! Tell me that it isn’t true!” Astrid exclaimed.

Adam lurched from the table. “Astrid, it’s not” he tried to assure her. He turned to me. “Becky I swear I wouldn’t have asked her to marry me!”

I knew without question Adam wasn’t lying. He never lied in our marriage, He never even lied about his affair. The sudden panic despair in his eyes confused me.

“Tell me you wouldn’t stoop so low as to steal my wedding ring!” I growled. My gaze shifting to MJ.

“You mean my ring!”

“You know I never noticed it before,” Adam spoke quietly “you always had to have whatever Becky had. You copied her style, her mannerisms.”

MJ was incredulous, “Me? copy her?! Are you kidding?! I don’t take style tips from a frumpy house wife who has no friends!”

“Stop it! You’re ruining everything!” Astrid cried.

MJ shoved Astrid aside. I caught my daughter and tried to console her.

“Becky your marriage was nothing if I stole your man, I fucked him in your bed, I did things you wouldn’t do! I stole your ring. He is mine” MJ hissed.

There was something in MJ’s eyes. Something that made me snap. Did she really believe I was beneath her?

“Don’t you ever look at me like that or I will kill you.” I screamed “Don’t you ever!” My hand connected with MJ’s face. Her head snapped to the side from the blow. She staggered backwards and fell.,


Where’s all your money?

The 12 year old that is trapped in my body screams: “I spent it! Ok? I spent it all!”

Perhaps it’s just me but I often feel guilty for spending my money. It’s true saving money for me is hard.

I am sensible about my money of course. My cats, rent and bills are priority. Then me.

We only live once. Why can’t I indulge in what I like? Food. Creature comforts. Simple pleasures? Without feeling guilty?

For me I try not to be materialistic, be envious of others and be greedy.

Sometimes it’s ok. Other times…

I see it. I want it. I must have it.

I love buying items that are comfy and alleviate any pain symptoms. I scroll TikTok for such products. sometimes I will buy the cutest little things.

Of late/

  • Bluetooth remote control for my social media. I use it to scroll TikTok or read on my kindle.I am lazy as fuck! No my chemo arm swells up if I bend it too long. It hurts.
  • Blue tooth sleeping mask. This is so nice. 2 hrs charge time and 8 hrs listening.
  • Cervical pillow: I love it! It supports my neck regardless if I’m side or back sleeping.
  • Toe separators: these work like a dream! My body has already been realigning. My neck no longer cracks, my feet feel like they are in heaven. After awhile the separators becomes a nuisance but what a difference!

Indulging in creature comforts isn’t a waste of money it’s an investment. It’s an Investment of happiness 🥰🥰


Having a hot bath after a long day is so blissful! I had Japanese food for dinner. Yum!

This week I began walking to work again. Feeling the brisk air on my face,as I dragged my leg along, felt nice. (Just joking about my leg)

This morning Daisy kept trying to wake me up. “Not now Daisy” I mumbled.

She would meow and jump on me. Meanwhile I could hear Willow scratching the floor frantically. Not my just clean floor! “I will clean up later” I turned my back to Daisy. well, Daisy jumped on my head!

I got up reluctantly, turned on the hall lights. Willow had pooped everywhere. I walked into the living room. Vomit near her bowl. Vomit in the kitchen.

“Willow!” I hurried to the poor cat. I reassured her, hugged and gave her special attention. Then I turned to Daisy and praised her for being a wonderful sister.

I cleaned and mopped the floor. Reassured Willow and Daisy once more then went back to bed for two more hours of sleep.

It was a good day.

Very busy.

May turned to me “Becky I am going to make you a drink”


She left drive thru. Came back carrying a cup. She poured milkshake into it then handed it to me.

I took a big gulp. Tasted good. Dairy and I don’t get a long.

May grinned “guess what is in it” she said.

The cup paused half way to my lips. “What?”

“Simple syrup, lots of cream. Chocolate shake and vanilla shake”

I balked. “What?!”

May burst out laughing. “Isn’t it gross?!”

