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For some reason I have WHAM! Careless Whisper on my mind. “I’m never gonna dance again. The way I dance with you!”

i love Korean dramas 💕💕



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four out of ten. Could be better.


One of my regular customers came in this afternoon. I never laughed so hard. It was a good thing he couldnt see me, I never blushed so hard in my life! My face was on fire!

He had ordered a large tea with sugar. Then an xtra large coffee black.

“I am sorry, I cant make that order. That takes too much effort.” I drawled.

He laughed. “Really? I know you cant handle an xtra large”

It took me a moment to realize what he was implying. I gasped “really, Victor!” I began to laugh.

“Really! Especially if its black” he teased.

I laughed harder. “Oh my god, Victor!”

It was a good thing no one else was paying attention to our conversation, wow!

Sexual innuendo much!



LL Bean | tripx713

Trip wrote another story. I waited until I got home to read it.  My clit was already sensitive during the day, and I was glad I did. If I read at work, I would have had soaked panties!

It was a great story! Sexy sweet! He outdid himself this time!

Inspired by her blog, I went to visit Becky and try to make some fantasies come true.

Source: LL Bean | tripx713


Ugh what a trying day. However, by mid-afternoon, my mood improved.

I was in drive thru taking orders, mocking the poor guy who had to come in and fix our espresso machines. Every month he has to drive up across the province and fix them. He just replaced the one. He was not impressed.

  • Ryan, have you bought stock in our company yet?
  • Ryan, I think there is a cot downstairs for you.
  • Ryan, how much do you love espresso right now?
  • Ryan, how much do you hate the grave yard shift right now?
  • Ryan, really Ryan why do you have to be in my way?

That one made him raise his head and stare at me in disbelief. “You are just standing there, leaning!”

“Yep time to lean time to clean” I chirped. I didnt move. I just grinned evilly. He was cleaning coffee grounds from a spout with a little brush.

“Really Rebecca!” he groaned.


Steve wanders over to see how Ryan is doing, and Steve sighed. “I guess we need a new one of those huh. You got one.”

“uh no, because I didnt bring one.” Ryan replied.

“Sad” I murmured.

Steve noticed Ryan’s wrench on Smoothie drink counter. “You know Ryan I wouldn’t blame you if you used this on her.” he picked up the wrench. “Look away Em.” he told the McCafe person. “I dont want any witnesses.”

My jaw dropped incredulously. “Give me that!” I grabbed the wrench from Steve. “Look away girls.”

“No witnesses” Em chimed in. The girls turned away.

Steve glared at them. “Oh come on!” he marched back to the presenting table.

“Sorry Ryan I might have to confiscate this and keep my team in line,” I told Ryan.

Later, it was just Sheryl and me in drive-thru. while Em did stock up. I handed a tea to Sheryl so she could give it to Heidi.

“You do it yourself! I am not your slave!” she huffed. I was so stunned by her response I turned to stare at her. She was struggling to keep a straight face.

“What did you just say to me?” I demanded. I was trying not to laugh because it was so bewildering to have someone so quiet and nice say anything so rude!

“uh huh 20 years vs 2 years!” Em chirped.

“Do it yourself!”

We stared at each other and I started to laugh. I was laughing so hard. “Oh my god! Sheryl how can you say that to me!”

“You are my role model!”

“Oh god, dont let Steve hear you say that!”

Everyone started to laugh.

it was a great day at work.

However, when I went to have dinner with my parents, that is when my mood soured.

My sister had signed K up for yoga.

“Yoga is bad!” my mom chimes in.

I almost spat out my food.

“How? Its exercise.” my sister argued.

“No not because of that.” my mom replied. “because of the other thing.”

I frowned. What other thing? “Meditation?”

“Yes. Mediation is the devil’s work”

I just about choked on my food. “How is it the Devil’s work, when it helps lowers stress, calms anxiety and is good for the spirit?”

“Because our pastor said so.”

“right. You need a new pastor. He doesnt know what he is talking about.”

“You are being brainwashed!” my sister snapped “and I dont appreciate you telling my daughter yoga is evil!”

“Prayer is meditation” I went on.

Well, my mother almost had a stroke. “It is not!”

“It is! You are in a peaceful moment, in a peaceful place speaking to God. Mediation allows you to hear God”

“It allows you to hear the Devil!”

And that is when I tuned her out. It amazes me how people have no thoughts for themselves,  no ideas and no willingness to understand.




“Why are you always so dramatic, Rebecca. It’s a battery. Just change it!” Steve

”maybe because someone has just one job to do, and they can’t do it! Good grief! All you had to do was tell the customer one moment!” I groaned to the presenter. (It’s sad when a manager who has been there longer than I have still does not know how to do any of the work required of her)

It was a great day! I was in a wonderful mood. Even though I think I was being tested on my patience, it was still a great day.

Especially whenever I can crush customers dreams!

