I enjoyed a beautiful walked to work this morning. The sun was rising, so the sky was just perfect.

I got to work, and I had to present. Things were going so smoothly, I was in a great mood, and I wasnt going to let anyone mess it up.

It was busy. It was unlike any Wednesday I had seen in a long time. There was a line out the door, and for once, it was window’s turn to be a total disaster.

Meanwhile, there I was in my little corner, snickering. Poor bastards!

I was being so nice to everyone. Even to my least favorite customers, they were so bewildered.

The little cutie with the glasses drove up, and I handed his coffees. The last couple of days, I have even asked how he was doing…

Then Finn came in, still nursing his wrist. I was surprised he even told me about it. Lately, whenever I asked how he was, he would just be ahn ahn..so non-committal.

The other day, he was so excited he had something to talk about. He even held  up his wrist so I could see. Men are such big babies. I had to be careful with Finn, because he hurt his hand playing hockey the other day. Oh  poor baby.

Then Melissa had to scar me for life.

“Rebecca, guess who text me last night?” Melissa taunted me over the headset.

I frowned, “I dont know, who text you?” I asked.

“Your boyfriend.” Melissa said.

I thought, why would Chad be messaging Melissa? How the fuck did he get her number? Then I thought, oh she is messing with me.

“My boyfriend?” I echoed.

“Chad?” Justin asked. “Chad knows Melissa?”

I laughed. “Who text you?” I asked Melissa.

“Turney.” Melissa said.

“Oh my god!” I said. “That is disgusting!”

“Oh my god!” Justin exclaimed over the headset. Melissa and I laughed over the headset. “He is a bit too young for her!”

“He wanted your number.”

I laughed. I dont think so.

“Im kidding.” Melissa said. “He doesnt even like you.”

Oh there goes my heart. “Thank god!” I said.

The three of us were having fun in drive thru. Even Kim.

For lunch, I had to be on window. OMG.

That meant suffering long bouts of stupidity.

Its horrible, but I dont talk to the new people. Unless I have to train them.  I would something say to Tanya, or Melissa and suddenly there was G butting into my conversation. I turned my head slowly to her, and fixed a stare.

Do not do that. That is one pet peeve of mine. We walked away.

Then of course while I am in the middle of an order, I have three people talking at me, the person ordering, G and the other person who I wont mention. The customer was not impressed, because I had to ask him to repeat himself.

After he was gone, G was still talking.

I was standing there the whole time, not even listening to her. I would walk away, while she was in mid sentence, because I had enough!

Then Matt comes in for lunch. Oh boy, I was so excited. He had been coming in for the last three days, and I finally get to say how you doing?!!!

I was anxiously hoping G wouldnt serve him. Nope. Me! I got too.

He was all scruffy looking. Hmm so cute. We carried on with the small talk, and  He ordered, his friend ordered.

I made his latte. He had to go. “See you later!” he said.

“See you.”

Gee I had game! Not!

when you are senior staff…get the probies do the manual labour lol:

After my break, Pauline says to me “Rebecca, how about you stock up sauces?”

I stared at her. “Nah.Thats manual labour. I dont do manual labour.” I looked at Pauline. Then I looked at G. I was hoping Pauline would get the hint and ask G to do it.

Pauline gets the hint. “Oh G is supposed to do it.” she says.

“Yes. G is supposed to do it.”

I wandered over to Michelle H, who was making coffee.

“Thats what probies are for, right Michelle?” I asked. “When I was first started working here, thats all Helen and Deb would tell me. Since I was a probie I had to do all the hard stuff.”

Michelle starts to laugh, “Yes. How long have you been working here.” she asked. When I told her how long, she laughed harder. “Yes, we dont do that stuff anymore.”

Pauline sighed. “So what are you doing then?” she asked.

” I am doing something!” I exclaimed. ” I am making Ice Coffee” I showed her the bucket of ice I was dumping into the cannister.

She just shook her head.

“What?” I said. “Its work!”




On Monday, the one customer ( Jerk Off) had pulled up to the speaker. ” I want a triple triple.”

I told him his total.

