This weekend hasn’t been good.

I haven’t been feeling well. My lungs have turned on me. Thanks COVID. so I have been coughing like I had been smoking 10 pack of cigarettes for 20 years 🤦‍♀️😂 Gross!

What better way to feel better?

I heated up a icy/hot pack. Took a hot shower. Slathered some Vicks all over. Layered on some clothes climbed into bed. Put the hot pack under my back. Ugh I sound so elderly but I’m so comfy now!

I grabbed my laptop and I am ready to watch Spiral: Notebook from Saw.

I’m so excited!

re-living my obsession with Saw!

I loved that series! I even had a list on my favourite fictional serial killers but I don’t remember what happened to it. Jigsaw being on the top five!

I even made it on Jigsaw TikTok 🥰🥰

It’s the best way to spend a quiet Sunday afternoon!


When was the last time you used lip balm? Was it flavoured/tinted?
I dont use lip balm because it’s unsanitary while I’m working. I use Revlon Kiss Balm stick. Coconut. Or EOS lip balm stick. Watermelon.

Tell me something about the last dream you recall having.
I woke up gagging! My OCD flaring up. My friend wanted me to come over for a visit. Her house was the epitome of every germaphobe and OCD sufferer’s nightmare! I couldn’t even clean it because there were no proper cleaning supplies! 🤢🤮😡🤬😱😢

When was the last time you ate some toast? What did you put on it?
I used to love toast. Not anymore. I will have some garlic toast, but it’s been months.

What colour was the last soap you used? What scent does it have?
It’s kind of a golden colour. Marula oil. Marvellous!

When was the last time you ate a sandwich? What was the filling?
I had a bacon, egg, and cheese muffin yesterday morning if that counts? It is exactly as it sounds. With mayo and ketchup. Had to have something different. I love BLTs.

What colour was the last mug you drank from? What did you have to drink?
It was Tea. In my Darth Vader Mug. I have a lot of Star Wars mugs.🥰👍

Who was the last person to joke with/tease you? Do they do this often?
One of my coworkers likes “to wreck my day!” Fun times

What was the last kind of hair accessory you wore? What colour was it?
A black hair tie. I love scrunchies but I’m really beginning to hate my hair as it grows longer.

When was the last time you ate a piece of cake? What kind?
Last month. Angel food cake. Whipped cream and strawberries

Who did you last say ‘I love you’ to? How long have you known them?
K my niece and Daisy my cat😂🥰

When was the last time you ate some pasta? What kind?
I don’t remember

What was the last thing you complained about? To whom?
Having to explain why I said no to a customer. I don’t have to explain why i already answered the question. The answer was no. I complained to my coworker who was laughing at me.

What was the last show you watched an episode of? Have you seen it before?
Probably Legacies. No offence but the Originals should have had spin off about Freya, Keely and Vincent. Because Legacies is boring as fuck!

When was the last time you were in pain? Did you take a painkiller?
Last night after eating Chinese food and some sushi. My diverticulitis flared up. No pain killers.

What was the last song you heard that reminded you of a certain time in your life?
Tell me Lies by Fleetwood Mac. Just reminded me of the stupid things I’ve done. Now that I am chill, it’s such a great song.

When was the last time you got some new headphones/earbuds? What colour?
I got white wireless earbuds and the case for them is broken but I still use them. I have quite a collection of headphones.

When was the last time you used a bookmark? What did it look like?
It’s been a long time. Usually I would buy a book mark with every new book. But I use my kindle. But I have 4 btr right now that are waiting on my bookshelf

Do you own a compact mirror? When was the last time you used it?
I do. Two years ago while at the cancer lodge

Which did you use on your hair last – a brush or comb? What colour was it?
I use my pink wide comb

The last time you left the room, what did you go to do?
See what Daisy was complaining about .


01 Do you have any television shows on DVD?
I have a lot! Two DVD case mate binders full of dvdr (burned DVD) and 1 shelf of numerous tv box sets like The Closer, Angel, Sweet Valley High, Tru Calling, Hercules.

02 How many television shows do you watch regularly?
Not alot. Since I’ve discovered Kdramas? I watch maybe 4 shows compared to 6-8 shows a week.

03 Do you spend the majority of your evenings watching television?
No. I play with Daisy. Clean. Shower. Watch TikTok then go to sleep. On the weekend is when I catch up.

