Ugh got to love summer nights when it’s so hot I can’t sleep. I also couldn’t sleep because I am battling a chest infection. So I’m coughing. Ew.

I had finished opening the window and climbed into bed to go back to sleep. “This is getting ridiculous!” I muttered “I need to get back to sleep!” I turned off the lights.

And I had a vision!

My eyes were wide open and I was staring at a chakra form of body. The body was white, and in its sacral area it was glowing bright blue with a red centre.

I touched my sacral chakra and the red started to fade, the longer I held my hand there the blue started to fade as well. Til it was black then gone altogether.

I lifted my hand off my sacral chakra and asked “is my sacral chakra the reason I’m sick?

The chakra body started to fade. My sacral chakra is still blocked, and so my is throat. I am working on that.

It was the weirdest vision I ever had!💕



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I had a great day! It was wonderful stress-free. And lacking drama.


At the end of my shift, my least favorite customer walked in. He is loud rude and a jack ass. It has gotten to the point that a manager has threatened to kick him out if he didnt behave. His wife orders or his friends. Yet he will remain around, being loud and rude. I refuse to serve him and his wife because of his behavior.

I was standing at my window waiting to serve a customer when he walked over. He had already been served. I ignored him. He got in my face.

“You know I like her more than I like you.” he pointed to the cashier next to me. He smiled triumphantly when I finally looked at him.

I smiled. “I don’t care,” I replied.

He was so astonished. His smile wiped off his face.

“I don’t care if you like me. I don’t care what people think of me.” I went on coolly. “You don’t matter to me. Have a nice day.”

He was so stunned that he couldn’t think of a word to say.

And thats how you get rid of the haters!

“I dont care!” a perfect response to any negative situation. ♥♥♥





Today I wished I was relaxing on a beach with someone I cared about, enjoying the sand between my toes. An umbrella drink in my hand. A huge spread of food choose to from.

But boo-urn! I was at work!

Listening to geniuses like this say:

“I would like a jr chicken with no chicken. With a hash brown instead. With tomato.With onion.”

She pauses “that is not my order!”

My reply “that IS your order. Since you just ordered it. And you’re the only one in my lane!” 😒

“Oh. ”

Forget the beach! I need one of these!

I think a person might die from alcohol poisoning but would it be worth it after experiencing this pain?

“I will have a real fruit smoothie”

No, is there any other kind of fruit smoothie, I think with annoyance. Perhaps plastic?

Me: what flavour?

Customer: I said a real fruit smoothie!

Me: what flavour?

Customer: There is different flavours? I don’t see them listed

I think to myself: Boy, don’t make me come out there and slap the stupid out of you! you don’t see them listed but you see the pictures of different colours!

Me: it’s right there on the display.

Customer: oh yeah.

Oh well, maybe I can dream of the beach when I sleep tonight. I will be so relaxed and happy.

I will be so chill my alarm will go off in the morning I will just hit it and go back to sleep! 😂😂😂


“oh, Happy day! Oh, Happy day! he finally knows our pain! Oh, happy day! oh, happy day! when Mr. know it all cant get his shit together!” I sang

my drive-thru team stared at me in disbelief, their jaws dropped while I danced in the Second booth singing my song. They burst out laughing.

“Rebecca!” Kalyan exclaimed, “How can you be like that?”

I grinned. “Because I am evil incarnate!”

Ems burst out laughing.

The day always goes straight to hell when Derp is working, however, it was like watching a horror movie. I was cringing, and enjoying every moment of his hell!

Derp was struggling to keep his anger under control because he and the team leader kept butting heads. The team leader was getting really angry because she was trying to give him the right orders and he would give the presenter the wrong order and there was so much miscommunication. Wow! it was great!

Finally, the drive-thru team stopped watching the entertainment and started focusing on drive-thru.

“Becky why is there a switch!” Ems cried.  My car took too long at the speaker and I served off the order.

