“You’ll learn, as you get older, that rules are made to be broken. Be bold enough to live life on your terms, and never, ever apologize for it. Go against the grain, refuse to conform, take the road less traveled instead of the well-beaten path. Laugh in the face of adversity, and leap before you look. Dance as though EVERYBODY is watching. March to the beat of your own drummer. And stubbornly refuse to fit in.”
— Mandy Hale (The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass


How vindictive can we be?

“Don’t make his coffee right” I told Shea. “It’s Chad. And he is being a grumpy cat! And Grumpy cats don’t deserve good coffee!”

“Awe!” Shea cooed “how about a heart instead?”

My eyes widened in horror! “No! I don’t want that thing- I mean the woman he is dating to come after me!” I cried. “Do you think I have a death wish!”

Steve snorted trying not to laugh “did you just call his girlfriend,Thing?”

“Yes! She would probably come after me with a butcher knife!” I replied “his ex-wife is nicer!”

“Oh my god!” Steve rolled his eyes.

Incident #2

A customer orders three coffees 2 cream 1 sugar

I punch in his order.

“I said 3 coffees!” He shrilled in my ear.

“Yes it’s on your screen!”

“It says 1 coffee!” He shrieked.

My fingers curled into a fist. Give me patience.

“It says three!”

“I want you to punch it in correctly! 3 coffees. EACH with 2 cream 1 sugar”

“Sir, please do not tell me how to do my job! My till does not work properly and the coffees are rung in correctly!” I snapped. “Please pull up!”

Oops I may have made the coffee wrong with the correct label. My bad 🤗


Customer: I would like a medium regular earl grey tea (pause) with honey.

Me: I’m sorry did you want cream and sugar or did you want honey?

Customer: oh I didn’t know there was a difference between honey and cream and sugar.

Customer 2: I would like a 6 nugget

Me: would you like sweet and sour sauce?

Customer 2: why would I want sweet and sour sauce?

Me: for your nuggets?!

Customer 3: where would you get the idea I want a chai frappe?!

Me: because you just ordered it!

Customer 3: I want my usual one!!! that one doesn’t come with cream and sugar in it!

My patience with women customers hit and all time low today! I couldn’t have any temper tantrums because Steve was standing right beside me.

It is amazing how much I love serving men more than women! Men are more free-spirited, fun have a sense of humour, patient And sometimes their voice can melt honey! 💕💕💕

Women are beautiful, but they are a total different person when ordering! Divas! they have no sense of humour, snarky bitchy think they are entitled to everything! And when I am trying to be kind and polite they rip my head off and think I’m a total air head!

That saying how a “person treats waitstaff and service people reveals your personality” is so true in my opinion!


Oh I’ve been craving chocolate and whipped cream for a bit! Finally indulged! 💕💕

lately these have been making me happy 💕💕

  • Reading in the bath
  • Sunsets/sunrises
  • Animal videos
  • Kdramas
  • Listening to music while walking
  • Curling up under the blankets to watch horror movies! I can’t wait for Halloween 💕💕

What irritates me the most when others:

  • Eat loudly. Chew like you have a secret!!!!
  • Talking with mouth full. Gross!
  • Interrupting people when they speak. How rude!
  • Smoking around people who don’t. Gross!


“I’m fighting for you. I’m fighting for us. You are everything all that I want. All that I need. I’m drowning here, you are killing me with your silence.” He took a shaky breath. His fingers framing my face. “Maybe I should have just begun with I love you! I want to marry you. Be with you til we are old and gray. Will you marry me?”

I nodded unable to speak. I waited so long for him to say those words. An eternity it seemed. His relief was palpable. The tension eased out of his shoulders, his back relaxed. His smile trembled. He rested his forehead against mine own. His lips brushing my eyelids, tasting the tears that lingered on my eyelashes. His lips moved down over my cheeks to my lips.

“I love you” I whispered the words like a litany.

“Forever” he promised.


I had a lucid dream last night.

When I woke up I was really pissed off!

I had dreamt that there was this man running from the Bratva. He was supposed to be in WITSEC but someone had outed him so he was running.

No one could help him. He was a complete mess. Dirty disheveled, hungry, scared and angry. He was in the forest being chased by corrupt law enforcement, Bratva and actual good guys when he was cornered near the ravine.

He had finally the upper hand, had outsmarted the Bratva that came for him. Had tied up the corrupt cops and even with legit cops surrounding him managed to make the corrupt confess.

the lucid part of the dream came when I as part of the good guys was supposed to be writing down the confession. Only in the dream, I was a psychic using Remote Viewing to locate the man. As I was Remote Viewing I thought I had been writing down the entire conversation between the Man and his pursuers. Only I hadnt been. It had been the Police Officer.

So when I woke out of my trance and looked down at my notes there was nothing but blank pages. Confused and disoriented I tried to go back into the trance, to go back to the ravine but it was too much. It took too much energy. I had a headache. My eyes were throbbing. My pencil in my hand, and the Man kept asking “why do you want me to repeat everything you just heard?”

I woke up, and still sleepy my hand moving like I was writing, I turned on the light.


I had been asleep the entire time!


A friend’s boyfriend is coming to northern BC from Australia. He is going to have a second winter!😂😂

He is used to -10C wait til the -40C hits!

This made my day!!!


The girls at work were telling me that their dating rituals in the Philippines were different from Canadians.

“Did you know that you are not supposed to tell a guy you have a crush on him!” Shea said.

“You have to let him figure out and let him come to you.”

My jaw dropped in disbelief. “What?! I will never make it in the Philippines! Sorry Johnny! You will never know now! I will always be a cat lady!” I cried

The girls started laughing. “Yes, we don’t consider ourselves in a relationship unless the guy courts us. Then we call each other boyfriend/girlfriend. We get flowers candies, teddy bears!”

I pouted. “I want flowers candies and a teddy bear!”

What I didn’t tell the girls? Johnny had told me he liked me years before. But he found out I liked someone else and didn’t bother 😞

So is my life!

I want💕💕💕


When customers think it’s a good idea to get in my face.

“I will have sugar free VANILLA!”

Yes it’s the only flavour of sugar free we have.

“VANILLA! That’s VANILLA! Sugar free!”

Get out of my drive thru!

Customer 2: “I don’t need your attitude!”

Oh hell no!

Me: “I didn’t have attitude but now I do!”


Ah maybe this will be me today. Eating my Thanksgiving dinner. this video reminds me off when I used to eat a lot. And I mean a lot! People used to tease me about how much I ate. “You’re not done yet. Oh this must be your second plate! Eat.” Ha! These days, I’m lucky if I finish a plate of food😢



Working thanksgiving😞

It’s so slow! You know what that means?

Time to goof off!

Maybe take a stand up nap.

Annoy management.

Piss off customers.

Or just chill.