A customer asked what kind of all day breakfast she may have. When I inform her, she then ordered a bagel. Not on All Day Breakfast. When did she hear me say bagels? She got upset.

oh dear. Let me get a violin and some cheese for her whine!

A customer asked for xtra large mocha. I politely explain we don’t have xtra large mc Cafe. “You have xtra large cups therefore you have xtra large mocha” he mansplained.

i repeated we don’t have xtra large mcCafes, would like he something else.

”xtra large coffee add hot chocolate.”

i sigh. Yeah, because I am so stupid to do that. “Sir, that is a mocha. Again would you like a large?”

”no! A tea!”

nothing like ruining a customer’s day by being a ray of cheerful polite sunshine!!!



Is it so hard?


When you ask for a BLT on a English muffin and a small tea but your co-worker still can’t get your order right.

”wake up don’t make me draw a picture!”

”You are so mean!” She cried

awe get a tissue!

i said the order 4x slowly!


You are trying to not scream as another orgasm rolls through you. The music will drown you out anyway, and if anyone really wanted too, they would see you bent over the bar my fingers buried so deep inside you.

I made you wear no panties. Made you flash the men as you walked into the bar, by lifting the back of your dress. Made the men drool over your ass as I squeezed it letting a finger dip in between your ass cheeks.

As we danced, you ground yourself against my thigh, getting yourself wetter, and I let you grab a drink when the song is over.

At the bar,

Your cum is dripping down your thighs, your clutching the corners of the bar. You plead with me to stop. I do. Slowly ever so slowly withdrawing my fingers from your clenching pussy hole. You quiver. My fingers are barely in you, circling teasing. Brushing up against your clit.

Your flesh is so sensitive, that when my finger glide over you, you whimper. “Oh my god”

You twist your head to look at me. Your eyes are beginning to glaze over. Your lower lip is between your teeth, and you reach behind you, to grasp my wrist. I thought to pull it away. Instead, you shove my fingers back inside you. “Finish me off!” you growl.

I smile. “Oh no. I already finger fucked you to orgasm” I tease your clit.

Your confusion is cute. “What?”

“Get on the bar.” I ordered.

“what?” The panic in your eyes turns me on. “Are you serious. People will see us.”

“Get. On. the. Bar” I hissed.

You glance at the bar tender who is noticing this exchanging with some interest, you hesitate a moment longer. You climb on.

You make yourself comfortable. Spreading your legs. Exposing yourself. You glance anxiously at the others drinking at the bar. They are now watching you. The bartender moves up behind you. He moves your hair away, and you are startled by the touch of his hands gliding down to cup your breasts.

The whisper of my breath on your thigh makes you whimper. Your breasts are being kneaded, nipples gently pinched. Mouths are taking turn sucking them. Fuck, you look beautiful laid out on the bar, as men are kissing you, sucking your breasts. But your pussy is mine.

My tongue circles your clit, I can hear your moans. I lift my eyes to see your mouth is full of cock, you are so naughty.

I take my time, slowly licking.  You grind against me.I know you are close but I tease, easing off every time I feel that you are close to coming.  I glue my mouth to your clit and suck hard. Your hips are bucking up off the bar, you are screaming as your orgasm rolls through you. Your hands in my hair, holding me in place as I lap every drop of your cum from your pussy.

I withdraw from between your legs. Men are above you, stroking their cocks. Cum splattering your breasts and stomach as you lie there. Trying to catch your breath.

“I think its time we leave now.” I reach for you.

You are so dazed by what happened. You take my hand, and try to cover up. We leave the bar


POV – Mistress Becky — tripx713

I read this story before bed! Wow! I am glad I did! it left me very hot and bothered!

I enjoy Trip’s stories they are sexy and leaves the reader wanting more! or at least to cum! 🙂


Fiction My mouth waters just watching hers as it slowly engulfs my semi-hard cock. I wonder if she’ll still be able to take it all once it gets hard: I won’t have to wait long as it’s growing in her mouth and into her throat. I see her eyes as they widen while I thicken […]

via POV – Mistress Becky — tripx713




“Arent you too old for Call of Duty?” she pouted. She had one of the blankets wrapped around her. She nudged him with her foot. She was curled up beside him, while he was playing his PS4.

“No,” he answered coolly. “I play to relax.”

There was silence. “I read books. I blog.”

“Yes I know.”  He turned his head slowly, his electric blue eyes fixing her with an all knowing stare that had her skin warming in awareness. ” I read your blog”

He smirked at her blush and turned back to his game. “I enjoy reading your posts. The erotica is” he paused. “interesting.”

She buried her face in her blanket, muttering something under her breath.

“what was that?”


She wiggled around so she was closer. Her foot resting high on his thigh.

His fingers stilled on the controller and then tightened. His gaze shifting from the flatscreen tv to where her toes wiggled dangerously close to his groin “What are you doing, Becky?”  the words were quiet.

She shrugged. “Making conversation.”