“Because I don’t care. I don’t care about switches.” I replied nonchalantly.

“BVS there is a switch,” Ems told the cashier. “Becky doesn’t care about switch orders.”

“Don’t make me come down there and punch you!” he said.

“Dogwick!” I replied, “don’t make me find your hooman!”

“My Hooman is dead.”

“That’s because I killed him. He didn’t follow my rules!” I teased.

I looked over at Ems and Kalyan. “What are the rules?”

Ems answered. “Becky is the boss. You don’t tell us what you want you don’t get it. we won’t ask. Never question the order taker.” (you being the customer)

BVS groaned “screw you and your stupid rules!”

“My stupid rules are there for a reason, Dogwick! so they don’t cause chaos!”

“Don’t make me kill you using a pencil!”

We howled with laughter.




I had a random thought on the way to work this morning.

This weather reminds me of Seattle.

Rain. Spots of sunshine for maybe five minutes. Rain.

Or so I have read.

When I went to Seattle it was sunny. I was in awe of that city! I never got to see anything, because we were on the way to Cali!

Thankfully it was sunny and dry when I was walking! Yeah!

And as I was walking down the back field behind my apartment, I found a rose quartz in the dirt!

I was astonished. Then happy! How often does that happen?

There is a crystal shop by my place, and the owner puts crystals in planters on her stoop, maybe a bird picked it up because it was shiny! Hey who knows!

I was feeling kind of lucky!

Until I realized it was Stat Holiday!

I dont like stat days.

Everyone thinks its great because of the Double Time I am making. Who cares. I dont care about the money! I want to relax like everybody else!

Sure enough I walked into the restuarant I wanted to walk back out. Part timers were working. I walked up to the counter. “Egg muffin no meat no cheese. Peanut Butter and jam” I was curt. The girl stared at me with wide eyes.

I forced myself not to have an aneursym face

#hawaii five 0 #Steve McGarrett #Danny Williams

I repeated my order, and she SLOWLY punched it in. Why me??

I finally had my sandwich and made my escape. Thankfully I was in drive thru all day.

The day surprised me by turning out well. No stress.

“I would ask you how you are doing, Hightower” Steve murmured sarcastically “but you would open up like Barbara Walters.”

“Welcome to another night on 20/20” I replied in my best Barbara Walters “I am Barbara Walters”

He stared at me in disbelief. Then turned back to the presenting table mumbling to himself. I laughed.

As the day progressed I found myself dealing  with alot of wunderkinds!

How do they get through the day?

A customer ordered a bunch of meals and started to have a stroke because the drinks were not in the order he made them in. “I am sorry the computer does it, not me.” I answered. I wasnt about to void out 3 entire orders because the drinks werent with the right meals. it didnt matter anyway. All of sudden a woman’s voice chirped out “I said a tea with a double double”

I frowned. There was a tea that said 2 cream 2 sugar. AKA double. “Excuse me”

“I said a tea with a double double!” she cried.

“Yes thats what it says”

“No it doesnt!”

“2 cream 2 sugar is a double double” I snapped. “that is what you wanted.”

“Yes but it doesnt say double double”

“It says 2 cream 2 sugar. A double double. Have a nice day!” I snapped.

“But it doesnt say”

“Have a nice day!”

Customers who come in every day since they were in diapers still cannot order correctly to save their lives, yet they think I am the one who cant do my job right! Dont try to question me. They only make themselves look like fools!

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It is not rude for the order taker to point out the order is on the screen. Its says on the screen to verify the order as you order! A customer was having temper tantrum because they wanted sausage muffins.

“Make sure they are no egg!”

“Oh sure!”I replied politely “it says on the screen”

“It does not! It does not say on the screen!” she screeched.

“How about I show you the difference? That way when you order next time you will know if they put egg on the sausage!” I suggested.

“I said I didnt want sausage egg muffin”

I tried not to curse. “That is not what I said. I said I was going to show you on the screen that it was no egg!”