I shrugged. Took another a sip. My stomach began to rumble in warning. I lowered the cup. “Oh gosh the sabotage!”

May frowned “what is it?”

“Just be glad you don’t have to be in second booth in a few minutes!” I groaned. “People will be crying ‘what stinks so bad?!’” I grinned evilly “then I say ‘It was me!”

May laughed “Becky you should have said something!”

I shrugged “it’s ok”


  • Eyes to see the Unseen
  • Heart to feel compassion
  • Feather for sacrifice

Sounds similar to a spell. they were items a Golem was searching for to become human.

Ugh what a weird dream.

However it made me realize how recovery from cancer can transform (?) a person’s perception.

Become more compassionate and empathetic. I cry over everything 🤦‍♀️🥰🥰😊 especially if someone is so happy 😀

It’s truly a blessing.


According to my unknown sources aka my dream: GROGLE is a new investigative search engine. Brought to you by the makers of Tylenol, Pain and Restlessness 😂


Rewatching one of my favourite serials: Sea of Souls. A BBC paranormal series that investigates psychic and paranormal activity.

“Prove that I am not my twin” – a fascinating episode of psychic identical twins who were separated at birth and by chance met later in life.

A perfect murder. Because not only did one twin kill the other twin she took over her sister’s life. Making it impossible for her family to notice. Only the dead twin’s friend-a para-psychologist realized too late.

I love a perfect mystery. fictional too.

But this one really irked me. Shoe laces! That is how he knew which twin died! One looped. One crossed their laces!

The investigating team had many chances to have both twins fingerprints/DNA – granted neither were of consent. nonetheless the opportunities were there!

I think I do well with telling twins apart. Knowing other people’s quirks. Well enough to know if someone took over someone’s identity? Nope!

Good grief! I had trouble dealing with my doppelgängers! All 7 of them! I can’t imagine being someone’s twin. Having similar quirks, thoughts, and sharing everything? I don’t even share my food! I don’t even remember my favourites!

It is quite fascinating I admit. Being a twin.

Before I forget. A list of my favourite UK shows from back in the day.


Yesterday was Friday the 13th?!

You got to be kidding me!

No wonder my day was so out of whack!

It ended up so horrible!

I kept questioning if the day was Friday or Monday because that’s how bad it was!

It never clued in that the date was the 13th! I’m superstitious. So in a way that kind of worked out for me 🤦‍♀️

I should have realized when odd things started happening.

I came to work with the wrong pair of shoes! I kept staring at my feet wondering what was wrong with my shoes! Both my work shoes and outside shoes are the same. Only my outside shoes has green laces!

It took me awhile almost an hour into my shift to realize that the pair I was wearing had green laces! Oh my word! What an airhead! my boss would have had a fit had he noticed! He didn’t.

I forgot my name tag. Nothing too bad there.

I was in a good mood! First thing in the morning! Now that was odd!

However my mood started to sour when I was beginning to be compared to my other coworkers.

Lane 1 takes forever to greet and take orders. I will have taken 4 orders before they even started 1.

This has caused a lot of customer complaints and has disrupted customer service times which has infuriated the GM.

I am very no – nonsense when I take orders. I hear the sensor I greet the customer and I expect the customer to be ready when they get to the speaker. If they are not ready they have 10 seconds to decide then I will prompt them every 10 seconds until they are. I will not put up with shenanigans I will not even let children order.

Yesterday all day I heard was “drive thru stop talking and take orders”

However I hadn’t an order and was explaining something to Dev.

“What are you doing here? Talking to me? I’m not listening to you?” He asked.

I frowned and smiled “I’m not talking to you I’m talking to Dev”

“You have an order”

It wasn’t true. I didn’t have an order. In fact I was waiting for one. Because again I was faster. I tried to speak again but he interrupted me again

“Get back in your corner. And take your order.”

“Why are you being like that” I grinned and marched off into my corner “my customers aren’t waiting on me”

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a look exchange between Dev and the GM. The sensor went off and I greeted the customer.

Out of nowhere the GM was suddenly in my face “you ever mouth off to me like that again we are going to have a talk downstairs!” he hissed.

