“You’ll learn, as you get older, that rules are made to be broken. Be bold enough to live life on your terms, and never, ever apologize for it. Go against the grain, refuse to conform, take the road less traveled instead of the well-beaten path. Laugh in the face of adversity, and leap before you look. Dance as though EVERYBODY is watching. March to the beat of your own drummer. And stubbornly refuse to fit in.”
— Mandy Hale (The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass


I had a great day!

What really made my morning?

I was about to go into drive-thru when a woman walked up to my window. “Excuse me, could you help me”

I smile. “Sure.”

“I was in here yesterday, I ordered a coffee gave the cashier a loyalty card, but the cashier never told me that it was $1 coffee.”

I stared at her blankly. Seriously? there are adverts everywhere. Huge one by the welcome sign in the parking lot. Adverts on the Kiosks. Adverts on windows. Adverts on the door when one walks in.

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And? What did she want me to do? “and?” I asked, “what would you like?”

She stopped digging through her purse to glare at me. ” I want my loyalty card back.”

I almost laughed. Fuck me! “Excuse me?”

“I want my loyalty card. Can you get it for me”

I was so bewildered,  I couldn’t speak. Get her card? Out of where? The garbage? Where there were over a million loyalty cards? Uh no. We don’t keep them.

“No. We don’t keep them. Once you give them to us, we destroy them so they cant be reused.” I explained.

“Well don’t you have one there?”

“No, we destroy them, so they cant be reused” I repeated.

She huffed. “Well can I talk to your manager.”

I call the manager over, and she explained her situation. his expression was priceless.

He had to actually turn his head so the customer couldn’t see.

Image result for are you serious gifs

He walked up to First Booth to see if they destroyed any yet.

The woman ordered a coffee while she ordered. I promo it out.

The woman handed me change for her coffee. I blinked. What the fuck is this? The manager returned, handed her the card.

“I am paying for my coffee” she explained, “I just want my promo card!”

She walked off with her coffee. Oh wow.

Thankfully I was in drive-thru for lunch.


I was trying to convince one of my co-workers that buffalo have wings.

Image result for buffalo have wings

She stared at me. “Rebecca, buffalos have horns!”

The whole drive-thru team howled with laughter.


I then tried to convince her that chicken was in the sea.


Image result for buffalo have wings

She stopped braiding her hair. “Chicken in the sea?” she repeated. “How can chicken be in the sea? They would drown!”

I burst out laughing. “It’s true! There are chicken in the sea!”

“There is no chicken in the sea!” she cried, putting her visor back on. she washed her hands and glared at me. “How would they survive!”

“Ask management. Google it. Chicken in the sea!”

“You can google it?” she was incredulous.

sometime later she marches back into the drive thru “Rebecca, management told me that chicken in the sea is Tuna!”

I was laughing so hard I almost fell to my knees. I had to hold onto the counter. “Tuna is chicken? How can that be?”

“Tuna is not chicken!”


The irony is having a person with a speech impediment (former) teach ESL pronunciation. That was what I was thinking when I was trying to teach the girls how to pronounce English words. When I was younger I had to go speech therapy twice. Once when I had stopped speaking. I was two. The second time I was in grade 1-2 I would stutter, stammer and couldn’t pronounce certain words. I still cant pronounce certain words till this day.

Anyway, the girls were asking me how to pronounce:

  • Glitter
  • robitussin
  • tortoise
  • beach (they kept saying like bitch)
  • squirrel
  • litter

The night shift manager who overheard the conversation exclaimed: “are you saying my English teacher taught me wrong pronunciation the entire time?”

I nodded.

“My whole childhood has been a lie!”


Becky’s tryst | tripx713

 Trip wrote a story inspired by a dream for Valentine’s Day.  It was a sweet sexy post. Glimpsing further into your thoughts.  Thank you Trip!