“Really? Is that why your foot is in my crotch trying to play nice with my cock!” he grasped her ankle and plucked her foot off him.

“What?” her innocent outrage was almost as humorous as her denial. “I was stretching! I had a foot cramp!”

“Foot cramp?” he snorted.

“I am inadequate at seducution!” Becky went on, “to even suggest that I would try to seduce you!” she made an attempt laughter. “well its ridiculous.”

The muscles in his back were taut, his arms rigid with tension. Slowly he lowered the controller and twisted in his seat to face her. “Ridiculous?” he echoed. “You know what is ridiculous is reading the smut you write and knowing the truth. You havent had many lovers, Becky. Havent any at all. You know how I know?” he was being cruel, perhaps ruthless but he needed to say it. She was treading on dangerous ground. There was a fine line between a flirt and a cocktease.  “because every time I come near you, you act like a shy schoolgirl. You barely have the self-confidence to say hello to me. Or look me in the eye.”

Becky tried to swallow back a lump of hurt in her throat. “Ok so I cant seduce you with my awkwardness”  still clutching her blanket, she curled her fingers into little fists and mimicked kittens paws. “Am I not cute”

He stared blankly at her, bewildered by where the conversation was going.  he should be angry with her but he couldnt not when she was making her pouty face. Her lips puckered, her cheeks puffed out. Like a chubby cat. He roared with laughter.

“Is that face supposed to be your best Aegyo?” he wheezed. He reached for her, hauling her onto his lap.

“yes” Becky settled into him. Her knees on either side of his hips.

“Are you done with your teasing?” he asked roughly.

“are you done being mean and ignoring me.” Becky countered. She let the blanket fall. She was in nothing but her cami and panties.

“what the fuck!” he muttered.

“oops.” Becky bit her lip, but there was no apology in her eyes. Just a mischievous glint

He glanced over his shoulder to the kitchen, “You know my wife is in the kitchen with my mother…”

Becky wound her arms tight around his neck. “I promise to be quiet.” she nuzzled his throat.

“I miss you” he whispered in her ear “i miss seeing you, being with you tasting you” he kissed her.

He tasted better than she remembered. Coffee chocolate eggs, she delighted in the way his mouth took possession of hers. He was right she hadnt many lovers, because she was always wanting him. He could satiate her every hunger. need.

His mouth moved. Over her jaw. The sizzling heat of his tongue rasping over her pulse made her weak. His hands were under her cami stroking her breasts.

“oh my..” she whimpered.

”ssh be quiet,” he warned.

Becky bit her lip as he continued to play with her nipples. His palm cupped one as his head lowered to suck her nipple into his mouth.

The heat of his breath and the velvet rough texture of his tongue made her wetter.

“Please” Becky whispered.

“shh soon” his hand slid up between her thighs, easing the fabric of her panties aside. “You are so wet. So wet for me,” he crooned. He arranged her so she was sitting forward facing the tv.

Becky could feel his fingers underneath her, unzipping his jeans. Her heartbeat was racing, her blood roaring in her ears. Then he was there. The broadhead of his cock, easing past the slick folds of her pussy, parting them. Teasing the entrance of her hole, before pushing.

As if sensing she was about to scream, he clamped a hand over her mouth, as his cock stretched her, pushing past her clenching muscles. “Fuck baby, I love how you are so tight and wet.” he whispered in her ear. “Take it. oh fuck. Take it deep!” his other hand on her waist, he pulled her down. “You got it all. You got all of my cock inside you.”

Becky whimpered against his hand. The slow rocking motion of his hips drove his cock hard, and deeper.

“Hey babe,” his wife’s voice startled them both. “Where did you say we are vacationing again this summer?”

He slowly withdrew his hand from Becky’s mouth. He gave her the controller and arranged the blanket so it covered them both. “California.”

“Oh. What are you two doing?” she asked.

“I am trying to teach her how to play this game, but like a sore loser she is, she is sucking really bad!” he laughed.

Becky clenched her muscles around his cock. He grimaced.

“I don’t like first-person shooter games” Becky agreed. “When I had SNES I couldn’t pass Mario Bros to save my life!” as she spoke she clenched her pussy muscles.

His  wife laughed. “Ugh I cant play games either. But it helps him relax who am I to judge.”

His wife walked back into the kitchen, still laughing.

Without warning, he withdrew his hips and slammed upwards. The hard thrust drove him deep inside Becky, causing her to cry out. He brought her mouth to his to silence her, as he fucked her hard and deep. Her cum dripping down his cock, balls soaking his jeans.

He didnt use protection, the thought came to mind absently as he pumped her full of his cum. He groaned as he eased her off him, the sight of his cum dripping from her pussy, made him grin. “hmm you never mentioned a cream pie in any of your posts.”

She stretched, and glanced over at him. “your jeans are a mess.” she giggled.

“Did you hear what I said?”

“yeah. ” she leaned over to kiss him. “cream pies are for porn. I write erotica not porn.”

He burst out laughing.