There was silence. I punched in a sausage egg.

“Do you see the sausage egg muffin.”

“Oh my god I dont want that!’

“Dear lord!” I exclaimed. “I am showing you the difference on the screen! One says no egg. Do you see it!”

“Oh. Oh yes.” she was subdued.

“Do you see the one sausage egg” I asked. “do you see the difference between the two!”


“Now I am taking off the sausage egg!”


“Have a nice day!” I told her. “Jesus Christ!” I muttered “Have mercy!”

Get the hell out of my drive thru!

McDreamy OR McSteamy

The girls at work are currently watching Grey’s Anatomy. They were discussing it among themselves when something occurred to me “You are Meredith” I teased Ems “and you are Christina!” I said to Christine.

Both looked at me “And you are Izzy”

I gagged. “What how dare you! How dare you insult me! I am Baily!” I smirked. “Because I am Chief.”

“Bossy” Ems muttered under her breath.

We started laughing. “Hmm, so who is McSteamy and McDreamy?” we glanced around appraising the crew.

We thought about it. “No one!” we exclaimed. Christine made a face. “Ugh, no one!”

Then I began to smile evilly “McDreamy is Johnny”

Ems head jerked up. “What did you say?”

“McDreamy is my Johnny!” I repeated. “But dont tell his wife, I dont feel like having her kill me!”

Christine frowned. “Did you just say Johnny was your McDreamy!”

“Yes!” I said in a hushed tone “but his wife will kill me!”

Ems laughed “she uses a super sweet voice when she talks to Johnny. ‘Oh Johnny may I have a McDouble please’ ” she mocked me

Christine laughed “Really.”

“Oh, Johnny” Ems cooed.

“Yes,” I choked on my laughter. “I use a super sweet voice with Johnny and then my ‘where the hell is my burger’ voice  on the rest of kitchen crew”

Frankly, I would choose McSteamy over McDreamy every day of the week!


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Two of my favourite things!

Asian drama and Sherlock Holmes!💕💕💕

Watching Miss. Sherlock.

She almost has Sherlock’s high functioning sociopathy. She is impulsive and erratic. Cool and aloof. Perhaps she will become sporadic with her emotional outbursts and her thought process as well.

She is Sara Shelley Futaba.



“Come here, lover” Becky purred in Mason’s ear before tugging the lobe between her teeth. “I have a surprise for you”

He hissed at the unexpected pleasure that ricocheted to his groin. His cock throbbed painfully in his trousers. “Becky I have work to do” he protested weakly. Becky and her goddamn surprises. Memories of walking in on her completely naked tie to the bed, or she arriving at his office in her lingerie under her coat, kept him satisfied when he wasnt with her.

Becky’s fingers tiptoed over the width of his shoulders down his chest to linger at his fly. “But I want to play” she whispered. “Now”

There was a slight edge to her voice that made him smile. Becky never took no for an answer, and he admired her formidable presence, she was intimdating, shrewd and calculating when she wanted to be. Yet in bed she was all his, a sex kitten purring for him.

Mason sighed, turning his laptop off and focused his attention on her. “Alright, Becky” he smiled “i am all yours.”

Becky took his hand and tugged him after her. She led him to their bedroom where the light was dimmed.

She took her time. Undressing him. Button by button. Kissing every spot she revealed. Mason’s fingers sought the silky tresses of her hair and wound tight. His breath hitching as she slithered down to her knees at his feet.

She stroked his cock through his trousers, feeling it throb under her fingers. She smiled greedily up at him and he groaned. “You look so good there. ” he praised her. “Now let me see your mouth on my cock.”

She unzipped his fly prying the fabric open. She tugged at the waistband of his trousers, and his boxer briefs till they were at his knees. Mason groaned again when his cock sprung free.

Becky’s lips parted and he watched as her tongue flicked the head of his cock. He groaned. The muscles of his abs tightening. She giggled, as his cock flexed with every flick of her tongue.

