Becky’s drive-thru

a story written by Trip!
Now if only I could have drive thru fun like that!
wow I would be very happy! exhausted too!



Older woman…mid 50’s

Becky offers to coach the woman after hearing her widow story and her fear in ordering.

The woman befriends Becky and then tells her what killed her hubby….finding out that his wife was a closeted bi-sexual with a desire for younger women (about Becky’s age).

SEX and lots of it.

Becky was in first window and the day couldn’t have been much worse. Her eyes had already twitched several times, and she’d already thrown not one, but two cups and she’d only been in there for eighty-seven minutes! Then she got the following customer with some sort of issue ordering.


Becky sighed loudly, “I’m right here. You don’t have to say hello, just give me your order.”

“Well…I don’t really know what I want.”

Another sigh, “A drink? Food? Dessert?”

“This is my first time ordering, so I really don’t know where anything is on…

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A dream in a dream about Becky

A sexy dream written by Trip! wow!



My wife woke me up the other morning, “Who the fuck is Becky?!”

“Umm..what? I don’t know a Becky the way you’re implying.”

“Yeah. Sure. I bet that’s the slut you’re fucking at work.”

I was exasperated, “For the umpteenth time. I’m not fucking anyone but you. Besides, I spend all my free time with you. When would I have time to fuck anyone else?”

“You better not be or you’ll pay.”

I had been dreaming and it was about Becky. I was holding her in my arms, asleep. My semi-erection was between the warm cheeks of her ass as precum oozed out, making her asshole slippery. The slight movements from her made my penis enlarge, reaching its full length and girth. It also made it sensitive to any and all movements from Becky. Soon I was stroking her ass crack with my cock and this made her excited.

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On my 15

Took off the bra!

oh the freedom!

but I have another one on?


because of the sensitive nipples!

only two hours to go ☺️


I was in another of my moments. Where I wasnt really paying attention, too busy to care and wishing I was in my bed buried in my blankets!

The sensor went off. I greeted the customer.

“Do you want me to speak slowly so you can understand what I am saying?”

My first reaction was who the hell did this fool think he was talking to?!

Then I realized it was Chad.


“Yes please” I replied, giggling. “I am having a rough morning.”

“Ok two large coffees” He spoke very slowly. “Double double. Do you want me to say that again?”

“No” I giggled. “Is that it?”

“Yes, you got it right!”

“Yeah me! Do I get a gold star!”

Chad snorted. “Ok sure, yeah”

I laughed.

Over lunch I switched to the second lane.

When the sensor goes off.

I greeted the customer.

“Oh god not you again!”

I burst out laughing. “Why?! What did I do to deserve this?” I moan.

Chad chuckles “Two large coffee.”

He waited for me to finish his sentence “double double”

I pause “are you having a plain hamburger?” I asked.

“No. Just coffee.” he replied.

ah a bit of comical relief from the craziness of the day!

you have a pretty voice


A male customer complimented me on my voice in drive thru.

i was so startled all I could reply was thank you.




I was thinking of you. Playing with myself nice and slow. My fingers are so creamy. My clit is throbbing




It’s been an interesting day.

I tried selling my sister to BVS. He  wouldn’t go for it. My first offer was “another sister for free. No strings attached.” he wouldn’t take it. My second offer was “trade my sister for his siblings.” No, go. The third offer? I Was offering him $10 for my sister.

“Come on, you can teach her math!” I cajoled. “Just think how much fun that would be!”

He slowly turned to stare at me “No! It wouldn’t be fun!” he exclaimed.

“You will have powerpoint presentations, chalkboards just to show her how to do decimals, fractions multiplications!” I cried.

We started laughing at the image. “What about BEDMAS?”

“Integers, variables? Calculus” I howled. “Go ask her what Pi is!”

BVS left drive thru to ask my sister what Pi is. He came back laughing. “She said she didn’t like math and to stop asking her hard questions.”

We were laughing so hard.

The afternoon went smoothly.

No cups were thrown or eye twitching but there were a few customers that made me wonder if they were using jedi mind tricks on me!

customer: I will have a grill cheese sandwich only cheese and bun.

me: I’m sorry?

customer: a grill cheese sandwich only cheese and bun.

me: were you asking for a cheeseburger?

customer: no a grill cheese.

me: ok.

customer: so make sure that the grill cheese is just cheese and bun!


me: that is a grill cheese sandwich!

customer 2: (ordered a filet meal) and a coffee.

me: was that the drink or would you like something else?

customer 2: no I want the coffee.

me: ok

customer 2: a coffee is a $1.

me: which is why I clarified if you wanted the coffee or something else to drink!

customer 2: well I didn’t understand what you meant. I want a pop and a coffee.

me: alright a pop and a coffee. Just clarify your order what you would like next time. A coffee and pop.

because it was so hard to understand!!!

Just before I was off, a customer stunned me by stopping in mid-sentence and grammatically correcting himself. He was about to say “could I” instead he stopped and asked “May I?”

I turned to BVS and exclaimed, “he grammatically corrected himself!”

BVS sighed “grammatically” he corrected me.

I frowned “that is what I said.”

“How?” BVS asked.

“He was about to say could I but said may I”

BVS frowned. “That’s acceptable.”

“Nope Could I and Can I are  Past tense. They imply that you have. May I implies you still haven’t.”

BVS frowned. “What?” he asked.

“If you want something but don’t have it, you ask, may I. Can I is the past tense. Which implies that you already have it.”

BVS groaned. “Oh my god, my head hurts.”

“I know.” I laughed.

My sister walked into the drive-thru to make ice cream and BVS says to her “I am going to unsurp you as the best window runner and become the employee of the month.”

My sister’s expression was priceless. She fixed him with a stony confused glare. “How about you make the ice cream!”

I burst out laughing! Being an employee of the month is a bone of contention with my sister. She has been twice. And she was upset because the manager promised her she would be this month. She wasn’t. “Just think,” I said to her “I haven’t been one in years.”

“Yeah well, you wouldn’t be. You have to have no customer complaints. people don’t like you, Becky. Customers don’t like you, our co-workers don’t like you. You are lazy. You actually have to do work.” she snapped back.

Ouch. At least I show up for my shifts.






The side walks!

The walk to work was beautiful. +3C

on each side of the sidewalks were waist high of snow!


It was after work and there was a SUV trying to pass another car, but because there was a meridian of snow it was two lane. The SUV was taking two lanes? Making it impossible to drive.

”why don’t you honk at the driver” I said.

someone snorted. “No why would I want to do that?”

”so she will go in her own lane”

”no she is doing fine, it’s the silver truck that is wrong “

my jaw dropped. “No the silver car is in her lane. The suv is taking two lanes!” I sighed.


I glanced at her in disbelief “maybe that’s why you are in so many accidents you don’t pay attention” I told her.

someone got angry. “Will you shut up! I’m trying to concentrate on my driving! I don’t want to cause an accident!”

I laughed “well what do you think will happen if the suv doesn’t get back in the lane? What are you going to tell the police if you get in an accident? Whose fault is it?”

”the silver truck” she says

”no! The suv!”

someone got angrier “I’m too busy to worry about them! I have to focus on the road.I’m too far away from them to even matter!”

i shook my head. “You have to pay attention to the people ahead. To everyone around you!”

Holy fuck! No wonder she gets into accidents all the time!