Lily’s death came as a shock. It devasated him. He couldn’t eat. He couldn’t sleep. Then in surgery one day, it came to him. His scalpel stilled in mid-incision.

Lily’s body was just a shell, rotting in the soil. Her soul was out there in the Ether. He could bring her back. He just needed to put her soul in a new body. His fingers shook from the excitement coursing through him. He would be re-united with his Beloved!

“Doctor? Are you alright?” his nurse prodded him out of his reverie.

“Of course I am fine!” he snapped. She stared pointedly at his hand holding the scalpel. Shaking. He firmed his grip. Blood was pooling on his patient’s flesh reminding him of where he was. Scowling at his nurse, he finished the surgery with a firm steady hand. Wiping the bead of perspiration off his brow, he  hurried out of the OR, stripped himself out of his scrubs in the Locker.

“Doctor?” the nurse followed him, “the family is waiting for you…”

“Not now, Judith” his mind was chaotic, he needed peace and quiet. Needed to think. Get everything out. Not on paper an inner voice interjected. Yes no paper trail. “Get someone on the team to talk to the family, or better yet you can”

“but Doctor..” the nurse protested.

The doctor fixed her with a glare. “Not now!”

Defeated, the nurse turned and left the locker. 

Alone the doctor glanced into the mirror. Lily’s death had aged him. Not physically of course. Mentally. He had greying black hair. He hadn’t shaved in months, so his jaw was covered in a beard. His eyes were tired. He stopped jogging, so his middle began to turn to flab. He still was a very good looking man in his early fifties.

His reflection was smiling back at him. For the first time in awhile he felt motivated. No longer going through the motions. He was going to find himself a new host for his Beloved Lily. His brown eyes glinted in determination. 

The mere thought of his late lover made his heart quicken, his cock harden. Lily was beautiful. In life, lily was vibrant, sensual and elegant. Her hair was silky chocolate brown that framed her elfin features in thick waves. Lily had a slender form with round small breasts.

His body was resonating with excitement at the thought of being with Lily again.

Doctor Devin Smith was on the hunt for a new body.

He had determined after hours lying in the dark alone in his bed, that he had to be methodical. He had to be patient. Lily had been dead for this long, hunting for her new body couldn’t be rushed. He couldn’t afford to make a mistake. Everything had to be perfect

Devin would spend his off days cruising parks, shopping malls looking for the perfect woman who would sacrifice her body for Lily.

He had also came to the conclusion that while Lily was beautiful and vibrant exuberating a natural energy that could draw anyone to her, her new host could not be that extraordinary.

Devin also realized with a sinking heart, that hunting for a new body would draw attention if she was suddenly missing. He had to find someone who was alone. Without friends or family. Devin considered a homeless person, but he shuddered at the thought of Lily’s beautiful soul in a sickly diseased body.

 Devin almost gave up on his plan, when he saw her.

The woman in the bookstore, browsing the aisles. 

he noticed how plain she was. There was nothing extraordinary about her. Nothing that would draw his eye to her. Other than the fact she was whispering to herself. No, Devin corrected himself, she was singing. He could see the Air Pods in her ear.

Devin found that the woman was always alone. He discovered she liked Star Bucks, Book Stores, music stores, movies. He had been hesitant to approach her. 

It took some time to discover her name. Becky. Becky was Always hovering around social events never truly mingling. Her need to exclude herself from every body else made her perfect.

Devin finally decided it was time to approach her. He had shaved off his beard, trimmed his hair. He put on khakis and black sweater. Casually he bumped into her. 

Becky’s expression was of irritation, she mumbled sorry and attempted to step around him. Iced Frappe in hand, iPad in the other.

“Sorry,” he smiled at her “My fault”

“I know” she didn’t smile back, “Excuse me.”

“Do you recommend any thing good here?” he asked. He glanced hopefully at the menu than at her.

Becky’s brow furrowed in confusion. “You have been coming here for almost a month and you dont know what you like?”

Devin started, she had noticed him? When? he had been so careful! “You must be mistaken,” he rubbed the back of his neck and made a goofy grimace to keep her off balance. 

“I dont think so,” Becky scowled, “You usually sit over there,” she gestured to the table near the door. “I am good with faces. Horrible with names.”

She pivoted on her heel and marched over to the table in the corner. Devin was stunned by her rudeness. He watched as she sat down, set up her iPad and began drinking her frappe. This was not going well, he thought. He scowled.Buying himself a coffee, He fixed his face into a friendly ambiguous expression and approached her table.

“Hi its me again,” he grinned. “Mind if I sit down.”

Becky didn’t answer.

