“You’ll learn, as you get older, that rules are made to be broken. Be bold enough to live life on your terms, and never, ever apologize for it. Go against the grain, refuse to conform, take the road less traveled instead of the well-beaten path. Laugh in the face of adversity, and leap before you look. Dance as though EVERYBODY is watching. March to the beat of your own drummer. And stubbornly refuse to fit in.”
— Mandy Hale (The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass




We were having a discussion about pregnancy today. How the body changes to ready itself for the baby to giving birth. My co-workers were discussing their pregnancies. How they had natural birth or c-sections. Their scars. Why they were in pain. How invasive their doctors were in their appointments.

All I could do was stand there listening to them describe what happened to them absolutely horrified.

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all of sudden they turned to me “So when is it your turn to be pregnant?”

“No! No one is coming near this body!” I cried. “I am going to become like Kim Kardashian! No baby is coming out of this vagina!”

They frowned. “But Kim K had babies.”

“But she had preeclampsia” one mused. “so I guess you are half right”

“No one is coming near my vagina!” I shook my head. “I will have a surrogate!”

They all laughed at me. I was completely horrified.

“My vagina hurts just thinking about popping out a baby!” I wailed.

Perhaps I was being a tad dramatic. While I always told myself I wouldn’t have children because of my medical condition, I  was traumatised by the series finale of ER.

A married couple comes in with the woman going into labor with twins, and John Carter (Noah Wyle) and Simon Brenner (David Lyons) handle the delivery. During the delivery of the second baby, complications set in. It is discovered that the mother has an inverted uterus, and requires an emergency caesarean section. The second baby requires intensive care, and the mother ultimately dies as surgeons attempt to fix the complications. they were trying to push her womb back in!

I glanced at Dev “You will be my surrogate. Johnny will be my baby daddy.” I mused.

Dev groaned. “Seriously, Becky!” she laughed.

“You might have to talk it over with G,” I sighed I hugged her. “I am sure he will understand. I just dont know how Johnny’s wife will react!”

Everyone burst out laughing.

I cocked my head thoughtfully, while I poured a smoothie. “I dont understand why evolution hasnt made it so men can carry babies.”

We all looked at each other and we laughed. “Men carry babies!”

“They cant even handle a cold!” I wheezed.

“Where would the baby pop out?”

“Out their ass?” I suggested.

Everyone shuddered at that image. “Gross, Becky! Come on!”

“Can you imagine them trying to handle the cramps. Or changing the diapers?”

It was one of those conversations I like to have with my drive thru team. It did make me wonder why I was so afraid to have children. Certainly, it had to do more than pain, or the fear of my meds making them deform? Perhaps I was afraid I would be a horrible mother.

couldn’t take orders

I was laughing so hard  because my boss was standing there watching me. To make sure I was greeting the customer properly.

Awe what a good morning


I was going to go to bed early until I saw this video!

To say I was little pissed off is putting it mildly.

I enjoyed Game of Thrones last night.

Especially the scene where Sansa found Arya’s bag of tricks. Aka bag of faces. It finally dawned on Sansa that Arya wasn’t like Jon Snow or Little Finger.Someone to wrap around her finger and manipulate. Arya was someone she shouldn’t trifle with. Arya was like Ramsay Bolton, and perhaps like Cersei, she wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty when she wanted something. And what she wanted was revenge for her parents’ death.

I then saw this piece, when two women were nitpicking about the episode.


I wanted to face palm myself!

It makes perfect sense why Arya and Sansa are fighting! Hello! did any of these women ever watch the show? Ever have a sister? Ever have a best friend?

Women are naturally threatened by other women. They feel jealous and envious. They have everything they want but they want more, and that usually includes another woman’s man.

I have a sister. I am not close to my sister at all. We fight most of the time. Due to the fact she lives in her own little world, and will not listen to anyone if it doesn’t benefit her somehow.

I never liked Sansa. In the beginning, I found her spoiled, self-involved, and too weak. While Arya is independent, always defiant. She didnt want to be a princess.

She and Sansa were never close.

This is stated by Arya. She stated she was not close to Sansa. She wanted to be wherever their father was, while Sansa was inside Knitting.

Arya doesn’t trust Sansa because she is also easily beguiled by power. (when she urged Sansa to tell the truth about Joffrey, Sansa was worried about losing her betrothal to him she lied instead) She also refused to go back home to Winterfell and end her betrothal to Joffrey, therefore, allowing the events leading up to her father to be executed by Joffrey.

And in Season 7 she returned home to Winterfell, she found Sansa and Little Finger together. (Little Finger betrayed their father to Joffrey.)

Arya could be cold and ruthless if someone crossed her. She mostly wants justice but she is also kind and compassionate.  Sansa was brutalized at the hands of two men. which also allowed her to become cold and dark. Ruthless as well.

The writers having the sisters bickering at each other, being played against each other, filled with distrust and paranoia? sounds about right.


Did you watch the solar eclipse

I missed the eclipse because I was working. I don’t think it would have been seen through the clouds. However on the other side of town and in the boonies, some people saw it.

I’m kind of bummed about it.

It would have been exciting to witness!




We are intelligent and observe what others don’t.  We are reserved, sometimes like to be in control. We are very tough on ourselves. We are very loyal and loving, but cross us and we will cut you!

We are selfless, we try to help when we can.  Giving unwanted advice sometimes. We don’t mind being the bad guy if it helps a person out.

Don’t bother telling us we are wrong. We hate that. We are right most of the time. Trying to prove it otherwise, is futile. We will admit it if we are wrong, don’t worry.

We are human. Looking into a mirror we see our flaws well enough. It is scary how imperfect we are, even though we strive for perfection in everything we do!

Even if there is drama, we shrug it off.

We dance to our own beat.



Oh my gosh!

I will not be able to sleep tonight after seeing this trailer!


I get so excited whenever there is a new episode. Then I remember this is the last season! What am I going to do without my Baby Beta (aka Liam Dunbar) and the rest of Scott’s pack!

Alot of fans have been giving the writers crap about the quality of their writing. WTF? Really? If I cry and cheer for a character, you better believe that is good writing.

one of the main beef some of the fans had? Scott’s inability to fight and be a hero. (scoffing at this)

True,   he has had his ass handed to him on a platter numerous times.

However, what makes Scott a great hero in this show?

  1. As a True Alpha Scott didn’t have to kill to solidify his position.
  2. He was willing to sacrifice his life for his Pack.
  3. He always thought life  was a better option than killing.
  4. He is willing to forgive and accept most enemies (Even Theo, and Theo poisoned him with Wolfs Bane)

What Scott has taught us:

  1. Remember: there are three things that cannot be hidden: the moon the sun and the truth
  2. finding an anchor. Anger. Love. Friendship
  3. We must always protect the ones who cannot protect themselves. (allison’s creed)
  4. Never trust Grandpa Argent!
  5. a hell hound always protects the supernatural
  6. Never forget Stiles EVER!
  7. The long game always ends with Peter Hale wanting to be Alpha.

Ok so I fangirled out there for a moment.

so close to the series finale!