One day I am ripping people’s heads off the next I’m like a kitten. Sweet and cuddly! 🤪😌🫣

Did I say that?

Magnesium is a great mood stabilizer. Of course don’t be taking magnesium citrate or this will happen:


Bro, I should have had a sign!

Don’t fuck with the mood or catch these hands!

Milkshakes were popular today but did anyone know how to communicate that they wanted one? Or to just spit their preferred flavour out? They had to make it an ordeal!

Customer: I will have the chocolate triple.

What? I don’t even know what that is!

Me: excuse me?

Customer: the chocolate triple!

Me: the what?

Customer: the chocolate triple!

I’m so clueless until I realized she meant a shake!

Another customer wouldn’t answer a simple yes or no question, he kept insisting on a triple thick shake! “Sir I am asking you if you said vanilla! Please answer yes or no!” I turned off my mic “I don’t want your fucking life story! How hard is it to say yes or no!” I exploded. “Go back to the mountains where you came from! This town is full of inbred fucking idiots!”

Steve slowly turned around and pinned me down with a warning glare “Becky, you sound like your sister! You need to take a chill pill!”

“I need alcohol to deal with the level of stupidity that comes through your store!”

“You’re on Ritalin you can’t have alcohol!” Steve replied.

I giggled “no one needs to know”

My afternoon more smoothly and I was my cheerful self once more.

I was about to leave my shift when a customer pulled up and asked for a happy meal.

“Oh sure. What would you like to drink”

I didn’t even finish my sentence before he started to shout “I said a happy meal”

“Yes I am asking for the drink”

“The cheeseburger…” still shouting angrily at me, in my ear only louder!

My eye twitched “I’m asking what you want to drink!” I shouted back.

“Are you having a bad day?!” He snapped.

“Um no. You were shouting at me when I was asking for your drink” I gentled the tone.

“I’m the customer!” he began “you don’t talk…”

Well the customer decided he wanted to fuck around and find out I wasn’t about that life!

And now we were done! Do not step up to me and pull the “I’m the entitled customer” tone with me!

“Alright” I began voiding his order “you can come in to order please”


“Have a nice day!”

“Are you kidding?!” He exploded “I want to talk to the manager!”

“You can. But your order will be taken inside. Have a nice day.”

“This is ridiculous!”

“Have a nice day but I will not serve you!”

The customer proceeded to pull up to the cash window and order. I warned the cashier to stop taking the order. She ignored me.

Fury ignited. I stormed down to the cash booth only to find she wasn’t wearing a headset!

I calmed down when she told me how he shouted at her but she was firm in reminding him that if he wanted his order to be polite. Paraphrasing of course.

Did he talk to a manager?


If a service person is being polite why be ignorant?

♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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