Wtf is a Mc Ming 


Customer: I will have 5 Mc Mings

Me: excuse me?!

Customer: I said 5 Mc Mings!

Me: I have no idea what you are talking about.

Customer: the sausage egg wraps! 

Me: ok so let’s just call them sausage wraps!

Customer: yeah the Mc Mings!

And this is how orders get wrong.

Too lazy to communicate with us.

And how the murder rates increase in Canada!

Is this how my morning is going to go?


After I was very clear; to the point of drawing a picture, not to put caramel in my ice coffee she does it anyway.  

 I almost went behind the counter to cram the ice coffee down her throat!



I’m so horny and wet as fuck because all day I was thinking of the dream I had just before I woke this morning.

This woman lying atop of her bed. All white duvet comforters. Her hair was dirty blonde fanned beneath her head. Wearing a man’s shirt, torn open, some buttons missing in my haste to get her undressed.

We had met in a bar. (which is unusual cuz I havent been to a bar in years. the bars here suck! Major big balls!)

We struck up a conversation over some drinks. Our heads together as if we were telling secrets.  She kept remarking how horny she was, how she wouldnt mind riding a thick cock. Her pussy was aching.

Her words were making wet, and horny. Every time she would mention how hot and aroused she was, she would flash me her pussy.  her panties clinging to her pussy.

“you must think I am some horrible slut” she purred.

I touched her thigh to “reassure” her and smiled “no” I slid my hand along her inner thigh. She didnt seem to mind that I was copping a feel. In fact she eased her thighs opened.

I stroked a finger along the fabric covering her slit and clit. Her pussy was soaked, hot against my touch. She clenched her thighs together. I tapped her slit. She gasped. “Oh!”

“Keep those thighs open!” I snapped.

Her thighs fell open. I teased her slit, stroking a finger back and forth.

I  finger fucked to start her  off. Her soft moans driving me wild. She buried her face in my throat, to stifle her moans, her  pussy juice soaking her panties .  As she got louder, I got more enthusiastic. Until she came twice for me.

She pleaded for me to go back to her place to finish, in between kisses. I smiled. I told her to take off her panties first. She was astonished by my request but obeyed. She started to wiggle them off, but I told her to stand. Her cum dripped down her thighs as she stood. She peeled them off and handed them to me. I put them in her shot glass.

I smiled and told her she had an audience. She looked around to find a couple of men had been watching her cum as I finger fucked. They looked interested, but I wanted her for myself.

On the way to her place, I kept my hands to myself, allowing her to recover in the cab. I finger fucked her between the elevator and her apartment. She made me stop when a couple of teenagers walk by.

We barely made inside her apartment before I was kissing her, enjoying the taste and feel of her.

God she had the most beautiful skin, smooth creamy golden. Her breasts full and high on her chest. Her nipples pale pink, harden from my lips and tongue.

Her thighs were open and spread, her fingers in my hair holding it up away as I teased her, kissing my way to her pussy. I savored her, the taste of her. the flat of my tongue dragging its way up the length of her slit. Barely parting her lips just caressing her.

“fuck Becky! Eat me!” she cried “dont tease me like this!”

I chuckled into her pussy. No I was one in control. I let her believe I was going to eat her out hard and fast, and I was going to, but now I wanted to enjoy her body. Her reaction.

I wanted her to lose control.  I wanted to take care of her wet hot pussy. She was becoming impatient, as I teased her slit. raining little kisses on her. She kept trying to direct me to her clit.

I tapped her thighs to get her to calm down.

With my thumbs, I parted her pussy lips exposing that swollen nub of her clit. my breath whispered over her clit. She sighed as my tongue lashed at her. Over and over again my tongue circled her clit, before my mouth clamped down on it and began to suck.

I could feel the waves of pleasure going through her body, her thighs trembling, her belly quivering, her fingers clenching my hair as I sucked harder on her clit.