Stunned by his attack, I stared at him, and finished the order. What the hell was he talking about?! I stated a fact. I wasn’t mouthing off.

My mood was done for.

I was done being nice. I was curt but polite to my customers. I wouldn’t let them dilly dally. Again my orders were 4 ahead.

Every time the GM asked why he was waiting on a drink I would reply.

“Because I am taking orders” ever so sweetly “it’s going to take 8 hours now” I would laugh to take the bite off my words.

“Why are you leaning on the counter? That’s where we make coffee!”

“I’m taking orders” I gestured to my headset and then to the monitor.

An eyelash got in my eye. I took off my glasses to wipe it out. Bad idea. I poke my eye. “Oh my god! My eye!” I whined. the pain was a blessed one. It distracted me from my anger that I relaxed.

The little buzz was momentary. The sensor went off. Great! I couldn’t see the POS without my glasses!

“Where is my drink?”

“I don’t know I can’t see. I’m taking an order” I tried to squint at the screen.

Some time later he went off the floor but I was again irritated being reminded of our times due to talking. The cash person was slow.

“Becky why are you so upset ?” Dev asked.

“Oh you know because I got in trouble because everyone else is slower than me! I’m having a stand up nap waiting for the cash person to do their job!” I snapped. “She got slower when the GM left the floor” I got onto the headset “hurry up and pick up the pace! I’m having a nap!”

The girls started laughing. “No one is slower than you!”

I began to grin “at this rate? I will be running circles around y’all”

They laughed harder.

I was happy to go home and snuggle with my cats!

The simple life/luxury

I want pearls and diamonds

I’ve lived my simple life. I deserve a life of luxury.

I don’t want to mind my P’s and Q’s I don’t want to say “please and thank you”

I want to eat whatever I want and not worry about what others think or how much I spend.

I want to do as I please, pack a few things and travel wherever.


Tomorrow is McHappy Day.

The only wonderful thing about McHappy Day is how it benefits the children.

That’s the only good thing.

Annie remarked that last year was a nightmare.

It must have been so traumatic that I don’t even remember it!

I’m trying not to think about tomorrow. Especially if today was any indication of how it’s going to go.

I walked onto my shift, and nothing in drive thru was stocked up. No smoothies, no cups. Did I freak out? No.

The sadistic part of me was biding my time. I was watching and waiting for someone else to notice the smoothies. The disaster. I did however have a meltdown when I realized that graveyard shift was rearranging the way I have the drive thru.

“How many times am I going to tell you where to put the small lids!” I demanded “nothing goes near the smoothie machine lids because they could fall in the bin. It’s a health hazard!”

“Oh calm down,” the McCafé person remarked. She frowned because she realized that the smoothies were flashing empty.

She opened the smoothie freezer door to find three carriers filled with empty bags. “Are you kidding me!” She exclaimed.

I laughed so hard at her outraged expression.

“There are no cups!” She looked around. “No lids!” She glared at us “did anybody do any stock up?!”

I tried to speak. “Nope”

I don’t dirty my lazy hands with manual labor.

My good mood evaporated when a customer asked if we had “double doubles”

“What do you mean?” I snapped irritated by the stupid question.

“I want a coffee double double. Do you sell them here?”

“Double doubles are sold everywhere.”

The next question by a customer “I want 4 nugget..”

“I’m sorry it’s breakfast”

“And a cheeseburger”

“It’s breakfast time”

“What does that mean?!”

I groaned. It’s self explanatory. “It’s breakfast time!”

“So I can’t get lunch?!”

“It’s. Breakfast. Time!”


I had fun during lunch. I was trying to twerk. Unfortunately all the dairy products that I had last night came back to haunt me. I was dropping like it’s hot, when an unexpected silent but deadly ripped through drive thru.

“Becky!” The drive thru team was clawing for air. Gagging as the putrid stank settled. “Oh god!”

“Becky are you bullying people again?” Annie walked into drive thru. Froze. “Oh my god what died!” Annie choked and walked out.

I was so mortified.

At least it didn’t happen when there were attractive men around.