Fiction As often is the case, I get inspiration from something I’ve read, or something I’ve written, or like Becky, something I’ve dreamed. Well, this written work has its inspiration in all three.…

Source: Becky’s tryst | tripx713


How was everyone’s Valentines?

i was alone as usual!

One of my coworkers received 24 red roses from her husband. It was from Johnny!

My eyes popped out!!!

Really, Johnny how dare you! 😂

”oh Rebecca did you see all the roses Johnny gave his wife!” Edgar teased me.

”you know he misprinted the name! It’s supposed to be Rebecca!” I pouted.

sometime later the girls are teasing me “oh Becky, Johnny gave you such beautiful roses!”

i wish! 💕💕



I have seen many of my women friends needing validation. Thinking they would be happier popular.  it made them more miserable because they were constantly putting on a show and not being who they were supposed to be.

The only validation anyone needs is from God.


I must be over my illness because I’m getting my appetite back. 😭

I was ok with eating a little.

I had a small portion of spaghetti with little a bit of sauce. 

Now my hunger is back with a vengeance!

All I want is KFC and Chinese food

I am a freaking monster!

Only one

I was rubbing my clit, imagining M finger fucking me deep and hard, edging me over and over before finally letting me cum. 

He whispers in my ear “i told you I will fucking punish you if you don’t stop teasing other men and women with your sexy little stories. I get on your blog last night and you write about going down on a woman?!” His words excite me so much. He kisses me. Then kisses his way down my body. ” I’ll be the only one to taste you and fuck you. This pussy is mine. Only mine!” 

I am anticipating his mouth, his tongue on my clit but he lifts his head to smile at me. “I don’t think so, Becky” he chides me.  “Open your legs, I wanna see how good your pussy looks getting stretched out by my cock”

I obey. I am so wet I can feel my pussy juice dripping down my thighs. M strokes the length of his cock, teasing my clit with just the head. 

“Please” I beg.

M thrusts hard, pinning me down. His cock driving deep, forcing another orgasm from me.

-I got so horny again I have to go and play with myself now💕💕


I could hear Adam’s voice and a woman’s giggle from my boyfriend’s office. The door was closed, but I didnt have to see them to know what they were doing. They were fucking right where anyone could walk in on them.

The sounds of a woman orgasming were unmistakable. Getting louder, Adam urging her on.

I should have felt sick. Humiliated. Should have felt my heart ripped in two. Filled with outrage. At least my eyes should have been brimming with tears ready to cry. I felt none of those things. Only a sense of relief.

“Are you ok?” the disembodied voice broke into my reverie. I had forgotten I wasn’t alone. “Do you want to grab a drink and talk?”

Talk? What was there to talk about? That my boyfriend was cheating on me. I felt nothing. I forced a smile and lifted my head to glance up at the man at my side. Brett was a dear friend. His kind eyes were filled with sympathy.

“I don’t suppose it was a coincidence that we were here after Adam finished teaching his class?” I asked lightly without humor.

Brett had the decency to turn red. He rubbed the back of his neck and looked away guiltily. “I am sorry, Becky. But I couldn’t keep this from you. I didnt want you getting hurt. The rumors going around the campus.”

“ah, the rumors.” I sighed. “Hideous rumours.”

Adam was a professor at the university, nearing tenure. A popular teacher among his students he was handsome. Tall, flecks of silver in his brown hair. He filled out the casual shirts nicely with broad shoulders, and jeans clung to lean hips and a nice ass. He was intelligent funny. He spoke with sophisticated air and passion that drew women to him like a moth to a flame. And men found him disarming as well, for he knew how to smooth over any ruffled feathers, he oozed charm.

I wasn’t stupid. Even if I confronted Adam with his infidelity somehow it would be my fault. Adam hid his narcissistic behavior well enough to fool others.  “That didn’t happen,” “You imagined it,” and “Are you crazy?” would be the first three sentences out of his mouth.

then his guileless would turn to rage. How dare I accuse him of cheating on me. If he did cheat on me, it would be because the women were simply more beautiful sophisticated. “Why couldnt you be more accommodating in bed.”

