Parked at A&W in Chetwynd on our way home because someone had to have a pee break.

Can we back out the same way we came out?

me: what?

can I back out?

me: what are you talking about?! Of course you can!

well some restaurant won’t let you go out the same way you come in.

me: what?!

you don’t travel much do you?

me: oh my god! Will you drive!

how do I get on the highway?

me: oh my god seriously how do you drive when you are in town?! Drive to the stop sign

are you sure?

me: drive!

but I don’t want to back track.

me: what?

i don’t want to back track to where I went.

me: yes You do.

How come I have these conversations?

This is painful

Me: there is a Tim Hortons.

mel: where?

me: right in front of your face.

mel: oh my god why didn’t you tell me? Now I have to drive back around!

me: or drive on. There is a road right there!

mel: oh. So how do we get to Hudson Hope?

K: your driving back towards home.

mel: what?!

me: no we are not! You do not mind what we are doing! You mind what you’re doing!

oh my god, I’m driving with Panic and chaos!




On a road trip to Moberly!

i saw deer 🦌

and unexpectedly there were illamas sitting by the roadside


“I realized that the essential book, the one true book, is one that the great writer does not need to invent, in the current sense of the word,
since it already exists in every one of us – he has only to translate it. The task and the duty of the writer are those of a translator.”
Time Regained, Marcel Proust


Hmm I have been thinking of naughty thoughts for most of the morning.

what I want to be doing:

M tying me to my bed, leaving a vibrator in my pussy while he leaves for his morning run. When he comes back I have soaked my sheets with cum.

He leaves me there while he has his shower. Makes his coffee. Drinks his coffee while reading his newspaper. He is clearly ignoring me.

And I am begging him to let me loose. The battery in my vibrator is dying. When he comes back into my bedroom he slowly eases the vibrator out. Gently unties me. He smiles. “I have to go work now. Have a lovely day my little sex monster.” he kisses tenderly “dont forget to change the sheets.”

Oh my god, my clit is demanding attention now!



I want your hands on my body, your mouth on my skin

Thinking of you makes it hard for me to concentrate

every part of me wonders what your touch will feel like

my body aches for it. Craves the heat of yours.

at the thought of you possessing me

making love to me ♥