I wish it was summer. We could drive into the hills, get lost away from everyone.

Lying back on the grass, I pull you down onto me. The weight of your body makes me feel safe loved and warm. Your blue eyes are so hypnotic, I love looking into them.

“I thought you were hungry” you tease me. Your mouth brushes mine. Your fingers stroke my hair from my face, trailing the tips of your fingers down my throat.

“Food is not what I want.” I inhale sharply as one of your fingers circle my nipples through my flimsy shirt.

“What do you want?” your voice rumbles with amusement.

“I want you” I pout.

“I am right here.” you smirk. “What do you want.”

I glare at you. “Are you really that dense?”

“Nope” you kiss me again. “Just want you to say it. It kind of hurts my feelings that you just lust after my body like a sex hungry animal.”

Bewildered by your melodramatic outburst, I laugh. I shriek when you tickle me in retaliation.

Breathless, your mouth captures mine. “Say it” you whisper. “What do you want me to do!”

“I want you to make love to me” I giggled.

“Hmm I guess that will do.” you sigh. You kiss me again. Taking your time. Heat courses through me, as your kiss deepens.

You open my shirt one button at a time. Spreading the material wide. You undo the front clasp of my bra. Leaving my mouth, your mouth travels down.

I gasp at the whisper of your hot breath on my nipple. The raspy moist texture of your tongue as it rakes along my sensitized flesh makes me arch into your mouth. You take one nipple then the next, sucking hard then nipping softly.

I am grinding against your thigh, I am so wet my panties soak through my leggings. It is unnerving, your patience. I want more. You tsk when I reach for you. Grabbing my hands, you pin them above my head. Rising above me, so you straddle my chest you glare down at me.

“You are such a sex-hungry monster!” you chide me. With your one hand free, you unbutton your board shorts. You tugg them down enough so your cock springs free.

You pump your cock, watching my eyes grow wide. My tongue darts out to wet my lips. “Do you know what I want to do to your mouth right now?” you ask silkly. “I want to shove my cock in your mouth and make you suck it. Do you want that? Do you want to suck my cock?”

I nod.

My tongue lap at it. Just the tip. Swirling my tongue around the sensitive glans. I taste pre-cum, and I spread my lips around the wide dome. Then stopped.

Our eyes met.

You groan as I ease off.

Your one hand grips my wrist, the other is now in my hair, holding me still as you watch me tease your cock with my lips and tongue.

You groan as I began to swallow you inch by inch. your hips began to thrust, my cheeks fill with the length and girth of you.

I am gasping for air when you pull away.

I hear a rip as you tear my leggings off. My panties are next.

Your body is ontop of mine, hot and hard.

Your fingers on my clit, making me arch.

My orgasm takes me by surprise, my pussy juice squirting all over your fingers as I rock against your hand. I am aware of you angling me, your hands pushing my legs wider opening me.

Your cock teases the opening of my clenching and unclenching pussy hole. I whimper, you are so thick so big.

You thrust hard and deep.

You fuck me hard and fast, your skin slick with sweat as you bring me to another orgasm

kissing me, you thrust one more time before you came yourself.

Resting your forehead on mine, you smile. “I think we scared the wild animals away” you teased breathlessly.

I wrap my arms around you, my face in your shoulder. “Thats a possibilty”

You laugh. “I love you”

“i love you”



Kiosks don’t require the IQ of a genius. 

And the kiosks aren’t slow. It’s the operator.

Some customers were too happy when I implied they had lower intelligence 



Today begins All Day Breakfast!

I laughed at BVS’s pained expression!

The play land was closed. I laughed when the kids started to cry.

A woman stormed in, slammed her take out bag on the counter. “I ordered a sausage egg wrap but didn’t get any sauce” she snarled.

“It doesn’t come with sauce” the manager replied.

“It doesn’t come with sauce? The burritos do!”she cried. Wraps aren’t burritos! Burritos aren’t wraps!

I laughed at her incredulous angry expression.

“Here” the manager gives her sauce.

A customer complained how much he hated drive thru because we always mess up the order .

“If you hate drive thru so much, why do you keep going? You can come inside!” I snapped.

His expression was priceless!

Oh yes! I’m enjoying every moment!

But I’m on lobby.

That’s not funny 😂 



She is so inspiring 



Heaven help me!


My eye started to twitch when Derp started to complain I wasn’t on the floor. I was on time. 4 minutes before 7.

“Don’t talk to me about being on the floor” I snapped “you are on the floor 5 minutes out of your 10hr shift!”

He glared at me

My Drive thru team and I were doing well. Three people when there is supposed to be 4. Ugh. I suck at coffee! But I wasn’t failing! 👍👍

I asked my sister to help me by making gravy. She agreed with out arguing.

Derp started to bitch us out. Because why should she help drive thru We could do it ourselves. We have time.

I slowly turned my head. My eyes narrowed in barely contained rage. “You don’t tell her not to help. Window isn’t busy. We are. I asked her to help!”

He stared at me.

” but” he began

“I need her help”

Derp walked away

“I am about to choke a bitch!” I hissed

My sister stayed to help. Thankfully 😅 

Hopefully my day goes better 🙏

And it’s Monday 


Well I am happy I prayed this morning I need all the strength I can have😒