Brett touched my arm once more pulling me out of my thoughts, “This must be very upsetting.”

I sighed again. “No. Its not. Its given me another reason to end things with Adam”

Brett didnt bother to hide his shock, “Becky,” he began. “maybe you should think this over”

“Lets just not talk about it anymore.” I hitched my handbag higher on my shoulder, ran a hand through my hair. “I have a busy afternoon. Shall we go?”

“Uh yeah of course.” Brett led me out of the university to his car. “Look I know this is not the time nor the place” he opened the door to his car. “I just want to let you know I care about you. Alot.”

I smiled. “Thank you.”

Confusion marred Brett’s features. He walked around the car and got in beside me. Twisting in his seat to face me, Brett took my hand in his. “No Becky that didnt get out right, I mean. What I am trying to tell you. I love you.”

My smile faded. “Brett” I stared into his green eyes. Brett was a friend. I had known him forever. His tousled dark hair fell over his eyes, giving him an appearance of a lost boy.

“Brett I cant right now. Thank you” I withdrew my hand from his.

“I’m telling you that I love you. And that is all you have to say me? Is thank you?” the hurt in his voice made me flinch.

“what do you want me to say?” I asked. “Its best you take me home now. Before things between us get worse. We say things we regret.”

Brett drove me home in silence. I reached over to kiss his cheek. He was still. “Brett, you dont love me. You care about me. That’s alright.” I whispered. “But you dont love me. When you find someone, you will know what love will feel like. It will make you soar to the heavens, and fly” I stroked his cheek comfortingly. “and I dont make you feel like that.”

“How do you know?” Brett asked.

“Because, your entire being would be resonating with that emotion.” I grabbed my handbag and climbed out of the car.

Brett stared at the steering wheel then at me, “Are we still friends then?” he asked hopefully.

“Do I love food?” I replied with a grin.

Brett burst out laughing. I closed the car door and waved as he drove away.

I spent the rest of the afternoon packing Adam’s belongings. I phoned a moving company and arranged for them to pick them up and store them at a storage facility. I also arranged for Adam to have a room at a local hotel before Adam got home at seven. All on his credit card.

I was sipping wine when I heard Adam at the door. His key in the lock. “What the fuck” he grumbled. “Becky I think there is something wrong with the lock. My key doesnt fit.”

“Thats because I changed the lock, Adam” I called out.

There was silence. “What?” Adam snapped. “Dont be ridiculous. Why would you change the lock?”

“Because you dont live here no more.” I sighed.


I chuckled at Adam’s bewilderment and growing ire. “I am tired, Becky! Open this door. I want to take a shower and relax. I had a hard day.”

“Yes you must be so tired of fucking your students. You must reek of  pussy desperate for A’s.” I poured myself another glass of wine.

“What are you talking about” Adam asked slowly.

“I was there outside your office. How young was she?” I sipped the wine contemplatively. “19 20? was she legal?”

The door rattled again. “You have no right to do this, Becky!”

“Actually I do. You didn’t sign the lease, remember. That makes you a guest in my home. And now a trespasser.” I stood. Stretching. “I could call the cops and have you arrested for trespassing, and making me feel unsafe in my home.”

“You fucking bitch!” Adam exploded. “I will ruin you!”

I laughed. “No Adam. You cant.” I sighed. “I have nothing. You cant touch me. You however, have everything to lose. Your position. Your tenure. Because you cant keep your ego in check, and your dick in your pants.”

Adam pounded at the door with a fist. “Bitch!”

“I know.  Adam, but how many times did I remind you never to cross me?”

There was silence. “Where am I supposed to go?”

“I dont know. I dont care.” I finished off the wine, “I had your belongings delivered to a storage place. You can stay at a hotel until you found a suitable place.”

Adam fell silent. “So should I thank you?” he asked bitterly.