Without warning, her lips spread over the head of his cock and she was taking him deep into her mouth. Mason’s knees nearly buckled. She sucked him hard and fast, her fingers pumping the length of his cock. “Oh fuck!” he hissed.

Mason pushed her off him, hoisting her into his arms. “You little devil” he panted

She giggled as he threw her on the bed, and he followed her down covering her body with his. Kissing her, Mason tore at her leggings and threw them aside. He wiggled down the length of her body, shedding her teeshirt.

Becky gasped as his mouth fastened on her nipple. Then nipped it. He winked at her and went onwards.

Mason shouldered her thighs apart, prying them wide until her knees were at her chest. She was left open and vulnerable. He glanced up at her. “Payback is going to be a bitch.” he promised.

Becky opened her mouth to protest, but a sigh escaped her lips when Mason thumbed her slit. He avoided her clit marveling at how wet she got as he stroked a finger deep inside her.

Becky arched. Moaning his name. He was two fingers deep, stroking them deep and hard. He loved finger fucking her, watching her pussy juice squirt all over his fingers. “Are you going to cum, Becky?”

“Yes!” she wailed. “its so good!

He smiled. Lowering his head he opened his mouth over her swollen clit and sucked on it. He alternated between sucking her clit and finger fucking her. He whispered how wet she was. How she soaked his sheets. “I cant wait til I fuck my cock deep inside you.” he breathed. “You are going to take it all!”

“Yes! Yes!”

“But not yet.”

she sobbed his name, begging him to hurry. But he took his time. He enjoyed her cries. Every quiver her body made with her orgasms.  He sucked on her clit,  while her pussy clenched hard around his fingers. She collapsed on the bed, gasping for air while he licked her clit slowly. Then sucked hard and fast.

Her body was still quivering when he rose above her. He teased the opening of her pussyhole with his cock. He smiled down at her. Her hair was damp with perspiration, her skin glowing, her eyes barely focused on him. “You are so beautiful!” he whispered.

Then he lunged, his cock shoving past her clenching her muscles. Til he was deep inside her. She cried out. Her arms coming up to wind tight around him, but he grasped her wrists. He anchored them high above her head. He began to move, his hips pistoning back and forth into a rhythm that made the bed lift up and slam against the wall.

“Oh my god” she croaked

“No, Becky” he rasped. “just me. It’s just me”

He was getting close to coming, watching Becky fall apart around his cock almost undid him. Not yet, he wanted to make sure she understood who the boss in bed was.

“You wanted to play, Becky” he breathed.


“but I was working.” he murmured.


He reached down to grip her chin. “You distracted me, Becky”

A sudden gleam of feminine satisfaction burned hot in her eyes, “I always win, Mason. Always” she purred “Now shut up and fuck me”

He blinked. What the hell just happened? He was trying to teach her lesson.

Her head lifted up off the pillow and she took his mouth with hers. In her awkward position it left her neck straining, so he released her wrists. Her hands came up to shove her fingers in his hair. “Come with me” she whispered.

Mason groaned, his cock throbbing inside her as his cum shot deep. He lowered himself onto her body, sinking them both to the bed. “You are fucking amazing” he chuckled breathlessly.

She hugged him tightly. “only with you”


something I’ve noticed about the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) is that they all shift or mutate into the people they are around. They adapt so well to their situations and surroundings that they slightly morph into whoever they are with. They take on people’s speech patterns and quirks (especially Gemini and Virgo!) – cutestrology

The chameleon effect. I find myself doing this a lot at work. I don’t even realize I am doing it most of the time.

I find it irritating because I don’t know what my true voice sounds like anymore. On the bright side I have become more affectionate to others I like.

neck kisses

Your lips hovered over mine, teasing me with the taste of you. Your mouth brushing over my cheek down my jaw to linger at my throat. My breath was caught in my lungs, my blood roaring in my ears I could barely hear the words you whispered.

“You drive me insane.”

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