“Hey wait! What about my free muffin?” he snapped. ” I heard I get a free muffin with my coffee. Dont I get a free muffin with that?”

“If you want a muffin, you have to ask for it.” I said. “Did you want a muffin?”

“Yes!” He snapped. “I dont see sign out here advertising a free muffin! Where is it?”

“What kind of muffin do you want?” I asked.

“Blueberry. And where is the sign.” He was so rude. I bristled.

“Sir, its the $1.39 menu. The sign is out there.”

Then this morning, he comes into the restaurant and Pauline had to serve him.

He made such a fuss, his voice carried over into drive thru.

“Oh god,” I said. “Its the triple triple guy.”

“Where?” Justin asked.

“Over there!” I said.

“I want to know where it says I am getting a free muffin!” Jerk off demanded.

I had enough. I walked out of drive thru, and I pointed out the sign. “Right there! Right there, it says you are getting 1.39 special! I explained that to you the other day!” I snapped.

He was stunned. He glared at me. “That says I am paying for my muffin!”

‘You are paying for  just the coffee.” I snapped.

Pauline gave him his coffee and muffin and told him to leave. He comes back. “This isnt triple triple.” he whined. “it isnt stirred.”

What is wrong with your hands? There are stir sticks, cream and sugar in lobby. Fix it! Pauline told him to fix it himself.

I was stuck in First after 2.

I had so many complaints about the dollar drinks being over. Limited time only people! Clearly advertised!!!!

This lady actually got in my face about it. ‘Excuse me, why didnt you charge me for my dollar drinks.”

“Because summer is over.” I said.

“No.” she said. “It isnt.”

“Yes it is. it ended on the 18th. It was supposed to be over on the 6th, but they extended it all little longer.” I explained.


“I dont know.” I said.

“Well, summer solstice isnt until the 21st.” she bitched. I stared at her in amazement. Was she kidding me? Did she just bring up the actual date to my face?! Oh she did.

“Summer is over. Have a nice day.” I snapped. I closed the window.

Then this lady wanted to use a 2 for 1 coupon. Seriously, we have this freaking coupons for years, and still no one knows how to use them????

she said she wanted a big mac. I didnt hear the second sandwich because I had to deal with an issue at my window. Then I heard, “crispy without lettuce and tomato.”

The issue was cleared up. I got back to the order “Excuse me did you say you want two big mac meals and a crispy chicken meal?” I asked.

“No,” she snapped. ” I want a big mac and a crispy chicken meal.”

“You are still using the coupon right?” I asked.


“No.” I said.

“What?” she asked.

“No you cant have a crispy chicken.”


“So that will be two big mac meals with the coupon and what were your drinks.”

“What do you mean I cant have a crispy chicken meal.”

“Oh my god!” I cried.

“What is it?” Greg asked.

“This girl wants a crispy chicken meal with a coupon.”

Everyone was like  shouting “NO!” over the headset.

I know that, she doesnt know that.

“No crispy chicken meal.” I said. “So that will be two big mac meals with your coupon.”

“Yes, I guess so. she said.

A girl had a cow because she thought I had her order wrong. “You forgot my muffins!” she snapped at me. ” I told you I want a coffee, a cappuchino and two  muffins!”

I stared at her. Really???!!!!

“its the coffee muffin special.” I said.


“The coffee muffin special! Two muffins two coffees, right?” I snapped. She nodded. “Well, then its 5.35!”

“But I have two muffins!”

“5.35 please!”

Then this man pulls up. “I want a small coffee. Is that a senior discount?”

“OMG greg!” I snapped.

‘What?” he cried.

“Really? Do I have to be here?” I cried.

“Sir, so that is one senior coffee?”

” I dont know that is what I am asking you?”

I was screaming obscenities,  but nobody could hear my anguished cries of torment! It was horrible.

“Sir, I dont know. I cant see you. Do you want a seniors coffee.”


“Then pull up!”

He pulls up, and I had to explain over and over how to order a coffee. “Sir, its just like you would order at the counter. A seniors coffee.”

“Thats all I say?”


“Thats what the lady said too..”

Oh get the fuck out of here!





♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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