04 When commericals for food come on, do they make you want food?

05 What are the majority of the television shows you watch about?
I love crime, police procedure. Paranormal/supernatural. Anything that gets my heart racing.

Did your school/does your school really have a group of “popular” people?
yes. I was pretty much a nerd.bullied in elementary and junior high. But high school was wonderful. Nobody cared who I was. I made more friends.

03 What are some popular or trendy things that you like?
TikTok. I don’t know what else. I don’t really like to care about trends.

04 What are some popular or trendy things that you dislike?
Twilight, Hunger Games, Fifty shades, Harry Potter. trends that could ruin anything nice for me.

05 Do you get annoyed when people go out of their way to dislike mainstream things, or do you sometimes do it too? What about when people go out of their way to actually like mainstream things?
I don’t care.


01 Is money ever an issue for you?
All the damn time.

02 Do you consider people with a lot of money to be arrogant or do you feel that’s just a stereotype?
It’s a stereotype. Not everyone is the same.

03 If you won the lottery, do you think a lot more people would be extra friendly to you?

04 Do you get annoyed with questions on surveys asking “if you had -insert amount of money here- what would you do with it”?
Not really. They don’t seem to pop up THAT often.

05 Do you think lottery prizes are too big now or do you think it’s awesome that you can win that much money?
That money could certainly be used in a lot of different (better) ways, but I’d be lying if I said I never wished to be the recipient of the big prize. <<< Agreed.


01 Are you for, against, or neutral on smoking?
I am against it, I hate the smell of it. I hate it when ppl disregard the fact I ask them to stop smoking around me because I have aggravated cough. But nooo. Or the fact while I had cancer they still smoke around me!

02 How do you feel about people who smoke just to be “cool”? Or do you just not care?
Stop it.

03 Do you think smoking marijuana is just as bad as smoking cigarettes?
Ugh the smell!

04 Would you be more likely to smoke cigarettes or marijuana?


01 Does a lack of sleep affect how you feel the next day?
Well, yeah.

02 Does not eating properly affect how you feel overall?
Most definitely. 

03 Do you go walking or running for exercise?
I enjoy walking but I don’t do it often enough.

04 Do you take vitamins or supplements every morning?
Every day.

05 Do you eat a balance of healthy food and junk food, or is it basically all one or the other?
I think there tends to be more junk food, but I’m trying to have a better balance.


Customer: I’m not done!

Me: I am sorry. It’s better if only 1 person orders and that could be the driver. Sorry about that.

Customer: how about you don’t tell me how to order! I will do what I want! I’m the customer right?!

Me: (oh hell no!) excuse me?! The reason I am explaining this to you is because we can’t hear the passenger and we could mess up the order. (polite restraint rage)

Oh karma was a bitch!

The order was wrong because he added at the First window. He got mad at the presenter when he had to be parked. So the manager took out his order and explained in no certain terms was he to be rude to the order taker.


There is memo at work.

Carrots in the happy meal?!


For Space Jam 2! 🤦‍♀️

Just imagine the reactions?!

How are the kids going to want carrots for their happy meal?!

“Carrots?! Does my kid look like Peter Rabbit to you?! Hopping down the trail! Bopping field mice on the head?! No he does not! My kid is not a rabbit! So no carrots!”

“Mom, can we go to McDonald’s! I want carrots for my happy meal!”

“No! We have carrots at home! Do you have carrot money for your carrot meal?!”


“Can I have a lettuce wrap quarter pounder with a side of carrots?!”

“Can I have carrots instead of apples in my happy meal?” No “can I have carrots instead of yogurt?” No “can I have I have carrots and apples?!” Sure!!

Wow what a way to promote the Space Jam 2 movie! Carrots Happy movie!


The air is chilly.

I’m not cold.

I have shivers along my skin.

No goosebumps.

Is it frisson?



What is it?

I don’t know.

Perhaps spiritual energy 😱

My headphones just fell off the wall.

I didn’t even touch them!


But my whole being has been off. I haven’t been meditating. I haven’t been energy working with my crystals.


It’s been so hot. I have all the windows open at night. The fan would be on for five minutes before Daisy has a fit. I would have to turn it off.