“I dont care. Goodbye Adam”

it was late when my best friends Dayna and Shelby rang up. I opened the door in my pjs. They rushed in and hugged me. “Oh Becky! You must feel horrible!” Dayna cried.

“Thats why we brought ice cream, chocolate and movies!” Shelby gushed.

Dayna and Shelby were twin sisters. However polar opposites. Dayna had soft shoulder length blonde hair, Shelby had platinum waves of hair that fell down her back. Dayna was shy and sweet, Shelby was vivacious and outgoing. Both wore similar a shade of green wrap around sweater. Shelby wore leggings, and Dayna wore jeans.

Squeezed in between them I felt safe and loved. For the first time in forever.

“You didnt bring any pjs?” I grumbled. “I feel like a grub compared to you two.”

Dayna laughed. “Thats ok. Everybody does.”

I scowled. “Watch it.”

Cocooned under blankets on the bed watching 13 going on 30, we ate our feelings away. Shelby was sitting centre of the bed, empty ice cream barrels surrounding her. She was working on her third. Dayna and I propped up against the pillows, drinking wine, eating chocolate and fruit with chips as well.

“I cant believe Adam would do that to you!” Dayna rolled over to hug me, pressing me into her. “He is such a dick!”

Shelby chuckled, “Let her breathe”

“Did you cry already?” Shelby asked, taking a scoop of her ice cream. She licked it clean off her spoon.

I shook my head. “Good cause tears are wasted on men like that” Shelby murmured. “I cant believe you guys are letting me eat all this ice cream!” she wailed. “Oh I am going to be a whale tomorrow morning!”

I snuggled into Dayna, her warmth and scent comforting me. Perhaps it was all the wine I had drunk earlier that evening, my confrontation with Adam coinciding with the chocolate I was eating because I was feeling excited. My heart was racing, my body was reacting to Dayna’s. My breasts were pressing into hers. My arms were wrapped around her, my hands on her lower back. Her sweater had inched higher exposing the low ride of her jeans. feeling careless, I let my hand drift down to rest on the curve of her ass.

Dayna didn’t seem to mind much.  I could feel the warmth of her breath upon my ear hitch as I began to stroke the crevice of her ass through her panties. They were silk. A piece of fabric that could easily be stripped away with a mere tug.

My hand slid further into Dayna’s jeans. She wiggled about,  her body arching into my seeking caress so my fingers dip lower. She let out a breathless sigh when my fingers brush over her perineum to her slit. I hesitated.

Shelby was still in the room with us. Eating her ice cream, however, Dayna seemed oblivious to her twin.

“Dont stop now, Becky” Dayna cooed. “Dont start playing with my pussy if you wont finish me off.”

Her words turned me on. I had never been with another woman, and the thought of Dayna and I made me wet.

As if she sensed my hesitation, Dayna stroked my hair from my face and gazed into my eyes.

“Pretend like she isnt here,” Dayna whispered in my ear. “I am,” She reached down between us, and the gentle sound of her unzipping her jeans was barely heard over the movie. She slipped her own hand into her jeans to guide my hand between her thighs. I was cupping her pussy through her panties. She giggled “I feel like a high school girl getting felt up.”

I giggled. “Did you have a lot of girls feeling you up in high school?” I palmed her pussy, loving the feel of her silky panties on my hand. Dayna rocked herself on my hand, the slow friction of her pussy grinding made her wetter. Her breathless sighing made me even more aroused.

Dayna nuzzled me, “Stop teasing me, Becky” she pleaded. I palmed her a few seconds more before letting my fingers pull aside to dip into her slit. slowly Dayna removed her hand. Dayna’s head rested on mine.

“Oh dont stop,” she breathed. “just like that. Its so good”


I stroked her slit back and forth, teasing her clit by flicking over it. “right there,” Dayna moaned. “right there. Keep touching me right there.”

Her eyes were on mine. I eased off her clit, she made a whimpering sound. I toyed with her pussyhole. Letting my fingers dip into her, then back off. She was clenching the tips of my fingers. Wanting more. Juice dripped over my fingers.