“Just like that, Becky! You are going to make me cum!” she cried. She was moaning louder now. Begging me to make her cum.

Her moans were making me really hot. I was dripping wet.

She began to scream, her body arching as her orgasm ripped through her.  she tried to gasp for air, I slide two fingers deep inside her. Her body jerked, and her cum creamed all over my fingers and mouth. She was screaming my name, grinding her pussy into my face, as I made her squirt all over me.

I saw movement, I raise my head slightly. In the doorway, is a younger woman probably in her late teens early twenties. She was watching us. Watching me making this woman come repeatedly on the bed. The younger woman was wearing a cami and panties and I watched as she finger fucked herself.

” Becky! Yes! oh fuck!” the woman cried. “dont stop.” I lowered my head, puzzled by who the younger woman was, and started again on the woman’s pussy. I slid my tongue lower to her pussy hole, and fucked it  as my fingers slid  out to rub her clit.

She went off. Her body jerking into another orgasm.

as she came down from her orgasmic high, the woman sank back onto the bed. Her fingers uncurled from my hair. Her breath choppy and harsh.

“so are you staying the night?” she asked me.

“Sure but who is that?” I pointed to the doorway.

The younger woman met our eyes, her hand in her panties.

“Oh her?” the woman shrugged. “she is my step daughter.”

-I woke up all hot and bothered after that! i wish i could be so bold. Not so socially awkward or shy!


How to be single


Oakland Tribune, California, April 28, 1935 

-if a woman did that she would be sleeping alone!

I love onions! But aw hell no!

Found this on Tumblr 

Making Plans


My friends and I made plans to see Beauty and the Beast. The animation was my favourite when I was a kid. I can’t wait to see if Emma Watson will sing in the live action adaptation!

We were supposed to go last Saturday until they found out my sister wanted to go too. She wanted to go on Tuesday. Suddenly everyone was making an excuse not to go.

My best friend G claimed he had an appointment. My mouth dropped in disbelief. “Lies! You are going to be curled up under the blankets watching basketball!”

He laughed “no ask my girlfriend!”

I marched over to Dev “G says he is staying home curled up under the blankets watching basketball!”

Dev laughed. “Is he!”

G made a sound of outrage “no!”

“Yes! You think I don’t know!” I pouted “you promised to go with me!”

He laughed.

Today I find out the girls are going to the late show cause they want to see the movie in 3D!

“What?!” I cried 

“Oh it’s past Becky’s bedtime you know she can’t go!” Steve said, “sorry you have to go by yourself”

I pouted “you are evil, Heidi!”

Heidi laughed “not me, it was Dev!”

Dev shook her head “it was Heidi!”

Heidi asked if my sister was coming. I smirked “no she watched it already”

Heidi glared at me “we waited for her”

” I know ”

Before my shift was over, G asked if I went on Saturday.

“No because you were at home watching march madness!” I glared at him.

He laughed “but Becky we are watching Power Rangers on Friday!”

I smiled “are you sure!”


“Go go Power rangers!” I sang 

So I’m going with other people to see Beauty and the Beast! 💕

When someone has my back


I was grabbing a drink of water when a coworker says to me” oh my god, Becky your picture!” 

My eyes bugged out in shock. I choked on my water. 

“Why did you delete it?!” He exclaimed. “I could have liked it.”

“That wasn’t supposed to be on fb!” I laughed.

“I could have shown Johnny!”

I burst out laughing. “And his wife would kill me!”

My coworker narrowed his eyes, “and I will slap that bitch!” He gestured slapping the air viciously.

I smiled. “Oh thank you!”

When you enjoy a book series 


When I go on my break, and I see on my dashboard people trashing a series I enjoy!

I hate series. They either ruin the characters, the storyline or the author ends the series with a ending so far fetched or doesn’t do the characters justice!

Here in this series The characters are enjoyable I actually like them, the heroine is strong and not whiny. 

Holy fuck, this must be what twilight, 50 shades fans must feel like!