Gen Z mention how tired I looked. I remarked that I couldn’t sleep it was too hot. When I told him how many blankets I slept with? His expression was priceless.


“How about you slept with 1.” He pointed out. “My god, why would you sleep with 3 no wonder you are hot” (top sheet, thin comforter and thin quilt)

GenZ proceeded to give me another massage to make me feel better.

May looked over at us. “What is this? What are you doing?” She asked. “How come you are not giving me one?!”

GenZ shrugged “you could have asked instead of complained”

May shook her head “no I don’t want a massage from you. I want Becky to. I like her massages”

I burst out laughing. I was laughing so hard I was wheezing. I could barely stand. Every one was staring at me. Steve scowled “really Hightower! Stop distracting every body!”

Later, I was singing “watermelon sugar high” by Harry Styles, when GenZ joined in. “Would you like some Watermelon sugar” he asked.

I froze, slowly turned to him. I swear to Gawd my face was turning a shade of red. I was speechless. I don’t think he knew what Watermelon sugar was a reference to. Oral sex. “Um what?”

Steve marched over to us. “No more talking. Stop distracting the order taker!”

Startled, I pretended to do something, GenZ fiddle with coffee cups.

Ugh but I am grateful it Friday.


“Turn it off! It’s so annoying! I don’t even understand what is going on!”

Me: why do people always have to draw a picture when they talk to you!”

My latest favourite TikTok hashtag. I guess my sense of humour is an acquired taste!


My mother was on another religious tangent this afternoon.

She was upset because her friends told her about K’s Facebook status.

I rolled my eyes.

“You’re all going to hell if you keep encouraging her bisexuality” my mom went on.

“Women can’t have sex together!” She told me.

I snorted, thinking she was joking. Oh no she was serious.

“Of course they can” I sighed.

“Ok Becky! You tell me how two women are supposed to have sex!”

I was so flabbergasted. Surely she wasn’t serious! She was.

“You know how women have sex together!” I snapped.

“Becky, women don’t have dinks! So how are they supposed to have sex!”

I facepalmed myself. I couldn’t believe I was having this conversation!

“Women can have sex they just can’t have babies. Without sperm donation!”

“Really Becky without dinks?! How they are going to do that? with a cucumber?!”

I burst out laughing. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe. I was wheezing.

“Ask dad! He will tell you!” I managed finally.

“So it would be ok if I suddenly ended up like a lesbian. Left your dad and went for a woman” my mom was outraged.

I snorted. No one in their right mind would get with her. A religious zealot and a harpy? Oh no. My dad must ok with her.

“Sure” I shrugged.

“Becky!” My mom was incredulous. “You’re going to go to hell”

Wow. Just wow.


This was me early this morning.

I had been sleeping in the sweltering heat of my apartment. Fan on.

When I heard meowing.

I got up; without my glasses, and walked into the living room to find a cat inside.

Daisy went nuts.

I couldn’t figure out why.

I thought it was Smoky. I was calling Smoky inside. Shushing Daisy.

As I got closer to the cat? It was Smoky’s second sister. A striped cat.

For the love!

Why are the cats coming over?!

I was so smrt I gave Daisy and Smoky catnip on the balcony on Sunday. It’s all over the deck.

I went back to sleep.

A few hours later I hear meowing.

By now I am grumpy.

Smoky had perched himself on the balcony railing, and was warning his other sister off. The tuxedo.

He came inside to eat. Immediately he began to growl at Daisy.

I was stunned.

“Aw hell no, you don’t growl at her in her own house!” I snapped, “you better watch yourself or you can go”

I don’t know what happened. But Smoky and Daisy are barely tolerating each other.

I closed the patio door after Smoky left.

Hopefully the sun will bring a better day!🥰🤣


Mel: so did they find out who killed those children?

My parents were watching the news when the residential school mass grave aired. I stared at my sister in incredulous disbelief.

Me: it happened in the 1940s,1950s you know?!

Mel: well I don’t know history. I don’t do history. So who killed the children.

I think my eyebrows were so high up, they were buried in my hair! I was just stunned! Just stunned at her ignorance!

“The. Teachers.” I explained slowly. “The teachers killed the children.”

“Becky, you don’t have to talk to me like I am stupid!” Mel cried angrily.

“Actually she does” k replied.

Oh burn!