“You are so wet” I whispered.

“I want to cum all over you.” Dayna promised. “I am so close.”

Slowly and firmly I slid a finger into her pussy hole. She was tight, wet. Dayna bit her lip as I slowly pushed another finger inside her. Deep.

We had forgotten about Shelby, but movement on the bed drew our attention back to her. She had wiggled around Dayna til she was settled at my side. She had removed all her clothing, her naked body pressing against my own.

Her fingers cupped my chin, twisting my head so we could kiss. Bewildered I kissed her back.

“Dayna forgot to mention something.” Shelby breathed against my mouth.

I stared up at her in confusion. “Which is?”

“You fuck my sister. You fuck me.”

My heart skipped a beat. She couldnt mean. I glanced at Dayna then shelby. “Say what now?” I protested weakly.

“Come on, doesnt the thought turn you on?” Shelby purred. “Why have one pussy when you can have two.”

I frowned. “but you are sisters. Isnt that kind of awkward.” I argued.



Dayna rolled off me. and Shelby took her place. Dayna quickly shed her clothes, wiggling out of her jeans. “Dont think about it.” she ordered. She kissed my neck, as her sister kissed me. “Just enjoy the experience.”

Shelby and I kissed, She ran her hands all over my body, rubbing my thighs right up towards my pussy but not touching it just yet. Without warning, she stuck two fingers inside me. “You got me so hot, watching you and my sister.” Shelby purred against my mouth. “If I had known you wanted our pussies We could have done this along time ago.”

With each thrust of her fingers I could feel my G spot being tickled by her fingers. I moaned into Shelby’s mouth. Dayna kissed her way down my body, arching as she flicked her tongue over my nipple.

“I bet she tastes good,” Shelby panted.

Dayna maneuvered herself so her head was resting on my hipbone. Angling my thigh up over her head and on her shoulder, I felt the warm whisper of her breath on my pussy. I gasped.

My heart was racing with excitement. The first swipe of her tongue on my clit made me cry out. She held me down, as Shelby drove her fingers hard and fast. Dayna’s tongue was lazy drawing circles on my clit.

Without warning her mouth clamped down and she began to suck.

I screamed as the first wave of my orgasm hit me. Both Dayna and Shelby worked my clit and pussy, alternating between them.

I sank down on the mattress exhausted by my multi orgasms. Dayna and Shelby sat up, smiling. “Hmm that was much more fun than watching movies!” Shelby exclaimed.

I laughed. “It was.”

I kissed Dayna then Shelby. Pulling them to me. “i have something fun in mind too.” I whispered. I laid Dayna down.

“Climb up” I ordered Shelby. I laid Shelby out ontop of Dayna. “Fuck! now this what I call sexy as hell.”

Dayna giggled as I kissed her then Shelby.

Dayna scooped up Shelby’s breasts as I settled between their legs. I drew up Shelby’s legs revealing her slit and Dayna’s below. Both were neatly trimmed, their clits peeking out from glistening folds. I took a leisurely lick of Shelby’s slit, while I fingered Dayna’s slit opened.

“Oh fuck,” Shelby moaned. Her eyes fluttering close. Dayna reached own to rub Shelby’s clit as I took my time between the sisters. Licking up from Dayna’s to Shelby’s wet pussy. My fingers pumping in and out of Dayna’s pussy, hard and fast.

“Oh my god, I am going to cum,” Dayna cried. Shelby twisted her head and the two sisters shared a kiss. Gluing my mouth to Dayna’s clit I sucked on it as I scissored my fingers in and out, stroking her G-spot. She nearly bucked Shelby off her as her orgasm seized her.

Dayna ground her pussy against my face, her juices spurting into my mouth as I hungrily lapped them up. She sank onto the bed, sated as I licked her clean.