“Its just that I see you a lot here, you seem kind of interesting.” a lie. She didn’t seem interesting. She was a means to an end.

Devin sat down. She still didn’t acknowledge him which angered and irritated him. After a moment she finally glanced up. Her eyes narrowed.

“Are you serious?” she pulled out an Air Pod. “You just invited yourself to sit down?”

He smiled. The smile didn’t reach his eyes. “I was hoping you would say I could.”

Becky made a disgruntled sound. “When someone has their earphones in their ears, it is a clear indication they dont want to have conversation.”

Devin laughed, then realized Becky wasnt joking. “I see.” Devin felt his anger burn hotter. How dare this bitch think she was better than he! After a few more moments of cajoling, Devin managed to convince Becky to engage in conversation.

He was appalled by her lack of social skills. She had none of Lily’s elegance or her flirtatious nature.  He had to force himself to endure Becky’s inadequacies. 

It should have been easy to lure her in with the seductiveness of his appearance. Complimenting her with simple words, being witty and making her laugh. He was subtle enough to avoid focusing on her appearance, leaning in as close as possible. He was careful enough to distract her so he could put the sedative in her frappe. The sedative was slow acting. He would have enough time to walk her out of the café without drawing attention to them.

Becky took a sip of her Iced Frappe, and he smiled. “Do you have plans for tonight, Becky?” he asked.

A flash of annoyance lit her hazel green eyes. She pushed her glasses further upon her nose and she rose out of her chair. “Dr. Kevin?” She began speaking as she gathered her belongings and shoving them into her backpack.

Devin bit back an oath, and smiled. The smile didn’t reach his eyes. “It’s Devin. Dr Devin Smith” a name no one would remember.

“Dr Kevin” she didn’t bother with his name, “I really was being polite, hoping you would take the hint. I am not interested.”

Not interested? Anger surged through him. She should be flattered that he deigned himself to consider her.

Becky had none of her qualities. She was a dull creature. She wore black like she was Death itself. Her face was void of any makeup so her features were milky pale. Her hair was cropped short in a pixie cut. 

This insipid woman dared to refuse him! Devin was trembling with rage.

Becky was walking away from the table toward the door. Devin surged to his feet and hurried after her. 

Becky took another sip of Iced Frappe, glanced at it for a moment. She took a step. Then stumbled. Devin caught her as she began to fall.

Startled she tilted her head back to stare up at him in horror. “My drink,” she croaked. “You drugged my drink!”

His arm snaked around her waist, his hand clamping on her mouth. “You stupid bitch did you really think I would be interested in you!” he hissed. 

Becky’s body became heavier as he half dragged her to his car. He stuffed her in the back. Slamming the door shut, he climbed into the driver seat and started the engine.

He drove to the only place he felt safe. Lily’s grave.

Becky’s body felt like dead weight as he dragged her out of his car into the cemetery. Carefully he laid her out ontop of Lily’s grave. Going back to his car he got out his surgeon’s tools and hurried back to the grave.

Deftly he undressed Becky and began the preparations of his ritual.

Scalpel in hand, he poised it over her heart, Becky’s eyes opened.

Devin smiled. “You’re awake. Good. You will live long enough to witness the rebirth of my lover.”

A tear slid down Becky’s cheek. The scalpel began its descent.

The first cut caused her to make a gurgling sound. He grinned. The next sent her back into unconsciousness. “Lily,” Devin called out. “I call upon you my dearest love! Rejoin me!”

Becky’s body was still. No heart beat. Devin’s harsh breathing stirred the air. Becky’s blood seeped into the cold hard ground beneath her.

Then suddenly, her chest began to rise and fall. Devin let out a gasp of astonishment. “Lily” he dropped his scalpel to gather her close.

“Oh Lily my love how I love you! I missed you so much!”

Devin couldn’t believe Lily was being resurrected in Becky’s body! His plan really worked. He sobbed into Lily’s new body. Lily moved. Her movement’s jerky and rigid.

Devin pulled away so he could kiss her, when he saw glimmer of light flash across metal.

His eyes widen in shock and horror. “Lily?” her name gurgled out of his mouth in a spurt of blood as the knife sliced across his throat. He released Lily to claw at his throat.

“not lily,” Becky gasped. “You sick son of..” she struggled to breath.

Lying side by side Becky and Devin were found by authorities. Becky near death. Devin dead.


well close enough 🙂

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      1. You need a lot of note cards or whatever the modern equivalent is today!! I have an index card box full of notes on The Craftsman’s dad and twin. They got into the darndest trouble when they were small!! I’d never be able to remember their stories.

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