“You’ll learn, as you get older, that rules are made to be broken. Be bold enough to live life on your terms, and never, ever apologize for it. Go against the grain, refuse to conform, take the road less traveled instead of the well-beaten path. Laugh in the face of adversity, and leap before you look. Dance as though EVERYBODY is watching. March to the beat of your own drummer. And stubbornly refuse to fit in.”
— Mandy Hale (The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass


I wondered why did I get up this morning?

It was so chaotic! Very busy!

I was like a chicken running around with it’s head cut off!

I was amazed I wasn’t throwing cups!

But boy, was my eye twitching!

Especially when Derp would call back drinks! Six orders ahead!

The final straw was when I had barely finished taking the order of juices and he demanded to know where they were!!!

There was a collective groan from the drive thru team. My head slowly lifted up from the juice machine menu, my hand paused on the buttons.

“I just took that order!” I replied.

“Rebecca it’s the first order! Where is it?!”

“Stop calling back drinks!” I shouted. “I just finished taking that order, right?!”

He slowly turned to look at drive thru team’s glares. “I was just…”

With drinks in hand, I marched up to him, slammed the drinks on the table. “You weren’t waiting! My order just popped up on the screen! So unless the order is waiting at the window?! Do NOT call your drinks!” I hissed.

“It’s called getting ahead!” Derp explained.

“Its called multi tasking! It’s what we are doing!” I gestured to the team. “Trying to take orders without you bellowing would be great!”

I marched back to my corner and sulked like a petulant child.

A customer tried to tell me damn right.

  • 1 hot chocolate
  • 4 chicken muffins
  • 12 hash browns
  • 10 espresso
  • 1 carafe
  • 12 donuts

I made the chicken muffin into meals.

“You got my order wrong!” That was the polite version.

I snorted. “No I didn’t. But thanx”

“Yes you did! There is supposed to be 12 hash browns!”

“There is” nothing irks me more than some people who don’t know how to read the screen as they order!

“No there isn’t!” He shouted.

“4 chicken muffin 4 hash browns 4 espresso are in a meal. Thanks.”

He finally paid then marched inside to complain how I got his order wrong. The manager pointed out every item on his receipt.

“I wanted the 10 espresso in the carafe!” The customer cried “how hard is it do your job!”

“Very hard since we don’t put espresso in carafes. Have a nice day!”

The manager marched over to Steve and explained what happened.

“He wanted espresso in the carafe?!” I laughed hysterically. The drive thru team began to laugh.

“Good luck with that!”

That made my morning!

The rest of the shift was being lazy, pretending to do work while the part timers took over for my drive thru team.

It got so bad, we needed 3 McCafe people in drive thru!

What was I doing?

Nothing. Just taking orders. Pretending to work.

Oh snap!


Me: is tomorrow March 5?

Mel: yes.

Me: has been it 2 years already since I have had my tumour removed

Mel: no. You got it removed last year.

Me: no. In 2019.

Mel: Becky you got it removed in 2020!

Me: it says 2019. I’m looking at my FB

Mel: oh. Congratulations!

A conversation I had yesterday with my sister. My brain is already fragile, why play these mind games😂


Today a coworker made me smile.

“I miss you! I miss you talking. I miss talking to you” she said to me.

She is on my drive thru team, but she was training someone on window.

Aww 🥰

Another co-worker remarked to her. “Gee I didn’t know you talked too much?”

“I don’t but Becky never stops talking to me” she replied.

The whole drive thru team turned to look at me.

A slow evil grin curved my lips and I began to laugh sinisterly.

“Becky!” I was admonished.

“It’s ok!”she protested”I like it!”

I was happy I made some people smile.


I was not in a very good mood by the time lunch arrived. I had no time to do the “um challenge” I was forced to use my Big Boy voice all day!

So exhausting!

A customer took 2 minutes to decide what kind of chicken she wanted!

Another was mumbling her order and had the gall to get mad at me when I asked her to speak up. “Are you serious?! You didn’t catch any of that?!” She demanded.

“No! Were you speaking up? No you weren’t so I obviously couldn’t hear you!” I shot back.

one of my coworkers has a pig farm. I mean this kid could literally get away with murder! He has a pig farm, his dad is a cop and his mom is a funeral director! Isn’t it the most perfect plot to a crime novel?!

He looked at me. “You know, one of these days you could not show up to work. You could simply disappear and no one would ever know!”

I stared at him, my jaw dropped. Not out of disbelief but out of amusement!

“Oh my gosh! That would be the most awesome thing ever! No one would notice either!” I gushed.

He blinked. “What?!”

“No one would notice?” My eyes started to glaze over as I began to envision my own murder. How he could get away with the perfect murder. (A former coworker and would spend hours discussing the most perfect murder. ) “maybe only Steve would notice because I have not shown up for my shift”

The kid’s eyes widened “what?! You are so creepy!”

I cackled evilly. “Am I?! Thank you!”

Steve was getting testy because the kitchen was taking too long to make food.

He marched over to where my boss was making a sandwich. He stood there watching for a moment and then commented “how long are you going to be? Am I going to need a rocking chair soon? It’s been 1 million years!” Steve demanded.

I burst out laughing.

My boss lifted his head. “What?” He delicately put the chicken on the bun. Positioning the burger on the wrapper just so. “Steve, every thing has to be neat and presentable,” Boss replied.

He began to hand the sandwich to the drive thru runner, and promptly dropped the burger.

“Shit!” He shouted. He startled everyone. I think every crew member had a heart attack! “Shit shihhttt”

While in the middle of an order, I felt light headed. My heart had skipped a beat then kicked up a notch. I tried to see how fast by using my smart watch but it was being a piece of junk.