I then focused my attention on Shelby. I grabbed Shelby by the thighs. Tugging her off Dayna and further down the bed, I buried my face between her thighs. Twisting her fingers in my hair, Shelby ordered me to eat her.

“Yes, like that Becky.” she cooed with delight. “oh you know what a woman likes dont you.  Keep licking my clit that. Oh yes. fuck! You are such a naughty girl!”

It wasnt long before her words were lost in breathless sighs. She was coming.

Snuggled in between the three of them, I stretched my body out. “Hmm we can do this anytime, I wouldnt mind.” I teased.

Dayna and Shelby giggled. “Movie nights wont be the same.” Shelby agreed.

“It certainly has therapeutic values.” Dayna murmured

“Adam who?”

We burst out laughing. Shelby reached for the ice cream. “Gosh I am hungry again.” she pouted.

I plucked the ice cream out of her hands. “hmm I have a better use for this” I purred.

Dayna and Shelby glanced at each other and smiled. “Ice cream sandwiches?” Dayna suggested.

Not the kind of the ice cream sandwiches she was thinking

  • Inspired by a dream I had this morning ♥




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Their fear was almost tangible.
She could almost taste the acrid smell, as she walked briskly down the hall.
It was coming from the library.
She could hear their raised voices, their racing heartbeats.
The students were afraid.
Of what?!
“Look! He is fine! Cory is fine!” the almost familiar male voice rose above the others. The tone was calm but edged with panic. “Just a scratch!”
Mason glanced about the library, he held up Cory’s hand. He could feel Cory trembling. Pain. Anger. Who knew, but Cory was breathing hard.
Nolan held his pen, still dripping with Cory’s blood. His eyes were alight with a strange glow, his features twisted into a horrible smile. He slowly turned on his heel and held up his pen. “Just a scratch?” he echoed. He lunged at him. “Then let’s see how he heals from this!”
The students screamed as Mason pushed Cory out of the way, and slammed into Nolan. They collided the force of Mason’s body knocking Nolan into the table. He rolled over the table and landed. While Nolan sprawled into the chairs.
Wincing from pain, Mason straightened and circled Nolan to Cory’s side. “You need to chill, Nolan. I don’t know what your problem is but you need to chill!” he insisted.
“You!” Breathing hard, Nolan kicked a chair off him and slowly rose to his feet. “There is something about you and your boyfriend! Your friends! This school!”
The students murmured around Mason, agreeing with Nolan. Cory inched closer to Mason. “We should leave,” Cory whispered. “Something isn’t right!”
“I know.” Mason muttered. “Its Nolan. It’s like he is paranoid.”
“Or afraid,” Cory added.
Mason and Cory met each other’s eyes, both remembering the rats that they had found in the underground tunnels. The rats that turned on each other in fear.
The students were fidgeting. Anxious. “Like the Rat King,” Cory spoke out loud.
Breathing hard, Nolan advanced. “Ever since that night in the library, I have been having nightmares. I can see them!”
“See who, Nolan?” Mason asked.
“The monsters!”
Le Bete. Mason tensed. The Monster that had possessed him. Or maybe it was the Ghost Riders. He had lost count of how many monsters there had been in Beacon Hills. He curled his fingers into fists. “There was a gas leak remember.”
“There was no gas leak!” Nolan shouted. “Half of our La Crosse team disappeared like it was nothing! My friends disappeared and everyone reacted like it was nothing! Like they didn’t exist!”
“Calm down, Nolan” Cory murmured.
“Do. Not. Tell. ME. to Calm. Down. You freak!” Nolan hissed. Nostrils flaring, his fingers curled into fists at his side, Nolan looked ready to charge again. Mason tensed. The students’ mumbling under their breaths became louder, they were anxious. Their eyes wild.
“Nolan is getting out of control,” he whispered to Cory. “His fear is going to cause mass hysteria.”
“We need to get everyone out of here!” Cory agreed.
“Why are you two whispering.” Nolan laughed. “What kind of secret are you keeping?”
Mason frowned. “Nolan you need to stop this.” he shook his head. “Something isnt right here.”
“You are all freaks!” Nolan shouted. He raised the pen again.
“Mr. Nolan, this is a library not an auditorium for your theatrics.” a feminine voice called out.
The sound of heels clicking on the tiles drew the students attention away from Mason, Cory, and Nolan. A woman emerged from the stacks.
“Who are you?! You are one of them? Arent you? A freak!” Nolan barely finished his sentence
Without warning her hand snapped out reaching for Nolan’s wrist.
He let out a cry of pain as she twisted it. “We have zero tolerance for violence on school grounds.” she declared. “I assume you will apologize to your classmates for being a disruption.”
Mason’s eyes widen as she raised her head. Her features were calm and serene. But her eyes glowed yellow. “I believe they cannot hear you.”
“I am sorry.” Nolan gasped out.
“I am sorry I was being so disruptive.” the woman insisted.
“I am sorry I was,” he gasped as the woman tightened her hold. “being so disruptive.”
“There we are.” her voice was gentle and soft. “If you would like to return to studying you may, or you may leave.” she smiled. She slowly released Nolan.
Nolan staggered back, his eyes wide. Grabbing his books and backpack he pushed past them.
The students huddled together murmuring amongst themselves. As if remembering where she was, the woman turned to them. “Nolan was just having a bad night.” her voice was soft. “Were you studying?”
There was a moment of frozen silence, then the students began to move. Chairs scraped noisily as they sat back in their seats. they chattered excitedly amongst themselves for a moment as they opened their books.
Bewildered Mason and Cory stared at the woman and their classmates. “They are acting like nothing happened. But a few moments ago they were so afraid they were going to turn on us!” Mason hissed.
Corey nodded. “Hypnosis?”
Mason shook his head. “No, I can still feel it.”
Corey touched his boyfriend’s hand. “Your fear?” he whispered.
“You don’t understand Corey.” Mason choked. “I see it everywhere. I feel like I am suffocating on it.”
“It gets worse when he is around.” the woman murmured.
Corey and Mason blinked. “What?”
“the faceless man.” the woman murmured. “it amplifies your fear. And feeds off it. Nolan’s fear? Was just a drop of what he could do.”

  • Inspired by teen wolf season 6 episode 13 after images. What if someone had just eased the tension a bit in the library?
  • Best way to build an army is through fear -Gerard Argent



I had a wonderful day.

No cups were thrown. No customers were hurt.

I was enjoying myself immensely. I think it was because my General Manager had a constant pained expression on his face. Oh yes. Its a good day when Steve is ready to throw himself out the window.  Other than that the drive thru team was in great spirits!!!

steve: why are you so angry?
me: Me?! angry?! how can you say that! I am not angry!
Steve: whoa. whoa. calm down.
me: I am sweet. kind. sensitive soul.
Steve: oh yeah you are so sensitive. I saw your posts!
me: I am a sensitive soul though it seems I am thick skinned! and it hurt that none of my friends stood downwind.
Steve: thanks Shrek.
me: No problem donkey.
Steve: ok Hightower.
me: alright Tackleberry
Sometime later
me: here you go Megi (hands her a hot chocolate)
Megi: hurry up!
me: ohhhh did you just give me attitude! She just gave me attitude!
Leta: wow so much anger, Megi
Steve: Gee I wonder where she learned it from. Rebecca?!
Me: Me? I am sweet! I don’t have anger issues.
Steve: Oh yeah ok.
Sometime later:
me: for the love of God, you stupid fuck! It’s not fucking rocket science! How do you people get through life with one brain cell! I asked you a simple yes or no question! Just answer my question!
Steve: what was that, Rebecca?
me: nothing. I am just in my corner. Being sweet.

After a long exhausting day, I am going to relax in the bath.

Hopefully this weekend I will update my Erotic page. Maybe work on a new story.

Fingers crossed! ♥