This of course caused my anxiety to rear its ugly head!

I’m paranoid about being ill.

I hurried home and tried to relax. I’m hoping I was just dehydrated Drinking some water and chilling. Oh joy!


I told Annie I was going to do the um challenge. “May I take your order..umm”

She burst out laughing. “No not like that. It’s too sexual”

“What?” I was startled by that. I wasn’t aware I had made it sexual.

Oh well it’s going to be hilarious!


“Becky! Why are you so angry?!”

I walked in to get my breakfast and groaned in annoyance when I saw who was on counter. Part timers who always get my order wrong!

BVS told them to ask for my order, they stared blankly at me. I glared at them.

I marched up to Sonia #1 and in my Big Boy voice ordered my food.

Egg BLT on a English muffin. No she didn’t grill it back. She didn’t put it in a meal nor did she get my drink right. Iced Coffee!

“What would you like in your coffee?” She asked.

“I said iced coffee”

Then when I asked for a donut she punched in 3 DONUTS!!!

I was so pissed off that I just took my food and stormed off.

BVS was downstairs and he laughed at my expression. “That was so brutal!”

“She got my whole order wrong! Like how!!!” I exclaimed. “Like no wonder we get complaints! Idiots!”

Oh well, it’s food. Eat or starve. But just wow!


I was really surprised how I managed to keep myself from throwing cups at the part timers and customers today!

I was also surprised how chilled out I was for most of the time.

Just stood and watched the chaos erupting everywhere around me.

It began this morning when a problematic regular customer decided to try me.

I groaned in disbelief when I recognized her order. Why me!

“I want a BLT with bacon” she snapped.

“It comes with bacon”

“Are you having a rough morning?!” She shouted at me. “Are you not understanding the English that is coming out of my mouth?! I said a BLT..”

My head shot up so fast I nearly had whiplash! Anger surged through me. “Excuse me!” I snapped.

“Just punch in what I tell you!” She shouted.

“Ma’am I was explaining to you” I began.

“I don’t need you to tell me anything! you just do I as tell you!”

I was seeing red. “Ma’am are you finished?”


“Are you finished!”


“Then keep ordering. Then get out of my drive thru” I snarled.

She finished finally.

“That is it! I have had it!” I shouted. “She needs to be banned! Every time!”

My drive thru team stared at me in astonishment. “Becky!”

The part timers were infuriating. “Do I need to change the garbage?” Uh yes it’s full! “Which coffee do I use?” Look at the timer! I had to hold their hand for every little order! I stomped up to Annie “these girls need to be re-trained on procedures!” I exploded. Annie stared at me with dead eyes.

“Welcome to my hell”

I have always wondered if I would be able to remember how to do my previous positions. Gah, I am so ancient!

Well I didn’t have to wonder anymore!

Debit crashed this afternoon!

I was taking orders, making coffee, running mccafes by myself!😱

I had a surprisingly amount of energy, keeping up on every order, I was polite.

I didn’t have anyone barking at me for their orders. They would have caught these hands.

It was like the old days😂🥰😆😎

I was enjoying watching Steve throwing his headset. Throwing his hands up in frustration. Or after a customer told him he didn’t need to yell at him. Steve was being polite. But trying to understand a noob who didn’t even know the difference between a Bigmac and quarter pounder was? Boy, someone was testy!😂

Steve politely informed the customer he hadn’t heard him yell. Yelling at his kids is scarier.

I burst out laughing.

Annie asked me why I had been alone in second booth for so long?

I shrugged.

Oh well.

It’s Friday!


Do Kyung’s expression is precisely how I imagine other people’s reactions when I eat!

No matter how I daintily or delicately try to eat? I am a disaster.

It’s a horror show.

It made me laugh!

I was hoping to go to the lake this weekend because it was so beautiful out!

It started snowing!

Despite the snow I was in a really good mood!

My coworkers were bewildered that I was actually doing some work.

“Becky, why are you working so hard?”

I snorted in derision. “Because I’m bored. Somebody has to do other people jobs” I was referring to graveyard shift and cleaning crews slacking. I had pulled out all the machines in drive thru and cleaned. Yuck.

My good mood soured however towards the end of my shift.

I was very lucky that Steve wasn’t on shift or I would have been hauled downstairs for a disciplinary action. 😡🤬

A customer was ordering a coffee black. Paused. Then ordered sugar.

I frowned.

“I’m sorry did you say sugar?” I asked.

“A coffee black.” Paused. “With sugar”

“Ok a coffee with sugar”

“No” he became short with me. “Black.” Paused “with sugar!!!”

I was becoming annoyed. “Sir, you want a coffee with sugar. You are ordering two different coffees”

“No I am not! How hard is it to pour sugar in a coffee and stir it!” He shouted.

Did he just try to mansplain a coffee when he couldn’t even order it?! Oh hell no!

“Oh my god!” I snapped. I lost my cool. “A black coffee has nothing in it! Nothing! No cream no sugar! It is black! That is what I am telling you! Jesus crikey it’s a coffee with sugar! That is all you have to say!”

There was silence. “Oh”

Shut your mouth when you are talking to me!


Me: my oppa is Johnny 🥰 but don’t let his wife find out!

Ems: she already knows.

Me: what?! What did you say!

Ems: she knows.

I could feel my cheeks redden. I start to panic.

Me: how does she know?! She will kill me!

Ems laughs: I’m just kidding!

Today was just a fun day! It was a beautiful wonderful day!

Ugh so I tried writing a story I just didn’t have the mindset. Maybe I just can’t write anymore stories 😢😢😢


I just realized I have chocolate syrup on my uniform. On my breast!🤦‍♀️😂

It looks like I’m lactating chocolate!

Damn it!